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approach of tariff reform is stimulating used by them, such to be held for actual industrial activity in every direction." settlers only.

TARIFF.-"We reiterate the demand for TRUSTS. -Demands laws to prevent the free raw materials for our manufactures forming

of combinations or trusts. and removal of all legislative obstructions TARIFF.-Demands repeal of the Mcto the freest development of our indus Kinley Tariff bill. tries."

INCOME TAX.-Demands a just and FEDERAL ELECTION LAWS.-"The equitable system of graduated tax on incountry is to be congratulated upon the comes. repeal of the laws by virtue of which RAILROADS, etc.-Demands State and Federal officials were permitted to inter Federal Government control and superfere in the elections of the several vision of the means of public communiStates."

cation and transportation, and if this AMERICAN PROTECTIVE ASSOCIA system does not remove existing abuses, TION.-"In the language of the Democrat- then that the Government establish ownic National platform of 1856, we declare ership of such means of communication that the foundation of this Union of States and transportation. having been laid in. and its prosperity, U. S. SENATORS.-Demands an amendexpansion, and pre-eminent example in ment to the Constitution providing for the free government built upon, entire free election of United States Senators by didom, in matters of religious concernment, rect vote of the people. and no respect of person in regard to rank or place of birth, no party can just

SOUTH DAKOTA REPUBLICAN. ly be deemed National, constitutional, or

August 23, 1894. in accordance with American principles TARIFF.-'In the interest of the counwhich bases its exclusive organization try at large, and particularly in the inupon religious opinions and accidental terest of the people of this great agribirthplace."

cultural Northwest, it affirms its convic

tion that this Nation owes to its own citi. SOUTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATIC zens and their industries all reasonable (TILLMANITES).

protection against competition with for

eign labor, and it believes that this can September 19, 1894.

be best and most certainly afforded by the MONEY.-"We demand the free and

friends of protection, rather than by unlimited coinage of silver at a ratio of

those who declare, as did the last Dem16 to 1, and insist upon its immediate

ocratic National Convention, that protecenactment without waiting for interna

tion is unconstitutional and fraudulent, tional agreement. We insist upon it for

and which declaration has smitten this the protection of our farmers and labor

whole country with a blight that has ing classes, the first and most defenceless withered its manufacturing industries, victims of unstable and fluctuating cur

shrivelled its commerce and dried up the rency.

fountains of its finances. The policy of DISPENSARY LAW. "Recognizing the a Democratic Congress, which levies upon great evils of intemperance and the curse this country the tribute of millions in beof barrooms and their corrupting influ

half of the Sugar Trust and robs this ences, we heartily indorse the Dispensary country's wool growers of millions in belaw as the happiest and best solution of

half of Australian flock owners, has been the vexed whiskey problem, and we cali

fitly characterized by a Democratic presiupon the Christian men and women of the dent as perfidy and dishonor, and we deState to see that the law is fairly tested clare our preference for that reciprocity and assist in its enforcement."

policy of the Republican party which got

something for the country at large in SOUTH CAROLINA REFORM exchange for whatever advantage was acDEMOCRATIC.

corded foreign nations and their commer

cial interests." August 16, 1894.

MONEY.-"We favor the use of both silThe platform of May, 1892, was practi ver and gold as money at a ratio of 16 to cally adopted. It reaffirms faith in Demo 1, confining the coinage of silver to the cratic simplicity, pledges anew allegiance American product at the net cost of the to the principles enunciated by Jefferson, actual expense of coinage, and we deetc.

mand that silver as well as gold shall be ANTI-OPTION.--Demands that Congress a legal-tender for the payment of all just shall pass such laws as will effectually debts, both public and private." prevent the dealing in futures of all agri. PENSIONS.-"An overwhelming majoricultural and mechanical productions, pro ty of the old soldiers of the Union know viding such stringent system of procedure upon which party to depend for due recin trials as

will secure prompt con ognition of their patriotic sacrifices and victi and imposing such penalties as valorous services in crushing rebellion, shall secure the most perfect compliance and the Republicans of South Dakota with the law.

only need assure them of the same justice SILVER. -Demands the free and un and liberality in their behalf that have limited coinage of silver on the ratio of been declared heretofore and which have 16 to 1.

been so industriously promoted by South LAND-OWNING.-Demands laws to pro Dakota's Representatives of that party in hibit allen ownership of land, also pass, Congress." age of laws to reclaim all lands owned LABOR.-Denounces labor troubles, and by alieps and foreign syndicates, and of the use of private armed forces to settle all lands owned by railroads and corpora them, and favore arbitration for the ad. tions in excess of such as is actually justment of all disagreements.

IMMIGRATION.-Urges such modifica- | accomplish this end, and hereby reaffirm tion of the immigration laws as will fully our devotion to the doctrines of the Reprotect the United States against the im- publican party and its policies as set portation of pauper and criminal immi- forth in the National platform of 1892." grants.

MONEY.-"The American people, from TRUSTS.-Declares in favor of legisla-tradition and interest, favor bimetallism, tion against the dangers of accumulations and the Republican party demands the of capital and of trusts and combines.

use of both gold and silver as standard SOUTH DAKOTA DEMOCRATIC. money, with such restrictions and such

provisions, to be determined by legislaSeptember 5, 1894.

tion, as will secure the maintenance of TARIFF.--"We declare ourselves in

the parity of values of the two metals, so

that favor of free trade, believing that as long

the purchasing and debt-paying as we have any tariff legislation, so long power of the dollar, whether silver, gold shall we have the heads of trusts, their

or paper, shall be at all times equal, and

we are in favor of a circulating medium attorneys and witnesses at Washington,

of volume sufficient to meet the demands and so long shall we have men in official

of business and commerce." positions who are too weak to rise above a handful of their constituents and vote

PENSIONS.-"That the Republicans of for the great mass of the people and for Tennessee, ever mindful of the patriotic their country's good."

and loyal services of the veteran soldiers TRUSTS.-"We demand the enactment

of the Republic, reaffirm their unswerving and enforcement of laws which will curb

devotion to them and unreservedly contheir extension and their power."

demn the present Administration for its CURRENCY.—"We demand the coinage against the Nation's defenders in

illiberal, unjust and unpatriotic crusade

the of both silver and gold under such condi- matter of pensions." tions and at such a ratio as will maintain the parity of the two metals."

MISCELLANEOUS. Opposes the repeal

of the State Bank Tax law; favors a INCOME TAX.--"We congratulate the

law restricting immigration; favors arbipeople on the establishment of the income

tration of differences between labor and tax by the Democratic party."

capital. PENSIONS.--"We demand that the Gov. ernment treat with liberality and with

TENNESSEE DEMOCRATIC. full appreciation of their heroism the old

August 15, 1894. soldiers who offered their lives in the Nation's defence."

TARIFF.-Favors a "tariff for revenue U. S. SENATORS.-"We demand the only, and commends all legislation reelection of United States Senators by a ducing protective taxes as a step toward direct vote of the people."

the consummation of the Jeffersonian pol. MISCELLANEOUS. --Favors a law that

'cy, of 'free commerce with all nations. will prohibit the holding of the office of TRUSTS.-Regards the growth of trusts Congressman, U. S. Senator, or any Cab and combinations to arbitrarily control inet position by one who shall be the the production and prices of the necesowner of any stocks, shares or interests saries of life as one of the worst evils of any kind whatever, either in whole or of the protective system. in part, directly or indirectly, in any cor IMMIGRATION.-Favors such legislaporation, trust or combination to be af tion as will exclude criminals, paupers, fected by National legislation, or who Anarchists and others of the scum of shall hold any official position in such European population; also favors the bodies." Favors a law that will prohibit rigid enforcement of the laws against the any National or State official from ac importation of foreign workmen under cepting any railway or sleeping-car pass. contracts to degrade American workmen TENNESSEE REPUBLICAN.

and to lessen wages.

FEDERAL ELECTION LAWS.--ComAugust 22, 1894.

mends the repeal of the Federal Election BUSINESS DEPRESSION.-"The Re. laws. publicans of Tennessee, in convention as NICARAGUA CANAL.--Favors its early sembled, view with indignation and alarm construction and such action on the part the deplorable condition of the State and of Congress as may be necessary to proNation into which they have been pre mote it and keep it under American concipitated by eighteen months' of Demo trol. cratic supremacy and misrule, and for a INCOME TAX.-Favors a "Federal tax way of escape we point with becoming upon incomes as a fair, just and equipride to the matchless prosperity and table method of raising revenue." abiding confidence of the whole people STATE BANK TAX.-Favors a repeal that attended Republican administration of the prohibitory 10 per cent. tax on for thirty years prior to 1892, and we in State banks of issue. vite the voters of the country to unite FINANCIAL.-Favors the bimetallic with us in hurling from power the Demo standard, the coinage, without reference cratic party and again to place the con to the policy of other nations, of both trol of the Government in the hands of gold and silver in such manner as will the great Republican party."

maintain both metals in circulation at TARIFF.-"We declare for a system of parity. protective duties, adjusted so that every

MISCELLANEOUS.--Opposes "all sects, American resource can be developed by political organizations, and all politiAmerican labor, receiving American wages, cal proscription on account of religious and we insist upon a tariff bill that will l opinion."



June 22, 1894. Demands National currency, safe, sound and flexible, issued by the general Government only, a full legal tender for all debts, public and private, and that without the use of banking corporations; a just, equitable and efficient means of distribution, direct to the people; free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at the present legal ratio of 16 to 1; that the amount of circulating medium be speedily increased to not less than $50 per capita; a graduated income tax; that all State and National revenue shall be limited to the necessary expense of the Government economically and honestly administered; the abolition of the internal revenue laws; that the Congress of the United States shall submit an amendment to the Constitution providing for the election of United States Senators by direct vote of the people of each State; an abolition of the lease system and condemn the working of convicts in competition with free labor.


August 6, 1894. TARIFF.-"Believing in America for Americans, we affirm our allegiance to the National Republican platform

as adopted at Minneapolis in 1892. We demand a tariff for the protection of all American industries, and articles which cannot be produced in the United States, except luxuries, should be admitted free of duty; and on all imports coming into competition with American labor there should be duties levied equal to the difference between wages


home and abroad. We condemn the action of our Texas Congressmen in so voting on tariff as to blight the lumber, wool and other industries of our State."

RECIPROCITY. -- "We condemn free trade with foreign nations in any form unless by reciprocity or treaties that will open up the markets of other countries to American producers. We believe in the Republican doctrine of protection by the general government of life, liberty and property of every American citizen at home or abroad."

LABOR.-"We sympathize with the laboring classes of our country in all lawful efforts to better their condition and obtain a more equal distribution of the wealth produced by labor."

FARM PRODUCTS. "We extend willing hand to the farmers of the United States and demand for them the enact. ment of such laws as will insure fair returns for the products of their toil. We believe in the coinage of both gold and silver and the issuance of paper money so adjusted that the purchasing power of every Government dollar shall be equal.

CONVICT LABOR.--"We condemn the leasing of convict labor of the State outside of the walls of the penitentiary." TEXAS REPUBLICAN. (“LILLY


August 30, 1894. TARIFF.-"We reaffirm the American doctrine of protection, and we favor more

uniform protection to manufacturers and producers in every branch of industry which shall equal the difference between the compensation paid to American labor and the earnings of labor abroad. We denounce the attitude of the Democratic Congress in legislating against the industrial interests of the country. We denounce their flagrant discrimination against the agricultural and pastoral growth everywhere, while fostering the combinations and trusts of aggregated capital, creating and maintaining monopolies at the expense of every consumer and injury of the entire country. We point with pride to the success of the Republican policy of reciprocity, under which our interchange of trade had grown enormously, leading to free intercourse and freer commerce with every American nation, and we denounce the action of the Democratic Congress which has abrogated these trade relations to the injury of every interest and every point of the country."

MONEY.-"We are in favor of sound money-gold, silver and currency-its volume as large as practicable, so coined and issued that every dollar shall be equal in value the one to the other."

NICARAGUA CANAL.-"We favor the indorsement of the Nicaragua Canal project by the National Government.


August 16, 1894. LABOR TROUBLES.-Demands the passage of such laws as may be necessary to protect every citizen in the full enjoyment of such individual liberty; views with grave apprehension the growing tendency to set at defiance the laws devised for the protection of life and property, and demands the enactment of such laws as will give the State Executive the use of all the powers of the State, when necessary, for the suppression of lawlessness and the protection of lives of the citizens and all classes of property within the State.

MONEY.-"We hold to the use of both gold and silver as the standard money of the country, and the equal coinage of both metals without discrimination against either metal or charge for mintage; but the dollar unit of coinage of both metals must be of equal intrinsic and exchangeable value or be adjusted through international agreement or by such safeguards of legislation as shall insure the maintenance of parity of the two metals and the equal power of every dollar at all times in the markets and in payment of s, and we demand that all paper currency shall be kept at par with and redeemable in such coin. We insist upon this policy as especially necessary for the protection of farmers and laboring classes, the first and most defenceless victims of unstable money and a fluctuating currency."

TARIFF.-"We demand of Congress the passage of such tariff legislation as may be in strict accordance with the principles announced in our last National platform, and denounce all attempts to secure special protection or privileges for any




particular class or classes as unwise, un VERMONT DEMOCRATIC. patriotic and undemocratic."

June 28, 1894. MISCELLANEOUS.-Demands

the Senators and Representatives in Congress

TARIFF.-"We approve of the measthat they exert their efforts to secure ures proposed by the

representatives adequate appropriations for the improve

of the Democratic party in Congress ment of the ports and inland waterways

for the relief of the country from unjust of the State; favors the adoption of a

and discriminating tariff taxations. We de. constitutional amendment authorizing an

nounce and hold the Republican party renual appropriations for the support of the sponsible for the present depressed conConfederate Home, and pledges the

dition of the country and do not allow Democratic party to the continued main

their cowardly attempts at shifting their tenance and support of the same.

responsibility, as it was directly traced to

the efforts of the MeKinley Tariff act, TEXAS POPULIST.

which fostered temporarily extravagant June 21, 1894.

and reckless financial business schemes to

the present disastrous results. We de FINANCE.-Demands a National cur mand a tariff which shall be a protection rency, 'which shall be a full legal-tender to American labor and keep the country for all debt, public and private, and that

in a steady and conservative condition and without the use of banking corporations, not a cause of such violent inflations and a just, equitable and efficient means of

depressions as have occurred under the distribution direct to the people, at a tax

present McKinley bill." not exceeding 2 per cent per annum, be FEDERAL ELECTIONS.-"We approve provided, as set forth in the sub-treasury of the repeal of the Federal Election plan of the Farmers' Alliance, or some law, that insidious instrument for the better system; also by payments in dis destruction of the constitutional freedom charge of its obligations for public im of the ballot." provements''; also the free and unlimited SILVER.-'We recognize the fact that coinage of silver and gold at the present the progress of civilization has made ratio of 16 to 1, and that the amount of the large nations of the world decirculating medium be increased to not

pendent upon each other financially, and less than $50 per capita.

we demand a currency that shall be MISCELLANEOUS.-Demands of its face value in every part of the graduated income tax; the establishment globe. We believe in gold and silver as a of postal savings banks, government own circulating medium, and that they shall ership of railroads, telegraph and tele be made of equal value, as demanded in phones; the abolition of private banks the

National Democratic platform

of of issue, whether they be State or Na

1892." tional. Condemns the issue of gold bonds in times of peace. Favors the completion

VIRGINIA DEMOCRATIC, of the Nicaragua Canal, providing it is

August 18, 1893. owned and operated by the Government, CONFEDERATE PENSIONS. "The in proper co-operation with Nicaragua Democratic party of Virginia, rememberand Costa Rica.

ing the unselfish services of her patriotic VERMONT REPUBLICAN.

defenders during the Civil War, and rec

ognizing her sacred obligations to care for June 20, 1894.

her surviving sons who were disabled durTARIFF.-"We denounce as especially ing that great struggle and the widows injurious to the State the provisions of

of those who sacrificed their lives, will the Wilson bill. We denounce the increase

continue to favor such liberal appropriaof the tax on the poor man's breakfast

tions within the resources of the State as table, which is accompanied by a decrease

will tend to the accomplishment of that in the tariff on articles of luxury. We de


FEDERAL nounce the Wilson bill as sectional in its

ELECTION LAWS. - Deprovisions, subservient to gigantic monop

nounces the policy of Federal control of olies, a menace to business interests, and

elections and demands the repeal of "all we predict that if it becomes a law, pros

Congressional legislation that countenances

interference with the freedom of elecperity will not return to our land until the

tions by the appointment of Federal superRepublican party is again in power.'

visors to revise the registration lists and ELECTIONS.-'We declare our belief

scrutinize the ballots, and Federal marthat the repeal of the Federal election law

shals to overawe the people by their preswas passed in the interests of the fraudu

ence at the polls." lent election methods of the Democratic


SUES. - Reiterates SILVER.--"We approve the strenuous

the principles an

nounced in the National Convention at efforts of the Vermont Senators and Rep. Chicago, and urges the speedy enactment resentatives in Congress to render as

of such laws as will "carry out the proharmless as possible the prospective tariff legislation. We favor the continued and

visions of that platform and relieve the

country from the disastrous financial conextended use of silver in our circulation dition to which the unwise and reckless within the extent of the ability of the legislation of the Republican party has Government to preserve the present parity brought it"; insists upon such legislation between gold and silver. To this end we as will provide for an expansion of the will hail with enthusiasm all efforts of currency of the country suficient to meet the Government to obtain an agreement the business needs of the country without with all other commercial nations to se delay; Indorses "the principles announced cure the free coinage of silver on any by the Chicago Convention upon the subproper ratio."

ject of tariff taxation, and urges upon

Congress the imperative duty of carrying self-aggrandizement through division of into effect by appropriate legislation the the spoils, and that the better elements declarations of that platform as soon as of the party no longer control its actions, the more pressing needs of the currency we view with alarm the continued inproblem have received attention"; recom difference and studied avoidance of all mends that the prohibitory 10 per cent tax moral and reform measures. Corrupting on State bank issues be repealed.

methods, enforced by the liberty-destroy

ing Anderson-McCormick election law, VIRGINIA POPULIST.

constitute in a majority of instances their August 3, 1893.

sole claim to political advancement.

The last plank in the platform deDEMOCRATIC PARTY.-'We have

clares in favor of "a graduated income had promise of government economically tax, supported by effective laws, that the administered until hope has given place poor man may not alone bear the burto despair. The party now in power den of taxation, while the rich man, declaim that they never had a chance, clining ownership of real estate because while, in fact, they have many times had

it can be listed and estimating his own a large majority in the lower house of

wealth, possesses a pocket bulging with Congress and have recently proved to the bonds upon which he defiantly pays no country that they had chance' enough


This is understood to mean a to increase their own salaries.

They State income tax, though this is not made might at least have outlined a policy clear by the language of the text. which would have inspired the people with confidence.

We cannot here WASHINGTON REPUBLICAN. enumerate in detail the long list of unfulflled pledges made to the people by

September 19, 1894. the Democratic party. ... Have we fared We affirm our allegiance to the princiany better in our State administration, ples of the Republican party, and indorse which has been under exclusive Demo unreservedly the platform of 1892, believcratic control for nearly eight years?" ing a return to these principles in the Ad

FINANCE.-"We favor the free and ministration of th Government absounlimited coinage of silver and gold at the

lutely necessary to insure a return of Napresent legal ratio of 16 to 1; a National

tional prosperity. currency, safe, sound and flexible; a full We deplore the terrible calamity that legal tender for all debts, public and pri

has befallen our common country by reavate, issued by the general Government son of the gross incompetency and misonly, based on its credit and not on its rule of the Democratic party, which for indebtedness, in volume sufficient


nearly two years has had absolute conmaintain a healthy condition of business, trol of the Federal Government. We conand distributed directly among the peo demn it for its so-called policy of tarife ple, when demanded on the security of reform, which in practice its leader and their property, at a reasonable rate of in head denounces as one of "perfidy and terest, under such system as the wisdom dishonor, a policy which taxes the poor of Congress may devise. We are un man's breakfast table for the sake of enalterably opposed to State banks, or any riching its political friends and benefactor, other than National currency, because of the colossal Sugar Trust of America, a its undesirableness and because the Con policy the very menace of which has de stitution of the United States conferred stroyed confidence, ruined values, demorthe power to issue money on the general alized capital and starved labor. Government only, and this power cannot be delegated."


September 28, 1894. ing of all stocks, bonds and evidences of debt property, subject to taxation at

TARIFF.-"Resolved. That we earnesttheir true market value, and the imposi- | ly and cordially indorse the efforts of the tion, both by National and State govern

present Democratic Administration to rements, of a graduated income tax, with

form the enormities of the Republican

tariff system as indorsed in the late Mcsevere penalties for the evasion of the law. Non-resident corporations doing

Kinley bill, and we heartily commend the business in the State should be taxed ac

bill recently passed by a Democratic cording to the value of the business done.

Congress as an intelligent and patriotic National and State legislation should be

step in the direction of an enlightened so framed as not to build up the few at

international policy, and which is apthe expense of the many, whether under

proved by the highest statesmenship of a tariff law, an internal revenue law or

the world. A policy which shall throw an oyster law."

open the seaports of the United States,

and particularly the seaports of our own VIRGINIA PROHIBITIONIST. State, to those raw staple products, such September 6, 1893.

as wool, flax, hemp. jute and other such

staples, which experience has proven It declares that both the Democrats and must ever be the basis of a sound manuPopulists have intentionally avoided the facturing system. That by the importadeclarations upon the subject of morals tion into our own ports of these staples and temperance. "The Populists," this we shall at one and the same time enpaper says, "have fused with the Demo courage the building up to a State and crats wherever they considered it politic local manufacturing system, which shall to do so, and believing that the Demo free our people from the exactions of cratic party in Virginia, which is now and manufacturing trusts 3,000 miles distant has been for years the dominant party, and at the same time, by encouraging has fallen largely into the hands of pro the importation of such staples, stimufessional politicians, whose first alm is late a system of international interchange

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