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Louis T. Morris, 3; Charles D. Viele, 1; G. Bartlett, 9; Melville A. Cochran, 6; William A. Rafferty, 2; Stevens T. Nor- James J. Van Horn, 8; Isaac D. De Rusvell, 10; Wirt Davis, 5; Henry Wagner, sy, 11; John S. Poland, 17; Edward P, 5; Camillo C. C. Carr, 8; Edmond G. Pearson, 10; Horace Jewitt, 21; John C Fechet, 6; Almond B. Wells, 8; William Bates, 2; Andrew S. Burt, 25; Simon SnyB. Kennedy, 4; Sanford C. Kellogg, 4; der, 19; Robert H. Hall, 4; W. H. PenCharles s. Ilsley, 9; Theodore J. Wint, rose, 16; A. T. Smith, 13; Hamilton s. 10; Francis Moore, 5; Henry W. Wes-Hawkins, 20; Daingerfield Parker, sells, 3; A. S. B. Keyes, 3; James N. James S. Casey, 22; William L. Kellogg, Wheelan, 8; Adam Kramer, 6; Edward M. 5; Jacob F. Kent, 24; Samuel Ovenshine, Hayes, 1; Joseph M. Kelley, 10; Thomas 23; John H. Page, 3; John N. Andrews, C. Lebo, 6; Wm. M. Wallace, 2; Henry J. 12. Nowlan, 7.

LIEUT.-COLONELS-Hugh A. Theaker,

14; William J. Lyster, 21; David D. Van OFFICERS OF ARTILLERY.

Valzah, 24; Charles A. Wikoff, 19; Edward

Moale, 3; Henry C. Cook, 4; Jacob Kline, COLONELS-Henry W. Closson, 4: 9; Evan Miles, 1; William H. Powell, 11; William M. Graham, 5; Richard Loder, 2; Daniel W. Benham, 7; Edgar R. Kellogg, R. T. Frank, 1; Edmund E. Bainbridge, 10; Richard Comba, 12; Harry C. Egbert, 3.

6; E. M. Coates, 16; Geo. M. Randall, 8; LIEUT.-COLONELS–Francis L. Guen-13; William M. Wherry, 2; John H. Pat

James H. Bradford, 17; William S. Worth, ther, 6; A. C. M. Pennington, 4; Marcus terson, 22; Henry B. Freeman, 5; Clarence P. Miller, 1; John I. Rodgers, 2; Edward

M. Bailey, 18; James W. Powell, jr., 15; B. Williston, 3.

Loyd Wheaton, 20; John W. French, 23; Majors-William Sinclair, 2; Henry C.

Aaron S. Daggett, 25. Hasbrouck, 4; Jacob B. Rawles, 4; Will MAJORS-George B. Russell, 5; Chamiam L. Haskin, 1; Wallace F. Randolph, bers McKibbin, 25; Emerson H. Liscum, 3; Tully McCrea, 5; John Egan, 1; Frank 22; Joseph T. Haskell, 24; James H. G. Smith, 2; Joseph G. Ramsey, 3; John Gageby, 12; Charles C. Hood, 7; Francis A. Darling, 5; George B. Rodney, 4; Carle E. Lacey, 17; A. H. Bainbridge, 10; Ezra A. Woodruff, 2; John G. Turnbull, 1; Da- | P. Ewers, 9; William H. Bisbee, 8; C. E. vid H. Kinzie, 5; John D. Myrick, 3. Bennett, 19; G. S. Carpenter, 4; A, A.

Harbach, 18; D. W. Burke, 23; Geo. w.

Davis, 11; T. M. K. Smith, 1; Jacob H. OFFICERS OF INFANTRY.

Smith, 2; Charles W. Miner, 6; William

H. McLaughlin, 16; Charles Hobart, 15; COLONELS - William R. Shafter, 1; John N. Coe, 21; James M. J. Sanno, 3; Henry.c. Merriam, 7; Thomas M. Ander-william. S. McCaskey, 20; Charles F. son, 14; Robert E. A. Crofton, 15; Chas. Robe, 14; Philip H. Ellis, 13.


MILITARY COMMANDS AND POSTS. ARMY OF THE UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF DAKOTA.-BrigaHeadquarters, Washington, D. C. Major dier-General J. R. Brooke, commandGeneral Nelson A. Miles, commanding. ing. Headquarters, St. Paul, Minn. Geo

graphical Ilmits: Stntes of Minnesota, DEPARTMENT OF THE EAST.-Ma South Dakota (excepting so much as lles jor-General Thos. H. Ruger, command south of the 45th parallel west of the Mising Headquarters, Governor's Island, souri River), North Dakota and Montana, New-York Harbor. Geographical limits: and post of Fort Yellowstone, Wyo. The New England States, States of NewYork, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Dela DEPARTMENT OF THE PLATTE.ware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Brigadier-General John J. Coppinger, comNorth Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, manding. Headquarters, Omaha, Neb. Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Geographical limits: States of Iowa, NeKentucky, Tennessee, Ohio and the Dis braska and Wyoming (excepting post of trict of Columbia.

Fort Yellowstone, Wyo.); Idaho, east of a

line formed by extension of western DEPARTMENT OF THE MISSOURI.- boundary of Utah to northeastern boundMajor-General Wesley Merritt, com ary of Idaho, of South Dakota and all manding. Headquarters, Chicago, Ill. Geo south of the 44th parallel east of the Misgraphical limits: States of Michigan, souri River. Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri,

DEPARTMENT OF THE COLORADO. Kansas and Arkansas, Indian and Oklahoma Territories.

-Brigadier-General Frank Wheaton, com

manding. Headquarters, Denver, Col. DEPARTMENT OF TEXAS. -Briga- Geographical limits: State of Colorado and dier-General R. Bliss. command

Territories of Arizona and New Mexico Ing. Headquarters, San Antonio, Texas. and Utah. Geographical limits: State of Texas. DEPARTMENT OF THE COLUMBIA.

-Brigadier-General E. S. Otis, commandDEPARTMENT OF CALIFORNIA.- ing. Headquarters, Vancouver Barracks, Brigadier-General James W. Forsyth, com Wash. Geographical limits: States of manding. Headquarters, San Francisco, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, and Alaska Cal. Geographical limits: States of Call Territory, excepting part of Idaho emfornia and Nevada.

braced in Department of the Platte.





METHOD OF APPOINTMENT.-Each (except when that day comes on Sunday, Congressional District and Territory and in which case the examinations will comthe District of Columbia is entitled to mence on the following Tuesday). The have one cadet at the academy. Ten are candidate who passes successfully will be also appointed at large. The appointments admitted to the Academy without further (except those at large) are made by the examination, upon reporting in person to Secretary of War at the request of the the Superintendent at West Point before Representative or Delegate in Congress noon June 15. Immediately after from the district or territory of which the his admission, and before receiving his appointee must be an actual resident. The warrant of appointment, he must sign the appointments at large are specially con following engagement for service, in the ferred by the President of the United presence of the Superintendent, or some States.

Officer deputed by him: MANNER OF APPLICATION.-Appli I,

of the State (or Territory) of cations can be made at any time, by letter,


years months, do to the Secretary of War, to have the ap hereby engage (with the consent of my plicant's name registered for submission parent or guardian) that, from the date to the proper representative when a va of my admission as a Cadet of the U. S. cancy occurs. The application must ex Military Academy, I will serve in the hibit the full name, date of birth and Army of the U. S. for eight years, unless permanent abode of applicant, with the sooner discharged by competent authority. number of the Congressional district in

In the presence which his residence is situated.

The candidate must then take the folDATE OF APPOINTMENT.--Appoint lowing oath or affirmation: ments must be made one year in advance


do solemnly swear that of date of admission, except in cases

I will support the Constitution of the U. where, by death or otherwise, a vacancy S., and bear true allegiance to the Naoccurs which cannot be provided for by

tional Government; that I will maintain such appointment in advance. These va

and defend the sovereignty of the U. S. cancies are filled in time for the next

paramount to any and all allegiance, sovannual examination.

ereignty or fealty I may owe to any State ALTERNATES. -The Representative or or country whatsoever; and that I will Delegate in Congress may nominate a le at all times obey the legal orders of my gally qualified second candidate, to be superior officers, and the rules and artidesignated the alternate. The alternate cles governing the armies of the U. S. will receive from the War Department a QUALIFICATIONS.—The age for the letter of appointment, and will be exam admission of cadets to the Academy is ined with the regular appointee, and if between 17 and 22 years. Candidates duly qualified will be admitted to the

must be unmarried, at least 5 feet in academy if the principal fails to pass the

height, free from any infectious or imprescribed preliminary examinations. The moral disorder, and generally, from any alternate will not be allowed to defer re- deformity, Gisease, or infirmity which may porting for exa nination until the result render them unfit for military service. of the examination of the regular appoin They must be well versed in reading, tee is known, but must report at the time

in writing, including orthography, in designated in his letter of appointment.

arithmetic, and have a knowledge of the The alternate, like the nominee, should

elements of English grammar, of descripbe designated as nearly one year in ad

tive geography (particularly of our own vance of the date of admission as possible. country), and of the history of the U. S. ADMISSION OF CADETS.-The candi

The Military Academy was established date, upon receiving his conditional ap on March 16, 1802; its present superinpointment, will be instructed to appear tendent is Colonel O. H. Ernst, and the for mental and physical examination be number of instructors (officers of the fore a board of Army officers, to be con Army) is 64. The number of cadet stuvened at the military post nearest his dents is now 317, and 3,616 have been place of residence on March 1, annually I graduated since the organization.

SOCIETY OF THE CINCINNATI, The society was founded by the officers Washington was elected president-general of the American Revolutionary Army in in 1783. Robert Burnett, of New York, May, 1783. The French officers were made who died in 1854, was the last survivor oi honorary members. Baron Steuben pre the original members. Eight of the orig. sided at the meeting for organization. The inal thirteen State societies still survive institution was drafted by General Knox, and hold annual meetings on July 4. and declared that the officers of the American Army "associated themselves into one DAUGHTERS OF THE CINCINNATIsociety of friends to endure as long as President, Mrs. James M. Lawton; vice they shall endure, or any of their eldest president, Mrs, Howard Townsend; treas male posterity; and in failure thereof the urer, Mrs. S. E. J. Judson; registrar, Mis collateral branches who may be judged Helen F. K. Shelton; secretary, Mrs. Mor worthy of becoming its supporters." ris P. Ferris, Yonkers, N. Y.



..Hilary A. Herbert, Alabama. ASSISTANT SECRETARY OF THE NAVY ...... William McAdoo, New Jersey. CHIEF CLERK

....Benjamin Micou.


Yards and Docks.. (a) Commodore E. O. Matthews......

Term expires.

March 16, 1898. Equipment ................. (a) Commander F. E. Chadwick......July 1, 1897. Navigation

Rear-Admiral F. M. Ramsay...... November 1, 1897. Ordnance

(a) Captain Wm. T. Sampson..........January 28, 1897.
Construction and Repair.. (a) Chief Constructor Philip Hichborn. July 13, 1897.
Steam Engineering ...... (a) Chief Engineer Geo. W. Melville.. August 9, 1893.
Supplies and Accounts.... (a) Paymaster-Gen. Edwin Stewart.... May 16, 1898.
Medicine and Surgery...... (a) Surgeon-Gen. J. Rufus Tryon...... May 11, 1897.
Judge Advocate-General... (b) Lieutenant Samuel C. Lemly........ June 5, 1896.
(a) Relative rank of Commodore while holding said office.
(b) Rank of Captain while holding said office.
OFFICERS WITH RANK OF REAR- | J. Read, Mortimer L. Johnson, Edwin M.

ADMIRALS, COMMODORES, CAP-Shepard, Robley D. Evans, Geo. W. Col.
TAINS AND COMMANDERS (EQUIV-fin, Henry Glass, Philip H. Cooper, Henry
ALENT TO MAJOR-GENERAL, BRIG- Crowninshield, Frank Wildes, James

Sands, Yates Stirling, William C. Wise,
LIEUTENANT - COLONEL OF THE Purnell F. Harrington, Wm. Bambridge

Hoff, Nicoll Ludlow, F. A. Cook. REAR-ADMIRALS. - George Brown,

MED CAL DIRECTORS.-David KinJohn G. Walker, Francis M. Ramsay,

dleberger, Chris. J. Cleborne, Newton L. Richard W. Mead, Charles C. Carpenter, Bates, Philip S. Wales, Edward S. Be. William A. Kirkland, Lester A. Beards- gert, Walter K. Scofield, Grove S. Beardsee, T. 0. Selfridge.

ley, Henry M. Wells, John H. Clark, BenCOMMODORES.- Joseph N. Miller,

jamin H. Kidder, Wm. K. Van Reypen, Montgomery Sicard, Edmund 0. Mat

Thomas C Walton, Chas. H. White, Geo.

W. Woods, Geo. H. Cooke. hews, Charles S. Norton, Robert L. Phy

PAY hian, Rush R. Wallace, Francis M.

DIRECTORS..par Schenck, Bunce, Frederick V. McNair, John A.

Charles H. Eldredge, William W. Will

iams, Edward May, Henry M. Denniston, Flowell, Allen V. Reed.

Richard Washington, Rufus Parks, Frank CAPTAINS AND STAFF OFFICERS OF C. Cosby, Edwin Stewart, George Cochran, RELATIVE RANK.

Joseph A. Smith, Thos. T. Caswell, Lu

ther G. Billings, Arthur J. Pritchard, CAPTAINS.-Allen Reed, George

Dewey, Henry Howison, Albert
Kautz, Alfred T. Mahan, George

William W. Dungan, Jackson McElmell,

James W. Thompson, Philip Inch, Wm. G.
Remey, Norman H. Farquhar, Theo-

Buehler, S. L. P. Ayres, Edward Farmer,
F. Kane, James O'Kane, J.

Louis J. Allen, David Smith, Geo. W. Mel-
Crittenden Watson, Henry B. Robeson,

ville. Vinfield S. Schley, Silas Casey, William . Sampson, Bartlett J. Cromwell, John

CHAPLAINS.-Donald McLaren, WesV. Philip, Henry F. Picking, Frederick ley 0. Holway, James J. Kane, John K.

Lewis, Rodgers, Louis Kempff, Francis J. Higinson, George W. Sumner, Benjamin F. NAVAL CONSTRUCTORS. Theodore ay, Alexander H. McCormick, Albert S. D. Wilson, Philip Hichborn. Barker, Charles S. Cotton, John R. Bart CIVIL ENGINEER.-Peter C. Asserett, Silas W. Terry, Merrill Miller, John Bon,

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Chester. Forsyth, George A. Converse, Royal B. has. E. Clark, Charles J. Barclay, Joseph Bradford, Francis M. Barber, Timothy A. 5. Coghlan, Charles V. Gridley, Charles D. Lyons, John S. Newell, Joseph E. Craig. igsbee, Richard P. Leary, Wiliam H. Charles M. Thomas, Albert S. Snow, Whiting. Dennis W. Mullan, N. Mayo George C. Reiter, W. H. Brownson, Henry yer, Francis M. Green, Charles O'Neil, E. Nichols, William W. Mead, Edwin S. aspar F. Goodrich, French E. Chadwick, Houston, Edwin Longnecker, George E. heodore F. Jewell, William M. Folger, Ide, George M. Book, Thomas Perry. (orace Elmer, Benjamin P. Lamberton, Charles H. Stockton, Louis Kingsley, ohn Schouler, Francis W. Dickins, Oscar W. Farenholt, William B. NewFeorge F. F. Wilde, Charles H. Davis,

man, Andrew J. Iverson, Edward T. owman H. McCalla, Charles J. Train, Strong, Robert E. Impey, Zera L Tanner, dwin White, George W. Pigman, Thomas Samuel Belden, Eugene W. Watson, John elson, John McGowan, James G. Green, F. Merry, John C. Morong. William C eorge E. Wingate, Felix McCurley, Josh-Gibson, Washburn Maynard, Henry W. a Bishop, Charles H. Rockwell, James M. Lyon, James H. Dayton, Asa Walker,

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M. R. S. Mackenzie, Charles S. Sperry, ough, Robert P. Lisle, Leonard A. Fral-
Frank Courtis, Wm. W. Reisinger, John ley, Geo. E. Hendee, Wm. W. Woodhull,
C. Rich, Wm. T. Burwell, John J. Hunk Henry T. Wright.
er, Franklin Hanford, F. W. Crocker, R. CHIEF ENGINEERS.-Fletcher A. Wil-
M. Berry, Samuel W. Very, Henry N. son, Robert Potts, Joseph Trilley, Peter
Manney, Chapman C. Todd, Joseph N. A. Rearick, Augustus H. Able, William
Hemphill, A. B. H. Lillier, James D. S. Smith, Alfred Adamson, G. J. Bur-

nap, Cipriano Andrade, G. M. L. Mac-
MEDICAL INSPECTORS.-Thomas N. carty, Albert W. Morley, John Lowe,
Penrose, Daniel McMurtrie, Edward Lewis W. Robinson, Wm. H. Harris, John
Kershner, J. Rufus Tryon, James M. A. Scot.
Flint, George A. Bright, George F. Wins CHAPLAINS.-Frank B. Rose, David H.
low, Hosea J. Babin, Joseph B. Parker, Tribou, Henry H. Clark, Adam A. McAl-
Joseph G. Ayers, Abel F. Price, Michael lister, Thomas A. Gill, Sylvester D.
C. Drennan, James A. Hawke, Robert Boorum, Alfred L. Royce.
A. Marmion, Dwight Dickinson.

NAVAL CONSTRUCTORS.-Frank L. PAY INSPECTORS.-Albert S. Kenny, Fernald, William H. Varney, John F. James E. Tolfree, George A. Lyon, Ed Hanscom. ward Bellows, George W. Beaman, Arthur CIVIL ENGINEERS.-M. T. Endicott, Burtis, Edwin Putnam, Worth Goldsbor A. G. Menocal.

UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY. STUDENTS AND COURSE.-The stu physically sound, well formed, and of dents of the United States Naval Acad robust constitution. emy at Annapolis, Md., are styled Naval Cadets. One cadet is allowed for every

ENTRANCE EXAMINATION.-Candimember or delegate of the House of Rep

dates nominated in time to enable them resentatives, one for the District of Co

to reach the Academy by May 15 receive lumbia, and ten at large. No more than

permission to present themselves on that ten appointed at large are allowed in the

date to the Superintendent for examinaAcademy at any one time. The course of

tion for admission. Those not nominated study is six years, four years at the

in time to present themselves at the May Academy and two at sea, at the end of

examination are examined on the Ist or which time the cadet returns to the September following. When either of the Academy for final graduation, and the

above dates falls on Sunday the candidistrict then becomes vacant.

dates present themselves on the Monday NOMINATIONS.-The Secretary of the

following. Candidates are required to

enter Navy, as soon after March 5 in each year

the Academy immediately after as possible, notifies in writing each mem

passing the prescribed examinations. No ber or delegate of the House of Represen

leave of absence is granted to cadets of tatives of any vacancy in his district.

the fourth class. The nomination of a candidate to fill the GRADUATE APPOINTMENTS. — Apvacancy is made on the recommendation pointments to fill all vacancies that may of the member or delegate, if such rec occur during a year in the lower grades ommendation is made by July 1 of that of the Line and Engineer Corps of the year; but if not the Secretary of the Navy Navy and of the Marine Corps are made fills the vacancy. The candidate allowed from the Naval Cadets, graduates of the for the District of Columbia and all the year, at the conclusion of their six years' candidates appointed at large are selected course, in the order of merit as deby the President. Candidates allowed for termined by the Academic Board.

At Congressional districts, for Territories and least fifteen appointments from such gradfor the District of Columbia must be ac uates will be made each year. To surtual residents of the districts or Terri plus graduates who do not receive such tories from which they are nominated. appointments will be given a certificate And all candidates must, at the time of of graduation, an honorable discharge, their examination for admission, be be and one year's sea pay, as provided for tween the ages of fifteen and twenty, Naval Cadets. MARINE CORPS OF THE NAVY. MARINE CORPS PAY TABLE. COLONEL CHARLES HEYWOOD,

Pay per Commandant.


annum. Colonel Commandant. GENERAL STAFF.

$3,500 Colonel

3,500 Major George C. Reid, Adjutant and In


3,000 spector

Major (Staff and Line).

2,500 Major Green Clay Goodloe, Paymaster. Captain and Assistant QuarterMajor Horatio B. Lowry, Quartermaster. master

2,000 Captains Richard S. Collum, Frank L. Captain

1,800 Denny, Assistant Quartermasters.

First Lieutenant


Second Lieutenant

1,400 Colonel James Forncy.

Note.-All officers below the rank of Lieutenant-Colonels McLane, Tilton and Brigadier-General are entitled to 10 per John H. Higbee.

cent, in addition to their current yearly Majors Robert W. Huntington, Henry A. pay as given above, for every period of

Bartlett, Percival c. Pope and Robert five years' service, provided the total L. Meade.

amount of such increase shall not exceed

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