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said that the earldom is now extinct, but
that the barony of Howard descends to
Gen. Kenneth Howard, who, it will be re-
collected, had a considerable legacy, un-
der the will of the late Duke of Norfolk,
Thomas the third Earl having been absent
from town soon after the riots in 1780, it
was absurdly reported, at the time, that he
had been shot in the disguise of a chim-

ney-sweeper. The mother of this noble-
man, as well as her second husband the
late Sir George Howard, enjoyed her Ma-
jesty's favour, about whose person the
former held an official situation; and her
son, Earl Thomas, was in 1784 appointed
Secretary and Comptroller of her Majes-
ty's household, which he held till his death,
in 1794.

FROM DECEMBER 12, 1313, TO DECEMBER 10, 1816.

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* There have been executed in London and the County of Surrey, 25; of which
Number 10 only have been reported to be buried within the Bills of Mortality.

*£* In answer to inquiries relative to the best channel for transmitting the
Gentleman's Magazine to Ireland and Foreign Countries, we beg leave to stats
that it is regularly delivered by the Postmaster, in all parts of Europe, at Ms. per
annum, or 18*. for six months, if orders are given, and payment made.

To Mr. Austin, General Post-office, London, for Ireland.

To Mr. Cowik, General Post-office, for France, Germany, and Holland.

To Mr. William Serjeant, General Post-office, for the Countries bordering on
the Baltic and the Mediierranean, and for Portugal and the Brazils.

To Mr.Tkornhill. General Post-office, for the West Indies, Bahama, Madeira,
Bermuda, and Nova Scotia.

To Mr. Gov, of the East India House, for the Cape of Good Hope, aqd all parts
of India. ■ *'




Essays, Dissertations, and Historical Passages;

ABBOT, Rt, Hon. C. address to the

Rejent, 69.
Accidents—by falling-in of a grave, 175.
by coaches, at Market Weighton, 362,
and near Manchester, 363. a boat
upsetting, at Rochester, 320, 363,
and at Southwark, 364. house falling
in the Haymarket, 459. sleeping on
a lime-kiln, 618.
Africa, intelligence, 74, 172,26,3,551.
African Forts, report un, 616.
Agriculture, Board of, on Report of, 310.
Agricultural observations, 295.
Alexander, Win. memoir, &c. of, 279,

363, 565.
Algiers, particulars respecting, 74. the
late bombardment, 260, 268, 855.
treaty of peace, 264; article for abo-
lition of slavery, 354. release of two
Spaniards imprisoned by the Dey, 354,
Algerine Cruizers, and Captives, 148.
Alien Priories, and revenues, 489-
Allan, G. collections for Durham, 137.
Alps, Hannibal'spassage over, 339. Buo-
naparte's, ibid, .
America, intelligence, 75, 172, 268, 361,
453, 551.. demand on Neapolitan go-
vernment, 267,359- See United States.
Amphitheatre of Vespasian, model, 136.
Ampthilt, brass plates at, 105.
Anne, Queen, three letters of, 136.
Apostles, on the character of, 55.
Architectural Innovation, No. CCVIII.
132, CC1X. 411, CCX. 518. inten-
tions of the writer, 132.
Arley Hall and Church, C05.
Armageddon* Battle of, 309.
Arundel Castle, " Baron's Hall" at, 32.
Arundel, Earl of, library and antiques

collected by, 318.
Asia, Intelligence from, 74, 171, 268, 362,

453, 551.
Asselin, M. on his translation of the

Bible into the Amharie, 119-
Ath, in Hainauh, history of, 381, 485.
Atheism, Picture of, 432.
Athens, Modern, mode of teaching in, 10.
Aabonne, View from, 582.
Avon, origin of the name, 23.
Babel, Tower of, observations on, M.
Bacon, Nathaniel, notes respecting, 297.
Bagford, John, account of libraries by,

temp. Q. Anne, 213, 317, 395, 509.
Bank of England, capital extended, 161*
Baptismal Regeneration, 126.
Barksdatc, C. poem of reprinted, 32.
Barlow, Up. epitaph on his wife, 209.
Harrington, Bp. memoir of, 239.
Barton-upon-Humber, St. Peter's tower,


Sunt. MAS.Suppl. LXXXV1. Part II.

Bath, Master of Ceremonies, 619.-

Bavaria, King of, anecdote of, 128.

Bazaars complained of, 68.

Beaufort, Cardinal, m«numentof, 596;

Beaumont, Mr. of Whitley, character,

Bedfordshire, Compendium of its history,

Beer, Molasses recommended for, 588.

Bees, particulars respecting, 537.

Bell, Rev. Dr. account of, 371 •

Bell-ringing after a funeral, 270.

Belvvir Castle, destructive fire, 456, 554i

Berkeley, Lady Katharine, memoir of,
209. funeral, 312, monument to, 386.
noticed 606.

Berkeley, Sir T. tomb of, 313.

Berkin, Rev. H. laudable exertions of, 28.

Berks, Compendium of its history, 314.

Berri, Duke and Duchess, marriage, 70.

Betton, Mr. T. bequest for relief of Cap-
tives, &c, 40, 117.

Bewick, Mr. reviver of wood-engraving,

Bible, translated into the Amharie, 119.
attempt to prohibit the use of English
Bibles in 1350, 324. MS. belonging
to Convent of Balem, 483.

Bible Society, defence of, 322. observa-
tions against, 389, 590, 598.

Bibliomaniacks described, 420.

Binfield, memorial of Pope at, Mo.

Biographical Dictionary, 296.

Blenheim House, described, 132, 411.

Blennerhassett, Mrs. letter of, 693.

Blomfield, Rev. E. V. memoir of, 373.

Blueher, Prince, anecdote of, 267.

Boccacio'sDecameron, rare editions, 548.

Borromeo, Count, his Collection of Ita-
lian Novels, 543. -. ■

Boulogne, described, 115. Column at, ib.

Bound, Rev. Dr. N. inquiry about, 48?.

Bowles, Mr. Poem by unjustly rldiculejl,
387. "!

Boyer, General, anecdote of, 335*

Boyle, F. Vise Shanon, book by, 386.5

Boys, Commodore, deliverance of, 632.

Brant's picture of Bibliomaniacks, 429.

Brazil, King elected "tit Negroes, 533J

Bread, on baking of, 494. adulterated
quality of, 587.

Brecon, meeting of Clergy, 128, 309.

Bricklayer, exemplary conduct of, 58! .

Bridge over the Doon completed, 4 3.
over the Conway, 619..

Briefs, hints to increase the produce

Bristol, inflammatory paper"aV457.
Britt on the new Silver Coins, 299.

Brom-ield Priory, remains of, 209. »

Bromsgrme Church described, 605..


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Browne, Sir }V. particulars of, 48, 344.

Brunswick, Duke of, will of, 633.

Bryant, J. list of his works, 49.

Brydges's edition of Collins's Peerage, 12.

Buccaneers, account of, 242—246.

Buckinghamshire, Compendium of its
history, 415.

Buckler, Mr. jun. Etchings of Cathe-
drals, &c, 37,

Buonaparte, prophecy of Gog applied to,
307; not foretold there, 389. some
events in his life noticed, 336,339.
intelligence respecting, 454. conduct
and conversation ou board the North-
umberland, 525.

Burns, proposed monument to, 620.

Calais, visit to, 113,218. Great Church
at, 228.

Calamy.Edmund, and ancestors, 90,296.

Cambridge, name of, 23. Norrisian Prize,
157. prizes and scholarships, &c, 344,

Cambridgeshire, Compendium of its his-
tory, 415.

Canril Shares, prices of, 96, 192, 288,
384, 480, 576.

Canter, Classicks edited by, 419, 496.

Canterbury Cathedral,picturesque notice
of, 143. on a late repair at, 135.

Capell, Edward, epitaph wanted, 487-

Captives, fund for ransom of, 40, 117.
Captives ransomed in 1734, 118.

Cartwright, gift to Dulwich College, 319.

Cast-Iron Steeple proposed, 424. Road-
way, 460.

Cathedrals, illustration of, 37.

Catholic Emancipation, motion on, 68.

Catholics, proceedings respecting, 162,
164, 167. singular Mandement issued
to Confessors, 266.

Cirtinat.Marechalde, conduct, &c, of, 485.

Ceres, inscription found inCaervoran,364.

Cervantes' Don Quixote, 536.

Chalmers, Mr. A. Biog. Dictionary, 296.

Chamber of Deputies in France reduced,
&c. 264.

Chambers of Peers and Deputies, &c.
opened, 450. proceedings of, 548.

Chancery Court, new buildi unintended,*!}.

Chapel in Dean Forest consecrated, 122.

Chapels erected in Scotland, 200.

Charles I. anecdote of, 319.

Charles 11. his escape after the battle of
Worcester, 499.

Charter House, anniversary, 560.

Chatsworth, in 1760, 594.

Chepstow Bridge opened, 269.

Chester, compendium of its history, 505.

Chimneys, meeting to promote use of
machines in cleansing, 174, 270. ma-
chines recommended, 225 method of
extinguishing lire, 328. plan of build-
ing to prevent smoking and fire, ib.

China, persecution of Christians in, 362.

Emperor dethroned, 453.
Choirs, meeting of at Hereford, 383.

Christ's Visible Church defined, 391.

Christ rejected, a painting by West, 439,

Christian Ministry, duties, &c. of, 340.

Christians persecuted in China, Me,

Church of England, Doctrines, 589.

Clarke, Mr. exhibitor of philosophical
fire-works, account of, 46g.

Clergy, residence of, 37. review and
sham-fight, 21. impropriety of their
joining in the chase, 390. See Brecon.

Clermont House bought for the Princess
Charlotte, 166.

Climbing-Boys, necessity of superseding,

Oin<on,Sir/7.Coramonsvote thanks to,67.

Clocks striking day of the month, 270.

Cobourg Theatre, foundation-stone, ct

Coins, Saxon and English pennies, 216.
Coins of British Sovereigns, 322. cau-
tion against alleged discoveries, ibid.

Coinage, new, progress of, 620. incon-
venience respecting plain shillings and
sixpences, ib.

Cole, Sir L. Commons vote thanks to, er,

Colliers, distress of, 76".

Collins's Peerage, by Brydges, 12.

Colosseum at Rome, model of, US.

Column at Boulogne described, 115.

Congregations in Churches, thinness, 451

Consolidated Fund, Income and Charge,
War Taxes, &C. 621.

Conspiracies, Bow-street patrole, &c. C),
366, 459.

Constitution of England, remarks, 102.

Cook, Capt. monument suggested, 217.

Corn, experiment to dry in sheaf, 455.

Cornwall, compendium of its history,"

Coromandel Hoy plundered, 77.

Cosin, Bp. memoir of, 237-

Costume, inattention of sculptors to, 133.

Cottager, exemplary conduct of, 58a.

Cotton, Sir R. library of, 314.

Country Parish, excellent institution!
in, 232.

County History, Compendium of, 313,
314, 415, 417, 505, 507, 599, 601.

Cow-house at Glasgow, 76.

Cranbourne Chase, boundaries, 270.

Crescentiis, P. de, Rural. Com 111 od.Libri,I.

Croft, Sir H. publication of, 487-

Cromwell, Oliver, anecdotes of, 498.

Crosses, antient, 575.

Cross-Buns, origin of, 502.

Crucifixion, on the Darkness at, 409.

Cumberland, compendium of its history,

Curtis, Sir Roger, account of, 478,635.

Customs, 270, 364, 408.

Dallas, Judge, Charge toGrandJury,326

Dalton family, arms of, 231.
Damien, fanatic, account of, 484.

Darwin's Botanic Garden, 340.

Davy, Sir H. plate presented to, 252.
Dead, methods of disposing of, 300.
Dean Forest, subscription for a Church,
23. Chapel consecrated. 122.


Debtor's Prayer, by Jer. Taylor, 15.
Delightes for Ladies, 1608, 497.
Delillc, James, memoirs of, 3,93.
Dent de Vauillon, view from, 582.
Derliy, musical festival, 618.
Derbyshire, tour into, 593. compendium

of its history, 601.
Devon, Lord Mayor a native of, 400.
custom at reaping and harvesting of
wheat 408.
Devonshire, Duke of, 1756, letter of, 291.
Dictionary-makers, hint to, 33.
Disney, Dr. John, account of, 627-
Dissenters, money levied on Poor by, 20.

remarks on Dissenters, 590.
Distress. See Haymakers, Poor.
Disturbances in Wales, 456. Address of
High Sheriff of Monmouthshire, ib.
Disturbances atBirmingham, andMan-
chester, Mr. inflammatory paper at
Bristol, ib. See Riots.
Divine service, admitting neighbours to,

in private houses, illegal, 458.
Dorchester, Oxon. Bridges at, 297.
Dorset, Duke, death and character, 195.
Douce, Mr. on Giants at Guildhall, 42.
Drowning, invention to prevent, 455,609.
Dublin University Prizes, 443.
Ducarel, Dr. A. C. MSS. of, 590.
Duel, Alley and Adolphus, 555.
Dugdale's Warwickshire, 141.
Dunstaple, Royal Palace at, 393.
Durham, County of, geographical de-
scription, 425. ecclesiastical division,
ib. Mr. Raine's intended History of
North Durham, 606.
Dutlon family, privilege of, 194, 319,

Earthquake in Scotland, 2G9-
Easinglon /ffcrrf,Durham,describcd, 426.
East Indies, war in, 257.
Ebel, Dr. plagiarism from, 11.
EcclesiasticalResidence,Thoughts on,M.
Eclipse of the Sun, 450.
Education, Report of Committee, 167.

of Poor in St. Pancras, &c. 122.

foreign, reprobated, 438.

. — mode of in modern Athens, 10.
Edward I. examination of his remains,

ElginMarbles,sums granted for, 164,165.
Eltham, antient Palace at, 407, 446.
Emigrations into France, effects of, 3,4.

remonstrance against, 437.
Emigrators to America, 269, 36], 454.
End of the World, 309.
England. See Germany.
Englishwomen and Frenchwomen, 390.
EpigramInveni Portum, &c. versions

of, 194, 423.
Episcopal Church in Scotland, 341.
i?z«At«/xxxviii. xxxix. commentary, 306.
Faber, Mr. on Mundane Lotos, 316.
Felixstow Cottage, account of, 105.
Ferdinand VII- plan for his rescue abor-
tive, 526. marriage of, Mo.

.Rnc/iam,Mr.plan of his life-boat wanted,

.130. information respecting, 423.
Fiorin Grass, Dr. Richardson on, 107.

Fire, means of escape, M. machine for
extinguishing, 270. mode of extin-
guishing in a chimney, 328.

Fires—at Stockport, 363. Belvoir Castle,
456. Bow Churchyard, 459. Enford,
Chippenham, Marsh farm, Albion
Mills Manchester, 618.

in London, 1816, extent of, 487.

Fisherwick House, portico sold, 76.

Flanders. See Netherlands.'

Flies, &c. on the feet of, 397.

Font in Lekbamsted Church, 497.

Fontenoy, battle of, 294.

Fosbrooke, Rev. T. D. See Whitby.

Fossils of North America, 616.

Fouclte, letter toD. of Wellington, 169.

Fox, Bp. monumental chapel of, 595.

Fragments of Literature, No. XI. 498.

France, intelligence, 70, 16,9,264, 357,
449,548. visit to, 113, 217. effect of
emigration into, as to morals, &c.3, 4.

Francis, Sir P. identified with Junius,

French Armies, prophecy of Gog applied
to the retreat from Moscow, 306.

Fresh Water, separating from sea, 304.

Friendship, &c. Miseries of being with-
out, 429.

Fuller, Rev. ^.account of, 633.

Funeral, Bell-ringing after, 270.

Game Laws, Report on, 366.

Gardening, Picturesque, ifc. capable of
delighting by description, 410.

Gardens, attachment of greatmen to, 340.

Garrick, character of, illustrated, 576.

Gartre and Guthlaxton, Case, 129.

Gash, Dr. Samuel, anecdote of, 334.

Genius, on the indigence and envy at-
tendant on, 430.

German Sufferers, gratitude of, 460.

Germany, intelligence, 73, 171, 267,
360, 452, 550. state of Germany and
England, 583.

Giants in Guildhall, particulars, 41, 42.

Gloucester, Duke, marriage, &c. 78, 270.

Glover's Leonidas, 339.

Goethe, story of his " Fisherman," 434.

Gog and Magog, prophecy, 306. Buona-
parte not foretold by, 389.

Goldsmith's Traveller illustrated, 484.

Grammar, remarks on, 40.

Grammar-schools, inquiry respecting,

Greek Tragedians by Canter, 496.

Greenwich Hospital, estates of, 66.

Gresham Lecture on Music, 33.

Gresley, N. epitaph on, 504.

Guthlaxton and Gartre Hundreds, Case
respecting, 129.

Halifax, America, fire at, 552.

Hamilton, Mrs. E. account of, 188, 623.

Hammond, W. poem by reprinted, M.

Hampden's Letters, inquiry for, 400.


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