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To wallow in all voluptuous courses? To scrape up the pelf of the world; as if the only end of our being were carnal pleasure, worldly profit? O base and unworthy thoughts! What do we with reason, if we be thus prostituted ? It is for beasts, which have no souls, to be all for sense. For us, that have ratiocivation and pretend grace, we know we are here but in a thoroughfare to another word, and ali the inain task we have to do here in this life, is, to provide for a better. Oh then, let us recollect ourselves, at the iast; and redeem the time: and, over-looking this vain and worthless world, bend all our best endeavours to make sure work for eternity.

Look, secondly, BEFORE you; and see the shortness and uncer. tainty of this, which we call a life. What day is there, that may not be our last ? What hour is there, that we can make account of as certain? And think how many worlds the dying man would give, in the late conscience of a careless life, for but one day more to do his neglected work: and shall we wilfully be pr of this happy leisure and liberty; and knowingly hazard so woeful and irremediable a surprisal?

Look, thirdly, Below you; and see the horror of that dreadful place of torment, which is the unavoidable portion of careless and unreclainable sinners : consider the extremity, the eternity of those tortures; which, in vain, the secure heart slightly hoped to avoid.

Look, lastly, ABOVE you; and see whether that heaven, whose outside we behold, be not worthy of our utmost ambition, of our most. zealous and effectual endeavours. Do we not think, there is pleasure, and happiness, enough in that region of glory and blessed. ness, to make abundant amends for all our self-combats; for all our tasks of dutiful service; for all our painful exercises of mortification? Oh then, let us earnestly and unweariably aspire thither; and think all the time lost, that we employ not in the endeavour of making sure of that blessed and eternal inheritance: To the full possession whereof, he, that hath purchased it for us, by his most precious blood, in his good time happily bring us. Amen.


C. WHITTINGHAM, Printer, Dean Street.

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