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Page A Believer free from care 442 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare 341 Afflictions do not come alone 456 Confirm the hope thy word allows 661 Afflictions, though they seem se- Constrain'd by their Lord to emvere 421 bark -

432 A garden contemplation suits 561 Could the creatures help or ease A glance from heav'n, with sweet

408 effect

550 Courage, my soul ! behold the A shelter from the rain or wind - 562 prize

541 Ah! what can I do

Alas! Elisha's servant cry'a S52 Darkness overspreads us here
Alas! by nature how depravd 492 | Day of judgment, day of won-
A lion, though by nature wild 559 ders!

542 Almighty King! whose wondrous Dear Lord ! accept a sinful heart 597 hand

512 Destruction's dangerous road 648 Although on massy pillars built - 533 Does it not grief and wonder Amazing grace! (how sweet the


476 sound,)

353 Does the gospel-word proclaim 585 Approach, my soul, the mercyseat

583 Elijah's example declares 346 As birds their infant brood protect 385 Elisha, struck with grief and awe 482 As needles point towards the pole 556 Encourag‘d by thy word

As once for Jonah, so the Lord - 388 Ensnar'd too long my heart has
As parched in the barren sands 380 been -

Assome tall rock amidst the waves 439 Ere God had built the mountains 564
As the serpent rais'd by Moses 374
As the sun's enliv'ning eye 537 Far from the world, O Lord, I
As when the weary trav’ller gains 631 fice

618 A word from Jesus calms the sea 401 Father, forgive, (the Saviour said,) 427 A worldling spent each day 422 | Father of angels and of men - 667

Fervent persevering pray’rs
Before Elijah's gate

350 Fierce passions discompose the
Begone, unbelief .
608 mind

451 Behold the throne of grace! 343

Fix my heart and eyes on thine! 638 Beneath the tyrant Satan's yoke 488 Forest beasts, that live by prey 604 Beside the gospel pool

430 For mercies countless as the sands S62 Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth 471 From Egypt lately freed

615 Be still, my heart! these anxious From pole to pole let others roam 382 cares

613 From Sheba a distant report 344
Bitter, indeed, the waters are 322
Bleak winter is subdu'd at length 495 Gladness was spread through Is-
Blinded in youth by Satan's arts 567 rael's host-

514 Breathe from the gentle soul, O Glorious things of thee are spoken 372 Lord

582 Glory to God the Father's name 668 By various maxims, forms, and God gives his mercies to be spent 568 rules

454 God, with one piercing glance, By faith in Christ I walk with God 310 looks through

543 By the poor widow's oil and meal 347 God moves in a mysterious way 586 By whom was David taught S25 God of my life, to thee I call 590

Grace, triumphant in the throne 646 Cheer up, my soul, there is a mer. Gracious Lord, our children sce 475 cy seat

Chief shepherd of thy chosen Happy are they, to whom the
515 Lord


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Page Hark, my soul ! it is the Lord 437 Kindred in Christ, for his dear Hark! how tine's wide-sounding


536 bell

467 Happy the birth where grace pre- Legion was my name by nature 407 sides

633 Let hearts and tongues unite 596 Heal us, Immanuel, here we are S23 Let me dwell on Golgotha - 521 Hear what God the Lord hath Let us adore the grace that seeks 484 spoken

379 | Let us love, and sing, and wonder 653 Hear what the Lord, the great Let worldly minds the world purAmen 460

632 lle who on earth as man was Lord, my soul with pleasure known 371 springs

622 Here at Bethesda's pool the poor 451 Lord, thou hast won, at length I His master taken from his head 539 yield

440 Holy Lord God! I love thy truth 636 Lord, who hast suffer'd all for me

593 Honour and happiness unite 623 | Lord, what is man ! extremes how Koney though the bee prepares


How blest the righteous are 329
How blest thy creature is, 0 God 617 Manna to Israel well supply'd 323
How David, when by sin deceiv'd 339 Martha her love and joy express'd 416
How hurtful was the choice of Lot 311 Mary to her Saviour's tomb 436
How kind the good Samaritan 415 May the grace of Christ our Sa-
How lost was my condition 375


666 How soon the Saviour's gracious Mercy, 0 thou Son of David!

411 call

650 My barns are full, my stores inHow sweet the name of Jesus

419 sounds

370 My former hopes are Aled 'How tedious and tasteless the My God! how perfect are thy hours 358 ways!

381 How welcome to the saints when My God! till I receiv'd thy stroke 381 press'd

510 My harp untun'd and laid aside 517 Hungry, and faint, and poor 662 My song shall bless the Lord of all 502

My soul once had its plenteous I am, (saith Christ,) your glori.


319 ous head

435 | My soul, this curious house of clay 540 I ask'd the Lord that I might My soul is beset

580 grow

607 My soul is sad and much dismay'd 591 If for a time the air be calm 553 If Paul in Cæsar's court must Nay, I cannot let thee go

318 stand

444 No strength of nature can suffice 634 If Solomon for wisdom pray'd 342 No words can declare

568 If the Lord our leader be

316 Not to Sinai's dreadful blaze 663 If to Jesus for relief .

610 | Now, gracious Lord, thine arm Incarnate God the soul that knows 959 reveal

470 In ev'ry object here I see

670 Now let us join with hearts and In cvil long I took delight

tongues -

502 In mercy, not in wrath, rebuke 357 Now may fervent pray'r arise 472 In themselves as weak as worms - 526 Now may the Lord reveal his face 657 In vain my fancy strives to paint 538 Now, Lord, inspire the preacher's Israel in ancient days


I thirst, but not as once I did 634 Now may He who from the dead 665
I was a grov'ling creature once 625
I will praise thee ev'ry day 371 Of all the gifts thine hand bestows 652
I would, but cannot, sing 446 Often thy public means of grace


Oft as the bell, with solemn toll 539 Jesus Christ the Lord's an ninted 991 Oft as the leper's case I read

396 Jesus, to what didst thou submit 420 Oft in vain the voice of truth 469 Jesus who bought us with his blood 485 O God, whose favourable eye 641 Jesus, whose blood $0 freely O David's Son, and David's Lord 483 stream'd

931 O Lord, our languid souls inspire 508 Jesus, where'er thy people mert 509 O Lord, how vile am I

578 Jesus is mine! I'm now prepar'd 664 O Lord, my best desire fulfil

600 John in a vision saw the day

O thou at whose almighty word 481 Joy is a fruit that will not grow 354 O happy they who know the Lord 511

O speak that gracious word again 625 Kindle, Saviour, in my heart 598 | Oh! for a closer walk with God · 309





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Oh, may the pow'r which' melts Sweet was the time when first I
the rock


O how I love thy holy word 588 Sweeter sounds than music knows 502
Once a woman silent stood 414
Once on a time a paper kite

Ten thousand talents once I ow'd 6:39 Once perishing in blood I Jay


That was a wonder-working word 546 Once, while we aim'd at Zion's That man no guard or weapon songs 513 needs

360 On man, in his own image made 307 The church a garden is On the same flow'r we often see 557 The God who once to Israel spoke 479 One awful word which Jesus spoke 413 The grass, and flow'rs which clothe One glance of thine, eternal Lord 614 the field

499 One there is, above all others


The Lord, our salvation and light 503 Oppress'd with unbelief and sins 449 The Spirit breathes upon the word 527 Our Lord, who knows full well 425 The gath'ring clouds, with aspect

dark Pensive, doubting, fearful heart 376 The book of nature open lies 547 Physician of my sin-sick soul 397

The moon in silver glory shone 551 Pleasing spring again is here 496 The moon has but a borrow'd light 552 Poor Esau repented too late 315 The ice and snow we lately saw 555 Poor sinners! lide do they think 587 The subtle spider often weaves 558 Poor, weak, and worthless, though The Saviour calls his people sheep 560 I am

340 The water stood like walls of brass 563 Pray'r an apswer will obtain 402 The billows swell, the winds are Preachers may, from Ezekiel's


589 477 The Saviour hides his face! 595 Precious Bible! what a treasure 528 | The new-born child of gospel Prepare a thankful song



The Lord receives his highest Quiet, Lord, my froward heart 657 praise


The wishes that the sluggard Refreshed by the bread and wine 524 frames

649 Rejoice, believer, in'the Lord 655 The saints Immanuel's portion are 665 Remember us, we pray thee, Lord 662 The peace which God alone reReturn to bless my waiting eyes 602 veals

666 The Father we adore

667 Safely through another week 504 | The castle of the human heart 417 Salvation ! what a glorious plan 656 The evils that beset our path S67 Sav'd by blood, I live to tell 626 The kine unguided went

336 Saviour, shine and cheer my soul 356 The Lord will happiness divine S78 Saviour, visit thy plantation


The Lord proclaims his grace See Aaron, God's anointed priest 327 abroad

384 See! another year is gone

465 The lion that on Samson roard 833 See how rude winter's icy hand 493 The manna, favour'd Israel's meat 324 See! the corn again in ear


The message first to Smyrna sent 458 See the gloomy gath'ring cloud 552 The prophets' sons, in times of old S51 See, the world for youth prepares 565 T'he Saviour! what a noble flame 520 Shall men pretend to pleasure 571 The saints should never be disSight, hearing, feeling, taste, and


312 smell

616 | The Shunamite, oppressid with Simon, beware! The Saviour said 426 grief

475 Sin, when view'd by Scripture- The signs which God to Gibeon light

gave -

352 Sinner, art thou still secure 573 The word of Christ, our Lord 453 Sinners, hear the Saviour's call 574 | There is a fountain fillid with Sin enslav'd me many years 655 blood

S92 Sin has undone our wretched race 474 This is the feast of heav'nly wine 578 Some author, (no great matter Thongh Jericho pleasantly stood S18 who,)

670 ! Though in the outward church beSometimes a light surprises 621 low

400 Son of God, thy people's shield 389 Tho' cloudy skies, and porthern Sov'reign grace has pow'r alone 428 blasts

494 Stop, poor sinner, stop and think 570 Though troubles assail ::

S13 Strange and mysterious is my life 450 Tlough the moru may be serene 497 Supported by the word

386 | Though small the drops of falling
rain :


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Page Though sore beset with guilt and When Israel was from Egypt freed 361 fear

603 When Joshua, by God's command 330 Thus saith the Lord to Ephesus - 457 When Peter boasted, soon he fell 406 Thus saith the Holy One and True 459 When sinners utter boasting words 393 Thy mansion is the Christian's When the disciples cross'd the lake 410 heart

412 When the apostle wonders wrought 443 'Thy message, by the preacher, When descending from the sky 404 seal

490 When any turn from Zion's way 434 Thy promise, Lord, and thy com- When the belov'd disciple took 461 mand

661 When Peter through the tedious Time, with an unweary'd hand 464 night

473 Time, by moments, steals away 466 When Moses wav'd his mystic rod 478 'Tis a point I long to know 437 When Paul was parted from his 'Tis my happiness below 587 friends

491 'Tis past, the dreadful stormy

When on the cross my Lord I see 519 night

591 When the sun, with cheerful
To keep the lamp alive -
645 beams

To tell the Saviour all my wants 620 When a black o'erspreading cloud
To thec our wants are known 666 | When slumber seals our weary
To those who know the Lord, I

eyes :

564 speak

584 When darkness long has veil'd my Too many, Lord, abuse thy grace 644 mind


When my pray’rs are a burden Unbelief the soul dismays - 612 and task

596 Uncertain how the way to find 606 When my Saviour, my Shepherd, Unless the Lord had been my stay 593

is near


When the poor pris'ner thro' a Wearied by day with toils and


605 535 When the wounded spirit hears 629 We seek a rest beyond the skies 664 | When Hagarfound the bottle spent 630 What a mournful life is mine 363 While with ceaseless course the sun 463 What contradictions meet . 489 While Joshua led the armed bands 531 What thousands never knew the While I liv'd without the Lord 627 road !



644 Why should I fear the darkest What think you of Christ? is the


619 test

403 With Satan, my accuser near 390 What various hindrances we meet 525 Winter has a joy for me

654 When Adam fell he quickly lost 308 With Israel's God who can compare 664 When first to make my heart his Write to Sardis, saith the Lord 459 own -

335 When first my soul enlisted 337 Ye saints on earth, ascribe with When Hannah press'd with grief 334 heav'n's high host

668 When Jesus claims the sinner's Ye sons of earth prepare the plough 399 heart

398 Yes! since God himself has said it 624 When Joseph his brethren beheld 320 When Israel, by divine command 523 Zaccheus climb'd the tree

424 When Israel's tribes were parch'd Zeal is that pure and heav'nly with thirst 448 flame

642 When Israel heard the fiery law - 326 | Zion ! the city of our God - 487


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