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HARPER & BROTHERS, Franklin Square, New-York. The Best Periodicals for Family Reading; Harper's Magazine, Harper's Weekly, Bazar, and Harper's Young People. See 4th cover page.

NATIONAL PARK BANK OF NEW. YORK, Ebenezer K. Wright, President. Capital, $2,000,000; surplus, $2,800,000. Extensive Safety Vaults. See cover.

THE CENTRAL NATIONAL BANK OF NEW-YORK, William L. Strong, President. See statement of resources and liabilities on 3d cover page.

F. W. DEVOE & CO., cor. Fulton and William Sts. Established 1852. Manufacturers Artists' Materials, House-painters' Colors, etc.

Front page. J. HARPER BONNELL COMPANY, 11 and 13 Vandewater-st. Extensive Printing Ink Manufacturers. Supply The Tribune. First Front Page.

CHARLES HURST, Electrotyper_and Stereotyper,

113 Nassau-st., New-York. old established. Page 423.

THE FIDELITY AND CASUALTY CO., 140 to 146 Broadway, N. Y. Assets $1,962,806 71. Geo. F. Seward, Pres't. Front page.

J. C. CHILDS & CO., 346 Eighth-ave., N. Y. Pure Wines and Liquors. Page 416.

THE MUTUAL LITE INSURANCE CO., of New York, Richard A. McCurdy, Pres't. Assets over $180,000,000. Page 412.

J. M. THORBURN & CO., 15 John-st., N. Y. Established 1802. The Leading Seed House of America. Send for Catalogue of High Class Seeds. Front page.

NEW-YORK LAW SCHOOL, Equitable Building, 120 Broadway, New-York. Geo. Chase, Dean. Largest Law School (save one) in the United States. Page 409.

HILTON, HUGHES & CO. (successors to A. T. Stewart & Co.)-Broadway, 4thave., 9th-st., 10th-st.-The whole block. Claimed to be the First of the Great Dry Goods Houses of the world. Mail orders given prompt attention. Pages 410 & 411.

GLENN'S SULPHUR SOAP, Refreshing and Healthful. Page 415.

GEO. H. PRENTISS & CO., 37 Willlam-st., N. Y., and 208 Montague-st., Brooklyn. Dealers in Local Investment Securities. Members N. Y. Stock Exchange. Page 407.

THE MANHATTAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. OF NEW-YORK, Henry B. Stokes, Pres't. Incorporated 1850. Assets over $13,000,000. Page 409.

A. D. FARMER & SON.. Beekman-st., N. Y. The old New-York Type Foundry. Not in the Trust. Page 413.

THE EMPIRE TYPE SETTING AND DISTRIBUTING MACHINES. Best and Most Rapid. Vill set three sizes of type. Office, 203 Broadway, New-York. Page 413.

HUMANE NAILLESS HORSE-SHOE CO., 54 World Bldg., New-York. Benfield Patent. Most Valuable Invention. Send for Catalogue. See Page 419.

BENEDICT BROTHERS, Broadway and Cortlandt-st., N. Y. Fine Watches, Diamonds and Rich Jewelry. "The Benedict" perfect Cuff, Sleeve and Coilar Button. Page 414.

FIFTH AVENUE HOTEL, Madison Square, N. Y. Most central and delight. ful location. Page 408.

GREAT AMERICAN TEA CO., 31-33 Vesey-st., N. Y. Ladies' China Closets replenished Free. Page 414.

SAMUEL WEIL, Paste and Sizing, 194 and 196 Franklin-st., N. Y. Page 422.

WORCESTER SALT. Best Dairy and Household Salt in the World. Nash, Whlton & Co., New-York. Page 414.

R. HOE & CO., Printing Press Machine and Saw Manufacturers, 504 Grandst.New-York. Page 417.

COMMERCIAL CABLE CO.. N. Y., J. W. Mackay. Pres't. The leading Atlantic Cable Co. Page 412.

DAVIDS' INKS, 127-129 William-st., N. Y. Thaddeus Davids Company. Stanch Old House. Established 1825. Page 417.

THE NEW-YORK PRINTING CO. (The Republic Press), 536-538 Pearl-st., N. Y. Excellent reputation for specially fine print work. Page 417.

HOLT BROTHERS, Printers, 17 to 27 Vandewater-st. Blank Book Manufacturers, Lithographers, etc. Page 422.

COMMUNIPAU COAL COMPANY. OPfice, 111 Broadway, N. Y. Page 423.

F. A. RINGLER CO., 23-25 Park Place, N. Y., Electrotypers. Largest Printing Plate Mfg. Establishment in the world. Page 418.

MARTIN B. BROWN, General Printer and Blank Book Manufacturer, 49 and 51 Park Place, N. Y. Page 416.

THE METROPOLITAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO., New-York. Stations indicated by the sign of a “'Blue Bell." Communication had also with all long-distance points.

Front page. MUTUAL RESERVE FUND LIFE ASSOCIATION, Potter Building. 38 Park Row, New-York City. Edward B. Harper, President. Life insurance at about one-half the usual rates charged by the old system. Page 424.

WOODLAWN CEMETERY, Woodlawn Station, 24th Ward, N. Y. Office, 20 East 23d-st. Page 418.

W. S. ESTEY. 65 Fulton-st., N. Y. Wire Work and Wire Cloth. Page 418.

BRADLEY & SMITH, Brush Manufacturers, 251 Pearl-st. In brush business,

in the same building, 34 years. Page 420.

JOSEPH B. DALEY & CO., 31 Rosest., N. Y., Printers' Rollers and Roller Composition. Page 420.

STEVENS MORRIS, 20 College Place, N. Y. Photo Engravers and Designers, Superior Work Guaranteed. Page 421.

AMERICAN WHITE METAL WORKS, G. D. Mackey, Proprietor, 64 Gold-st., N. Y. Stereotype, Electrotype and Type Metal. Page 421.

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Orders on the N. Y. Stock Exchange Executed for

Cash or on Margin.



Madison Square, New-York.



A. B. Darling.
Charles N. Vilas,


E. A. Darling.
Hiram Hitchcock.

This noble pile of white marble, Corinthian architecture, covering eighteen full city lots and accommodating one thousand guests, marks a place in the heart of the great City of New-York, and an era in the history of the Nation's wealth and advancement. It is located in the centre of the City, upon the charming Madison Square and at the intersection of the two great streets, Broadway and Fifth Avenue, and convenient to the most important points of interest in the Metropolis.

Its patrons include the names of the most prominent men and women in America– The Presidents, hundreds of Government Officials, Senators, Congressmen, Judges, Army and Navy Officers, Divines, Physicians, Authors, and in fact all who have attained prominence and celebrity in public and private life, both at home and abroad; and the most distinguished Europeans of rank and title who have visited this country,

It has been the centre of all the great public occasions which the City has witnessed for thirty years.

Years have come and gone, new hotels have multiplied with innovations and features introduced to affect and influence patronage, but the Fifth Avenue is as new and fresh as the most recent hotel construction, with more liberal accommodations than any of them, and its well-earned reputation as the leading hotel of the world is more and more assured.

-King's Handbook of the United States.

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THE Professors were associates of Prof. THEODORE W. Dwight

in Columbia College Law School until his retirement therefrom in 1891, and follow the “ Dwight METHOD” of legal instruction. Degree of LL.B. given after a two years' course. Tuition Fee, $100. Post-graduate course now established.

ANNUAL SESSION OPENS OCTOBER 1ST. Por Catalogues, Information, etc., address GEORGE CHASE, Dean,

Successors to A. T. Stewart & Co.

Dry Goods,


and Furniture,

Housefurnishing Goods,

China and Glass,

Men's Furnishing, Stationery,

Ladies' Cloaks, Wraps

and Millinery

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next page.)

Broadway, 4th Ave., 9th and 10th Sts.,


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