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PRINCIPAL DEPARTMENTAL OFFICERS.-Continued. Counsel for Great Britain-Sir Charles the consular courts. A mixed tribunal Russell, Sir Richard Webster.

consists of three judges, three of whom are Associate Counsel for the United States foreigners and two natives. The foreign -William Williams, Robert Lansing, judges are appointed by the Khedive on

the recommendation of the great Powers, INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL OF each of which is represented by from one EGYPT.

to three judges. There are several trib

unals of original jurisdiction (first inIn 1876, as the result of negotiations stance) and a court of appeals at Alexbetween the Ottoman and Egyptian goy andria. The United States is represented ernments and the various Christian pow in these courts by the following judges: ers having representatives at Cairo, cer Court of Appeals at Alexandria--Victor tain courts were created in Egypt for the C. Barringer, of North Carolina (aptrial of mixed civil causes arising be pointed in 1874). tween persons of different foreign nation Court of First Instance at Alexandriaalities, and sults of foreigners against Ernest H. Crosby, of New-York (apnatives, the Egyptian Government and pointed in 1889). members of the Khedival family. These Court of First Instance at Cairo-Anmixed tribunals, in civil matters within thony M. Kelley, of Virginia (appointed their exclusive jurisdiction, superseded in 1886)


Chief Justice-MELVILLE W. FULLER, Illinois, 4th Circuit. Appointed 1888
No. of

When ap-
No. of

When apCircuit. Justices.


pointed. 1. Horace Gray, Mass... ...1881

Henry S. Brown, Michigan...1891 2. Vacant.

7. John M, Harlan, Kentucky...1877 3. George Shiras, jr., Penn...... 1892 8. David J. Brewer, Kansas.....1889

Howell E. Jackson, Tenn.....1893 9. Stephen J. Field, California..1863
Retired Justice-William Strong, Pennsylvania, $10,000 a year.

(a) Salary of Chief Justice, $10,500; of each Justice, $10,000. (The Supreme Court Justice for the Circuit, the Ap peal Judge of the Circuit and the Circuit Judge constitute the new Circuit Court of Appeals, with limited appellate jurisdiction, in relief of the Supreme Court.)

CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS. 1. William L. Putnam, Maine.

6. William H. Taft, Ohio. 2. Nathaniel Shipman, Connecticut.

7. William A. Woods, Indiana. 3. George M. Dallas, Pennsylvania. 8. Walter H. Sanborn, Minnesota 4. Nathan Goff, West Virginia.

9. William B. Gilbert, Oregon. 5. Andrew P. McCormick, Texas.

*Annual salary, $6,000. Appointed in 1892.

CIRCUIT JUDGES OF THE UNITED STATES. (Those in italics were appointed between March 4, 1885, and March 3, 1889.) 1. Le Baron B. Colt, Rhode Island, 6. Horace H. Lurton, Tennessee. 2. William J. Wallace, New-York.

7. James G. Jenkins, Wisconsin. E. Henry Lacnmbe, New York.

8. Henry C. Caldwell, Arkansas. 3. Marcus W. Acheson, Pennsylvania. 9. Joseph McKenna, California. 5. Don A. Pardee, Louisiana.

Annual salary, $6,000.
The First Circuit consists of the States of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hamp-
shire and Rhode Island. The Second, of Connecticut, New-York and Vermont
The Third, of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Fourth, of Maryland,
North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. The Fifth, of Alabama,
Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The Sixth, of Kentucky, Mich-
igan, Ohio and Tennessee. The Seventh, of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. The
Eighth, of Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota. Missouri, Nebraska and
Wyoming. The Ninth, of California, Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.

ALASKA-Judge-Warren Truitt.
ARIZONA-Chief Justice-A. C. Baker. { Agoraukin

Associates--Owen T. Rouse, Richard E. Sloan, John
INDIAN TERRITORY- Judge U.S. Court-Charles B. Stuart.
NEW.MEXICO-Chief JusticeThomas Smith. { Afecciates william Di Lee, Albert B. Fall,
UTAH-Chief Justice-Charles S. Zane.

Associates - James A. Miner, George W.

Bartch, H. W. Smith OKLAHOMA-Chief Justice- Frank Dale. Associates. Henry W. Scott, John H. Burfort.

* Annual salary, $3,000. † Annual salary, $3,500.

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Name. Where employed. State.

Name. Where employed. Alabama (N.D.)- John Bruce. Montgomery Montana-Hiram Knowles.

.......Helena (8. D.)-Harry T. Toulmin..Mobile Nebraska-Elmer S. Dundy........Omaha Ark. (E.D.)

John A. Williams.Little Rock Nevada-Thomas P. Hawley..Carson City

(W.D.)-Isaac c. Parker. Fort Smith New-Hampshire-Edgar Aldrich. Littleton California(N.D.)-W.W.Morrow..S.Frisco New Jersey-Edward T. Green...Trenton

(S. D.)--Erskine M. Roes....Los Angeles New-York (N.D.)-Alfred C. Coxe... Utica Colorado-Moses Hallett...........Denver

(S.D.)--Addison Brown...N. Y. City Connecticut-W. K. Townsend.New Haven (E.D.)--Chas. L. Benedict. . Brooklyn Delaware-Leonard E. Wales. Wilmington N. C. (E.D.)-Aug. S. Seymour.. Newbern Florida (N.D.)-C. Swayne...Jacksonville (W.D.)-Robt. P. Dick...Greensboro

(S.D.)-Jas. W. Locke... Key West North Dakota-Alfred D. Thomas....., Fargo Georgia (N. D.)-W. T. Newman..... Atlanta Ohio (N.D.)--Aug. J. Ricks.....Cleveland (S.D.)-Emory Speer.......


(S.D.) - George R. Sage. ... Cincinnati Idaho-James H. Beatty..... .Boise City Oregon-Charles B. Bellinger.......Portland Illinois (N.D.)-P. S. Grosscup... Chicago Pennsylvania (D.D.)-Wm. Butler. Phila.

(8.D.), William J. Allen....Springfield (W.D.)-Jos. Buffington...Kittanning Indiana John H. Baker...........Goshen Rhode Island-G. M. Carpenter.Pr'vid'nce Iowa (N.D.)-Oliver P. Shiras..... Dubuque South Carolina-Chas.H. Simnonton. Charlest'n

(S.D.)-John S. Woolson.....Keokuk South Dakota-A. J. Edgerton.Sioux Falls Kansas-Cassius G. Foster........ Topeka Tenn. (E. and M.D.)-D. M. Key, Knoxv'le Kentucky-John W. Barr...... Louisville (W.D.)-EII S. Hammond.. Memphis Louisiana (E.D.)-aEdwd. C. Billings.N.O. Texas (N.D.)-John B. Rector..... Dallas

(W.D.)-Aleck Boarman..Shreveport (E.D.)-David E. Bryant...Sherman Maine Nathan Webb.

Portland Vermont-Hoyt H. Wheeler... Brattleboro Maryland-Thomas J. Morris... Baltimore (W. D.)- Thomas S. Maxey.... Austin Massachusetts-Thos. L. Nelson... Boston Virginia (E.D.)-R. W. Hughes. .Norfolk Michigan (E.D.)-Hy. H. Swan...Detroit (W.D.)-J. Paul. Harrisonburg

(WD.)-Henry 7. Severens...G. Rapids Washington-Cornelius H. Hanford. Seattle Minnesota-Rensselaer R. Nelson.St. Paul West Va.-J. J. Jackson, Jr.. Parkersburg Mississippl-Henry C. Nlles.......Oxford Wisconsin (E.D.)-W. H. Seaman, Milwaukee Missouri (E. D.)- Amos M. Thayer.St. Louis (W.D.)-R. Bunn.

........ Madison (W.D.)- John F. Phillips... Kansas City! Wyoming-John A. Riner.......Cheyenne

Salaries of R. A. Hill and of H. W. Blodgett, $5,000; of all the other retired judges, $3,500.

Retired District Judges-John Erskine, Southern District of Georgia; George S. Bryan, South Carolina; Samuel Treat, Missouri: Martin Welker, Ohio; Robert A. Hill, Mississippi; Henry W. Blodgett, Illinois; $3,500 a year.

* Annual salary, $5,000.

COURT OF CLAIMS. Chief Justice-WILLIAM A. RICHARDBOK, Massachusetts. Judges-Charles C. Nott, New-York; Lawrence Weldon, Illinois; John Davis, Massachusetts; Stanton J. Peelle, Indiana.

* Annual salary, $4,500 each.

COURT OF PRIVATE LAND CLAIMS. Chief Justice-Joseph R. Reed, Council Bluffs,

Iowa. Associate Justices-Henry C. Sluss, Wichita, Kan.; Wilbur F. Stone, Denver, Col.; Will. lam W. Murray, Huntingdon, Tenn.; Thomas C. Fuller, Raleigh, N.C.

Annual salary, $5,000 each. SUPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Chlef Justice-EDWARD F. BINGHAM....Ohio | Associate Justices-C. C. Cole. Dist.of Columb Associate Justices-Alex, B. Hagner. Maryl'd Andrew C. Bradley.

Maryland Walter S. Cox..... District of Columbia Louis E. McComas.

.Maryland Salary of the Chief Justice and of the Associates, $5,000.

Retired Associate Justices-Andrew Wylie, Arthur McArthur, Charles P. James (salary retired Justices, $4.000). $3,000 a year each.

Chief Justice Richard H. Alvey, Maryland ; Martin F. Morris, District of Coluerbia : Seth Shepard, Texas.

Annual salary of Chief Justice, $6,000 ; of the Associates, $5,000.


Alabama, N. D....... O'Neal, Emmet...

Birmingham, Ala.
Alabama, M. D...
Clayton, Henry D..

Montgomery, Ala.
Alabama, s. D.....
Miller, Joseph N.

Mobile, Ala.
Arkansas, E. D...
House, Joseph W.

Little Rock, Ark.
Arkansas, W. D.
. Read, James F.

Fort Smith, Ark.
Johnson, Charles s..

Sitka, Alaska.
Ellinwood, E. E.

Tucson, Ariz.
Calcornla, N. D....

Garter, Charles A.

San Francisco, Cal. a Dled December 1, 1893.



California, SD....
Denis, George J.

Los Angeles, Cal.
Johnson, Henry V.

Denver, Col.

McLean, George P. Hartford, Conn. Delaware.

Watson, Berlah........... Dover, Del. District of Columbia.

Birney, Arthur A.......... Washington, D. C. Florida, N. D....

Summers, Owen J. H.... Jacksonville, Fla.
Florida, s. D...

Patterson, G. Bowne. Key West, Fla.
Georgia, N. D..
James, J. S....

Atlanta, Ga.
Georgia, s. D..

Gary, William T.

.. Macon, Ga. Idaho.. Wood, Fremont.

Boise City, Idaho. Illinois, N. D.

Milchrist, Thomas E. Chicago, Ill. Illinois, S. D.

Shutt, William E........ Springfield, Ill. Indiana.

Burke, Frank B.... Indianapolis, Ind. Indian Territory

Jackson, Clifford L..... . Muscogee, I. T. Iowa, N. D..

O'Connell, Maurice D.. Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Iowa, s. D..
. Miles, Lewis.

Corydon, Iowa.
Perry, W. C...

Topeka, Kan.
..Jolly, George W.

Louisville, Ky.
Louisiana, E. D.

Earhart, Ferdinand B.... New Orleans, La.
Louisiana, W. D.
Seals, Charles W.

Shreveport, La.
Dyer, Isaac W.

Portland, Me.
Ensor, John T.

Baltimore, Md.
Hoar, Sherman.

Boston, Mass.
Michigan, E. D..

Shepard, Theodore F. West Bay City, Mich.
Michigan, W. D.
Palmer, Lewis G.

Grand Rapids, Mich.
Hay, Eugene G.

St. Paul, Minn.
Mississippi, N. 1).
Fox, Andrew F...

Oxford, Miss.
Mississippi, S. D..
Lee, Robert C.....

Vicksburg, Miss.
Missouri, É. D..

Reynolds, George D. St. Louis, Mo. Missouri, W. D..

Neal, George A...

Kansas City. Montana...

Weed, Elbert D.....

Helena, Mont. Nebraska.

Baker, Benjamin S.

Fairbury, Neb.
Whitcher, John W.

Virginia City.
New Hampshire.

Remick, James W.

Littleton. New Jersey.

White, Henry S.

Jersey City: New-Mexico.

Fiske, Eugene A..

Santa Fe, N. M.
New-York, N. D.
William A. Poucher.

Oswego, N. Y.
New-York, S. D.
..Mitchell, Edward.

New-York City.
New-York, E. D...
Johnson, Jesse..

Brooklyn, N. Y.
North Carolina, E. D.

Aycock, Charles B.

Goldsboro, N. C.
North Carolina, W. D.. Glenn, Robert B..

Winston, N. C.
North Dakota.
Simp, Edgar W.

Jamestown, N. D.
Ohio, N. D.....
Brinsmade, A. T.

Cleveland, Ohio.
Ohio, S. D..
Herron, John W.

Cincinnati, Ohio.
Murphy, Daniel R.

Portland, Ore.
Pennsylvania, E. D.
Ingham, Ellery P.

Philadelphia, Penn.
Pennsylvania, W. D. Hall, Harry A....

Pittsburg, Penn. Rhode Island..

Gorman, Charles E. Providence, R. I. South Carolina.

Murphy, William Perry. Charleston, S. C. south Dakota. Miller, Ezra W.

Elk Point, S. D. Tennessee, E. D.

Bible, James H.

Chattanooga, Tenn. Tennessee, M. D.

Ruhm, John...

Nashville, Tenn. Tennessee, W. D.

Hawkins, Samuel W

Huntington, Tenn. Texas, E. D....

Hannay, Robert E.. Paris, Tex. Texas, N. D.

Marshall, Eugene.

Dallas, Tex. Texas, W. D.

Evans, Andrew J.

San Antonio, Tex. Territory of Utah

Judd, John W..

Salt Lake City, Utah, Vermont..

Plumley, Frank.

Northfield, Vt.
Virginia, E. D..

Lassiter, Francis R. Petersburg, Va.
Virginia, W. D.
Montague, A. J....

Danville, Va.

Brinker, William H. Seattle, Wash. West Virginia.

Watts, Cornelius C.. Charleston, W. Va. Wisconsin, E. D.

Wigman, John H. M. Milwaukee, Wis. Wisconsin, W. D.

Harper, Samuel A... Madison, Wis. Wyoming..

Fowler, Benjamin F. Sundance, Wyo. Oklahoma..

Speed, Horace...

Guthrie, Okla.



Date of Country. Residence.


Salary. Com'n. France..

James B. Eustis.

.$17,500..1893 Jermany.

Theodore Runyon.

17,500.. 1893 freat Britain.

. Thomas F. Bayard.

17.500..1893 taly..

William Porter.




Date o Country.



Salary. Com'n Argentine Republic.... Buenos Ayres.......J. R. G. Pitkin....... $10,000..188 Austria-Hungary..

.Bartlett Tripp.

12,000..189 Belgium..

.James S. Ewing.....

7,500..189 Bolivia.

La Paz.
.C. H. T. Taylor.

5,000..189 Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro..... Thomas L. Thompson, 12,000..189 Chili.

James D. Porter.

10,000..189 China.

Charles Denby.

12,000..188 Colombia.

.Luther F. McKinney

10,000..189 Managua. Costa Rica.

Lewis Baker..

10,000..189 Copenhagen..... John E. Risley

7,500..189 Denmark


Eben Alexander. Greece.

6,500..189 Guatemala.

P. M. B. Young.

10,000..189 Hawaii.

A. S. Willis..

7,500..189 Honduras.

P. M. B. Young.

10,000..189 Japan.......

Edwin Dun...

12,000..189 Mexico. City of Mexico... Isaac P. Gray.

17,500..1893 Netherlands. The Hague. ..W. E. Quinby.

7,500..1899 Nicaragua.

Lewis Baker.

10,000..1895 Paraguay and Uruguay...Montevideo. George Maney.

7,500..189 Peru.

James A. McKenzie..

10,000..189 Portugal.

George W. Caruth.

5,000..189 Rumania.

Eben Alexander.

6,500..189 Russia. St. Petersburg . Andrew D. White.

17,500..189 Salvador.. Managua... Lewis Baker....

10,000..189 Servia...

.Eben Alexander.

6,500..189 Spain.

Hannis Taylor..

12,000..189 Sweden and Norway..... Stockholm..... . William W. Thomas.

7,500..188 Switzerland...

James O. Broadhead.

5,000..189 Turkey.

.Constantinople..... Alexander W. Terrell. .... 10,000.. 189 Venezuela. ..... ..... Caracas.

Frank C. Partridge.......... 7,500..189

Augustine Heard.

$7,500..189 Hayti. Port-au-Prince..... Henry M. Smythe.

5,000..189 Liberia.


4,000.. Persia.

Alexander McDonald.

5,000..189 Santo Domingo.. Port-au-Prince.....John S. Durham (a).

5,000..189 Stam. Bangkok. ......... S. H. Boyd..

5,000..189 Egypt..

.. Cairo.... ......Frederic č. Penfield (b)...... 5,000..189

SECRETARIES OF LEGATION. Argentine Republic. Buenos Ayres...... G. W. Fishback..

$1,500..189 Austria-Hungary.

Lawrence Townsend.

1,800..189 Brazil. Rio de Janeiro..... George B. Anderson.

1,800..1893 Santiago. Owen McGaw.....

1,500..189 Colombia.

Jacob Sleeper.

2,000..1893 (orea.

..H. N. Allen.

1,500..189 France.

Henry Vignaud.

2,625..188 Germany

.. Chapman Coleman.

2,625..188Great Britain. ..London... ......... James R. Roosevelt.

2,625..189 Guatemala. ..Guatemala........ D. L. Pringle..

2,000..1899 Italy...

H. R. Whitehouse.

1,800..189 Mexico. City of Mexico..... C. A. Dougherty.

1,800.. 1890 Peru...

Richard R. Neill.

1,500..188 Russia. St. Petersburg.... George C. Webb.

2,625..189 Spain..

. Stephen Bonsal..

1,800..1893 Turkey Constantinople..... John W. Riddle.

1,800.. 1893 Venezuela.

Richard M. Bartleman.

1,500.. 1890

FOREIGN LEGATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES. Argentine Republic-Dr. D. Estanislao China-Mr. Yang Yu, E. E. and M. P. 8. Zeballos, E. E. and M. P.

Colombia-Senor Don Jose Marcelina Austria-Hungary-Chevalier de Tavera, Hurtado, E. E. and M. P. E. E. and M. P.

Costa Rica-Senor Don Manuel Maria Belgium-Mr. Alfred Le Ghait, E. E. Peralta, E. E. and M. P. and M. P.

France-Mr. J. Patenotre, Ambassador Brazil-Senhor Salvador de Mendonca, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. E E. and M. P.

Germany-Baron A. von Saurma-Jeltsch, Chill-Senor Don Domingo Gana, E. E. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoand M. P.

tentiary. Charge d'Affaires. b agent and Consul-General.

FOREIGN LEGATIONS IN THE UNITED STATES.--Continued. Great Britain-Sir Julian Pauncefote, Peru-General Don Caesar Canevaro, E. G, C. B., G. C. M. G., Ambassador Ex E. and M. P. traordinary and Plenipotentiary.

Portugal - Senhor Thomaz de Souza Hayti-Mr. Clement Haentjens, E. E. Roza, E. E. and M. P. and M. P.

Russia-Prince Cantacwzene, E. E. and Hawail-Mr. Lorin A. Thurston, E. E. M. P. and M. P.

Siam - Phra Suriya Nuvair, Charge Italy-Baron de Fava, Ambassador Ex d'Affaires ad interim. traordinary and Plenipotentiary.

Spain-Senor Don E. de Muruaga, E. Japan-Mr. Gozo Tateno, E. E. and M. E. and M. P. P.

Sweden and Norway-Mr. J. A. W. Korea-Mr. Pak Chung Yang, E. E. and Grip, E. E. and M. P. M. P.

Switzerland-Mr. Alfred de Claparede, Mexico-Senor Don Matias Romero, E. E. E. and M. P. E. and M. P.

Turkey-Mavroyeni Bey, E. E. and M. Netherlands-Mr. G. de Weckherlin, E. P. E. and M. P.

Venezuela-Dr. Don David Lobo, SecNicaragua-Senor Don Horacio Guzman, retary of Legation and Charge d'Affaires E. E. and M. P.

ad interim.




GENERAL OFFICERS. Dandy, Ga., George H. Weeks, Me.; Will

iam B. Hughes, Tenn. ; Augustus G. RobMAJOR-GENERALS—John M. Schofield, inson, Me., James G. C. Lee, Ohio. Illinois, commanding the Army; Oliver O. ASSISTANT COMMISSARIES - GENHoward, Maine; Nelson A. Miles, Massa ERAL OF SUBSISTENCE-Col. Michael chusetts.

R. Morgan, La.; Lt.-Cols. John W. BarBRIGADIER-GENERALS—Thomas H. riger, Ky.; Thomas Wilson, D. C.; WillRuger, Wis.; Wesley Merritt, Ill.; John iam H. Bell, Penn. R. Brooke, Penn.; Alex. McD. McCook, ASSISTANT SURGEON GENERALS, Ohio; Frank Wheaton, R. I.; E. S. Otis, WITH RANK OF COLONEL-Joseph R. Maryland.

Smith, N. Y.; Bernard J. D. Irwin, N. BRIGADIER-GENERALS OF THE Y.; Charles T. Alexander, Ark.; Joseph STAFF.-George D. Ruggles, Adjutant-C. Bally, Penn.; Charles H. Alden, Penn.; General; J. C. Breckinridge, Inspector-Charles C. Byrne, Md. General; R. N. Batchelder, Quartermas DEPUTY SURGEON-GENERALS, ter-General; J. P. Hawkins, Commissary- WITH RANK OF LIEUTENANT-COLOGeneral of Subsistence; George M. Stern-NEL-Joseph P. Wright, Penn.; Francis berg, Surgeon-General; William Smith, L. Town, Penn.; Dallas Bache, Penn.; Paymaster-General; T. L. Casey, Chief of Charles R. Greenleaf, Ohio; William H. Engineers; D. W. Flagler, Chief of Ord-Forwood, Penn.; William D. Wolverton, nance; A. W. Greely, Cnief Signal Officer; N. J.; Albert Hartsuff, Mich.; J. Van D. D. S. Stanley, Governor of Soldiers' Middleton, D. C.; Henry R. Tilton, N. J.; Home, Washington.

Samuel M. Horton, Penn. ASSISTANT ADJUTANTS-GENERAL ASSISTANT PAYMASTERS-GENERAL Col. Thomas M. Vincent, Ohio; Col. Oliver --Cols. Charles M. Ferrell, Ky.; Thaddeus D. Greene, N. Y.; Lt.-Cols. Samuel Breck, H. Stanton, Iowa. Mass.: Henry C. Wood, Me.; James P. DEPUTY PAYMASTERS-GENERALMartin, Ky.; Henry C. Corbin, Ohio; Lt.-Col. George E. Glenn, Ohio; James P. Merritt Barber, Vt.; M. V. Sheridan, Canby, Del.; George W. Candee, Ill. Ohio; Thomas Ward, N. Y.

COLONELS OF ENGINEERS-George INSPECTORS-GENERAL-Col. Robert H. Mendell, Penn.; Henry L. Abbot, P. Hughes, Penn. ; Col. Edward M. Heyl, Mass.; William P. Craighill, Va.; Cyrus Penn. Lt. Col. George H. Burton, Del.; B. Comstock, Mass.; Orlando M. Poe, Lt.-Col. Henry W. Lawton, Ind.

Ohio; George H. Elliot, Mass, ASSISTANT JUDGE ADVOCATE LIEUT.-COLONELS OF ENGINEERSGENERAL (ACTING JUDGE ADVO- Henry M. Robert, Ohio; John M. Wilson, CATE-GENERAL)-Col. Guido N. Lieber, Wash.; John W. Barlow, Wis.; Peter C. N. Y.

Hains, N. J.; George L. Gillespie, Tenn.; DEPUTY JUDGE ADVOCATES-GEN Charles R. Suter, N. Y.; Jared A. Smith, ERAL-Lt.-Cols. William Winthrop, N. Me.; Samuel M. Mansfield, Conn.; WillY.; Thomas F. Barr, Mass.; John W. iam R. King, N. Y.; William H. H. BenClous, Army.

yaurd, Penn.; Garrett J. Lydecker, N. Y.; ASSIST'NT QUARTERMASTERS-GEN Amos Stickney, Ohio. ERAL-Cols. Charles H. Tompkins, N. COLONELS OF ORDNANCE James Y.; Judson D. Bingham, Ind. ; Henry C. M. Whittemore, Mass.; Adelbert R. BufHodges, Vt.; John G. Chandler, Mass. finton, Va.; Alfred Mordecai, Penn.

DEPUTY QUARTERMASTERS-GEN LIEUT.-COLONELS OF ORDNANCEERAL-Lt.-Cols. Charles G. Sawtelle, Francis H. Parker, N. Y.; Joseph P. FarMe.; Marshall I. Ludington, Penn.; ley, D. C.; Lawrence S. Babbitt, Md. ; James M. Moore, Penn.; George B. William A. Marye, Cal.

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