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PRINCIPAL DEPARTMENTAL OFFICERS. (The figures after each name indicate the year of appointment or assignment, and the

figures with $ sign indicate the annual salary. STATE DEPARTMENT.

Solicitor of the Treasury-Felix A. Assistant Secretary-Edwin F.

Reeve (1893). Tennessee, $4,500.

Uhl (1893), Michigan, $4,500.

WAR DEPARTMENT. Second Assistant Secretary-Alvey A.

Assistant Secretary - Joseph B. Doe Adee (1882), New-York, $3,500.

(1893), Wisconsin, $4,500. Third Assistant Secretary-Wm.

Adjutant-General-Brig.-Gen. George D. Rockhill (1894), New-York, $3,500.

Ruggles (1893). Chief of Diplomatic Bureau-T. W. Crid

Inspector-General-Brig.-Gen. Joseph C. ler, $2,100.

Breckinridge (1889). Chief of Consular Bureau-Vacant,

Quartermaster-General-Brig.-Gen. Rich$2,100.

ard N. Batchelder (1890). TREASURY DEPARTMENT.

Commissary-General-Brig.-Gen. Michael Assistant Secretaries-William Edmond R. 'Morgan (1894). Curtis (1893), New-York; Charles S. Ham- Surgeon-General-Brig.-Gen. George M lin (1893), Massachusetts, Scott Wike Sternberg (1893). (1893), Illinois, $4,500,

Paymaster-General-Brig.-General ThadController-Robert B. Bowler (1893), deus H. Stanton (1895). $5,500.

Chief of Engineers-Brig.-Gen. Wm. P.
Ass't Controller-Edward A. Bowers, Craighill (1895).
(1895), Connecticut, $5,000.

Chief of Ordnance-Brig.-Gen. Daniel W.
Auditor_for_the Treasury DepartmentFlagler (1891), New-York.
Ernest P. Baldwin (1893), Maryland,

Judge-Advocate-General-Brig.-Gen. $4,000.


N. Lieber (1895). Auditor for War Dept.-T. Stobo Farrow (1893), South Carolina, $4,000.

Chlef Signal Officer-Brig.-Gen. Adolphus

W. Greely (1887). Auditor for Interior Dept.-Samuel

Chief Record and Pension Officer-Col. Blackwell (1893), Alabama, $4,000.

F. C. Ainsworth. Auditor for Navy Dept.-Wm. H. Pugh (1895), Ohio, $4,000.

NAVY DEPARTMENT. Auditor for State Dept.-Thomas Hol

Assistant Secretary - William McAdoo, comb (1893), Delaware, $4,000.

(1893), Virginia, $4,500. Auditor for P. O. Dept.-Geo. A. How

Bureau of Yards and Docks-Commodore

E. 0. Matthews (1894). ard (1894), Tennessee, $4,000.

Bureau of Navigation-Rear-Admiral Treasurer U. S.-Daniel N. Morgan Francis M. Ramsay (1889). (1893), Connecticut, $6,000.

Bureau of Ordnance-Captain William Register of the Treasury-J. Fount.

T. Sampson (1893). c Tillman (1893), Tennessee, $1,000.

Bureau of Provisions and Clothing
Controller of the Currency-James H. Paymaster-General Edwin Stewart (1890).c
Eckels (1893), Illinois, $5,000.

Bureau of Medicine and Surgery-Sur-
Commissioner of Internal Revenue-Jo-geon-General J. Rufus Tryon (1803). C
seph S.
Miller (1893), West Virginia,

Bureau of Construction and Repair $6,000.

Naval Constructor Philip Hichborn (183).c
Commissioner of Navigation-Eugene T.
Chamberlain (1893), New York, $3,600.

Bureau of Equipment-Commander F. E.

Chadwick (1893). C Solicitor of Internal Revenue-Robert

Bureau of Steam Engineering-EngineerT. Hough (1893), Ohio, $4,500.

in-Chief George W. Melville (1887). C Director of the Mint-Robert E. Preston

Judge-Advocate-General-Lieut. Samuel (1893), District of Columbia, $4,500.

C. Lemley, U. S. Navy Corps (1892),
Chief of the Secret Service Division-$3,500. d
William P. Hazen (1894), Ohio, $3,500.

Commandant of Marine Corps Col.
Supervising Surgeon-General of the Ma-

Charles Heywood (1891). rine Hospital Service-Walter Wyman cRank of Commodore while Chief of Bu(1890), Missouri, $4,000.

reau, d Rank of Captain while head of

office. Supervising Inspector-General of Steam Vessels-James A. Dumont (1876), New


First Assistant Postmaster-General -
Bureau of Statistics-Worthington C. Frank H. Jones (1893), Illinois, $4,000.
Ford (1893), New-York, $3,000.

Second Assistant Postmaster-General-
Bureau of Engraving and Printing- Charles Neilson (1894). Maryland, $4,000.
Claude M. Johnson (1893), Kentucky, Third Assistant Postmaster-General

Kerr Craige (1893), North Carolina, $4,000.
Superintendent of the U. S. Coast and Fourth Assistant Postmaster-General-
Geodetic Survey-W. W. Duffield (1894), Robert A. Maxwell (1893), New-York,
Michigan, $6,000.


PRINCIPAL DEPARTMENTAL OFFICERS-Continued. Chief Clerk-Frank H. Thomas (1894), CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSIONERS. Michigan, $2,500.

John R. Procter, Kentucky: William G. Assistant Attorney-General John L.

Rice, New-York; John B. Harlow, MisThomas (1893), Missouri, $4,000.

souri; $3,500 each. John T. Doyle, secreSuperintendent of Foreign Mails-N. M. tary; Wm. H. Webster, chief examiner. Brooks (1890), Virginia, $3,000.

INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSuperintendent of Money Order System - Edward M. Gadsden (1893), Georgia,

SIONERS. $3,500.

William R. Morrison, Illinois, chair General Superintendent of Railway Mail

man; Wheelock G. Veazey. Vermont; Service-James E. White (1890), Illinois, Martin A. Knapp, New-York; Judson C. $3,500.

Clements, Georgia; James D. Yeomans, Superintendent of Dead Letter omce- Georgia. Annual salary, $7,500 each. EdBernard Goode (1893), Michigan, $2,500. ward A. Moseley, secretary, $3,500. Chief Postoffice Inspector-M. D. Wheel

INTERCONTINENTAL RAILWAY COMer (1893), New-York, $3,000.


A. J. Cassatt, Pennsylvania; Henry G. Solicitor-General - Lawrence Maxwell

Davis, West Virginia; Richard C. Kerens, (1893), Ohio, $7,000.

Assistant Attorneys-General-Edward B.
Whitney (1893), New-York; Holmes Con-

rad (1893), Virginia; Joshua E. Dodge, UNION PACIFIC R. R. COMPANY.
Massachusetts; Charles B. Howry (1893),
Mississippi, $5,000 each,

E. Ellery Anderson, New-York; J. W.

Doane, Illinois, Fitzhugh Lee, Virginia; INTERIOR DEPARTMENT.

J. W. Paddock, Nebraska. One vacancy. First Assistant Secretary-William H. Sims (1893), Mississippi, $4,500.

DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION. Assistant Secretary-John M. Reynolds Superintendent-Herman Stump (1893), (1893), Pennsylvania, $1,000.

Washington, $4,000. Assistant Attorney-General - John I. Hall Commissioners-Joseph H. Senner, New(1893), Georgia, $5,000.

York, $6,000 (1893): Thos. F. Delehanty, Commissioner of the General Land Or.

Boston, $2,200 (1894; W. H. Ruby, Baltifice-Silas W. Lamoreux (1893), Wisconsin,

more, $2,200 (1893); J. J. S. Rodgers,

Philadelphia, $2,200 (1891); W. P. Strad$5,000.

ley, San Francisco, $2,200 (1893); W. T. Commissioner of Pensions William Levy (1894), Quebec and Halifax, $2,200; Lochren (1893), Minnesota, $5,000.

R. G. Penn (1893). Vancouver and VicCommissioner of Indian Affairs-Daniel toria, $2,200. M. Browning (1893), Illinois, $4,000.

SOLDIERS HOME COMMISSIONERS. Commissioner of Patents-John S. Seymour (1893), Connecticut, $5,000.

Major-General Nelson A. Miles, presiCommissioner of Education-Tvilliam T.

dent; Adjutant-General George D. RugHarris (1889), Massachusetts, $3,000.

gles, Quartermaster-General R. N. Batch

elder, Commissary-General Michael R. Commissioner of Railroads-Wade Hamp

Morgan, Surgeon-General George M. ton (1893), South Carolina, $4,500.

Sternberg, Judge-Advocate-General G. N. Director of Geological Survey-Charles Lieber, Brig.-Gen. David S, Stanley, GovD. Walcott (1894), New-York, $5,000.

ernor of Soldiers' Home. Acting Superintendent of the Census

officers of the Home-Brig.-Gen. D. S. Carroll D. Wright (1893), Massachusetts,

Stanley, governor; Captain D. A. Irwin,

lieut.-gov.; Major R. C. Parker, secreto complete the work.

tary and treasurer;

Lieut.-Col. W. H. Architect of the Capitol-Edward Clark Forwood, surgeon. (1865), Pennsylvania, $4,500.


Clinton Furbish, director; (1894), Tennessee, $4,500.

secretary, No. 2 Jackson Chief of the Weather Bureau-Willis L. Place, Washington; translators, John c. Moore (1895), $4,500.

Redman, Portuguese, and Jose I. Rodri

guez, Spanish; editor, H. H. Marmaduke. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE.

INDIAN COMMISSION. Public Printer--Thomas E. Benedict (1894), New-York, $4,500.

Chairman, Merrill E. Gates, Amherst,

Mass.; secretary, E. Whittlesey, WashingDEPARTMENT OF LABOR.

ton, D. C.; Albert K. Smiley, Lake MoCommissioner-Carroll D. Wright (1888), honk, N. Y.; William D. Walker, Fargo, Massachusetts, $5,000.

N. D.; William H. Lyon and Darwin R. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.

James, Brooklyn, N. Y.; Joseph T. Ja

cobs, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Philip C. GarLibrarian-Ainsworth H. Spofford (1864). rett, Philadelphia; Bishop Henry B. WhipOhio, $4,000.

ple, Faribault, Minn,


U. s. BOARD ON GEOGRAPHIC , natives, the Egyptian Government and NAMES.

members of the Khedival family. These Chairman, Henry Gannett; secretary,

mixed tribunals, in civil matters within Marcus Baker, Geological Survey; Andrew

their exclusive jurisdiction, superseded H. Allen, State Department; Capt. G. W.

the consular courts. A mixed tribunal Goethals, War Dep't.; A. B. Johnson,

consists of five judges, three of whom are Lighthouse Board; Commander C. D. foreigners and two natives. The foreign Sigsbee, U. S. N.; vacant, Postoffice judges are appointed by the Khedive on Dep't.; Prof. 0. T. Mason, Smithsonian the recommendation of the great Powers, Institution; Herbert G. Ogden, Coast Sur- each of which is represented by from one vey; Harry King, Interior Dep't.

to three judges. There are several tribINTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL

unals of original jurisdiction (first inOF

stance) and a court of appeals at AlexEGYPT.

andria. The United States is represented In 1876, as the result of negotiations in these courts by the following judges: between the Ottoman and Egyptian gov- Court of Appeals at Alexandria-Anernments and the various Christian pow- thony M. Keiley, Virginia (app'd 1894). ers having representatives at Cairo, cer- Court of First Instance at Cairo tain courts were created in Egypt for the Walker Fearn, Alabama (app'd 1891). trial of mixed civil causes arising be- Court of First Instance at Mansourahtween persons of different foreign nation- Somerville P. Tuck, New-York (app'd alities, and suits of foreigners against | 1894).

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pointed. Circuit.


pointed. 1. Horace Gray, Mass.. .1881 5. Edward D. White, La.

.1874 2. Henry B. Brown, Michigan... 1891 7. John M. Harlan, Kentucky...1877 3. George Shiras, jr., Penn..

8. David J. Brewer, Kansas.....189 4. Rufus W. Peckham, N. Y....1895 9. Stephen J. Field, California. . 1863

(a) Salary of Chief Justice, $10,500; of each Justice, $10,000.



(Salary $6,000 a year each.) 1. Le Baron B. Colt, Rhode Island; Wil- 6. William H. Taft, Ohio; Horace H. liam L. Putnam, Maine.

Lurton, Tennessee. 2. William J. Wallace and E, Henry La.

7. W. A. Woods, Indiana; James G. Jencombe, New-York; Nathaniel Ship

kins, Wisconsin; John W. Showalter, man, Connecticut.

Illinois. 3. Marcus W. Acheson and George M. 8. Henry C. Caldwell, Arkansas; Walter Dallas, Pennsylvania,

H. Sanborn, Minnesota; Amos M. 4. Nathan Goff, West Virginia; C. H. Si

Thayer, Missouri. monton, South Carolina.

9. Joseph McKenna, California; William 5. Don A. Pardee, Louisiana; A. P. Mc- B. Gilbert, Oregon; Erskine M. Ross, Cormick, Texas.

California. The First Circuit consists of the States of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. The Second, of Connecticut, New-York and Vermont. The Third, of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The Fourth, of Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia The Fifth, of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. The Sixth, of Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee. The Seventh, of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. The Eighth, of Arkansas, Colorado. Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming The Ninth, of California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.


Name. Where employed. State. Name. Where employed. Alabama" (N.D.)--John Bruce. Montgomery Connecticut-W. K. Townsend.New Haven

(S.D.)-Harry T. Toulmin.. Mobile Delaware-Leonard E. Wales. Wilmington Ark. (E.D.)-John A. Williams. Little Rock F'orida (N.D.)--C. Swayne...Jacksonville

(W.D.)-Isaac C. Parker... Fort Smith (S.D.)-Jas. W. Locke...... Key West California(N.D.)-W.W. Morrow..S.Frisco Georgia (N.D.)-W. T. Newman.. Atlanta (S.D.)-Olin Wellborne, Los Angeles.

(S.D.)-Emory Speer...

. Macon Colorado-Moses Hallett...........Denver Idaho-James H. Beatty.... ...Boise City

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Name. Where employed.


Name. Where employed. Illinois (N.D.)--P. S. Grosscup...Chicago N. C. (E.D.)-Aug. S. Seymour.. Newbern

(S.D.)-William J. Allen....Springfield (W.D.)--Robt. P. Dick..... Greensboro Indiana John H. Baker.

..Goshen North Dakota-Alfred D. Thomas... Fargo Iowa (N.D.)-Oliver P. Shiras...Dubuque Ohio (N.D.)-Aug. J. Ricks.....Cleveland

(S.D.)- John S. Woolson..Mt. Pleasant (S.D.)-George R. Sage.....Cincinnati Kansas-Cassius G. Foster........ Topeka Oregon-Charles B. Bellinger.... Portland Kentucky-John W. Barr. .. Louisville

Pennsylvania (E.D.)--Wm. Butler. Phila. Louisiana (E.D.)-Charles Parlange..N.O. (W.D.)--Jos. Buffington....Kittanning

(W.D.)-Aleck Boarman....Shreveport Maine-Nathan Webb,

Rhode Island-G. M. Carpenter. Pr'vid'nce

South Carolina-W. H. Brawley.Charles'n
Maryland-Thomas J. Morris... Baltimore

South Dakota-A. J. Edgerton. Sioux Falls Massachusetts-Thos. L. Nelson... Boston

Tenn. (E. and M.D.)-Charles D. Clark. Michigan (E.D.)-Hy. H. Swan...Detroit

Chattanooga (W.D.)-Henry F. Severens.Kalamazoo Minnesota-Rensselaer R. Nelson.St. Paul

(W.D.)-Eli S. Hammond....Memphis

Texas (N.D.)- John B. Rector..... Dallas
Mississippi-Henry C. Niles.......Oxford
Missouri (E.D.)-E. B. Adams... St. Louis

(E.D.)- David E. Bryant..... Sherman (W. D.)-John F. Phillips. Kansas City

(W.D.)--Thomas S. Maxey.....Austin Montana-Hiram Knowles.. ...Helena Vermont-Hoyt H. Wheeler... Brattleboro Nebraska-Elmer S. Dundy.. Omaha Virginia (E.D.)-R. W. Hughes.. Norfolk Nevada-Thomas P. Hawley..Carson City (W.D.)-J. Paul.

Harrisonburg New Hampshire-Edgar Aldrich. Littleton Washington-Cornelius H. Hanford. Seattle New Jersey-Edward T. Green... Trenton


Va.-J. J. Jackson.... Parkersburg New-York (N.D.)-Alfred C. Coxe... Utica

Wise'n (E.D.)-W. H. Seaman..Sheboygan (S.D.)-Addison Brown.....N. Y. City (W.D.)-R. Bunn.

Madison (E.D.)--Chas. L. Benedict....Brooklyn Wyoming-John A. Riner.. ...Cheyenne Retired District Judges-Samuel Treat, Missouri; Martin Welker, Ohio; Robert A. HIII, Mississippi; Henry W. Blodgett, Illinois. Salaries of A. R. Hill and of H. W. Blodgett, $5,000; of all the other retired judges, $3,500.


(N.D.), Wm. M. Springer; (S.D.), Con

stantine B. Kilgore; (C.D.), Yancey Arizona-Chief Justice-A. C. Baker,

Lewis. Associates-Owen T. Rouse, Joseph D.

Utah-Chiel Justice-Charles S. Zane. Bethune, John J. Hawkins.

Associates-William H. King, George New Mexico-Chief Justice-Thos. Smith,

W. Bartch, H. W. Smith. Associates-Needham C. Collier, Na

Oklahoma-Chief Justice-Frank Dale. poleon B. Laughlin, Humphrey B.

Associates-A. G. Curtin Bierer, John Hamilton, Gideon B. Bantz,

L. McAtee, Henry W. Scott, John H. Indian Territory-Judge U. S. Courti- Burford.

*Annual salary, $3.000. fAnnual salary, $3,500.

COURT OF CLAIMS, 1,509 PENNSYLVANIA-AVE., WASHINGTON *Chief Justice-William A. Richardson, Massachusetts.

* Judges-Charles C. Nott, New-York; Lawrence Weldon, Illinois; John Davis, Massachusetts; Stanton .J. Peelle, Indiana.

*Annual salary, $4,500 each.

COURT OF PRIVATE LAND CLAIMS. *Chief Justice-Joseph R. Reed, Council Bluffs, Iowa.

* Associate Justices-Henry C. Sluss, Wichita. Kan.; Wilbur F. Stone, Denver, Col.; William W. Murray, Huntingdon, Tenn.; Thomas C. Fuller, Raleigh, N. C. Attorney--Matthew G. Reynolds, St. Louis, Mo., $2,500.

* Annual salary, $5,000 each.


• Associate Justices-Alexander B. Hagner, Maryland; Walter S. Cox, Andrew C. Bradley, Louis E. McComas and Charles C. Cole, all of District of Columbia.

* Annual salary, $5,000. Retired Associate Justices, Andrew Wylie, Arthur MacArthur and Charles P. James. Salary, $4,000 each.

Chief Justice-Richard H. Alvey, Maryland, $6,500.
Associate Justices-Martin F. Morris and Seth Shepard, $6,000.



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Alabama, N. D....
..O'Neal, Emmet.

Birmingham, Ala.
Alabama, M. D....

Clayton, Henry D..

Montgomery, Ala.
Alabama, s. D..
Miller, Joseph N.

Mobile, Ala.
Arkansas, E. D..
House, Joseph W.

Little Rock, Ark.
Arkansas, W. D..

Kead, James F..

Fort Smith, Ark.
Bennett, Burton E

Sitka, Alaska.
Ellinwood, E. E.

Tucson, Ariz.
California, N. D.
Garter, Charles A...

San Francisco, Cal.
California, SD..

Denis, George J...

Los Angeles, Cal. Colorado.

Johnson, Henry V.

.. Denver, Col. Connecticut.

McLean, George P...... Hartford, Conn. Delaware.

.. Vaidegrift, Lewis C........ Dover, Del. District of Columbia.

Birney, Arthur A.......... Washington, D. C.
Florida, N. D.......

Summers, Owen J. H....... Jacksonville, Fla.
Florida, S. D...
Wolfe, J. Emmet.

Key West, Fla
Georgia, N. D.
James, J. S....

Atlanta, Ga.
Georgia, s. D...
Gary, William T.

Macon, Ga.

Forney, James H.. ...Boise City, Idaho.
Illinois, N. D.
Black, John C....

Chicago, Ill.
Illinois, S. D.

Shutt, William E.

Springfieid, m. Indiana...

Burke, Frank B... .. Indianapolis, Ind.
Indian Territory.

Jackson, Clifford L... Muscogee, I. T.
Indian Territory, C. D. Horton, Wm. J.
Indian Territory, S. D... Cruce, Andrew C.
Iowa, N. D.
Sells, Cato...

.Fort Dodge, Iowa.
Iowa, S. D.

Fullen, Charles D.

Fairfield, Iowa. Kansas..

Perry, W. C....

Topeka, Kan. Kentucky

Smith, William M.

. Louisville. Ky. Louisiana, E. D.

Earhart, Ferdinand B. New-Orleans, La. Louisiana, W. D.

Seals, Charles W.

Shreveport, La.
Bradbury, Albert W.

Portland, Me.

Marbury, William L. Baltimore, Md.
Hoar, Sherman.

Boston, Mass.
Michigan, E. D.
. Lyon, Alfred P.

Bay City, Mich.
Michigan, W. D.
.Power, John.

Grand Rapids, Mich.
Stringer, E. C.

St. Paul, Minn.
Mississippi, N. D.

Fox, Andrew F.

West Point, Miss Mississippi, S. D..

Lee, Robert C...

Madison Station, Miss
Missouri, E. D...
Clapton, Wm. H.

St. Louis, Mo.
Missouri, W. D..
.. Walker, John R.

Kansas City.
..Leslie, Preston H.

Helena, Mont.
.Sawyer, Andrew J.

Lincoln, Neb
....Jones, Charles A..

Reno. New Hampshire.

Branch, Oliver E.

New Jersey.
..Beekman, John W

Perth Amboy.
New Mexico..

.. Hemingway, J. B, N. Santa Fe, N. M. New-York, N. D. .Poucher, William A.

Oswego, N. Y. New-York, S. D. ....Macfarlane, Wallace.

New-York City. New-York, E. D.. .. Bennett, James L..

Brooklyn, N.Y. North Carolina, E. D. .... Aycock, Charles B.

Goldsboro, N, C. North Carolina, W. D. Glenn, Robert B..

Grand Falls, X, D.
North Dakota..
..... Bangs, Tracy R..

Jamestown, N. D.
Ohio, N. D.....
Dodge, Samuel D.

Cleveland, Ohio.
Ohio, S. D....
....Cleveland. H.

Cincinnati, Ohio.
Brooks, Caleb R..

Guthrie, Okla.
Murphy, Daniel R.

Portland, Ore.
Pennsylvania, E. D.. .: Ingham, Ellery P.

Philadelphia, Penn. Pennsylvania, W. D. Hall, Harry A.

Pittsburg, Penn. Rhode Island.

Gorman, Charles E.

Providence, R. I. South Carolina.

Murphy, William Perry

Charleston, S. C.
South Dakota..
Miller, Ezra W.

Elk Point, S. D.
Tennessee, E. D.

Bible, James H.

Chattanooga, Tenn.
Tennessee, M. D.
Brown, Tully.

Nashville, Tenn.
Tennessee, W. D..
Simonton, Chas. B.

Memphis, Tenn.
Texas, E. D....
Taliaferro, Linden.

Paris, Tex.
Texas, N. D..
..Hamilton, W. D..

Dallas, Tex.
Texas, W. D.
Culberson, Robert U

San Antonio, Tex.
Territory of Utah.
Judd, John W.

Salt Lake City, l'tah.
Senter, John H.

Montpeiier. Vt.
Virginia, E. D.

Lassiter, Francis R. Petersburg
Virginia, W. D.

Montague, A. J....

Brinker, William H.

Seattle, Wash.
West Virginia.
Watts, Cornelius C.

Charleston, W. Va.
Wisconsin, E. D.

Wigman, John H, M.
Wisconsin, W. D.

Milwaukee, Wls.
Briggs, Harry E.

Madison, Wis.
Clark Gibson

Cheyenne, Wyo.


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