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384 pages, 12no 1. This work. formerly the Fourth context. are found in this and the pre Render. having beru revised, improved. reding book. arni euiared to orarly double its tonuer 4. The lessons afford a selertiou mi e'outents, im how the Fitih Reader. the very best extraits in the English

2 By means of a large pagr. as larve. TAULUT", comprise are this one in fari. as an ordinary (witavo page. i of the brichest etforts of men and with clear, compact type. and i was living mastern. Arrangement, naar y twice the matter 5. It contains an ample ninnber of is given of ordinary works. at samn pages devoted to rules and exercises in price

Elur'ution. 3 An exerrise in Spelling and Defi. 6. By a new arrangement, the se ning prered-searh lessen This exer. quence of the lessons has been made cise contains the words that the learner more uforinly procreusive. is leant likely to know. The definitions 7. The interests of religion. morality. of upwards of thrre thousand words. in 4.1 grood manners, have always berli the seuse in which they are used in the carefully cuusidered in the selertion.

8. G. Goodrich'3 Prim iry Historical Series. .

FIVE VOL... EACH 216 pp., 1 MIO. Parley's Primary History of North America, comprising the Vuited!

Stat.s, with murices of Mexico. C'munde, dr. Parley's Primary History of South America. Parley's Primary istory of Europe Parley s Primary Fastory of Africa, in preparation. Parley's Primary History of Asia, including 131!BLE IT!STORY. in prop

These bisowe lutle bunks forin a series of primary histuries. The mechau iral execution is voor credirable to the publishers The fooliowin: peinli aritier render them especially sable for beginners. fior whose 18 they are iuteluded.

The remarkalıle abnulance and beauty of the pictorial illustrations.
The use of maps in the lost. thus uuitiug Leocrapboy with history.
The striking simplicity and forms of love style, which is also chaste amil finished
The freshness with which all the wpies are investeri.

The introduction of new instrrial, wanting uut uuly in ordinary school busuks but even in elaburule historical works.

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For the use of Worshipping Essemblies ap.!

Sunday Schools

NUMERAL EDITION.-Compiled from many Authors, by SILAS " LEONARDO AD FILLMORE. Revised by Rev. W.GUNX, or ky Rev. THOS. HARRISOX. of Ohio, and by the AUTHORS.

It is the efore both a Hymn Book and Tone Book in one.
Bouleliu Sheen, or Extra Cloth. 75 cts. Bound in sur ljilt Cloth
More cu rilt.

$ 1 00

Tar, ey (iilt Cloth 2 0

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The Sprins ronsists of Two Parts, 1. BUTLER'S INTRODUCTORY LESSONS IN


Instead of otrering to the pobiic their owr. commendations of these books, the pubiisisers have the pleasure of inviting atteution to the following couns unicutous:

1. From Rev J. MCLIST00K. D D., who is well known thr. uzbuut ihe United diale 26 Out of the imunt accomplished scholars and skilful educato a As a pruteseer in the highest institutious of learning, as the author of a most successful series oi classical text books. Nid an editor of the Quarterly Heview. published by the Northeru Methonist Episcopal Church, in the city of New Yoris, his repnutiativu is as wide as the couviry.

- BUTLER'S PRACTICAL GRAMMAR UP T46 ENGLISH LANGUAGE.' in an exceedingly well. conceived and well-execured book. It is vieu ide, por only in itm groundwork which

Ver reneurary bewok oug!! io hr). hut risu in i': practiral method and devicer, wheru epipirician in too of en wubxi:u el for rcjence. A very lessou can be put to use stoure. the learlier makex real progreta , ich every page. I have men wo Elementary English Grammar ths: plenme betier-or wo well.

JOHN J CLINTOCK New York, March 23. 18.

2. From GERAK 8. EMERSON, of Burlen, whose commendation of any text bwwuk is conclusive evidence of its greut merits. He stwinds foremost ang the men to whom New Eusland lowks up. is the highest authority in all matters connecter with education.

Dear Sir, I have hardly had an hoor since I received your note arroni panying this Grammar, which wen nue xbmou el brip-kev for kowe ocher purpose. Ou looking over the hook rapidly. I repeated many things in it waich are excellent. The lofnitions arr remark. ably wiluple and clear: the rules are shor' and comprehensive: and the arrangement is no good, and the exerri FN MO weil wale md. that * 'olerable rewhes miglar be very surcorful in fpernitikbe priuciples of Engish lirummar by the will of it. It forms, worn ver. iu the way I intender o be used, whatever. (framaner for beginners ought to forus - * iu pour into the art and prior ser of composition.

The Danes nf ihr mensen ire far dore nxible and philosophical than those fround in mox iramman, which in deel 4 of en qui e wrong and absurdl: and the principe of syntax mild of Prony arr xiugularly well condensed, wi hinar becoming *0 barant and ob.curre In a fu: ure cui iou. I hope he will give the same coudenna jon to the rules for l'unctuarino

I ni doar wir, very truly yours,
Oct. 27. 1815.

GEO. B. KM ERSOX. To J. G. Palfrey, LL.D., D.D., Seosetary of State.

3. The following are extracts from the opinions of distinguished scholais: F'roin E. D. Vorih, Prof. of Rhetorte John l&12. Lonzollen. in Yole Calper.

It is really what i.. tible indicatos-A " It is the moxt scholarly and philosophie Practical Grunnar." Oraamar tin: I know.

Jan. B. I. Sole. Terre Haule. 4. 11. 1..rd, of Ohio.

** Far in advance of any now it une." "] consider it our of the bent works we bar ou lbe wubject."

E. A. Smith, Supt of Comin'in Schools, ker B P. Aydelate, of Cenciranii

Sintelon. V Y “Ao doprovement in every respect, opou

." I prefer it before Brown's and bul.

Liwas pranding worse Rich. II. Lep. Prof. Washington Cull Moses Smile, North Bridalon

I heartily rucou mend it is the bort von "My beau ideal of ae Kuglkh Gradebe gue."


BRONSON'S SYSTEM OF ELOCUTION, Mental and Vocal Philosophy, for the Development

of the Mind and Body.



1. Trou or Three Hundred of the Choicest Anecdotes in our Language.
2. Three Thousand Oratorical and Poetical Reudings and Recitations.
3. Five Thousand Proverbs, Muxims, Suyings. Themes, and Laconics.
4. And Several Hundred Elegant Engravings, to Illustrate the Work.

IT CONTAINS: I. All the Principles of Elocation, in will Feel and Think he must have, and accordance with Physiological and Men! cannot do without it, 'tal Science: II. SIX FULL LENGTH VIEWS of the Nerves of Organic Life,

ITS COMPARATIVE MERITS. of Respiration, of the Nerves of Sense I. An examination of its Contents. and Motion, and of all the Muscles and and their Arrangement, will enable one Bones of the whole Body, clothed and to institute a comparison between this unclothed: III. Natural and Deformed work, and all others on the same subject. Chests. Positions of Ladies and Gentle Il. It is in perfect harmony with men, of their Bodies, Hands, Arms, and what is known of all that is NATURAL, Feet, and ONE HUNDRED Full HUMAN, and DIVINE. Length Oratorical and Poetical Por. III. Its foundations are deeply laid traits : IV. FORTY-FOUR MOUTHS, in the Philosophy of Mind and Voiceshowing every position to produce the Spirit and Matter; and the principles FORTY-FOUR sounds of our Lan. are of a far-reaching and comprehensive guage: V. The Common, and New nature, tending to produce a great rev. Mode of Learning the Letters, of Spell. olution in the Art of Reading and ing, and of Teaching Children to Read, Speaking with Science and Effect, and involving the Science of Phonology: the development of the WHOLE VI. Several Hundred Jaw or Muscle MAN, Soul, Mind, and Body. Breakers, for Training the Voice, while IV. Its method is that of ANALYSIS "Laughter holds both of his sides." and SYNTHESIS, and is altogether

VII. FIFTY ENGRAVINGS, exhib- Progressive and Practical in its charac. iting all the Phases of Passion, with teristics. appropriate examples to illustrate them: V. Although but ONE Elocutionary VIll. An immense number of Ques. Principle is presented, specifically, on tions and Subjects suggested for Ly; any page, yet each Elementary page ceums, Debating Societies, and social contains, incidentally, ALL the PrinciParties: IX. The largest and best col. ples of Elocution. lection of READINGS, RECITA VI. These Principles have never TIONS, and DECLAMATIONS, in been known to fail, when faithfully apcluding those interspersed with his plied, to enable one to Read. Speak, Popular Lectures, involving every va and Blow on Wind Instruments, for riety of Thought and feeling, and hours in succession, without Hoarse. ranging from the deepest Tragedy to ness, or injurious Exhaustion; and they the highest Comedy; with something tend to the Preservation from, and Cure on every page, calculated to make one of Diseases of the Throat and Lungs, scrious and gay:.X. By being printed Dyspepsia, and other Complaints inci. in double columns, and certain kinds of dental to Public Speaking, and a Sedtype. it is designed, on philosophical / entary Life. principles, to facilitate the arts of Read. VII. It is BEAUTIFULLY and ing, Nemorizing, and the Preservation SUBSTANTIALLY got up in the oc. of the Eyesight--three important points tavo form, of between three and four of attainment: XI. It is expressly pre hundred pages, and includes a greater pared for use all SCHOOLS, ACAD. variety of Prose and Poetry than any EMIES, and COLLEGES. Male and other system of Elocution, and contains Female; and also with particular ref. DOUBLE the amount of reading mat. erence to Private Readers and Learn ter found in any similar work in the ers: XII. In a word, it is just such a United States, and yet—THE PRICE book, as every one, having heard of it, IS ONLY ONE DOLLAR

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