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such rules and upon such conditions as he INCREASE OF THE NAVY. may prescribe, permit any enlisted man

The Naval Appropriation act of Marc to purchase his discharge from the Navy

3, 1893, provides that, for the purpose o or the Marine Corps, the amounts received

further increasing the Naval Establish therefrom to be turned into the Treasury.

ment of the United States, the Presiden MILITARY POST TRADERSHIPS. is hereby authorized to have constructed The act of January 28, 1893, provides

by contract, three light-draught protecte

gunboats of about 1,200 tons displacemen that where a vacancy now exists or here

each, to cost, exclusive of armament, no after occurs in the position of post trader

more than $400,000 each, excluding an at any military post it shall not be filled,

premium that may be paid for increased and the authority to make such appoint speed and the cost of armament, Th ment is hereby determined: Provided, contract for the construction of either of That in the event of the death of a post said gunboats shall contain such pro trader his personal representative shall visions as to speed and premiums and be allowed by the Secretary of War a penalties affected by speed as may in the reasonable time in which to close the judgment of the Secretary of the Navy business.

be deemed proper and fitting. In the con THE ENGINEER CORPS OF THE struction of said vessels all the provisions NAVY.

of the act of August 3, 1886, entitled The act of December 16, 1802, provides

"An act to increase the Naval Estab

lishment,' as to material that the reduction in the numbers of the

for said Engineer Corps of the Navy provided for

vessels, their engines, boilers and malchinery,


contract in the act approved August 5, 1882, shall

under which

they are built, the notice of and probe considered as having ceased on the 30th day of June, 1891.

posals for the same, the plans, drawings, (This bill passed the House, December

specifications therefor, and the method 8, 1892; yeas, 128; nays, 92.)

of executing said contracts, shall be ob

served and followed, and said vessels shall PAY OF ENLISTED MEN OF THE be built in compliance with the terms of ARMY.

said act, save that in all their parts said The Army Appropriation act of Febru

vessels shall be of domestic manufacture: ary 27, 1803, fixed the pay per month,

Provided, however, That the Secretary of after July 1, 1893, of first sergeants at

the Navy shall not receive or consider $25, sergeants at $is, and in both classes

bids from any party or parties not prothe increase of pay for length of service

vided with a plant suitable to do the was provided by law. The same act au

work: And, provided further, That in thorizes the Secretary of War to arrange

awarding the contract for any one

of for the payment of the enlisted men serv

these ships, the Secretary of the Navy ing at posts or places where no paymas

shall award the contract at the price of ter is on duty, by check or by currency.

the lowest bid to that one of the parties to be sent to them by mail or express,

bidding on any such ship which in his at the expense and risk of the United

judgment it is in the interest of the Gov. States.

ernment to have to do the work. If the PAY DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY.

Secretary of the Navy shall be unable to

contract at reasonable prices for the buildThe same act requires that hereafter ing of said vessels, then he may build no appointments shall be made to the such vessels in such Navy Yard as he grade of major in the Pay Department of may designate. the Army until the number of majors in The same act provides that no contract that department is reduced below twenty for the purchase of gun steel or armor five, and thereafter the number of officers

for the Navy shall hereafter be made unof that grade in the Pay Department shall til the subject matter of the same shall be fixed at twenty-five.

have been submitted to public competitio: WEST POINT CADETS.

by the Department by advertisement. The Military Academy Appropriation act

CENSUS. of March 1, 1893, enacts that hereafter no cadet shall receive more than at the rate

CENSUS VOLUMES TO BE PRINTED. of $540 a year. It also provides for the The act of February 23, 1893, provides appointment at the Military Academy, in that the reports of the Eleventh Census addition to the professors authorized by of the United States be printed and bound the existing laws, an associate professor at the Government Printing Office, to of mathematics, who shall receive the pay consist of the following: A digest of the and allowances of a captain mounted, and leading statistics, not to exceed 200 octavo when his service as associate professor of pages; a compendium; a report on populamathematics at the Academy exceeds ten tion; a report on manufactures; a report years, he shall receive the pay and allow on agriculture; a report on wealth, debt ances of major; and hereafter there shall and taxation; a report on farms, homes be allowed and paid to the said associate and mortgages; a report on mineral reprofessor of mathematics 10 per centum sources; a report on transportation; a reof his current yearly pay for each and port on insurance; a report on vital staevery term of five years' service in the tistics; a report on statistics of special Army and at the Academy: Provided, classes; a report on fish and fisheries; a That such addition shall in no case ex report on educational and church staceed 40 per centum of said yearly pay: tistics; a report on pauperism and crime; and said associate professor of mathe a report on social statistics; a report on matics is hereby placed upon the same Alaska, a report on Indians, and a stafooting as regards restrictions upon pay tistical atlas, together with such special and retirement from active service as reports and monographs as may be found officers of the Army.

necessary. That any or all of the above

named reports may, for convenience of whole. The additional copies herein aupublication, be divided into parts and each thorized to be printed shall be distributed part published separately, in the discre by the Secretary of the Interior in the tion of the Superintendent of Census, with same manner and under the same regulathe approval of the Secretary of the In tions and restrictions as provided in the terior: Provided. That the edition of such act entitled "An act to provide for the separate parts shall not exceed in number publication of the Tenth Census, apthe whole number hereby authorized for proved August 7, 1882. the publication of each thereof as a


SHEET AND PLATE IRON AND STEEL. The act of March 3, 1893, enacts that for the purpose of securing uniformity, the following is established as the only standard gauge for sheet and plate iron and steel in the United States of America, namely:


mato Approxi. Num. thick. mate ber of ness in

thickness gauge. fractions in decimal

of an parts of an

inch. inch. 0000000 1-2 .5 000000 15-32 .46875 00000 7-16 .4375 0000 13-32 .40625 000 3-8 .375 00 11-32 .34375 0 5-16 .3125 1 9-32 .28125 2 17-64 .265625 3 1-4 .25

15-64 .234375 5 7-32 .21875

13-64 .203125 7 3-16 .1875

11-64 .171875 9 5-32 .15625 10 9-64 .140625 11 1-8


13 3-32 .09375
14 5-64 .078125
15 9-128 .0703125
16 1-16 .0625
17 9-160 .05625
18 1-20

19 7-160 .04376

3-80 .0375
21 11-320 .034375

23 9-320 .028125
24 1-40 .025
25 7-320 .021875

3-160 .01875
11-640 .0171875
1-64 .015625

9-640 .0140625 30

1-80 .0125 31 7-640 .0109375 32 13-1280 .01015625 33 3-320 .009375 34 11-12801 .00859375 35 5-640 .00781255 36 9-1280 .00703125 37 17-25601 .0066406251 38

1-160 .00625

Weight Weight Approximate


per thickness

square square

foot in foot in in millimeters.

ounces pounds avoirdu- avoirdu.

pois. pois. 12.7

320 20.00 11.90625

300 18.75 11.1125


17.50 10.31875

260 16.25 9.525

240 15. 8.73125

220 13.75 7.9375

200 12.50 7.14375

180 11.25 6.746875

170 10.625 6.35

160 10. 5.953125

150 9.375 5.55625

140 8.75 5.159375

130 8.125 4.7625

120 7.5 4.365625

110 6.875 3.96875

100 6.25 3.571875

90 5.625 3.175

SO 5. 2.778125

70 4.375 2.38125

60 3.75 1.984375


3.125 1.7859375

45 2.8125 1.5875

40 1.42875

36 2.25 1.27

32 2. 1.11125

28 1.75 .9525

24 1.50 .873125

22 1.375 .793750

20 1.25 .714375

18 1.125 .635

16 1. .555625


.875 .47625

12 .4365625


.6875 .396875


.625 .3571875


.5625 .3175


.5 .2778125


.4375 .25796875 64 .40625 238125

6 .375 .21828125

.34375 1984375


.3125 .17859375

.28125 .168671875

.265625 .15875


Weight Weight Weight per per

per square square square meterin

foot meter pounds in kilo. in kilo. avoirgrams. grams. J dupois. 9.072 97.65 215.28 8.505 91.55 201.82 7.983 85.44 188.37 7.371 79.33 174.91 6.804 73.24 161.46 6.237 67.13 148.00 5.67 61.03 134.55 5.103 54.93 121.09 4.819 51.88 114.37 4.536 48.82 107.64 4.252 45.77 100.91 3.969 42.72 94.18 3.685 39.67 87.45 3.402 36.62 80.72 3.118 33.57 74.00 2.835 30.52 67.27 2,552 27.46 60.55 2.268 24.41 53.82 1.984 21.36 47.09 1.701 18.31 40.36 1.417 15.26 33.64 1.276 13.73 30.27 1.134 12.21 26.91 1.021 10.99 24.22 .90721 9.765 21.53 .7938 8.544 18.84 .6804 7.324 16.15 .6237 6.713 14.80 .567 6.103 13.46 .5103 5.493 12.11 .4536 4.882 10.76 .3969

4.272 9.42 .3402 3.662 8.07 .3119 3.357 7.40 .2835 3.052 6.73 .2551 2.746 6.05 .2268 2.441 5.38 .1984 2. 1361 4.71 .1843 1.983 4.37 .1701 1.831 4.04 . 1559 1.678 3.70 .1417 1.526 3.36 .1276 1.373 3.03 .1205 1.297

2.87 .1134] 1.221 2.69





And on and after July 1, 1893, the same and no other shall be used in determining duties and taxes levied by the United States of America..on sheet and plate iron and steel. But this act shall not be construed to increase duties upon any articles which may be imported.

That in the practical use and anplication of the standard gauge hereby established a variation of two and one-half per cent either way may be allowed.



visions of the statutes of the United

States, so The act of March 3, 1893, provides that applicable, relative to the protection of

as the same

may be paragraph numbered 371 of an act entitled "An act to reduce the revenue and

fur seals and other fur-bearing animals

within the limits of Alaska or in the equalize duties on imports, and for other

waters thereof, shall be extended to and purposes," approved October 1, 1890, be, and the same is hereby, amended by strik over all that portion of the Pacific Ocean

included in such international arrangeing out the words "ninety-four** and in

ment. Whenever an effective internaserting "ninety-five," so that the proviso embraced in said paragraph shall read as

tional arrangement is concluded as aforefollows: Provided, That until January 1,

said, it shall be the duty of the President 1895, such manufactures of flax contain

to declare that fact by proclamation, and ing more than 100 threads to the square

to designate the portion of the Pacific inch, counting both warp and filling,

Ocean to which it is applicable, and that shall be subject to a duty of 35 per cent this act has become operative;' and like

wise, when um ad valorem in lieu of the duty herein

such arrangement ceases, to

declare that fact, and that this provided."


has become inoperative, and his COMMERCE.

proclamation with respect thereto shall TESTIMONY BEFORE THE INTER be conclusive. During the extension as STATE COMMERCE COMMISSION.

aforesaid of said laws for the protection

of fur seals and other fur-bearing aniThe act of February 11, 1893, provides mals all violations thereof in said desigthat no person shall be excu ed from attending and testifying or from producing

nated portion of the Pacific Ocean shall

be held to be the same as if committed books, papers, tariffs, contracts, agree within the limits of Alaska or in the ments and documents before the Inter waters thereof, but they may be prosestate Commerce Commission, or in obedi- cuted either in the district court of Alaska ence to the subpoena of the Commission, or in any district court of the United whether such subpoena be signed or is States in California, Oregon or Washingsued by one or more Commissioners,


ton. in any cause or proceeding, criminal or otherwise, based upon or growing out of IMMIGRATION AND CONTRACT any alleged violation of the act of Con

LABOR. Kress, entitled "An act to regulate commerce," approved February 4, 1887, or of

Complete as follows: any amendment thereof on the ground

The act of March 3, 1893. Sec. 1. That or for the reason that the testimony or

in addition to conforming to all present *** idence, documentary or otherwise, re

requirements of law upon the arrival of quired of him, may tend to criminate him port within the United States, it shall

any alien immigrants by water at any ir subject him to a penalty or forfeiture. But no person shall be prosecuted or

be the duty of the master or commanding subjected to any penalty or forfeiture having said immigrants on board to de

officer of the steamer or sailing vessel for or on account of any transaction, matter or thing, concerning which he may

liver to the proper inspector of immigratestify, or produce evidence, documentary

tion at the port lists or manifests made at or otherwise, before said Commission, or

the time and place of embarkation of

such alien immigrants on in obedience to its subpoena, or the sub

board such

steamer or vessel, which shall, in answer poena of either of them, or in any such case or proceeding: Provided, That no

to questions at the top of said lists, state

as to each immigrant the full name, age person so testifying shall be exempt from prosecution and punishment for perjury calling or occupation; whether able to

and sex, whether inarried or single; the committed in so testifying. Any person who shall neglect or refuse to attend and

read or write; The nationality; the last testify, or to answer any lawful inquiry, United States; the final destination, it

residence; the seaport for landing in the or to produce books, papers, tariffs, contracts, agreements and documents, if in

any, beyond the seaport of landing; his power to do so, in obedience to the

whether having a ticket through to such subpoena or lawful requirement of the

final destination; whether the immigrant Commission, shall he guilty of an offence

has paid his own passage or whether it and upon conviction thereof by a court

has been paid by other persons or by any of competent jurisdiction shall be punished corporation, society, municipality or govbv fine not less than $100, nor more than

ernment; whether in possessicn of money, $5,000, or by imprisonment for not more

and if so, whether upward of $30 and than one year or by both such fine and how much if $30 or less; whether going imprisonment.

to join a relative, and if so, what rela

tive and his naine and address, whether FUR SEALS, PROTECTION OF.

ever before in the United States, and if The act of February 21, 1893. provides so, when and where; whether ever in that whenever the Government of the prison or almshouse or supported by charUnited States shall conclude an effective ity; whether a polygamist; whether under international arrargement for the pro contract, express or implied, to perform tection of fur seals in the North Pacific labor in the United States, and what is Ocean, by agreement with any power, or the immigrant's condition of health menas a result of the decision of the tribunal tally and physically, and whether deof arbitration under the convention con formed or crippled, and if so, from what cluded between the United States and cause. Great Britain February 29, 1892, and so Sec. 2. That the immigrants shall be Iong as such arrangement shall continue, listed in convenient groups and no one the provisions of section 1,956 of the Re list or minifest shall contain more vised Statutes, and

ani other pro than thirty names. Το each imini

grant or head of a family shall ( perintendent of immigration, for conductbe given a ticket on which shall be ing special inquiries; and no immigrant written his name, a number or letter shall be admitted upon special inquiry designating the list, and his number on except after a favorable decision made the list, for convenience of identification by at least three of said inspectors; and on arrival. Each list or manifest shall any decision to admit shall be subject to be verified by the signature and the oath appeal by any dissenting Inspector to the or affirmation of the master or command superintendent of immigration, whose acing officer or of the officer first or second tion shall be subject to review by the below him in command, taken before the Secretary of the Treasury, as provided in United States consul or consular agent at section 8 of said Immigration act ol the port of departure, before the sailing March 3, 1891. of said vessel, to the effect that he has Sec. 6. That section 5 of the act of made a personal cxamination of each and March 3, 1893, "in amendment of the all of the passengers named therein, and various acts relative to immigration and that he has caused the surgeon of said the importation of aliens under contract vessel sailing therewith to make a physi or agreement to perform labor," is herecal examination of each of said passen by amended by striking out the words gers, and that from his personal Inspec "second proviso" where they first occur tion and the report of said surgeon he in said section and inserting the words believes that no one of said passengers is "first proviso" in their place; and section an idiot or insane person, or a pauper 8 of said act is hereby so amended that or likely to becsme a public charge, or the medical examinations of arriving imsuffering from a lcathsome or dangerous migrants to be made by surgeons of the contagious disease, or a person who has Marine-Hospital Service may be made by been convicted of a felony or other infa any regular medical officers of such mous crime or misdemeanor involving Marine-Hospital Service detailed there moral turpitude, or a polygamist, or under for by the Secretary of the Treasury; and contract or agreement, express or implied, civil surgeons shall only be employed temto perform labor in the United States, porarily from time to time for specific and that also, according to the best of emergencies. his knowledge and belief, the information Sec. 7. That no bond or guaranty, writin said list or manifest concerning each ten or oral, that an alien immigrant shall of said passengers named therein is cor not become a public charge shall be rerect and true.

ceived from any person, company, corSec. 3. That the surgeon of said vessel

poration, charitable or benevolent society sailing therewith shall also sign each of or association, unless authority to receive said lists or manifests before the depart the same shall in each special case be ure of said vessel, and make oath or affir given by the Superintendent of Immigramation in like manner before said consul tion, with the written approval of the or consular agent, stating his professional Secretary of the Treasury. experience and qualifications as a physi Sec. 8. That all steamship or transportaclan and surgeon, and that he has made tion companies, and other owners of vesa personal examination of each of the sels, regularly engaged in transporting passengers named therein and that said alien immigrants to the United States, list or manifest, according to the best of shall twice a year file a certificate with his knowledge or belief, is full, correct the Secretary of the Treasury that they and true in all particulars relative to the have furnished, to be kept conspicuously mental and physical condition of said exposed to view in the office of each of passengers. If no surgeon sails with any their agents in foreign countries authorvessel bringing alien immigrants, the ized to sell im nigrant tickets, a copy of mental and physical examinations and the the law of March 3, 1891, and of all subverifications of the lists or rranifests may sequent laws of this country relative to be made by some competent surgeon em immigration, printed in large letters, in ployed by the owners of the vessel. the language of the country where the

Sec. 4. That in the case of the failure copy of the laws is to be exposed to of said master or commanding officer of view, and that they have instructed their said vessel to deliver to the said inspector agents to call the attention thereto of of immigration lists or manifests, verified persons contemplating emigration before as aforesaid, containing the information selling tickets to them; and in case of the above required as to all alien immigrants failure for sixty days of any such comon board, there shall be paid to the col pany or any such owners to file such a lector of customs at the port of arrival certificate, or in case they file a false the sum of 310 for each immigrant certificate, they hall pay a fine of not qualified to enter the United States con exceeding $500, to be recovered in the cerning whom the above information is proper United States court, and said fine not contained in any lists as aforesaid, or shall also be a lien upon any vessel of said immigrant shall not be permitted so said company or owners found within the to enter the United States, but shall be United States. returned like other excluded persons. Sec. 9. That after the 1st day of Janu

Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of ary, 1893, all exclusive privileges of exevery inspector of arriving alien immi-changing money, transporting passengers grants to detain for a special inquiry, un or baggage, or keeping eating-houses, and Ger section 1 of the Immigration act of all other like privileges in connection with March 3, 1891, every person who may not the Ellis Island immigrant station, shall appear to him to be clearly and beyond be disposed of after public competition, doubt entitled to admission, and all subject to such conditions and limitations special inquiries shall be conducted by as the Secretary of the Treasury may prenot less that four officials acting as in scribe. spectors, to be designated in writing by Sec. 10. That this aet shall not apply the Secretary of the Treasury or the su to Chinese persons; and shall take effect

as to vessels departing from foreign ports that the matters and things therein stated for ports within the United States after are true. sixty days from the passage of this act. It is made the duty of the Supervising

Surgeon-General of the Marine Hospital LAND LEGISLATION.

Service that he immediately after this act

takes effect, examine the quarantine regThe act of February 13, 1893, extends

ulations of all to New Mexico and Arizona the provla

State and municipal fons of section 8 of the act of March 3,

boards of health, and shall, under the di

rection of the Secretary of the Treasury, 1801, to repeal timber-culture laws and for other purposes.

co-operate with and aid State and mu

nicipal boards of health in the execution PENSION LEGISLATION,

and enforcement of the rules and regula

tions of such boards, and in the execution MEXICAN WAR SOLDIERS.

and enforcement of the rules and regulaThe act of January 5, 1893, provides tions made by the Secretary of the Treasthat the Secretary of the Interior be, and ury, to prevent the introduction of conhe is hereby, authorized to increase the tagious or infectious diseases into the pension of every pensioner who is now on United States from foreign countries, and the rolls at $8 per month on account of into one State or Territory or the District services in the Mexican War and who is of Columbia from another State or Terwholly disabled for manual labor, and is ritory or the District of Columbia; and in such destitute circumstances that $8 all rules and regulations made by the per month are insufficient to provide him Secretary of the Treasury shall operate the necessaries of life, to $12 per month. 'uniformly and in no manner discriminate

(This bill passed the Senate without against any port or place; and at such division, and the House-yeas 172 (Rep. ports and places within the United States 47, Dem. 117, Pop. 8), nays 8 (all Demo as have no quarantine regulations under crats), not voting 149.

State or municipal authority, where such

regulations are, in the opinion of the SecINDIAN WAR PENSIONS.

retary of the Treasury, necessary to preThe act of February 3, 1893, provides vent the introduction of contagious or that the Com:nissioner of Pensions be, Infectious diseases into the United States and he is hereby, authorizel and directed from foreign countries, or into one State to accept as sufficient proof of the citi or Territory or the District of Columbia zenship of an applicant for pension under from another State or Territory or the said act of July 27, 1892, the fact that District of Columbia, and at such ports such applicant at the date of the appli and places within the United States where cation was an actual and bona fide resi quarantine regulations exist under the audent of the United States.

thority of the State or municipality The Pension Appropriation act of March which, in the opinion of the Secretary of 1, 1893, provides that from and after July the Treasury, are not sufficient to prevent 1. 1893, no pension shall be paid to a the introduction of such diseases into the non-resident, who is not a citizen of the United States, or into one State or TerUnited States, except for actual disabill ritory or the District of Columbia from ties incurred in the service.

another State or Territory or the District

of Columbia, the Secretary of the TreasQUARANTINE ACT.

ury shall, if in his judgment it is neces

sary and proper, make such additional The act of February 15, 1893, repeals rules and regulations as are necessary to the National Board of Health act


prevent the introduction of such diseases March 3, 1879, grants additional quaran into the United States from foreign countine powers and imposes additional duties

tries, or into one State or Territory or the upon the Marine Hospital service. It pro District of Columbia from another State vides that it shall be unlawful for any

or Territory or the District of Columbia, merchant ship or other vessel from any and when said rules and regulations foreign port or place to enter any port of have been made they shall be promulthe United States except in accordance gated by the Secretary of the Treasury with the provisions of this act

and with

and enforced by the sanitary authorities such rules and regulations of State and of the States and municipalities, where municipal health authorities as may be

the State or municipal health authorities made in pursuance of, or consistent with, will undertake to execute and enforce this act.

them; but if the State or municipal auIt provides that any vessel at any foreign thorities shall fall or refuse to enforce port clearing for any port or place in the said rules and regulations the President United States shall be required to obtain shall execute and enforce the same and from the Consul, Vice-Consul or other adopt such measures as in his judgment Consular officer of the United States at

shall be necessary to prevent the introthe port of departure, or from the medi

duction or spread of such diseases, and cal officer where such officer has been de may detail or appoint officers for that tailed by the President for that purpose,

purpose. The Secretary of the Treasury a bill of health, in duplicate, in the form shall make such rules and regulations as prescribed by the Secretary of the Treas. are necessary to be observed by vessels ury, setting forth the sanitary history at the port of departure and on the voyand condition of said vessel, and that it age, where such vessels sail from any has in all respects complied with the rules foreign port or place to any port or place and regulations in such cases prescribed in the United States, to secure the best for securing the best sanitary condition sanitary condition of such vessel, her of the said vessel, its cargo, passengers cargo, passengers and crew; which shall and crew; and said Consular or medical be published and communicated to and omcer is required, before granting such enforced by the Consular officers of the duplicate bill of health, to be satisfied United States.

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