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The vote on striking out was-Yeas 564, nays 342, as follows:
Yeas Nays State.
Yeas Nays State.

Yeas Nays Alabama 12 10 Michigan


18 Arkansas 16 Minnesota

18 Texas

30 California 18 Mississippi ii 6 Vermont

8 Colorado



ii 11 Connecticut 12 Montana


8 Delaware



West Virginia 12
5 Nevada

New Hampshire

North Carolina


New Jersey

20 Arizona
15 New-York

Dist. of Columbia.

North Dakota

New Mexico

Oklahoma .....


1 Utah Louisiana


64 Indian Territory...
12 Rhode Island

8 Maryland South Carolina 18

Totals ... .56+ 312 Massachusetts

4 South Dakota ...

1 There was a minority of 15 nays in Illinois, 5 yeas in Minnesota, and 15 nays in Pennsylvania, whose votes were counted, under the unit rule, with the majority of the delegations from those States.

Mr. Patterson, of Colorado, moved to insert the word "free" before "coinage of both gold and silver," in the Silver Plank, but was voted down.

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.... 26

DEMOCRATIC NOMINATIONS FOR PRESIDENT. Governor Leon Abbett, of New Jersey, presented name of Grover Cleveland, of New-York, for President; Wm. C. DeWitt, of Brooklyn, that of David B. Hill, of New-York, and John F. Dunscombe, of Iowa, that of Horace Boies, of Iowa. Mr. Cleveland was nominated on the first ballot, which resulted as follows:


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Grover Cleveland.. :09

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David B. Hill........:::::::::::--:*::*:

Grover Cleveland... 299900 9900*2349


14 Arkansas

16 California

18 Colorado Connecticut



48 Indiana

30 Iowa

26 Kansas Kentucky

18 Louisiana


11 Maine

9 Maryland


94 Massachusetts 24 Michigan

28 Minnesota

18 Mississippi

8 Missouri


New Hampshire. 8
New Jersey 20

Whole number of votes cast, 90942; necessary to a choice, 607.

John G. Carlisle received 14 votes, William R. Morrison 3 votes, and James E. Campbell 2 votes.


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New Mexico
North Carolina. 3 1-3
North Dakota... 6


Pennsylvania ... 64
Rhode Island

South Carolina.. 2
South Dakota... 7


23 Vermont

8 Virginia

12 Washington

8 West Virginia... 7 Wisconsin


Dist. Columbia..
Indian Territ'y.


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.617 1-3 114 103 364, 16 2-3 One vote was cast (from West Virginia) for Robert E. Patterson, of Pennsylvania, 1 (from Massachusetts) for William E. Russell, of Massachusetts: 1 (from Maine) for William C. Whitney, of New-York.

Adlai E. Stevenson.

Isaac P. Gray......

John L. Mitchell....

Henry Watterson....



This body met at Omaha, July 2, 1892. On June 23 Adlai E. Stevenson, of Illi C. H. Ellington, of Georgia, was chosen nois, was nominated by acclamation for

temporary chairman, and H. L. Loucks,

of South Dakota, permanent chairman. the Vice-Presidency after one ballot had been taken. His name was presented by

THE PLATFORM. Nicholas E. Worthington, of Illinois. The

"Assembled upon the one hundred and ballot resulted as follows:

sixteenth anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the People's Party of America, in their first National Convention, invoking upon their action the blessing of Almighty God, puts forth, in the name and on behalf of the people of this country, the following preamble and declaration of

principles: States.

"The conditions which surround us best justify our co-operation. We meet in the midst of a nation brought to the verge of moral, political and material ruin. Corruption dominates the ballot-box, the Legislatures, the Congress, and touches even the ermine of the Bench. The peo

ple are demoralized; most of the States Alabama


have been compelled to isolate the voters Arkansas

at the polling places to prevent universal California

intimidation or bribery. The newspapers Colorado

are largely subsidized or muzzled, public Connecticut

opinion silenced, business prostrated, our Delaware

homes covered with mortgages, labor imFlorida

poverished, and the land concentrating in Georgia 7

the hands of capitalists. The urban Idaho

workmen are denied the right of organizaIllinois 48

tion for self-protection; imported pauperIndiana


ized labor beats down their wages; & Iowa

hireling standing army, unrecognized by Kansas

our laws, is established to shoot them Kentucky 12 12

down, and they are rapidly degenerating Louisiana 16

into European conditions. The fruits of Maine

the toil of millions are boldly stolen to Maryland 4 12

build up colossal fortunes for a few, unMassachusetts 20

precedented in the history of mankind, Michigan

and the possessors of these in turn deMinnesota

spise the Republic and endanger liberty. Mississippi 8

From the same prolific womb of governMissouri 16 10

mental injustice we breed the two great Montana

classes-tramps and millionaires. Nebraska


"The national power to create money Nevada


is appropriated to enrich bondholders; a New Hampshire 8

vast public debt, payable in legal tender New Jersey

currency, has been funded into gold-bearNew-York 72

ing bonds, thereby adding millions to the North Carolina. 92

burdens of the people. Silver, which has North Dakota...

been accepted as coin since the dawn of Ohio 38

history, has been demonetized to add to Oregon

the purchasing power of gold by decreasPennsylvania

ing the value of all forms of property as Rhode Island.

well as human labor, and the supply of South Carolina.. 18

currency is purposely abridged to fatten South Dakota..

usurers, bankrupt enterprise and enslave Tennessee..

industry. Texas 26 4

"A vast conspiracy against mankind Vermont

has been organized on two continents, Virginia

and it is rapidly taking possession of the Washington

world. If not met and overthrown at West Virginia..


it forebodes terrible social conWisconsin

vulsions, the destruction of civilization, Wyoming

or the establishment of an absolute deg. Alaska

potism. We have witnessed, for more Arizona 5

than a quarter of a century, the strug: District Columbia

gles of the two great political parties New Mexico

for power and plunder, while grievou: Oklahoma 2

wrongs have been inflicted upon the suf l'tah

fering people. We charge that the con Indian Territory.


trolling influences dominating both these

parties have permitted the existing dread Totals

402 343 86 45 26 ful conditions to develop without seriou

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Allen B. Mörse...... 18 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Now::: COCOS: Coca: : : : : : : : : : :


effort to prevent or restrain them. form this day organized will never cease Neither do they now promise us any sub to move forward until every wrong is stantial reform. They have agreed to righted, and equal rights and equal prirgether

to ignore, in the coming campaign, ileges securely established for all the men every issue but one. They propose to and women of this country. We declare, drown the outcries of a plundered peo therefore, ple with the uproar of a sham battle "1. That the union of the labor forces of over the tariff, so that capitalists, cor the United States this day consummated porations, National banks, rings, trusts, shall be permanent and perpetual; may its watered stock, the demonetization of sil spirit enter into all hearts for the

valvaver, and the oppressions of the usurers tion of the Republic and the uplifting of may all be lost sight of. They propose to mankind. sacrifice our homes, lives and children *2. Wealth belongs to him who creates on the altar of Mammon; to destroy the it, and every dollar taken from industry multitude in order to secure corruption without an equivalent is robbery. 'If funds from the millionaires.

any will not work, neither shall he eat. "Assembled on the anniversary of the The interests of rural and civic labor birthday of the Nation, and filled with the are the same; their enemies are identical. spirit of the grand general and chieftain

"3. We believe that the time has come who established our independence, we seek

when the railroad corporations will either to restore the Government of the Re own the people or the people must cwn public to the hands of the plain people'

the railroads; and should the Governwith whose class it originated. We assert ment enter upon the work of owning and our purposes to be identical with the pur managing all railroads, we thould favor poses of the National Constitution, an amendment to the Constitution hy form a more perfect union, and establish which all persons engaged in the Govjustice, insure domestic tranquility, pro

ernment service shall be placed under a vide for the common defence, promote

civil service regulation of the most rigid the general welfare, and secure the bless character, so as to prevent the increase ings of liberty for ourselves and our pos

of the power of the National Administraterity. We declare that this Republic

tion by the use of such ariditional Goycan only endure as a free government

ernme employes. while built upon the love of the whole

MONEY.-*1. We demand a National people for each other and for the Nation; currency, safe, sound and flexible, issued that it cannot be pinned together by bayo- by the General Govern.nent only, a full nets; that the Civil War is over, and that legal tender for all debts public and prievery passion and resentment which grew

vate, and that without the use of bankout of it must die with it, and that we ing corporations; a just, rquitable ard must be in fact, as we are in name, one

efficient means of distribution direct to united brotherhood of freedom.

the people at a tax not to exceed 2 per "Our country finds itself confronted by cent per annum, to be provided as set conditions for which there is no prece

forth in the Sub-Treasury plan of the dent in the history of the world; our Farmers' Alliance, or a better systein; annual agricultural productions amount to

also by payments in discharge of its oblibillions of dollars in value, which must

gations for public improvements. within a few weeks or months be ex

"(A) We demand free and unlimited changed for billions of dollars' worth of coinage of silver and gold at the present commodities consumed in their produc- legal ratio of 16 to 1: tion; the existing currency supply is

**(B) We demand that the amount of wholly inadequate to make this exchange;

circulating medium be speedily increased the results are falling prices, the forma

to not less than $50 per capita. tion of combines and rings, the impov

"(C) We demand a graduated Income erishment of the producing class. We tax. pledge ourselves that, if given power, we

“(D) We believe that the money of the will labor to correct these evils by wise

country should be kept as much as possiand reasonable legislation, in accordance ble in the hands of the people, and hence with the terms of our platform. We be

we demand that all State and National lieve that the powers of Government-in

revenues shall be limited to the necesother words, of the people--should be sary expenses of the Government, ecoexpanded (as in the case of the postal nomically and honestly administered. service) as rapidly and as far as the

We demand that Postal Sav. good sense of an intelligent people and ings Banks be established by the Governthe teachings of experience shall justify, ment for the safe deposit of the earnings to the end that cppression, injustice and of the people and to facilitate exchange. poverty shall eventually cease in the TRANSPORTATION.-" 2. Transportaland.

tion being a means of exchange and a "While our sympathies as a party of public necessity, the Government should reform are naturally upon the side of own and operate the railroads in the inevery proposition which will tend to terest of the people. The telegraph and make men intelligent, virtuous and tem telephone, like the postoffice system, being perate, we nevertheless regard these ques a necessity for the transmission of news, tions-important as they are-as secondary should be owned and operated by the Govto the great issues now pressirg for solu ernment in the interests of the peop'e. tion, and upon which not only cur indi LAND.-*3. The land, including all the vidual prosperity, but the very existence natural sources of wealth, is the heriof free institutions depends; and we ask tage of the people and should not be all men to first help us determine monopolized for speculative purposes, and whether we are to have a Republic to alienownership of land should be proadminister, before we differ as to the hibited. All land now held by railroads conditions upon which it is to be admin and other corporations in excess of their istered; believing that the forces of re actual needs, and all lands now owned by


aliens, should be reclaimed by the Gov James G. Field, Virginia, and Mann Page, ernment and held for actual settlers Virginia. The vote on the morning of only."

July 5 resulted as follows: James B. The following supplementary resolu Weaver, 995; James H. Kyle, 265. tions, not to be incorporated in the plat For Vice-President, James G. Field, form, came from the Committee on Reso of Virginia, was chosen by a yote *of 733 lutions and were adopted, as follows: to 554 for Ben Terrell, of Texas.

**Whereas, Other questions having been presented for our consideration, we hereby submit the following, not as a part of THE PROHIBITION CONVENthe Platform of the People's party, but as resolutions expressive of the sentiment

TION. of this convention:

This body met at Cincinnati, June 29, ELECTIONS.-'1. Resolved, That we 1892. John P. St. John, of Kansas, was demand a free ballot and fair count at chosen temporary chairman, and

Fli all elections, and pledge ourselves to se Ritter, of Indiana, permanent president. cure it to every legal voter without Federal intervention, through the adoption by the States of the unperverted Australian

THE PLATFORM. or secret ballot system.

"The Prohibition party, in National TAXATION.-2. That the revenue de Convention assembled, acknowledging Alrived from a graduated income tax should mighty God as the source of all true be applied to the reduction of the bur government, and His law as the standard den of taxation now resting upon the to which human enactments must condomestic industries of this country. form to secure the blessings of peace and

PENSIONS.-3. That we pledge our prosperity, prese its the followir.g declarasupport to fair and liberal pensions to tion of principles: ex-Union soldiers and sailors.

LIQUOR.-1. The liquor traffic is a IMMIGRATION.--*'4. That we condemn foe to civilization, the arch-enemy of the fallacy of protecting American labor popular government, and a public nuiunder the present system, which opens

sance. It is the citadel of the forces that our ports to the pauper and criminal corrupt politics, promote poverty and classes of the world, and crowds out cur crime, degrade the Nation's home life, wage-earners; and we denounce the pres thwart the will of the people, and deliver ent ineffective laws against contract our country into the hands of rapacious labor, and demand the further restriction class interests. All laws that, under the of undesirable immigration.

guise of regulation, legalize and protect EIGHT-HOUR LAW.-5. That we cor this traffic or make the Government share dially sympathize with the efforts of in its ill-gotten gains, are 'vicious in organized workingmen to shorten the principle and powerless as a remedy.' hours of labor and demand a rigid en We declare anew for the entire suppresforcement of the existing Eight-Hour law sion of the manufacture, sale, importation, on Government work, and ask that a exportation and transportation of alcoholic penalty clause be added to the said law. liquors as a beverage by Federal and

PINKERTON MEN.-'6. That we re State legislation, and the full powers of gard the maintenance of a large stand Government should be exerted to secure ing army of mercenaries, krown as the this result. No party that fails to recogPinkerton system, as a menace to our nize the dominant nature of this issue in liberties, and we demand its abolition; American politics is deserving of the supand we condemn the recent invasion of port of the people. the Territory of Wyoming by the hired WOMAN SUFFRAGE.-2. No citizen assassins of plutocracy, assisted by Fed should be denied the right to vote on aceral officials.

count of sex, and equal labor should reMISCELLANEOUS.--'7. That we crm ceive equal wages, without regard to sex. mend to the favorable consideration of MONEY.-3. The money of the counthe people and to the reform press the try should consist of gold, silver and legislative system known as the initia paper, and be issued by the General Govtive and referendum.

ernment only, and in sufficient quantity **8. That we favor a constitutional pro to meet the demands of business and give vision limiting the office of President and Vice-President to one term, and providing

full opportunity for the employment of

labor. To this end an increase in the volfor the election of Senators of the United

ume of money is demanded. No individStates by a direct vote of the people.

ual or corporation should be allowed to *9. That we oppose any subsidy or make any profit through its issue. It rational aid to any private corporation should be made a legal tender for the for any purpose.

payment of all debts, public and private. *10. That this convention sympathizes

Its volume should be fixed at a definite with the Knights of Labor and their

sum per capita, and made to increase righteous contest with the tyrannical with our increase in population, combine of clothing manufacturers of SILVER.--"4. We favor the free and Rochester, and declares it to be the duty unlimited coinage of gold and silver. of all who hate tyranny and oppression (This plank was stricken out by the con. to refuse to purchase the goods made

vention by a vote of 335 for to 596 against by the said manufacturers, or to patron. it.) ize any merchants who sell such goods.' TARIFF.--"5. Tariff should be levied THE NOMINATIONS.

only as a defence against foreign Govern

ments which levy tart upon or bar out The following were placed in nomina our products from their markets, revenues tion for President: James B, Weaver, of being incidental, The residue of means Iowa; James H, Kyle, South Dakota; ' necessary to an economical administra

tion of the Government should be raised Democratic control. Each accuses the by levying a burden on what the people other of extravagance in Congressional possess, instead of upon what they con appropriations, and both are alike guilty: sume.

each protests when out of power against CORPORATIONS.-"6. Railroad, tele infraction of the civil service laws, and graph and other public corporations should each when in power violates those laws be controlled by the Government in the in letter and in spirit; each professes interest of the people, and no higher fealty to the interests of the toiling charges allowed than necessary to give masses, but both covertly truckle to the the right of trial by constitutional trib

money power in their administration of unals.

public affairs. Even the tariff issue, as IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZA

represented in the Democratic Mills bill TION.--*7. Foreign immigration has be- and the Republican McKinley bill, is no come a burden upon industry, one of the longer treated by them as an issue befactors in depressing wages and causing tween great and divergent principles of discontent; there.ore our immigration laws government, but is a mere catering to should be revised and strictly enforced. different sectional and class interests. The The time of residence for naturalization attempt in many States to wrest the should be extended, and no naturalized Australian ballot system from its true person should be allowed to vote until

purpose, and to so deform it as to render one year after he becomes a citizen. it extremely difficult for new parties to

LAND.-"S. Non-resident aliens should exercise the rights of suffrage, is an outnot be allowed to acquire land in this rage upon popular government. The comcountry, and we favor the limitation of petition of both these parties for the vote individual and corporate ownership of of the slums, and their assiduous courting land. All unearned grants of lands to of the liquor power and subserviency to railroad companies or other corporations the money power, have resulted in placshould be reclaimed.

ing those powers in the position of practi

cal arbiters of the destinies of the Nation. MOB LAW.--"9. Years of inaction and treachery on the part of the Republican

We renew our protest against these periland Democratic parties have resulted in

ous tendencies, and invite all citizens to the present reign of mob law, and we

join us in the upbuilding of a party that demand that every citizen be protected in

has shown in five National campaigns the right of trial by constitutional tri

that it prefers temporary defeat to an bunals.

abandonment of the claims of justice, soMISCELLANEOUS.-"10. All men should of American homes.

briety, personal rights and the protection be protected by law in their right to one PROHIBITION.-"16. Recognizing and day of rest in seven.

declaring that prohibition of the liquor "11. Arbitration is the wisest and most

traffic has become the dominant issue in economical and humane method of set

National politics, we invite to full party tling National differences.

fellowship all those who on this one dom"12. Speculations in margins, the cor

inant issue are with us agreed in the nering of grain, money and products, and

full belief that this party can and will the formation of pools, trusts and com

remove sectional differences, promote Nabinations for the arbitrary advancement tional unity, and insure the best welfare of prices should be suppressed.

of our entire land." *15. We pledge that the Prohibition For the third resolution a minority reparty if elected to power will ever grant port favored "the insue of legal-tender just pensions to disabled veterans of the Treasury notes, exchangeable in gold or Union Army and Navy, their widows and silver bullion, on a plan similar to that orphans.

which now floats $340,000,000 of green*14. We stand unequivocally for the backs on $100,000,000 of gold reserve and American public school, and opposed to make them more acceptable and conven. any appropriation of public moneys for ient than either gold or silver coin." sectarian schools. We declare that only

This was defeated on a rising vote-yeas by united support of such common schools,

316, nays 337. taught in the English language, can we hope to become and remain a homogene- reported a substitute declaring that the

For the fifth resolution, the minority ous and harmonious people.

tariff should be so levied as to furnish REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS. revenue for the needs of the Govern"15. We arraign the Republican and ment economically administered, reDemocratic parties as false to the stand- lieving necessities used by the mass of ards reared by their founders; as faithless the people, and for the benefit of labor, to the principles of the illustrious leaders protecting American productions and of the past to whom they do homage with manufactures against the competition the lips; as recreant to the higher law,' of foreign nations, and suggesting the apwhich is as inflexible in political affairs pointment of a tariff commission. as in personal life, and as no longer em This was defrated by a large vote. bodying the aspirations of the American The sixteenth resolution was reported people, or inviting the confidence of en by a minority of the Committee on Resolightened, progressive patriotism. Their lutions. After Animated debate it was protest against the admission of moral defeated. its friends being unable to issues into politics is a confession of their rally the 200 votes necessary to order a own moral degeneracy. The declaration vote by States. Subsequently it was of an eminent authority that municipal taken from the table, and by a rising vote misrule is the one conspicuous failure of added to the platform; which, with the American politics' follows as a natural fourth paragraph out, was then adopted, consequence of such degeneracy, and it is as reported by James Black, ebairman of true alike of cities under Republican and the committee.

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