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Hilliard, Gray, 1834 - United States

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Page 259 - Onawmanient, where all the woods were layd with ambuscado's to the number of three or foure thousand Salvages, so strangely paynted, grimed and disguised, shouting, yelling and crying as so many spirits from hell could not have shewed more terrible.
Page 191 - Eagles feathers within a ridge of silver, richly garnished with gold and precious stones...
Page 374 - England ; the first Christian ever of that nation, the first Virginian ever spake English, or had a child in marriage by an Englishman, a matter surely, if my meaning be truly considered and well understood, worthy a prince's understanding.
Page 306 - Notwithstanding the eternal allseeing God did prevent him, and by a strange meanes. For Pocahontas, his dearest Jewell and daughter, in that darke night came through the irksome woods, and told our Captaine great cheare should be sent us by and by : but Powhatan and all the...
Page 373 - ... desperate estate, gave me much cause to respect her ; I being the first Christian this proud king and his grim attendants ever saw ; and thus inthralled in their barbarous power, I cannot say I felt the least occasion of want that was in the power of those my mortal foes to prevent, notwithstanding all their threats.
Page 186 - ... he shewed three Torches equidistant from other, which plainly appearing to the Towne, the Governour presently apprehended, and answered againe with three other fires in like manner; each knowing the others being and intent; Smith, though distant seven miles, signified to him these words: On Thursday at night I will charge on the East, at the Alarum, salley you...
Page 65 - One of my boys caught a mouse in school, a few days ago, and directly marched up to me with his prisoner. I set about drawing it that same evening; and all the while the pantings of its little heart showed it to be in the most extreme agonies of fear. I had intended to kill it, in order to fix it in the claws of a stuffed owl; but, happening to spill a few drops of water near where it was tied, it lapped it up with such eagerness...
Page 376 - Were you not afraid to come into my father's country, and caused fear in him and all his people but me, and fear you here I should call you father? I tell you then I will, and you shall call me child, and so I will be for ever and ever your countryman. They did tell us always you were dead, and I knew no other till I came to Plymouth ; yet Powhatan did command CJttamatomakkin to seek you and know the truth, because your countrymen will lie much.
Page 224 - First, the fault of our going was our own; what could be thought fitting or necessary we had, but what we should find, or want, or where we should be, we were all ignorant and supposing to make our passage in two...
Page 398 - Whereunto is annexed the proceedings of those colonies, since their first departure from England, with the discourses, orations, and relations of the salvages, and the accidents that befell them in all their journles and discoveries taken faithfully as they were written out of the writings of Doctor Russell, Richard Wiefln.

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