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domestics, is the earnest desire of the Committee in reference to the Servants' Home :-the object is important, and though difficult of attainment, still an effort should be made to secure the advantages, and under the divine guidance and blessing, they hope in some measure to attain those valuable bene. fits which they have endeavoured to describe.

PUBLICATIONS. In this department the Committee have had great encouragement. The SERVANTS' MAGAZINE continues to increase in circulation; and the favorable manner in which it has been received by the public, evidences at once buth the desire for such a Peri. odical, and its adaptation to meet the demand. While several other Magazines of much higher pretensions, have, during the same period, ceased to exist; the Servants' Magazine has steadily progressed, and has now reached its fourth volume :the volume for the first year has been for some time out of print, and reprints of many of the numbers of the succeeding volumes have been required :-to obviate the inconvenience which has hitherto been experienced, and to prevent future disappointment, the subsequent numbers of the Magazine will be stereotyped, as will also the previous volumes, as soon as funds can be obtained for the purpose.

The FEMALES' ADVOCATE still maintains its position in public favor,—the object of this Magazine is to advocate the claims of the poor, the neglected and the oppressed female-to set forth the real character of woman, and to shew how the powerful influence which she possesses may be best

employed in promoting her own happiness, and the welfare of those by whom she is surrounded. With

a view to increase its usefulness and to extend its * circulation it has been determined, at the commencement of the fourth volume, to diminish the number of pages, and to reduce the price from Two-pence to One Penny. By this it will be brought within the reach of all; and the Managers earnestly solicit the influence of their friends in promoting its extensive distribution in their several localities, and also the literary assistance of those who may be able to supply suitable articles for its pages.

The Committee, anxious to awaken public sympathy on behalf of the Mission, and to call forth greater efforts for the impartation of moral and spiritual benefits to Female Servants, offered the sum of five pounds for a Tract, “On the present condition of Female Servants, and the best means of promoting its improvement.” Upwards of fifty MSS. were received in answer to the Advertisement; these were carefully read by the Committee, and the Essay, which, in their judgment, was best adapted to forward the proposed end, has been published, and they trust that it will be successful in awakening public attention to this important, but greatly neglected class of the community. The Committee are happy to report, that the sale of the series of Tracts published by them for the especial benefit of Female Servants is extending; and though they have not thought it necessary to make any additions to their regular series during the past year, they are assured that the distribution of those comprised in the “ Maternal,” the “ Penitentiary,” and in the “ Family” series, have been attended with the most beneficial results. Grants of Magazines and Tracts have been made to Societies at Guildford, Graves. end, Maidstone, Dover, and other towns, for distribution among the Servants of the residents, and occasional visitants of those places.

The advantages of small publications for general distribution have been so often set before Christians by our various Religious Tract Societies, that it is unnecessary to dwell on them here-it is one of the cheapest, most permanent, and least objectionable methods of doing good that has been devised ; and when it is remembered that the small profits arising from the sale of the Books and Tracts, published by the Society, are wholly devoted to advance the objects of the Mission, it must suggest the desirableness of largely distributing its Publications, and thus extending its usefulness, increasing the number of its friends, and augmenting the amount of its permanent resources.


The female Agents employed by the Society are actively prosecuting their useful labors. These Agents, being carefully selected, and receiving from the Committee special directions as to the best methods of performing the duties intrusted to them, usually proceed in the following manner : having, by kind and conciliatory manners, obtained a ready access to the abodes of the poor, they explain the object contemplated by the Society in this departe ment of its operations and the means by which it may be accomplished; they then leave tracts and invite the female branches of the family to join the classes. These small and select meetings of young

females are then placed under the superintendence of experienced Christian ladies ; by whom judicious, affectionate and scriptural instruction is given, and the peculiar duties and dangers of the female sex set forth and enforced :—the exercises are conducted in a manner similar to that adopted in Bible classes, the conversational form of teaching is employed as much as possible, and the instruction imparted is always based upon subjects of a biblical character. During the past year, 2,794 families have been visited, and familiar conversations held for the purpose of explanation and instruction :-926 meet. ings of classes have been held, the united attendance at which has been 9,345 : and numerous tracts and publications especially designed for females have been distributed. The result of the diversified means employed by the Agents has been most pleasing, and has greatly encouraged the Committee in this depart. ment of duty. Many parents have expressed themselves very grateful for the instruction imparted, and for the good effects that have been produced by the Agents, on the habits and conduct of their children.

While adopting these special means for the advancement of virtue and religion among the daughters of the poor, the Committee have no desire to supersede the ordinary methods employed for the benefit of females; they do not wish to detract from the merit of the various plans that are pro. posed for their instruction in common with the other sex; but they conceive that experienced females devoting the undivided energies of their minds, to the improvement of their own sex, will be more eminently successful, and will effect good in places and upon characters where most other efforts would assuredly fail ; and believing as they do that in pro

portion as the tone of morals is raised among young females, and direct and special efforts are brought to bear upon their minds, their consciences and their hearts; in that proportion will those infirmities errors and vices, which now so greatly contribute to female degradation, be corrected, they commend the Agents and their work to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and entreat the continued prayers of the friends of the Mission, that an abundant and abiding blessing may follow their labors.

The Committee now close the detail of their past proceedings, by referring to the


The necessity for providing a PROBATIONARY House to receive the guilty wanderer, is obvious and urgent :—the number of applicants entreating admission, their tender ages, their dreadful suffering both of body and mind, have evidenced the need of such an asylum ; while the joy with which the weeping penitents have embraced the offer of refuge, their grateful conduct, under the instruction and discipline of the House, as well as the faithful, industrious, and consistent demeanor of those who have been placed by the Society in service, have manifested the success of that course of training which has been adopted by the Mission.

The number of applicants for Refuge in the Probationary House during the year, was 226; the number admitted, 123:-of the number received, 30 have been sent to District Asylums; 14 have been placed in service ; 5 have been reconciled and re

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