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1832.-Mr. Richard Lander-Royal Medal-for the discovery of the course of the River Niger or Quorra, and its outlet in the Gulf of Benin.

1833.—Mr. John Biscoe-Royal Medal-for the discovery of the land now named "Enderby Land" and "Graham Land," in the Antarctic Ocean.

1834.-Captain Sir John Ross, R.N.-Royal Medal-for discovery in the Arctic Regions of America.

1835.-Sir Alexander Burnes-Royal Medal-for the navigation of the River Indus, and a journey by Balkh and Bokhara across Central Asia.

1836.-Captain Sir George Back, R.N.-Royal Medal--for the discovery of the Great Fish River, and its navigation to the sea on the Arctic Coast of America.

1837.-Captain Robert FitzRoy, R.N.-Royal Medal-for the survey of the Shores of Patagonia, Chile, and Peru.

1838.-Colonel Chesney, R.A.-Royal Medal-for the general conduct of the "Euphrates Expedition" in 1835-6, and for accessions to the geography of Syria, Mesopotamia, and the Delta of Susiana.

1839. Mr. Thomas Simpson-Founder's Medal-for the discovery and tracing, in 1837 and 1838, of about 300 miles of the Arctic shores of America.

Dr. Edward Rüppell-Patron's Medal for his travels and researches in Nubia, Kordofán, Arabia, and Abyssinia.

1840.-Col. H. C. Rawlinson, E.I.C.-Founder's Medal for his travels and researches in Susiana and Persian Kurdistán, and for the light thrown by him on the comparative geography of Western Asia. Sir R. H. Schomburgk-Patron's Medal-for his travels and researches during the years 1835-9 in the colony of British Guayana, and in the adjacent parts of South America.

1841.-Lieut. Raper, R.N.-Founder's Medal-for the publication of his work on 'Navigation and Nautical Astronomy.'

Lieut. John Wood, I.N.-Patron's Medal-for his survey of the
Indus, and re-discovery of the source of the River Oxus.

1842.-Captain Sir James Clark Ross, R.N.-Founder's Medal-for his discoveries in the Antarctic Ocean.

Rev. Dr. E. Robinson, of New York-Patron's Medal-for his work entitled Biblical Researches in Palestine.'

1843.-Mr. Edward John Eyre-Founder's Medal-for his explorations in Australia.

Lieut. J. F. A. Symonds, R.E.-Patron's Medal for his survey in Palestine, and levels across the country to the Dead Sea.

1844.-Mr. W. J. Hamilton-Founder's Medal-for his researches in

Asia Minor.

Prof. Adolph Erman-Patron's Medal-for his extensive geographical labours.

1845.-Dr. Beke - Founder's Medal


for his extensive explorations in

M. Charles Ritter-Patron's Medal-for his important geographical works.

1846.-Count P. E. de Strzelecki-Founder's Medal-for his explorations and discoveries in the South-Eastern portion of Australia, and in Van Diemen's Land.

Prof. A. Th. Middendorff-Patron's Medal-for his extensive explorations and discoveries in Northern and Eastern Siberia.

1847.-Capt. Charles Sturt-Founder's Medal-for his various and extensive explorations in Australia.

Dr. Ludwig Leichhardt-Patron's Medal-for a journey performed from Moreton Bay to Port Essington.

1848.-Sir James Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak and Governor of Labuan— Founder's Medal-for his expedition to Borneo.

Captain Charles Wilkes, U.S.N. - Patron's Medal for his
Voyage of Discovery in the S. Hemisphere and in the Antarctic
Regions, in the years 1838-42.

1849.-Austen H. Layard, Esq., D.C.L. M.P.-Founder's Medal-for his contributions to Asiatic geography, researches in Mesopotamia, and discoveries of the remains of Nineveh.

Baron Ch. Hügel-Patron's Medal-for his explorations of Cashmere and surrounding countries, communicated in his work entitled 'Kashmir und das Reich der Siek.'

1850.-Col. John Ch. Frémont-Patron's Medal-for his successful explorations of the Rocky Mountains and California; and for his numerous Discoveries and Astronomical Observations.


The Rev. DAVID LIVINGSTONE, of Kolobeng-a Chronometer Watch-
for his successful explorations of South Africa.

Dr. GEORGE WALLIN, of Finland-25 Guineas-for his Travels in Arabia.
Mr. THOMAS BRUNNER-25 Guineas-for his explorations in the Middle
Island of New Zealand.

1852.-Dr. John Rae-Founder's Medal-for his survey of Boothia and of the Coasts of Wollaston and Victoria Lands.

Captain Henry Strachey-Patron's Medal-for his Surveys in Western Tibet.

1853. Mr. Francis Galton-Founder's Medal-for his explorations in Southern Africa.

Commander E. A. Inglefield, R.N.--Patron's Medal-for his Survey of the Coasts of Baffin Bay, Smith and Lancaster Sounds. 1854.-Rear-Admiral William Henry Smyth-Founder's Medalfor his valuable Surveys in the Mediterranean.

Captain Robert J. M. M'Clure, R.N.-Patron's Medal-for his discovery of the North-West Passage.

1855.-The Rev. David Livingstone, M.D., &c.-Patron's Medalfor his Scientific Explorations in Central Africa.

Mr. CHARLES J. ANDERSSON-a Set of Surveying Instruments-for his
Travels in South-Western Africa.

1856.-Elisha Kent Kane, M.D.-Founder's Medal-for his discoveries in the Polar Regions.

Heinrich Barth, PHIL. DR.-Patron's Medal-for his explorations in Central Africa.

Corporal J. F. CHURCH, of the Royal Engineers-a Watch and Chainfor his scientific observations while attached to the Mission in Central Africa.

1857.-Mr. Augustus C. Gregory-Founder's Medal-for his explorations in Western and Northern Australia.

Lieut. Col. Andrew Scott Waugh, Bengal Engineers
Patron's Medal for the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India.

1858.-Captain Richard Collinson, R.N.-Founder's Medal-for his Discoveries in the Arctic Regions.

1858.-Prof. Alexander Dallas Bache, Superintendent U. S. Coast Survey-Patron's Medal-for his extensive Surveys of America. 1859.-Captain Richard F. Burton-Founder's Medal—for his Explorations in Eastern Central Africa.

Captain John Palliser-Patron's Medal-for his explorations in
British North America and the Rocky Mountains.

Mr. JOHN MACDOUALL STUART-a Gold Watch-for his Discoveries in
South and Central Australia.

1860.-Lady Franklin-Founder's Medal-in commemoration of the discoveries of Sir J. Franklin.

Captain Sir F. Leopold McClintock, R.N.-Patron's Medal -for his Discoveries in the Arctic Regions.

1861.-Captain John Hanning Speke-Founder's Medal-for the Discovery of the Great Lake Victoria Nyanza, Eastern Africa, &c. Mr. John Macdouall Stuart-Patron's Medal-for his Explorations in the Interior of Australia.

1862.-Mr. Robert O'Hara Burke-Founder's Medal-for his Explorations in Australia.

Captain Thomas Blakiston-Patron's Medal-for his survey of the River Yang-tsze-kiang.

Mr. JOHN KING-a Gold Watch-for his meritorious conduct while attached to the Expedition under Mr. R. O'Hara Burke.

1863. Mr. Frank T. Gregory-Founder's Medal - for his explorations in Western Australia.

Mr. John Arrowsmith-Patron's Medal-for the very important services he has rendered to Geographical Science.

Mr. WILLIAM LANDSBOROUGH-a Gold Watch-for successful Explora

tions in Australia.

Mr. JOHN M'KINLAY-a Gold Watch-for successful Explorations in

Mr. FREDERICK WALKER-a Gold Watch-for successful Explorations
in Australia.

1864.-Captain J. A. Grant-Patron's Medal-for his journey from Zanzibar across Eastern Equatorial Africa to Egypt, in company with Captain Speke.

Baron C. von der Decken-Founder's Medal-for his two
Geographical Surveys of the lofty Mountains of Kilima-njaro.

Rev. W. GIFFORD PALGRAVE-the sum of 25 Guineas-for the purchase
of a Chronometer or other Testimonial, for his adventurous Journey
in and across Arabia.

1865.-Captain T. G. Montgomerie, R.E.-Founder's Medal-for his Trigonometrical Survey of North-West India.

Mr. S. W. Baker-Patron's Medal-for his relief of Capts. Speke
and Grant, and his endeavour to complete the discoveries of those

Dr. A. VÁMBÉRY-the sum of 40 Pounds-for his Travels in Central

1866.-Dr. Thomas Thomson, M.D.-Founder's Medal - for his Researches in the Western Himalayas and Thibet.

Mr. W. Chandless-Patron's Medal-for his Survey of the River

M. P. B. DU CHAILLU-the sum of 100 Guineas-for his Astronomical
Observations in the Interior of Western Equatorial Africa.

MOOLA ABDUL MEDJID-a Gold Watch-for his Explorations over the
Pamir Steppe, &c.

1867.-Admiral Alexis Boutakoff-Founder's Medal-for being the first to launch and navigate ships in the Sea of Aral.

Dr. Isaac I. Hayes-Patron's Medal-for his memorable expcdition in 1860-61 towards the open Polar Sea.

1868.-Dr. Augustus Petermann-Founder's Medal-for his zealous and enlightened services as a writer and cartographer in advancing Geographical Science.

Mr. Gerhard Rohlfs-Patron's Medal-for his extensive and important travels in the interior of Northern Africa.

The PUNDIT employed by Captain T. G. Montgomerie-a Gold Watch -for his route survey from Lake Mansarowar to Lhasa, in Great Thibet.


Mr. JOHN WILSON-the sum of Five Pounds-for successful competition in Geography at the Society of Arts examination.

1869.-Professor A. E. Nordenskiöld-Founder's Medal - for the leading part he took in the recent Swedish Expeditions in the North Polar Region.

Mrs. Mary Somerville-Patron's Medal-in recognition of the able works published by her, which have largely benefited Geographical Science.


Political Geography.-HY. G. RICHMOND, Liverpool College (Gold Medal).
JAS. DEARDEN WILDE, Manchester Grammar School (Bronze Medal).
Physica! Geography.-WM. GRUNDY, Rossall School (Gold Medal).
GEO. WM. GENT, Rossall School (Bronze Medal).


Mr. JOHN KIDNEY-the sum of Five Pounds-for successful competition in Geography at the Society of Arts examination.

1870.-Lieutenant Fras. Garnier (of the French Imperial Navy)— Patron's Medal-for his survey of the course of the great Cambodian River during the years 1866-8.

Mr. George W. Hayward-Founder's Medal-For his explorations in Eastern Turkistan.


Political Geography.-GEO. WM. GENT, Rossall School (Gold Medal).
JAS. HY. COLLINS, Liverpool College (Bronze Medal).

Physical Geography.-GEO. GREY BUTLER, Liverpool College (Gold

MARTIN STEWART, Rossall School (Bronze Medal).


Mr. THOMAS RICHARD CLARKE-the sum of Five Pounds-for successful competition in Geography at the Society of Arts examination.

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1871.-Sir Roderick L. Murchison, Bart. — Founder's Medal — in recognition of the eminent services he has rendered to Geography during his long connection with the Society.

A. Keith Johnston, LL.D.-Patron's Medal-for his long-continued and successful services in advancing Geography, and especially for his merit in carrying out his scheme of Physical Atlases.


Political Geography.-GEO. HOGBEN, University School, Nottingham (Gold Medal).

RICHD. NAYLOR ARKLE, Liverpool College (Bronze Medal).

Physical Geography.-DANIEL MCALISTER, Liverpool Institute (Gold

WM. GERSHOM COLLINGWOOD, Liverpool College (Bronze Medal).

Mr. JOHN ARMSTRONG-the sum of Five Pounds-for successful com-
petition in Geography at the Society of Arts examination.

1872.-Colonel Henry Yule, C.B.-Founder's Medal-for the eminent services he has rendered to Geography in the publication of his three great works, A Mission to the Court of Ava,' ‘Cathay, and the Way Thither,' and 'Marco Polo.'

Mr. Robert Berkeley Shaw-Patron's Medal-for his Journeys in Eastern Turkistan, and for his extensive series of Astronomical and Hypsometrical Observations, which have enabled us to fix the longitude of Yarkand, and have given us, for the first time, the basis of a new delineation of the countries between Leh and Kashgar.

Lieut. G. C. MUSTERS, R.N.—a Gold Watch-for his adventurous Journey in Patagonia, through 960 miles of latitude, of which 780 were previously unknown to Europeans.

KARL MAUCH—the sum of Twenty-five Pounds in acknowledgment of the zeal and ability with which he has devoted himself, for a series of years, to the Exploration of South-Eastern Africa.


Physical Geography.-S. E. SPRING RICE, Eton College (Gold Medal).
A. S. BUTLER, Liverpool College (Bronze Medal).

Political Geography.-W. G. COLLINGWOOD, Liverpool College (Gold

W. C. GRAHAM, Eton College (Bronze Medal).


Mr. GEO. M. THOMAS-the sum of Five Pounds-for successful competition in Geography at the Society of Arts Examination.

1873.-Mr. Ney Elias-Founder's Medal-for his survey of the Yellow River of China, in 1868; and for his recent journey through Western Mongolia.

Mr. H. M. Stanley-Patron's Medal-for his discovery and relief
of Dr. Livingstone.

Mr. THOMAS BAINES-a Gold Watch-for his long-continued services to
Geography, and especially for his journeys in South-Western and
South-Eastern Africa.

Captain CARLSEN-a Gold Watch-for his discoveries in the Arctic
Seas, and for having circumnavigated the Spitzbergen as well as the
Nova Zembla groups.


Physical Geography.-W. C. HUDSON, Liverpool College (Gold Medal).
W. A. FORBES, Winchester College (Bronze Medal).

Political Geography.-S. E. SPRING RICE, Eton College (Gold Medal).
A. T. NUTT, University College School (Bronze Medal).

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