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and 120 New York State Reporter

Page Monroe v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.). .1141 New York Cent, & H. R. R. Co., Rogers Monroe, People v. (Sup.). ..1143 V. (Sup.)

. 1145 Montgomery v. Daniell (Sup.).

344 | New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Standard Montgomery, Gillespie v., two cases (Sup.).1135 Trust Co. v. (Sup.).

.1147 Moody, O'Connor v. (Sup.).

214 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Wells v. Moore v. Fuller (Sup.). 1141 (Sup.)

1151 Moore, McChesney v. (Sup.).

..1139 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Wood y. Jorning Journal Ass'n, Peters v. (Sup.). .1144 (Sup.)

817 Morris v. Dayton (Sup.)...

172 New York, C. & St. L. R. Co., Wagner v. Morris St., In re (Sup.). .1141 (Sup.)

921 Morton Trust Co., Tompkins v. (Sup.). 520 New York Dock Co., White v. (Sup.). ..1151 Moseman v. Moseman (Sup.).

.1141 New Yorker Zeitung Publishing & PrintMott, Keating v. (Sup.)... 1041 ing Co., Eisenhofer v. (Sup.).

438 Mt. Vernon, Hentz v. (Sup.)

.1138 New York Evening Journal Pub. Co., DinMulheran v. Gebhardt (Sup.).

kelspiel v. (Sup.)....

375 Mulligan v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)..1141 New York House Wrecking Co. Multz v. Price (Sup.).. 480 O'Rourke (Sup.)

.1116 Murphy v. Hallinan (Sup.).

927 New York Metal Ceiling Co. v. Raub Murphy v. Ryan (Sup.). 1141 (Sup:)

249 Murray v. Harbor & Suburban Building New York, N. H. & H. R. Co., Quinlan & Savings Ass'n (Sup.).

v. (Sup.)

..1144 Murray v. Lese (Sup.).

581 New York, N. H. & H. R. Co., Romaine v. Murtha, In re, two cases (Sup.). 1130 (Sup.)

248 Mutual Alliance Trust Co. v. Greenberger New York, N. H. & H. R. Co., Romaine (Sup.)

V., two cases (Sup.).

.1145 Mutual Loan Ass'n v. Lesser (Sup.). ..1141 New York Times Co., Westervelt v. (Sup.) 454 Mutual Reserve Life Ins. Co., Birch v. New York & N. S. R. Co., Miller v. (Sup.)..1141 (Sup.)

872 New York & Q. C. R. Co., Kearns v. (Sup.) 179 Myers, Ward v. (Sup.).

1149 New York & Q. Electric Light & Power Co., Wolpers v. (Sup.)..

845 Nassau Light & Power Co., Sammis V. Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power Co., Batty (Sup.) 243 v. (Sup.)

.1129 National Contracting Co. v. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls Power Co., National ConPower Co. (Sup.).. .1142 tracting Co. v. (Sup.).

.1142 National Contracting Co., San Donato v. Nichols v. Nichols (Sup.).

719 (Sup.) .1145 Nichols v. Williams (Sup.).

136 Naughton, Winters v. (Sup.). 139 | Niles v. Miller (Sup.).

.1142 Newbound_v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.) 08 Nohe, Raben v. (Sup.)...

1144 Newman, Friedman v. (Sup.).

735 Northampton Portland Cement Co., ComNewschloss v. Wittner (Sup.).

211 mercial Wood & Cement Co. v. (Sup.). .1132 New York, Astoria Heights Land Co. v. Norton, Green Island Ice Co. v. (Sup.)... 613 (Sup.) 651 Norton, Wheeler y. (Sup.)....

.. 1096 New York, Dinger v., two cases (Sup.). 577 Noyes, Gillette v. (Sup.)....

.1062 New York, Dobbs v. (Sup.)..

.1134 New York, Dunston v. (Sup.).

562 O'Brien v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)..1142 New York, George v. (Sup.). 610 O'Connor v. Hendrick (Sup.).

1 New York, Reisert v. (Sup.). 576 O'Connor v. Moody (Sup.)...

214 New York, Schall v., two cases (Sup.)...1146 O'Connor, Furey v. (Sup.)..

. 1135 New York, Spencer v. (Sup.). 573 Odendall v. Haebler (Sup.).

599 New York, Stevenson v. (Sup.)..

.1147 O'Donnell v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. New York, Withers v. (Sup.). ..1105 Co. (Sup.)

.1142 New York Catholic Protectory, People v. Ogden v. Pioneer Ironworks (Sup.). 955 (Sup.)

.1143 Ogden Lumber Co. v. Busse (Sup.). .1098 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Binswan- Ogle v. Dersbem (Sup.)...

..1101 ger v. (Sup.)...

. 1129 Oldsbury Electro-Chemical Co., Sagar v. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., De Cop


.1145 pet v. (Sup.).. ..1133 Olson v. Schevlovitz (Sup.).

834 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Dodge v. O'Neill v. Interurban St. R, Co. (Sup.)... 208 (Sup.)

.1134 | 0'Neill, McCrystal v. (Sup.)... New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Dougher. Opening of Foster Ave., In re (Sup.).. . 1142 ty v. (Sup.).

746 O'Reilly V. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Farns- (Sup.)

.1142 worth v. (Sup.).

.1135 O'Rourke, New York House Wrecking Co. New York Cent & H. R. R. Co., Hartman

v. (Sup.)

1116 v. (Sup.) .1137 Osborn v. Cardeza (Sup.)...

1142 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Lane v. Osborne, Farquahr v. (Sup.).

. 1135 (Sup.) 947 O'Shaughnessey v. Middleport (Sup.).

944 New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., Mein- Oswego, Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. v. renken v. (Sup.).

. 1075 (Sup.) New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co., O'Don- Oswego, Donovan v. (Sup.). nell v. (Sup.).

. 1142 Otto Sarony Co., City of New York v. (Sup.)


. 1027


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CO, T.

Cin Sup.)

e People v. Dankberg (Sup.).


Paga Owen. Gross v. (Sup.). ..... 266 People v. Zimmerman (Sup.). .

.1143 Com Ovens r. Stafford (Sup.).

.1142 People's Co-operative Ice Co., Albany County Bank v. (Sup.).

773 00, F Packard v. Elsobd (Sup.)......

.1142 People's Co-operative Ice Co., Albany Paine, People v. (Sup.).... .1109 County Bank v. (Sup.).

.1128 C. Pain Mig. Co., Balsam v. (Sup.). .1128 Perme v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.). 479 Pakas v. Hollingshead (Sup.). 560 Perley, Witmark v. (Sup.).

756 e Palmer y. Ward (Sup.)... 990 Persons v. Brown (Sup.).

.1144 Palmieri, Ragona v. (Sup.).

.1144 Pescia v. Societa Co-operativa Corleonese - Parish v. Parish (Sup.)...

Francesco Bentivegua (Sup.)....

952 og di Parker , Champlin v. (Sup.).

.1131 Peters v. Morning Journal Ass'n (Sup.)...1144 Partridge, People v. (Sup.).

.1143 Petition for Court Rule, Iu re (Sup.). .1144 Partridge, People v. (Sup.).

..1144 Pfeifer v. Supreme Lodge (Sup.).... .1144 Paton, Dunn y. (Sup.).... .1134 Phenix Nat. Bank, Meuer y. (Sup.).

701 ing Payne Co. v. Pratt (Sup.). .1142 Phillips v. Allen (Sup.)..

197 Peekskill Lighting & R. Co., Abello, v. Phillips v. Fuller (Sup.).

.1144 (Sup.)

...1128 Phillips v. Sonora Copper Co. (Sup.). 200 Pendleton, Farmers' Loan & Trust Co. v. Picken, Schwenker v. (Sup.)...

681 ...1135 Pier Bros. v. Doheny (Sup.).

971 Penney, Cuzzoni v. (Sup.)..

.1133 Pioneer Ironworks, Ogden v. (Sup.). 955 Le Pennsylvania Coal Co., Cammarata

Platz, United Wine & Trading Co. v. (Sup.) 787 (Sup.)


704 3- Pennsylvania R. Co., Hutchins v. (Sup.)..1138 Plicque, Reiss v., (Sup.). People v. A. Booth & Co. (Sup.)..

272 Plum v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)... 827 aler People v. Board of Railroad Com’rs (Sup....1143 Pneumatic Signal Co., Crane Co. v. (Sup.) 711

People v. Brush, two cases (Sup.). .1144 Poess v. Twelfth Ward Bank (Sup.). 857 People v. Celiano (Sup.). .1142 Pollack v. Ruth (Sup.)...

.1144 People v. Clark (Sup.). ..1142 Polstein v. Blauner (Sup.).

794 People v. Cohen (Sup.). ..

475 Pottier & Stymus Co., Erhardt v. (Sup.)..1134 423 Pratt, Payne Co. v. (Sup.)...

.1142 People v. Edelstein (Sup.).

861 | Preferred Acc. Ins. Co. of New York, Cole People v. Eugel (Sup.). .1113 v. (Sup.)

.1132 People v. Greene (Sup.). 322 Price, Multz v. (Sup.).

480 People v. Greene, three cases (Sup.). .1143 Prudential Ins. Co. of America, Barnett v. People v. Greene, two cases (Sup.). .1144 (Sup.)

842 People v. Hawkes (Sup.).

.1143 Prudential Ins. Co. of America, Ryer v. People v. Heinz (Sup.). 141 (Sup.)

..1145 People v. Hoenig (Sup.). 673 Purdy v. Baker (Sup.).

..1065 People v. Kestlinger (Sup.).

.1143 People v. Lagroppo (Sup.). 116 Quincy, Miller v. (Sup.)..

.1141 People v. MacWilliams (Sup.).

357 Quinlan v. New York, N. H. & H. R. Co. People v. Martin, two cases (Sup.). .1143 (Sup.)

. 1144 People v. Melody (Sup.)...

837 | Quinn v. Bank for Savings of City of New People v. Miller (Sup.). 189 York (Sup.).

285 People v. Miller (Sup.).

193 Quinn v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 883 People v. Miller (Sup.). 386 Quinn, Kronenberger v. (Sup.).....

139 People v. Miller (Sup.). 420 Quinn, Schnurr v. (Sup.)....

..1146 People p. Mills (Sup.)..

529 People v. Monroe (Sup.). .1143 Raben v. Nohe (Sup......

.1144 People v. New York Catholic Protectory Rabinowitch v. Friedman (Sup.)....

.1144 (Sun.) .1143 Ragona v. Palmieri (Sup.).

.1144 People v. Paine (Sup.).

.1109 Randall v. Delaware, L. & W. R. Co. People v. Partridge (Sup.). .1143 (Sup.)

.1145 People v. Partridge (Sup.). .1144 Rathbun v. Dorrance (Sup.).

..1145 People v. St. Clair (Sup.).

77 Raub, New York Metal Ceiling Co. v. People v. Schnittel (Sup.).. .1143 (Sup.)

249 V. Scholers (Sup.).. 713 | Ray v. Maloney (Sup.).

..1145 People v. Sewer, Water, and Street Com Rayniond, School Dist. No. 23 of Town of mission of Village of Saratoga Springs Mooers v. (Sup.). ....

182 445 | Redding American Distributing Co. People v. Sexton (Sup.). 517 (Sup.)

.1145 People v. Sinclair (Sup.). 539 Reed v. Reed (Sup.)..

1145 People r. Snyder Sup.). 415 Reich v. Dyer (Sup.).

544 People v. Stüdwell (Sup.). 967 Reich v. Dyer (Sup.)..

.11.15 People v. Sturgis (Sup.). 687 Reilly's Sons Co. v. Aaron (Sup.).

732 People v. Taylor (Sup.). 996 Reisert v. New York (Sup.).

576 People v. Van De Carr (Sup.). 644 Reiss V. Plieque (Sup.).

704 People v. Way (Sup.); 892 Renken, Bent v. (Sup.).

110 People v. Wells (Sup.). 309 Reubman, Heyert v. (Sup.). .

797 People y. Wells (Sup.).

456 Reynolds, Eureka Fire Hose Co. v. (Sup.) 753 People v. Windholz (Sup.) .1015 Richardson, Faller y. (Sup.)..

1134 [People v. Wright (Sup.). .

1143 | Richardson, Story v. (Sup.)...

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Page .1138



and 120 New York State Reporter

Page Riehl v. Levy (Sup.). ..

464 Scherrer, Herrman v. (Sup.). Riley v, Ballston Spa (Sup.l.

.1115 Schevlovitz, Olsou v. (Sup.). R. Lewis Steiner Mfg. Co., Albert v. (Sup.) 162 Schiverea v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. Robbins & Myers Co., Globe & Rutgers (Sup.)

.1146 Fire Ins. Co. v. (Sup.).

493 Schleicher v. Wirth (Sup.). Robinson, In re (Sup.)... 1145 Schlessinger, Goldberg v. (Sup.).

209 Robinson v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.) 412 Schlotterer v. Brooklyn & N. Y. Ferry Co., Robinson, Wilmot v. (Sup.). 575 two cases (Sup.)..

1146 Rocca, Goldman v. (Sup.).

.1136 Schmidt v. Limmer (Sup.) Rockey v. Haslett (Sup.).. 320 Schneider, Cohen v. (Sup.).

.1134 Rockwell, E. Bement & Sons v. (Sup.). 876 Schnittel, People y. (Sup.). Rogers v. New York Cent. & H. R, R. Co. Schnurr v. Quinu (Sup.)..

.1146 (Sup.) ..1145 Scholers, People v. (Sup.).

713 Romaine v. New York, N. H. & HI. R. Co. School Dist. No. 23 of Town of Mooers v. (Sup.) 248 Raymond (Sup.)

182 Romaine v. New York, N. H. & H. R. Co., Schrumpf v. Manhattan R. Co. (Sup.)....1146 two cases (Sup.)... .1145 Schulteis v. Schepp (Sup.).

.1146 Roncoroni v. Gross (Sup.). .1112 Schultheis v. Schepp (Sup.).

, 1146 Roncoroni y. Gross (Sup.).

.1113 Schuyler v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)..1146 Root v. London Guarantee & Accident Co. Schwenker v. Picken (Sup.).

681 (Sup.) .1055 Scofield, McCrea v. (Sup.)...

10 Rose v. Wells (Sup.)..

889 Scott v. International Paper Co. (Sup.)... 783 Rosen v. Ward (Sup.).

.1145 Searle V. Corporation Liquidating Co. Rosenberg v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.)

..1146 two cases (Sup.)....

871 Seemann v. Central Brewing Co. (Sup.)...1146 Rosenberg v. Hassett (Sup.). 865 Seifert, Ampel v. (Sup.).

17 Rosenberg, Gmaehle v. (Sup.). 1136 Seigel v. Lasker (Sup.).

1146 Rosenblatt v. Joseph M. Cohen House Seitz, Cahill v. (Sup.).

.1009 Wrecking Co. (Sup.). . 801 Senn, Engineer Co. v. (Sup.).

.1115 Rosenstock v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. Serwer v. Sarasohn (Sup.). (Sup.)

114 Sewer, Water and Street Commission of Rosin v. Lidgerwood Mfg. Co. (Sup.).


Village of Saratoga Springs, People v. Rosseau v. Rouss (Sup.).


445 Roth Clothing Co. v. Maine S. S. Co. Sexton, l'eople v. (Sup.)..

511 (Sup.).

25 Shack, City of New York v. (Sup.)... ..1132 Rothfeld, Meisen v. (Sup.).

1140 Shargin v. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup.) 871 Rothschild v. Allen (Sup.). 42 Shear, Talbott v. (Sup.)...

. 1148 Rotondo v. Smyth (Sup.). 1103 Sheldon v. Allegany (Sup.).

..1146 Rouss, Rosseau v. (Sup.).

497 Shepard & Vorse Lumber Co., Stearns v. Rowe, In re (Sur.).... 253 (Sup.)

391 Rubenstein v. Hudson (Sup.).

750 Shepard & Morse Lumber Co., Stearns v. Runyon, State Board of Pharmacy


396 (Sup.)

. 1147 | Sherman v. Corn Exchange Bank (Sup.).. 341 Russell, Stewart v. (Sup.). 625 | Shipherd, Goreth v. (Sup.)...

849 Ruth, Pollack v. (Sup.).. :

1144 Shire, Traders' Nat. Bank v. (Sup.).. .1148 Ryan v. Third Ave. R. Co. (Sup.). .1070 Shirley, Westgate v. (Sup.). . Ryan, Flannigan v. (Sup.).. 1135 Shurtliff, Augsbury, v. (Sup.).

.1128 Ryan, Murphy v. (Sup.).. .1141 | Siegel-Cooper Co., Gray v. Sup.).

.1137 Ryer v. Prudential ins. Co. of America Silberblatt, Dixon v. (Sup.). .

262 (Sup.)

.1145 Silvermany. Brooklyn Heights R. Co. (Sup)

871 Sacker v. Marcus (Sup.)....

83 Simon v. Supreme Council A. L. H. (Sup.) 866 Sadofsky, Blum y. (Sup.).

22 Simonson & Son Co., Zimmerman v. (Sup.).1152 Sagar v. Oldsbury Electro-Chemical Co.

Sinclair, People v. (Sup.). . (Sup.) .1145 Sire, Arthur v. (Sup.)...

.1128 St. Clair, People v. (Sup.). 77 Sirrett, Ardsley Hall Co. v. (Sup.).

792 St. Louis Stamping Co., Eustis v. (Sup.). .1134 Skinner v. Gray (Sup.)...

. 1147 Salmon, Drew v. (Sup.). .1134 Small v. Burke (Sup.)....

.1066 Sammis v. Nassau Light & Power Co. Smith, Iu re (Sup.). ...

.1147 (Sup.) 243 Smith v. Baldwin (Sup.)..

..1147 San Donato v. National Contracting Co. Smith v. Dunn (Sup.). (Sup.) .1145 Smith v. Dunn (Sup.).

.1147 Sanguinetti, Coons v. (Sup.).

367 Smith v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.)...1087 Sarasohn, Serwer v. (Sup.).

838 Smith y. Trustees of Freeholders & ComSarey v. H. Koehler & Co. (Sup.). .1146 monalty of Town of Brookhaven (Sup.) 34 Sarony Co., City of New York v. (Sup.). 27 Smith, Clark v. (Sup.)....

472 Satzinger v. Chebra Chai Odom Anshi Smith, Haskell v. (Sup.)...

779 Minsk (Sup.) .1146 Smith, Truman v. (Sup.).

1149 Schall v. New York, two cases (Sup.). .1146 Smyth, Rotondo v. (Sup.).

1103 Scheer v. Blisnikoff (Sup.)..

1146 Snead v. Metropolitan St. R. Co., two Schepp, Schulteis v. (Sup.).

cases (Sup.)

,1147 Schepp, Schultheis v. (Sup.). ,1146 | Snyder, People v. (Sup.)..






Page Societa Co-operativa Corleonese Francesco Swift v. Aspell & Co. (Sup.).

.1118 Bentivegna, Pescia v. (Sup.).... 952 Swift, Heyman v. (Sup.).

584 Solomon v. Fantozzi (Sup.).

754 Somers, Duncan v. (Sup.).... ..1134 Taber, In re (Sup.).

1110 Sopora Copper Co., Phillips V. (Sup.)... 200 Talbott v. Shear (Sup.).

.1148 Sorgenfrei, Boler v. (Sup.)... 180 Tams, Witmark y. (Sup.).

1111 Syaba v. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.). .1147 Taylor v. McClymouds (Sup.).

.1118 Spalding v. Supreme Council, Royal Tem- Taylor, People v. (Sup.).

996 plars of Temperance (Sup.)...

.1147 Tenement House Department of New York Spear's Will, in re (Sup.). 418 v. Moesehen, two cases (Sup.). .

1148 Smer. Lawson v. (Sup.). . 915 Thayer, Hawley v. (Sup.).

1137 Speer v New York (Sup.).

573 Third Ave. R. Co., Bradford v. (Sup.). .1130 Sperber, Harvard Brewing Co. v. (Sup.). . 289 Third Ave. R. Co., Ryan v. (Sup.).. 1070 Spero v. Levy (

869 Third Ave. R. Co., Trauber v. (Sup.). Spiers, Twelfth Ward Bank v. (Sup.)....1149 Thomas v. Watertown (Sup.). .

..1148 Nies, In re (Sup.). .

.1043 Thomas Conville Brewing Co., McKernan Spain v. ['tica Gas & Electric Co. (Sup.)..1147 v. (Sup.)

191 Spor T. Grau (Sup.). .1147 : Thompson, Kennedy v. (Sup.).

.1139 Stachelberg, Finck 1. (Sup.)..

20 T. H. Simonson & Son Co., Zimmerman Stafford, Owens r. (Sup... .1142 v. (Sup.)

. 1152 Standard Oil Co. of New York, ('ornell v. Thurston Cypress Hills Cemetery Sup.) 633 (Sup.)

.1118 Standard Trust Co. v. New York Cent. & Tindel Morris Co., Lewis v. (Sup.).. .11:39 H. R. R. Co. (Sup.).

1147 Tompkins v. Morton Trust Co. (Sup.). . 520 State Board of Pharmacy v, Runyon Tonawanda, Callopy v. (Sup.).

.1131 Sup.)

..1147 | Topham v. 'Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.).. 27 State Ins. Co. of Delaware, Clarke v. Totten, In re (Sup.)...

1148 (Sup.)

.1132 Town of Palatine v. Canajoharie Water Stearns r. Shepard & Morse Lumber Co. Supply Co. (Sup.)..

112 Sup.) 391 Townsend, Keim v. (Sup.).

1139 Stearns v, Shepard & Morse Lumber Co. Tracy, Miller v. (Sup.). .

1024 Sup.) 396 Traders' Nat. Bank v. Shire (Sup.).

.118 Stephieh's Estate, In re (Sup.). 237 Train, Brickel v. (Sup.).

292 Steiner Mfg. Co., Albert v. (Sup.).

162 Trauber v. Third Ave. R. Co. (Sup.). .1118 Stemmler, Leopardi r. (Sup.).

242 Treanor v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup....1148 Stendal v. Ackerman (Sup.).....

468 Tribune Ass'n, Stromberg v. (Sup.)......1148 Stern v. Wabash R. Co. (Sup.).

.11.17 Triggs v. Sun Printing & Publishing Co. Stern, Barrett Chemical Co. T. (Sup.). ...11:28 (Sup.)

486 Stern, Barrett Chemical Co. v. (Sup.). .11:29 Tripp v. Booth (Sup.).

1148 Sterenson r. New York (Sup.)... 1117 Truman v. Smith (Sup.).

1119 Stewart v. Russell (Sup.).

625 Trust Co. of New York v. Universal TalkStillwell, Browning v. (Sup.). 707 ing Mach. Co. (Sup.)...

60 Stirling F. Kelles (Sup.).

.1147 Trustees of Freeholders & Communalty of Stock, Grain & Provision Co. of New York,

Town of Brookhaven, Smith v. (Sup.)... 34 Haight F. (Sup.). . .1137 Tucker, City of New York v. (Sup.).

50 Stoops, Bertson v. (Sup.). ... 332 Tuell, In re (Sup.)...

1109 Stors r. Richardson (Sup.).

813 Tuohy v. Long Island R. ('0. (Sup.). .. 1149 Straus r. American Pub. Ass'n (Sup.)....1091 Twelfth Ward Bank v. Spiers (Sup.). .1119 Straus, Housman v. (Sup.).

. 1138 Twelfth Ward Bank, Poess r. (Sup.). 877 Strauss, Hogan v. (Sup.).... .1138 Twin Lake Ass'n, Bailey v. (Sup.)..

788 Streeter, City of New York v. (Sup.). 665 Stromberg r. Tribune Ass'u (Sup.). .1148 l'ihlein v. Matthews (Sup.).

924 Strong, In re (Sup.)... .1148 Ulanoff v Cohen (Sup.).

1143 Strong r. Long Island R. Co. (Sup.). 911 Underhill, Jordan v. (Sup.).

620 Studwell . People v. (Sup.).

967 Union Bag & Paper Co., Bellegarde v. Sturgis, People v. (Sup.). 687 (Sup.)

72 Sugarman, In re (Sup.).

.1148 Union Bag & Paper Co., Bellegarde v. Sillivan r. Adler Veneer Seat Co. (Sup.). . 1148 (Sup.)

1129 Sullivan v. Grems (Sup.). ...

.1148 Union Pac. Tea Co. v. Union Surety & Sun Printing & Publishing Co., Triggs v. Guaranty Co. (Sup.)....

166 (Sup.

486 Union Surety & Guaranty Co., Friedland Supreme Council A. L. H., Simon v, (Sup.) 866 v. (Sup.)

937 Sopreme Council, A. L. H. Ward v. (Sup.).1149 Union Surety & Guaranty Co., Union Coc Supreme Council . Royal Templars of TemPac. Tea Co, v. (Sup.).

466 Up! perance, Spalding 1. (Sup.)... .1147 Union Surety & Guaranty Co., United Supreme Lodge Knights & Ladies of the States v. (Sup.)..

1149 Golden Star, Mitterwallner v. (Sup.). ... 786 Union Surety & Guaranty Co., Wieder v. Supreme Lodge, Pfeifer v. (Sup.)..... .1144 (Sup.)

10. Suse v. Biglin (Sup.)... .1118 l'nion Trust Co., In re (Sun.).

.1119 th, Suse v. Metropolitan St. R. Co. (Sup.). ..1118' United Electric Light & l'ower Co., Wall Sussman v, Berry (Sup.). . ..1118 v. (Sup.)

.1149 86 N.Y.S.

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and 120 New York State Reporter



United States v. Union Surety & Guaranty,

Whelen, Wood v. (Sup.)..


Co: (Simp.)

. 1143 | White, In re, two cases (Sup.),


United States Paper Co. v. Grúbn (Sap.) 730 White v. New York Dock Co. (Sup.),


United States Radiator Co., Hall v. (Sup.), 1137 White, Kennedy v. (Sup.).


United States Trust Co. of New York,' White & Co. v. Corbin (Sup.).


Marshall v. (Sup.)..

617 Whitlock Ave., In re (Sup.).

. 1151

United Traction Co., Atehason v. (Sup... 176 Wieder v. Union Şurety & Guaranty Co.

United Wine & Trading Co. r. Platz (Sup.) 260 (Sup.)


Universal Talking Mach. Co., Trust Co. of

Wielar, Huse & Loomis Ice & Transporta-

New York v. (Sup.)..


tion Co.' v. (Sup.)..


Upton, Lewis v. (Sup.)..

397 Wilcox, Barber Asphalt Pav, Co. v. (Sup.) My

Utica Gas & Electric Co., Splain v. (Sup.)..1147 | Wiley v. Farrand (Sup.).

. 1151

Wiley, Beattys v., two cases (Sup.). .1129
Valentine, In re (Sup.).
: 1130 Wilhelm v. Wilhelm

Van De Carr, People y. (Sup.).
644 Wikens v. Hammannap.j..


Vanderveer, City of New York v. (Sup.).. 659 Wilkin, In re (Sup.).


Van Wyck In re (Sup.).

1149 Williams y. Brandt (Sup.).
Vaubet v. Knox (Sup.):

.1149 Williams v. German Ins. Co. (Sup.). 98
Vlasto v. Vlasto (Sup.).
.1149 Williams, Baruum v. (Sup.)..


Vooth v. McHachen (Sup.).

431 | Williams, Barnum v. (Sup.).


Vroman v. Kryn (Sup.),
94 | Williams, Mauterstock v. (Co. Ct.).

Williams, Nichols v. (Sup.).


Wabash R. Co., Stern v. (Sup.)... .1147 Williamsburgh Sav. Bank, Coote y. (Sup.)..1133

Wager, Williamson v. (Sup.).

684 Williamson v. Wager (Sup.),


Wagner v. New York, C. & St. L. R. Co. Wilmot v. Robinson (Sup.).



921 Wilson v. Brooklyn Homeopathic Hospital

Wigner, Bradley v.' (Sup.).

.1130 (Sup.)

. 1151

Wall v. United Electric Light & Power Wilson, Harrison v. (Sup.).

Co. (Sup.)

.1149 Wilson, Johanning v. (Sup.),

Wallace v. Jones (Sup.).

..1149 Wilson, Martin v. (Sup.).


Ward v. Myers (Sup.).

1.1149 Wimmer v. Metropolitan Şt. R. Co. (Sup.)..10.32
Ward v. Supreme Council, A. L. H. (Sup.)..1149 Windholz, People v. (Sup.).

Ward, Palmer v. (Sup.).

990 Wing, Hurd v. (Sup.)...

Ward, Rosen v. (Sup.).

..1145 Winters v. Naughton (Sup.)..


Warren, King v. (Sup.).

609 Wirth, Schleicher v. (Sup.).


Warshawsky v. Dry Dock, E. B. & B. R. Withers v. New York (Sup.).


Co. (Sup.)

748 Witmark v. Perley (Sup.)..


Warwick, Bradner v:'(Sup.).

935 Witmark v. Tams (Sup.).


Washburn, Minshull v., two cases (Sup.)..1141 Witthaus v. Zimmerman (Sup.).


Wasserman v. Benjamin (Sup.).

1022 Wittner, Newschloss v. (Sup.)..


Watertown, Fitzgerald v. (Sup.). ..1135 Wolpers v. New York & Q. Electric Light

Watertown, Leggett v. (Sup.).

982 & Power Co. (Sup.).


Watertown, Thomas v, (Sup.).

. 1148 Wood y. New York Cent. & H. R. R. Co.

Watervliet Hydraulic Co., Chew v. (Sup.)..J131 (Sup.)

Watkins v. Brown (Sup.).

.1149 Wood y. Whelen (Sup.).


Watkins v. Brown Sup.).
...1150 Woodruff v. Alger (Sup.).

Way, People v. (Sup.).
892 Wood's Will, In re (Sup.)...


Weatherwax, Conkling v. (Sup.).

139 Woolworth v. Klock (Sup.).


Webster, Chambers v. (Sup.)...
,1131 Woolworth v. Leader (Sup.).

. 1152

Weidenfeld v. McClure (Sup.). .

. 1150 Wright, People F. (Sup.)....


Weinstein y. Interurban St. R. Co. (Sup.) 731
Weisberger v. Martin (Sup.)...

115 York State Tel. Co., Gray v. (Sun.). iní
Weldon v. Brown (Sup.).

. 1151 York State Tel. Co., Gray y. (Sup.). .1136
Wells y. New York Cent. & H, R. R. Co. Yost, Mather v. (Sup.)....



.1151 Young, Gustafson y. (Sup.).


Wells, People v. (Sup.).


Wells, People F. (Sup.).

4.56 Zapf v. Carter (Sup.)...


Wells, Rose v. (Sup.)...

889 Zimmerman v. Marrin (Sup.).
West Disinfecting Co., Hayes v. Sup.). . .1137 Zimmerman v. T. H. Simonson & Son Co,
Westervelt r. New York Times Co. (Sup.) 454 (Sup.)


Westgate v, Shirley (Sup.).

593 Zimmerman, People v. (Sup.).


Wheeler y. Norton (Sup.).

.1095 Zimmerman, Witthaus y. (Sup.).


Wheeler, Bradford y, (Sup.).


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