An Abstract of the Evidence Lately Taken in the House of Commons Against the Orders in Council: Being a Summary of the Facts There Proved Respecting the Present State of the Commerce and Manufacturers of the Country

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Page 53 - France, and their dependencies, and for other purposes ; that " in case either France or Great Britain shall so revoke or modify her edicts, as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of the United Slates ;" the President is authomed to declare the same by proclamation, after which the trade suspended by the said act, and by an act laying an embargo on all ships and vessels in the ports and harbours of the United States...
Page 53 - Britain would have accepted it, in which event the non-importation law would not have operated against her. It is in the power of the British government, at this time, to enable the president to set the non-importation law aside, by rendering to the United States an act of justice. If Great• Britain will cease to violate their neutral rights by revoking her orders in council, on which event alone the president has the power, I am instructed to inform you that he will, without delay, exercise it...
Page 53 - ... manufacture of the dominions, colonies, and dependencies, of the nation thus refusing or neglecting to revoke or modify her edicts in the manner aforesaid. And the restrictions imposed by this act shall, from the date of such proclamation cease and be discontinued in relation to the nation revoking or modifying her decrees in the manner aforesaid...
Page 53 - And be it further enacted, that in case Great. Britain shall so revoke or modify her Edicts, as that they shall cease to violate the neutral commerce of The United States, the President of The United States shall declare the fact by Proclamation ; and such Proclamation shall be admitted as evidence, and no other evidence shall be admitted, of such revocation or modification, in any suit or prosecution which may be instituted under the 4lh Section of the Act to which this Act is a Supplement.
Page 61 - Hear !] which we are enabled to do in a way which will give ample satisfaction to our employers, not only being in possession of the original documents of the ships' papers, and clearances to various ports, a list of which we annex, but our Mr.
Page 61 - Gentlemen, we take the liberty herewith to inform you, that we have established ourselves in this town (Liverpool) for the sole purpose of making simulated papers, which we are enabled to do in a way which will give ample satisfaction to our employers, not only being in possession of the original document?
Page 10 - American trade was open ; and that one-half of what he has manufactured for the last fifteen months, is now dead stock. Another of the principal manufacturers informed him, that he now employs only half of his usual number of men, whom he employs only four days in a week ; that he retains them from a principle of humanity, a...
Page 2 - Unless the American market is opened cannot keep on his hands at all* Has hitherto borne the sufferings of his workmen himself, but will be compelled to discharge them, however reluctant to do so. Has sought but not found relief in any other market.
Page 13 - America, all the distresses would be very shortly removed : "activity would be resumed, and the countenances of the poor would change very fast ; if that were once effected, it would give a general spring to our neighborhood.
Page 3 - The workmen very much distressed ; " I have seen people shed " tears; I have confined myself behind the door for fear of *' seeing those people, lest they should importune me to give " them orders ; they have told me they did not know what to " do. One man said, what can I do; if I go to the magistrate " he will tell me to go for a soldier ; I am a married man, and " God knows what I must do unless I steal, and then I shall go " to Botany Bay. — I do not like to hear such words, I cannot

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