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case of his removal, death, resig

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and Vice-President of the United States, death resignation or inability, then the the Secretary of State, or if there be Post master General, or if there be none,


Previous residence

Registration required.

Disqualified from State. I Co'y. | Prec't Alabama 1 yr. (3 mos. 30 d.


a, b, j. Arkansas lyr, 16 mos. 30 d.


a, b, m. California 1 yr. 90 d. 30 d.

Yes, Colorado 6 mos. 90 d. 10 d.

Yes. Connecticut 1 yr. 6 mos. 6 mos.


b, e, n. Delaware 1 yr. 1 mo.lud.


a, b, d. Florida.. 1 yr. (6 mos.


a, b, d. Georgia 1 yr. 6 mos. 10 d.


a, b, h, i, Idaho 6 mos, 30 d.


a, b, d, e, k, l, Illinois* 90 d. 30 d.

b, j. Indiana 6 mos. 60 d. 30 d.


b. Iowa. 6 mos. 60 d.


a, b, Kansas 6 mos. 30 d. 30 d.


a, b, d, 3. Kentucky 1 yr. 6 mos. 60 d. Cities of 5,000.

i, j. Louisiana 1 yr. 6 mos. 30 d.


a, b, j. Maine 3 mos. 3 mos. 3 mos.

d, 1. Maryland 1 yr. 6 mos. 5 d.

a, b, d, Massachusetts 1 yr. 6 mos. 6 mos.


a, d, e. Michigan

6 mos.
20 d.

1, n. Minnesota

4 mos. 10 d.
10 d.

b, i, 1. Mississippi 2 yrs. 1 yr. r1 yr.


a, b, 1, q. Missouri.

1 yr.
60 d. 60 d.


b, c, d. Montana

1 yr. 30 d.
30 d.

6 mos. 40 d. 10 d. Cities of 7,000.

a, b, c. Nevada 6 mos. 6 mos. 6 mos.


† a, b, i. New Hampshire. 6 mos. 30 d.

10 d.

e, h.
New Jersey
1 yr. 5 mos. 1 d.

a, b, d, New-York pu... 1 yr. 4 mos. 30 d.


b, j. North Carolina

90 (1. North Dakota p 1 yr. 6 mos. 90 d.


b, c, d, i. Ohio 1 yr. 30 d. 20 d.


a, b, c. Oregon. 6 mos. 90 d. 30 d.

c, 1, 6 Pennsylvania 60 d.

b, q. Rhode Island 2 yrs.

6 mos,

a, b, d, j. South Carolina

60 d. 60 d.


a, b, i, n. South Dakota 6 mos. 30 d. 10 d. Cities of 1,000 voters.

a, b, d, i. Tennessee 1 yr. 6 mos.


b, ), r. Texas

1 yr. 6 mos. 6 mos. Cities of 10,000. a, b, c, Utah.. 1 yr. 4 mos. 60 d.


a, b. Vermont

3 mos.


b. Virginia 1 yr. 13 mos. 30 d.


b, c, i, j, n. Washington

90 d. 30 d.

Yes. West Virginia

60 d.


a, b, d, j. Wisconsin

10 d.

a, b, c, d, i, j, 1. Wyoming*. 60 a.

a, b, e. Arizona

1 yr. | 10 d. 10 d. New Mexico* 6 mos. 3 mos


b, 1. Oklahoma 6 mos.' 60 d. 30 d.


1. *Citizen of U. S. Unamnestled Confederates who bore arms against U. S. aldiots and lunatics. b Convicted of felony. c Soldiers, sailors and marines in employ of Army or Navy. d Paupers or under guardianship. e Must be able to read English. f Negroes or mulattos. g Chinese. h Delinquent tax-payers. i Guilty of treason. | Bribery at elections. k Polygamy. 1 Indians holding tri bal relations. m Unpaid poll tax. n Duellists. o Law dclared unconstitutional. pCivilized Indians of one year residence. q Unpaid taxes. r Clergymen qualify af ter six months. s Check lists are made in advance of elections. t Cities of over 9,000 by census of 1880. u Must be citizens ninety days previous to election.

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. The act of Congress approved January | resignation or inability, then the Secre19, 1886, providing for the performance tary of the Treasury, or if there be none, of the duties of the office of President in or in case of his removal, death, resigcase of the removal, death, resignation or nation or inability, then the Secretary of inability both of the President and Vice- War, or if there be none, or in case of President, is as follows:

his removal, death, resignation or inabil"That in case of removal, death, resig- ity, then the Attorney General, or if nation, or inability of both the President there be none, or in case of his removal,


a, b.

a, b,

none, or in case of his removal, death,

or in

nation or inability, then the Secretary of; duties shall devolve to issue a proclamathe Navy, or if there be none, or in case tion convening Congress in extraordinary of his removal, death, resignation or in session, giving twenty days' notice of the ability, then the Secretary of the Interior time of meeting. shall act as President until the disability “Sec. 2. That the preceding section of the President or Vice-President is re shall only be held to describe and apply moved or a President shall be elected: to such officers as shall have been apProvided, That whenever the powers and pointed by the advice and consent of the duties of the office of President of the Senate to the offices therein named, and United States shall devolve upon any of such as are eligible to the office of Presithe persons named herein, if Congress be dent under the Constitution, and not usnot then in session, or if it would not der impeachment by the House of Repre meet in accordance with law within twen sentatives of the United States at the ty days thereafter, it shall be the duty of time the powers and duties of the office the person upon whom said powers and shall devolve upon them respectively."




Legal Rate

Rite of Allowed by Penalty for Usury.
Interest. Contract,

No grace
Per cent. Per cent.


8 Forfeiture of all interest. Alaska

None. None.

7 Any rate. Misdemeanor

3 d. Arkansas


10 Forfeiture of principal and int. California 7 Any rate. None


Any rate. None.

3 d. Connecticut

None. Delaware

6 Forfeiture of contract.. 3d District of Columbia.

10 Loss of interest.... Florida

10 Forfeiture of interest.



8 Forfelture of all interest. 3 d. Idaho


18 10 p. c. to be paid school fund. Yes. Illinois

7 Forfeiture or all interest. Indian Territory


15 Not recoverable by law. ... No. Indiana

8 Forfeiture of interest. Iowa

8 Forfeiture of 10 p. c. and int. Yes. Kansas 10 Forfeiture of excess of int...


6 Action at law.

8 Forfeiture of interest.

Any rate. None

3 d. Maryland

Forfeiture of interest.

Any rate. None

3 d. Michigan

Forfelture of principal & int.. 3 d. Minnesota 10 Forfeiture of interest.

3 d. Mississippi

Forfeiture of interest.



Int. goes into School Fund.. 3 d. Montana 10 Any rate. No law.

3 d. Nebraska

10 Forfeiture of int., paym't cost No. Nevada

Any rate. None

New Hampshire

Any rate. Three times excess of 6 p. c... 3 d. New Jersey


Forfeiture interest and costs.. Yes. New Mexico

12 Forfeiture twice am't, $100 fine 3 d. New-York..

Misdemeanor; punishable...

.....No. North Carolina.



Forfelture of twice the am't.. Yes. North Dakota.


12 Same as North Carolina. Ohio

8 Forfeiture of excess.

3 d.
Any rate. Law repealed..



Forfeiture of principal and int. No.


Forfeiture excess of interest .. Yes. Rhode Island.

Any rate. None
South Carolina.

Forfeiture of interest.

South Dakota.


Forfeiture of interest. Tennessee

Forfeiture excess of interest. No. Texas


Forfeiture of interest..
Any rate. None



Forfeiture usurious interest. Virginia



Forfeiture of excess.
Any rate. None

West Virginia.



Liable to loss excess charged. I No. Wisconsin



Forfeiture of interest Wyoming

Na 12

Any rate. None

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*When mentioned in contract. Law in State where contract made.

Pittuburg Times"; M. A. MacRae, of

Cincinnati Post," and F. Driscoll,

vrhe St. Paul Pioneer Press,"

TAXATION ON SHIPPING, the full valuation, the valuation varies

not only in one State, as compared with The following memorandum, prepared other States, but also at different ports by the United States Commissioner of in the same State. The twenty-one Navigation, relates to taxation of ves

States where this system obtains are sels:

Maine, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Mary"Vessels are not subject to Federal tax land, Virginia, North Carolina, South ation in the United States except in the Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, form of a few small fees on entry and Louisiana, Texas, California, Oregon, clearance, for specific services and ton

Washington, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisnage tax. As imposed under the act of

consin, Michigan and Minnesota. In June 19, 1886, these taxes do not put ves North Carolina, South Carolina and sels of the United States at a disadvan Georgia more or less elaborate systems lag npared with the vessels of other of license charges and occupation taxes nations; Indeed, for the fiscal year 1893 impose further burdens on shipping." American vessels paid $70,019 tonnage taxes; foreign vessels, $464,920, of which British vessels alone paid $338, 674. For purposes of comparison it may be noted PATENT OFFICE PROCEDURE that the total British subvention to steamships enrolled as cruisers by the Admi

AND STATISTICS. rally in this year's naval estimates is $106,839, and that the British postoffice

Applications for United States patents estimates for this year allow a loss of

must be addressed to the Commissioner of $302,934 on the cost of mail transportation

Patents, Washington, D. C., and signed

and sworn to by the inventor. The into the United States over receipts from vention must not have been in public use such postage, which may be taken as

or on sale for more than two years prior a rough me sure of subsidy under the to the application. The applicant must form of mail contract.

fully describe his invention and distinctly "The only taxes, therefore, on vessel claim those parts which he believes to be property which may be deemed to place

new. The application must be illustrated vessels owned in the United States at a

with drawings when possible. When filed, disadvantage, compared with vessels owned in other countries, are imposed

a first fee of $15 is payable, and a second

fee of $20 is exacted, if the application is by State tax laws. These have been modified by decisions of the Supreme

allowed, before the patent will be issued. Court of the United States, particularly

The patent runs 17 years from date of

issue. in the case of the Philadelphia Steam

Extensions can be obtained only

by special act of Congress. A pamphlet ship Company against Pennsylvania, 122

of rules and forms is distributed free by United States reports, 326, in which it is

the Commissioner of Patents. Suits to held: " "The corporate franchises, the prop

enjoin infringement of letters patent are erty, the business, the incomes of cor

brought by bill in equity in U. S. Disporations created by a State may un

trict or Circuit courts. The profits realdoubtedly be taxed by the State; but in

ized by an infringer can also be recovered. imposing such taxes care should be taken

The total number of United States Patnot to interfere with or hamper, directly

ents granted up to June 30, 1895, was or by indirection, interstate or foreign

542,930. The total number of applications commerce, or any other matter exclusively

received for the fiscal year was 36,972 for within the jurisdiction of the Federal

patents, 1,453 for designs, 77 for reissues, Government."

2,314 for caveats, 2,183 for trade marks "Since 1881 New-York State has ex

and 318 for labels. The number of patents empted from all taxation for State and

granted was 20,745. The number of patents local purposes all vessels registered in

which expired was 12,906, and the exthe State engaged in foreign commerce;

penditures were $1,038, 166. The total baland this exemption, drawn in the broad

ance to the credit of the Patent Fund in est terms, is to continue to the year 1922.

the United States Treasury on June 30, Under the decision of the Supreme Court

1895, was $4,566,757. The Patent Office Library contains 65,000 volumes.

The of the United States noted above, Pennsylvania levies no taxes on vessels in for

model hall has 154,000 models. The office eign

does not require models now, except in commerce. Delaware imposes no

special cases. taxes on vessels. Alabama exempts from tax vessels engaged in foreign trade. In the four States named vessels registered

AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBfor foreign trade, in so far as taxation is concerned,

more advantageously LISHERS' ASSOCIATION. placed than those subject to income tax in Great Britain, Germany and France. Officers: President, C. W. Knapp, of "Massachusetts and Connecticut tax the "St. Louis Republic"';

vice-presidents, vessels in the foreign trade on the valua J. A. Butler, of "The Buffalo News''; tion of net earnings, not deducting insur secretary, W. C. Bryant, of "The Brookance, for the preceding year, thus placing lyn Times"; treasurer, H. F. Gunnison, them substantially on an equality with of "The Brooklyn Eagle"; Executive Comvessels owned in Great Britain, France mittee, F. E. Whiting, of "The Boston and Germany. New Hampshire taxes ves

of Kauffmann,


Herald" S. H. sels ag 'stock in trade.' in the remaining twenty-one seaboard and lake States all vessels are taxed as personal property. - "While nominally assessments are at




WEATHER SIGNALS. The Weather Bureau furnishes, when lowing day. These weather forecasts are practicable, for the benefit of the general telegraphed to stations of the Weather public and those interests dependent to a Bureau, railway officials, postmasters, and greater or less extent upon weather condi many others, to be communicated to the ditons, the "Forecasts" which are pre-public by means of flags or steam whistles. pared at the central office in Washington, The flags adopted for this purpose are five D. C., and certain designated stations in number, and of the form and colors indaily, at 10 a. m, and 10 p, m. for the fol dicated below:

No. 1.
No. 2.
No. 3.
No. 4.

No. 5.
White Flag. Blue Flag. White and Blue Black Triangular White Flag with



bl’k sq. in centre.


No. 1 indicates clear or fair weather; to read downward; when displayed from No. 2, rain or snow; No. 3, local rain or horizontal supports small streamer snow; No. 4 always refers to temperature should be attached to indicate the point (when placed above Nos. 1, 2, or 3, it in from which the signals are to be read. dicates warmer weather; when placed be Whistle Signals--The warning sigual, to low Nos. 1, 2 or 3, it indicates colder attract attention, will be a long blast of weather; when not displayed, the indica from fifteen to twenty seconds' duration. tions are that the temperature will remain After this warning signal has been soundstationary); No. 5, a cold wave, or the ed long blasts (of from four to six seconds approach of a sudden and decided fall in duration) refer to weather, and short blasts temperature. During the late spring and (of from one to three seconds' duration) reearly fall the cold wave flag is also used fer to temperature; those for weather to be as a frost warning flag to indicate antici sounded first: One long, fair weather; two pated frosts. When No. 5 is displayed, long, rain or snow; three long, local rain No. 4 is always omitted. A special (in or snow; one short, lower temperature; land) storm flag, red, with black square in two short, higher temperature; three short, centre (not shown above), is prescribed for cold wave. use in North Dakota, South Dakota, Min (By repeating each combination a few nesota (except at Lake stations), Iowa, times, with an interval of ten seconds beNebraska and Wyoming, to indicate high tween, possibilities of error in reading the winds, accompanied with snow with tem- signals will be avoided, such as may arise perature below freezing. When displayed from variable winds, or failure to hear on poles the signals should be arranged the warning signal.)

STATE WEATHER BUREAUS. Alabama-Montgomery. Maryland - Baltimore (for North Dakota-Bismarck. Arizona-Phoenix.

Delaware and Maryland). Ohio-Columbus. Arkansas-Little Rock.

Massachusetts - Boston (for Oklahoma--Oklahoma City.



Minnesota-Minneapolis. South Carolina-Columbia.
Florida-Jacksonville. Mississippi-Vicksburg. South Dakota-Huron.

Idaho-Idaho Falls.


Utah-Salt Lake City.
Indiana-Indianapolis. Nevada-Carson City.

Virginia-Richmond. Iowa-Des Moines.

New-Jersey-N'w-Brunswick Washington-Seattle. Kansas-Topeka.

New Mexico - Santa Fe. West Virginia-Parkersburg. Kentucky-Louisville. New-York-Ithaca.

Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Louisiana-New-Orleans. North Carolina--Raleigh. Wyoming-Cheyenne.

ISSUE OF PAPER MONEY IN THE CIVIL WAR. The following table shows the amount per capita of Confederate currency, legaltender greenbacks and National Bank notes of the United States, issued in 1861-65:

Am't per

Population. Amount issued. Confederate currency..

9,103,332 $654,465,963 $71.89 Greenbacks and National Bank notes... ... 31,443,321 *750,820,228 23.87

*Highest amount in circulation, January, 1866.

Mean annual temperature...... at the Station.............. Highest recorded temperature

at the Station ................. Lowest recorded temperature'12

RAINFALL AND TEMPERATURE January 8-Louisiana only; anniversary IN THE UNITED STATES.

of battle of New-Orleans.

January 19–Georgia, North Carolina and Prepared by U. S. Weather Bureau. Virginia only; Lee's birthday.

February 12 (Lincoln's Birthday)—I111nois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New-York, and Washington.

February 22—In all the States, except Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Mississippi and New Mexico,

March 2–Texas only; Texan indepenStations in States and

dence anniversa...

April: First Saturday-Arbor Day; Utah.
April: First Wednesday-Election Day;
Rhode Island.
April 19–Massachusetts; Concord Day.

April 21—Texas only; anniversary of

battle of San Jacinto, Alabama, Montgomery... 152.965.7|1071b

5 Apríl 22—Nebraska; Arbor Day. Arizona, Prescott.. ... (16.153.3|103 a18 April 26-Alabama and Georgia; MemoArkansas, Little Rock. ... 54.262.2 103 a 5 rial Day. California, San Francisco 23.6(56.6100/b29 May: First Friday-Arbor Day; Rhode Colorado, Denver... 14.5 49.7 105 a 29 Island, Nebraska. Connecticut, New Haven. (49.7(49.4100|a14

May 10—North Carolina; Memorial Day. Florida, Jacksonville......55.369.7 104b14 Georgia, Atlanta.... (54.5(61.3/100 a 2

May 20–-North Carolina; Mecklenburg Idaho, Boise City

13.150.9 107 a 28

Declaration of Independence. Illinois, Springfield. 39.1 52.8 102 a 22 May 30-Memorial Day; in all States Indiana, Indianapolis. 43.252.7 101 a 25 except Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, GeorIowa, Des Moines. (35.0 49.0 104a30 gia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, NewKansas, Leavenworth.... 38.4 53.5 107 a 29 Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Louisville. 46.9 57.1 105 a 20 Texas and Virginia. Louisiana, New Orleans. . 161.8|69.2 99 615 Maine, Portland.

42.7 43.31 97a15 birthday.

June 3–Florida only; Jefferson Davis's Maryland, Baltimore. 44.8 55.3 102 a 6

July 4-Independence Day; in all the Massachusetts, Boston... 46.1 48.9 101 a 13

Michigan, Detroit... 32.6 48.3 101 a 24

July 24-Utah only; Pioneers' Day.
Minnesota, St. Paul.. 27.6 43.6 100 a41
Mississippi, Vicksburg. 157.2 65.9 101b 3

August 16–Vermont.
Missouri, St. Louis. 38.0(56.1 106 a 22

September: First Monday-Labor Day; Montana, Helena.

13.3 43.3 103 a42 a National holiday. Nebraska, Omaha.

32.649.8/106 a32 September 9 - California; Admission Nevada, Winnemucca. 8.9 48.6 104 a28 Day. N'w-H'mps're, M'nchest'r(42.1 45.9 96a11 October: First Monday-California only. New Jersey, Atlantic City 42.8 51.9 99a 7 October 15—Connecticut; Lincoln Day. New Mexico, Santa Fe... (14.6 49.3 97 a 13 October 31–Nevada only; admission in New-York, Albany....... 38.8 48.2 98|a18 th Union anniversary. North Carolina, Raleigh.. 52.259.3103 b 8 North Dakota, Bismarck. 19.0 39.9 1051a44

November: General Election Day (first

Tuesday after first Monday)-In Arizona, Ohio, Columbus..

40.4152.3|103 a 20 Oklahoma, Sill (Fort)..

California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, In

30.8 60.5/107 a 9 diana, Kansas, Maryland, Minneosta, MisOregon, Portland. Pennsylv’a, Philadelphia. 40.963.9 102 a 5 souri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Block İsl'd. 44.4149.31 88 a 4

New Jersey, New-York, North Dakota, South Carolina, Charlest'n156.366.3 104 b18 Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, South Da. South Dakota, Yankton.. 26.8 46.3 103 a 34

kota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, WisTennessee, Nashville.....151.1159.41104 a 10 consin and Wyoming. Texas, San Antonio. 30.668.6108 b 6 November: Last Thursday-ThanksglyUtah, Salt Lake City... 18.9151.6 102 a 20 ing Day; in all States, though not a Vermont, Burlington. 32.9145.31 971 a 25 statutory holiday in some. Virginia, Lynchburg. 44.5157.3102 a 6 December 25—Christmas Day; observed Washington, Olympia. 151.450.2 97 a 2 in all States. Washington, D. C... 144.6155.0 104|a14

Arbor Day is a legal holiday in Idaho, W. Virginia, Parkersburg|42.1153.9 971b 4 Kansas, Rhode Island and Wyoming, the Wisconsin, Milwaukee.... 32.245.2 100 a 25 day being set by the Governor. Wyoming. Cheyenne..... 12.144.9|100|a38

Mardi Gras is observed as a holiday a Indicates temperature below zero.

in Alabama and Louisiana. b Temperature above zero.

Good Friday is observed as a holiday in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mary

land, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and TenLEGAL HOLIDAYS.

Every Saturday, after 12 o'clock noon, January 1-In all the States, except legal holiday in New York, New JerArkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire and Rhode

sey and New Orleans; and from June to September in

and Pennsyl



is a

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