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mands enactment of law to prevent ex tions have adjusted themselves, warr cessive freight and passenger charges and against threatened Democratic policy discriminations, and recommends legisla which would revolutionize industria tion to prevent combinations unduly rais- activities, reduce wages, unsettle values ing the price of coal cr any other article destroy credit and paralyze enter of prime necessity.

prises for years to come; hint

that tobacco-growers will refuse t COLORADO PEOPLE'S,

encourage repeal of

law which ha July 28, 1892.

brought to their labor a measure of pros Realizes in Omaha platform "a declara

perity never before equalled, invites the tion of war by the production classes

earnest attention to Democratic platform against all forms of legislation which en

which denounces that law and declare able any man to exploit the labor to

the protection enjoyed under it by th another."

tobacco-growers to be unconstitutiona SILVER.--"We pledge People's

and a fraud, and asserts that "the gen party of this State to a loyal, cordial and

eral prosperity of the whole land is esser unfaltering support of the declaration of

tial to the prosperity of every part, an the Omaha convention as a whole, and

that a fatal blow struck at the tobacco designate as of primary importance at

cutlery, hatmaking or any one establishe this time to the people of Colorado that

industry must react upon every other es portion which declares for the free and

tablished industry." unlimited coinage of silver and gold on

IMMIGRATION.Declares that if neces a ratio of 16 to 1. It is the sense of

sary existing immigration laws should b this convention that our Senators and

amended further to protest America Representatives in Congress are not in

wage-earners against degrading foreig accord with the best interests of Colorado


MISCELLANEOUS.-Denounces attem and her people in advocating the election

of Connecticut Democrats to secure pa of an enemy of silver to the office of Chlef Magistrate of the United States.'

tisan gain through disfranchisement PINKERTONS. -Condemns attempted

over 1,200 legal voters in election of 1894

and determination of Democratic Senat assassination of Mr. Frick, denounces punishment inflicted on Private Iams at

to block all public business, and so forc Homestead, and emphatically opposes em

compliance with its schemes; commend ployment of "private armies by indi

Republican executive officers, Senator viduals or corporations.

and Representatives who resisted MISCELLANEOUS.-Declares all per

revolutionary attempt, and upholds pla sons holding office of trust under Federal,

of town representation. State or municipal government ineligible CONNECTICUT DEMOCRATIC, to sit or vote in any convention of the party.

May 10, 1892. CONNECTICUT REPUBLICAN, TARIFF.-Declares allegiance to Demo May 4, 1892,

cratic principles, demands a revision

tarift along the line of the Democrati TARIFF.-Praises protection, which has given to the country a greater prosperity platform of 1890, especially removal C

Federal platform of 1888 and the Stat than is known to any other nation;

duties on heartily in lorses the McKinley law, dis

raw materials, charges pre cerns in reciprocity an adequate opening leyism, and calls on farmers, manufact

vailing industrial stagnation to McKir of foreign markets to American products

urers and workmen alike to intrust th without in any degree infringing upon the

revision of the tariff on sound principle policy of protection to American labor,

to the Democrat'e party in the interes and denounces proposed Democratic tarift

of all classes instead of the few. legislation as a covert attack upon the

CURRENCY.-"We declare for a stabı American system. IMMIGRATION.-Favors legislation pro

currency, of gold, silver and paper hibiting immigration of paupers and crim

founded upon coined money of the leas

obtainable fluctuations in value, and w inals. CURRENCY.-"We commend the pol

regard the unlimited coinage of silve

dollars worth but 67 cents each, with th icy of the Republican party in maintain

legal-tender attribute attached, ing an honest and sufficient currency and assert that to this party alone must the

financial heresy, certain to result in people look for the preservation of the

proportionate reduction in wages, the ur good faith of the Nation in all matters settling of contracts and widespread dis

tress. We charge the continued agita MISCELLANEOUS.-Reasserts the un

tion of this question upon the last Re dying gratitude of the Republican party

publican Congress and the present Admin to American volunteers and claims for the

istration in passing the Sherman acto men they freed equal rights and equai 1890, which involves most of the possibi protection in those rights.

follies in currency legislation, and ha

thus far forced upon the Government th CONNECTICUT REPUBLICAN, purchase of silver bullion, upon which th

Treasury has already lost more tha September 7, 1892.

$11,000,000." TARIFF.-Indorses principle of pro THE ADMINISTRATION. - Accuse tection, asserts that State industries are President Harrison of bestowing Cabine not over protected, and that any material appointments on little statesmen, reward reduction in protection afforded would re-ing political work with judicial and othe sult disastrously to manufacturers; pro- appointments, turning to partisan use tests against any disturbance cf the es


Pension Bureau and the Censu tablished rate to which all business rela Bureau, sacrificing the country in th


Behring Sea dispute, throwing the in enlarged, and embarrasses commerce by fluence of his Administration in favor of protection. the iniquities of the Force bill, for ap MISCELLANEOUS.- Accuses Republic proving the McKinley bill, the Silver bill,

can House of Representatives of violatand the extravagant appropriations of the

ing the mandate of the Constitution to last Republican Congress and for his hasty

secure in office for two years their party threats toward the weak but friendly adherents who had been overwhelmingly republic of Chili.

defeated at the polls or had not been STATE ISSUES.-Demands return to

voted for at all. Advocates election of the fundamental law of the early Com

County Commissioners by popular vote, monwealth by which the man receiving the larger number of votes tecame Gov

and minority representation in each board;

election of State officers by a plurality of er nor of the State. The convention con

votes, and enactment of stringent laws demned the public acts of Morgan G. Bulkeley since January 7, 1891, in not

to protect dairy interests against impure

food products. promptly surrendering the office of Gnvernor of Connecticut to Luzon B. Morris DELAWARE REPUBLICAN, as the choice of 67,658 electors of this State as against 63,975 for his chief com

May 5, 1892. petitor, Samuel E. Merwin, and none for

Indorses President Harrison's AdminisFimself, and condemned the Republican tration, Mr. Blaine's foreign policy, the members of the House of Representatives McKinley bill and its results; favors free for attempting to repeat in Connecticut coinage only after the establishment by the injustices of an electoral commission, international agreement of the parity of for their delay to deciare the election of gold and silver; opposes admission of forofficers whose election they themselves eign-built ships to American registry; admitted, and for refusing to make the favors just and liberal pension laws; opinvestigation of the election which they poses the Democratic administration of themselves held to be needful, in order State affairs, and favors the calling of a that no result might be reached.

convention to revise the State ConstituMISCELLANEOUS.-Praises Mr. Cleve tion. land and Democratic Representatives in Congress.


May 18, 1892.
September 13, 1892.

Declares that the principles of the McGOVERNMENT

Kinley tariff and its customs laws are EXPENDITURES.

fatal to commercial welfare and freedom Declares that while taxes for the neces

and the interests of labor, and praises sary support of the Government, State Cleveland's Administration as a blessing and National, should be cheerfully paid,

to the whole country, which diffused a the people have good reason for requiring spirit of restored brotherhood throughout the strictest economy in every depart

a union of coequal States, and maintained ment of government, TARIFF.-Declares that custom-house

peace with honor, without large and costduties should be the chief source of sup

ly outlays. ply for Government revenues, and de

FLORIDA REPUBLICAN, mands removals of all tarifi taxes on the

April 14, 1892. raw materials out of which manufactured TARIFF AND ELECTIONS.-"We ingoods are made. LABOR AND CAPITAL.-Declares that rules, and sadly deplore the failure of the

dorse the McKinley bill and the Reed in its conflicts labor, the parent of wealth, is entitled to generous consideration by

LIst Congress to enact the Lodge bill or impartial arbitrators, and that commercial

some other equally salient election law and agricultural interests should be favor

that would secure to the people their ably considered when necessary legisla- tain the integrity and dignity of the Na

rights under the Constitution, and maintion is adopted. CURRENCY.-"We demand a safe cur

tion." rency, redeemable in gold, the standard

FORCE AND FRAUD.-"We denounce money of the world, and protest against

the Democratic rule in Florida as dishonan issue of bank bills for circulation un

est and tyrannical, bred in prejudice and less they are as safely secured as are the hatred; nurtured in cowardice and crime, National bank bills."

BALLOT LAW.-Upholds secret ballot unlimited power for oppression and coerlaw as a protection to dependent voters,

cion; it is weak and imbecile in its abiland a bar against corruption.

ity to protect life or punish offenders. The REPUBLICAN PARTY.-Asserts that

Fiorida election laws are damnable in Republican party has violated the pledge their conception and fiendish in their of 1884 to correct inequalities of tarifi operation. They are the result of a long and relieve the taxpayer; has added studied plan to rob the majority of its burdens to the taxpayer and industrial in- liberties, aided and abetted

an terests, encouraged combinations and apathy on the part of the Governmen to trusts, sent out of the country more than maintain the dignity of its Constitution $100,000,000 in gold, violated the essential and protect the rights of its people, and principle of Civil Service reform, encour enforce the provision of its constitution aged waste in public expenditure, at which guarantees to each State a Retempted to pass a law under which free publican form of government; and how ballots will be menaced by the bayonet, well they serve the end for which they confined reciprocity to the smallest na were designated can be best understood tions, and withholds it from those with 11 we quote from the official election rewhom our commerce might be greatly turns. We give below the vote of Leon,


Duval, Marion, Putnam and Escambia countles in 1884 as against the vote of the same counties in 1890: - 1881


Dem. Rep. Dem. Rep. Leon

834 2,108

1,206 00 Duval

1,889 3,387 1,805 284 Marion ........... 1,494 2,007 1,416 232 Putnam

..***..... 1,094 1,158 1,126 265 Escambia ....... 1,896 1,861 1,451 102

"In Orange County the Republican vote in 1888 was 1,515, and in 1890, 420. The total vote of the State in 1884 was 31,769 Dern. and 28,031 Rep., in 1890 it was 29,176 Dem. and 4,637 Rep. What has become of the Republican vote? Robbery, murder, arson, asrissination are evidences of the patriotism and of the crimes committed in the interest of Democracy. A Democrat was appointed by a Democratic Governor as clerk of the Circuit Court of Osceola County, as a reward for services tendered the Democratic party in destroying the election returns of Brevard County in 1876. Another was rewarded for services rendered in robbing 2,000 Republicans of their votes in Leon County by making him president of the Senate in 1889. Deputy U. S. Marshal Saunders went to Gadsden County in March, 1890, for the purpose of serving papers upon Democrats under indictment for election frauds, and was brutally murdered in broad daylight, while in a buggy with a prominent Democratic leader-the fatal shots being fired at such a close range that his body was badly powder burned, and no arrests were made or rewards ollered. The Republican vote of Gadsden County in 1884 was 881; in the election of 1890, six months after this murder, there was not a single Republican vote cast in the county. Deputy United States Marshal L'Estrange was assassinated in Surnter County the same year, while in the discharge of his duties, and again no arrests were made nor rewards offered. The Republican vote of Sumter County in 1884 was 524; in 1890 it was 51."

STATE ELECTION LAWS."We denounce the Florida election laws as tyrannical in substance, and the methods and manner of carrying them into effect

as Infamous and equivalent to a total disfranchisement of the entire Republican party of the State, and in the interest of good government and American manhood we demand the repeal of the present election laws entirely, and that just and equal rights be secured to all political parties in all elections."

CONVICT LABOR.-"We denounce the present system of leasing the State convicts to the highest bidder, and demand that a more humane treatment be secured for them." FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC,

June 3, 1892. Advocates liberal policy in regard to public improvements; denounces McKinley act and Elections bill; urges legislation to prevent dealing in futures, demands unlimited coinage of silver, abolition of National banks and substitution of legaltender Treasury notes for National bank notes, and that all money issued by the Government shall be a legal tender for all

debts, public and private. Demands graduated income tax, repeal of State bank tax; that the circulating medium be increased to not less than $50 per capita, and that National and State revenue shall be limited to necessary expenses of Government. Favors Government control of railroads. GEORGIA REPUBLICAN,

April 15, 1892. CURRENCY.-"Believing gold and silver should form the basis of our circulating medium, we indorse the Sherman amended coinage act of the last Republican Congress."

CONVICT LABOR.-"Resolved, That it is the duty of the State to abolish the chain gangs as inhuman and barbarous, and as being abhorrent to enlightened civilization, the detriment of honest labor and repugnant to the principles and purposes of human punishment; that the Penal Code of this State is, in many of its provisions, merciless and cruel, and that the same should be so amended as to conform its punishment to the spirit of this enlightened age." GEORGIA DEMOCRATIC,

May 18, 1892. SILVER AND CURRENCY.-"We demand the free and unlimited coinage of both silver and gold on a parity with each other, to the end that the money of the people shall be of such quantity and quality as was originally contemplated by the Constitution, We desire that a uniform system of banking be provided for by the legislature of Georgia, with a flexible, expansive State bank currency. We further demand that the prohibition in the National bank law against accepting real estate is security for loans shall be stricken therefrom. We demand that the amount of circulating medium

he speedily increased on a sound basis sufficient to meet the needs of the country.

FUTURES.-Demands that Congress shall pass laws to prevent dealing in futures.

MISCELLANCOUS.-Demands that National legislation shall be so framed in the future as not to build up one industry at the expense of the other; denounces the present tariff, and demands a removal of the existing heavy tariff tax from the necessities of life that the poor must have; demands a Just and equitable system of graduated tax on income; that the money of the country be kept as much as possible in the hands of the people, and that all State revenue be limited to the necessary expense of the Government economically and honestly administered.

Demands also retrenchment and reform in the expenditure of National revenue, "and especially a correction of the present pension system, which rests like a mammoth war tax on our section of the Union." GEORGIA DEMOCRATIC,

August 10, 1892. Pledges anew loyalty and devotion to the time-honored principles of democracy as promulgated and practised by the fathers and sages of the party; indorses

National platform and nominees, and immigration and naturalization laws, and commends administration of Governor W. the adoption of an amendment to the J. Northen, and the State House officers Federal Constitution limiting the suffrage "whose most honest an economical man of all elections to citizens of the United agement of the affairs of the State has States able to read the Constitution and conduced so largely to the progress and

to write their own names. prosperity of the people."

MORMONS.-"We congratulate the

Mormon Church on the recent declaration IDAHO REPUBLICAN,

abandoning polygamy and on the divorce May 6, 1892.

of Church and State in all political conSILVER.—"The Republican party to

cerns; and accepting their declaration as day is confronted with the alternative of

sincere, we pledge the party that with restoring silver to free and unlimited

the continuance of the evidence of this coinage or losing the results of protection.

sincerity we will at the next session of The anti-silver policy of the Government

the Legislature restore to its members the is lowering the prices of all products and

full political privileges of citizenship se

cured to all others. wages and they must eventually be involved in a disastrous decline, notwith

MISCELLANEOUS.-Calls attention of

National administration to unr ecessary standing the protective system."

delay in allotting the lands of the Nez IDAHO REPUBLICAN,

Perce Indian reservation; favors the im

mediate passage of a law by Congress by August, 1892.

which the postoffices can be used as savSILVER.-Reiterates position on silver ings banks of deposit and exchange, and announced at Republican convention at indorses timely and energetic action of Pocatello, and while favoring pending Governor Willey in promptly enforcing international conference, unalteratly op the State laws. poses any final settlement of the question on any other basis than that of free

IDAHO DEMOCRATIC, and unlimited coinage of silver, either

August 25, 1892. upon the present or some other satisfactory ratio that will give that metal a

Favors frze and unlimited coinage of fixed value at United States mints, and

silver, and denounces the proposed inter

national monetary conference as a sc'reme prevent its constant depreciation by the

of the gold-bugs; also pronounces against stock gamblers of Wall Street; also favors

trusts, denounces the McKinley bill; law of Congress cruating a department of mines and mining, so that the leading in

favors liberal pensions to veterans of the dustry in the United States may be prop

civil war, and a generous appropriation

for the State exhibit at the World's Fair. erly represented and fostered in the councils of the Government.


the essence of Republicanism lies in

May 6, 1892. maintenance of law and order, free and Avows devotion to the principles of the candid discussion of all public questions Government under Republican auspices, on their merits, and peaceful appeal to which have achieved such signal triumphs the ballot-box ior the redress of griev in the public welfare; declares the unexances, and condemns all acts of lawless ampled prosperity of the Nation to be the ness, by whomsoever committed, and most forcible demonstration of the wispledges to every person in the State dom of Protection as expressed in the Moprompt and equal protection of the laws. Kinley law; pledges unfaltering support

LABOR.-Opposes any monopoly of the to reciprocity; heartily Indorses the "wise, right of labor, favors organized labor, patriotic and thoroughly American Adbut suggests that all labor organizations ministration of President Harrison; Inshould be conducted in the spirit of structs the delegation to the National American institutions, and administered Convention to support him for renominain subordination to the laws of the land; tion; recognizes the prudent and brilliant declares that every person has the right conduct of the State Department by Secto earn an honest living, free from inter retary Blaine, and the vigor and wisdom ference or wrong from any person or or which characterize the Navy and other ganization whatsoever, and that such departments of the Government; arraigns right should be amply protected by law; the Democratic party for treachery to the that all labor, whether organized or not, cause of honest money; Indorses the Reshould be protected against the unjust publican defence against spollation and exactions of capital; condemns that sys degradation of the National currency in tem which compels an employe to pat the threatened free coinage of silver at a ronize store or other business of employer false value; favors an international conor his managing agent, and pledges the ference looking to restoration of silver in Republican party to the passage of a the monetary system of the world; conlaw establishing Boar Arbitration. demns the suppresion of the colored vote

TARIFF.-Strongly favors protection, of the South; favors legislation, National and especially commends the plank in the and State, against trusts and other forms National platform for establishing a cer of industrial tyranny; commends the antitain and definite guide in tarif legislation. trust legislation of the last Congress:

WORLD'S FAIR.--Pledges support of favors Governmental supervision to subthe Republican members of the next ordinate all corporations to the public Legislature of Idaho for a liberal appro welfare, and to this end urges the proper priation toward the Idaho display at the amendment and rigorous enforcement of World's Fair.

the Interstate Commerce act and the esIMMIGRATION AND SUFFRAGE. tablishment of the Government postal Demands the immediate amendment of telegraph and telephone systems; urges

the establishment of a department of la PROTECTION AND RECIPROCITY. bor for promoting the dignity

and inter Demands that manufacturing and labor ests of the American workingmen; de interests should be protected by duties mands further legislation to exclude pau on imports, and by excluding the criminal pers, criminals and contract labor; favors and vicious classes of other countries, and further proper pension legislation; in indorses reciprocity. dorses the administration of Governor MONEY. We are in favor of honest Fifer, and the faithful services of Senator money-of a dollar that, whether it be or Cullom and the Republican representa gold or silver or paper. shall be of like tives of Illinois in Congress; and pledges value in the payment of debts." the Republican party to the repeal of the LIst CONGRESS.--"We indorse the acts present Compulsory School act, and the of the List Congress, which, in the main, enactment of a new law which shall not fixed in the laws of the land the princiinterfere with parochial or private schools. ples advocated by the Republican party in ILLINOIS DEMOCRATIO,

the campaign of 1888, thus fulfilling its April 27, 1892.

promises to the people." TARIFF.-"We demand an immediate

INDIANA DEMOCRATIC, revision of the tariff, free raw material, a reduction in the duties on the neces

April 20, 1892. saries of life, and such changes in the

Declares that the powers delegated by shipping and navigation law as shall re the people should be strictly construed; store the American merchant marine and that the autonomy of States and the rights the supremacy of the American flag upon

of local self-government and home rule the high seas."

should be zealously guarded; that no MONEY.-Favors the gold and silver money should be taken from the people coinage provided by the Constitution of under any pretext for other than public the United States, and a currency con purposes; that the strictest economy vertible into such coinage without loss to should be exercised in all Government ex the holder, and recommends an invitation penditures, whether locat, State or Naby our Government to the commercial pow

tional; that legislation should be confined ers of the world for an international con

to the legitimate objects of government: ference to fix a ratio between the values that public office is a solemn public trust. of gold and silver so that parity may be

It is uncompromisingly opposed to the enmaintained between the two metals and

largement and concentration of Federal all mints thrown open to free coinage. powers, to the usurpation by the General EDUCATION. - Denounces Republican

Government of the functions of the States, party for enacting a law which tends to

to bounties and subsidies in every form, bring the cause of popular education into to every species of class legislation and disrepute; demands its unconditional re

Government partnership with private enpeal, and pledges party candidates for the

terprise, to the whole theory of paternal

ism. Legislature to vote and work to that end.

"We believe that in a free country TRUSTS.-Denounces trusts, and de

the curtailment of absolute rights of the mands from Legislature stringent laws to

Individual should only be such as is esaid the judicial branch of the State in

sential to the peace and good order of the stamping out such iniquitous devices of

community, and we regard all legislation monopolists to defraud the people.

looking to the infringement of liberty of LABOR.-Favors the prohibition of child

person or conscience, not absolutely neceslabor, boards of arbitration to adjudicate

sary to the maintenance of public order, controversies between capital and

as vicious in principle and demoralizing labor; demands the protection of life and

in practice."

THE ADMINISTRATION. - Arraigns property of American citizens at home

Harrison Administration for its subserand abroad, regardless of race, color or

viency to the interests of the money previous condition, and favors all laws

power, and indifference to the welfare of that can be enacted under the present

the people; its violation of Civil Service Constitution that will prohibit the truck pledges, prostitution of public patronage system, enforce weekly payment of wages to partisan purposes, contemptuous repudiin cash, fair weights and measures wher ation of promises to veteran soldiers, its ever used in fixing compensation, or an attempt to fasten on the country the vn amendment to the Constitution under

American Force bill, and its weak and which laws can be enacted.

demagogical foreign policy. MISCELLANEOUS.-Denounces reckless

TARIFF AND RECIPROCITY.--"We extravagance of billion-dollar Congresses; favor such a radical and comprenensive insists that the autonomy of the States measure of tarift reform as shall relieve and the rights of local self-government the necessities of the people and crude maand home rule should be zealously guard terial of our manufactures from Federal ed; that no money should be taken from taxation. We condemn the so-called rec the people under any pretext for other iprocity policy as a transparent attempt than public purposes; that the strictest to impose upon the American people he economy should be exercised in all gov shadow of commercial freedom for its ernmental expenditures, and that the leg substance, in order to perpetuate the ex1slation should be confined to the legiti isting system of licensed spoliation for mate objects of Government; and favors the benefit of trusts and monopolies, election of United States Senators by di which are the chief support of the Rerect vote.

publican party." INDIANA REPUBLICAN, MONEY.-"We believe that there should

be kept in constant circulation a full and March 10, 1892.

sufficient volume of money, consisting of FAIR ELECTIONS.-Insists on a pure gold, silver and legal-tender paper cur ballot and fair count.

rency at par with each other."

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