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PENSIONS.Suggests a just and lib OREGON DEMOCRATIC, eral recognition of the claims of the veterans, and favors granting them all that

April 19, 1892. patriotism could ask, all that National TARIFF.-"We declare our unfaltering gratitude would demand. Fraudulent adherence to the cause of tariff reform, claims for partisan purposes, or de- holding that the policy of favoritism purpartment decisions in contravention of sued by the Republican party in general law, as practised under the last Adminis- legislation is subversive of the principles tration, need to be investigated and cor that underlie equality and true democreeted, so that the unselfish valor of the racy, and deny the right of the GovernAmerican soldier may remain untarnished. ment to levy a protective tariff except The Democratic party pledges itself that as incidental to the raising of revenue the rightful claim of no Union soldier to to defray the expenses of the Government a pension shall be denied, and the allow- economically administered, or for any conance of any worthy pensioner shall not sideration save that of the public welbe disturbed."

fare. We demand such a revision of the CLEVELAND ADMINISTRATION. tarifr laws as will entirely eliminate per*The country has abiding faith in the sonal, class or special interests, with a integrity, patriotism and exalted courage

view of securing the greatest possible of President Cleveland. True to the peo

revenue with the least possible burden to ple and watchful of their interests, he the people.", will enforce honest and economical meth

SILVER._"We believe in honest money, ods in the conduct of public affairs and

the gold or silver coinage of the Constisecure to every section of the country the tution, and

in a currency convertible into blessing of good government."

such coinage without loss, and of suffMISCELLANEOUS.-"We condemn the

cient volume to meet all demands of the unbusinesslike administration of State af

We demand that all the money

people. fairs, under Governor McKinley, deplore monetary value and of equal purchasing

coined or issued by us should be of equal the official scandals and defalcations under it, and denounce the condoning all paper currency issued by the Govern

power for the rich and the poor, and that official crimes which have brought hu

ment should be redeemable in either gold miliation upon our people. We denounce the reckless extravagance of the large and not at the discretion of the Secretary

or silver coin at the option of the holder, majority in the Seventieth General As

of the Treasury." sembly, which appropriated for current MISCELLANEOUS.-Favors election of expenses about $600,000 in excess of the

United States Senators by direct vote; opcurrent revenues, and added almost $30,000,000 to the local bonded indebtedness Kinley bill and Republican Congress, and

poses Chinese immigration; condemns MCof the State by laws in the main uncon- praises Cleveland Administration. stitutional. We demand that an end be put to such robbery of the taxpayers. PENNSYLVANIA REPUBLICAN, The Democratic

party expresses its confidence in the ability of the Hon. Calvin

August 30, 1893. S. Brice, of the United States Senate, to SILVER.-Demands the immediate and materially assist the Democratic majority unconditional repeal of the purchasing in the Congress of the United States to clause in the act of July 14, 1800. Favors extricate the great commercial interests of the expansion of the circulating me ium this country from their present dis to a ratio of $40 per capita, and the tressed condition."

proposition to issue to National banks OREGON REPUBLICAN.

notes to the par value of the bonds de

posited to secure their circulation. ReApril 6, 1892.

peats the following declaration of the

Republican National Convention: "The TARIFF.-Reaffirms devotion to protec-American people from tradition and intion, McKinley bill and reciprocity; de terest favor bimetallism, and the Republinounces the Democratic doctrine of free

can party demands the use of both gold trade in so-called "raw materials," and silver as standard money with such coupled with a high protective tariff on restrictions and under such provisions, to goods manufactured therefrom, and de be determined by le-islation, as will semands protection for the wool industry cure the maintenance of the parity of equal to that accorded the most favored values of the two metals so that the purmanufacturers of wool denouncing the chasing and debt-paying power of a dolSpringer Free Wool bill as unjust and lar, whether of silver, gold or paper, unpatriotic.

shall be at all times equal. The interSILVER.-"We îndorse the amended ests of the producers of the country, its coinage act of the last Republican Con farmers and its workingmen, demand that grees by which the entire production of every dollar, paper or coin, issued by the the silver mines of the United States is Government shall be as good as any added to the currency of the people." other.

MISCELLANEOUS.-Demands exclusion "Further, we declare that the obligations of Chinese, favors amendment to the Con of the Government should be discharged stitution providing for election of United in money approved and current in all States Senators by direct vote, commends civilized nations, and to that end that a the work of the last Republican Congress largely increased reserve of goll should and Administration of President Harrison, be gradually accumulated and mainand favors prompt construction of ample tained.'' coast defences, building of an efficient

TARIFF.-"Swiftly upon the heels of navy, and maintenance of Monroe Doc Democratic success in 1892 has followed trine.

unprecedented National distress. A ruin

ous fall in the price of farm and other PENNSYLVANIA DEMOCRATIC, products and manufactures, the closing of

September 19, 1893. workshops, factories and mills; the reduction of wages of labor, the discharge

SILVER.-Favors repeal of the silver of workingmen from em loyment, the ces

purchase clause in the act of July 14, sation of railroad extension and diminu

1890; favors "a currency of gold and sil. tion in traffic, bankruptcy and the sus

ver coin, Treasury and bank notes suffpension of banks, are to-cay the only

cient for the business needs of the counmonuments of their triumph, The present

try," which currency "shall at all times condition of the country is mainly due

be kept at a parity of value." to the conviction that a vital attack will

MISCELLANEOUS.-Indorses President be made up on the American system of

Clevelan's Administration; approves the protection. We reiterate the belief we revision of the pension rolls; charges the have often expressed that the mainte Republican party with being solely renance of an adequate and stable system of sponsible for the disturbed financial conprotective duties is essential to the well dition of the country; praises Governor being of the Nation and the prosperity of

Pattison's Administration, arraigns the labor and capital, and protest against any

last Republican Legislature for varlous amendments to the Mckinley bill until it

acts, declares for a non-partisan judiciary, shall have been fairly tested and judged

and eulogizes William F. Harrity. by its practical operation."

PENNSYLVANIA POPULIST, PENSIONS.—"The heroic sacrifices and

June 14, 1893. unfaltering patriotism of the Union soldiers and sailors of the great War of the

The platform reafirms allegiance to the Rebellion created a debt of gratitude that

National organization and demands the the Nation can never pay, and the Re

referendum system of submitting importpublican party, ever mindful of their

ant legislation to a vote of the people. loyal services and grateful for their hero

Demands that the President, Vice-Presi

dent and United States Senators shall be Ism, renews its declaration of friendship for the surviving veterans and its advo

elected by a direct vote; favors a grau

ated income and inheritance tax for raiscacy of liberal pensions, and so far as possible will not only contribute to their

ing State, county and municipal revenue. comfort in their declining years, but will

Declares the State school-book law to be

in the interest of a school-book syndicate hold in sacred memory their priceless and

and recommends that it be amended so distinguished services on the field of batle. The National Democratic Administra.

that the State shall publish a uniform tion, in the appointment of officers in

system of school-books, and publish them

free. Demands the passage of an act charge of the Interior Department at

making a mine boss a State officer, to be Washington who are hostile to surviving veterans, deserves the condemnation of salary to be paid by a levy made on the

selected through civil service rule, the every loyal citizen of the Nation, ani tho Republican party of Pennsylvania

output of the mine, and favors State ownem

Dephatically denounces the acts by which

ership and operation of all mines. the heroes of the Republic are being ar

mands that the actual homestea, owned

and paid for, shall be exempt from levy bitrarily deprived of their pensions as and sale for debt, that all property be unworthy of the patriotic American people and as reflecting discredit upon the

assessed at its cash value; that service great Republic made perpetual by the

pensions be paid to all men who con loyal services of the Union soldiers and

tributed to the restoration of the Union; sailors."

demands the repeal of the conspiracy

laws and the adoption of a law making IMMIGRATION.--"We demand the en

it a grave offence for an employer to inactment and enforcement of immigration

terfere with an employe's right to join or laws which shall effectually prohibit the

affiliate with any organization; the enactimportation of ignorant and undesirable

ment of laws compelling corporations and Immigrants. Our intelligent workingmen

firms to pay their employes weekly in lawshould not be obliged to compete with

ful money, the abolishment of company such labor."

stores, and giving mechanics and laborers

a first lien upon the product of their MISCELLANEOUS. "We recommend

labor. The resolutions also oppose the that the representation in the Republic

issue of State bonds for road purposes or can National Convention for 1896 be based

any other purpose, anl demand that the

Baker upon the Republican vote at the Presi

ballot law be amended SO as dential election of 1892, and that the

to permit all parties to be represented on Republican National Committee issue

the official ballot without reference to its call accordingly. We commend percentage. the action of

the last

PENNSYLVANIA PROHIBITION, in this State in setting apart from the revenues of the commonwealth an

June 7, 1893. additional $1,000,000 to defray the cost of LIQUOR QUESTION.--"We reaffirm the public schools, thus increasing the appro- | principles as contained in our National priation for that purpose to $5,500,000 per and state platforms of years past, thereby annum, and relieving the burden of local declaring that the outlawing and suptaxation to that extent. The act again pression of the traffic in intoxicating liforcibly illustrates the integrity of the quors has become the dominant issue in Republican party in redeeming its pledges National and State politics, because it is for the reduction of taxation."

the foe to human progress and civiliza

tion, the arch enemy of all our institu FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.-Indorses tions, corrupting our whole political sys the Administration of President Harrison, tem, burdening the neople with undue and and arraigns the Democratic Congress for unremunerative taxation in the support its incompetency. of great numbers of paupers, insane and MISCELLANEOUS.-Indorses the Adcriminals, the direct product of the legal ministration of Governor Brown, and ized drink traffic, and we renew our

pledges support to the reform principles declarations for the entire suppression of outlined in his annual message; favors the traffic in intoxicating liquors as a

revising the Constitution by amendments, beverage in any of its forms, by National and opposes a constitutional convention; and State enactments duly enforced. favors a plurality system of election, free *After more than a century of experi

text books for the public schools, and such menting with all kinds of laws by what. changes in the liquor laws as public sentiever name called that tend to legalize,

ment demands; sympathizes with the efpermit, tolerate or recognize the right of

fort to reduce the hours of labor, and the traffic in intoxicating liquors as a

challenges the closest scrutiny of the adbeverage to exist have proved delusions

ministration of the finance departments

and institutions. and snares, are inconsistent with the polle cy of our Government by which all laws RHODE ISLAND DEMOCRATIC, are intended for the securing of the greatest good to the greatest number, and

March 21, 1893.

The platform was principally devoted to SWOMAN SUFFRAGE. No person other urging a revision of the Constitution by wise qualified shoul: by reason of sex be

a constitutional convention. A nine-hour denied the right of suffrage or equal pay day was declared for. for equal labor.

SOUTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN, PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM.-The publio school system of this commonwealth must

April 20, 1892. be preserved and improved. No appropri Indorses protection and reciprocity. ation of public funds should be made for the support of sectarian schools.

SOUTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATIC, MISCELLANEOUS.-We affirm the principles as enunciated in our National plat

May 18, 1892. form on the questions of money, rail

THE PRESIDENCY.-"We assert that roads and telegraph, foreign immigration,

Grover Cleveland does not represent the against speculations and margins, the cor principles of Democracy as taught our Dering of grain, etc., the granting of just

forefathers and as we understand them. pensions to disabled veterans, and on all

We therefore enter our solemn protest other political questions that may arise

against the nomination of Grover Clevethe Prohibition party will always advo

land or any other candidate known or becate that side of the same which will in

lieved to be selected in the interest and sure the greatest good to the greatest

at the dictation of Wall Street, but we number.

demand as our standard-bearer a man The Sabbath must be preserve and pro

for the people and with the people, and tected as a day of rest by the due en

who will serve the people and not any forcement of present laws and the en.

class or faction. We shall look upon the actment of such other laws as may be

nomination of ex-President Cleveland, if necessary for the preservation of the same

forced upon the party at the Chicago Coninviolate.

vention, as a prostitution of the princi

ples of Jeffersonian Democracy, as a reRHODE ISLAND REPUBLICAN, pudiation of the demands of the Farmers' March 21, 1893.

Alliance, which embody the true princiTARIFF.-Approves the policy inaugu

ples of Democracy, and a surrender of rated by the availment of the "reciprocity kings of the country.”

the rights of the people to the financial section of the Tariff act of 1800, by MISCELLANEOUS. Embodies entire which foreign markets for our agricult Ocala Alliance platform, demanding aboural and manufactured products have lition of National banks, establishment of been secured without lessening the extent or impairing the value of the home mar

Sub-Treasuries for lending money at 2 ket for these and other American prod

per cent on farm products and real esucts, and the thanks of the country are

tate, increase of circulating medium to due to the President and Secretary Blaine

not less than $50 per capita, passage by for the succegsful

Congress of laws against dealings in fumanner in which they conducted the negotiations and se

tures, free and unlimited coinage of silcured arrangements to carry this wise

ver, laws prohibiting alien ownership of

land and the reclamation by the Governlegislation into effect. The maintenance

ment of all lands now held by railroads of a tarift system for the protection of

and other corporations and in excess of labor is the cardinal principle of the Re

such as are actually used, and removal publican party. The comfort and pros

of existing heavy tarih upon the necesDerity of the great mass of the people of

saries of life. the United States is directly dependent upon the continuance of the present high SOUTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATIC. level of wages in all American industries,

September 21, 1892. and the result can only be obtained by levying such protective duties upon com Denounces as unpatriotic and Infamous peting articles in pcrted from foreign attempts to injure the credit and honor countries as shall give to American work of the State, declares that every just oblimen an equal chance to secure American gation of the State should be promptly markets."

discharged, the receipts from phosphate

royalty alone in two months having been enacting a law authorizing the purchase nearly sufficient to meet the interest on of 4,500,000 ounces of silver monthly, and the debt and eventually to pay the debt the issuance of an equivalent in paper itself, and recommends the Legislature to currency. We believe that every dollar set apart by law any excess of phosphate of American money should have the same royalty, after paying annual interest on intrinsic value as every other dollar,' and the State debt, as a sinking fund, to be 'believing that the full use of silver as a placed at interest and used for paying the coin metal upon an agreed ratio by the principal.

great commercial nations of the world

would highly promote the prosperity of all SOUTH DAKOTA REPUBLICAN, their people, no favorable opportunity July 22, 1892.

should be permitted to pass for the pro

motion of that most desirable result; or if MONEY.-"We favor the use of both

international silver coinage is not presgold and silver as standard money under ently attainable, then legislation should such legislative regulations as will secure

secure the largest practicable use for that the parity of values of the two metals,

metal. " and we commend the steps already taken LABOR.-'We denounce the incompeby our Government to secure this impor

tency of the Democratic State government tant object by an international monetary

of Tennessee, which has, by tampering conference."

with the convict lease system, disgraced LABOR. -Deplores conflicts between la

the State, so that, as a culmination of bor and capital, denounces agitation of

the outrageous management, to-day the demagogues designed to foment and in

public work of the capital city of the tensify these conflicts, earnestly disap

State is performed by penitentiary conproves the use of private armed forces

victs, and that convicts are now emin any attempt to settle them, and recom

ployed on the public streets of the capital mends their reference to legally created

city, in full view of the capitol, to the or amicably chosen boards of arbitration. great detriment and injury of honest laTARIFF.-Approves protection,


borers, who, with their families, are denounces Omaha platform declarations as pendent on such work, and are forced to seditious and scandalous, and declares seek employment elsewhere. And to the that reciprocity has already very largely end that convict labor shall no longer be augmented the exportation of manufact- brought into competitio with free labor ured wares and agricultural products. anywhere in the State we demand the

LAND QUESTION.--Urges legislation abolition of the convict lease system." for reclaiming arid land and Government ELECTIONS.-"We denounce the infaaid for the establishment of a system of mous, unconstitutional and partisan legisirrigation by artesian wells, and commends lation by which large numbers of honest the present General Land Office for secur voters are deprived of the right of sufing to the settlers on the public lands frage; and we demand the repeal of the tities to their homes.

poll tax provision in the election laws OPTIONS AND TRUSTS.-"We demand and an amendment of the laws by which such legislation by our general and State illiterate voters may be rendered assistGovernment as will prevent dealing in ance so as to enable them to cast their options of agricultural products by specu votes in elections, as under the Constitulators and the forming of combinations ticn of the State they are entitled to do. and trusts."

We are in favor of an honest ballot BALLOT.-"As a fitting supplement to and a fair count, and we denounce all our Australian system of voting, we de- intimidation, schemes and fraudulent or mand the enactment of a law requiring oppressive practices by which legal voters the registration of voters in all cities hav are either prevented from voting or their ing a population of 1,000 and upward." votes not counted in the result. Each

MISCELLANEOUS.-Indorses State gov legal vote should be counted and none ernment; demands revision of revenue and other, and every legal voter should be tax laws; invites attention to road im allowed to vote and his vote counted as provement; favors postal telegraph and cast. postal savings bank system, rural free

TENNESSEE DEMOCRATIC, delivery: demands laws regulating the rates charged by express companies; fa

May 26, 1892. vors election of railroad commissioners by CURRENCY.--"We favor a currency of the people; demands that the commission gold, silver and of paper, convertible ers have power to fix local passenger and into coin at the option of the holder, and freight rates; favors laws for the regula in such amount as will meet the busition of railroads, and indorses action of ness necessities of internal trade and Congress as to pensions.

commerce among the people; and we SOUTH DAKOTA DEMOCRATIO,

further favor a parity of the two metals

as a commercial unit of value and as a September 1, 1892.

legal-tender for the payment of all debts, Demands resubmission of prohibition

public and private, as existed under the question to voters; denounces Pinkerton

laws of the United States down to the ism; strongly indorses tarifr reform, and

infamous and surreptitious demonetizatouches on various other questions of

tion of silver in 1873 by the Republican State interest.

party; and we further favor the continued

coinage of the silver and gold bullion in TENNESSEE REPUBLICAN, such manner ag that every dollar so May 4, 1892.

coined shall be equal to every other

dollar," CURRENCY.-"We commend the List MISCELLANEOUS.--Declares the NaCongress for increasing the currency by I tional bank system a monopoly.

TENNESSEE DEMOCRATIC, SILVER.-"While we yield to the wis
August 9, 1892.

dom of a majority of the National De

mocracy in making the reduction of rev Indorses Chicago platform and nomi enue taxation to the necessities of th nees; favors abolition of convict lease

Government economically administered system; demands that taxation be reduced

the paramount leading issues of this cam to meet the actual needs of the Govern paign, upon the policy that it is safes ment, and declares against the elections to make the struggle to secure one reforn bill and monopoly.

at a time, we nevertheless proclaim ou TEXAS REPUBLICAN,

adherence to the principle, justice and ne

cessity of a free and unlimited coinage of September 14, 1892.

silver at the ratio heretofore provided Favors regulation of railway corpora

by law, and shall continue to contend foi

it. We therefore commend our Senators tions under such restrictions as will in

and Representatives for their faithful ef. sure equal justice to the railways as well as people, condemns revolutionary meth

forts to promote the success of this measods and violence; legislation calculated to

ure, and pledge that they shall so con

tinue." drive capital out of the State or turn im BANKS.-"We oppose the National bankmigration away; favors low rate of interest; demands that the Legislature shall

ing system, we demand the repeal of the

Federal tax on State banks, and favor an provide for the collection from the Fed

amendment to our State Constitution pereral Government of the bounty on sugar mitting the incorporation of State banks, produced on the State farms; demands under proper restrictions and control, for State laws to protect the ballot of every the protection of depositors and the peocitizen in accordance with the National ple. We favor a graduated income tax Republican platform; the passage of laws for Federal purposes." to further the building and keeping in RAILROADS. -Indorses Texas Railrepair of a system of intercounty public road Commission law; favors an appointroads by penitentiary convicts, thus pro ive commission, unless the Constitution curing for them profitable employment be so changed as to permit of the election without bringing them in competition with of one of the Commissioners every two free labor; condemns the law which discriminates against colored teachers on the

years, making their tenure of office six

years, and demands a law to prevent county school Board of Examiners; and stock watering. demands that the Legislature comply with LANDS.-Commends public officials seekthe constitutional requirements, and es Ing to recover land unlawfully obtained tablish a branch for the colored youth at by railroad companies from the State for the State University.

sidings and switches; promises that innoTEXAS DEMOCRATIC,

cent purchasers for value and actual set

tlers shall have their titles validated, and August 18, 1892.

demands law to define perpetuities, proTARIFF.-"We oppose all taxation and

hibit the further operation of land cortariffs of every kind for purposes other

porations in the State, and require those

now in possession of lands for agrithan revenue consistent with the neces cultural, horticultural, grazing and specu, sities of the Government economically administered."

lative purposes, excepting overflowed and SCHOOLS.-"We oppose the proposed such reasonable time as may not impair

irrigated lands, to dispose of these within collection and distribution by the Federal Government of money in aid of the educa

vested rights.

MISCELLANEOUS.-Denounces reports tional system of the various States." GOVERNMENT LOANS.-"We denounce migration or the legitimate investment of

that Texas Democrats are hostile to imall acts and efforts by the Federal Government whereby it in fact does or pro- Confederate soldiers; demands execution

foreign capital; favors State provision for poses to advance or lend money to any citizen, corporation or class upon any

of public free school law and endowment sort of security, and we oppose Govern

of university; opposes convict lease sysmental ownership of railroads, telephone lien' law; favors time limit for Federal

tem; promises enactment of mechanfcs' and telegraph lines,"

officeholders and demands restriction of BOUNTIES.-"We denounce all bounties and subsidies given by the Federal Gov- municipal bond issues. ernment in aid of private enterprises as VERMONT REPUBLICAN, class favors repugnant to the democratic people and unwarranted by a correct con

April 13, 1892. struction of the constitutional powers of "The Republicans of Vermont regard Congress. We denounce all species of protection for American industries, an class legislation as iniquitous, unconsti honest dollar and an honest ballot the tutional and subversive of the aims and leading considerations, deserving conthe ends of government."

tinued and earnest National indorsement. ELECTIONS BILL.-"We cite the so We indorse the Administration of Presicalled Force bill as the extreme evidence dent Harrison as pure and progressive, of the enmity of the Republican party to and in the treatment of foreign queslocal self-government, and denounce it as tions broadly and courageously Ameria violation of the Constitution, corrupt can." in conception, vicious in sentiment, crim VERMONT REPUBLICAN, inal in detail, the only mission of which is to foment race prejudice, to produce

June 22, 1892. sectional strife and in feeling, so fatal to Indorses protection, demanding that tarthe tranquillity of the people of the sey iff laws should be from time to time eral States."

readjusted to secure full industrial de

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