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to the exactions of political demagogues, commends to Congress the fact that a who have forced upon Michigan the ne large majority of the people of the State farious Miner law, a measure which every are in favor of restoring silver to its fair-minded citizen condemns, and which rightful place as the coin of the Nation, Democratic leaders favor only in a State equal with gold; declares that it is the where there is a Republican majority; duty of the State Legislature to establish calls attention to Democratic theft of the a proper tribunal with power to summon Senate during its last session by unlaw-defendants before it, adjust all disputes fully and corruptly seating two usurpers and enforce its judgments by proper proin that body by the action of less than a cess; pledges the Michigan Democracy to constitutional quorum, thus making it the establishment of a labor tribunal; possible to enact the Miner law; to the favors election of mine inspectors by diunscrupulous gerrymander of Congres rect vote of the people; recommends a sional, Senatorial and Representative dis commission to devise means for the imtricts, and much other legislation which provement of country roads; denounces is a disgrace to any civilized people. convict labor, and recommends laws to MICHIGAN DEMOCRATIC,

change the present system under which

prisoners are employed in constructing May 4, 1892.

the State highways. TARIFF.-"We call upon all friends of MICHIGAN PROHIBITION, good government to unite in a National campaign upon the supreme and over

March 18, 1892. shadowing issue of tariff reform. We be Asks that the sale and manufacture of lleve that the siege begun four years ago liquor be made a public crime; demands must be continued on the same strong equal suffrage regardless of sex; that hold of the enemy, fortified by the spoils gold, silver and paper all be made full of an oppressive tariff, and upon the same legal tender, and that none but the Gov. lines of battle until victory shall crown ernment issue money; that trusts and our assaults. We think it not wise or safe combinations be prohibited by law; that to change materially the plan under farmers and industrial parties be invited which that campaign was fought. We to co-operate for the overthrow of class are confident we were right then, and the legislation; that the tariff be revised on right is always the same. We have full business principles by experts, on a reyfaith in the mind that conceived and the enue basis only; that railroads, telegraph, hands that executed the details of that telephone and express companies be owned contest. We believe most implicitly in by the Government; that pauper and crimthe wisdom, the honesty and the heroic inal immigrants be excluded and foreigncourage of him who led us in that assault; ers not permitted to vote until one year and now refreshed, revived, united and after taking out papers; avers that Profearless in our faith, we demand to be hibition party cannot entertain any propled against the enemy again under the osition to co-operate with a reform party leadership of the same great captain. We


does not antagonize the liquor therefore instruct our delegates to the Na traffic as earnestlyas it does any other tional Convention, this date chosen, to vote monopoly and vicious legislation; urges in that convention as one man for the

that individual and corporate ownership nomination of Grover Cleveland to the of land be limited; and favors a per diem Presidency of the l'nited States."

pension law. FREE WATERWAYS.-"The commerce MINNESOTA REPUBLICAN, of the great lakes for the season of navigation of but 225 days exceeds that enter

May 5, 1892. Ing and leaving the ports of London and Renews declaration of belief in the prinLiverpool combined for the entire year, ciples of the Republican party and heartand the saving by our lake navigation to ily indorses the wise and statesmanlike consumers and producers in terminal Administration of

Benjamin Harrison, charges and overrates by railroad trans which has courageously upheld the Naportation is over $130,000,000 per annum. tion's honor and dignity at home and Terminal charges and the cost of chang- abroad, and promoted peace and prosing bulk in the carrying of products of perity in every section of the Union, our farms and manufactures to the mar maintained our credit, and widened the kets are a tax upon production. The cost influence of our ideas and institutions. of a ship canal from the lakes to the tidewater can be saved to the Northwest

MINNESOTA REPUBLICAN, in less than two seasons of navigation,

July 28, 1892. and we therefore demand in behalf of our people at the hands of the National Gov-lation to eradicate and repress the evil.

TRUSTS.-Opposes trusts, favors legisernment a free waterway to the ocean.

and refers with pride to the establishment MICHIGAN DEMOCRATIC,

at the State Prison at Stillwater of the

manufacture of binding twine, thus proAugust 17, 1892.

tecting and defending farmers against one Declares that the civil authorities of of the great monopolies. the State are the constitutional conserva LABOR. --Favors suitable laws to protors of the peace, and that the military tect the health, life and limb of all emshould only be called into requisition in ployes of transportation, mining and mancases of great emergency, and then only ufacturing companies while engaged in as aids and subordinates of the civil au the service of such companies; boards or thorities; denounces Pinkertonism and de tribunals of conciliation and arbitration mands laws for its suppression; denounces for the peaceful settlement of all disthe McKinley tariff

as the culminating putes between capital and labor touching atrocity of class legislation; condemns the wages, hours of labor and questions perRepublican party for demonetizing silver; I taining to the safety and physical and

moral well-being of the laborer; the ex cated the wisdom and statesmanship of clusion of all foreign paupers, criminals, its framers. contract labor and other dangerous classes; CURRENCY.-"We commend the policy and the preservation of the public do of the Republican party in maintaining main for actual and bona fide settlers an honest currency; we not only favor under the Homestead law.

legislation that wil maintain our gold, OPEN MARKETS.-Favors such laws silver and paper money on a parity in as will give farmers cheap, safe and value, but also favor an international easily obtainable elevator and warehouse monetary system as the only safe solution facilities, and furnish them promptly and of the silver question." without discrimination, at fair and reason. TRUSTS.-"Monopolies and trusts, opable rates, proper transportation facilities pressing the people or unfairly discrimito all accessible markets.

nating against local interests, are wrong CORPORATIONS. - Favors laws com in principle, and should be prohibited by pelling railroad, telegraph and telephone law, rigidly enforced, by the authorities of companies and all corporations or indi the State and Nation." viduals charged with and performing any

FAIR ELECTIONS.-Favors free ballot public service or employment to render

and fair count and condemns that feature the best and most approved service at a

of the election laws of Missouri whereby fair and reasonable rate without discrimi

the Recorder of Voters is empowered to pation.

appoint not only the judges and clerks of MISCELLANEOUS. Recommends the election for the Democratic party, but for work and the object of the State League

the Republican party also, and insists of Republican Clubs and advises a con

that the executive committee of each tinuance of the same, favors systematic party should have the right to name for improvement and maintenance of public judges and clerks of election those who highways, praises administration of Gov are known to be strictly party men, sinernor William R. Merriam, insists on free

cere and honest in their convictions and ballot and fair count, presents to Legis

alone anxious for the success of their lature of 1893 name of Cushman K. Davis

party nominees and not those of its opfor United States Senator, urges passage

ponents; demands immediate steps to of Washburn-Hatch anti-option bili, and

purge the registration books now in use favors liberal pension policy.

of the hundreds and thousands of names of

men an non-resident voters that MINNESOTA DEMOCRATIC, are carried thereon purposely year after March 31, 1892.

year and voted under the protection of

the party in power in larger cities and SILVER.-"We hold, in acordance with

towns; requests the State Legislature to the traditional policy of our party, to the take necessary action and denounces the use of both gold and silver, and that the Democratic Legislature for having so sole coinage function of the Government is framed the Australian ballot law as practo examine the relative values of the

tically to disfranchise independent voters metals of coinage as established by the not identified with either the Democratic commercial world, and if there has been or Republican party. a sufficient fluctuation in the value of MISCELLANEOUS. - Demands equal either to make the existing ratios unequal, taxation, reaching corporations as well then to readjust the ratios so that the as individuals, the valuation of the propnumber of grains of either metal in the erty, of corporations on the same ratio unit of coinage, the dollar, shall be as the property of individuals; denounces equivalent in value, and then to permit the Democratic Legislature for its gerrythe free, unrestricted coinage of both mander of the Congressional districts so metals. We join the Democracy of New as to disfranchise 236,000 Republican York in demanding the repeal of the voters, and of the judicial circuits, thereSherman silver coinage act. We condemn by identifying the judiciary with party that act as an attempt to distract the politics; favors liberal pension policy, and friends of honest bimetallism and de rigid enforcement of contract labor law, nounce it as calculated to debase our currency, contract the circulating medium, MISSOURI DEMOCRATIC, and wreck the confidence and safety of the business world."


Denounces the McKinley bill, the "Force

bill," the "Billion Congress and arraigns June 8, 1892.

Benjamin Harrison, President ot the Condemns the McKinley till and the United States, as instigator and defender "outrageous Force bill," indorses the Ad of all these crimes against the public ministration of Grover Cleveland, and

welfare. calls on all good men, irrespective of past

SILVER.-"We demand the repeal of differences, to remember the records of the Sherman bullion-storage act, which the Republican party in its control of

makes of silver a commodity, and the the South, asserting that its dominance is

National Treasury a partner in Wall a perpetual menace to domestic tran

Street speculation; that demoralizes trade,

deranges values and debases the currency. quillity.

We hold to the use of both gold and silMISSOURI REPUBLICAN, ver as the money of the country, and

maintain that the sole function of the April 28, 1892.

Federal Government is to ascertain the TARIFF.-Indorses tarift legislation of relative value of the money metals, and, List Congress and declares that the pro in case there has been a sufficient fluctective policy of the Republican party, tuation in the relative value of the two embodied in the McKinley bill, has, after metals to make the existing coinage a trial of nearly two years, fully vindi ratio unequal, we hold that it is the duty


of the Government to readjust the coin NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN,
Age ratio and keep its mints open for the
free coinage of both metals instead of

October 4, 1893.
discontinuing the coinage of either, to
the derangement of commodity values and

"The representatives of the Republican the contraction of the currency below the party in the State of Nebraska in con

vention assembled natural basis of supply."

hereby pledge anew

our faith in and devotion to the princiMONTANA REPUBLICAN,

ples of the National Republican party,

which for more than a quarter of a cenMay 9, 1892.

tury have achieved such signal triumph in the promotion of the public

welfare PROTECTION AND RECIPROCITY.- and prosperity of the people. We look Reiterates advocacy of Republican doc back with pride upon the unexampled intrine of protection, recognizes in the Mc-dustrial and commercial prosperity under Kinley bill the most consistent and beneticent embodiment of that great principle forcible demonstration

National Republican administrations as a

of the wisdom and that has ever graced the statute books of policy of our party and place it as a the United States; indorses reciprocity; striking comparison to the stagnation

and denounces vicious attempts of Democrats depression which

has swept over the enin Congress to undermine protection by the insidious and dishonest method of

tire country since the election of Grover attacking the system through those in

Cleveland. We look with sympathy an! dustries that are not numerically strong

sorrow upon the financial distress and at the polls, or in Congress, and, in par

poverty which are resting like a dark ticular, denounces the Free Wool bill;

cloud upon the industries of the people

and the homes of the laborer as an argucondemns the action of Representative W. W. Dixon in voting in favor of that re

ment against the fitness and ability of peal; also denounces efforts of Democrats

the Democratic party to control our pubin Congress to admit free of duty the

lic affairs. The Republican party has at lead ores of Mexico, a measure that all times undertaken to so legislate that would expose the labor of Montana to the farmers of the country shall receive competition with that of a country where the highest possible prices for their prodwages scarcely exceed 50 cents a day, and ucts and the laboring men the highest bring ruin and disaster upon the great wages for their toil; and we extend to mining industry which is so large them our heartfelt sympathy for the losses factor in affording employment to work and sufferings which they are already ingmen, in the creation of wealth and compelled to endure under the anticipain promoting the prosperity of the State. tion of unwise Democratic legislation that CURRENCY AND SILVER.-"We view paralyzed industries."

has unsettled trade, disturbed finances and with pleasure the demand from all sections of the country and all classes of FAIR ELECTIONS.--"We demand that our people in behalf of the free coinage every citizen of the United States, white of silver in the ratio existing previous to or black, native or foreign born, shall be the act of 1873, and that it be made a allowed to cast one free and unrestricted legal tender in all sums and for all debts,

ballot in all public elections, and that public and private, except when otherwise such ballot shall be returned and counted expressly provided; we believe it to be

as cast, and that such rights shall be proin an essential degree obligatory upon the tected and enforced by prop er legislation Republicans of the silver producing sec as a sovereign right guaranteed under tions of the country to raise their voice

the Constitution of the Unite] States in unison with those who are moving for

and that the party shall never relax it: ward in the Congress of the United States

efforts in this direction until the in and in the conventions of the party to

tegrity of the ballot shall be fully guaran promote this just and most beneficent policy; and our delegates to the Republi- Union, North or South. We denounce thi

teed and protected in every State of the can National Convention are accordingly instructed to strive diligently to secure

Democratic majority in the Lower House recognition for the cause of free and un

of Congress in the attempt it has jus limited coinage in the platform and can begun to repeal all Federal election law didates of the party."

as a step in the direction of suppressing

and destroying the sacred privileges o FRAUD.--"The Democratic party, by five million Republicans in the Southeri its complicity in frauds upon the ballot

States. The Republican party has alway box, by its continued suppression of one been the champion of the oppressed an half of the lawful vote in the Southern recognizes the dignity of manhood irre States, by its scandalous gerrymandering spective of faith, color or nationality in the creation of Congressional districts

and we denounce every attempt of th and by the impudent felonies with which it secured a majority of the Legislature

Democratic and Independent party to cur

tail the means of labor, the reduction a of New-York, stands arraigned before the bar of public opinion as an organized

prices, the closing of manufacturing in

dustries, and reaffirm our faith in th conspiracy against a fair and pure ballot and all of the vital principles of a

great principles of the Republican part representative form of government."

for so many years advocated by such a

our great leaders as Abraham Lincolr MISCELLANEOUS.-Demands vigorous James G. Blaine, Benjamin Harrison an measures for permanent exclusion of William McKinley. In this severe polit Chinese, lavors revision of immigtation cal struggle which has agitated the whol and paturalization laws and liberal pen country and is drawing the attention sions.

all thinking men we are ready to uphol

the gallant Governor of Ohio in the battle SILVER PURCHASE ACT.--"We heartwhich he is making in his own State for ily indorse the Administration of Presi. the principles of true Republicanism, and dent Cleveland. We reaffirm the truths will be prepared to exult with him over so forcibly set forth by the President in the victory soon to be achieved."

his message to the special session of PENSIONS.—"The Republican party will Congress. We favor his recommendation never forget the bravery displayed an: to Congress therein made for the repeal hardships endured by the brave boys in of the silver purchase clause of the Sherblue in fighting the battles which pre man act, and we call upon the United served our common country, and we de States Senators to speedily pass the pendnounce the arbitrary and unpatriotic ac ing bill for the prompt and unconditional tion of Grover Cleveland and Hoke Smith repeal of that vicious law." in cutting off pensions of disabled soldiers NATIONAL ISSUES.--"We declare our without cause and without a hearing." devotion to the fundamental principles of THE TARIFF.-"'We charge the Demo

the Democratic party, as set forth and cratic party and Independent party as re embodied in the platform of our party sponsible for the financial depression of adopted by its National Convention in the country and that they mean further Chicago in 1892. We believe that as soon to destroy public confidence and to further as the Sherman act is repealed Congress paralyze industries by their threatened at.

should carry out the various other pledges tack upon the tarift system and the reve made in that platform; and so believing nues of the Nation, and we look upon we commend the promptness with which threatened free trade legislation as little the Democratic Congress is preparing to less hurtful than the fact and a challenge revise our tariff laws so that, in harmony to the manufacturing industries to a fight with the doctrines of our party, they of extermination, and we appeal to all will take no more money from the people fair-minded people to join with the Re than is needed in the economical adminpublican party in restoring confidence and istration of our Government ; and we in the protection of public revenues and commend the action of Congress in the the protective policy of the country which endeavor to promptly repeal the Federal has heretofore created and maintainel un election laws. exampled prosperity to the people and ANTI-SECTIONALISM.-"We denounce made the United States the greatest pro the seditious and inflammatory language ducing, commercial and manufacturing used by public speakers of recent days, Nation in the world,"

and their efforts to stir up strife and disGOLD AND SILVER.--"The American sension and create jealousy and distrust people from tradition and interest favor in the different parts of our common bimetallism and the Republican party de country as un-American and unpatriotic, mand the use of both gold and silver as and fraught with danger to our institustandard money with such restrictions tions. The Democracy of Nebraska deand under such provisions to be deter clares that it recognizes in commercial mined by legislation will secure and financial affairs no North, no South, the maintenance of the parity of values no East, no West; that the inter-indeof the two metals so that the purchasing pendence of the States as one people orand debt-paying power of the dollar Cains the closest identity of interests whether of silver or gold shall be at all without regard to section or locality, and times equal. The interests of the pro that all teachings to the contrary, by ducers of the country, the farmers and whomsoever disseminated, are false and the workingmen, demand that every dol pernicious." lar, paper or coin, issued by the Govern. PENSIONS."While we favor liberal ment shall be as good as any other." pensions to the deserving veterans, we also

UNIONISM AGAINST SECTIONALISM. commend the worthy efforts of Commis -"We denounce the Independent party in sioner Lochren in his endeavor to purge its effort to array the West and the South the list of those not entitled to pensions, against the North and the East as a and to make it what it should be, a roll sentiment of sectionalism as bad as that of honor." advocated by Vallandigham in the days SCHOOL ISSUES.-"We reaffirm the of the Rebellion, as unpatriotic and dan time-honored doctrine of the Democratic gerous to the public welfare. The Repub party, enunciated in the first Democratic lican party is distinctively a party of platform on which Thomas Jefferson was safe progression and development that had elected President, that we are opposed to its crowning victory in its brave and the union of Church and State in any honorable struggle for the preservation of form or under any pretext whatever; that the whole Union against sectionalism and the freedom of speech and of the press has always responded with patriotism and and the enjoyment of religious liberty wisdom to each new condition demanding | shall ever be maintained; that there shall a remedy."

be no religious test in office; and we de

clare our opposition to all secret or open NEBRASKA DEMOCRATIC, political organizations in the country

based on religious prejudices as October 4, 1893,


to the spirit and genius of "We, the representatives of the Demo our Institutions, thoroughly un-Americratic party in Nebraska, in State Con can and calculated breed disvention assembled, send hearty greeting cord, contention and unseemly strife to our President, Grover Clevelan), and in

American polity. We comrenew the expression of our confidence mend our public school system as a means and pride in his patriotism, courage and of popular education, and we are opposed wisdom.

to any division of the public school funds





of the State for sectarian purposes; but NEVADA DEMOCRATIC, 1892. e recognize the right of parental control

Declares unalterable devotion to biani the right of conscience in the educa.

metallism and the free and unlimited tion of children as in accord with the

coinage of silver. The State delegates to fundamental doctrine of the Democratio

Chicago were instructed to vote for no party that the largest liberty consistent

man for President or Vice-President who with the rights of others insures the best

is not in favor of the free coinage of government."

silver. The convention declared itself REPUBLICAN CORRUPTION. - "We absolved from all obligation to support declare the corruption of the Republican the nominees of the National Democratic party of this State as disclosed by recent party unless they favor the free coinage legislative investigation and the evidence of silver and stand on a free silver platas given in the impeachment trial calls form. loudly for a change of party control in


September 1, 1892. favor the adoption of an amendment to our Adopts the Republican State Platform State Constitution providing for the elec of April; favors unequivocally free cointion of three railroad commissioners by

age of silver, and declares that this quesa direct vote of the people, and in the tion is paramount to all others. mean time we demand the strict enforce-NEW-HAMPSHIRE REPUBLICAN, ment of the late law fixing railroad transportation rates in this State."

April 27, 1892. (The above was the report of the ma

Indorses Administration of President jority of the Committee on Resolutions. Harrison, approves the bold, well-directed The minority of the committee offered

and successful efforts of the Republican this as a substitute for the first resolu

majority of the House of Representa

tives in the List Congress to redeem the tion:

pledges upon which the Presidency and "We are opposed to the unconditional control of that Congress was won in 1888; repeal of the Sherman law, and demand invites intelligent voters to compare the that the repealing act shall carry out the achievements of that Republican House, remainder of the plank in the National since Justified by results and upheld by Democratic platform of 1892 and provido the Supreme Court, with the grotesque for 'the coinage of both gold and silver performances of its successor; demands without discrimination against either met nomination by the convention at Minneal or charge for mintage."

apolis of candidates whose character and The minority report was rejected, 114 to

record are such that they will be recog403, and the majority report was then

nized without platform or pledges agreed to without a division.)

representatives of the party that stands

for tariff protection of home industry NEVADA REPUBLICAN, and enterprise upon the lines of the Mc

Kinley law, including the raising of April 30, 1892.

necessary revenues by compelling forCondemns the Republican party of the

eigners to pay for the privilege of exEastern States and Harrison Administra

changing their merchandise for our tion in so far as they have failed to ac

money, rather than by taxing our own complish the complete remonetization of

citizens; free trade in articles which we silver and to enact laws providing for the

cannot produce and upon which the tarifi tree and unrestricted coinage of that

is a tax, and reciprocal arrangements metal: declares that the restoration of

which will open foreign markets to our silver is essential to the prosperity of the

products without destroying the domestic country and paramount ali

Advocates an honest currency to


other political considerations; instructs the Min

which cannot be used to rob wageworkneapolis delegate to contend for a plank

ers, pensioners or other private or public lavoring free coinage and to oppose nom

creditors of their just dues, and which inations for President or Vice-President

will be accepted for what it purports to of men not pledged to it.

be at all times and under all circum

stances without compulsion; a free ballot NEVADA REPUBLICAN, and an honest count and the rule of the

majority; the assertion of the Nation's September 1, 1892.

rights and the defence of the Nation's Indorses fully action of Harrison Admin

honor in all countries and upon all seas; istration, except as to finance: favors free the completion of a powerful Navy and coinage of gold and silver; looks with adequate coast and harbor defence; subhope and encouragement to the approach stantial support of the merchant marine; ing International Monetary Conference, liberal appropriation for internal improvethough affirming confidence in power of ments: a prompt and generous settleAmerican Republic to restore and main

ment of the just claims of the Union vettain the parity of the two metals at the

erans and a sturdy defence of all else ratio of 16 to 1; advocates an increase of

that goes to constitute aggressive and the currency; indorses the construction

uncompromising Republicanism. of

the Nicaragua Canal; favors the amendment of Immigration and natural

NEW HAMPSHIRE DEMOCRATIC ization laws and declares that the cause

May 11, 1892. of silver can only win by calm discus TARIFF.-Approves of "a system of son and not by association with "Free taxation so adjusted as to produce the Tradelsm, Greenbackism and commun necessary revenues for the legitimate re

quirements of an honest government eco


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