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Cons. Portland, Me..... J. A. Healy..

........1875 Providence, R. I...M. J. Harking......1887 Richmond........ A. Van de Vyver...1889 Rochester ........

B. J. McQuaid.....1868 Sacramento.. P. Manogue........1881 St. Augustine..... John Moore........1877 St. Cloud, Minn... Otto Zardetti.......1889 St. Joseph, Mo..., M. F. Burke.......1887 Salt Lake City.... Lawrence Scanlan..1887 San Antonio, Tex..J. C. Neraz........1881 Savannah.

Thos. A. Becker....1868 Scranton.

.Wm. O'Hara.......1868 Sioux Falls. M. Marty..........1880 Springfield, Mass..T. D. Beaven....... 1892 Syracuse.

.P. A. Ludden......1887 Trenton. ......M. J. O'Farrell....1881 Vancouver Isl'a...J. N. Lemmens....1888 Vincennes, Ind....F. S. Chatard......1878 Wheeling. W.Va... Vacant. Wichita, Kan..... J. J. Hennessy..... 1888 Wilmington, Del... Alfred A. Curtis... 1886 Wilmington, N.C.. Leo Haid.... .1888 Winona, Minn. ... Jos. B. Cotter......1889

Bishop of Curlum–J. J. Conroy, New. York. Bishop_of Ajasso-John J. Keane, Washington, DC. Bishop of AntoniaIgnatius Mrak, Sutton Bay, P. O., Mich.

Vicariate Apostolic-Ignatius Jean, Pottawotomie Nation, Ind. Ter.; Peter Verdaquer, Brownsville, Tex.; A. J. Glorieux, Idaho; P. Bourgade, Arizona.

Administrators-Bishop John T. Sullivan, Cathedral, Wheeling, W. Va.; Rev. James Hughes, LL. D., Hartford, Conn.; Rev. P. J. Gleasłon, Nashville, Tenn.

Arch Abbots-Bishop Leander Schnerr, St. Vincent's Abbey, Beatty, Pa.; Bishop Andrew Hintenach, St. Bede's College, Peru, Ill.

Mitred AbbotsFrowenus Conrad, Benedictine, Conception, Mo.; Alexis Edelbrock, N. Y. City; Maria Eduard, Gethsemane, Ky.; Bernard Locknikar, Collegeville, Minn.; Fintan Mundwiler, St. Meinrad, Ind.; Hilary Pfraengle, Newark, N. J.; Innocent Wolf, Atchison, Kan.; Leo Haid, Belmont, N. C.; B. Menges, Cullman, Ala.; Ignatius Conrad, Spiderville, Ark.

Canonical Prior.-Bishop John N. Jaeger, Chicago, Ill.

retaries, Rev. M. E. Strieby, D.D.,

Rev. A. F. Beard, D. D., Rev. F. P. Woodbury, D. D.; district secretaries, Rev. c. J. Ryder, Boston; Rev. J. E. Roy, D. D., Chicago; Rev. w. E, C, Wright, Cleveland,

CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH BUILDING SOCIETY.-59 Bible House, NewYork, President, Rev. Dr. W. M. Taylor; treasurer, H. o. Pinneo; secretary, L. H. Cobb, D. D.; field secretaries, Rev. George A. Hood, Congregational House, Boston; Rev. C. H. Taintor, 151 Washington-st., Chicago.

AMERICAN EDUCATION SOCIETY. -Congregational House, Boston. Vicepresident, Rev. J. Brand; treasurer, E. A. Studley; secretary. Rev. J. A. Hamilton, D.D.; Western secretary, Rev. T. Y. Gardner; college field secretary, Rev. J. L. Maile.

NEW WEST EDUCATION COMMISSION. - 151 Washington-st., Chicago. Treasurer, William H. Hubbard, The Rookery, Chicago; secretary, Rev. Charles R. Bliss; assistant secretary, George M. Herrick. Eastern office, Congregational House, Boston. Rev. S. S. Matthews, field secretary; Miss L. A. Manning, in charge of office.

CONGREGATIONAL S. S. AND PUBLISHING SOCIETY. Congregational House, Boston. President, Samuel B. Capen; secretary, Rev. George M. Boynton, D. D.; field secretary, William A. Duncan, Ph. D., Syracuse; editor, M. C. Hazard; treasurer, E. Lawrence Barnard; Committee for the Interior: Chicago-C. H. Case, I. N. Camp, O. B. Taft, E. W. Lyman and E. D. Redington.

SOCIETY FOR MINISTERIAL RELIEF.No. 135 Wall-st., New Haven, Conn. Committee Chairman, Rev. F. A. Noble, D.D., Chicago;_secretary, Rev. N. H. Whittlesey, D.D., New Haven; Franklin Fairbanks, Francis J. Lamb, W. A. Mahony, Rev. H. A. Stimson, D. D., Rev. W. M. Taylor, D.D., Rev. G. H. Wells, D. D., W. E. Hale, E. H. Baker, John D. Cutter; treasurer of National Council, Rev. S. B. Forbes, Hart. ford, Conn.



Next Triennial National Council of Congregational Churches, San Francisco, 1895.

AMERICAN BOARD.-Congregational House, Boston, President, Rev. R. S. Storrs, D. D.; treasurer, Langdon S. Ward; secretaries, Rev. N. G. Clark, D. D., Rev. C. H. Daniels, D.D., Rev. Judson Smith, D.D.; recording secretaries, Rev. H. A. Stimson, D. D., and Rev. E. N. Packard, D.D.; field secretary, Rev. C. C. Creegan, D.D.,; district secretary, Rev. A. N. Hitchcock, Ph. D., 151 Washington-st., Chicago.

AMERICAN HOME MISSIONARY SOCIETY. - Bible House, New-York. President, Major-General o. o. Howard; treasurer, Rev. William B. Howland; secretaries, Rev. Washington Choate, D. D., Rev. J. B. Clark, D.D., Rev. William Kincaid, I), D.

AMERICAN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION.-Bible House, New-York. Treasurer, H. W. Hubbard; corresponding sec


MISSIONS. The "American Board," the oldest foreign missionary society in the United States, organized June 29, 1810,"to propagate the Gospel among unevangelized nations and communities," is an incorporated body with

250 members, mostly representatives of Congregational churches. It supports 534 missionaries and assistant missionaries, and 2,600 native workers in 20 missions in the Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe and America. It has 534 churches, with 40,000 members, and 1,123 schools, with 47,000 pupils. There


also three woman's boards. Its income for the last fiscal year was $679,285; deficit, August 31, $88,318. Among the items of expenses were: Cost of various missions, $709,510; cost of administration, $28,204. This is the first time simce 1877 that & large debt has been reported at the end

of the year. Next annual meeting, Madison, Wis., second Wednesday in October, 1894.

President, Richard S. Storrs, D.D., LL. D.; vice-president, E. W. Blatchford; prudential committee-Augustus c. Thompson, D. D., Joseph S. Ropes, Edwin B. Webb, D. D., Charles C. Burr, Elbridge Torrey, Albert H. Plumb, D.D., William P. Ellison, G. Henry Whitcomb;

secretaries for correspondence, Nathaniel G. Clark, D. D., Edmund K. Alden, D. D., Judson Smith, D. D.; recording secretary, Henry A. Stimson, D. D.; treasurer, Langdon S. Ward; district secretaries, Charles H. Daniels, D. D., 121 Bible House, Astor Place, New-York; Rev. A. N. Hitchcock, Ph. D., 151 Washington-st., Chicago, Ill., auditors, E. H. Baker, R. H, Stearns, Samuel Johnson.


Organized Chickering Hall, New-York, December 17, 1887. Headquarters, 140 Dearborn-st., Chicago. President, William W. Tracy, Chicago; secretary, Andrew B. Humphrey, Chicago. Next National Convention, May 8, 1894, Denver, Col.


States. Committee. (a) State Leagues.

State Leagues.

E. M. Smith,... A. G. Negley... E. P. Jennings, Decatur. Arkansas H. M. Cooper... A. S. Fowler... W. S. Holt, Little Rock. California ...... Isaac Trumbo... G. P. Ayers..... R. H. Delafield, 202 Sansome-st.,

San Francisco. Colorado W. K, Burchinell C. H. Brierly... A. Skeels, Room 202, Cheesman

Block, Denver. Connecticut E. W. Lindsley. F. B. Farnsworth J. P. Glynn, Winsted. Delaware ...... G. W. Marshall. S. M. Knox..... Hugh C. Brown, Wilmington. Florida

J. C. Greeley.... H. S. Chubb.... Philip Walter, Jacksonville Georgia

A. E. Buck.. Idaho

M. B. Gwinn... E. L. Wilson... Charles A. Shafer, Boise City, Illinois

E. J. Judd... W. W. Tracy... A. J. Lester, Springfield. Indiana

W. L. Taylor... M. R. Selzer... J. W. Fessler, Indianapolis. Iowa

C. C. Dowell.... F. R. Conaway. T. J. Wilcox, Northwood. Kansas

J. M. Miller.... E. W. Hoch. C. M. Sheldon, Topeka. Kentucky Wm. E. Riley... L. J. Crawford. C. C. Wilson, 601 St. Denis-st.,

New-Orleans. Louisiana

D. M. Lines. H. H. Blunt.... Thomas J. McCann, Louisville. Maine

J. H. Manley... E. C. Reynolds. George E. McCam, Auburn. Maryland

S. R. Mason.... S. Whiteside, 1,102 Argyle-ave.,

Baltimore. Massachusetts J. H. Gould.... J. H. Gould..... C. F. Rice, 48 Congress-st., Boston. Michigan Henry A. Haigh. P. T. Colgrove.. Perry F. Powers, Cadillac. hennesota .....

T. E. Byrnes.... John Goodnow... F. C. Stevens, St. Paul. Missouri J. F. Flanagan.. J. H. Harklegs.. W. P. Cutler, 601 American Bank

Building, Kansas City. Montana

J. B. Collins.... J. B. Collins.... Nebraska

E. J. Hainer... I. W. Lansing.. Brad D. Slaughter, Omaha. Nevada

E. Williams.....
New Hampshire. S. J. Jewett.. H. W. Greene.. E. N. Pearson, Concord.
New Jersey F. P. Macgowan. J. H. Gaskill.... Joshua Matlack, Mt. Holly.
New-York J. A. Blanchard. G. E. Green..... J. B. Townsend, 1,122 Broadway,

New-York City.
North Carolina W. S. Ball......
North Dakota A. B. Guptill... R. E. Wallace... W. E. Patterson, Forman.

H. W. Gardner, J. L. Locke..... B. L. McElroy, Columbus.
T. H. Tongue... T. H. Tongue... M. F. Mulkey, Marquam Bldg.,

Pennsylvania ... L. G. McCauley. J. B. Robinson.. W. Linn, Cor. Sec.,1,024 Arch-st.,

E. N. Randolph, Rec. Sec., Pitts-

Rhode Island.... H. E. Tiepke.... H. E. Tiepke... R. W. Jennings, Providence.
South Carolina.. J. H. McLane... S. Corley....... V. P. Clayton, Columbia.
South Dakota ...

H. L. Green. J. Westdahl..... J. J. Allen, Parker. Tennessee ...

E. S. Ashcraft.. R. S. Sharp..... D. C. Hill, Dandridge. Texas

A. Springer..... D. A. Robinson. T. C. Cooper, 316 Main-st., Dallas. Vermont

H. S. Peck. G. T. Childs.. Walter B. Gates, Burlington. Virginia

H. de B. Clay... H. de B. Clay., P. C. Corrigan, Newport News. Washington J. L. Wilson.... C. A. Murray... A. R. Heilig, Tacoma. West Virginia. S. B. Elking.... J. K. Thompson. John C. Neale, Charleston. Wisconsin ......0. L. Rosenkrans J. T. Kelly...,. A. C. Umbrelt, Milwaukee. Wyoming ....... J. M. Carey..... Arizona

George Christ... B. Heney.. .... J. B. Woodward, Phoenix. New Mexico A. L. Morrison.. A. L. Morrison.. R. E. Twitchell, Santa Fe. Oklahoma

T. G. Risley... J. L. Admire.... A. C. Scott, Oklahoma City. Utah

..., H. Sherman, jr.. S. J. Kenyon.... Harmel Pratt, Salt Lake City. Dist.of Columbia. D. A. Ray...... D. A. Ray...... J. C. Chaney, 1,411 Pennsylvania

ave., Washington, College League.. H, B. Brown....

(a) Associate members of the committee are ex-Presidents John M. Thurston and James S. Clarkson.

Chairman-T. H. Carter, Helena, Mont. Missouri-R. C. Kerens, St. Louis.
Secretary-J. H. Manley, Augusta, Me. Montana-A. C. Botkin, Butte City.
Treasurer-C. N. Bliss, New-York.

Nebraska-E. Rosewater, Omaha. Alabama-w. W. Youngblood, Birming Nevada-W. E. Sharon, Virginia City. ham.

New Hampshire-P. C. Cheney, Concord. Alaska--E. T. Hatch, Sitka.

New Jersey-G. A. Hobart Paterson. Arizona-William Griffith, Florence.

New Mexico-T. B. Catron, Santa Fe. Arkansas, P. Clayton, Eureka Springs. New-York-W. L. Sutherland, Rochester. California-M. H. De Young, San Fran North Carolina-H. C. Cowles, Statesville. cisco.

North Dakota-H. C. Hansbrough, Devil's Colorado-J. F. Saunders, Denver.

Lake. Connecticut-S. Fessenden, Stamford. Ohio-W. M. Hahn, Mansfield. Delaware-D. J. Layton, Georgetown. Oregon-J. C. Simon, Portland. District of Columbia-P. H. Carson, Pennsylvania-D. Martin, Philadelphia, Washington,

Rhode Island-I. M. Potter, Providence. Florida-J. G. Long. St. Augustine,

South Carolina-E. M. Brayton, Columbia. Georgia-W. W. Brown, Macon.

South Dakota-A. B. Kittredge, Sioux Idaho--G. L. Shoup, Challis.

Falls. Illinois-W. J. Campbell, Chicago.

Tennessee-G. W. Hill, Dandridge. Indiana-J. N. Huston, Connersville. Texas-N. W. Cuney, Galveston. Iowa-J. S. Clarkson, Des Moines.

Utah-O. J. Salisbury, Salt Lake City. Kansas-c. Leland, jr., Troy.

Vermont-M. S. Colburn, Manchester. Kentucky-W. 0. Bradley, Lancaster. Virginia-w. Mahone, Petersburg. Louisiana-A. H. Leonard, Shreveport.

Washington-N. Burnett, Tacoma. Maine-J. H. Manley, Augusta.

West Virginia-N. B. Scott, Wheeling. Maryland-J. A. Gary, Baltimore.

Wisconsin-H. C. Payne, Milwaukee. Massachusetts-W. N. Crane, Dalton. Wyoming-J. M. Carey, Cheyenne. Michigan-G. L. Maltz, Detroit.

Assistant Secretaries-John E. Milholland, Minnesota-R. G. Evans, Minneapolis.

New-York; H. E. Rand, Milwaukee. Mississippi-James Hill, Vicksburg.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Chalrman, T. H. Carter, Helena, Mont.; vice-chairman, M. H. De Young, San Francisco; secretary, L. E. McComas, Hagerstown, Md.; treasurer, C. N. Bliss, NewYork; J. S. Clarkson, Des Moines, Iowa; J. H. Manley, Augusta, Me.; W. J. Campbell, Chicago: W. 0. Bradley, Lancaster, Ky.; R. C. Kerens, St. Louis; Samuel Fessenden, Stamford, Conn.; G. A. Hobart, Paterson, N. J.; W. L. Sutherland, Rochester, N. Y.; W. M. Hahn, Mansfield, Ohio; David Martin, Philadelphia, and H. C. Payne, Milwaukee.

REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE. John A. Caldwell, of Cincinnati, chairman; J. W. Babcock, of Wisconsin, vicechairman: s. s. Olda, of Michigan, secretary, and T. H. McKee, of Indiana, assistant secretary. Executive Committee-William F. Draper, Massachusetts; W. B. Hooper, New-York; Robert R. Hitt, Illinois; Charles F. Manderson, Nebraska; Willis Sweet, Idaho; George C. Perkins, California; Thomas Settle, North Carolina, and the chairman and secretary ex-offcio.

REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEES. Chairman and Secretaries of the Committees appointed by the last Republican

State (and Territorial) Conventions. ALABAMA.-Rep. State Com.,

IDAHO.-Rep. State Central Com., EdChairman; Secretary.

gar Wilson, Boise City, Chairman; J. A. ARKANSAS.-Rep. State Com., Henry

Beal, Boise City, Secretary. M. Cooper, Little Rock, Chairman; M. W. ILLINOIS.-Rep. State Central Com., Gibbs, Little Rock, Secretary.

James H. Clark, Chicago, Chairman; T.

N. Jamieson, Chicago, Secretary. CALIFORNIA. Rep. State Central

INDIANA.-Rep. State Central Com., Com., F. H. Meyers, San Francisco,

John K. Gowdy, Rushville, Chairman; Chairman; Chas. F. Bassett, San Fran

Frank M. Milliken, Indianapolis, Secrecisco, Secretary.

tary. COLORADO.-Rep. State Com., W. H. IOWA.-Rep. State Central Com., James Griffith, Denver, Chairman; H. A. Lee, E. Blythe, Des Moines, Chairman; N. E. Denver, Secretary.

Kendall, Des Moines, Secretary. CONNECTICUT. - Rep. State Central KANSAS.-Rep. State Central Com., J. Com., H. E. Benton, New-Haven, Chair M. Simpson, McPherson, Chairman; man; Austin Brainard, Hartford, Secre Frank L. Brown, Garnet, Secretary. tary.

KENTUCKY.-Rep. State Central Com.. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.-Rep. Cen John W. Yerkes, Danville, Chairman; tral Com., Aaron Bradshaw, Chairman; W. E. Riley, Louisville, Secretary. John E. Bruce, Secretary.

LOUISIANA.Rep. State Central Com.. DELAWARE.--Rep. State Central Com., Gen. A. S. Badger, New-Orleans, ChairJames H. Wilson, Wilmington, Chairman; man; William Vigers, New Orleans, SecHugh C. Browne, Wilmington, Secretary. retary.

FLORIDA.-Rep. State Com., Dennis MAINE.-Rep. State Com., Joseph H. Eagan, Jacksonville, Chairman; Joseph Manley, Augusta, Chalrman; Frank E. E. Lee, Jacksonville, Secretary.

Southard, Augusta, Secretary. GEORGIA.-State Central Com., Alfred MARYLAND.-Rep. State Central Com., E. Buck, Atlanta, Chairman; J. H. De H. M. Clabaugh, Westminster, Chaitveaux, Savannah, Secretary.

man; H. Clay Naill, Baltimore, Secretary.


REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEES.-Continued. MASSACHUSETTS.-Rep. State Com. OKLAHOMA. Territorial Rep. Com., E. S. Draper, Boston, Chairman; A. c. J. P. Jones, Hennessy, Chairman; T. G. Ratschesky, Boston, Secretary.

Risley, Guthrie, Secretary. MICHIGAN.-Rep. State Central Com., OREGON.-Rep. State Central Com., James McMillan, Detroit, Chairman; W. L. Boise, Portland, Chairman; E. P. William R. Bates, Detroit, Secretary. McCormack, Portland, Secretary.

MINNESOTA.-Rep. State Central Com., PENNSYLVANIA. - Rep. State Com., James Bixby, St. Paul, Chairman; Harris B. F. Gilkeson, Bristol, Chairman; Jere Richardson, St. Paul, Secretary.

B. Rex., Huntingdon, and A. D. FetMISSISSIPPI. - Rep. State Executive terolf, Collegeville, Secretaries. Com., John McGill, Jackson, Vice-Chair RHODE ISLAND.-Rep. State Central man; T. V. McAllister, Vicksburg, Secre Com., Hunter C. White, Providence, tary.


Rep. State ExBothwell, Sedalia, Chairman; L. M. Hall, ecutive Com., E. A. Webster, Orangeburg, St. Louis, Secretary.

Chairman; F. M. Miller, Grahamville, MONTANA.--Rep. State Com., Lee Secretary. Mantle, Butte, Chairman; Thomas B. SOUTH DAKOTA.-Rep. State Central Cummings, Fort Benton, Secretary.

Com., J. M. Green, Chamberlain, ChairNEBRASKA.-Rep. State Central Com., man; J. H. Scriven, Chamberlain, SecreA. E. Cady, St. Paul, Chairman; Thomas tary. Cook, Lincoln, Secretary,

TENNESSEE.-Rep. State Com., J. W. NEVADA.-Rep. State Central Com., Baker, Nashville, Chairman; James Jet

Strother, Virginia, Chairman; F. C. freys, Camden, Secretary. Lord, Virginia, Secretary.

TEXAS.-Rep. State Executive Com., NEW-HAMPSHIRE.- Řep. State Com., Lock McDaniel, Anderson, Chairman; S. S. Jewett, Laconia, Chairman; Will W. E. Easton, Galveston, Secretary. iam Tutherly, Concord, Secretary.

UTAH.-Territorial Rep. Com., C. W. NEW-JERSEY. - Rep. State Com.,

Bennett, Salt Lake City, Chairman; HarFranklin Murphy, Newark, Chairman;

mal Pratt, Salt Lake City, Secretary, John Y. Foster, Jersey City, Secretary. VERMONT.-Rep. State Com., FredNEW-MEXICO.-Territorial Rep. Com.,

erick W. Baldwin, Barton, Chairman; William W. Griffin, Santa Fe, Chairman; Hamilton S. Peck, Burlington, Secretary. J. D. Woodyard, Socorro, Secretary. VIRGINIA.-Rep. State Com., William

NEW-YORK.-Rep. State Com., WIII Mahone, Petersburg, Chairman; Asa Rog-
iam Brookfield, New-York, Chairman; ers, Roanoke, Secretary.
John S. Kenyon, Syracuse, Secretary; WASHINGTON.-Rep. State Central
Charles W. Hackett, Chairman Executive Com., P. C. Sullivan, Tacoma, Chairman;
Com., Utica.

R. K. Nichols, North Yakima, Secretary. NORTH CAROLINA.-RepState Ex WEST VIRGINIA.-Rep. State Execuecutive Com., John Baxter Eaves, Forest tive Com., W. M. 0. Dawson, Kingwood, City, Chairman; F. T. Walser, Ashville, Chairman; G. W. Atkinson, Wheeling, Secretary

Secretary. NORTH DAKOTA.-Rep. State Com., WISCONSIN.-Rep. State Central B. F. Spalding, Fargo, Chairman; M. H. Com., H.C. Thom, Milwaukee, ChairJewell, Bismarck, Secretary.

man; H. H. Rand, Milwaukee, Secretary. OHIO. Rep. State Executive Com., WYOMING.-Rep. Central Com., Willis Charles Dick, Akron, Chairman; John R. Van Devanter, Cheyenne, Chairman; Malloy, Columbus, Secretary.

Frank Bond, Cheyenne, Secretary.


Chairman-W. F. Harrity, Philadelphia. Missouri-J. G. Prather, St. Louis,
Secretary--S. P. Sheerin, Logansport. Montana-A. J. Davidson, Helena.
Alabama-H. D. Clayton, Eufaula.

Nebraska-Tobias Castor, Lincoln. Arkansas-U. M. Rose, Little Rock. Nevada-R. P. Keating, Virginia City. California-M. F. Tarpey, Alameda. New-Hampshire-A. W. Sulloway, FrankColorado-C. S. Thomas, Denver.

lin. Connecticut-Carlos French, Seymour. New Jersey-Miles Ross, New-Brunswick. Delaware-L. C. Vandergrift, Wilmington, New-York-W. F Sheehan, Buffalo. Florida- S. Pasco, Monticello.

North Carolina-M. W. Ransom, Weldon. Georgia-C. Howell, jr., Atlanta.

North Dakota-W. C. Leistikow, Grafton. Idaho-F, W. Beane, Blackfoot.

Ohio-C. S. Brice, Lima. Illinois-Benjamin T. Cable, Rock Island. Oregon-E. D. McKee, Portland. Indiana-S. P. Sheerin, Logansport. Pennsylvania-W. F. Harrity, PhiladelIowa-J. J. Richardson, Davenport.

phla. Kangas-C. W. Blair, Leavenworth. Rhode Island S. R. Honey, Newport. Kentucky-T. H. Sherley, Louisville. South Carolina-M. L. Donaldson, GreenLouisiana-James Jeffries, Rapides.

ville. Maine-Arthur Sewall, Bath,

South Dakota J. M. Woods, Rapid City. Maryland-A, P. Gorman, Laurel.

Tennessee-H. Cumming8, Memphis. Massachusetts Josiah Quincy, Boston. Texas-0. T. Halt, Houston. Michigan-D. J. Campau, Detroit.

Vermont-B. B. Smalley, Burlington. Minnesota-Michael Doran, St. Paul. Virginia-B. B. Gordon, Sandy. Mississippi-C. B. Howry, Oxford.

Washington-H. C. Wallace, Tacoma.

DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE.-Continued. West Virginia-John Sheridan, Piedmont, New Mexico - H. B. Ferguson, AlbuWisconsin-E. C. Wall, Milwaukee.

querque. Wyoming-W. L. Kuykendall, Saratoga, Oklahoma-T. M. Richardson, Oklahoma Alaska-A. L. Delaney, Juneau.

City, Arizona-C. M, Shannon, Clifton.

Utah-S. A. Merritt, Salt Lake City. District of Columbia–J. L. Norris, Wash Indian Territory-R. L. Owen, Muscogee? ington.

DEMOCRATIC STATE COMMITTEES. Chairmen and Secretaries of the Committees appointed by the last Democratic State

(and Territorial) Conventions. ALABAMA.-State Executive Com. of MASSACHUSETTS.-Dem. State Com., the Dem. and Conservative party, A, G. Josiah Quincy, Boston, Chairman; NaSmith, Montgomery, Chairman; Thomas thaniel G. Robinson, Boston, Secretary. H. Clark, Montgomery, Secretary,

MICHIGAN.-Dem. State Central Com., ARIZONA. – Dem. Territorial Central Daniel J. Campau, Detroit, Chairman; Com., L. M. Jacobs, Tucson, Chairman; F. H. Hosford, Detroit, Secretary. J. E. Walker, Phoenix, Secretary.

MINNESOTA. - Dem. State Central ARKANSAS.-Dem. State Cen. Com., Com., Lewis Baker, St. Paul, Chairman; J. W. House, Little Rock, Chairman; P. J. Smalley, St. Paul, Secretary. W. J. Terry, Little Rock, Secretary.

MISSISSIPPI.-Dem. State Executive CALIFORNIA. – Dem. State Central Com., Q. 0. Eckford, Aberdeen, ChairCom., Max Popper, San Francisco, Chair man; Robert E. Wilson, Jackson, Secman; A. T. Spotts, San Francisco, Sec retary. retary.

MISSOURI.-State Dem. Com., C. C, COLORADO.-Dem. State Central Com., Maffitt, St. Louis, Chairman; Samuel B. Frank P. Arbuckle, Denver, Chairman; Cook, Mexico, Secretary. Rod S. King, Leadville, Secretary.

MONTANA.-Dem. Central Com., W. CONNECTICUT. – Dem. State Com.. R. Kenyon, Butte, Chairman; Leon A. Clinton B. Davis, Higganum, Chairman; La Croix, Helena, Secretary. Frederick J. Brown, New Haven, Secre NEBRASKA.-Dem. State Central Com., tary.

Euclid Martin, Omaha, Chairman; James DELAWARE.Dem. State Com., L. Iry B. Sheean, Omaha, Secretary. ing Handy, Newark, Chairman; J. H. NEVADA.-Dem. State Central Com., Layton, Frankford, Secretary.


Harris, Genoa, Chairman; John DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.-Dem. Cen O'Toole, Virginia City, Secretary. tral Com., John Boyle, Washington, Chair NEW HAMPSHIRE.-Dem. State Com., man; James F. Brown, Washington, Sec John P. Bartlett, Manchester, Chairman; retary.

James R. Jackson, Littleton, Secretary. FLORIDA.-Dem. State Executive Com., NEW-JERSEY. - Dem. State Com., S. M. Sparkman Tampa, Chairman; T. A. Allan L. McDermott, Trenton, Chairman; Jennings, Jennings, Secretary.

Willard C. Fisk, Jersey City, Secretary. GEORGIA.-Dem. State Com., W. Y. NEW-MEXICO.-Dem. Territorial CenAtkinson, Atlanta, Chairman; C. B. Con tral Com., W. B. Childers, Albuquerque, yers, Atlanta, Secretary.

Chairman; Felix Martinez, Las Vegas, IDAHO.-Dem. State Central Com., Secretary. Philip Tillinghast, Boise City, Chair NEW-YORK.-Dem. State Com.,

Edman; John R. Sterns, Nampa, Secretary. ward Murphy, jr., Troy, Chairman; Sam

ILLINOIS.-Dem. State Central Com., uel A. Beardsley, Utica, Secretary: WillDelos P. Phelps, Monmouth, Chairman; iam B. Kirk, Treasurer. Executive Theodore Nelson, Sherman House, Chi Com., Daniel G. Griffin, Watertown, cago, Secretary.

Chairman; Charles R. De Freest, Troy, INDIANA.-Dem, State Central Com., Clerk. Thomas Taggart, Indianapolis, Chairman; NORTH CAROLINA.-Dem. State ExToseph R. Reiley, Indianapolis, Secre ecutive Com., F. M. Simmons, Raleigh, tary.

Chairman; R. C. Beckwith, Raleigh, SecIOWA. - Dem. State Central

Com., retary Charles D. Fullen, Fairfield, Chairman; NORTH DAKOTA.-Dem. State Com., 1. E. Seevers, Oskaloosa, Secretary.

Daniel W. Marratta, Fargo, Chairman; KANSAS.-Dem. State Central Com., R. W. Cutts, Grand Forks, Secretary. W. C. Jones, Iola, Chairman; W. H. L. OHIO.-Dem. State Central Com., C. Pepperell, Concordia, Secretary.

D. Crites, Lima, Chairman; William T. KENTUCKY. - Dem. State Central Wear, Urbana, Secretary. Pom. John D. Carroll, New-Castle, OKLAHOMA.-Dem. Central Com., E. Chairman; G. R. Keller, Carlisle, Secre J. Simpson, Guthrie, Chairman; J. L. ary.

Vanderwerter, Oklahoma City. Secretary. LOUISIANA. - Dem. State Central OREGON.-Dem. State Central Com., D. Com., Theodore S. Wilkinson, New R. Murphy, Portland, Chairman; Charles Orleans, Chairman; H. B. McMurray, N. Wait, Portland, Secretary. Tew-Orleans, Secretary.

PENNSYLVANIA.-Dem. State Central MAINE.-Dem. State Com., John B. Com., J. Marshall Wright, Allentown, Donovan, Alfred, Chairman;

F. E. Chairman; Benjamin M. Nead, HarrisJeane, Hallowell, Secretary.

burg. Secretary. MARYLAND. Dem. State Central RHODE ISLAND.-Dem. State Central om., Barnes Compton, Laurel, Chair Com., Franklin P. Owen, Providence, ian; Murray Vandiver, Havre de Grace, Chairman; W. B. Colwell. Olneyville Baratory

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