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# THERE were two families, which from the beginning of the world were as opposite to each other as light and darkoness. The one of them lived in heaven, and the other in hell. The youngest descendant of the first family was Pleasure, who was the daughter of happiness, who was the child of Virtue, who was the offspring of the Gods. These, as I said before, had their habitation in heaven. The youngest of the opposite family was Pain, who was the son of Misery, who was the child of Vice, who was the offspring of the Furies. The habitation of this race of beings was in hell. The middle station of nature between these two opposite extremes was the earth, which was inhabited by creatures of a middle kind, neither so virtuous as the one, nor so vicious as the other, but partaking of the good and bad qualities of these two opposite families. Jupiter confidering that this species, commonly called man, was too virtuous to be miserable,

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length concluded: by this means it is that we find Pleasure

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Lauour. the offspring of Want, and the mother of

Health and Contentment, lived with her two daughters in a little cottage, by the fide of a hill, at a great distance from

town. They were totally unacquainted with the great, and kept no better company than the neighbouring villagers; but having a defire of seeing the world, they forsook their companions and habitation, and determined to travel. Labour went soberly along the road with Health on the right hand, who by the sprightliness of her conversation, and songs of cheerfulness and joy, softened the toils of the way; while Contentment went smiling on the left, supporting the steps of her mother, and by her perpetual good humour increasing the vivacity of her fister. - . In this manner they travelled over forests and through towns and villages, till at last they arrived at the capital of

the kingdom. At their entrance into the great city, the mo4. - ther

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