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tion of the Government should be raised other of extravagance in Congressional by levying a burden on what the people appropriations, and both are alike guilty: possess, instead of upon what they con each protests when out of power against sume.

infraction of the civil service laws, and CORPORATIONS.—". Railroad, tele each when in power violates those laws graph and other public corporations should in letter and in spirit; each professes be controlled by the Government in the fealty to the interests of the toiling interest of the people, and no higher masses, but both covertly truckle to the charges allowed than necessary to give money power in their administration of fair interest on the capital actually in public affairs. Even the tariff issue, as vested.

represented in the Democratic Mills bill IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZA

and the Republican McKinley bill, is no TION.-7. Foreign immigration has be longer treated by them as an issue become a burden upon industry, one of the tween great and divergent principles of factors in depressing wages and causing government, but is a mere catering to discontent; therefore our immigration laws different sectional and class interests. The should be revised and strictly enforced. attempt in many States to wrest the The time of residence for naturalization Australian ballot system from its true should be extended, and no naturalized purpose, and to so deform it as to render person should be allowed to vote until

it extremely difficult for new parties to one year after he becomes a citizen. exercise the rights of suffrage, is an outLAND.-'8. Non-resident aliens should

rage upon popular government. The comnot be allowed to acquire land in this petition of both these parties for the vote country, and we favor the limitation of of the slums, and their assiduous courting individual and corporate ownership of of the liquor power and subserviency to land. All unearned grants of lands to the money power, have resulted in placrailroad companies or other corporations ing those powers in the position of practishould be reclaimed.

cal arbiters of the destinies of the Nation, MOB LAW.-9. Years of inaction and

We renew our protest against these periltreachery on the part of the Republican ous tendencies, and invite all citizens to and Democratic parties have resulted in join us in the upbuilding of a party that the present reign of mob law, and we has own in five National campaigns demand that every citizen be protected in that it prefers temporary defeat to an the right of trial by constitutional tri abandonment of the claims of justice, sobunals. MISCELLANEOUS.-"10. All men should

briety, personal rights and the protection

of American homes. be protected by law in their right to one PROHIBITION.-"16. Recognizing and day of rest in seven.

declaring that prohibition of the liquor 11. Arbitration is the wisest and most traffic has become the dominant issue in economical and humane method of set National politics, we invite to full party tling National differences.

fellowship all those who on this one dom"12. Speculations in margins, the cor inant isuue are with us agreed in the nering of grain, money and products, and full belief that this party can and will the formation of pools, trusts and com remove sectional differences, promote Nabinations for the arbitrary advancement tional unity, and insure the best welfare of prices should be suppressed.

of our entire land." *18. We pledge that the Prohibition For the third resolution a minority reparty if elected to power will ever grant port favored "the issue of legal-tender just pensions to disabled veterans of the Treasury notes, exchangeable in gold or Union Army and Navy, their widows and silver bullion, on plan similar to that orphans.

which now floats $340,000,000 of green"14. We stand unequivocally for the backs on $100,000,000 of gold reserve and American public school, and opposed to make them more acceptable and convenany appropriation of public moneys for lent than either gold or silver coin." sectarian schools. We declare that only This was defeated on a rising vote-yeas by united support of such common schools, 316, nays 337. taught in the English language, can we For the fifth resolution, the minority hope to become and remain a homogene reported a substitute declaring that the ous and harmonious people.

tariff should be so levied as to furnish REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. revenue for the needs of the Govern"15. We arraign the Republican and ment economically administered, reDemocratic parties as false to the stand lieving necessities used by the mass of ards reared by their founders; as faithless the people, and for the benefit of labor, to the principles of the Illustrious leaders protecting American productions and of the past to whom they do homage with manufactures against the competition the lips; as recreant to the 'higher law, of foreign nations, and suggesting the apwhich is as inflexible in political affairs pointment of a tarif commission to recas in personal life, and as no longer em ommend to Congress duties to mee the bodying the aspirations of the American wants of the Government so graduated people, or inviting the confidence of en as to protect American skill and labor iightened, progressive patriotism, Their against the competition of the world. protest against the admission of moral This was defeated by a large vote. issues' into politics is a confession of their The sixteenth resolution was reported own moral degeneracy. The declaration by a minority of the Committee on Resoof an eminent authority that municipal lutions. After Animated debate it was misrule is 'the one conspicuous fallure of defeated, its friends being unable to American politics' follows as a natural rally the 200 votes necessary to order a consequence of such degeneracy, and it is vote by States. Subsequently it was true al ke of cities under Republican and taken from the table, and by a rising vote Democratic control. Each accuses the added to the platform; which, with the

[blocks in formation]

My Fellow-Citizens: In obedience to centive to prompt and conserva the mandate of my countrymen, I am caution. about to dedicate myself to their service In dealing with our present e under the sanction of a solemn oath. ing situation as related to this s Deeply moved by the expression of con will be wise if we temper our fidence and personal attachment which and faith in our National stre has called me to this service, I am sure resources with the frank conces my gratitude can make no better return even these will not permit us to than the pledge I now give before God impunity the inexorable laws and these witnesses of unreserved and and trade. At the same time complete devotion to the interests and efforts to adjust differences o welfare of those who have honored me. we should be free from intole

I deem it fitting on this occasion, while passion, and our judgments s indicating the opinions I hold concerning unmoved by alluring phrases public questions of present importance, to vexed by selfish interests. also briefly refer to the existence of cer I am confident that such an a taln conditions and tendencies among our the subject will result in pruden people which seem to menace the integ fective remedial legislation. In rity and usefulness of their Government, time, so far as the Executive

While every American citizen must con the Government can intervene, template with the utmost pride and en the powers with which it is invthusiasm the growth and expansion of our be withheld when their exercise country, the sufficiency of our institutions necessary to maintain our Natio to stand against the rudest shocks of or avert financial disaster. violence, the wonderful thrift and enter Closely related to the exagger prise of our people, and the demonstrated fidence in our country's greatne superiority of our free government, it be tends to a disregard of the rul hooves us to constantly watch for every tional safety, another danger symptom of insiduous infirmity that us not less serious. I refer to t threatens our National vigor.

lence of a popular disposition The strong man who, in the confidence from the operation of the Go of sturdy health, courts the sternest ac especial and direct individual ad tivities of life and rejoices in the hardi The verdict of our voters, w hood of constant labor, may still have demned the injustice of maintai lurking near his vitals the unheeded dis tection for protection's sake, enj ease that dooms him to sudden collapse. the people's servants the duty of

It cannot be doubted that our stu and destroying the brood of kind pendous achievements as a people, and which are the unwholesome pr our country's robust strength, have given paternalism, This is the bane o rise to a heedlessness of those laws gov can institutions and the const erning our National health which we of our Government by the peopl can no more evade than human life can grades to the purposes of wily escape the laws of God and nature. plan of rule our fathers establi

Manifestly nothing is more vital to our bequeathed to us as an object cr supremacy as a Nation and to the benef and veneration. It perverts the cent purposes of our Government than a sentiment of our countrymen, ar sound and stable currency. Its exposure them to pitiful calculation of to degradation should at once arouse to gain to be derived from their activity the most enlightened statesman ment's maintenance. It under ship, and the danger of depreciation in self-reliance of our people, and su the purchasing power of the wages paid in its place dependence upon to toil should furnish the strongest in mental favoritism. It stifles the

true Americanism and stupefies every en Interests of the people, and in all their nobling trait of American citizenship. phases they are unnatural and opposed The lessons of paternalism ought to be to our American sense of fairness.

To unlearned and the better lesson taught the extent that they can be reached and that, while the people should patriotically restrained by Federal power, the General and cheerfully support their Government, Government should relieve our citizens its functions do not include the support from their interference and exactions. of the people.

Loyalty to the principles upon which The acceptance of this principle leads our Government rests positively demands to a refusal of bounties and subsidies, that the equality before the law which it which burden the labor and thrift of a guarantees to every citizen should be justportion of our citizens, to aid ill-advised ly and in good faith conceded in all parts or languishing enterprises in which they of the land. The enjoyment of this right have no concern. It leads also to a chal follows the badge of citizenship wherever lenge of wild and reckless pension ex found, and, unimpaired by race or color, penditure, which overleaps the bounds of it appeals for recognition to American grateful recognition of patriotic service manliness and fairness. and prostitutes to vicious uses the peo

Our relations with the Indians located ple's prompt and generous impulse to aid within our borders impose uponus rethose disabled in their country's defence. sponsibilities we cannot escape.

HumanEvery thoughtful American must realize ity and consistency require us to treat the importance of checking at its begin-them with forbearance, and in our dealning any tendency in public or private ings with them to honestly and considerstation to regard frugality and economy

ately regard their rights and interests. as virtues which we may safely outgrow. Every effort should be made to lead them, The toleration of this idea results in the through the paths of civilization and eduwaste of the people's money by their cation, to self-supporting and independent chosen servants, and encourages prodigal

citizenship In the mean time, as the ity and extravagance in the home life of Nation's wards, they should be promptly our countrymen.

defended against the cupidity of designing Under our scheme of government the men and shielded from every influence or waste of public money is a crime against temptation that retards their advancethe citizen; and the contempt of our peo

ment. ple for economy and frugality in their

The people of the United States have personal affairs deplorably saps

decreed that on this day the control of

the strength and sturdiness of our National their Government in its legislative and character.

executive branches shall be given to a It is a plain dictate of honesty and good political party pledged in the most posia government

to the accomplishment of that public expenditures tariff reform. They have thus determined should be limited by public necessity, and in favor of a more just and equitable systhat this should be measured by the rules tem of Federal taxation. The agents of strict economy; and it is equally clear they have chosen to carry out their purthat frugality among the people is the best guarantee of a contented and strong less than by the command of their mas

poses are bound by their promises, not support of free institutions,

ters, to devote themselves unremittingly One mode of the misappropriation of to this service. public funds is avoided when appoint While there should be no surrender of ments to office, instead of being the re- principle, our task must be undertaken wards of partisan activity, are awarded wisely and without heedless vindictiveto those whose efficiency promises a fairness. Our mission is not punishment, return of work for the compensation paid but the rectification of wrongs. If, in to them. To secure the fitness and com- lifting burdens from the daily life of our petency of appointees to office, and to people, we reduce inordinate and unequal remove from political action the demor- advantages too long enjoyed, this is but alizing madness for spoils, civil service a necessary Incident of our return to reform has found a place in our public right and justice. If we exact from unpolicy and laws. The benefits already willing minds acquiescence in the theory of gained through this instrumentality and an honest distribution of the fund of the the further usefulness it promises en governmental beneficence treasured up for title it to the hearty support and encour all, we but insist upon a principle which agement of all who desire to see our pub- underlies our free institutions. When we lic service well pertormed or who hope tear aside the delusions and misconcepfor the elevation of political sentiment tions which have blinded our countrymen and the purification of political methods. to their condition under vicious tarifi

The existence of immense aggregations laws, we but show them how far they of kindred enterprises and combinations have been led away from the paths of of business interests, formed for the pur contentment and prosperity. When we pose of limiting production and fixing proclaim that the necessity for revenue prices, is inconsistent with the fair field to support the Government furnishes the which ought to be open to every inde only justification for taxing the people, pendent activity. Legitimate strife in we announce a truth so plain that its debusiness should not be superseded by an nial would seem to indicate the extent to enforced concession to the demands of which judgment may be influenced by combinations that have the power to de. familiarity with perversions of the taxing stroy; nor should the people to be served power; and when we seek to reinstate the lose the benefit of cheapness which usual self-confidence and business enterprise of ly results from wholesome competition. our citizens, by discrediting an abject deThese aggregations and combinations fre pendence upon governmental favor, we quently constitute conspiracies against the strive to stimulate those elements of

American character which support the Its restraints when attacked by impatience hope of American achievement.

and restlessness, and by enforcing its Anxiety for the redemption of the limitations and reservations in favor of pledges which my party has made, and the States and the people. solicitude for the complete justification of Fully impressed with the gravity of the the trust the people have reposed in us, duties that confront me and mindful of constrain me to remind those with whom my weakness, I should be appalled if it I am to co-operate that we can succeed in were my lot to bear unaided the responsidoing the work which has been especially bilities which await me. I am, however, set before us only by the most sincere, saved from discouragement when I reharmonious and disinterested effort. Even member that I shall have the support and if insuperable obstacles and opposition the counsel and co-operation of wise and prevent the consummation of our task, patriotic men who will stand at my side we shall hardly be excused; and if failure in Cabinet places or will represent the can be traced to our fault or neglect, we people in their legislative halls. may be sure the people will hold us to a I find also much comfort in rememberswift and exacting accountability.

Ing that my countrymen are just and The oath I now take to preserve, pro generous, and in the assurance that they tect and defend the Constitution of the will not condemn those who by sincere United States not only impressively de devotion to their service deserve their fines the great responsibility I assume, forbearance and approval. but suggests obedience to constitutional Above all, I know there is a Supreme commands as the rule by which my offi Being who rules the affairs of men and cial conduct must be guided. I shall to whose goodness and mercy have always the best of my ability, and within my followed the American people; and I know sphere of duty, preserve the Constitution He will not turn from us now if we by loyally protecting every grant of Fed humbly and reverently seek His powerful eral power it contains, by defending all aid.


April 28, 1892.

the charters of the National banks shall

be repealed, and a means be provided by Indorses Harrison Administration, fa

which money shall be issued direct to vors protection, sound currency and in

the people with safety in the security and crease of the volume of money, and a

full indemnity to the Goverr ment. free and honest ballot; opposes trusts and

MISCELLANEOUS.-Demands that the State convict lease system.

rights of the citizen shall receive more ALABAMA DEMOCRATIC,

consideration and be as fully protected as

the rights of capital, and that transporJune 10, 1892.

tation facilities shall be controlled in the Denounces "Force bill"; favors col interest of the people. lection of revenue for necessary expenses

ALABAMA INDEPENDENT, of government only; denounces subsidies and bounties; demands repeal of McKin

June 9, 1892. ley act, a sound and elastic currency and

Demands more money, an income tax, repeal of Federal taxes on State bank

that National revenues be limited to the circulation; also that money for the pay

necessary expenses of the Government, ment of pensions be raised by a gradu and repeal of_National bank charter; ated income tax.

arraigns State Democracy as antagonistic ALABAMA PEOPLE'S,

to people's rights, and operated in the

interest of class. September 16, 1892. ELECTIONS.--Demands "a free ballot

ARKANSAS REPUBLICAN, vote and a fair count."

April, 1892. SILVER.-Demands free and unlimited TARIFF AND SILVER.-Commends the coinage of silver at earliest date possible. existing laws on tariff and silver, en

CURRENCY.--Demands that amount of acted by Republican Congress, as wise circulation shall be increased to not less and beneficent, and declares interference than $50 per capita, each dollar to be the with them inexpedient. equal of every other dollar.

FAIR ELECTIONS.--Calls on the NaINCOME TAX.-Demands a graduated tional Republican Convention to pledge Income tax at earliest date

possible. the party to seek the enactment of such OWNERSHIP OF LAND-Declares that legislation as will secure to every citizen alien ownership should be "gradually ex full recognition of all civil and political tirpated."

rights. TARIFF -Demands that the tarifi STATE ISSUES.-Notes that Henry should be reduced to the lowest possible | Page, Republican State Treasurer, 1868-74, amount consistent with an economical was the only State Treasurer since the administration of the government, with war and prior to the present Administrasuch incidental protection as can be ac tion who retired from office without corded to our industries by a wise levy charge of embezzlement or suspicion of of the same."


ARKANSAS DEMOCRATIC, and oppose any cession of arld lands to che June 14, 1892.

State or otherwise, except ou terms hat

will fully protect the rights of bomeDenounces Republican Administration, seekers on the public domain McKinley act, Elections bill and Sherman act; favors a safe and sufficient currency, COLORADO REPUBLICAN, composed of gold and silver and legaltender paper; fair and free elections, and

September 9, 1892. abolishment of convict lease system.

SILVER.-"We interpret that portion of

the Republican platform relative to silver CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN coinage, where it says 'the Republican May 4, 1892.

party demands the use of gold and sil

ver as standard money, so to be deterSILVER.-"We believe silver, equally mined by legislation,' to mean that such with gold, to be the money of the people, wise legislation, if passed by the legisand in behalf of the farmers, laborers, lative branches of the Govera nent, which and mechanics of the Nation, for whom represents the people, would be sanctioned the Republican party has always labored,

by the Executive. By his assertion in we demand the passage of such laws as his letter of acceptance that he is thorwill provide for the free and unlimited oughly convinced that the free coinage of coinage of the silver product of the mines silver at such a ratio to gold will mainof the United States as soon as the same tain their equality in con!mercial usage can be done without injury to the busi

of the two coined dollars, and would conness interests of the Nation."

duce to the prosperity of all the great MISCELLANEOUS.-Indorses the Eight

nations of the world, President Harrison hour law, demands an amendment to the

has placed himself equally upon record as Federal Constitution providing for the

favorable to the white metal, and has election of United States Senators by

effectually disposed of the statements upon direct vote, and praises Administration's which are based the campaign of his foreign policy.

enemies in the State." CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN,

TARIFF.-'We condemn the action of

the Democratic party in attempting to June 27, 1892.

take the duties off lead ore and wool, Indorses National platform and nom and we denounce the action of the Demoinees of Republican Convention, approves cratic House of Representatives in the organization of the National Republican

attempt to remove the duty on lead ores League and Republican College Leagues, as a move that would oblige the miners demands early completion, under Gov

of Colorado toxompete direct with the ernment control, of Nicaragua Canal,

felon labor of Mexico.' liberal expenditure of money for improvement of harbors and internal waterways,

COLORADO DEMOCRATIC, and invites capital to build into the State

May 25, 1892. competing transzontinental lines of rail Denounced the policy of the Harrison way.

Administration concerning the removal of CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC, the Ute Indians to their reservation in May 18, 1892.

Utah, urged modification of the existing

tariff laws, and demanded as a right Favored tariff reform and opposed de the free and unlimited coinage of silver. monetization of silver.

It was resolved that the delegates to the COLORADO REPUBLICAN,

National Convention use every endeavor

to secure a free silver plank, demanding April 27, 1892.

free and unlimited coinage, and it was SILVER.-"Whereas, The great crime declared as the sense of the Democrats of the demonetization of silver in 1873 of the State that they could have little was conceived in deception and born in hope of the election of the Chicago nomfraud, and since that time has been nur inee unless such declaration was made. tured by wilful and deliberate misrepre COLORADO DEMOCRATIC, sentation on the part of the combined influence of the money lenders and bond

September 13, 1892. holders of this country and Europe; and SILVER.-"We renew our pledges of

"Whereas, That crime has cheapened allegiance to the principles of the Demothe products of the mine, of the farm, cratic party, and indorse the platform of and the workshop, and has resulted in the Chicago convention with the exception unequivocal injury to all the great in of that part of it relating to silver and dustries of our country, and has bene coinage, and in lieu thereof we declare fited only the money kings at the expense in favor of the full remonetization of of the people; and

silver and that free and unlimited coin"Whereas, We believe that the question age should be restored to the ratio of 16 of the free coinage of silver is the prin to 1, as it existed befcre the great crime cipal issue now before the American peo of 1873, which deprived it of free coinple, and steps should be immediately age and its full legal-tender quality." taken for its full restoration as a money PINKERTONS. - Emphatically opposes metal; now, therefcre,

employment of Pinkerton or other private "The Republican party of Colorado, in armed force in Colorado. convention assembled, hereby demand the LABOR. -Urges enactment of Eightenactment by Congress of a law pro hour law, prohibition of employment of viding for the free and unlimited coinage children under fifteen in manufactories of silver on an equal basis with gold." and mines, and new mechanics' lien law.

MISCELLANEOUS.-Reaffirm allegiance MISCELLANEOUS.-Denounces Railroad to Republican doctrires and principles I Commission act as an utter failure; de

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