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10630 Wiseman's Law of Laws, or the Excellency of the Civil Law, above all other Laws whatever

1689 10631 Wood's new Institute of the Imperial or Civil Law 1712 10632 A Treatise of Marriage, with a Defence of the 32d Article of Religion of the Church of England

1673 The Censure and Judgment of the famous Clark Erasmus,

whyther Dyvorsement between Man and Wyfe 10633 ftondeth with the Lawe of God, translated by Nic,

Lesse, black Letter, without Date.

Enchiridion Militis Chriftiani, in Engl. black Letter 10634 True State of the Case of Jn. Butler, Minister of the true

Church of England, in Antwer to the Libel of Martha, his sometimes Wife

1617 10635 Dialogue of Polygamy and Divorce

1657 10636 Treatife of Marriage, with a Defence of the 32d Article of the Religion of the Church of England

1673 10637 Marriages of Cousin Germans vindicated, from the Censures of

Unlawfulness and Inexpediency, by. Sam. Dugard - 1673 10638 The Case of Divorce, and Re-marriage hereupon, discussed, gilt on the Leaves, and bound in red Morocco

1673 10639 Explanatory Notes upon a mendacious Libel, called Concubinage and Polygamy difproved

1698 10640 Cafes of Divorce tor feveral Causes

1715 10641 A compleat Translation of the whole Case of Mary Cath. Ca.

dier, against the Jefuit, Jn. Bapt. Girard, in a Memorial presentea of Aix, 4 Vol.

1732 10642 Proceedings at large in the Arches Court of Canterbury, be

tween Jac. Mendez da Costa and Mrs. Cath, da Costa Villa Real, relating to a Marriage Contract

1734 10643 Discourse, whether it be lawful to take Use for Money, by Sir Robert Filmer

1678 10544 Short Narrative of the Proceedings against the Bihop of St. Afaph

1702 10545 Milton's Considerations touching the likelieft Means to remove Hirelings out of the Church

1659 10646 Sheppard's Parsons Guide, or the Law of Tithes, bound in red Morocco, gilt on the Leaves

1671 10647 Degge's Parsons Counsellor, with the Law of Tithes or Tithing

1695 10643 Leslie's Efay concerning the Divine Right of Tithes 10649 The Cafe of Tithe-Free Estates examined, according to Principles of Conscience

1714 10650 Bohun's Law of Tithes, sewing their Nature, Kinds, Properties, and Incidents




50651 CA

Afes in Parliament, from 1658 to 1741, inclufive, with the Lords Determination thereupon, in 18 Vol. 10552 Private Acts, from 1658 to 1740, in 16 Vol. 10653 Propofals and Private Schemes offered to Parliament, from 1658 to 1740, in 10 Vols.

10654 The Votes of the House of Commons, with the King's Speeches, &c. from the Beginning, to the Year 1749, in 23 Vol finely bound



10655 Votes, from 1701, to 1721, in 13 Vol.

10656 Collection of King's Speeches &c. from the Year 1660, to 1679,

inclufive, in 2 Vol.

10657 Compleat Collection of Proclamations, from the Death of Henry the Eighth, to the Year 1702, inclufive, 9 Vol. 10658 Compleat Collection of Proclamations relating to the Kingdom of Scotland, from the Year 1620, to the Year 1707, 2 Vol.



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the 4th 1661.


of Proclamations, from May the 8th 1660, to the 23d of November, 1664.


The fame, from 1684, to 1688.

10663 Ryley's Pleadings in Parliament, with the Judgements thereon, in the Reigns of King Edward the First and Second, large and Small Paper


10664 A Perfect Copy of all Summons of the Nobility to the Great Councils and Parliaments of this Realm, from the 49th of King Henry the IIId, until 1685, extracted from Publick Records, by Sir Wm. Dugdale, large Paper, bound in red Morocco, gilt on the Leaves 1685


the fame, fmall Paper

10665 10665 Townshend's exact Account of the Four laft Parliaments of Q Elizabeth, wherein is contained, the compleat Journals both of the Lords and Commons


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The fame, for the Year 1609.

The fame, from the 30th of May 1660, to Feb.

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10567 The Journals of all the Parliaments, during the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, both of the Houfe of Lords and House of Commons, collected by Sir Simon D'Ewes, revifed and published 1682 by Paul Bowes

10668 Ephemeris Parliamentaria, or a faithful Register of the Tranfactions in Parliament in the third and fourth Years of the Reign of King Charles


1654 10669 The Soveraign's Prerogative, and the Subjects Priviledge, dif cuffed betwixt Courtiers and Patriots in Parliament, the third and fourth Years of the 1050 A Collection of Debates, Reports, Orders, and Refolutions of the House of Commons, touching the Right of electing Mem VOL. II. X




bers to ferve in Parliament, with feveral ancient Charters, and Extracts, out of Domefday Book, and other Records, relating to the faid Right, by William Bohun.

10671 A Collection of Parliamentary Tracts, from the Year 1681,

to 1731, inclufive, 2 Vol.

10672 A Report from the Committee of Secrecy, appointed by Order of the Houfe of Commons to examine feveral Books and Papers laid before the Houfe, relating to the late Negotiations of Peace and Commerce, &c. reported on the ninth of June 1715, by Robert Walpole, Efq; 1715 10673 A Report from the Committee appointed to view the Cottonian Library


10674 Showers's Cafes in Parliament refolved and adjudged, upon Petitions, and Writs of Error



10674 Sadler's

Adler's Rights of the Kingdom, or Customs of our Ancestors touching the Duty, Power, Election, or Suc ceffion of our Kings and Parliaments

1649 1682

The fame


10676 Raleigh's (Sir Walter) Prerogative of Parliaments in England, proved in a Dialogue between a Counsellor of State and a Juftice of Peace 1640 0677 The Power of the Lords and Commons in Parliament, in Point of Judicature, briefly difcourfed

1680 10678 Walker's Relations and Obfervations, Hiftorical and Politick, upon the Parliament, begun Anno Dom. 1640, with an Appendix, touching the Proceedings of the Independent Fac

tion in Scotland


10679 An Apology for the Ancient Right and Power of the Bishops to fit and vote in Parliaments, as the firft and principal of the Three Eftates of the Kingdom 1660 10680 A Journal of the Proceedings of the Houfe of Commons the last Seffion of Parliament, beginning Jan. 7, and ending Feb. 24, 1673, containing all the Publick Tranfactions of the Houfe of Commons printed at Rome 1674 10681 Parliamentum Pacificum, or the Happy Union of King and People, in an Healing Parliament heartily wish'd for, and humbly recommended by a true Proteftant, and no Diffenter 1688 10682 Index Rerum & Vocabulorum, for the Ufe of the Freeholders of Counties, and Freemen of Corporations 1722 30683 A Lift of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, as alfo of the Knights and Commiffioners of Shires, Citizens, and Burgeffes of the Parliament of Great Britain in 1713, 1714, & 1715.

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N Hiftorical Difcourfe of Parliaments, in their Original before the Conqueft, and continued fince 1656 Hakewe.'s old Manner of holding Parliaments in England


1.671 Elfinge's Memorials of the Method and Mannner of Proceedings in Parliament in paffing Bills 1670 10686 Hackewel's Manner how Statutes are enacted in Parliament, by paffing of Bills

10687 A Difcourfe of the Rife and Power of Parliaments 10688 Elfynge's Ancient Method and Manner of holding Parliaments in England



Memorials of the Method and Manner of Proceedings in Parliament in paffing Bills 1656 10690 St. Amand's Hiftorical Effay on the Legislative Power of England, wherein the Origin of both Houses of Parliament, their antient Constitution, and the Changes that have happened in the Perfons that compofed them, with the Occafions thereof, are related in a Chronological Order 1725 10691 The Hiftory of the High Court of Parliament, its Antiquity, Preheminence, and Authority, 2 Vol. 1734 10692 Lex Parliamentaria, or a Treatife of the Law and Custom of Parliaments 1730 1680



10693 Pettus's Conftitution of Parliaments in England 10694 — The fame, bound in red Morocco, gilt on the Leaves 1680 10695 The Priviledges of the Baronage of England when, they fit in Parliament 1642 40696 Denzell Lord Holles's grand Queftion, concerning the Judicature of the House of Peers, fated and argued 1669 10697 The Cafe ftated of the Jurifdiction of the House of Lords, in the Point of Impofitions 1676 10698 Remembrances of Methods, Orders, and Proceedings, heretofore ufed and obferved in the Houfe of Lords, extracted out of the Journals of that House, by Henry Scobell 1689 The fame, with a great Number of Additions in Manufcript, by John Brown, Clark of the Parliament, interlearved

1689 1689



The fame, interleaved 10700 The Privileges of the Baronage of England, when they fit in Parliament, by John Selden 1689 10701 Petyt's ancient Right of the Commons of England afferted, Large Paper 1680 10702 Obfervations, Rules, and Orders, collected out of divers Jour nals of the House of Commons, entered in the Reigns of Edward VI, Q. Mary, Q. Elizabeth, K. James I, K. Charles I, and II

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10703 Orders

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"Orders and Refolutions of the Houfe of Commons on controverted Elections and Returns 1734 The Statutes at large, concerning Elections of Members to ferve in the Houfe of Commons 1734 The Candidates Guide, or the Electors Rights decided 1735 10704 A Manuell or briefe Treatife of fome particular Rights and Priviledges belonging to the High Court of Parliament 1647 10705 The feveral Opinions of fundry learned Antiquaries, touching the Antiquity, Power, Order, State, Manner, Perfons and Proceedings of the High Court of Parliament in England 1658 10706 Orders, Proceedings, Punishments, and Priviledges in Parliament 1661

10707 Cottoni Pofhuma, divers choice Pieces, wherein are difcuffed feveral important Questions, concerning the Right and Power of the Lords and Commons in Parliament 1679

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10708 Selden of the Judicature in Parliaments. 10709 Arcana Parliamentaria, or Precedents concerning Elections, Proceedings, Privileges, and Punishments in Parliament 1685 10710 Pety's Treatife of the Law and Cuitom of the Parliaments of 1690

England 10711 The Privileges of the House of Lords and Commons argued and stated, by Arthur, Earl of Anglesey 1702 10712 Brown's Privilegia Parliamentaria Senatus Confenfu fublata, being Remarks upon the Acts of Parliament of the 12th and 13th of William III, and 2d and 3d of Queen Anne, for preventing any Inconveniences that may happen by Privilege of Parliament


10713 Hale's Original Inftitution, Power, and Jurifdiction of Parlia


1707 10714 Acherley's Free Parliaments, or an Argument on their Conftitution 1731 10714 Scobell's Mifcellanea Parliamentaria, containing Memorials of the Manner of paffing Bills, together with the Orders of the Houfe

1685 1681

10715 Petyt's Mifcellanea Parliamentaria


10716 Cary's Vindication of the Parliament of England 20717 Ashley and White, or the great Question, whether an Action lies at Common Law for an Elector, who is denied his Vote for Members of Parliament, debated and refolved 1705 The Complaynt of Roderyer Mors, unto the Parliament Howfe of Ingland, for the Redreffe of certen wicked Lawes, evil Cuftoms, and cruel Decreys, without Date, The Way to Wealth, wherein is plainly taught a moft prefent Remedy for Sedicion, wrytten and imprinted by Robert Crowley




rozig A Record of fome worthy Proceedings in the honourable, wife, and faithful Howfe of Commons in the late Parliament

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10720 The

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