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Page 142 - This series, besides affording popular but sound instruction on scientific subjects, with which the humblest man in the country ought to be acquainted, also undertakes that teaching of ' common things ' which every well-wisher of his kind is anxious to promote. Many thousand copies of this serviceable publication have been printed, in the belief and hope that the desire for instruction and improvement widely prevails ; and we have no fear that such enlightened faith will meet with disappointment."—...
Page 144 - From the Invention of Printing to the present time ; being Brief Notices of a large Number of Works drawn up from actual inspection.
Page 138 - THE Art Of Reasoning ; A Popular Exposition of the Principles of Logic, Inductive and Deductive, with an Introductory Outline of the History of Logic, and an Appendix on Recent Logical Developments.
Page 146 - HODGSON -MYTHOLOGY FOR LATIN VERSIFICATION. A brief Sketch of the Fables of the Ancients, prepared to be rendered into Latin Verse for Schools.
Page 150 - PROCTER'S PHARMACY. PRACTICAL PHARMACY : Comprising the Arrangements, Apparatus, and Manipulations of the Pharmaceutical Shop and Laboratory. By FRANCIS MOHR, Ph. D., Assessor Pharmacies of the Royal Prussian College of Medicine, Coblentz ; and THEOPHILUS REDWOOD, Professor of Pharmacy in the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain. Edited, with extensive Additions, by PROF.
Page 140 - Numismatic Manual: or. Guide to the Collection and Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins. Illustrated by Engravings of many hundred types, by means of which even imperfect and obliterated pieces may be easily deciphered.
Page 142 - A cheap and interesting publication, alike informing and attractive. The papers combine subjects of importance and great scientific knowledge, considerable inductive powers, and a popular style of treatment." — Spectator. "The 'Museum of Science and Art' is the most valuable contribution that has ever been made to the Scientific Instruction of every class of society.
Page 139 - Schmitz's History of Rome, From the Earliest Times to the Death of Commodus, AD 192.
Page 38 - Special train arrived. Officers have taken the two thieves into custody, a lady having lost her bag, containing a purse with two sovereigns and some silver in it; one of the sovereigns was sworn to by the lady as having been her property. It was found in Fiddler Dick's watch-fob.' " It appears that, on the arrival of the train, a policeman opened the door of the ' third compartment of the first second-class carriage...
Page 115 - The following rules may generally be relied upon, at least to a certain extent : — 1 . Generally the rising of the mercury indicates the approach of fair weather : the falling of it shows the approach of foul weather. 2. In sultry weather the fall of the mercury indicates coming thunder. In winter the rise of the mercury indicates frost. In frost its fall indicates thaw : and its rise indicates snow. 3. Whatever change of weather suddenly follows a change in the barometer may be expected to last...

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