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The Indian Antiquary, a Journal of Oriental research in archaeology,

history, literature etc. Edited by J. Burgess. Vol. X. Bombay. Annual subscription Rs. 20.

31 January. Branfill, On the Savandurga rude stone cemetery, Central

Maisur. Howorth, Chinghiz Khan and his ancestors. February. West, Sasanian inscription of Naqsh- i Rustam. Bhagwan

lal'Indraji, Inscription from Kama or Kamavana. Rice, The Mahavali dynasty. Steel and Temple, Folklore in the Panjab. Büh

ler, Sanskrit Manuscripts in Western India. March. Fleet, Sanskrit and Old-Canarese Inscriptions. Lutfullah, The

Wahhabis. Raghunathji, Bombay beggars and criers. Kielborn, on the Jainendra - Vyakarana. Steel and Temple, Folklore in the Panjab. Beal, Kwan-yin. M. Senart, On the Inscriptions of Piyadasi. De Melho, A summary view of the Castes of the Tamil nation.

Beal, the Chong.lun or Pranyamula-Sastra-Tika of Nagarjuna. April. Branfill, Old slab-stone monuments in Madras. Kielhorn,

ancient palm-leaf MSS. lately acquired. Fleet, Sanskrit etc. Inscriptions 94-96. Indraji, Inscriptions of Asoka. Beal, Indian travels of Chinese Buddhists. Howorth, Chinghiz Khan and his ancestors. Hoernle, Readings from the Bharhut Stupa. Müller (F. M.), Chi.

nese translations of Sanskrit Texts. May. Bhagwanlal Indraji and J. Burgess, The Kahaun inscription

of Skandagupta. Fleet, Sanskrit and old Canarese Inscriptions 97. 98. Fleet, A note in connection with the Western Chalukya king Vik ramaditya. Howorth, Chinghiz Khan and his ancestors.

Narayana Aiyengar, Sramanas. Raghunathji, Bombay beggars and criers. Steel and Temple, Folklore in the Panjab. Curter,

Buddhist Chronology. June. Bühler, A new Kshatrapa inscription. Dhruva and Bühler,

the Dohad inscription of the Chaulukya King Jayasimha-Deva. Fleet, Sanskrit and old-Canarese Inscriptions. 99-115. Howorth, Ching

hiz Khan and his ancestors. Senart, On the Inscriptions of Piyadasi. July. Fleet, Sanskrit and old-Canarese inscriptions. No. 116. Taw

ney, a folklore parallel. Lefanu, a musalman legend of Krishna. giri in Salem. Beal, Buddhist pilgrims from China to India. Ramakrishna, Tirukalukunram or Parshitirtha. Sewell, Notes on the Swastika. Howorth, Chinghiz Khan and his ancestors. See

nart, On the inscriptions of Piyadasi. August. Oldenberg, On the Dates of ancient Indian inscriptions and

coins. Steel ard Temple, Folklore in the Panjab. Howorth,

Chinghiz Khan. September. West, The divine mothers or local Goddesses of India.

Beal, Buddhist pilgrims from China to India. Fleet, Sanskrit and old-Canarese inscriptions. No. CXVII. Hoernle, Readings from the Bharhut Stupa. Cain, The Bhadrachellam and Rekapalli Taluqas. Howorth, Chinghiz Khan and his ancestors. Senart, On the Inscriptions of Piyadasi. Bühler, A note on the Word Siddham used in Inscriptions. Burgess, Dambal Buddhist inscription of

S. 1017. October. Bühler, Forged copperplate grant of Dharasena 2. of Valabhi.

Raghunathji, Bombay beggars and Criers. Rice, On a Folklore story. Crooke, On exorcism of village ghosts. Temple, Malikul-Maut. Axon and Morris, The myth of the Sirens, Macērindle, Ancient India as described by Ktesias.

November. Mac Crindle, The fragments of Ktesias.

Lassen's review of the reports of Ktesias concerning India. Hoernle, Readings from the Arian Pali. Steel and Temple, Folklore in the Pan

jab. Howorth, Chinghiz Khan and his ancestors. Journal asiatique. 1880. (Voir B. O. V. No. 25.) Oct. -Déc. 32

Senart, Etude sur les inscriptions de Piyadasi.
Huart, Bibliographie ottomane.
Rodet, Veritable signification de la notation numerique inventée par


Feer, Etudes bouddhiques. Journal asiatique ou recueil de Memoires et de notices relatifs à l'histoire,

à la philosophie, aux langues et à la littérature des peuples orientaux. Septième Série. T. XVI. Paris, Leroux. 25 fr.

33 Janvier.

Huart, La poétesse Fadhl.

Halevy, Essai sur les inscriptions du Safa (suite).
Février - Mars

Senart, Etude sur les inscriptions de Piyadasi.
Piehl, Une inscription de l'epoque saite.

Halévy, Essai sur les inscriptions du Safa (suite).

Halevy, Essai sur les inscriptions de Safa (suite).
Basset, Etudes sur l'histoire d'Ethiopie.
Darmesteter, Fragment d'un commentaire sur le Vendidad.

Feer, Etudes bouddhiques.

Renan, Rapport annuel,

Basset, Etudes sur l'histoire d'Ethiopie (suite).
Rodet, Les prétendus problèmes d'Algèbre ou manuel du calculateur


Amiand, Matériaux pour le dictionnaire assyrien. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. New Series. Vol. XIII. London, Trübner. (Vide B. O. V. No. 27.)

34 Part. I,

Williams, Indian Theistic Reformers.
Tunk, Notes on the Kawi language and literature.
Edkins, The Nirvana of the Northern Buddhists.
Maxwell, An account of the Malay “Chiri”, a Sanscrit formula.

Dawson, The Invention of the Indian Alphabet.
Part. II.

Howorth, The northern frontagers of China. Part. V.
Simpson, On the identification of Nagarahara, with reference to the

travels of Hiouen-Thsang.
Nelson, Hindu law at Madras.
Colebrooke, On the proper names of the Mohammedans.

Williams, Supplement to the paper on Indian theistic reformers. Part. III.

Graham, The Avar language.
Morrison, Caucasian nationalities.
Wortham, Translation of the Markandeya Purana. Book 7. 8.
Sauvaire, Lettre à M. St. Poole sur quelques monnaies orientales

rares ou inedites de la Collection de M. Ch. de l'Ecluse.
Maxwell, Aryan Mythology in Malay traditions.

Cain, The Koi, a Southern tribe of the Gond.
Baillie, On the duty which Mohammedans in British India owe, on

the principles of their own law, to the Government of the Country. Redhouse, The I poem of the Arabs, by Shanfara. Re-arranged and

translated, Part. IV. Portman, On the Andaman Islands and the Andamanese. Houtum-Schindler. Notes on Marco Polo's Itinerary in Southern

Persia. Maxwell, Two Malay myths: the princess of the Foam and the Raja

of the Bamboo. Thomas; The epoch of the Guptas. Beal, Two Chinese-Buddhist Inscriptions found at Buddha Gaya. Sena, A Sanscrit Ode addressed to the Congress of Orientalists at Berlin. Baillie, Supplement to a paper “on the Duty which Mohammedans

owe to the Government of the Country etc.” Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. vol. XLIX. pt. I. 1880. Calcutta. (Vide B. O. V. No, 29.)

35 No. 2.

Hoernle, A collection of Hindi roots.
Rodgers, Coins supplementary to Thomas' Chronicles of the Pathan

Rivett-Carnac, Memorandum on coins of the Sunga Dynasty.

No. 3.

No. t.

Temple, Remarks on Afghans.
Thibaut, On the Suryaprajnapti.
Rivett-Carnac, On clay discs called "Spindle Whorls".

Note on some Copper Buddhist Coins.
Temple, Remarks on the Afghans fourd along the route of the Tal

Chotiali field force, 1879. (2).
Thibaut, On the Suryaprajnapti (2.)
Rodgers, Coins supplementary to Thomas' “Chronicles of the Pathan
Kings of Delhi".

Copper coins of Akbar. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. Vol. L. Part. I. Edited by the Philological Secretary. Calcutta.

36 No. 1.

Smith, V. A., Contribution to the history of Bundelkhand.
Hoernle, A new find of early Muhammadan coins,
Rodgers, On the coins of the Sikhs.
No. 2.
Prid e aux, On the coins of Charibael, King of the Homerites and

Keene, On the Revenues of the Mughal Empire.
Shastri, On the identity of Upello with Upaplava.
Lyall, Translations from the Hamaseh.
Thomas, The revenues of the Mughal empire.
Extra No. to Part. I for 1880.

Dames, Balochi grammar and vocabulary. Journal of the Bombay Branch of the Roy. Asiatic Society. 1880. Edited by the Secretaries. Vol. XIV. (Vide B. O. V. No. 30.)

37 No. XXXVIII. Gerson da Cunha, Contributions to the Study of Indo-Portuguese



Rehatsek, The History of the Wahhabys in Arabia and in India.

The doctrines of Metempsychosis and Incarnation among nine here

tic Muhammadan sects. No. XXXIX. Vol. XV. Bourquin, Dharmasindhu, or the Ocean of religious rites by Kasi

natha Padhye.
Rehatsek, Picture and description of Borak.

The Alexander myth of the Persians.

Specimens of pre-Islamitic Arabic poetry, selected and translated from the Hamasah.

Emporia, before the christian era. With Map.
Journal of the Straits Branch of the Roy. Asiatic Society. (Vide B. O. V.

No. 31.)
No. 4. December 1879. (9 s.)

Raffles, Sir S. The maritime Code.
Leech, About Kinta,

About Slim an Bernam.
Maxwell, The aboriginal tribes of Perak.

Birch, The vernacular press in the Straits.
No. 5. June 1880. (9 s.)

Low, Selesilak of the Rajas of Bruni with notes.
Tolson, Acheh.
Swettenham, From Perak to Slim.

Dennys, A contribution to Malayan bibliography.
No. 6. December.
Swettenham, Some account of the independent native States of the

Malay Peninsula. Hose, The ruins of Boro Bodur in Java. Dennys, A contribution to Malayan bibliography. Everett, Report on Exploration. Evans, Introductory remarks. Perham, Ą sea Dyak tradition of the deluge and consequent events.

The comparative vocabulary. Journal of the American Oriental Society, Newhaven. Vol. XII. (Vide B. 0. V. No. 32.)

39 Whitney, Index verborum to the published text of the Atharva-Veda.

(Vol. XI will appear later on; there is a larger reprint to suit Roth

and Whitney's edition, 1856.) Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1881. Vol. VII. Part. I. No. 23. 8. 56 p. Colombo 1881.

40 Contents;

Mervin, Hindu astronomy as compared with the European science.
Smither, Sculptures at Horana.
Dixon, Gold,
Zoysa, Specimens of Sinhalese proverbs.
Le Mesurier, A short account of the principal religious ceremonies

observed by the Kandyans of Ceylon.

Moss, Valentyn's account of Adam's Peak. Journal of the National Indian Association in aid of Social progress in

India 1881. 12o. London, Kegan Paul, [12 Nbs. pr. annum 6 d. each.] 41 Katalog der Bibliothek der deutschen morgenländ. Gesellschaft. II. Hand

schriften, Inschriften, Münzen, Verschiedenes. gr. 8. VI, 84 S. Leipzig, Brockhaus. (Vergl. B. O. V. No. 34.) 3 M.

42 48

Katalog der kaiserl. Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek in Strassburg.

Orientalische Handschriften. I. Thl. gr. 4. Strassburg, Trübner. 5. M.

43 Inhalt: Katalog der hebräischen, arabischen, persischen u. türkischen Handschriften,

bearbeitet von S. Landauer. IV. 75 S. Kirste, H. Die constitutionellen Verschiedenheiten der Verschlusslaute

im Indogermanischen. gr. 8. 84 S. Graz, Leuschner & Lubensky. M. 2. 60.

44 Landauer siehe Katalog. Lévy-Bing, L. – La linguistique dévoilée. Fasc. I et 2. pp. 1 à 243. In-8. Paris, Vieweg.

45 MoCurdy, J. F. Relations of the Aryan and Semitic languages. (Bib

lioth. sacra Oct. 1880 and Jan. 1881.) (Vide B. O. V. No. 14.) 46 The Madras Journal of Literature and Science for 1879. Edited by G. Oppert. 8. 318 pp. Madras. (10 s. 6 d.)

Gordon, On Hygiene in ancient India.
Antiquities of Mamandur in North Arcot district, by M. C. S.
Branfill, On the names of places in Tanjore.
Bühler, A brief sketch of the Yerukala language as spoken in Ba-

Historical tables, concerning the Presidency of Fort St. George,

communicated by the compiler.

Oppert, On the weapons, army organisation etc. of the ancient Hindus. Mélanges asiatiques, tirés du bulletin de l'académie impériale des sciences

de St.-Pétersbourg. Tome VIII. Livr. 5 et 6 et dernière. gr. 8. IV
et pp. 667–779. St.-Pétersbourg. Leipzig, Voss' Sort. 30 cop. arg.
(Voir B. O, IV. No. 32.)
Grube, Zur Naturphilosophie der Chinesen. Li Khi.
Rosen, Notiz über eine merkwürdige arabische Handschrift.
Dorn, Ueber die Münzen der Ileke oder ehemaligen Chane von Tur-


Rosen, Zur arabischen Literaturgeschichte der älteren Zeit. Monatssohrift, österreichische, f. den Orient. Hrsg. vom oriental. Museum

in Wien. Unter besond. Red. von A. v. Scala. 7. Jahrg. 1881. hoch 4.

Wien, Gerold & Co. 10 M. pr. annum. (Vergl. B, O. V. No. 39.) 49 Müller, G. H. — Ueber den Accusativ und sein Verhältniss zu den übrigen

Casus. Ein Beitrag zur indogerman. Casuslehre. (Zeitschrift für Völkerpsychologie XIII, 1. 2.)

50 Müller, Frd. — Grundriss der Sprachwissenschaft. II. Band. Die Sprachen

der schlichthaarigen Rassen. I. Abth. 2. Hälfte (Bog. 12-28). X,

117-139. [I. Abth. X, 444 S.] Wien, Hölder. (Vide B.O. V. No. 40.) 51 Notes sur les cours de langues orientales à Lyon. gr. in-8. 12 pp. Lyon, impr. Pitrat. (Extr. des Annales du Musée Guimet T. I.)

52 The Oriental congress. (Athenaeum Sept. 24.) Osthoff, H. und K. Brugman. Morphologische Untersuchungen auf

dem Gebiete der indogermanischen Sprachen. IV. Leipzig, Hirzel. (Vergl. B. 0. V. No. 42.)

53 Inhalt:

Osthoff, Die Tiefstufe im indogermanischen Vocalismus.

Brugman, Miscellen. Palaeographical Society. – Facsimiles of Ancient Manuscripts. Oriental

Series. Part. 6. Edited by W. Wright. (Vide B. O. V. No. 43.) 54 No. 69. Buddhivilasini. Sanskrit. A, D. 1658.

70. Rigveda. Sanskrit. (XVIth Cent. ?)

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