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1 m., Guy, blk. g., 2:13, 1893.
1 m., Hopeful, 8. g., 2:1612, 1878.

1 m., Great Eastern, b. 8., 2:15%, 1877.
1 m., Dexter, br. 8., 2:18, 1866.
2 m., Lady Suffolk, g. m., 4:59, 1840.

2 m., George M. Patchen, b. h., 5:01, 1863.

3 m., Dutchman, b. g., 7:3244, 1839.
3 m., Charlotte Temple, g. m., 7:42,

4 m., Dutchman, b. g., 10:51, 1836.
4 m., Lady Suffolk, g. m., 11:15, 1840.

AGAINST TIME. 1 m., Alix, b. m., 2:03%, 1894. 2 m., Greenlander, b. h., 4:32, 1893. 3 m., Nightingale, ch. m., 6:55%, 1893. 4 m., Satellite, ch. 8., 10:52, 1887. 5 m., Bishop Hero, ro. 8., 12:30%. 1893. 6 m., Long Time, b. 8., 16:08, 1894. 10 m., Pascal, bl. 8., 26:15, 1893. 20 m., Capt. McGowan, ro. 8., 58:25, 1865. 30 m., Gen. Taylor, g. h., 1:47:59, 1857, 32 m., Chancellor, g. h., 1:58:00, 1831. 50 m., Blk. Jake, blk. 8., 3:57:00, 1835. 100 m., Conqueror, b. g., 8:55:53, 1853.

ALL AGES, ONE MILE. 1 yr., Adbell, b. c., 2:25, 1894. 2 yr., Arion, 'b. c., 2:10%, 1891. 3 yr., Fantasy, b. f., 2:08%, 1893. 4 yr., Directum, blk. h., 2:05%, 1893. 5 yr., Ralph Wilkes, ch, h., 2:06%, 1894. 6 yr., Alix, b. m., 2:03%, 1894. 7 yr., Nancy Hanks, b. m., 2:04%, 1893. 8 yr., Pixley, b. m., 2:084, 1893. 9 yr., Martha Wilkes, b. m., 2:08, 1892. 10 yr., Maud s., ch, m., 2:09%, 1884. 11 yr., Maud s., ch. m., 2:0834, 1885. 12 yr., Rarus, b. g., 2:13%, 1879. 13 yr., Am. Girl, b. m., 2:1642, 1874. 14 yr., Hopeful, g. g., 2:1542, 1880. 15 yr., Goldsmith Maid, b. m., 2:16%. 1872.

16 yr., Goldsmith Maid, b. m., 2:17%. 1873.

17 yr., Goldsmith Maid, 2:14, 1874. 18 yr., Goldsmith Maid, b. m., 2:16, 1875.

19 yr., Goldsmith Maid, b. m., 2:14, 1876.

20 yr., Goldsmith Maid, b. m., 2:1472,

Alix, b. m., 2:03%, 1894.
Directum, blk. h., 2:054, 1893.

1 m., Alfred s., b. g., 2:16%, 1890.
2 m., Dexter, br. g., 4:564, 1865.
3 m., Prince, ch. 6., 7:534, 1857.
5 m., Fillmore, ch. g., 13:16, 1863.
10 m., Julia Aldrich, ch. m., 29:0442,



1 yr., Belle Acton, b. m., 2:20%, 1892.
2 yr., Sympoleer, b. c., 2:11, 1894.
3 yr., Ethel H., b. 1., 2:10, 1894.
3 yr., Whirligig, b, f., 2:10, 1894.
4 yr., Online, b. c., 2:04, 1894.

Mascot, b. g., 2:04, 1892.
Robert J., b. g., 2:01. 1894.
May Marshall, b. m., 2:08%, 1894.

1 m., Roy Wilkes, br. h., 2:13, 1891.
3 m., Longfellow, b. g., 7:53, 1868.

5 m., Lady St. Clair, b.m., 12:54%, 1874,

RACES IN HARNESS. 1 m., Robert J., b. g., 2:02%, 1894. 2 m., Defiance, b. 8., 4:47%, 1872. 3 m., Longfellow, ch. g., 7:14, 1867. 3 m., James K. Polk, ch. g., 7:14, 1867. 4 m., Longfellow, ch. 8., 10:34%. 1869. 5 m., Fisherman, b. g., 13:0312, 1874.

UNDER SADDLE. 1 m., agt. time, Johnston, b. 8., 2:13, 1888.

1 m., Billy Boyce, b. g., 2:144. 1868. 2 m., Bowery Boy, b. g., 5:04%, 1839.

WITH RUNNING MATE. 1 m., Flying Jib, b. 8., 1:584, 1894.

YACHTING. The yachting season of 1894 was not winners: Ariel, Loyal, Gossoon, Drusilla, especially lively on this side of the At Audax, Pyxie, Mary, Kittie, Violet, lantic. The new racing class of the sea Queen Mab. son was the 21-footers. The contests in June 26 to 30—Seawanhaka. Annual racthis class did not attract such universal ing cruise; winners: Ariel, Gloriana, attention as had been hoped. Most of the Navahoe. interest of the general public in yachting July 4-Larchmont. Annual regatta; affairs was centred in the races of the winners: Emerald, Sachem, Elsemarie, Vigilant abroad. The principal regattas Viator, Queen Mab, Wasp, Nymph, Tiand races in American waters by the sey gress, Memory, Audax, Christine, Onaeral yacht clubs were as follows:

way, Kittie, Pauline B, Edna, Ione, May 30-Harlem. Annual regatta; win Vaquero. Corinthian Y. C. of Marblehead ners: Mary B, Peerless, ola, Yantic, regatta; winners: Reaper, Edith, Nancy, Cygnus, Florence K, Norman, Regina, Snipe. Bertha, Emily, Lottie K, Wasp. Annie T. July 7-Riverside. Annual regatta; win. Alice, Mary B. Brooklyn, Annual re ners: Viator, Minerva, Eidolen, Vorant, gatta; winners: Edda, Win or Loose, Ex Pyxie, Santa, Aimir, Kitty, Sirene, Chipile, Golden Hope, Forsythe, Tigress, Si pie. Eastern. Annual regatta; winners: esta.

Barbara, Mayflower, Carmita, Hawk. June 7-New-York. Annual regatta: July 14 to 21-Larchmont. Annual Winners: Ariel, Viator, Wasp, Queen Mab. cruise.

June 9-Larchmont. Spring regatta; July 28-Indian Harbor. Annual cruise.

August 6-New-York. Rendezvous for Lottie, Exile, Bessie, Polly, Clara s, Zeannual cruise at Glen Cove, and races for tus, May, Win or Loose, Own, Henry Semi-Centennial cups; winners: Emerald, Dauer, U and I, Emma K, Cinch and Ariel, Elsernarie, Wasp, Queen Mab, Gos Chippie. soon. August 7-Squadron run to Morris September 8-Larchmont. Race for 21Cove; winners: Merlin, Ariel, Elsemarie, footers; winner: Dorothy. Queen Mab, Eclipse, Wasp, Gossoon, Nav September 15-Larchmont. Races for ahoe. August 8-Morris Cove to New schooners and 21-footers; winners: London; winners: Emerald, Ariel, Else Schooner Emerald, 21-footer Dorothy. marie, Queen Mab, Eclipse, Wasp, Min The Vigilant, from July 5 to September erva, Navahoe. August 9-New-London to 1, inclusive, sailed in nineteen races in Newport; winners: Constellation, May European waters. In seventeen of these flower, Elsemarie, Navahoe, Eclipse, her chief competitor was the Britannia, Wasp, Gossoon. August 10-Goelet cup

and in the other two the Satanita. The races; winners: Emerald and Navahoe. Vigilant won only six of these races, and August 11-Newport to Vineyard Haven; she really won the first race at Ryde, as winners: Emerald, Ariel, Elsemarie, Nav she was far ahead when the committee ahoe, Wasp, Minerva, Katrina. August decided to call the race off. The Vigilant 13–Vineyard Haven to New-Bedford; win sailed in regattas of the Mudhook, Royal ners: Emerald, Ariel, Neaera, Wasp, Min Clyde, Clyde Corinthian, Royal Northern, erva, Constellation. August 14-New-Bed Royal Ulster, Royal St. George, Royal ford to Newport; winners: Emerald, Mar

Munster, Royal Cork, Mount's Bay, Royal guerite, Neaera, Gloriana, Gossoon, Queen

London and Royal Dart Yacht Clubs; a Mab.

private match on the Solent, and for the September 1-Larchmont. Fall regatta; Cowes Town Cup and the Wolverton Cup. winners: Shamrock, Wasp, Minerva, Kath In the latter part of her racing career the leen, Marjorie, Pyxie, Wave, Punch, Al Vigilant met with two accidents to her mira, Terrapin, Vaquero.

centreboard, the latter of which prevented September 3–N. Y. Yacht Racing Association. Annual regatta; winners: Aeolus,

her from sailing other matches which had

been arranged.



h. m. s. Aug. 22, 1851.. America

From Cowes around Isle of Wights 10 37 00
Aurora ..

(Aurora second)

N. Y. Y. C. Course (Cambria Aug. 8, 1870. . Magic

3 58 21 2-10 Cambria tenth)

4 37 38 9-10 Oct. 16, 1871.. Columbia

6 19 41 N. Y. Y. C. Course... Livonia

6 46 45 Oct. 18, 1871.. 5 Columbia

20 miles to windward off Sandy 307 41% Livonia

Hook Lightship and return..... 3 18 1542 Livonia Oct. 19, 1871..

N. Y. Y. C. Course (Columbia 4 02 25 Columbia disabled)

4 17 35 Oct. 21, 1871... Sappho

20 miles to windward off Sandy 5 39 02 Livonia

Hook Lightship and return.... 6 09 23 Oct. 23, 1871... Sappho

4 16 17 Livonia N. Y. Y. C. Course......

5 11 55 Madeleine.

5 23 54 Aug. 11, 1876..

C'tess of Duft'in
} N. Y. Y. C. Course...

5 34 53 Madeleine...... Aug. 12, 1876..

20 miles to windward off Sandy 7 08 46 C'tess of Dufl'in

Hook Lightship and return..... 7 46 00 Mischief Nov. 9, 1881...

4 17 00 Atalanta N. Y. Y. C. Course....

4 45 394 Nov. 10, 1881.. Mischief

16 miles to leeward from Buoy 5 4 54 63 Atalanta

off Sandy Hook and return.... 75 33 47 Puritan

6 06 05 Sept. 14, 1885..

N. Y. Y. C. Course...... 2 Genesta

6 22 24 Puritan

20 miles to leeward off Sandy 5 03 14 Sept. 16, 1885.. Genesta Hook Lightship and return.... 5 04 52

5 26 41 Sept. 9, 1886.. Mayflower Galatea N. Y. Y. C. Course...

5 38 43 20 miles to leeward off Sandy 6 49 10 Sept. 11, 1886..] Mayflower Galatea

Hook Lightship and return.. 7 18 09 Volunteer Sept. 27, 1887.. N. Y. Y. C. Course....

4 53 18 Thistle

5 12 41% Sept. 30, 1887.. Volunteer

20 miles to windward off Scotland 5 42 564 Thistle Lightship and return....

5 54 45 | Oct. 7, 1893...


15 miles to windward off Sandy 4 05 47 Valkyrie

Hook Lightship and return... 4 11 35 Oct. 9, 1803... Vigilant

A triangular 30-mile course, the 3 25 01 Valkyrie first leg to windward...

3 35 36 Oct. 13, 1893... Vigilant

15 miles to windward off Sandy 3 24 39 {Valkyrie

Hook Lightship and return..... 3 25 19 The yacht Vigilant, owned by George Gould, sailed from New-York for Europe on June 1, 1894, and made the run to Tory Island, on the north coast of Ireland, in 14 days, 9 hours, and 6 minutes, a distance of 2,760 miles.


ROWING. National Association of Amateur Oarg lanta B. C., of Newark; time, 8:31. Inmen, Officers-President, H. W. Gar termediate single sculls: Won by Fred field; Albany; vice-president, Chas. Cat Cressar, American B. C., of Philadelphia; lin, Chicago; treasurer,

H. K. Hinch time, 10:37. Intermediate eight-oared man, Philadelphia; secretary, F. R. Fort shells: Won by Atalanta B. c., of Newmeyer, P. O. Box 740, N. Y. City: Ex ark; time, 9:04 2-5. Junior four-cared ecutive Committee-Officers of the asso shells: Won by Passaic B. C., of Newciation also Theodore Van Raden, N. Y. ark; no time taken on account of fouls. City: Walter Stimpson, North Cam Senior eight-oared shells: Won by Triton bridge, Mass.; James R. Doyle, Boston; B. C., of Newark; time, 8:29. Senior 0. P. Schmidt, Washington, D. C.; Ju four-oared shells: Won by Institute B. C., lius D. Mahr, N. Y. City: Dr. Conrad of Newark; time, 9:23. Senior double Behrens, Philadelphia; William C. Jupp, sculls: Won by Vesper B. C., of PhilaDetroit, Mich.; R. H. Pelton, Brooklyn, delphia; time, 10:00 1-5. Senior fourN. Y.

oared gigs: Won by Triton B. C.; time, Annual regatta, Saratoga Lake, N. Y.,

8:41. Senior single sculls: Won by E. Aug. 10 and 11, 1894, 14 miles.-Pair

Hedley, Vesper B. C., of Philadelphia; oared shells: Vesper B. c., of Philadel time, 9:29. phia, winner; second, Atalanta B. C., of Schuylkill Navy Regatta, Schuylkill New-York; time, 10:24. Intermediate River, Philadelphia, June 23, 14 miles. eight-oared shells: Riverside B. c., of Junior single shells: Won by Charles G. Cambridge, Mass., winner; second, Lau Phillips, Jr. Malta B, C., Philadelphia; reate B. C., of Troy; time, 8:49%. Senior time, 10:49 3-5. Pair-oared shells: Won singles: Frederick Koenig, Western R. by Vesper B. C., of Philadelphia, time, c., of St. Louis, winner; second, Fred

9:45 3-5. Junior four-oared gigs: Won erick Hawkins, Laureate B. c., of Troy;

by Crescent B. C., of Philadelphia; time, time, 9:47%. Senior doubles: Vesper

9:07. Senior double sculls: Won by VesB. C., of Philadelphia, winner; second, per B. C.; time, 9:03. Four-oared shells: Beaverwyck R of Albany; time, 9:0642. Won by Pennsylvania Barge Club; no Junior singles : Won by J. McGuire,

time taken. Junior double sculls: Won Bradford B. C., Cambridge, Mass.; sec

by Vesper B. C.; time, 9:42. Senior sinond, N. Jury, Toronto,

Ont; time,

gle sculls: Won by Edwin Hedley, Ves10:0342. Junior four-oared shells: Won

per B.

C.; time, 9:344. Eight-oared by Excelsior B. c., of Paterson, N. J.;

shells: Won by Vesper B. C.; time, second, Nautilus B. C., of Brooklyn;

8:18 2-5. time, 9:22. Senior four-oared shells: Middle States Amateur Rowing AssoWon by Argonaut R. C., of Toronto; ciation, Annual Regatta, Passaic River, second, Minnesota B. C., of St. Paul; Newark, N. J., July 14, 1 mile. - Junior time, 8:48. Senior eight-oared shells: single sculls: Won by John S. Hall, AlWon by Triton B. C., of Newark, N. J.; bany B. C., of Albany; time, 5:524. Jusecond, Laureate B. C., of Troy; time, nior four-oared shells: Won by New7:3612 (best record). .

York Athletic Club; time, 5:35. InterCornell - University of Pennsylvania

mediate single sculls: Dead heat between

Oscar J. Wirtz, Passaic B. C., of NewRace, Schuylkill River, Philadelphia, June 16. 1894; four miles straightaway. Cor

ark, and John S. Hall, Albany B. C.; nell won by five lengths; time 21:1244.

time, 6:10. On run-off: Won by Wirtz;

time, 6:03. Pennsylvania's tiine, 21:34%.

Junior eight-oared shells:

Won by Riverside B. C., of Cambridge, Harlem River Regatta Association, May

Mass.; time, 8:46. Senior four-cared 30, 1894, one mile. - Junior singles: Won

shells: New-York A. C.; unopposed; by John J. Ferry, Overpeck B. C., of

rowed over course alone; no time taken. New-York; time, 7:19%. Intermediate sin

Intermediate four-oared gigs: Won by gle sculls: Won by Peter Lehaney, Beav Institute B. c., of Newark; time, 5:27. erwyck B. C., of Albany; time, 6:41.

Junior double sculls: Won by Triton Senior double sculls: Won by Lone Star B. C., of Newark, N. J.; time, 5:38. B, C., of New-York; time, 6:1442. Inter

Senior double sculls: Won by Vesper mediate four-oared gigs: Won by Ata

B. C., of Philadelphia: time, 5:474. Selanta B. C., of New-York; time, 5:58.

nior single scuils: Won by Edwin HedSenior single sculls: Won by Frederick

ley, Vesper B. c., of Philadelphia; time. Hawkins, Laureate B. C., Troy; time, 5:38. Senior eight-oared shells: Won by 6:49. Junior double-scull shells: Won by

Triton B. c., of Newark; time, 7:40%. Varuna, B. C.; time, 6:04. Senior four

Canadian Association of Amateur Oarsoared shells: Won by New-York Athletic Club; time, 6:14 1-5. Junior eight-oared

men, Annual Regatta, Aug. 3-4, Burlington

Beach, Ontario. -Senior four-oared shells: Won by Bohemian B. C.; time not

shells: Won by Argonauts R. c., of Totaken Junior four-oared shells: Won by

ronto; time, 9:3242. Senior pair-pared New-York Athletic Club; time, 5:26%.

shells: Won by Vesper B. C., of PhilaSenior eight-oared shells: Won by Bo

delphia; time, 10:07. Junior singles: Won hemian B. C.; time, 4:53.

by Joseph O'Connor, Don B. C., of ToPassaic River Amateur Rowing Asso ronto; time, 11:56. Junior four-oa red ciation, Twentieth Annual Regatta, Pas shells: Won by Don B, C, Toronto; saic River, Newark, N. J., May 30, 1894, time, 9:52. Senior singles final: Won by 114 miles.-Junior single sculls: Won by Russell, of Toronto; time, 10:53 3-5. JuOscar Wirtz, Passaic B. C., of Newark; nior pair-oared shells: Won by Don B. C.. time, 9:04. Junior double sculls: Won by Toronto; time, 10:45. Senior doubles: Institute B. C., of Newark; time, 9:14 2-5. Won by Vesper B. C., Philadelphia; time, Junior eight-oared shells: Won by Ata 10:07.

COLLEGE CHAMPIONSHIPS. The annual Yale-Harvard race over the Thames course, New-London, Conn., distance four miles, was rowed on June 28, and won by Yale; time, Yale, 22:47; Harvard, 24:40. SUMMARY OF YALE HARVARD

RACES, FROM 1876 TO 1894. Thames course, New-London, Conn.; dis

tance, 4 miles. 1876. Yale..

22:02 1877 Harvard.

24:36 1878. Harvard.

20:45 1879. .Harvard,

23:48 1880 Yale...

25:09 1881 .Yale..

22:19 1882.. Harvard.

20:4714 1883. Harvard.

25:46147 1884. Yale...

20:31 1885 .Harvard.

25:154 1886. Yale.

20:4112 1887 Yale.

22:56 1888. Yale.

20:10 1889. Yale.

21:30 18%. Yale.

21:29 1891. .Harvard.

21:23 1892. Yale..

20:48 1893. Yale..

25:0142 1894. ....... Yale..

22:47 The Columbia-Harvard-Yale Freshmen race,

over a two-mile course on the Thames, took place on June 28, and was won by Yale, time 11:15; Columbia, second, 11:26; Harvard, third, 11:56. The following composed the crew of each college: YALE.

H'ght Wgt. Position. Name.

Age. ft. in. Ibs. St'ke-F. A. Johnson, Capt. 20 5.09% 164 No. 7-R. B. Treadway.... 21 6.014 175 No. 6-W. R. Cross......

18 6.02 187 No. 5-A. W. Dater. ..... 20 6.00% 181 No. 4-A. P. Rogers... 20 6.0112 165 No. 3.-W. M. Beard.

19 5.09 175 No. 2-H. C. Holcomb... 21 5.09% 176 BowR. Armstrong. 20 5.05% 169 Coxswain-F. E. Olmstead.


H'ght Wgt. Position. Name.

Age. Ibs. Stroke-A. M. Kales..... 19 5.09 145 No. 7-E. H. Hennessy... 21 5.09% 165 No. 6-1. Davis, Capt.. 22 6.01

175 No. 5-T. G. Stevenson.... 20 5.11 175 No. 4-R. M. Townsend. 19 5.09 160 No. 3-R. H. Lewis.

20 5.10 160 No. 2-R, Bullard.

22 5.08 160 Bow-J. Purdon.

225.08 154


RECORDS. Junior Single Sculls-Tide water, straightaway, J. Kilion, Bradford B. c.; Cambridgeport, Mass., 9:2842; tide water, with a turn, N. E. F. Paine, Argonaut B. C., Toronto, Ont., 10:35%; lake water, straightaway. J. B. Lowell, Nautilus B. C., Hamilton, Ont., 9:48; lake water, with a turn, Joseph McGuire, Bradford B. C., Cambridgeport, Mass., 10:0342.

Single Sculls-Tide water, straightaway, Joseph Laing, Grand Trunk B. C., Canada, 8:44; tide water, with a turn, Joseph J. Ryan, Sunnyside R. C., Toronto, Ont., 10:24%; lake water, straightaway, Joseph Laing, Grand Trunk B. C., Canada, 9:28%2; lake water, with a turn, Fred Konig, Western R. C., St. Louis, Mo., 9:4714,

Double sculls-Tide water, straightaway, O'Connell & Buckley, Portland, Me., 8:16; tide water, with a turn, Van Vliet & Megowan, Vesper B. C., Philadelphia, 9:50; lake water, straightaway, Pilkington & Nagle, Metropolitan Rowing Club, N. Y., 8:45; lake water, with a turn, Van Vliet & Balch, Vesper B. C., Philadelphia, 9:06\2.

Pair Shells-Tide water, straightaway, Bulger & Mosely, Mutual B. C., Albany, N. Y., 8:54; uide water, with a turn, Standish & Lynn, Detroit B. C., Detroit, Mich., 10:05; lake water, straightaway, Garfield Beach B. C., Salt Lake City, 9:18; lake water, with a turn, Lau Bros., Atalanta B. C., N. Y., 10:1434.

Junior Four Shell--Tide water, straightaway, Alcyone B. C., Elizabeth, N. J., 8:1614; tide water, with a turn, Wyandotte B. C., Wyandotte, Mich., 9:2342; lake water, straightaway, Union B, C., Chicago, Ill., 8:24; lake water, with a turn, Excelsior B. C., Paterson, N. J., 9:22.

Senior Four Shell-Tide water, straightaway, Emerald B. C., Detroit, Mich., 7:50; tide water, with a turn, Minnesota B, C., St. Paul, Minn., 9:13; lake water, straightaway, Argonaut B. C., Toronto, Can., 8:2294 lake water, with a turn, Argonaut B. C., Toronto, Can., 8:48.

Intermediate Eight Shell-Tide water, straightaway, Dauntless R. C., N. Y., 7:39; tide water, straightaway, Riverside B. C., Cambridgeport, Mass., 8:49%.

Senior Eight Shell-Tide water, straightaway, Columbia B. C., Washington, D. C., 7:46%; lake water, straightaway, Triton B. c., Newark, N. J., 7:36.

CANOEING. American Canoe Association, Fifteenth Scott, second; time, 0:10:2742. No. 5, Annual Meet, Croton Point, Hudson paddling open-service canoes, July 24, YRiver, July 13 to 28.-Event No. 1, com mile-Won by Silence, C. E. Archibald; bined race, July 24, 3 miles-Won by Freda, R. Easton Burns, second; time. Cricket, L. B. Palmer; Eel, J. W. Spar 0:06:40. No. 6, unlimited sailing, July row, second; time, 56:20. No. 2, record 22, 6 miles-Won by Mab, C. E. Archipaddling race, 1-mile-Won by Cricket, bald; Chiquita, T. S. Oxholm, second; L. B. Palmer; Eel, J. W. Sparrow, sec time, 1:37:29. No. 7, trophy sailing, ond; time, 0:06:25. No. 3, record sailing July 25-Won by Mab, C. E. Archibald; race, July 23, 44 miles-Won by Cricket, Bo-Peep, D. S. Goodsell, second; time, L. B. Palmer: Bo-Peep. D. S. Goodsell, 2:43:34. No. 8, Dolphin trophy, July 27, second; time, 0:06:25. No. 4, trophy pad 74 miles-Won by Cricket, L. B. Palmer; dling, July 24, 1 mile-Won by Margue Torment, F. Moore, second; time 2:00:30. rite, Clarence Enson; Sunbeam, D'Arcy No. 9, novice sailing, July 23, 3 miles

Won by Zaidee, H. 0. Backus; Fineen, J. W. Hamilton, second; time, 1:09:40. No. 10, club sailing, July 25, 412 milesWon by Yonkerg C. C.; best time made by Foggy Dew, H. L. Quick, 0:52:15. No. 12, outclassed canoes, July 25, 3 miles-Won by Pirate, G. P. Douglas; time, 1:04:26. No. 13, unclassified sailing. July 23, 442 miles-Won by IA Gloria, M. T. Bennett; Nanawith, N. S. Smith, second; time, 1:15:29. No. 14, tandem paddling, July 24, 12-mile-Won by Cricket, Palmer and Duguid; Sunbeam, Scott and Tilly, second; time, 0:05:42. No. 15, club four-paddling, July 24, Y-mile-Won by Wah-tah-wah, Ianthe C. C.-L. B.Palmer, J. Duguid, B. Fredericks, H. S. Farmer; Drift, Ianthe C. C., second; time, 0:04:52. No. 16. sailing upset and manoeuvring-Won by Mab, C. E. Archibald; Torment, F. C. Moore, second; time, 0:09:10. No. 17, paddling upset race, July 26, 1-mileWon by Cricket, L. B. Palmer; Pirate, G. P. Douglas, second; time, 1:59:00 No. 18, hurry-scurry race, July 26-Won by Charles Ahrnke; time, 4:17:00. No. 19, gymnastics-Won by Pirate, G. P. Douglas (no time). No. 21, Sing Sing Y. C. Cup, July 21-Won by Mab, C. E. Archibald; Chiquita, T. s. Oxholm, second.

Western Canoe Association, Lake Mendota, Madison, Wis., July 7 to 21.-Race

No. 1, paddling, 12-mile, class 3-Won by Stanley c. Hanks, Tay-cho-pe-rah Club, Madison, Wis.; time, 0:04:53. No. 2, paddling. *-mile, class 4 (record event)Won by H. B. Cook, Kenwood C. c., of Chicago; time. 0:05:41. No. 4, sailing and paddling, 14 miles, to sail first halfmile, paddle second and finish under sail (record event)-Won by 0. A. Woodruff, Ruckawa c. c., of Dayton, Ohio; time, 0:32:28. No. 5, sailing for Gardner Cup, free for all, three heats, 8 miles--Final heat won by Nancy, Stanley anks, Tay-cho-pe-rah C. C.; time, 1:06:45. No. 6, sailing, for W. C. A. trophy, classes A and B three heats, 3 miles-Won by Milwaukee, H. B. Huntington; Nisha-wauk C. C. of Milwaukee, salled by E. H. Holmes; time, 0:41:10. No. 7, sailing, for Longworth Cup, class C three heats, 3 miles-Won by Lotus, Nat c. Cook, Kenwood C. C.. of Chicago; time, 0:51:25%4. No. 8, cruising canoes only, 14 miles-Won by Bon Ami, C. M. Mayers, Tay-cho-pe-rah C. C.; time, 0:48:35. No. 9, sailing passenger race, free for all, 3 miles-Won by Milwaukee, E. H. Holmes, Mahn-a-wauk C. c., of Milwaukee; time, 0:46:00. The W. C. A. record for points for 1894 stands: A. W. Friese, 4 events, 140: H. B. Cook, 3 events, 110; O. A. Woodruft, 3 events, 90; L. F. Porter, 3 events, 80; S. C. Hanks, 2 events, 70.


AMERICAN AMATEUR RECORDS. (Note.-F. s., flying start; s. s., standing start; a. t., against time; I. C., in competition.)

4-m., f. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Chilli 2-m., s. s., i. c., 0. Ziegler, Denver, cothe, Nov. 5, 1894, 23s.

Aug. 17, 1894, 4m. 21 3-58. -m., s. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Inde 3-m., s. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Springpendence, Nov. 1, 1892, 28s.

field, Sept. 8, 1894, 6m. 26 3-5s. 14-m., s. s., l. c., Dr. Brown, Decatur,

3-m., s. s., i. c., Maxwell, St. Louis, Oct. 13, 1894, 28 3-5s.


1894, 7m. 5 2-5s. 1-m., f. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Chilli

4-m., s. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Springcothe, Nov. 5, 1894, 51 2-58.

field, Sept. 8, 1894, 8m, 35 3-5s.

4-m., s. s., i. c., M. Scott, Asbury Park, 19-m., s. S. a. t., J. S. Johnson, Chilli

Aug. 31, 1894, 9m. 51%8. cothe, Nov. 2, 1894, 55 1-5s.

5-m., 8. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Louis16-m., s. s., i. c., E. C. Bald, Denver, ville, Nov. 18, 1894, 10m. 22s. Aug. 17, im.

5-m., s. s., I. C., E. Nelson, Springfield, %-m., f. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Louis Oct. 19, 1894, 11m. 56s. ville, Nov. 21, 1894, im. 21s.

10-m., s. s., a. t., F. J. Titus, Spring. %-m., S. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Louis field, Sept. 13, 1894, 22m. 458. ville, Nov. 21, 1894, im., 25 1-5s.

10-m., 8. s., I. C., L. S. Meintjes, Chl%-m., 8. s., i. c., H. C. Tyler, Waltham, cago, Aug. 12, 1893, 25m. 32s. Oct. 22, 1894, lm. 33 2-5s.

15-m., s. s., a. t., F. J. Titus, Spring1-m., f. 8., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Louis

field, Sept. 13, 1894, 34m. 10s. ville, Nov. 21, 1894, im. 47 3-58.

15-m., s. s., i. c., L. S. Meintjes, Chi1-m., s. s., a, t., J. S. Johnson, Louis

cago, Aug. 12, 1893, 34m 37s. ville, Nov. 21, 1894, Im. 56 1-5s.

20-m., s. s., a. t., F. J. Titus. Spring

field, Sept. 13, 1894, 45m. 8 3-58. 1-m., s. s., I. C., E. C. Bald, Springfield, Sept. 13, 1894, 2m. 5s.

20-m., s. s., I. c., L. S. Meintjes, Chi

cago, Aug. 12, 1893, 51m, 18s. 2-m., f. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Louisville, Nov. 24, 1894, 3m. 54 3-5s.

25-m., S. S., I. c., L. S. Meintjes, Chi

cago, Aug. 12, 1893, 1h, 4m. 34 3-55. 2-m., s. s., a. t., J. S. Johnson, Louis 25-m., s. 8., a. t., L. S. Meintjes, Chlville, Nov. 18, 1894, 4m. 1s.

cago, 57m. 40 3-58. *Prepared by E. C. Carter, official handicapper of the U. S. Amateur Athletic Union.

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