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The second, a little later, took the same walk; but, when his tutor questioned him as to how he liked it, he said he had thought it very dull, for he had seen nothing : though the same objects were still there that had delighted his companion. I was so much struck with the contrast between the two boys, that I determined to imitate the first ; and I have found so much advantage from this determination, that I can earnestly recommend my young readers to follow my example. The use of travelling, is, that it affords us more opportunities of observation than we could have at home; but, if we do not avail ourselves of these opportunities, we may travel over the whole globe without reaping any advantage.

I trust the young people who may read these pages will so far profit by them as to notice all they see, and, particularly, to look for objects of natural history, in their walks, whether at home or by the sea-side ; and, in return, I promise them that they will find a thousand sources of amusement that before they had no idea of.

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