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Poems, by Hugh Crompton, 1657,
167. Extracts:-The Retreat, ib.
Humility, 168

Posy, Poetical, in Lathum's Phyala

Lachrymarum, 509

Poet, the passionate, by Thos. Powell,
1601, 169

Poetasters, or general Sciolists of Bri-
tany, a satyre upon, by Richard
Brathwayte, 145
Poetical Fragments, by Richard Bax-
ter, 1681, 185. Extract from his
epistle to the reader, ib. His mo-
dest pretensions to poetical reputa-
tion, 186. Notices on several con-
temporary writers, ib. Extract from
his Love breathing thanks and
praise,' 189. The return, 190.
Poeticvm Sertvm in honorem Jacobi
Sexti. A Gualtero Quinno, 1600,

Poetry, remarks on the true character
of, 36
"Pontificium Exprobrantem nobis

Sextum Novembris," (1612). Latin
Iambics by Bp. Hall, 163
Postscript, curious one, in Farley's
Poems, 431

Practise of the Divell, by L. Ramsey,
1590, 439

Prices, ancient, of wearing apparel,

Prince's Looking-glasse, by William
Willymat, 1603, 482

Proofe, an Armour of, by R. C. (Roger
Cotton), 1596, 138
Prosopopeia of trayterous Percye and
Catesbye, by Edward Hawes, 1606,

Psalms of David, a Paraphrase upon,
by George Sandys, 1636, 81. De-
dication to the King (Charles I.) ib.
Another to the Queen, Henrietta
Maria, 82. Extract from a com-
mendatory poem by Lord Falkland,
it. Psalm LXII. 83. Extract from
a poem Deo Opt. Max. 84. Song
of Simeon, 86


Quippes for upstart new-fangled
Gentlewomen, or a Glasse to view
the Pride of vain glorious Women,
1595, 255

[blocks in formation]

Sackful of News, 1673, 130
Sacrament, letters to Queen Mary on
the true Catholic Doctrine of, by
Archbp. Cranmer, 281

Satyrs and Epigrams, ascribed to Hen-
ry Parrott, 415. Extract, 417, N.
Schola Cordis, in 47 Emblems, 1647,
323. Ascribed to Thomas Harvey,
Extract:-The Covetousness
of the Heart, 324
Sciolists, general, or Poetasters of Bri-
tany, a satyre upon, by Richard
Brathwaite, 1615, 145

Scourge of Folly, Davies's, cited,
409, n. 413

Serjeant Major; Queen Elizabeth's

speech to her's, at Tilbury fort, 453
Sertvm Poeticvm, in honorem Jacobi
Sexti, a Gualtero Quinno, 1600,
431. Contents, 433. Encomiastic
verses to Sir Wm. Alexander's Da-

rius, 435. Epitaph on Prince
Henry, 437

Shore, Mistris Jane, the history of,
Simeon, Paraphrase of the Song of,
by George Sandys, 86
Simile of Robert Beaumont, resem-

bling one in Love in a Village, 279
Smithus, Gabrielis Harucii Valdi-
natis, 1577, 351

Songs and Meditations, divine, by
An. Collins, 1653, 123. Extracts,
124, 180, 182

Sonnet, by Jarvis Markham, to Hen.
Earl of Southampton, 1595, 414

to Sir Wm. Alexander's Da-
rius, by Walter Quin, 435
Sonnets, addressed to Persons of Dis-
tinction, by John Davies of Here-
ford, 249. To Dr. Whitgift, Abp.
of Canterbury, ib. To the Duke of
Lennox, ib. To the Earl of North-
umberland, 250. To the Earl of
Worcester, ib. To the Countess of
Rutland, 251. To Lord Mountjoy,
Deputy of Ireland, 254. To the
Lord of Kinlosse, ib. To Lady
Rich, 255

or Madrigals, annexed to
Brathwayte's Golden Fleece, 304.
The Author to his disconsolate
Brother, 304

commendatory, to the first
edition of the first three books of
Spenser's Fairy Queen, 346
Sonnetteers, amatory, allusion to,

Souldier, on the profession of a, from

Pricket's Time's Anotomie, 449
Soule's immortal Crown, the, 13. As-
cribed to Nicholas Breton, ib. n.
Soule's Conflict with itself, by R.
Sibbes, D.D. 1651, 497. The au-
thor's account of his work, 500.
Extracts, ib.

Speech intended to have been spoken

to King James I. at Windsore, 269
Spiritual Song, by RogerCotton, 1595,


Stanleye's Remedy, or the way how

to reform wandering beggars,
theeves, &c, 1646, 502
Stomach, epigram on one that lost a
great one, 455

Strappado for the Devil, extracts from
Brathwayte's poems so entitled,

[blocks in formation]

Survey of the World, by Barten Holy-
day, D. D. 1656, 292. Verses to
the curious reader, 293


Tarantula of Love, Fowler's, 132.
Specimen, 134, 286
Theological and secular Concern-

ments, reflections on, in Pricket's
Time's Anotomie, 448
Theory of Apparitions, Dr. Ferriar's,
cited, 107

Tilbury Fort, Q. Elizabeth's speech
to her serjeant-major at, 453
Time, Essay on, from Hall's Hora
Vacivæ, 312

Time's Anotomie, by Robert Pricket,

1606, 445. Extract from the ad-
dress to the lords of the council,
446. Reflections on theological and
secular concernments, 448. On the
profession of a souldier, 450. Warn-
ing to his country, 450
Tracts, poetical, list of, 5-8

extant, list of, which seem to
fall under the class of antiquated
merriments, 130
Tram, Tom, the mad pranks of, (tit.
car.) 131

Travell, the Tryall of, by Baptist
Goodall, merchant, 1630, 422.
Extracts, 423, 425
Triumphans Elizabetha, by J. Aske,
1588, 451

Tryall of Travell, by Baptist Goodall,

merchant, 1630, 422. Extract from
the address to the reader, 423
Trumpet, the Voyce of the laste, by
Robert Crowley, 1550, 301. Ex-
tract: The Lawiar's Lesson, 302
Tua Logice Nostra, 417


Ut Tempora, mores, an epigram, 416
Utopia, extract from Nashe's life of
Jacke Wilton, respecting, 507


Vacivæ Horæ, some occasional con-
siderations, by John Hall, 1646,
305. Dedication, ib. Address to
the Reader by John Pawson, ib.
Valdinensium Gratulationum, libri
quatuor, Gabrielis Harucii, 1577,

Varietie, Valley of, 1638, 9. Titles Witte's Pilgrimage, by John Davies,

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Aristotle, 499, n.

Basse, William, 68

Bastard, 409

Bath, 880

Armin's Nest of Ninnies, extract Bathurst, Dr. 69

[blocks in formation]

Batteley, Dr. 374

Baxter, Richard, 185

Beatson, 334, n.

Beaumont, 2

Sir Henry, 346
Robert, 278

Beauvoir, Osmund, 48

Beckingham, Charles, 48
Bedford, Duke of, 222

Countess, 348

Bellingham, Charles, 19
Bembo, Cardinal, 216
Bendlosse, 42

4 B

[blocks in formation]

303, 304, 340

Bray, 76

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Brathwaite, Nicholas, 66, 145, 196, Carbonius, 237

Brathwayte, Thomas, 304

Breton, Richard, 13, n. 16, 49, 174

Brett, Dr. 374, 399

Bridges, John, 60

Bridget, Countess of Lindsay, 68

Bristol, 381

Earl of, 63, 245

Broad-street, 10

Bromley, Lord Chancellor, 45

Castello, Don Mariano del, 203

Catesbye, 328, 330

Cave, 395

Cavendish, Lord, 363
Cecil, Secretary, 447

Sir Thomas, 512

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