The history of England, Volume 1

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Page x - If dying mortals' doom they sing aright, No ghosts descend to dwell in dreadful night: No parting souls to grisly Pluto go, Nor seek the dreary, silent, shades below; But forth they fly, immortal in their kind, And other bodies in new worlds they find.
Page xii - Children are to be brought up apart from their parents till they are fourteen years of age. " Money lent in this world will be repaid in the next.
Page 335 - This excellent prince complained bitterly that from the Humber to the Thames there was not a prieft...
Page 500 - Fathers were under the cloud, and all pafled through the fea ; and were all baptized unto Mofes in the cloud, and in the fea ; and did all eat the fame fpiritual meat, and did all drink the fame fpiritual drink ; (for they drank of that fpiritual Rock that followed them ; and that Rock was Chrift.
Page 500 - His sovereign power, changed the bread into His body, and the wine into His blood, and thus gave himself to men as their spiritual food. "Take ye and eat," said He to His disciples, "this is my body ; take ye, and drink ; this is my blood.
Page x - And other bodies in new worlds they find. Thus life for ever runs its endlefs race, And like a line, death but divides the fpace, A flop which can but for a moment laft, A point between the future and the paft.
Page 49 - ... with her two daughters, rode up and down through the several squadrons of her army, whom she addressed to the following effect: " That it was not the first time the Britons had been victorious, under the conduct of their queen. That, for her part, she came not there as one descended of royal blood, to fight for empire or riches, but as one of the common people, to avenge the loss of their liberty, and the wrongs of herself and children.
Page 232 - Give alms of such things as you have, and behold all things are clean unto you.
Page 26 - ... the standardbearer of the tenth legion, having first invoked the gods for success, cried out aloud, ' Follow me, fellowsoldiers, unless you will betray the Roman eagle into the hands of the enemy : for my part, I am resolved to discharge my duty to Caesar and the commonwealth.

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