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gone. The time is now come to reap the full recompense of your toilsome marches over so many mountains and rivers, and through so many nations, all of them in arms. This is the place which fortune has appointed to be the limits of your labours; it is here that you will finish your glorious warfare, and receive an ample recompense of your completed service. For I would not have you imagine, that vićtory will be as difficult as the name of a Roman war is great and founding. It has often happened that a despised enemy has given a bloody battle, and the most renowned kings and ma

tions have by a small force been overthrown. And if you

but take away the glitter of the Roman name, what is there, wherein they may stand in competition with you ?

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down upon Italy; you bring the war. Grief, injuries, indignities fire your minds, and spur you forward to revenge!

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No, Soldiers! there it nothing left for us but what we can


vindicate with our swords. Come on then! Be men. The Romans may with more safety be cowards; they have their own country behind them, have places of refuge to flee to, and are secure from danger in the roads thither; but for you, there is no middle fortune between death and vićtory, Let this be but well fixed in your minds, and once again, I say, you are conquerors. - - Livy.

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