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| 1893.


(Prepared by the Bureau of Statistics.)

Date of
reciprocity 1891. 1892.

1894. agreement. Austria-Hungary.

May 25, 1892 Imports

$11,595,310 $7.718,565 $10,054,501 $6,896,341 Domestic exports.

1,215,540 1,485,233 542,073 526,721 Germany.

Feb. 1, 1892 Imports

97,316,383 82,907,553 96,210,203 69,387,905 Domestic exports.

91,684,981 104, 180, 732 81,992,572 90,065, 108 Guatemala.

May 30, 1892 Imports.

2,618,199 3,182.838 2,554,710 2,225,586 Domestic exports.

1,971,001 1,809,577 1,713,142 1,610,509 Honduras.

May 25, 1892 Imports

1,159,591 962,329 684,912 765, 138 Domestic exports.

583, 114 478,947 442,907 537,463 Nicaragua

Apl. 15, 1892 Imports ..

1,705,961 1,657,873 1,400,236 1,564,472 Domestic exports.

1,592,013 1,187,189 812,654 814,012 Salvador.

Feb. 1. 1892 Imports ..

1,783,066 2,330, 702 1,355,730 2,926,469 Domestic exports.

1,134,995 1,274,021 1,118,054 1,059,292 British West Indies. Feb. 1. 1892 Imports

16,293,184 12,440,132 16,028,592 13,017,178 Domestic exports.

9,546,058 7,995,185 7,912,341 8,387,220 Santo Domingo.

Sept. 1, 1891 Imports ..

1,610,360 2,293,748 2,396,315 3,200,852 Domestic exports..

986,826 984, 188 1,108, 733 1,715,782 Cuba.

Sept. 1, 1891) Imports

61,714,395 77,931,671 78,706,506 75,678, 261 Domestic exports.

11,929,605 17,622, +11) 23,604,0941 19,855,237 Puerto Rico.

Sept. 1, 1891 Imports ....

3,164,110 3,248,007 4,008, 623 3,135,634 Domestic exports.

1,112,334 2,808,631 2,502,788 2,705,646 Brazil.

April 1, 1891 Imports ..

83,230,595 a 118,633,604 76,222, 138 79,360,159 Domestic exports.

14,049,273 14,240,009 12,339,584 13,827,914 British Guiana.

Apr!l 1. 1892 Imports

4,883, 206 4,363,204 5,029,178 4,223,970 Domestic exports..

1,761,350 1.885,542 1,953,012 2,360,938 a Excessive, due to valuation in depreciated paper money.


CHINESE TREATY OF 1894. The new Emigration Convention be United States of every registered Chinese tween the United States and China was laborer who has a lawful wife, child or signed by Yang Yu, the Chinese Minister parent in the United States, or propto the United States, and W. Q. Gresham, erty to the value of $1,000, or debts of Secretary of State, on March 17, 1894. It like amount pending settlement, was ratified by the Senate on August 13, Article III excepts the right at present 1894, the vote standing 47 to 20 in favor enjoyed of Chinese subjects being officials, of ratification. Almost all of the North teachers, students, merchants or travellers western Senators opposed it, but the for curiosity or pleasure, but not laborers, Eastern Senators (with the exception of of coming to or residing in the United Messrs. Lodge and Hoar, of Massachu States. The privilege of transit of setts) voted for it. It was provided that Chinese laborers across the United States the treaty should remain in force ten in journeying to or from other countries years after ratifications should be ex is continued. changed, with the privilege of renewal By Article IV it is agreed that Chinese for another tel years. The Chinese Goy of the laboring or any other class, either ernment delayed approval until November, permanently or temporarily in the United and the final action of the United States States, shall have all the protection to took place on December 6, so that the their persons and property that is given time of its going into effect did not begin to citizens of most favored nations, exuntil that date.

cept the right to become naturalized citiArticle I stipulates that except under zens. conditions subsequently specified the en Article V recognizes the right of China trance of Chinese laborers into the United to enact and enforce simllar laws and States shall be absolutely prohibited. regulations, providing for the registration

Article II excepts from the provisions of all American skilled and unskilled laof the preceding article the return to the borers residing in China, and binds this

Government to report to the Government allowed to speak to the voter while in
of China the full name, age, occupation the polling-place casting his vote."
and place of residence of all citizens of NOTE.-See "Tribune Almanac," 1893,
the United States, including missionaries, for dates when ballot-reform laws passed.
within and without the treaty ports of


Women have equal suffrage with men

at elections in Colorado and Wyoming. The following States and Territories

In Montana women who are taxpayers have adopted new ballot laws, based

have the same voting privilege as men at more or less on the Australian system:

elections. Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado,

Judge Dixon, of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois,

New Jersey, on Nov. 8, 1894, handed Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine,

down a decision in the Vineland School Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Min

case, which involved the right of women nesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana,

to vote at school elections. The decision, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New in brief, was that "school trustees are Jersey, New Mexico, New-York, North

officers within Article II, Paragraph 1, of Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Penn

the Constitution, so that if they are made sylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota,

elective by the people only males can vote Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Washington,

for them." Justices Abbett and Reed West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

concurred in the opinion. The Australian plan (titles of offices

At the last election the proposition to arranged alphabetically) is followed in

give women equal suffrage with men at California, Idaho, Kentucky (Louisville

elections was rejected by a vote of 130,only), Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mon

129 against to 95,302 in favor. tana, Nebraska, New-Hamsphire, Oregon,

The act of the Michigan Legislature of Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Wash

1893 giving women the right to vote at ington and Wyoming.

municipal elections was declared unconUnder the New-York and New-Jersey

stitutional by the Supreme Court of that laws each party ticket is printed on a State in October, 1893. separate ballot. In all the other States

Women formerly voted in Washington, having the ballot-reform laws the single but the Territorial Supreme Court subor "blanket" ballot is used; that is, all

sequently decided against the right being the names in nomination are printed on

given to them. When the State Constituone sheet, the voter's choice to be in

tion was adopted a clause allowing dicated by marking.

women to vote was defeated. The only States in which ballot-reform

In some form, mainly as to taxation does not yet exist are: Georgia, Louisi

and school matters, women may vote in ana, N. Carolina, S. Carolina and Virginia.

the following States and Territories: AriThe Alabama Legislature, immediately

zona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, after the conclusion of the campaign of Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, 1892, enacted what is known as the Sayre Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, NewElection Law. This law in its general Hampshire, New-York, North Dakota, effect is a modification of the Australian

Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, Washballot. But the Sayre Law contains one ington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. provision which requires that election The Cape Colony, the Russian colonies returns from no county shall record a in Siberia, Australia, New Zealand and number of votes greater than the regis Tasmania have municipal woman suffrage. tration list of that county warrants, and Iceland, the Isle of Man and Pitcairn then it goes on with almost preternatural Island have full woman suffrage. ingenuity to guard against fraudulent

EUROPE-In England, Scotland and registration lists. As soon as the regis Wales women vote

for all elective officers tration is completed the lists are required but members of Parliament. In France to be displayed in the courthouse, where, the women teachers elect women memduring June and July, they are subject to bers of all boards of education. In Sweden inspection and to whatever investigation women vote for all elective officers but interested parties may see fit to prose Representatives; also, indirectly, for memcute. A false registration makes the bers of the House of Lords. In Norway offenders subject to prosecution for per they have school suffrage, In Ireland jury and forgery, and the mere presence they vote for harbor boards, poor-law on the list of the name of a voter who guardians, and in Belfast for municipal did not actually register is held to be officers. In Russia women householders prima-facie evidence of guilt.

vote for all elective officers and on all Everybody has heard of the "eight local matters. In Finland for all elective boxes" used in South Carolina. The law officers. In Austria-Hungary they vote, by says:

proxy, for all elective officers. in Croatia "At each precinct a space or inclosure, and Damatia they do so at local elections such as the managers of election shall in person. In Italy widows vote for memdeem fit and sufficient, shall be railed off bers of Parliament. In Prussia women or otherwise provided with an opening at vote, mainly by proxy, at local elections one end or side for the entrance of the and for members of provincial Diets. voter ard an opening at the other for Belgium women taxpayers have municipal his exit, as a polling-place in which to suffrage by proxy, and in Luxemburg for hold the election for the State, circuit members of the Legislature also. and county offices." The statute then de Switzerland women real estate owners clares that "but one voter shall be allowed have local suffrage in the canton to enter any polling-place at a time, and Berne. In Rumania women taxpayers

except the managers shall be have municipal suffrage by proxy.


Organized, Chickering Hall, New-York City, December 17, 1887. Headquarters 140 Dearborn-st., Chicago. Chairman, William W. Tracy, Chicago; treasurer, Edward B. Harper, New-York City; secretary, Andrew B. Humphrey, Chicago. The League is composed of the Republican Clubs organized in the several States and united in a National organization. Its purpose is organization and education, and its aims to enlist recruits for the Republican party, particularly the young men and the "first voters.". Its mission is to promote the interests of the

Republican party locally and nationality. Next National Convention, June 19, 1895, Cleveland, Ohio. Executive Presidents

Committee. (a) State Leagues.

State Leagues.

...... A. G. Negley... A. G. Negley... E. P. Jennings, Decatur, Arkansas

H. M. Cooper. A. S. Fowler... W. S. Holt, Little Rock. California ...... Theo. Reichert. G. P. Ayers..... R. A. Delafield, San Francisco. Colorado ....... W. K. Burchinell B. M. Malone... C. W. Varnum, Denver. Connecticut .... E. L. Lindsley.. F. B. Farnsworth J. P. Glynn, Winsted. Delaware ...... G. W. Marshall. S. M. Knox..... H. C. Brown, Wilmington. Florida

E. P. Axtell.... H. S. Chubb.... P. Walter, Jacksonville.
Georgia ........ A. E. Buck....

W. C. Hill. E. L. Wilson... Charles A. Shafer, Boise City. Illinois

A. Campbell.. C. W. Raymond. J. A. Russell, Elgin. Indiana

W. L. Taylor... M. R. Sulzer.... R. E. Mansfield, Indianapolis. Iowa

F. W. Bicknell.. F. R. Conaway. T. J. Wilcox, Northwood. Kansas

J. M. Miller.... C. M. Sheldon.. C. E. Gault, Topeka. Kentucky

Wm. E. Riley... L. J. Crawford. D. H. Stine, Newport. Maine

J. H. Manley... H. H. Blunt.... c. c. Wilson, New Orleans. Louisiana

Andrew Hero, jr. E. c. Reynolds. Geo. E. McCam, Auburn.

G. R. Gaither, jr. S. R. Mason.... Wilson H. Mules, Baltimore.
Massachusetts J. H. Gould..... J. H. Gould..... C. F. Rice, Boston.

Junius E. Beal.. P. T. Colgrove.. Perry ft. Powers, Cadillac.
innesota ... T. E. Byrnes. ... John Goodnow... F. C. Stevens, St. Paul.
Missouri .......J. F. Flanagan.. J. H. Harkless.. Charles Wenneke, St. Louis.

Robt. E. Fisk... E. S. Booth..... H. H. Niedenhofen, Butte. Nebraska

Church Howe... F. W. Collins... Nevada

H. F. Bartine... H. F. Bartine.. E. D. Van der Lieth, Carson City New Hampshire. S. s. Jewett.... H. W. Greene.. E. N. Pearson, Concord. New Jersey F. P. Magowan.. J. H. Gaskill.... Joshua Matlack, jr., Mt. Holly. New-York

E. A. McAlpin.. G. E. Green..... 0. J. Seiler, Jamestown. North Dakota A. B. Guptill... John Knauf..... Frederick J. Bryant, Binghamton. Ohio ...

Chase Stewart... D.D.Woodm'nsee E. J. Miller, Columbus. Oregon ......... Walter L. Tooze. B. B. Beekman..., H. L. Wells, Portland. Pennsylvania ... John O'Donnell.. Everett Warren. { E. N. Randolph. Rec. Sec., Pittsb’g.

F. W. Fleitz, Cor. Sec., Scranton. Rhode Island.... H. E. Tiepke.... H. E. Tiepke.... R. W. Jennings. Providence. South Carolina.. V. P. Clayton... S. Corley........ V. P. Clayton, Columbia. South Dakota ... H. L. Green. R. J. Woods. ... F. H. Hueston, Canton. Tennessee

E. S. Ashcraft.. Jas. W. Brown.. Wm. H. Connette, Nashville. Texas

A. Springer.. D. A. Robinson. Wm. H. Atwell, Dallas. Utah ...... H. Sherman, jr.. G. T. Childs.... Harmel Pratt, Salt Lake City, Vermont ....... H. S. Peck..... H. de B. Clay.. Walter B. Gates, Burlington. Virginia ...... H. de B. Clay... S. J. Kenyon... P. C. Corrigan, Newport News. Washington .... W. H. Doolittle. A. G. Avery.... C. Sidney Smith, Spokane, Wash, West Virginia... Stewart F. Reed. C. D. Elliott.... J. W. Stuck, Doddridge. Wisconsin ...... *H. H. Rand.... S. A. Harper... David C. Owen, Milwaukee. Wyoming ....... W. Van Devanter. C. C. Hamlin... W. 0. Owen, Laramie. Arizona ........ George Christ... B. Heney. ...... J. B. Woodward, Phoenix. Dist.ofColumbia. D. A. Ray. D. A. Ray...... J. C. Chancy, Washington. New-Mexico .... E. W. Dobson.. A. L. Morrison.. R. E. Twitchell, Santa Fe. Oklahoma ...... T. G. Risley.... T. B. Ferguson. N. P. McCabe, Guthrie.


CAN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Headquarters, Room 101. No. 1,402 REPUBLICAN ORGANIZATION OF Broadway, New-York City. Officers: THE CITY AND COUNTY OF NEWPresident, William Brookfield; vice-presi YORK. President, John E. Milholland; dents, Charles A. Flammer and Colum vice-presidents, Gen. 0. H. La Grange, bus O. Johnson; treasurer, Henry L. Major Chester H. Southworth and Lewis Einstein; secretary, William H. Ten Bock; secretaries, W. W. Graham and Eyck.

Samuel Koenig. • College League-W. H. Cox, 31 Trumbull-st., New Haven, Conn. a Advisory members-Hon. James S. Clarkson, Plaza Hotel, N. Y. City; Hon. John M, Thurston, Omaha, Neb.

Chairman-T. H. Carter, Helena, Mont. Mississippi-James Hill, Vicksburg.
Secretary-J. H. Manley, Augusta, Me. Missouri-R. C. Kerens, St. Louis.
Treasurer-C. N. Bliss, New York,

Montana--A. C. Botkin, Helena. Alabama-W. w. Youngblood, Birming Nebraska-John M. Thurston, Omaha. ham.

Nevada--Enoch Strouther, Virginia City. Alaska-E. T. Hatch, Sitka.

New Hampshire-P. C. Cheney, Concord. Arizona-William Griffith, Tucson.

New Jersey-G. A. Hobart, Paterson. Arkansas, P. Clayton, Eureka Springs. New Mexico-T. B. Catton, Santa Fe. ('alifornia-M. H. De Young, San Fran'co. New-York-W. A. Sutherland, Rochester, Colorado-J. F. Saunders, Denver.

North Carolina-H. C. Cowles, Statesville. Connecticut--Samuel Fessenden, Stamford. North Dakota-H. C. Hansbrough, Devil's Delaware-B. J. Layton. Georgetown.

Dist. of Columbia-P. H. Carson, Wash'n. Ohio-W. M. Hahn, Mansfield.
Florida-J. G. Long, St. Augustine. Oklahoma-C. M. Barnes, Guthrie.
Georgia-W. W. Brown, Atlanta.

Oregon-Joseph C. Simon, Portland.
Idaho-G. F. Shoup, Salmon City.

Pennsylvania-D. Martin, Philadelphia, Illinois--W. J. Campbell, Chicago.

Rhode Island-I. M. Potter, Providence. Indiana-J. N. Huston, Connersville.

South Carolina-E. M. Brayton. Columbia. Indian Territory-J. S. Hammer, Ardmore, So. Dakota-A. B. Kittredge. Sioux Falls. Iowa--J. S. Clarkson, 518 5th-ave, N. Y. Tennessee-George W. Hill, Dandridge. Kangas-C. Leland, jr., Leavenworth. Texas-N. W. Cuney, Galveston. Kentucky-W. 0. Bradley, Lancaster, Utah -0. J. Salisbury, Wheeling. Louisiana-A. H. Leonard, Shreveport. Vermont-M. S. Colburn, Manchester. Maine-J. H. Manley, Augusta.

Virginia-w. Mahone, Petersburg. Maryland-James A. Gary, Baltimore. Washington-Nelson Bennett, Tacoma. Massachusetts-W. M. Crane, Dalton. West Virginia-N. B. Scott, Wheeling. Michigan-George L. Maltz, Detroit. Wisconsin--H. C. Payne, Milwaukee. Minnesota-R. G. Evans, Minneapolis. Wyoming-J. M. Carey, Cheyenne.

REPUBLICAN NATIONAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Chairman, J. H. Manley, Augusta, Me.; secretary, W. M. Hahn; treasurer, C. N. Bliss, New-York; J. S. Clarkson, J. H. Manley, W. J. Campbell, W. 0. Bradley, R. ( Kerens, Samuel Fessenden, G. A. Hobart, W. A, Sutherland. w. M. Hahn, David Martin, Thomas H. Carter and H. C. Payne.

REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE. Joseph W. Babcock, of Wisconsin, chairman; Lewis D. Apsley, vice-chairman; S. S. Olds, of Michigan, secretary; T. H. McKee, of Indiana, assistant secretary: William B. Thompson, treasurer. Executive Committee-W. B, Hooker, New-York; Robert R. Hitt, Illinois, Charles F. Manderson, Nebraska; Willis Sweet, Idaho; George c. Perkins, California; Thomas Settle, North Carolina; John A. T. Hull, Iowa, and the chairman and secretary ex-officio. Headquarters, 210 Delaware-ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. WOMEN'S REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES.

President, Mrs. J. Ellen Foster; Mrs. Thomas W. Chase, secretary. Headquarters, Washington, D. C.

REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEES. Chairman and Secretaries of the Committees appointed by the last Republican State (and Territorial) Conventions.

ALABAMA-State Com., R. A. Moseley, E. Buck, Atlanta, Chairman; J. H. Dejr., Birmingham, Chairman; C. F. John veaux, Savannah, Secretary. Cooper, Little Rock, Chairman; M. W. IDAHO-State Central Com., Edgar son, Mobile, Secretary.

Wilson, Boise City, Chairman; J. A. Beal, ARKANSAS-State Com. Henry M.

Boise City, Secretary. Gibbs, Little Rock, Secretary.

ILLINOIS-State Central Com., John

R. Tanner, Chicago, Chairman; c. A. CALIFORNIA-State Central Com., P.

Partridge, Chicago, Secretary. B. Cornwall, San Francisco, Chairman; INDIANA-State Central Com., John D. M. Burns, San Francisco, Secretary. K. Gowdy, Rushville, Chairman; Russell

COLORADO-State Com., Irving How M. Deeds, Indianapolis, Secretary. bert, Denver, Chairman; w. D. Todd, IOWA-State Central Com., James E. Denver, Secretary.

Blythe, Des Moines, Chairman; N. E.
CONNECTICUT-State Central Com., Kendall, Des Moines, Secretary.
H. E. Benton, New Haven, Chairman; KANSAS--State Central Com., J. M.
Samuel A. Eddy. Canaan, Secretary Simpson, McPherson, Chairman; Frank

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA--Central L. Brown, Garnet, Secretary,
Com., Aaron Bradshaw, Chairman; John KENTUCKY-State Central Com., John
E. Bruce, Secretary.

W. Yerkes, Danville, Chairman; William
DELAWARE - State Central Com., E. Riley, Louisville, Secretary.
James H. Wilson, Wilmington, Chairman; LOUISIANA-State Central Com., Gen.
Hugh C. Browne, Wilmington, Secretary. A. S. Badger, New Orleans, Chairman;

FLORIDA-State Com., Dennis Eagan, William Vigers, New Orleans, Secretary. Jacksonville, Chairman; Joseph E. Lee, MAINE-State Com.. Joseph H. ManJacksonville, Secretary.

ley, Augusta, Chalrman, Frank E. SouthGEORGIA-State Central Com., Alfred ard, Augusta, Secretary.

REPUBLICAN STATE COMMITTEES.-Continued. MARYLAND-State Central Com., H. OKLAHOMA-Territorial Com., Wm M. Clabaugh, Westminster, Chairman; H. Grimes, Kingfisher, Chairman; T. G. Ris Clay Naill, Baltimore, Secretary.

ley, Guthrie, Secretary. MASSACHUSETTS.-State Com., E. S. OREGON-State Central Com., George Draper, Boston, Chairman; A. Ć. Rat A. Steel, Portland, Chairman; ' William schesky, Boston, Secretary.

Kapus, Portland, Secretary. MICHIGAN.-State Central Com., James PENNSYLVANIA-State Com., B. F McMillan, Detroit, Chairman; D. E. Al Gilkeson, Bristol, Chairman; Jere B ward, Detroit, Secretary.

Rex, Huntingdon, and A. D. Fetterrolf MINNESOTA.--State Central Com.,

Collegeville, Secretaries. Tams Bixby, Red Wing, Chairman; Har RHODE ISLAND-State Central Com. ris Richardson, St. Paul, Secretary.

Hunter C. White, Providence, Secretary, MISSISSIPPI.-State Executive Com.,

SOUTH CAROLINA-State Executive L. B. Moseley, Jackson, Vice-Chairman; T. V. McAllister, Vicksburg, Secretary.

Com., E. A. Webster, Orangeburg, Chair MISSOURI.-State Com.. Chauncey I.

man; F. M. Miller, Grahamville, Secre

tary. Filley, Sedalia, Chairman; L. M. Hall, St. SOUTH DAKOTA-State Central Com. Louis, Secretary.

0. S. Bassford, Redfield, Chairman; C. H MONTANA.-State Com., Lee Mantle,

Vinton, Redfield, Secretary. Butte, Chairman; Thomas A. Cummings,

TENNESSEE-State Com.. J. W Fort Benton, Secretary.

Baker, Nashville, Chairman; James Jef NEBRASKA.-State Central Com., Chas.

freys, Camden, Secretary. H. Morrill, Lincoln, Chairman; T. E.

TEXAS-State Executive Com.,
Sedgwick, York, Secretary.
NEVADA.--State Central Com., T. Cof-

P. Goodell, Fort Worth, Chairman; W. E fin, Carson City, Chairman; W. R. Ran

Easton, Galveston, Secretary. dail, Carson City, Secretary.

UTAH.-Territorial Com., Charles Crane NEW HAMPSHIRE.-State Com., Steph

Salt Lake City, Chairman; Percy S. Sow

ers, Salt Lake City, Secretary. en s. ewett, Laconia, Chairman; William

VERMONT-State Com., Olin Merrill Tutherly, Concord, Secretary. NEW JERSEY. --State Com.. Franklin

Enosburgh Falls, Chairman; Hamilton s

Peck, Burlington, Secretary. Murphy, Newark, Chairman; John Y. VIRGINIA State Com., William MaFoster, Newark, Secretary.

hone, Petersburg, Chairman; Asa Rog NEW-MEXICO.---Territorial Com., Will

ers, Petersburg, Secretary. iam W. Griffin, Santa Fe, Chairman; J.

WASHINGTON-State Central Com. D. Woodyard, Socorro, Secretary.

Scott Swetland, Tacoma, Chairman; E. D NEW-YORK.-State Com., Charles W.

Cowen, Tacoma, Secretary. Hackett, Utica, Chairman; John S. Ken

WEST VIRGINIA - State Executive yon, Syracuse, Secretary; Edmund B.

Com., W. M. O. Dawson, Kingwood. Harper, Treasurer; B. B. Odell, Jr., Chair

Chairman; G. W. Atkinson, Wheeling, man Executive Com., Utica.

Secretary NORTH DAKOTA. --State Com., B. F. WISCONSIN-State Central Com., H. E. Holton, Yadkinville, Chairman; Tyrec. Thom, Madison, Chairman; John M. Glenn, Greensboro, Secretary.

Ewing, Milwaukee, Secretary. OHIO.State Central Com., Joseph C. WYOMING-Central Com., Willis Van Bonner, Toledo, Chairman; George R. Devanter, Cheyenne, Chairman; R. MDavis, Wapokoneta, Secretary.

Ausherman, Evanston, Secretary. AMERICAN REPUBLICAN COLLEGE LEAGUE. The following are the officers and prin J. E. Bathgate, Princeton; D. W. Hulcipal committees of the American Re bard, University of Pennsylvania; F. C publican College League, and the institu Kuhn, University of Michigan; J. M. tions to which they are credited: Presi Hadley, Earlham; L. B. Vaughan, Unident, Theodore Cox, University City of versity of Chicago; E. J. Henning, UniNew-York; vice-presidents-J. J. Sheri versity of Wisconsin; R. E. Johnson, dan, Yale; L. E. Whittie, Syracuse; E. University of Nebraska: L. H. Markham, J. Henning, University of Wisconsin; Baker; E. M. Wolf, University of Callsecretary W. C. White, Cornell, Ithaca, fornia; c. T. Tatman, Harvard; D. E. N. Y.; treasurer, D. W. Hulbard, Uni Hawkins, Syracuse; H. L. Smith, Leland versity of Pennsylvania; Sub-Executive Stanford; A. L. Squiers, New-York Law Committee, C. T. Tatman, Harvard; D. School. *The College Republican, E. Hawkins, Syracuse; H. L. Smith, Le edited by W. M. Burnett, of Oberlin land Stanford University; A. L. Squiers, College, and a staff of eighteen assistants, New-York Law School; W, G. Brown, is the monthly magazine of the league Union; National Executive Committee The number of colleges represented is Nathan Ottinger, Columbia; J. B. Deber ninety-one, and the membership is about ville, University of Vermont; L. W. 18,000. The annual convention will be Mott, Harvard; W. G. Brown, Union; held April 6, 1895, at Grand Rapids, Mich

NEW-YORK STATE REPUBLICAN LEAGUE. Headquarters, Perry Block, Bingham Bryant, Binghamton; treasurer, A. Bton, N. Y. Officers: President, George B. Colvin, Albany; sub-Executive CommitGreen, Binghamton; vice-presidents, Col. tee, J. A, Scatcherd, Buffalo; J. S. WhipGeorge D. Forsyth, Rochester; Otto Iry ple, Salamanca; Julius Breckwoldt, Dolge ing Wise, New York City; Edwin A. Mer ville; C. C. Shayne, New York City, and rit, jr., Potsdam; secretary, Frederic J. George L. Weed, Brooklyn,

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