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MONEY ORDER SYSTEM. THE POSTAL MONEY ORDER SYS countries, viz. : Switzerland, Great Britain TEM.


Ireland, Germany, France, Italy,

Canada, Newfoundland, Jamaica, The following are the fees for domestic


South money-orders:

Wales, Victoria, New Zealand, For orders not exceeding $5.


Queensland, the Cape Colony, the WindFor orders exceeding $5 and not ex

ward Islands (embracing the islands of ceeding $10

8c. Barbadoes, Grenada, St. Vincent and St. For orders exceeding $10 and not ex Lucia), the Leeward Islands (consisting ceeding $15


of the Presidencies of Antigua, St. ChrisFor orders exceeding $15 and not ex

topher-Nevis, Dominica, Montserrat and ceeding $30

15c. the Virgin Islands), Belgium, Portugai For orders exceeding $30 and not ex

(including the Azores and the Madeira ceeding $40

.20c. Islands), Tasmania, the Hawaiian KingFor orders exceeding $40 and not ex

dom, Sweden, Japan, Norway, Denmark, ceeding $50


the Netherlands, the Bahama Islands, For orders exceeding $50 and not ex the colony of Trinidad and Tobago, Ausceeding $60

.30c. tria, Hungary, British Guiana, the Grand For orders exceeding $60 and not ex

Duchy of Luxembourg, Bermuda, and the ceeding $70

.35c. colony of South Australia. For orders exceeding $70 and not ex

The fees for International Money-Orders ceeding $80 40c. are as follows:

.100. For orders exceeding $80 and not ex

For sums not exceeding $10. ceeding $100


Over $10 and not exceeding $20. .20c. The maximum amount of a single order

Over $20 and not exceeding $30. .30c. is $100, and no more than three domestic

Over $30 and not exceeding $40. .400. orders may be issued in one day to the

Over $40 and not exceeding $60.

.50c. same same remittee, in favor of the

.60c. Over $50 and no exceeding $60.

. 70c.

Over $60 and not exceeding $70. payee, payable at the same postoffice. The fee for a postal note is 3 cents.

Over $70 and not exceeding $80. .80c.

.90c. A postal note may be drawn for any Over $80 and not exceeding $90. amount from one cent to four dollars and Over $90 and not exceeding $100. $1

The ninety-nine cents.

maximum amount for which INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS.

money-orders may be drawn is $50 on Great Britain


Ireland, the Cape Postal conventions are now in opera Colony.) British Guianal and Bermuda, tion for the exchange of money-orders be and $100 on the other countries mentween the United States and the following' tioned above.

COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARKS. Under the International Copyright act or deposit in the mail within the United (approved March 3, 1891; took effect States, addressed to him at Washington, July 1, 1891) any United States citizen, D. C., two copies of a book, photograph, or citizen or subject of foreign nations chromo or lithograph printed from the granting copyright to United States citi type set within the United States, or zens on substantially the same basis with from plates made therefrom, or from their own citizens, or which become negatives or drawings on stone made parties to an international agreement for within the United States, or from transreciprocity in copyright, who is "the fers made therefrom, or a photograph of author, inventor, designer or proprietor a painting, drawing, statue, model or of any book, map. chart, dramatic or design. The Librarian's fees are: 1. For musical composition, engraving, cut, print recording the title or description of any or photograph or negative thereof, or of copyright book or other article, 50 cents. a painting, drawing, chromo, statue, stat 2. For every copy under seal of such recuary, and of models or designs intended ord actually given to the person claimto be perfected as works of the fine arts, ing the copyright, or his assigns, 50 and the executors, administrators, or as cents. 3. For recording and certifying signs of any such person'' may secure any instrument of writing for the asfor 28 years the sole liberty of printing, signment of a copyright, $1. 4. For reprinting. publishing, completing, copy every copy of an assignment, $1. The ing, executing, finishing and vending the charge for recording the title or descripsame; and, in case of a dramatic com tion of any article entered for copyright, position, of publicly performing or rep the production of a foreigner, is $1. The resenting it or causing it to be performed Secretary of the Treasury prints at short or represented by others.

intervals catalogues of title entries for The applicant, on or before the day of distribution at a small charge. publication in this or any foreign coun Proprietors of copyrights must send to try, must deliver at the office of the the Librarian copies of all subsequent Librarian of Congress, or edpsit in the editions in which substantial changes mail within the United States, addressed are made. Authors have exclusive right to him at Washington, D. C., a printed to dramatize or translate their works copy of the title of the book, map. etc., copyrighted in the United States, An or a description of the painting, etc., or author, inventor or designer, or his a model or design for a work of the fine widow or children, may secure an exarts for which he desires a copyright. tension of the copyright for 14 years, by He must also, not later than the day of recording the title a second time within publication in this


any foreign 6 months before the expiration of the country, deliver at the Librarian's office, first period. The penalty for unauthor

ized use of a copyright notice is $100. entered at Stationers' Hall, London, the Every person who shall "without the fee for which is 5 shillings sterling; the consent of the proprietor of the copy work must be published in Great Britain right first obtained in writing, signed in simultaneously with its publication in the presence of two or more witnesses, print, United States, and five copies of the publish, dramatize, translate or import, publication are required. or knowing the same to be so printed, A foreigner may secure copyright in published, dramatized, translated or im France by depositing two copies of the ported, shall sell, or expose to sell" any publication at the Ministry of the Incopy of a copyrighted book, must forfeit terior in Paris. every copy to the proprietor and is liable

In Germany a foreigner must enter his for damages in a civil action. In the

work in the general registry book of case of paintings or statuary, the infringer forfeits $10 for every copyhelished by a firm having its place of busi

copyrights at Leipzig, and have it pubsells, possesses or exposes for sale. With

ness within the German Empire. other copyrighted articles, he forfeits the

Copyright in Canada is to be registered plates and si for every sheet he possesses with the Minister


of Agriculture, or exposes for sale. Persons purchasing $1, the work to be published in Canada. for use, and not for sale, may import, subject to duty, not more than two for

AMERICAN COPYRIGHT LEAGUE.eign copies of a copyrighted book.

Secretary, R. U. Johnson, 33 East 17thSwitzerland, France, Belglum, England,

st., New-York. Germany, Denmark and Italy have been TRADEMARKS.-These are registered at admitted to the benefits of the new law. the Patent Office, Washington, D.C. For an American citizen to secure copy The fee for registering trademarks is right in Great Britain, the title must be $25; labels, $6.

HOW TO DETECT COUNTERFEITS. The principal defects of some of the clear, life-like expression that is seen on counterfeits are given in the following the genuine; the eagle is scratchy; the notes from Dickerman's "United States green ink used is rifle larker than Treasury Counterfeit Detector:

that used on the genuine; the lathework U. S. NOTES.-$1. A, B, C and is defective, and the shading of the letD.: A poor counterfeit; portrait of Chase ters is coarsely executed. B C, series 19 badly engraved; numbers of note poor -A good counterfeit, closely resembling and color bad; the small "ones" in border the genuine; the Treasury number is imof note, on counterfeit, blurred and poor perfect, the ink being a brick-red color, ly engraved; lathework very bad. D-A and the figures very uneven and imperpoor counterfeit, and has the appearance fect; the portrait of Lincoln is very poor of a woodcut; portrait of Washington and and does not resemble that of the genunumbers exceedingly poor; back of note, ine. BCD, series 52-A dangerous counmany words are misspelled in panel. $2. terfeit and liable to deceive; it has had a B, C, D-Engraving very coarse; head of very extensive circulation; on the top of Hamilton poorly executed; imprint of the genuine there are 15 small X's on bank note company imperfect. D, 1880 each side of the Imprint of the American This counterfeit has the appearance of Bank Note Company: on the counterfeit being printed from a wood-cut; is scratchy there are 14 X's on the right and 16 on and coarsely engraved; many errors occur the left. A B C D, New Series 53-A in spelling of words in border of note and dangerous counterfeit; the portrait of elsewhere; Jefferson's name, under por Lincoln is well engraved, closely resemtrait (which has but one eye) is spelled bling that of the genuine; the numbering Jeffrson. B, series of 1891-A poor coun is well done, the ink closely resembling terfeit, printed from zinc etched plate; that used by the Government; the latheportrait of McPherson; plate and notes work surrounding the 10's, in green mecaptured. $5. A, series 90—One of the dallion, is somewhat blurred and deconvertible series; head of Hamilton and fective. C, Series of 1875-A good counStatue of Liberty coarser than in the terfeit; genuine notes of this series are genuine; lines in lathework, upper right- printed on fibre paper; an attempt has hand corner, surrounding "5,"cannot be been made to imitate the fibre by printtraced; numbering poor. A D series 70 ing the lines in panel on back of note; and 77-A fair counterfeit; head of Ham portrait of Webster poorly engraved; ilton well engraved; vignette of Statue of lathework fair; numbering poor. $20. B Liberty coarse; impossible to trace the C, Series 6-A good counterfeit; one of lines in the lathework around the figure the convertible series; on the genuine, in 5; another counterfeit of this plate bears large green figure 20, at the top and bot"New Series." C, series of 1875-An ex tom of figures, can be seen small lines or cellent counterfeit, and liable to deceive; dots, extending across the figures; on the on genuine, upper left corner the series counterfeit these dots are very indistinct; of 1875 is inclosed by flourishes 1875; treasury numbers on counterfeit larger on the counterfeit the flourishes are than in the genuine. A B C D Series of omitted; portrait of Jackson and vignette 1875-A fine counterfeit at first sight, but in centre coarser than on the genuine; will not bear close examination; portrait imitation fibre paper. D, series of 1875 of Hamilton excellent, but the backA fair counterfeit for the photographic ground lacks the fine lines to be found in process; this note is numbered B 8,058, the genuine, having been shaded with a 120; some of the notes are a trifle shorter brush; fibre paper imitated on back of than the genuine. $10. BC-A fair note by pasting tissue paper over right

tulatioana nolmulated to deceive: the panel. B, Series of 1875--An excellent


and ink process; signed James Gilfillan, seal printed in different shades of color; treasurer; no genuine notes of this de a fourth issue bears the small carmine nomination and series were signed by red seal. C-One-quarter inch too short; James Gilfllan as Treasurer. $50. C. Hancock's head smaller and narrower Dated March 10, 1862-A poor counterfeit; than in genuine. $5. A-Silk thread iminumbers and lathework bad; engraving tated by line on back; Grant's portrait coarse, especially the portrait of Hamil bad. D--Stud on Grant's shirt-front ton.

A CD, dated March 10, 1863-A missing; in word "Pluribus" the "I" is very dangerous counterfeit; engraving of missing. C, Series 1891-Grant's portrait portrait of Hamilton equal to the genu poor, nose broad and flat; green on back Ine; on genuine the white lines cross the has bluish tinge; geometric lines untrue lower portion of the figure o in large and indistinct.

$10. Series 1880-On figures 50 in counters on each end of back "all" in "and all public dues' note; on counterfelt they do not; buttons omitted; or "Engraved and printed at on Hamilton's coat, in the counterfeit, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing'' very indistinet. ACD, dated March 10, or small lettering on face omitted; letter1803-This note is one of the most dan ing blotched, blurred and soiled. B, gerous counterfeits ever issued; engrav Series 1886-"This certifies that there ing excellent, numbering good, lathework have been deposited in the Treasury" fair; on genuine, back of note the small omitted from top centre, $10 and $2050's in the border are surrounded by Penwork counterfeits are numerous; octagons; on the counterfelt they are cir Treasury number washes off $10 D and cles; two of these circles on lower left $20. B, Series 1880--Color of seal disend are run together, omitting the cipher, turbed by moisture. $20. C, Series 1880 which makes the figures read 550. $100,-A dangerous counterfeit: patent fibre B C, dated March

10, 1862-A fair coun paper imitated. C-In left panel R, T terfeit; vignette of eagle coarsely en


F in word “certificate upside graved, feathers of tail very indistinct: down; on back, "taxes" and "engraved" Treasury numbers larger than on the spelled "tares" and "engravod." genuine; back of counterfeit, right of GOLD CERTIFICATES.-$20, A, Series large circle, the figures 100 are reversed of 1892-A dangerous counterfeit, for, and read thus, 001; but few genuine notes apart from the counter containing the of this denomination and issue are in cir- figures 20 on the face and the portrait culation. $500. B C, Series of 1869-One of Garfield, there is little of the gray of of the most dangerous counterfeits in ex the photograph about it; the seal is istence; the engraving and workmanship small and scalloped, having a reddish nearly equal to the genuine; the lathe tinge, apparently applied with brush; the work is excellent, Treasury numbers fair numbering is very pronounced and heavier and color of ink good; the star on the than the genuine; the surface of the note right of the Treasury number is some is one-half inch shorter and one-eighth of what blurred; the portrait of J. Q. Adams an inch narrower than the genuine. It is excellent, but the lobe of the ear is has the two parallel silk threads running very indistinct; in the counterfeit, the through it; the tint on back of note is button upon the coat nearest the lapel is light brown, while in genuine it is orange; almost square; in the genuine it is round; persons handling gold notes must not the vignette of the figure Justice is finely forget that in this counterfeit they are engraved; the scale is held aloft in the left to determine its character by its tints left hand, the upright holding the beam rather than by the lines in the engraving, is crooked, and is larger in the counter- seeing it is a photograph of genuine work. felt than in the genuine; in the genuine COMPOUND INTEREST NOTES.--$50. the upright shows only to the lower part C, Series of 1864-A poor counterfeit; the of the hand, while in the counterfeit it shading of the letters "United States" shows to the second finger from the base; very coarse and scratchy; the portrait and the white curve in the arm is a perfect vignette poorly engraved; numbers on oval in the genuine, while in the coun this counterfeit are poorly printed; genuterfeit it is not; the left foot of the vig ine notes of this issue were all printed in nette, as it extends from the garment, large gilt letters; the notes were issued presents a clubbed appearance in the in 1864, and were to run three years at counterfeit, while the toes are short and 6 per cent interest; the total amount isnot one-half the length of the genuine; sued of all denominations of these combankers and others should receive these pound interest notes was $217,024,160; but notes with great care, as it is only by a few genuine notes of this series are now comparison with the genuine that the in circulation. $100. B, Series of 1865majority of experts can positively decide A dangerous counterfeit; an impression as to the genuineness of a note of this of the back of the genuine plate was class. $1,000. ABD, dated March 10, taken by a person in the employ of the 1862, and March 10, 1863-A very danger Department, and electrotypes made from ous counterfeit; engraving nearly equal the same, and from these electrotypes to the genuine; a singular mistake was the counterfeits were printed; the face of made in the genuine issue under this act, the note is exceedingly well executed; the which the counterfeiters copied--that of words "Compound Interest Note" are dating the notes March 10. 1862, instead printed in large gilt letters, in a parallel of 1863; this error was corrected in a line lengthwise on the face of the note; subsequent issue of the genuine. The cir the large "U" in "United" on the councles of 1,000 that surround the portrait of terfeit touches, or nearly touches, the Morris are much more irregular on the line surrounding the medallion in the upcounterfeit than on the genuine; on the per left-hand corner of note; the final counterfeit the face of Morris is more "s" in "States, on the genuine, is disfront view; on genuine the eyes cast tant from the outside line surrounding more to the left.

medallion or counter about one-eighth of SILVER CERTIFICATES.-$1.-No silk an inch, while on the counterfeit it is thread. $2. B-Lacks silk threads, large not one-sixteenth of an inch. The red ink

on the counterfeits is of a dark red color stead of three; Marine Nat'l, N. and does not resemble the carmine ink **city of omitted before New-York, black found on genuine notes; upward of $300, panel under title; Ninth Nat'l, N. Y., 000 of these counterfeits were passed; "the" after "of" omitted in title; St. nearly all the genuine notes of this issue Nicholas Nat'l, N. Y., "New-York" over have been retired.

date, July 1, 1865, in script instead of U. S. BONDS.-$1,000. B 7.30--A re

italics; Westchester Co. Nat'l, Peekskin, markably dangerous counterfeit, so close under left check letter A two ly resembling the genuine that many flourishes instead of

one; Nat'l of were redeemed by the U, S. Treasury De

Rhode Island, imprint of Bank Note partment, and taken by leading banks

Company hardly legible. $5. c. Jewand bankers throughout the country.

ett City Nat'l, Norwalk Central Nat'i, Sixes of 1881-These counterfeit U. S.

series 1882; refuse all, First Nat'l, Aucoupon bonds are exceedingly dangerous;

rora, Ill. ; Central Nat'l, First Nat'l, Gerobserve closely the following description:

man Nat'i, Chicago; First Nat'l, Paxton, In the 1,000 counter, composed of nine

III.; First Nat'l, Peru, Ill. ; First Nat'ı, sections at each side of the portrait of

Canton, Ill.; First Nat'l, Northampton, Chase, it will be observed, in the section

Mass.; refuse all signed s. B. Colby, Regat the left of the lower half of the figure

ister of the Treasury; First Nat'i, Mer"1" in "1,000," the letter "S" in "Stat."

the is perfect in the counterfeit; in

chants' Nat'l, Traders' Nat'l, Chicago;

Nat'l of Pontiac, Ill., vertical lines dioriginal only the upper half of the "S" is seen. Also, to the right of the letter viding vignette on back from coat of arms "g" in the word "registers" will be found if continued down would pass between

Union a break in the hair-line surrounding the

two 5s instead of cutting one. portrait of Chase, about one-sixteenth of Nat'i, Chicago; Farmers' Nat'l, Virginia, an inch in length, which does not appear Ill., refuse: May 10, 1865. Boylston in the original. The counterfeit differs Nat'l, Boston; Leicester Nat'l, First Nat'l from the original in the mitering of the St. Johnsbury, new process photograph. four corners of the green border. Near Globe Nat'l, Boston; Pocasset Nat'l, Fall the extreme corner inside of the lathe River; People's Nat'l, Boston; Southbridge work border a uniform white figure in Nat'i, Montpelier Nat'l, Dedham Nat'l, the shape of a heart, with the apex point- green tint uneven and smeared; omitted ing toward the corners, will be observed, in space at top where "National Curand this figure is the same on all four rency" appears. First Nat'l of New-Bedcorners; in the original these figures are ford, Treasury and charter numbers and irregular, having no symmetrical form. pink seal too bright. Merchants' Nat'i, In the words "are indebted unto," below

New-Bedford; Hampden Nati, Westfield; the portrait of Chase, the heavy black

Pacific Nat'l, Boston, vignette of Columline in the centre of the face of the first

bus imperfect; vertical lines at left of letter "a" is omitted in the counterfeit.

vignette on back would pass between fig. In the title, "United States of America,"

ures instead of through one. First Nat'i, the ruled shade on the left-hand side of Cecil, Ill. ; First Nati, Galena, Ill., no the spur of the letter "U" at the bottom,

such banks. People's Nat'l, Jackson, on the counterfeit, is seven short lines,

Mich., coarse, defects numerous. Manuforming but a slight shade under that part of the letter, while in the genuine shading inside first "a" in "Manufact

facturers' Nat'i, Amsterdam, N. Y., no there are ten lines about one-sixteenth

urers', of an inch in length, forming a shade the same width as the shade at the bote devout; in vignette

on back line of 'hort

zon not distinct above head of Columbus. tom of the letter. On the right of the spur, at the bottom of the letter "U,

Nat'l of Pawling, N. Y., signatures of in the counterfeit, in the ruled shade president and cashier printed, not writwhere it touches the bottom of the letter

ten; Columbus's mustache straight in "n," four lines only touch the "n"; on

stead of curved; 1") in word "Five" the genuine seven lines touch the "n."

does not touch ornament in left upper On the counterfeit the shade on the right corner. Fort Stanwix Nat'l, Rome, N. Y.; spur at the bottom of the letter " in see Manufacturers' Nat'i, Amsterdam. "United." three lines touch the bottom Nat'l State, Troy, N. Y., signed "Jno. C. of the letter "e"; on the genuine the New, Treasurer of the United States," shade does not touch the "e." The shad and bears at same time old pointed ing in the top loop of the first "g" in Treasury seal. First Nat'l, Hanover, "States'' fills the loop on the counter- Penn., "Act approved June 30, 1864," in feit, while on the genuine there is a stead of "Act approved Feb. 25th, 1863." slight blank space in the lower right First Nat'l , Tamaqua, Penn., on back, hand part of the loop. There is a blank "owing'' spelled "ownig," and "thouspace in the shading of the bottom loop sand, "thousaud." First Nat'i, Milwauof the same letter on the counterfeit, in kee, Wis., poor counterfeit; color very the lower right-hand part; on the genuine bad. $10, NOTE. Most Indiana counterthe blank space is directly over the point feits are coarse, especially in vignette, in the bottom of the letter. On the lower

lower left corner; in border, upper left loop of the second “s," in the counterfeit, end, "Currency" lettered in reverse and the ruled shaded lines fill the whole loop,

spelled backward. In most Pennsylvania, while in the genuine there is blank space

post in vignette, lower left corner, has free from ruling.

no knothole or nick; no charter number. NATIONAL BANK NOTES.-$1. Nat'l Eagle Bank, Boston, red numbering in In most of New-York, lathework irreg, ferior. $2. Nat'l Union, Kinderhook, N. ular; in counters "10," right upper cor. Y., under check letter A at left are two ner, face, small heart-shaped centres var. flourishes instead of one; Linderpark, N. lable, work incomplete, title lines of banks Y., no such bank; Market Nat'l, N. Y., Irregular; in counters "TEN," left upper only one flourish over AR in Market in corner, heavy white line just above word


is continuous and touches top of E; no Nat'l B'k of Commerce, Nat'l Shoe and knothole quarter length of post from Leather, Tradesmen's Nat'l, N. Y., Oneida bottom. Lafayette Nat'l, of Ind., refuse Nat'l, Utica, N. Y., refuse all signed "L. any charter number except 2,213. Mun E. Chittenden, Register of the Treasury." cie Nat'l, of Ind., refuse any charter City Nat'l, Utica, N. Y., no such bank; number except 793. Richmond Nat'l, of should be "Utica City. Nat'l.". Fourth Ind., portion of eagle's wing covers bot Nat'l, Philadelphia, "a" in Philadelphia tom of "1873." First Nat'l, Atchison, not crossed, "w" in "twenty," lower Kan., refuse bank numbers 655 to 668 right end border face, shorter than other and Treasury numbers 679,929 to 679,942 letters. Nat'l B'k of Barre, Vt., refuse inclusive. Germania Nat'l, New Orleans, bank numbers 911 to 936, Treasury numno silk threads, vignettes coarse and bers 932,805 to 932,830 inclusive. $50. scratchy. Albany City Nat'l, City Nat'ı, NOTE.-In all these counterfeits, in Poughkeepsie, Highland Nat'i, New upper right corner face, Victory's upburg. Croton Nat'i,


lifted arm ends in stump without hand note. Auburn City Nat'l, in vignette,

at bottom of shading of 5 in 50. On the lower left corner; Franklin's kitestring

back of New-York counterfeits, bandage not wholly visible. Merchants' Nat'i, crosses forehead instead of eyes of JusAlbany, refuse bank numbers 759 to 766

tice in State coat-of-arms. Third Nat'l. and Treasury numbers 45,195 to 45,202

Buffalo, none genuine bearing other charinclusive. Farmers and Manuf'r's' Nat'l,

ter number than 850, or signed "L. E. Buffalo, no such bank. First Nat'l, Lock

Chittenden, Register of the Treasury." port, N. Y.; First Nat'l, Poughkeepsie,

Central Nat'l, N. Y., refuse al except refuse all signed by S. B. Colby, Reg

charter number of 376; none genuine ister of the Treasury. American Nat'i,

signed "L. E. Chittenden," etc., and havMarket Nat'l, Nat'l B'k of Commerce, N.

ing imprint of Bureau of Engraving and Y.; Nat'l B'k of the State of N. Y., Union

Printing in left upper corner. Mechanics' Nat'i, N. Y.; Flour City Nat'l, Rochester,

Nat'i, N. Y., refuse all except charter N. Y., refuse all dated July 1, 1865.

number 1,250. Metropolitan Nat'i, N. Y., Croton Nat'l, N. Y., refuse all. Marine

refuse_ali except charter number 1,121. Nat'i, Mechanics' Nat'l., N. Y., refuse all

Nat'l B'k of Commerce, refuse all except whose title omits words "the city of."

charter number 733, all signed "J. L. Mechanics' Nat'l, N. Y., signatures print

Everett, Cashier," and "F. L. Palmer, ed instead of written. Farmers and

President," all having other check letter Man'f'rs' Nat'l, Poughkeepsie, "P" in

than "a" and all dated January 10, 1865. title strikes "O" and extends below base

Nat'l, Broadway, N. Y., see note; the of other letters. First Nat'i, Red Hook,

genuine bill bears check lettera." N. Y., refuse all dated February 20, 1865.

Tradesmen's National, N. Y., see note. Central Nat'l, Rome, N. Y., refuse all

Union Nat'i, N. Y., refuse all bearing dated May 12, 1865.

other charter number Syracuse, N. Y.,

than 1,278, all Nat'l, very dangerous; see note and com

signed “L. E. Chittenden," etc., and all pare back of bill_with genuine. Mutual

dated April 15, 1864. $100. First Nat'l, Nat'l, Troy, N. Y., eagle's wing covers

Boston, "Maintain," under Liberty's hand bottom of *65." Saratoga County, N. B.,

in sunburst, spelled "mainain," sailor's Waterford, N. Y., refuse all bank num

mouth closed instead of partly opened, on ber 1,048, Treasury number 810,516. Wat

back comma omitted after it, line 2 kins Nat'i, Watkins, N. Y., refuse all

and printed," line 4; under "Boston," dated Aug. 1, 1865. Third Nat'i, Cin

large panel face, four flourishes omitted. cinnati, no parallel silk threads, paper

Nat'l Revere, Boston, "N" of "National greasy and stiff, vignettes coarse and

Currency" 1-16 of an inch from border scratchy. First Nat'i, Philadelphia, re

scroll ornament, sailor's mouth wide fuse all dated Feb. 20, 1864. Third Nat'l,

open, space between edge of Liberty's Philadelphia, see note; first "P" in "Phil

wing and shading of "C," right under coradelphia' extends below other letters.

ner, 1-32 inch instead of 1-16. Merchants' Nat'l B’k of Barre, Vt., refuse bank

Nat'l, New-Bedford, hair line under presinumbers 911 to 936, Treasury numbers

dent's name, if extended, would strike 932,805 to 932,830 inclusive. $20. NOTE.

middle of "r" in "Cashr."; see Nat'i In most New-York counterfeits word

Revere, Boston. Pittsfield Nat'ı, Mass., "Loyalty" in vignette hardly legible.

lower loop of "s" in Colby's signature Liberty's toes missing, faces wild. In

does not touch sail of frigate; see Nat'l Conn., Ind. and Penn., foliage to right of

Revere. Nat'l Exchange, Baltimore, small "20, upper left end, bunchy and heavy;

heart-shaped figure at left of panel "Balmusketon ground in vignette seems to

timore,” shows eight lines instead of pierce leg of fallen man; eyes of kneeling

seven; see Nat'l Revere, Central Nat'l, woman mere dots. First Nat'i, Portland,

N. Y., four flourishes under panel "City Conn., First Nat'l, Indianapolis, see note.

of New-York" omitted; see First Nat'i,

Boston. Atchison, Kan., refuse bank numbers 655

Ohio Nati, Cincinnati, white to 668, Treasury numbers 679,929 to 679,

line around panel inclosing Cincinnati 942. Merchants Nat'l. Albany, refuse

broader than those in body of panel; see bank numbers 759 to 766, Treasury num

First Nat'l, Boston. Nat'l B'k of Combers 45,195 to 45,202 inclusive. First

merce, Pittsburg, cashier's name printed; Nat'i, N. Y., refuse all dated July 19,

see Nat'l Revere, Boston. Second Nat'l, 1865. Market Nat'i, Merchants' Nat'l,

Wilkesbarre, Penn., names of officers of

bank printed; see Nat'l Revere, Boston.

Denomination. Location.

Bank. Series. Nos.Lower Cor. Upper Corner, ......111. Pontiac.... Nat'l of Pontiac (1875).. 741 to 765..252,111 to 252,135 $5.

...Iowa. Osage......Osage Nat'l....... ..1,751 to 2,200..560,959 to 561,408 $10 and $20, Kan., Atchison... First Nat'l... (1882).. 655 to 668..679,929 to 679,942 $10 and $20, N. Y. Albany..... Merchants' Nat'l.(1875).. 759 to 766.. 45,195 to 45,202 $10 ani $20, Vt. Barre...... Nat'l of Barre....

911 to 936..932,805 to 932,830

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