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"Trespass," 8 2.

Inconsistent with testimony as basis for im-

peachment of witness, see "Witnesses," $ 3.

In particular proceedings.
ct on jurisdiction of equity, see “Specific See “Attachment,” $ 1; "Injunction," $ 1.
erformance," § 1.

Intervention, see "Parties," $ 1.

"Boundaries"; "Party Walls.”

Estoppel on appeal to deny existence of evi-

dence as to age, see “Appeal,” $ 5.

ration and effect of former adjudication,
e "Judgment," 88 4, 5.

See “Principal and Agent."

loss within insurance policy, see "Insur. See “Contracts."
ice," $8 8, 11.


Law defining adulteration of vinegar as un-
estate of decedent, see "Executors and Ad just discrimination, see “Constitutional Law,"

§ 4.
property by receiver, see "Receivers," $ 1.

Partial invalidity of agricultural law, see "Stat-
trust property, see “Trusts," $ 4.

utes,' $ 1.


Suspension of power of alienation of property,
evidence, see "Evidence," $ 5.

see "Perpetuities.”
bleading, see "Pleading," $ 3.


§ 1. Disabilities.

An alien's right to take real estate in New
vs defining as unjust discrimination, see York by descent is governed by the statutes in
Constitutional Law,” § 4.

force at the time of the death of the owner
through whom such alien claimed title.-Stew-

art v. Russell (Sup.) 625.

Where plaintiff's grandfather was living at

the time of the death of S., and would have in-
real property, see "Quieting Title."

herited certain real estate belonging to S.,

plaintiff could not recover such real estate,

after his grandfather's death, as heir of S.

Stewart v. Russell (Sup.) 625.
"Limitation of Actions.”

Laws 1845, p. 95, c. 115, § 4, as amended
1. Nature and requisites.

by Laws 1875, p. 32, c. 38, providing for the
nder Code Civ. Proc. $ 309, adverse posses- transmission of real estate of a citizen who has
I must be under claiin of title exclusive of purchased or taken a conveyance thereof to his

other right.--Fortier v. Delaware, L. & W. heirs, whether citizens or aliens, held not to
Co. (Sup.) 896.

apply to land taken by descent.-Stewart v.

Russell (Sup.) 625.
Inder Code Civ. Proc. 88 371, 372, one who
ve piles marking space which he did not oth-
rise occupy held not to have adverse posses-

1.-Fortier v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co.
P.) 896.

See “Divorce," $ 2.
2. Pleading, evidence, trial, and re-

Evidence held to support finding that one had
: occupied land adversely, continuously for To surviving wife, husband, or children of de-
years.-Fortier v. Delaware, L. & W. R. cedent, see "Executors and Administrators,”
· (Sup.) 896.

$ 2.

Å Reri

and 120 New York State Reporter ALTERATION.

Review in special proceedings.

Assessment of taxes, see "Taxation,” | 3. Of geographical or political divisions, see | Proceedings before referee, see "Reference," "Schools and School Districts," $ 1.

$ 2.

Under inheritance tax laws, see "Taxation." ALTERATION OF INSTRUMENTS.

$ 7. See "Reformation of Instruments."

Review of criminal prosecutions.

See "Criminal Law," $ 5; "Homicide," $5. AMBASSADORS AND CONSULS. 8 1. Decisions reviewable.

Judgment entered without decision of court, Acknowledgments before, see "Acknowledg- no motion to vacate being made, held reversible. ment," $ 1.

|--Kent v. Common Council of City of Bingham. Let

ton (Sup.) 411. AMENDMENT.

$ 2. Right of review.

A party who fails to take advantage of an of particular legal proceedings. order granting him a new trial has no ground See "Pleading," 5; “Process," $ 3.

for complaint, on an appeal from the judgment

. Pleading in proceeding before referee, see “Ref- |--Carter v. Interurban St. Ry. Co. (Sup.) 206. erence."

§ 3. Presentation and reservation in

lower court of grounds of review, ANIMALS.

On appeal from a judgment, the question as See “Game."

to the reasonableness of conditions imposed in Expert testimony as to value of, see "Evi- an order granting a new trial held not rerier in

able.-Carter v. Interurban St. Ry. Co. (Sup.) C. ! dence," $ 8.

206. Keeping and use of in cities, see “Municipal Corporations," $ 4.

On appeal from order refusing new trial, court Presumptions as to disposition of dog, see "Evi- may determine sufficiency of evidence, though dence," 8 2.

no motion was made on trial.-Glaser 5. Michel

son (Sup.) 286. Where one, with kvowledge of the propensities of a vicious dog, keeps it, if the dog does

Where the instructions do not fully state the mischief, negligence will be presumed.-Boler v.

correct theory of the case, there must be a new Sorgenfrei (Sup.) 180.

trial, though plaintiff did not except thereto.

Gormau v. Milliken (Sup.) 699. Evidence in action for personal injuries inflicted by vicious dog held sufficient to make out

Statement of a witness, open to the criticism a prima facie case for plaintiff.-Boler v. Sor- of expressing an opinion not called for bs tbe a genfrei (Sup.) 180.

question, is not ground for reversal; do motion

being made to strike it out.-Rosenblatt r. In an action against a husband and wife for Joseph M. Cohen House Wrecking Co. (Sup.) da na personal injuries inflicted by a dog, the com- 801. plaint is properly dismissed against the wife, where the evidence does not connect her with the contract sued on was not admissible under

Objection that the evidence as to breach of the ownership of the dog.–Boler v. Sorgenfreithe answer, not having been made at the trial Healer (Sup.) 180.

may not be made on appeal. -Hellinger v, Jar ANSWER.

shall (Sup.) 1031.

§ 4. Record and proceedings not in recIn pleading, see "Pleading," $ 3.


Presumption of sufficiency of evidence to sus ANTENUPTIAL CONTRACTS. tain referee's findings indulged in absence of

case on appeal, not falling within Code Cis. See "Husband and Wife," 2.

Proc. $ 1022.- Tompkins v. Morton Trust Co.

(Sup.) 520. APPEAL.

Question presented on appeal from referee's

judgment, not falling within Code Cir. Proc See "New Trial."

1022, held to be whether facts found justified

conclusions of law.--Tompkins v. Morton Trust Appellate jurisdiction of particular courts, see

Co. (Sup.) 520. "Courts," $ 3. Costs, see "Costs," $ 4.

Where a case on appeal has no certificate Review of proceedings of justices of the peace, stating that it contains all the evidence taken & see "Justices of the Peace," 8 1.

on the trial, the appellate court will not er: fi Stay of action pending appeal in different ac. amine the facts; but in an action tried by s tion, see “Action," $ 2.

jury it may review the exceptions to the rul

ings of the trial justice.-Baker F. Griffin (Sup. Revicw in particular civil actions. 579. See "Specific Performance," $ 4.

Under Code Civ. Proc. $1353, the judge In municipal courts, see “Courts," $ 2.

trying the cause should order the printed pa

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pers on file, before an appeal founded on a A judgment on conflicting evidence will not
case can be heard.--Odendall v. Haebler (Sup.) be disturbed on appeal.--Leonardi v. Stemmler

(Sup.) 242.
Question of propriety of dismissal of com Where the evidence is conflicting, the ver-
A plaint held sufficiently reserved in lower court dict of the jury will not be disturbed on appeal.

to permit review on appeal.-Boehringer v. Deitch v. Feder (Sup.) 802; Keating v. Mott
Hirsch (Sup.) 726.

(Sup.) 1041.
Exceptions of prevailing party to exclusion

Unless it can be said with reasonable certain-
of evidence held not to be incorporated in the ty that the court erred, a reversal of its find-
case.-In re Levy's Will (Sup.) 862.

ing of a fact would not be justified.-Palmer
Mere assertion of counsel's view of the law v. Ward (Sup.) 99O.
will not be incorporated in the case on appeal.
-In re Levy's Will (Sup.) 802.

§ 7. Harmless error.

Amendment of auswer in action on fire in-
5. Review.

surance policy, setting up failure to mail proofs
On an appeal from the dismissal of a com-

of loss, held not prejudicial to plaintiff.--Huse
mories: plaint at the end of plaintiff's case, the Su- & Loomis Ice & Transportation Co. v. Wielar

preme Court must examine the entire record. (Sup.) 24.
Baker v. Interurban St. Ry. Co. (Sup.) 9.

Any error in excluding the question, put to
On an appeal from a nousuit, plaintiff is en plaintiff's witness ou cross-examination, is to
titled to the presumption that he could have what driver he delivered certain goods to, was
"proved material facts contained in his offer of cured when the same witness was subsequently
proof.-O'Connor v. Moody (Sup.) 214.

allowed to state that he gave the goods to a
On appeal from final judgment to obtain re-

certain driver named.-Brill v. Levin (Sup.) 109.
riew of intermediate order, notice required by
Jode Civ. Proc. $ 1316, must be given.-Stearns sion of a letter written by plaintiff to her father-

Iu a suit for separation, the erroneous admis-
1. Shepard & Morse Lumber Co. (Sup.) 396.

in-law was harmless, where other evidence en-
Appellate Division, having once decided that titled her to the relief demanded.—Duryea v.
question was for jury, should, on an appeal Duryea (Sup.) 337.
fter a new trial, adhere to that decision, and
ffirm a judgment based on verdict of jury.-

Judgment introduced being binding on all
ewis v. Upton (Sup.) 397.

questions but that of damages, rulings on evi-

dence as to other matter held immaterial.-
Under Code Civ. Proc. $ 1022, it will be as-

Stearns v. Shepard & Morse Lumber Co. (Sup.)
umed on appeal that, where record contains no 1391.
ecision, none

was filed. Kent v. Common
Souncil of City of Binghamton (Sup.) 411.

In action on account stated, where the ex-
Where plaintiff did not appeal from an ad- of certain evidence held prejudicial error,-

istence of account was put in issue, exclusion
erse ruling that certain real estate belonged to Baker v. Griffin (Sup.) 579.
partnership of which her husband was a mem-
er, she could not contend, on defendant's ap The introduction of a power of attorney, al-
eal, that some of such property did not belong leged to have been improperly acknowledged,
, the firm.--Hauptmann v. Hauptmann (Sup.) | in a suit not depending thereon, held without

prejudice.-Jordan v. Underhill (Sup.) 620.
Defendant, who prevented testimony as to In an action on a building contract, defend-
bild's age by refusing to permit use of an in- ant held not prejudiced by the submission of a
erpreter, could not contend, in support of a question as to the date the contract was com-
adgment for dismissal, that there was no evi- pleted.-Cornell v. Standard Oil Co. (Sup.)

ence as to the age of the child, so as to ex- | 633.
od par berate it from contributory negligence.-Men-
ella v. Metropolitan St. Ry. Co. (Sup.) 930.

Instruction in an action for conversion, held

too favorable to defendant.-Heyert v. Reub-
Where parties moved for disposition of case

man (Sup.) 797.
s upon questions of law, it was the duty of
de Appellate Division on appeal to adopt in-

Error in admission of evidence to an admit-
rences favoring trial justice's decision.-Culted fact held harmless.-Pescia v. Societa Co-
nan v. Burkhard (Sup.) 1003.


Corleonese Francesco Bentivegna
A party cannot claim on appeal that evidence (Sup.) 952.
ffered on a particular issue was erroneously Contradiction of plaintiff's own witness, in
xcluded, because relevant to a different issue. personal injury case against a street car com-
4. H. Ogden Lumber Co. v. Busse (Sup.) 1098. pany, in the course of which plaintiff's husband
Questions of fact, verdicts, and testified to his declaration that plaintiff was

thrown from the car, held prejudicial error.-
Where a judgment in replevin gives defend-Wimmer v. Metropolitan St. Ry. Co. (Sup.)
at "possession of the chattels or their value,

sed at $400," and the evidence showed the The erroneous admission of evidence on an
alue was but $100, the judgment will be re-

immaterial issue is harmless.-E. H. Ogden
ersed.- Lipschitz v. McCarty (Sup.) 21.

Lumber Co. v. Busse (Sup.) 1098.



Lers pos

and 120 New York State Reporter $ 8. Determination and disposition of In a prosecution for assault, a verdict of con

viction held coutrary to the weight of evidence, Portion of order appealed from held reversi

--People v. Dankberg (Sup.) 423. ble, without reversing remainder.-O'Connor v. Hendrick (Sup.) 1. Under Code Civ, Proc. $ 194, providing for

ASSESSMENT remittitur by the Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court must conform its order to the re- Of compensation for property taken for pubmittitur, and error therein can be corrected only lic use, see “Eminent Domain;" $ 3. by the Court of Appeals.-Zapf v. Carter (Sup.) of expenses of public improvements, see “Ma175.

nicipal Corporations," $ 3.

Of tax, see "Taxation," $ 3. A judgment dismissing the complaint on the merits affirmed, notwithstanding it did not clearly appear from the return on appeal that

ASSIGNMENTS. it was at the close of the whole case, as required by Municipal Court Act, Laws 1902, p. Fraud as to creditors, see "Fraudulent Con1561, c. 580, $ 249.-Coben v. Boccuzzi (Sup.) veyances." 187.

In bankruptcy, see "Bankruptcy," $ 2. Under express provisions of Code Civ. Proc. of insurance, see "Insurance," } 3. & 1022, prior to amendment hy Laws 1903, c.

Of note, see "Bills and Notes," $ 2. 85, p. 237, the Appellate Division must review a

& 1. Requisites and validity, short-form decision on both law and fact.

Where several stockholders in a corporation Multz v. Price (Sup.) 480.

were induced to purchase their stock bf defendWhere a building contractor was entitled to ant's misrepresentations, they were entitled to be allowed a large part of, if not the entire. assign their causes of action for deceit to plaintime for which a penalty for delay was charged tiff, in order that a recorery for the entire wrong by the trial court, the Appellate Division, on the might be had in a single action.-Benedict . contractor's appeal, was required to order a Guardian Trust Co. (Sup.) 370. new trial.--Small v. Burke (Sup.) 1066.

& 2. Actions.

Assignment of stock held to carry with it right

of action for its conversion.-Rothschild v. A.

len (Sup.) 42.
Liability of employer for defects, see "Master
and Servant," $ 3.


For security for costs, see “Costs," $ 2.

See "Bankruptcy," $ 1.

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ASSOCIATIONS. Or receivers of foreign corporations, see “Cor. See "Beneficial Associations."

porations," $ 6. Of trustee, see “Trusts,” g 3.

An action cannot be maintained against an officer of au unincorporated association of more

than seren members, unless all of•the associates APPRENTICES.

were liable jointly or severally.- Hosman .

Kinneally (Sup.) 263. Attempt to get possession of nonresident infant jockey, for purposes of gain, all the par

Members of an unincorporated political organties being residents of another state, will not ization held not liable for services of a person be entertained by the Supreme Court.-Reiss v. employed by the manager of a paper putlistPlicque (Sup.) 701.

ed by the organization, without proof of his

authority to pledge their individual creditARBITRATION AND AWARD.

Hosman v. Kinneally (Sup.) 263.
See "Reference."


See “Account Stated"; "Yoney Lent"; "Work

and Labor." Jurisdiction of municipal courts as to action for assault on passenger, see "Courts,” $ 2.

ASSUMPTION. § 1. Criminal responsibility:

Of debts of old corporation by reorganized corIn a prosecution for assault, an instruction on poration, see "Corporations," $ 4. self-defense hold erroneous.-People v. Dank- of risk by employé, see "Master and Serraut," berg (Sup.) 423.

$ 2.

2. Cor


The statute of limitations does not begin to

ruin against an attorney's claim for compensa-
See "Execution."

tion until the termination of his relation as at-
Up Against foreign corporations, see "Corpora- torney in the suit.- McCrea v. Scofield (Sup.)
tions," $ 6.

Exemptions, see "Exemptions."

Client held not entitled to recover fees pre-
In actions for alimony, see "Divorce," $ 2. paid attorney on electing to abandon case.-
$ 1. Proceedings to procure.

Riehl v. Levy (Sup.) 464.
Affidavits held insufficient to support attach- Order allowing financially responsible plaintiff
ment and default judgment founded thereon to dismiss action, pursuant to compromise, only
under Laws 1902, p. 1519, c. 580, $ 91.-Dela- on paying his attorney's fee, otherwise the at-
ney y. Bouse (Sup.) 880.

torney to continue the suit, held erroneous.-

Witmark v. Perley (Sup.) 756.
2. Levy, lien, and custody and dis-
position of property.

Where attorney and client agree that the at-
Notwithstanding Code Civ. Proc. $ 649, subd. torney's fee shall be 50 per cent. of any judge
2, levy of attachment on promissory note in

ment recovered, held that the client may not,
hands of pledgee held sufficient, when made by by a summary proceeding under Code Civ. Proc.
serving notice and permitting note to remain in 66, compel the attorney to forego his lien,
pledgee's hands.-Hardon v. Dixon (Sup.) 346. Serwer v. Sarasohn (Sup.) 838.

3. Proceedings to support or enforce.
Defendant against whom default judgment

was entered held not to have waived, by ap- Approval by attorney general of contract by re-
pearance, right to contest jurisdiction of court.
--Delaney v. Bouse (Sup.) 880.

ceiver, see "Receivers," $ 1.
Control by mandamus of attorney general's ap-

proval of receiver's contract for employment

of attorney, see “Mandamus," § 1.
Attorneys in fact, see "Principal and Agent."

Control by mandamus of attorney general's ap-

proval of receiver's contract for employment Of agent, see “Principal and Agent," $ 3.
of attorney, see "Mandamus," $ 1.

Of attorney, see "Attorney and Client,” $ 1.
Dismissal of suit conditional on payment of at-Of insurance agents, see “Insurance, § 2.
torney's fees, see "Dismissal and Nonsuit,” | Or municipal court to award costs, see “Costs,”
$ 1.

8 1.
Expenditures by personal representatives for at. To repair highways, see "Highways," $ 2.
torney's fees, see "Executors and Adminis-
trators," $ 1.

Expenditure by trustee for attorney's fees, see

*Trusts," $ 4.
Liability for wrongful entry of default judg- Laws relating to registration and tagging of
ment, see "Torts."

motor vehicles as class legislation, see "Con-

stitutional Law," $ 4.
1. Retainer and authority.
Court held to have no authority to require in-

terveners to defend through attorney employed
by original defendant.-O'Connor v. Hendrick Municipal regulations, see “Municipal Corpora-
(Sup.) 1.

tions," § 4.
$ 2. Duties and liabilities of attorney

to client.
An action against an attorney held for breach See "Banks and Banking," § 2; "Carriers," $
of duty, and not for conversion, so that a de-
mand before_suit brought was not required.-

2; "Warehousemen.'
Vooth v. McEachen (Sup.) 431.

In an action by plaintiff for work in polishing
In an action against an attorney for breach diamonds, defendant was not entitled to set off
of duty in collecting a claim, a verdict for plain the value of a diamond lost in the course of the
* tiff held not excessive.-Vooth v. McEachen defendant.-Vroman v. Kryn (Sup.) 94.

work by a defect in the machine furnished by
(Sup.) 431.

In an action against an attorney for breach
of duty in collecting a claim, a verdiet for plain-

tiff held not so contrary to the evidence as to re-
quire reversal.- Vooth v. McEachen (Sup.) 431. 8 1. Petition, adjudication, warrant,

and custody of property.
{ 3. Compensation and lien of attor- Where, after receiver has been appointed in

state court for a firm, the firm is adjudicated
An attorney's right of action for compensa- bankrupt, the state receiver must pay over the
tion does not accrue until his relation as attor- funds to the court in bankruptcy and look to it
ner in the suit has terminated.-McCrea v. Sco- for his compensation.-Bloch v. Bloch (Sup.)
field (Sup.) 10.


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