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Critias Fragmenta: Gr. Lat. Müller.

8vo. Paris 1848 Critic: The British Critic, Quarterly Theological Review and Ecclesiastical Record, from 1793 to 1843. 103 vols.

8vo. Lond. 1793-1843

Croesus: The History of Croesus, King of Lydia. [Anderson.] 12mo. Edin. 1755 Croly (George): The Angel of the World, and other Poems.


(W.S.) Crombie (Alexander) Gymnasium, sive Symbola Critica. 2 vols. (W.S.)


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8vo. Lond. 1820

8vo. Lond. 1812

8vo. Lond. 1830

8vo. Lond. 1829

8vo. Lond. 1849

The Etymology and Syntax of the English Language.

(W.S.) Cromwell (Oliver): Oliver Cromwell and the Protectorate, by

D. Wilson. (W.S.)

Crookes (William): Select Methods of Chemical Analysis.

see Kerl (Bruno).

Crosse (John G.): Treatise on the Formation,

Extraction of the Urinary Calculus.
Cases in Midwifery: Copeman.

Crowe (Eyre E.): History of France. 3 vols.

Lives of Eminent Foreign Statesmen.

8vo. Lond. 1871

Constituents, and

4to. Lond. 1835

8vo. Lond. 1851 12mo. Lond. 1830-1

5 vols.

12mo. Lond. 1833-8

Cruden (Alexander): Concordance to the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, including the Apocrypha. (W.S.)

Cruise (William): Digest of the Laws of

Real Property. Vol. VI. (W.S.)

4to. Berwick 1817 England respecting

8vo. Lond. 1835

Csink (J.): Practical Grammar of the Hungarian Language.

Ctesias Operum Reliquiæ: Baehr.

Excerpta ex Ctesia Persicis et Indicis:

Cudworth (Ralph): The True Intellectual
Universe: Birch.


4 vols. (W.S.)

: On Eternal and Immutable

3 vols.

8vo. Lond. 1853 8vo. Francof. 1824 Gr. Lat. : Müller.

8vo. Paris 1844 System of the 8vo. Lond. 1820 Morality: Notes:

8vo. Lond. 1845

A Treatise on Freewill: Allan. (W.S.) 8vo. Lond. 1838

Cujacius (Jacobus): Opera. 11 tom. Fol. Neapoli. 1722-7 Cullen (William): Works, edited by J. Thomson. 2 vols. (W.S.) 8vo. Edin. 1827 Cumberland: Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects: Dialogues, Poems, Songs, and Ballads, by various writers.

Cumin (Patrick): A Manual of Civil Law.
Cumming (John): Scripture Readings on the
Genesis. (W.S.)

8vo. Lond. 1839

8vo. Lond. 1854

Old Testament: 12mo. Lond. 1853

Cumming (Linnæus): An Introduction to the Theory of Elec


8vo. Lond. 1879

Maxwell, and other

8vo. Lond. 1822

Cunningham (Allan): Sir Marmaduke
Poems and Songs. (W.S.)
Cunningham (D. J.): The Dissector's Guide. Parts I-II.

8vo. Edin. 1879-80

4to. Lond. 1882

Report on the Marsupialia of the Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger. Cunningham (W.): The Growth of English Industry and Com8vo. Camb. 1882 Cunningham (William): The Reformers; and the Theology of the Reformation. (W.S.)


8vo. Edin. 1862

Cureton (William): Fragments of the Iliad of Homer, from a Syriac Palimpsest.

See Ignatius.

4to. Lond. 1851

Curling (T.B.): Treatise on Diseases of the Testis, and of the

Spermatic Cord and Scrotum.

8vo, Lond. 1843

Curran (John P.): Speeches, edited, with a Memoir, by T.

Davis. (W.S.)

Curran (William H.): Sketches of the

8vo. Dublin 1843

Irish Bar;

with Essays,

8vo. Lond. 1855


Literary and Political. 2 vols.
Curtius (Ernst): Anecdota Delphica.
Curtius (Quintus) Rufus: De Rebus Gestis

: Notæ in usum Delphini.

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4to. Berol. 1843 Alexandri Magni. 12mo. Lond. 1716

3 vols.

8vo. Lond. 1825 8vo. Edin. 1849


8vo. Paris 1841

and Raven.

8vo. Camb. 1879

Cuthbertus Lindisfarnensis: The History of St. Cuthbert :
8vo. Lond. 1849
Cuvier (Geo. L. C. F. D., Baron): Essay on the Theory of the
Earth, with Mineralogical Notes, by R. Jameson. (W.S.)

Cyclopædia: see Encyclopædia.

Cyon (E.): Methodik der Physiologischen
Vivisectionen. Text und Atlas.

Cyprianus (Cæcilius): Opera.

De Idolorum Vanitate. (W.S.)
Treatises of S. Cæcilius Cyprian.
Epistles of S. Cyprian.

8vo. Edin. 1817

Experimente und

4to. Geissen 1876 Fol, Paris 1726 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1709

8vo. Oxford 1839

8vo. Oxford 1844

Cyrillus Alexandrinus: Opera; cura et studio Joan. Auberti.

7 tom.

Fol. Lutet. 1638

Contra Imperatorem Julianum: Gr. Lat: Notæ. 2 copies.

Fol. Lips. 1696 Cyrillus Hierosolymitanus: Opera; cura et studio Ant. A.


Catechetical Lectures.

Fol. Paris 1720 8vo. Oxford 1838

8vo. Lond. 1861

Czermak (J. N.): On the Laryngoscope, and its Employment in Physiology and Medicine: Gibb.


Dagobert I.: Notice sur la Vie de Dagobert I. Guizot.

8vo. Paris 1823

8vo. Lond. 1845

Dahlmann (Fried. Christ.): Life of Herodotus; translated by
G. V. Cox.
Literaturgeschichte in Biographien, Kritiken, und Proben.
-Band LVII. Dahlmann. (W. S.)
Dallas (E. S.): Poetics, an Essay on Poetry.

The Gay Science. 2 vols.

Dalrymple (John) Earl of Stair: The Life

Stair, by A. Henderson. (W.S.)

16mo. Cassel 1854


8vo. Lond. 1852

8vo. Lond. 1866

of John, Earl of 12mo. Lond. 1749

Dalton (John): Memoirs of his Life and Scientific Researches:


8vo. Lond. 1854

12mo. Lond. 1883

Dalton (T.): Rules and Examples in Arithmetic.

Rules and Examples in Algebra. 2 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1884

Dalzel (Andrew): Collectanea Græca Majora. 3 tom. (W.S.)

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Greek Learning. 2 vols.
Analecta Græca Minora. (W.S.)

Damascenus (Joannes): Opera: Gr. Lat.

2 tom.

8vo. Lond. 1819-21

8vo. Lond. 1840-4

on the Revival of

8vo. Edin. 1821

8vo. Lond. 1825 Notæ : Lequien.

Fol. Paris 1712

Damascenus (Nic.): Fragmenta: Gr. Lat.: Müller.

8vo. Paris 1849

Damasus I., Papa: Opuscula et Gesta: Nota: Sarazanius.

Fol. Roma 1754

Damianus (Petrus): Opera: Cajetanus. 4 tom. Fol. Paris 1743 Damm (C. Tobias): Novum Lexicon Græcum: Gr. Lat. :


2 vols.

8vo. Glasg. 1824

Gr. Lat. Duncan. 2 vols. (W.S.)


Dampier (William): see Drake (Sir F.) Dana (James): On the Classification and bution of Crustacea.

A System of Mineralogy.


8vo. Glasg. 1833

Geographical Distri4to. Philad. 1853 8vo. New York 1854

Dana (R. H.): Select Poems. 2 copies. (W.S.)

8vo. Lond. 1883

16mo. Lond. . .

Daniel (George): The Modern Dunciad, and other Poems. (W.S.)

12mo. Lond. 1835

Daniell (Alfred): A Text Book of the Principles of Physics.

Daniell (Mortlock): Tee-Totalism.

8vo. Lond. 1884

(W.S.) 12mo. Lond. 1841

Dankowsky (Gregorius): Matris Slavicæ filia erudita, vulgo lingua Græca, seu Grammatica cunctarum Slavicarum et

Græcarum dialectorum. 2 vols.

8vo. Posonii 1836-7

Dante Alighieri: La Divina Commedia. 3 vols.

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L'Enfer, le Purgatoire, et le Paradis, traduit en Français

par A. F. Artaud. 9 tom. (W.S.)
see Barlow (Henry C.).

16mo. Paris 1828-30

Darby (John N.): Collected Writings; edited by William Kelly.

5 vols.

The Irrationalism of Infidelity
Dialogues on "Essays and Reviews."

Dares Phrygius: De Bello Trojano: Notæ


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8vo. Paris 1826

9 tom.

Daru (Pierre A. Noël Bruno): Histoire de Bretagne. 3 tom.

Histoire de la République de Venise.

8vo. Paris 1853

Darwin (Charles): Geological Observations on the Volcanic Islands visited during the voyage of H.M.S. "Beagle."

Geological Observations on South America.

8vo. Lond. 1844

8vo. Lond. 1846

8vo. Lond. 1851

Geological Observations on Coral Reefs, Volcanic Islands,
and on South America.
Monograph of the Fossil Cirripedes of Great Britain.

4to Lond. 1851-4

Journal of Researches into the Natural History and
Geology of the Countries visited during the Voyage of

On the Fertilisation of Orchids by Insects.

8vo. Lond. 1860

8vo. Lond. 1862

8vo. Lond. 1865

8vo. Lond. 1868

On the Movements and Habits of Climbing Plants.

The Variation of Animals and Plants under Domestication. 2 vols. The Descent of Man, and Selection in relation to Sex. 2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 1871 Darwin (Erasmus): The Botanic Garden: Notes. 2 vols. (W.S.) 8vo. Lond. 1799 Dassovius (Theod.): De Pura Doctrina. (W.S.) 4to. Hamb. 1713 Daubree (A.): Etudes Synthétiques de Géologie Expérimentale. 8vo. Paris 1879

Dausquius (Claudius): Orthographia Latini Sermonis Vetus et
Nova. 2 tom. (W.S.)
Fol. Paris 1677

Davenant (Sir William): Gondibert, an heroick Poem. (W.S.)

4to. Lond. 1651

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