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On the green bowers
That echoed my song, -
On all the glad flowers
I cherished so long,
On yon merry brook, love,
In light gushing by,
I look my last look, love;
For these let me sighl


There my gay brother
Less joyous is grown ;

And there my fond mother
Sits pensive and lone;

Roam—rest where I will, love,
Beneath a fair sky,

They’ll sigh for me still, love;

For them let me sigh l

Though I forget not
The name I bear now,
And though I regret not
The ring or the vow,
A cloud's on my heart, love,
A tear's in mine eye;
Most dear as thou art, love,
To-day let me sigh I

(DECEMBER 16, 1836.)


Vol. 2.--24

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THE First is for love and thee, Mary,
The First is for love and thee;
And so firmly hold
Those links of gold,
That the Second it never shall be—Maryl

The Second is ever free, Mary,
Free as the foaming brine;
As the fires that fly
From the poet's eye,
Or the laugh that speaks in thine—Mary

Though the First be a wayward thing, Mary,
Though a wayward thing it be,
When thought hath power
In the midnight hour,
Be sure it is ever with thee—Mary

* Should the solutions be required, they will be found given in the Table of Contents to this volume.


THROUGH thy short and shadowy span
I am with thee, Child of Man;
With thee still, from first to last,
In pain and pleasure, feast and fast,
At thy cradle and thy death,
Thine earliest waik, and dying breath.
Seek not thou to shun or save,
On the earth, or in the grave;
The worm and I, the worm and I,
In the grave together lie.

(NovKMBER, 1821.)

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