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Sir John. To be sure I do. Stekl. But Sir John one thing more. My Lord must know nothing of this stroke of friendship between us. S1 R Joh N. Not for the world. Let me alonel let mo alone ! Sterl. And when everything is agreed, we must give each other a bond to be held fast to the bargain. Sir John. To be sure. A bond by all means!'a bond, or whatever you please. [Exit Sir John. St E R L. I should have thought of more conditions, he is in a humour to give me every thing. Why, what mere children are your fellows of quality; that cry for a plaything one minute, and throw it by the next 1 as changeable as the weather, and as uncertain as the flocks. Special fellows to drive a bargain! and yet they are to take care of interest of the nation truly 1 Here does this whirligig man of fashion offer to give up thirty thousand pounds in hard money,with as much indifference as if it was a China orange. By this mortgage, I shall have a hold on his Terra Firma; and if he wants more money, as he certainly will, let him have children by my daughter or no, I shall have his whole estate in a net for the benefit of my family. Well; thus it is, that the children of citizens who have acquired fortunes, prove persons of fashion; and thus it is, that persons of fashion who have ruined their furtunes, reduce the next generation to cits.

CLAN dest in E MARRiage.

- C H A P. VII. B E L COUR AND STOCKW E L L. STock. MR. Belcour, I am rejoiced to see you; you are welcome to England. L 5 Bet.

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bar, Ned; but I have only a moment to stay, and am allimpatience

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