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ma art thou that thou should/I be afraid of a Man 'bat shall die,
and ty' the Son of Man 'which shall be made a: Grasi? and
forgettest the Lord thy Maker, that bath str'tcbed f'rtb tbe
Heat/ans, and laid 'be Foundation: oftbe Earth. Is. li. I 3, 14.
Hole shaIt not accept Persons when thou reprove/I or sins; but do
a: Elijah and Michalah did to Ahab ; and bedmclcch the
Ethiopian did to Zedekiah; and Nathan to David; and John
- to Herod. Constitut. VII. 10. si
Hem that sin rebuke before all, that other: a_I/b may fear.
1 Tim. v. 20.
Thou shalt not bate 'by Bratber in thine Heart. Ybau shall in
any rebuke thy Neigbbour, and not filffer Sin upon him.
Levit. xix. 17.

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Printed for the AUTHOR, and Sold by Mr. Wms'ron, in Flat-
flrn'; and MnBunor, in Little 'Turn-stile, Holbmr. 1749.
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