A Particular Account of the European Military Adventurers of Hindustan from 1784 to 1803

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Unwin, 1893 - British - 419 pages

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Page 315 - Lake, on whom he bestowed several titles, such as " the sword of the state, the hero of the land, the lord of the age, and the victorious in war.
Page 323 - ... like it, and pray to God, I never may be in such a situation again; their army is better appointed than ours, no expense is spared whatever, they have three times the number of men to a gun we have, their bullocks, of which they have many more than we have, are of a very superior sort, all their men's knapsacks and baggage are carried upon camels, by which means they can march double the distance.
Page 2 - The Log of a Jack Tar; or, The Life of James Choyce, Master Mariner. Now first published, with O'Brien's Captivity in France. Edited by Commander V. LOVETT CAMERON, RN, CB, DCL With Introduction and Notes. The Story of the Filibusters. By JAMES JEFFREY ROCHE. To which is added " The Life of Colonel David Crockett.
Page 335 - ' a Frenchman ; and let no action of yours tarnish the character of your '"nation. I hope in a few days to send back the English General as fast "'or faster than he came. Make yourself perfectly easy on this subject. " ' Either the Emperor's army or that of General Lake shall find a grave "'before the fort of Allygurh.
Page 323 - All the sepoys of the enemy behaved exceedingly well, and if they had been commanded by French officers the event would have been, I fear, extremely doubtful. I never was in so severe a business in my life or anything like it, and pray to God I never may be in such a situation again.
Page 385 - Nizam," to over 14,000 men, with a complete train of artillery, chiefly brass ordnance, worked by a well-trained corps of Europeans, and drawn by 5,000 bullocks. His cavalry numbered 600. He possessed, in his own right, all the guns and military equipage belonging to the force. The physique of his soldiers was not to be compared with that of the stalwart and warlike warriors whom De Boigne and Perron enlisted from the fine recruiting grounds of Upper India, but the men were well disciplined, and...
Page 309 - Sasni, sending on an-express to General Lake to inform him that he had resigned Sindhia's service, and desired to renew his application to retire within the Company's territories to Lucknow. In this letter, which reached General Lake on the 7th of September, Perron mentioned that he had just heard of the appointment of his successor, which relieved him of all obligations to remain at his post, and further observed that the treachery and ingratitude of his European officers convinced him that further...
Page 54 - ... trenches. The evening was now far advanced, and seeing at the same time such numerous bodies of the enemy's cavalry in motion, and ready to fall on us if they could find an opening, I thought it prudent to move on rather quicker, which we did till the firing of platoons began. But we had already lost such numbers of people, principally clashies,* that those remaining were unable to drag the guns any further. I, therefore, gave immediate orders to storm the lines, sword in hand, which was as soon...
Page 361 - I felt flattered that a creature so lovely as she of those deep black, loving eyes should ventare to gaze upon me. To what danger might not the veiled beauty be exposed should the movement of the purdah be seen by any of those present at the durbar? On quitting the assembly I discovered that the bright-eyed beauty was the daughter of the prince. At the next durbar my agitation and anxiety were .. extreme to again behold the bright eyes that haunted my dreams and /my thoughts by day. The curtain was...
Page 384 - Marathas, and the Nizam were leagued against the ruler of Mysore, Raymond's command was raised to 700 men, and he distinguished himself so much in the campaign that he grew into great favour with Ali Khan, and his force was augmented to 5,000 men, his own pay being increased to Rs. 5,000 a month. At the battle of Kardla in 1795 Raymond's battalions numbered 10,840 men, with 28 guns and 46 tumbrils. The regularity with which this force was paid enabled him to fill its ranks with deserters from the...

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