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MISCELLANEOUS.-Approves passage

IOWA DEMOCRATIC. of school-book law; denounces the "book trust"; praises Australian ballot law; de

August 23, 1893. mands "liberal pensions; Commissioner

SILVER.-Reaffirms this plank of 1892: Raum's removal; indorses the new tax "The Democratic party, recognizing the law; condemns Governor Hovey for rec Nation's obligation to maintain a sound ommending an increased tax levy; de and honest currency of equal value in all nounces the conspiracy to create prejudice its forms, and of sufficient volume to against the new tax law by local increases preserve a just proportion between its of taxation; demands the passage of a purchasing power and the cost of the law taxing greenbacks like other money, products of labor at liberal wages, reand interstate commerce the same as do affirms its adherence to the financial sys. mestic commerce; approves law for pay tem of the fathers of the Republic based ing State officials by salary instead of

on equally free bimetallic coinage, and fees; eulogizes the public school system, hereby declares its unqualified opposition and favors election of United States Sen

to all legislation calculated to reduce ators by direct vote.

either of the precious metals to the poslIOWA REPUBLICAN.

tion of a commodity alone by establish

ing the other as a single standard for the August 23, 1893.

measurement of values." SILVER AND CURRENCY.-Declares TARIFF.-"Taxation of the whole people that "the campaign of the Democratic for the benefit of the few is wrong in party in the election of 1892 has proved principle and dishonest in application. false and the claims made by the Repub We denounce this policy and relterate lican party have proved true. Not an al our devotion to the cause of tarifi reform legation made by the Democratic party set forth in the platform adopted by the as to the McKinley law or reciprocity, Democratic National Convention at Chinot a claim of the vaunted good results cago in 1892. And we urge Congress to of Democratic success, has come true. give the country early relief, having in When Presi.ent Cleveland said in his view a permanent, stable, honest and recent message to Congress that our un equitable revenue system." fortunate financial plight, 'with the evil TRUSTS AND LABOR.-"We reiterate conditions,' he depicted as 'principally our unflinching opposition to monopolies chargeable to Congressional legislation and trusts, and call for enactments which touching the purchase and coinage of will abolish combines by which excessive silver by the general government, he telephone, telegraph and insurance charges omitted the largest producing cause. This and other like extortions are maintained. is the sinister effects of threatened Demo. "We favor such legislation as wili secratic attempt to overthrow protection and cure to the coal miners of this State full a protective tarif as embraced in the compensation for their labor and biMcKinley measure. For the relief of the weekly payment of their earnings. people, to get stability to business and "We favor the establishment, by law, of security to debtors and creditors alike, a free public employment office in conthe law should provide that the payment nection with the bureau of labor statisof debt shall be the return of equivalent

tics." purchasing power, estimated by land, rent, LIQUOR TRAFFIC.-Reiterates princiinterest and the wages of labor. We are ples enunciated in the platforms of the in favor of maintaining both gold and Iowa Democracy since 1889 touching silver money as unlimited legal-tender for regulation of liquor traffic; and promises the payment of debts, and in doing this the enactment of laws which shall give Congress shall provide that every dollar, the people in their respective localities whether gold, silver or paper, shall be management and control of the liquor kept of equal value.

traffic. The platform also condemns the PENSIONS.--Declares that "the

as protective tariff law, and raises several saults made upon the system of pension

new State issues, such as non-partisan by this Administration, because in a few

control of State institutions. cases pensions were alleged to be fraudulently obtained, is a pretext to attack and

IOWA POPULIST. destroy the while system; and is a

September 6, 1893. menace to the honor of our brave and THE SILVER QUESTION.-"For twendeserving National defen.ers."

ty years the people of the United States LIQUOR LAW.-Relative to the pro have demanded in thousands of conven hibition law, the platform declares it to tions anl in all political platforms the be "as strong as any that has ever been repeal of the law of 1873 demonetizing enacted by any country. Like any other silver, which law was surreptitiously criminal statute, its retention, modifica. stolen upon our statute books by political tion or repeal must be determined by the sneak thieves. Both old parties have General Assembly, elected by and in sympledged themselves to do this time with pathy with the people, and to them is out number, only to betray that pledge, relegated the subject to take such action until now the wreckers of Lombard and as they may deem Just and best in the Wall streets, having secured the election matter, maintaining the present law in of their agents, through false issues, those portions of the State where it is have filled the land with panic-wrecked now or can be made efficient and give industries, demoralization, tramps and to other localities such methods of con starvation, for the purpose of striking trolling and regulating the liquor traffic down silver and doubling every debt. The as will best serve the cause of temperance President, instead of standing with us, and morality."

uses public offices to bribe Congressmen

to betray their constituents. The leaders, with the crime, and repudiate the idea of both old parties are hand in glove in that the people of Iowa will accept of any this capitalistic conspiracy to steal the share in the profits of such a business as mortgaged farms, rallroads and other a compensation for the wrong and ruin it property and bankrupt the Nation. will bring to their families and their We call upon the voters of Iowa to re homes. That we recommend to the Propudiate all party connection with the gold hibitionists of all parties in every county mnen, to draw the line before they are in the State that they secure by every forced to revolution to protect their chil. proper means the election to the next dren from tenant slavery."

General Assembly of such candidates as TRUSTS.-"We demand that all trusts may without question be relied upon to and all unlawful combinations in trade maintain and enforce the present probe abolished."

hibitory law, or who will favor such legPENSIONS.—'The one hundred an islation as will make prohibition more sixty million dollars paid as pension effective. That whilst we recognize with money to the defenders of our flag in the regret that the enemies of prohibition in wars for the preservation of our govern Iowa have by questionable means and ment is an honest remuneration for hon methods nominally captured the party ororable service and a great benefit to the ganization in which many of us have entire people, and we denounce the un- heretofore placed our confidence and trust, scrupulous attacks made upon the crip- yet we have faith to believe that the manpled patriots as a part and parcel of the hood and conscience of the individual inoneyed conspiracy wnich demands that Iowa elector cannot be intimidated or no money shall pass from the Government debauched, and we appeal with confito the people without first passing through dence to them that in the coming election the tollgates of the banks.

the verdict at the ballot box may not be THE LIQUOR QUESTION.-"We de construed as an abandonment of their mand that the present law shall remain heretofore cherishe principles, and the until such time as it can be replaced by cause of the home and the best interesta what is known as State and National of humanity shall triumph still throughcontrol

with all profits eliminated out this, our beloved Iowa. That the peos which we believe to be the true method of ple of Iowa have heretofore led in the addealing with the question."

vance column of those who have enWOMAN SUFFRAGE AND ELECTION | deavored to promote the highest and best OF PRESIDENT.-"We demand equal interests of humanity, and that any 'backpolitical rights for all adult citizens with ward step' on the part of the people of out regard to sex. Resolved, That wo the State on the question of prohibition favor the election of President, Vice- at this time would be hailed with delight President and United States Senators by throughout the State by the enemies of a direct vote of the people."

law and order and would be a most huSTATE TAXATION. "We denounce miliating and discouraging retrogression, the present method of assessment where to be deplored by all men who believe in by the debtor is made to pay the full tax the final triumph of the right." on mortgaged property as an unjust discrimination against the debtor class; and

KANSAS REPUBLICAN, we demand a revision of the tax laws

May 5, 1892. whereby the mortgagee shall bear his equitable amount of taxation of mort. Commerce law to prohibit discrimination

Demands an amendment to Interstate gaged property."

in freight rates; urges more stringent IOWA PROHIBITION,

legislation against immigration of pauper

foreigners, and reaffirms adherence to the September 8, 1893.

platform of 1888 in favor of Protection, THE LIQUOR QUESTION.-" That it is SILVER.-"We urge the passage of such not the design or purpose of this conven- laws as will increase the coinage of siltion to organize a new political party or ver, looking to the coinage of the producto abandon any political views or senti tion of our own mines as soon as it can ments we have heretofore individually be done without injury to the business maintained, but it is our purpose to re

interests of the country, and we approve pudiate in the most emphatic manner the the efforts of the present Administration doctrine of local option or license or any

in seeking the co-operation of the princi

pal commercial nations of the world in other device by which the saloon may gain a legalized existence in Iowa. That bringing silver to parity with gold as the question of maintaining and enforc

the currency of the world." ing the prohibitory law of the State we KANSAS REPUBLICAN, regard as the paramount and practical

June 30, 1892. issue involved in the approaching November election, and that we will not be de Opposes gambling in futures, favors ceivel or misled by those who shall at- free delivery of mail in country districts; tempt to divert the attention of the peo- demands preservation of purity of ballot, ple from this question by the discussion and favors woman suffrage. of those questions over which the Gov.

KANSAS DEMOCRATIC, ernor and members of the General Assembly to be elected can exercise no di

April 20, 1892. rect control. That the establishment of TARIFF.-Favors tarift reform, and deplaces of resort for the sale of intoxicat clares for a tariff for revenue only, raw ing liquors as beverages is a crime, and materials to be admitted free of duty. 29 such should be prohibited and pun SILVER.-"We believe the gold basis of Ished; that we will favor no compromise I currency insufficient, and that free and


unlimited interchange of gold and silver branch of the Government from the conis demanded by the necessities of the peo trol of the Democratic party; and recogple as money, and not as articles of com nizes "the remarkable success of Presimerce, and we invite all nations to unite dent Harrison's Administration, which, in in securing this end."

every department, has been conducted MISCELLANEOUS.-Urges election of with wisdom and prudence, and which has United States Senators by popular vote, been characterized by a series of triumphs favors liberal pensions and denounces in all its policies, both at home and present administration of the Pension abroad." Bureau.


June 8, 1892.
May 25, 1892.

Favors the making of election days, Condemns Republican party for McKin-both State and National, legal holidays; ley act, Elections. bill, extravagant pen the repeal of such portion of the proon laws, and waste of public funds;

de hibitory law as provides for the appointmands sound and stable currency

ment of State constables in each county, posed of or redeemable in gold and silver deeming them useless and expensive, and coin, and free coinage of silver without that portion of the law which places hodetriment to any business interest. De

tels and drug stores where liquors are sold clares that intelligent and patriotic legislation upon this subject can be expected sances, with houses of ill-fame; opposes

in the same category as common nuionly from the Democratic party.

the McKinley Tariff law; declares for free LOUISIANA REPUBLICAN,

raw material; opposes the adoption of

the proposed 'Constitutional Amendment January 19, 1892.

regarding the qualification of electors, and Pledges unswerving devotion to Republi. calls for the resubmission to the people can principles; favors an honest ballot of the Constitutional Prohibitory Amendand à fair count; declares it essential to ment. the continuance of the Government that

MARYLAND REPUBLICAN, the XVth Amendment should be enforced : denounces the Democratic party, which

September 6, 1893. has maintained itself by violence and NATIONAL PLATFORM AND HARfraud; protests against political intimida RISON ADMINISTRATION. - "We untion and the murders which have so long waveringly reaffirm our adhesion to the disgraced the State; favors liberal ap platform of principles adopted by the Napropriations for free public schools; in, tional Republican Convention of 1892, and dorses the present levee system and the solemnly

pledge our support to these prinsugar bounty; commends the wise and ciples, We commend the Administration statesmanlike Administration of Benja of Benjamin Harrison while President of min Harrison; recommends the delegates the United States as pre-eminently pafrom this State to support the renomina triotic, pure, wise and just, and worthy tion of Harrison; denounces trusts and of imitation, and we indorse his Adminmonopolies and opposes the Louisiana istration, and assure him of our esteem Lottery and the revenue amendment, and and confidence." any scheme that proposes to legalize PROTECTION.-"We favor the full and gambling.

adequate policy of protection to American MAINE REPUBLICAN,

labor and the great industries of the

country, and we aver that the best exApril 27, 1892.

emplification of the principles of protec"The Republicans of Maine, assembled

tion and reciprocity that has anywhere in State Convention, look with gratifica

found expression in the statutes is emtion upon the many evidences seen in all

bodied in the McKinley Tariff law of parts of the country of the popular

1890." strength of the party, and aproach the PENSIONS.--"That the attitude of the impending campaign with hope and confi present Democratic Administration toward dence. They pledge anew their faith in

the soldiers of the Union meets our disthe great principle to which the party is

approval, and should be condemned by committed-the protection of American every patriotic citizen." labor, joined with its ally and hand MISCELLANEOUS. - "That we denounce maiden, reciprocity, and a sound currency the action of the Democratic Legislature for the people; the political rights of all of Maryland in extending the terms of citizens; the purity of the ballot, and a office of County Commissioners beyond the wise and prudent administration of the period for which they had been elected General Government."

by the people as unrepublican and in vio

lation of the Constitution of our State." MAINE REPUBLICAN, June 21, 1892.


September 27, 1893. Approves the unexampled growth and prosperity of the country under Republi

THE NATIONAL PLATFORM.-Decan auspices; favors protection to Ameri clares adherence to the principles set can labor and reciprocity; a sound cur forth by the National Convention of the rency in which the aim shall be to keep Democratic party in June, 1892. gold and silver at a parity; advocates im THE CLEVELAND ADMINISTRAmigration restriction, to exclude convict TION.-Commends the Administration of and pauper labor and criminal classes; President Cleveland, and confidently beanticipates the return of the Republican lieves that his Administration, acting upon party to power in the National House of the principles which have controlled the Representatives and the rescue of that policy of the National Democratic party


since its origin, will greatly increase the party in power that so surely bring genprosperity of the whole people.

eral distrust and want." THE "SHERMAN BILL."-Sustains the SILVER.-'We favor the unconditional President in his determination to secure repeal of the purchasing clauses of the the repeal of the Silver Purchase act of Silver act. We believe that experience 1800, and declares "It was at best a has shown that the United States cannot temporary expedient. It has signally alone support silver without danger of failed to accomplish any good purpose. coming to a single silver standard; that It deranges our National finances. It com the proper use of silver may be secured pels the Government to purchase bullion only by international agreement, and that which it cannot use. It lowers the value

by such agreement it must be obtained if of silver coin in the hands of all who the business of the world is to have any hold it. It forces all wage-earners to ac lasting stability and security. At the cept payment for work done in a de

same time we earnestly recommend that preciated and depreciating money.'

the gold reserves be strengthened, so that FEDERAL ELECTION LAWS. - Ad the parity of every dollar in our currency vises the

“ repeal

of all Federal shall be surely maintained. We heartily Election laws which vest in judges commend the patriotic course taken by

the circuit courts of the United the Republicans in both branches of ConStates the power to appoint super gress who have laid aside party feeling, visors of elections, and which vest in the have done all in their power to hasten marshals for the respective districts of action, and, in strict consistency with the the United States the power to appoint history and work of the party to which special deputy marshals to assist such they belong. have been the unflinching supervisors and to attend upon the regis defenders of sound finance and honest tration of voters, and upon days of elec money." tion for representatives in Congress. Al TARIFF.--'While we realize the evils though the intolerable abuses practised of the Silver act of 1890, and recognize by the Republican party under color of the advantage to come to business intersuch appointments will not occur and ests upon its repeal, we do not for one would not be tolerated under a Democratic moment admit that it is the only, or even Administration, the laws which made such the principal, cause of the present disabuses possible ought to be repealed.' tressed condition or the country. Demo

THE TARIFF.-The existing tariff cratic leaders and the Democratic press ought to be thoroughly revised. It hinders have persistently misstated the facts and the development of agriculture, because the cause, but the truth is, the boasted It so limits the interchange of our prod victory of last November created wideucts with foreign countries as to prevent spread alarm and paralyzed the great our farmers from marketing their surplus functions and powers that had so blessed abroad. It obstructs the enterprise of our the people in prosperity. It sufficed to merchants by hampering their intercourse close factories, to diminish employment with foreign ports. By its excessive im and to lower wages. We stand out squareposition of duties upon materials, it pre ly, without prevarication or subterfuge, vents the profitable building of American for the beneficent principle of protection to ships, and compels American products to the labor and industries of our country; be exported in foreign vessels. By its ex

and we count the man or the party hostile cessive tax on raw materials it impedes to the general welfare that espouses free progress in all mechanical employments.

trade in the United States, under whatMISCELLANEOUS. -"We recommend

ever guise or name, whether secretly or that provision shall be made at the next openly. We do not advocate protection I session of our General Assembly for a

without revenue, nor do we regard any new valuation and assessment of property given set of rates or schedules beyond in such manner that every person in this

criticism or amendment, but we do say State, or person holding property therein, that true patriotism demands the applicashall contribute his proportion of public

tion of the protective principle to the taxes for the support of the Government,

methods for levying customs duties, to the according to his actual worth in real or

end that American industries be encourpersonal property; but that no person or

aged and American labor have better interest shall be unduly burdened by the

wages. We do not forget the latest decwelght of taxation."

laration of the National Democratic party

that protection is a fraud and a robbery, MASSACHUSETTS REPUBLICAN, and we appreciate the fidelity of the memOctober 7, 1893.

bers of that party in this Commonwealth

in that they have nominated an active "It needs no declaration or boast from and outspoken supporter of that heresy our partisan opponents to spread abroad for the highest executive office in Massathe information that they are again in chusetts." control of the National Government. The HONEST ELECTIONS.-"We will never change has, indeed, come-'We are con abandon the support of National protecfronted with a condition, not a theory.' tion to National elections, not merely in Unemployed labor, closed mills, suspended the South, but in the great cities of the banks, countless failures, and the utter North, and in every place where an prostration of business are the melancholy American citizen seeks to cast his lawful monuments which mark the destruction ballot and to have all rightful ballots wrought in the few brief months since honestly counted. We condemn murthey regained control. In convention as derous acts

of violence committed sembled, we appeal to the intelligent, in any part of

our country upon thinking people of the Commonwealth, of men and women who are denied each and every condition and occupation the right of an orderly trial in a in life, to condemn in no uncertain terms court of Justice and are put to death the acts, the policy, the threats of the under the rule of the mob. We depre

cate the wanton partisanship of the doml resentatives upon its speedy and emphatic nant party in Congress. Hopes of cur action in response to the President's mesrency legislation for the relief of the sage, and we call upon the Senate to folcountry are imperilled, if not destroyed. low the action of the House without unLaws in the interest of honest elections due delay or obstruction of the popular are clamorously marked for destruction. will." The great industrial interests of the coun A NEW BANKING SYSTEM.--"The extry are put in jeopardy, and the laborer perience of the last few months has sees a great party ruthlessly bent on re

demonstrated with great force the lack of ducing his wages to the degrading scale elasticity in our present banking system of the labor of Europe and of the Ori and its incapacity under existing laws to ental nations."

adjust itself to the demands of trade. CURRENCY.-"We believe in the Na We demand,


the surest protection tional bank system, one of the great re against the issue of fiat money by the sults of the war, and in its extension and Government, that either through the reamendment. We are utterly opposed to organization of the National bank systhe restoration of the State bank currencs tem or the re-establishment of State demanded by the Democratic party." banks of issue, under such Federal re

PENSIONS.-'We have been assailed in strictions as will make their notes as the past by our party opponents on the good as those of the National banks, the ground that we were too liberal to the people of all sections of the country be soldiers of the Union. We count such a enabled to supply themselves with the charge from that source an unexampled banking facilities enjoyed by other civilhonor. Surely, no such accusation will

ized nations. ever be made against them. Too cowardly

THE TARIFF.-"We congratulate the to attempt the repeal of the pension laws, people upon the complete overthrow of the which they have denounced, they seek to doctrine of McKinleyism and the election accomplish by administration what they of a government pledged in all its branches dare not do by legislation. They are strik

to inaugurate a genuine reform of the taring hundreds of individual cases from the

iff for the benefit of all classes of Amerirolls. They take away the pensions of

can citizens, and we look forward with widows under the pretence that they will

confidence to the early passage of a welllook into them afterward to see if they

considered bill in which we shall reduce were honestly granted. They execute the

the tariff to a revenue basis." pensioner first and try him afterward."

PENSIONS.-"We renew the declaraSTATE MATTERS. -- "The free school is

tions of former platforms in favor of a the great bulwark of freedom. We win

just and liberal pension system, including stand by it, no matter who shall assail it.

within its scope all needy and deserving Free public libraries, relief to the honest

veterans, but we recognize that Congress, poor, succor to the unfortunate and help

and not the Pension Bureau, must define less, the rescue of the wayward, the

the conditions under which pensions are amelioration of the conditions of living

to be granted, and we commend the efamong the toiling masses, all these shall

forts of the present Administration to have our constant support. We favor

make the operation of the pension system every practical measure

that shall

dimin-sional enactments and to purge the pension

conform to the plain terms of Congresish intemperance, disorder and crime. The

roll of fraud." Republican party will have no common interest with the saloon or the groggery.


ATORS AND CIVIL SERVICE. - "We It will not recognize their right to dictate nominations or policies. We call for

demand the election of United States Senvigorous laws that shall bring severe

ators by direct popular vote. We favor

the strict enforcement of the National penalties upon every offender against purity and honesty in elections."

Civil Service law and its further applica

tion to the public service." MASSACHUSETTS DEMOCRATIC,


April 14, 1892,

Indorses Republican principles and ADMINISTRATION. **The Democratic party of Massachusetts,

achievements, and continues: "We most

heartily Indorse the glorious work of the in convention assembled, reaffirms its

Republican majority in the List Congress support of the National Democratic platform of 1892, and congratulates the coun

of the United States, and will do all in try upon the restoration of the National

our power to upbuild and sustain the vic

tories already won for the grand triple Government in all its branches to Demo- policy of protection, reciprocity and honcratic control. The people have full con est money. fidence in President Cleveland and his publican National

platform of 1888, we

In the language of the ReAdministration. Republican control of

demand effective legislation by Congress he Government has left behind vic us

to secure the integrity and purity of Nalaws and practices which the Democratic party has already attacked and is pledged

tional elections, and that our Representa

tives in the United States Congress do all to remedy.

in their power to secure a law which will THE "SHERMAN BILL."-"We heartily support President Cleveland and seco give to every elector

a free ballot and to retary Carlisle in their firm attitude in

every voter a fair count." favor of the immediate and unconditional MICHIGAN REPUBLICAN, repeal of the purchase clause of the Sherman law, which was essentially a pro

July 21, 1892. tection measure, which has brought finan Indorses Minneapolis platform and nomicial and industrial disaster upon the coun nees; condemns the present State Demotry. We congratulate the House of Rep cratio Administration for its subserviency

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