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Algebra, a tract on, by Waring,
noticed, 163

Amatory Sonnetteers, allusion to, 420
America, discovery of, adverted to, in
Goodall's Tryall of Travell, 421

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Jews in, by Tho. Thorow-
good, S. T. B. Norfolciensis, 1660,

Angels, Heywood's Discourse of,
noticed, 358

Anotomie, Time's, by Robert Pricket,
1606, 445. Extracts, 446-450
Apparel, ancient prices of, 510
Apprentice in London, counsel to one,
from his father, 320

Armada, Spanish, extract from Roger
Cotton's poem in allusion to that
event, 139

Armour of Proofe, by R. C. (Roger
Cotton), 1596, 138
Athenæ Cantabrigienses, collections
for, 39, 211, 537

Oxonienses, referred to for
an account of Barten Holyday,D.D.
Aucthour, exhorting a friend concern-
ing mariage, 464

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BAEIAIKON ANPON, a selection
from, called A Prince's Looking-
glass by William Willymat, 482
Baubles, meaning of the term, 257, n.
Bay, the, an extract from Powell's
Ismarus, 171

Bedlam, Wit's, 453
Betraying of Christ, by S. R. (Samuel
Rowlands), 1598, 353. Address to
the reader, ib. Extract relative to
Mount Calvary, 355
Biographiana. Collectanea for Athenæ
Cantabrigienses, 39, 211, 537
Bishop Kennett's letters, 359
Bohemia, occasion of the alteration of
the armes of, 11

Bookishness of Julia, epigram on, 454
Bruised Reed, a celebrated tract by
Dr. Sibbes, noticed, 498
Burgh, barony, claim to, temp. Ja. I.


Cantabrigiensés, Athenæ, collections
for, 39, 211, 537
Chara nimis amicitia, an epigram,

Charles II. his restoration foretold by
Walter Gostelo, 107

Chatsworth, description of, from Bp.
Kennett's letters, 361
Christ's Nativity, Robert Holland's
Holy History of, 137

the Betraying of, by S. R.
(Samuel Rowlands), 1598, 353.
Extracts, 353, 355

Christian Religion, answer to a late
view of the internal evidence of, by
whom written, 247.

Church, St. Paul's, her bill for the
Parliament, by Hen. Farley, 1621,


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Ciceronianus Gabrielis Harueii, 1577,
349. Dedication, ib.
Civil Warres of England, the History
of, in English verse, 331
Claims of Peerage, cases of, in the
male line, temp. Ja. 1. 344
Comforts against imprisonment, by
Bishop Hall, 285

Coming of God in mercy, in ven-
geance, by Walter Gostelo, 1658,
Complaint, Penelope's, by Peter Colse,
1596, 529. Dedication, 530. Ad-
dress to the readers, 531. Pene-
lope's answer to her wooers, 532.
Her epistle to Ulysses, 532
Commendatory Sonnets to the first
edition of the first three books of
Spenser's Fairy Queen, 346
Considerations Occasionall, or Hora
Vacivæ, by John Hall, 305
Convocation Writ, amendment of,
mentioned in Bishop Kennett's let-
ters, 376

Copy of Letters sent to the Quene
(Mary) by Archbp. Cranmer, 1556,
281. Extract, 282

Copyholder of Bridgetown, extract
from Edmund Sharpe's song so
called, 214

Cordis, Schola, in 47 Emblems, 1647)

Cotton, explanation of the verb, 41 3, n.
Counsel, a father's to his son, an ap

prentice in London, by Caleb
Trenchfield, Gent. 1678, 320
Cranmer, Archbp. copy of his letters
sent to the Quene, and also to Dr.
Martin and Dr. Stoure, 1556, 281
Crook-back, epigram on a, 454
Crowne, the soules immortal, 13


Dancing, Essay on, was Soame Jenyns'

first poetical essay, 240

Darius, Sir Wm. Alexander's, enco-
miastic verses to, by Walter Quin,
David, a paraphrase upon the Psalms
of, by George Sandys, 1636, 81
David's Hainous Sinne, Heartie Re-
pentance, Heavie Punishment, by
Tho. Fuller, M.D. 1631, 164
Death, Remains atter, by Richard
Brathwaite, 1618, 196. A descrip-
tion of death, 197. Epitaphs upon
sudden and premature deaths, 202

Debtor, a careful, verses on, by E.
Hake, 276

Dedication, an interesting one, pre-
fixed to Gold's Kingdom and this
unhelping age,' 271

; extract from Arthur
Hall's to Sir Tho. Cecill, of his ten
bookes of Homer's Iliades, 1581,
512. From Churchyard's, of Ovid
de Tristibus to Chr. Hatton, Esq.

Devil, Strappado for, extracts from
Brathwayte's, 145, 203
Discontented Mind, passion of a, 1621,
419, Extract, ib. Close, 421.
Discourse, the, a poem by An. Col-
lins, extracts from, 180
Dissimulation, Essay on, from Hall's
Horæ Vacivæ, 314

Diuell, the Practyse of the, by L.
Ramsey, 1590, 439. Specimens,

Divine Songs and Meditacions, by An.
Collins, 1653, 123, 180, 182
Dodechedron of Fortune, the, trans-
lated from the French of John de
Meum by Sir W. B. Knight, 1613,

Droupe and die,' by E. Hake, 276
Dump, on the death of Henry Earl of
Pembroke, by John Davies of Here-

ford, 259

Dutch Miller, the merry, 1672, 131


Earldom of Northumberland, case of
James Percy, claimant of, 519-

Eden, the Garden of, by Sir Hugh
Plat, Kt. 1675, 18. The publisher
to the reader, 19. The author's
epistle to all who delight in God's
vegetable creatures, 21. Second
part, 23
Elizabetha quasi vivens, Eliza's fune
rall, by Henry Petowe, 1603, 23.
The Induction, 25. Eliza's Fune-
rall, 26
Elizabetha Triumphans, by J. Aske,
1588, 451. Acrostic, 452
Encomiastic Verses to Sir Wm. Alex-
ander's Darius, by Walter Quin,

England's Cæsar, by Henry Petowe,

1603, 30. Dedication to a plurality
of persons, 30. Ad lectorem, 31.

The induction, 32. His Majestie's
most royall coronation, 33
England and Ireland, historical allu-
sion to in Norden's Vicissitudo Re-
rum, 129

- Civil Warres of, a history of,
in English verse, by An. Cooper,
Epicedium, a funeral song upon the
life and death of Lady Helen Branch,
1594, 297. Invocation, 298. Com-
memoration of her benefactions, ib.
Epigram on Microcosmos, from Bas-
tard's Chrestoleros, 409, n.
Epigrams and Satires ascribed to Hen.
Parrot, 415
Epigrams:-from Wit's Bedlam :-
against a writing country school-
master, 454. Julia's bookishness,
ib. Of a crook-back, ib. Wolfan-
gus's great nose and thin beard, 455.
Fast and loose, ib. Loss of a great
stomach, ib.

Epistle of Octavia to Anthony, S.
Brandon's, 1598, 503. Extract from
Antony to Octavia, 504
Epitaph, Mason's, on Gray the poet,

on Lady Helen Branch, 297
on Prince Henry, by Walter
Quin, 437

Epitaphs, upon sudden and premature
deaths, by Richard Brathwaite, 202
Essays, from Hall's Horæ Vacivæ,

Europe, Affairs of, and of the Re-
public of Venice, Nani's History
of, translated by Sir Robt. Hony-
wood, 515


Fable of Narcissus, Ovid's, translation
of, ascribed to Thomas Howell,
Fairy Queen of Spenser, commenda-
tory sonnets to the first edition of
the first three books of, 346
Fancy, the Forrest of, 1579, 456.
Epistle to the reader, ib. Heads of
the several pieces, and extracts,

Fastidium, a Latin eclogue, by Wm.

Hawkins, extract from, 236
Father's Counsel to his Son, by Caleb
Trenchfield, Gent, 1678, 321
Fire of London in 1666, described, by
Thomas Vincent, 96

Fleece, the golden, by Richard Brath-
wayte, Gent. 1611, 303. Sonnets
or Madrigals, 304
Fluxions, a volume on, written by
Waring, 163

Fool, a Scotish, described; from
Armin's Nest of Ninnies, 506
Forrest of Fancy, 1579, 456
Fortune, the Dodechedron of, trans-
lated from the French of John de
Meum, by Sir W. B. Knight, 1613,
319. Some account of the original
author, ib.

Fragmentum Poeticum, 481
Fragments, poetical, by Richard Bax-
ter, 1681, 185. His notices on
several contemporary poets, 186.
Extracts from his poem called 'Love
breathing thanks and praise,' 189.
The Return, 192. Epistle to the
reader, ib. A description of Death,

Friendship, perfect, a plain description
of, 460

Funerall Song on the death of the La-
dy Helen Branch, 297. Comme-
moration of the life and death of,
ib. Epitaph, ib. W. Har. (proba-
bly Sir William Harbert), 1594,


Gentlewomen, upstart new-fangled,
quippes for, 1595, 255

Gilead, Balm of, by Jos. Hall, D. D.

1660, 284. His dedicatory address,
ib. Comforts against imprison-
ment, 285.
God's Terrible Voice in the City, by
Thomas Vincent, 1667, 89. Ex-
tracts relative to the plague, 90-95.
Narrative respecting the great fire,

God, the coming of in mercy, in
vengeance, by Walter Gostelo, 1658,
106. Extracts, 108. Introduction
predicting the restoration of Charles
II. 110

the Love of, a black letter tract,
extracts from, 493
Gold's Kingdome and this unhelping

Age, by E. Hake, 1604, 268. Speech
intended to have been spoken to
King James at Windsor, 269. De-
dication, ib. Verses on a visitation
which swept away 30,000 souls,
272. No gold no goodnesse, 274.

Droupe and die; looke up and live,
276. A careful debtor, ib. Passages
from a memorial address to Richd.
Lovelace, Esq. 277
Golden Fleece, by Richard Brath-
wayte, 1611, 303. Pieridum Invo-
catio, ib. Sonnets or Madrigals,
304. The author to his disconso-
late brother, ib.

Googe, Barnaby, his descent, 35
Gratulatio Quadrilinguis in Nuptiis

Caroli I. et Pr. Henr. Mar. Fr. of
Walter Quin, mentioned in his Ser-
tum Poeticum, 438
Gratulationum Valdinensium libri
quatuor Gabrielis Harucii, 1577,

Grones, Greevous of the Poore, a
tract on mendicity, noticed, 503
Gunpowder Plot, a poem in relation
to, 329

verses against, in
Pricket's Time's Anotomie, 450


Harleian Miscellany, Mr. Parke's Sup-
plement to, a poem by E. Hake in,
Heart, the covetousnesse of the, from
Schola Cordis, 323. The enlarging
of the, 326

Henry, Prince, his laudable Life and
deplorable death, by James Max-
well, A.M. 1612, 477
Hey for Horn Fair, or Room for
Cuckolds, 1674, 131
Heywood, Thomas, note respecting

in Brathwaite's Survey of History,

History, a Survey of, or a Nursery for
Gentry, by Richard Brathwayte,
Esq. 1638, 339. Dedication, ib.
Another, 343 Extract, 344.
Holy Rood, or Christ's Crosse, by
John Davies, 1609, 260. Extract,
261. Sonnets appended to the
poem, 262
Hop-patentee, verses on, from "A
Pack of Patentees," 266
Hora Vacivæ, by John Hall, 1646,
305. Complimentary verses to the
author, 307. Essay I. Of opinions,
310. II. Of time, 312. IX. Of
dissimulation, 314.
Titles of the

other essays, 318
Huic habeo non tibi, an epigram,


Humility, an epigram by HughCromp-
ton, 168


I would and I would not, by B. N.
(probably Nicholas Breton), 1614,

Iambics, Latin, by Bp. Hall, 163
Imprisonment, comforts against, by
Bp. Hall, 285

Ismarus, the Thracian, a description
of, by Thomas Powell, 1601, 169.
Extract, 171


James I. speech intended to have been
spoken to him at Windsor, 269

poem to, on his progress to
Jest, none like a true jest, or life of
Scotland, by Hen. Farley, 428
Capt. James Hind, 1674,
Jevvel House of Art and Nature, by

Sir Hugh Platt, of Lincoln's Inn,
Knight, 1653, 17

Jews in America, &c. Tho. Thorow-
good, S. T. B. Norfolciensis, 1660,


Laquei Ridiculosi, ascribed to Henry
Parrot, 415
Lawiar's Lesson, the, 302
Letters of Bishop Kennett, 359. De-
scription of Chatsworth, 361
Life and Death of Lady Helen Branch,
commemoration of, 297

Life of Jacke Wilton, Nashe's, extract
from, 507

London Apprentice, counsel to from
his father, 320

London, plague of, in 1665, described
by Thomas Vincent, 89. Fire of,
in 1666, 96

Looking Glasse, a Prince's, by Wm.
Willymat, 1603, 482

Lord's Prayer, versified by Robert
Holland, 137

Love breathing thanks and praise,'
a poem by Richard Baxter, extracts
from, 189


Fowler's Tarantula of, 132.
Specimen, 134, 286
Love's Missives to Virtue, with Es-

saies, by Robert Beaumont, 1660,
278. Extract, 279. Subjects of
the essays, ib. Extract from the
last, 280

Lucan's Pharsalia, first book of, Eng-
lished by Chr. Marlow, 495


Marriage, the commodities of, 460.
In contrarium, 461
Mastive, the, or young Whelpe of the
old Dogge, by H. P. (Henry Parrot),
1600, 415
Merrie-man, Doctor, or Nothing but
Mirth, by S.R. (Samuel Rowlands)
1609, 442. Specimens, 443.
Merriments, antiquated, a list of the
tracts which belong to the class of,
Microcosmos, the Discovery of the
little World, with the Government
thereof, by John Davies, 1603,

Miller, Dutch, the merry, 1672, 131
Milton, peculiar character of his ju-
venile poems, 1.
List of contem-
porary poetical tracts, 5
Mind, discontented, passion of a,
1621, 419. Extract, ib. Close,
Minerals, Stones, Gums, and Rosins,
a Discourse on, by D. B. Gent. 17
Ministry, changes in, mentioned in
Bishop Kennet's letters, 381
Monologue on Percye and Catesbye's
conspiracy, 329


Mountjoy, Barony, claims to, 1606,

Musarum Lachrymæ, Gabrielis Har-
ueii, 351


Narcissus, the fable of Ovid treating
of, a translation of, ascribed to
Thomas Howell, 265. Extracts,

Nativity of Christ, Robert Holland's

holy History of the, 1594, 137
Navigators, alluded to, in Goodall's
Tryall of Travell, 424
Nest of Ninnies, Armin's, extract
from:-Description of Will. Som-
mers, 505. Description of Jemy
Camber, a Scotish fool, 506
Nimis docuit consuetudo, an epigram,

Nose, a great one, and a thin beard,
epigram on a, 455

Nothing but Mirth, or Doctor Merric-
man, (S. Rowlands), 1609, 444.
Specimens, 443

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Patentees, a Pack of, 1641, 264. Spe-
cimen, il.

Paule's (St.) Church, her bill for the
parliament, by Henry Farley, 1621,
426. Contents, ib. Extracts, 428.
Postscript, 431

Peace-Maker, the, by Joseph Hall,
D. D. 1645, 87. Extract, ib.
Peerage, claims of, in the male line,
temp. Ja. I. MS. 344

Percy, James, claimant of the earldom
of Northumberland, case of, 520-

Philosopher's Stone, definition of,


Phyala Lachrymarum, or a few friend-
ly teares shed on the body of Mr.
Nathaniel Weld, by W. Lathum,
1634, 509
Pieridum Invocatio, prefixed to Brath-
wayte's Golden Fleece, 303
Plague of London in 1665, described
by Thomas Vincent, 89
Poem upon the praise of vertue, 15

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