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Light, and Optical Instruments, 8vo. cloth, 38. 9417 Orleans (Father) History of the Revolutions | 9447 Ovid's Epistles, translated by Fitzthomas, pub. 48. 60.

Lib. Use. Kno. 1830 in England under the Stuarts, 1603 to 1690, with with the Latin and Notes, 12mo. neat, 28. 1807 9392 Optics. Wood's Elements of Optics, for Univer- many secret Memoirs, translated, 8vo. clf. neat, 9448 Ovidio Epistole Eroiche, tradotte da Remigio, sity Students, 8vo. 28. 6d. pub. 68. Cambridge, 1818 28.

1711 Fiorentino, 8vo. beautifully printed, with portrait, 9393 Oracles. Van Dale (Dr.) de Oraculis Éthnico- 9418 ORME'S History of the British Military and neat vignettes, 28. ·

1762 rum, et Schediasma de Consecrationibus Ethnicis, Transactions in Indostan from 1745, with Disserta- 9449 Fasti, cum Annot. cr. 8vo. 2s. cr. 8vo. clf. very neat, 38. 6d. Amst. 1683 tion on Establishments of Mahomedan Conquerors

Clarend. Press, 1811 9394 Orange Loyal Institution of Great Britain, in Indostan, 3 vols. 4to. fine copy, clf. neat, ll. 98. 9450 Fasti, translated, with explanatory Notes, Laws and Ordinances of, 8vo. hlf.clf.nt. 28. 1834

1780 by Massey, 8vo. plan of old Rome, 28. 6d. 1757 9395 Orationes Funebres, Thucididis, Platonis, Lysiæ, 9419 Fragments, a Necessary Accompaniment | 9451 de Tristibus, Notis Delphini, 8vo. hif. Gr. et Lat., with English Notes, 8vo. clf. neat, to the History, 4to. bds. 98.

1805 clf. neat, 28.

Cantab. 1703 28.

Oxon, 1746 9420 Orme's Ordinance of the Lord's Supper Illus- 9452 Howard's Blank-verse Translation of 9396 Orationes Græcæ, Selectæ ex Basilio et Chry- trated, its Influence and Obligation, cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. Ovid's Metamorphoses, 2 vols. royal 8vo. fine plates sostomo, 12mo. clf. 18. Geneva, 1629 pub. 58.

1832 by Westall, 38. pub. 188.

1807 9397 Oratorum Veterum Orationes, Æschinis, Lysiæ, 9421 Orton (Job) Discourses to the Aged on several 9453 Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, traduites &c. Gr. et Lat. cum præf. Hen. Stephani, folio, Subjects, 8vo. clf. neat, 28.

1814 par Dubois-Fontanelle, avec le TEXTE LATIN, (elegant and good edit.") 38.

1575 9422 Osborne (Fr.) Works, (Advice to a Son, on avec un Dictionnaire Mythologique, et Notes d'apres 9398 Ordres Religieux, Briefve Histoire de l'Institu- Government of the Turks, Memoirs on Elizabeth Banier, Dupuis, Noel, &c. 4 vols. 8vo. fine copy,

tion des, small 4to. clf. neat, 69 very spirited en- and James, and Essays, Letters, Paradoxes, Cha- clf. very neat, 148. 6d. cost 11. 188. Paris, 1802 gravings of the Costumes, by Odoart Fialetti, 98. racters, &c.) 8vo. 28.

16739454 Art and Remedy of Love, and Amours, Paris, 1658 9423 Osannus (Professore Jenensi) Auctarium Lexi- translated by Dryden, Congreve, &c. 12mo. clf. 9399 Orfila on Mineral, Vegetable and Animal corum Græcorum, præsertim Stephani Thesauri, extra, plates, 38.

1813 Poisons, translated by Waller, with the Supple- 4to. 28.

Darmst. 1824 9456 Art of Love, with Chaucer's Court of ment, 3 vols. 8vo. coloured plates, 128. 68. pub. 9424 Osler's Life of Admiral Lord Exmouth, 8vo.

Love, 12mo. neat, 28.

1793 11. 108.

1818 (most interesting naval memoir since Southey'8 9457 Owen (Rev. J.) Christian Monitor, or Caution 9400 Oricellarius de Bello Italico Commentarius,

Nelson,') 78. 6d. pub. 148.

1835 against the Corruptions of the Latter Times, in ex authentici Manuscripti Apographo nunc pri- 9425 Osorio (Bp.) '(" the Cicero of Portugal,) Doctrine, Discipline, and Morals, cr. 8vo. 28. pub. mum in lucem editus, small 4to. vellum, 28. 1739 History of the Portuguese, all their Discoveries, 68.

1808 9401 Oriental Literature. Alexandri de Rhodes, Cate. Wars with Moors, Brazils, &c. translated from the 9458 History of the Origin and First 10 Years

chismus (Latinus et Tunchinensis) pro iis, qui Latin by Gibbs, 2 vols. 8vo. clf. scarce, 48. 6d. 1752 of the British and Foreign Bible Society, with volunt suscipere Baptismum, small 4to. vellum, 3s. 9426 OSSIAN'S Poems, neat pocket edition, 28. a History of the Origin of the various Societies,

Romæ, 1651 9427 Poems, 8vo. clf. neat, 48. Edinb. 1812 2 vols. 8vo. (" in the highest degree interesting 9402 Alexandri de Rhodes (e Societate Jesu) 9428 Davies (Rev. Edwd.) Claims of Ossian and valuable.Christ. Obser.) 48. 6d. pub. 248. Dictionarium Annamiticum, Lusitanum, et Lati- Examined and Appreciated, an Essay on the

1816 num; Ope Sacra Congregationis de Propaganda Scottish and Irish Poems published under that 9459 OWEN(Rev. and Learned John,) ("the Prince

Fide, small 4to. hlf. russia, 48. Romæ, 1651 Name, with curious Particulars relative to the of Modern Divines,'') complete Collection of his 9403 Carmen Tograi, Poetæ Arabis Doctissimi Structureand State of Poetry in the Celtic Dialects, Sermons, with valuable Tracts, Latin Orations,

cum versione Latina, Opera Pocokii, Oxon. 1661 ; royal 8vo. fancy clf. neat 68. Swansea, 1825 Life, Letters, Funeral Oration, folio, clf.good copy, Clerici Scientia Metrica et Rythmica Arabica, 9429 M'Donald's Poetical Version of some of with portrait, 108.

1721 Oxon. 1661, thick 12mo. 38. 6d.

Ossian, with a Discourse (pp. 195) on the An- 9460 de Natura Ortu Progressu et Studio Veræ 9404 -Anecdotes Orientales, Persanes, Indiennes, tiquity of Ossian, in answer to Laing, 8vo. uncut, Theologiæ, small 4to. 38. cost 78.

1661 Mogols et Turques ; contenant les anciens Rois 38.

1805 9461 Death of Death in the Death of Christ, de Perse, et les differentes Dynasties Perses, Tur- 9430 Sinclair (Sir John) Dissertation on the wherein the whole Controversy about Universal ques et Mogoles, 2 thick vols. cr. 8vo. clf. neat, Authenticity of Ossian, 8vo. port. 28. 6d.


Redemption is discussed, cr. 8vo. clf. 28. 6d. 1799 38. 6d.

Paris, 1773 9431 Oursel (Jean) les Beautez de la Normandie, ou 9462 Declaration of the Glorious Mystery of 9405 Gay's Fables, with a Translation into l’Origine de la Ville de Rouen, 12mo. clfneat, the Person of Christ, God, and Man, Meditations Bengalee Urdu Poetry, by Raja Kali-Krishna 28.

Rouen, 1700 and Discourses on the Glory of Christ, 8vo. clf. Bahadur, 8vo. 48. 6d. Calcutta, 1836 9432 Ouseley (Sir W.) Oriental Geography of Ebn

neat, 38. 6d.

1790 9406 Mahavansi, The; the Raja-Ratnacari ; Haukal, an Arabian Traveller of the Tenth Cen- 9463 Discourse on the Holy Spirit, Nature of

and the Raja-Vali ; Sacred and Historical Books tury, translated from Arabic MSS. with Preface, Gospel Holiness, folio, neat, (wants first leaf of of Ceylon, with Tracts illustrative of the Doctrines 4to. map, 58. 6d. pub. Il. ls.

1800 address to readers,) (my treasure-house, and one and Literature of Buddhism, translated from the 9433 Outram (Rev. E., Public Orator at Cambridge) of my very first-rate books."'Cecil,) 108. 1674 Singhalese, edited by Upham, 3 vols. 8vo. 158. Sermons on Increase of Separatists, and Extracts 9464 on the Holy Spirit, by Burder, cr. 8vo. pub. 2 98. 1833 on the Opinions, &c. of Deserters from Church, clf. neat, 2s. 6d.

1808 9407 Marci Pauli Veneti de Regionibus Orien- 8vo. chiefly on Arminian and Calvinistic Metho-9465 Dissertation on Divine Justice, or Claims talibus ; Haithoni Armeni Historia Orientalis, quæ dists, 38. pub. 88.

1809 of Vindicatory Justice asserted, now translated, et de Tartaris inscribitur; Andreæ Mulleri de 9434 Ouvaroff on the Mysteries of Eleusis, trans- with Preface, by Stafford, cr. 8vo. Ind. 28. 17Chataja, cujus prædictorum auctorum uterque lated by Price, with Observations by Christie, 8vo. 9466 Doctrine of Justification by Faith, mentionem facit, Disquisitio, small 4to. Ondo'rare,

1817 58. 6d. Berlin, 1671 9435 OVIDII Opera, Notis variorum, Cnippingii, 3

through the Imputation of the Righteousness of

Christ, 2s. 6d. 9408 New Testament, in Turkish, 8vo. clf. very

Glasgow, 1760 vols. 8vo.clf. (vale 36 fr.-Brunet,) 108.1683,1703 9467 - The Doctrine of the Saints' Perseverance neat, 58.

Paris, 1819 9436 Opera, 3 vols. 12mo. clf. neat, (elegant 9409 Akhlaki Muhsani (Part of), engraved by

Explained and Confirmed, &c. &c. folio, good copy, and good edit.") 68. Paris, Barbou, 1793

clf. 98.

Oxford, 1654 Medland, with Translation by Keene (Arabic and 9437 Opera Burmanni, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, 9468 Of Communion with God, or Saints' Fel. Persian Professor) roy. Svo. 58.

1835 neat, 6s. pub. 188.
Regent's edit. 1815 lowship, cr. 8vo. 28.

1700 9410 Perse, Tableau de l'Histoire du Gouverne. 9438 Metamorphoseon, Notis Farnabii, 18mo. 9469 of the Faith of God's Elect, 12mo, ls. ment, Religion, Litterature, Moeurs et Coutumes, bound, 28.


1718 par Jourdain, 5 vols. 12mo. clf. neat, numerous 9439 Metamorphosis, Delphin edit. 8vo. bnd. 9470 On Indwelling Sin in Believers, cr. 8vo. plates, after Persian drawings, 68. Paris, 1814

1806 clf, neat, 28. 6d.

1805 9411 Persian Interpreter, in 3 Parts ; Persian 9440 Metamorphoses, in English Prose and 9471 Practical Exposition on the i30th Psalm, Grammar, Persian Extracts, Prose and Verse, and Latin Text, Order of Construction and English cr. 8vo, bnd. port. 28. 6d.

1772 Persian and English Vocabulary, by Moises, 4to. Notes (by Davidson), 8vo. bnd. 48.

1759 9472 The Lord's Supper fully considered, with hlf, russia, 68.

1792 9441 Selections from the Metamorphoses, with Meditations, and 3 Discourses, cr. 8vo. 18. 6d. 1798 9412 Gulistan of Sadi, translated literally, Euglish Notes and Questions, by Bradley, 12mo. 9473 On Spiritual,-mindedness, by Mayo, cr. with Essay on the Life and Genius of Shaikh Sadi, bound, 1s.

1823 8vo. clf. neat, 28. 6d.

1807 by J. Ross, 8vo, wants title-paye, 58. 1823 9442 Metamorphoses, Book 15, with literal En- 9474 Plea for Scripture Ordination, or Argu9413 Gulistan (Rose Garden) by Sadi of Shiraz, glish Prose Translation, and copious Notes, cr. 8vo. ments proving Ordination by Presbyters Falid, in Persian, 8vo. 88. 6d. pub. 168.

1827 28. pub. 58. 6d.

Cambridge, 1837 with David Williams' Epistle, cr. 8vo. 28. 1694 9414

Ockleii Introductio ad Linguas Orientales, 9443 Metamorphoses, Englished, Mythologized 9475 Owen (Robert, of New Lanark) New View of cr. 8vo, clf. 28.

Cantab. 1706 and Represented, with Essay on Virgil's Æneis, Society, or Essays on the Formation of the Human 9415 Persian MSS., small folio, 98.

by G. Sandys, folio, clf. plates, 58.
1640 Character, royal 8vo. 38. pub. 6s.

1816 9416 Oriental Customs, or an Illustration of the 9444 Metamorphoses, translated by Dryden, 9476 Report to the County of Lanark of a Plan

Sacred Scriptures, by an Explanatory Application Addison, Garth, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. clf. plts.3s. 1717 for Relieving Public Distress, small 4to. 28. of the Customs and Manners of the Eastern Na. 9445 Epistolæ, 8vo. bound, 2s.


Glasgow, 1821 tions, &c. with Observations on many Obscure 9446 Epistles, with his Amours, translated by 9477 Gray, The Social System, a Treatise on Texts, by Burder, 8vo. 38. 1802 Dryden, Pope, &c. 12mo, clf. neat, 38. 1776 the Principle of Exchange, 8vo. 58. pub.88.6d. 1831



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3 gs.

9478 Oxenden (Rev. C., of Bishopsbourne, Kent) 9503 Paley's. Works, Horæ Paulinæ, and View of the on the Conduct of Life ; Speeches, Translations,

Lent Sermons on VII Penitential Psalms, cr. 8vo. Evidences, 3 vols. 8vo. clf. neat and uniform, &c. large paper, royal 8vo. clf. neat, 38. 1726
cloth, 38. 6d.
1838 68. 6d.

Faulder, 1796 9528 Paris (Dr.) Pharmacologia, comprehending the 9479 Oxfordshire, Natural History of, by 9504 Clergyman's Companion in Visiting the Art of prescribing upon Fixed and Scientific Prin.

Dr. Plott, folio, map and plates, an admirable Sick, best edition, cr. 8vo. hif. clf. neat, 38. pub. ciples, with the History of Medicinal Substances,
tork," Ils.
1677 58. 6d.
1817 2 vols. 8vo. 68. 6d. pub. 11. 58.

1822 9480 Brewer's Topographical and Historical 9505 Evidences, 8vo. 28. 6d. pub. 88. 1821 9529 Paris and Fonblanque's Medical Jurisprudence, Description of the County of Oxford, its Towns, 9506 -Evidences, 2 vols. 8vo. good copy, 38. 1794 3 vols. 8vo. 168. pub. 368.

1823 Antiquities, Churches, Eminent Men, &c. thick 9507 Horæ Paulinæ, 8vo. 28.

9530 Park (Mungo) Travels in Africa, with Rennel's 8vo. hlf. cf. neat, 21 plates, 58. pub. 148. 1819 9508 Horæ Paulinæ, pocket edit. 18. 60. Maps, 4to. clf. neat, port. 6s.

1799 9481 Catalogue of all Graduates in Divinity,

Allman, 1825 9531 Travels in Africa in 1805, with Life, &c. Law and Physic, and of M.A. and Mus. D. of 9509 Principles of Moral and Political Philo. 4to. 58. pub. 11. lls. 6d.

1815 Oxford, between 1659 and 1760, 8vo. 28.

sophy, 2 vols. 8vo. best edition, 28. 6d. 1791 9532 Travels in the Interior of Africa, with 9482 Drummond on the Edinburgh Review on 9510 Moral and Political Philosophy, 2 vols. Life, 2 vols. 8vo. hif, russia, port, and map, 98. Oxford, 8vo. 18. 1810 8vo. clf. neat, 48.

1793 pub. 11. 4s.

1800—1816 9483 Full and Impartial Account of the Oxford 9511 Natural Theology, edit. 28.60.1803 9533 Travels in Africa, 2 vols. 12mo. clf. nt. Riots, 8vo. 18. 1715 9512 Natural Theology, 8vo. 38. Cadell, 1815 3s. 6d. pub. 78. 6d.

1816 9484 Law and Arguments in favour of the Uni- 9513 Sermons, best edition, 8vo. 38. 1828 9534 Parkes (Mrs.) Domestic Duties, or Instruc. versity of Oxford, in 2 Seasonable Discourses, 8vo. , 9514 Meadley's Memoirs of Paley, 8vo. hlf. tions to Young Married Ladies on Management of curious, ls. 6d. 17- clf: port. 38. pub. 108.

1810 their Households, and Conduct, cr. 8vo. 48. pub. 9485 Observations on the Statutes relating to 9515 Pearson's Annotations, or Practical Part 108. 6d.

1825 the University Court, on the Megality of Search- of Paley's Philosophy, 8vo. scarce, 18.6d. Ips. 1801 9535 Parkhurst's Greek and English Lexicon to ing Houses, Procuratorial Offices, &c. 1825; Es. 9516 Palgrave (Sir Francis) History of the Rise and New Testament, 8vo. hlf.clf. 88. pub. ll. 1825 sential Distinction between Solidity of Bank and Progress of the English Commonwealth during 9536 Parlour Port-folio, or Post-chaise Companion ; Country Banks, 1826 ; Sepping on Different Modes the Anglo-Saxon Period, 2 vols. 4to. 11. 58. pub. a Selection of Amusing Articles and Anecdotes of constructing Ships, 1824; Dr. Pew on Annihilat

1832 from the Magazines, Newspapers, &c. from 1700, ing 200 Millions of the National Debt, 1822, and “ The most luminous work ever produced on the 2 vols. 8vo. 48. 6d. pub. 218.

1820 9 other Tracts, very thick 8vo. 38.

early institutions of England.”Edinb. Review.

great mass of information on the political institutions 9537 Parnell (Sir Henry) on Financial Reform, 12mo. 9486 Oxford Dialogue between a Master of of Ancient Europe."-Athenaum.

("* body of valuable facts,') 28. pub. 68. 1830 Arts and a Stranger, 1705 ; Character of Charles 9517 Palmer's General History of Printing from its 9538 PARR (DR.) Works, edited by Dr. Johnstone, II., with Account of his being Poyson’d, with his invention in Mentz, with Characters and Works of 8 thick vols. 8vo. 21. 68. pub. 7 g8.

1828 Different Characters, 1696 ; Letter on the Cur- most celebrated Printers to 1550, 4to. fine copy, 9539 Parry (Capt.) Three Voyages, in 5 vols. 12mo. rency of Clipt Money, 1696, 8vo. Heber's copy, 28. clf. 78. 60.

1732 plates, 98. 6d. pub. Il.

1828 9487 Oxford Sausage, or Select Poetical Pieces, 9518 Palmerii Spicilegia quibus pleraque Sallustii 9540 Parry (Rev. I. D.) Select Illustrations, Histo

written by the most Celebrated Wits of the Uni. Lucretii aliorumque Script. emaculantur, cr. 8vo. rical and Topographical, of Bedfordshire, containing versity of Oxford, neatly bnd. cuts, 48.

vellum, MS. Note by Porson, 28. Francof, 1580 Bedford, Ampthill, Houghton, Luton, and Chick9488 Oxford Spy, in Verse, the V Dialogues, 9519 PAMPHLETS, a Collection of about 200 on sands, 4to. 6 plates, 38. 6d.

1827 Notes and Appendix, 8vo. scarce, 28. 6d. pub. Divinity, Political Economy, Banking, &c. some 9541 Parson's “ excellent, pious, and usefuly'' 78. 6d.

1818-9 very scarce, clean, and neatly hlf. bnd. in 12 awfully Christian Directory, a Treatise of Holy Resolu. 9489 Proceedings and Debates of the House of thick 8vo. vols. 21. 128. 6d.

1804, &c. tion, by Dean Stanhope, 8vo. clf. 28. 1703 Commons in 1620-1, at Oxford, collected by a 9520 Pamphlets. Hone's Queen's Matrimonial Lad-9541* Parish Registers in England, History of, by Member, now published from the MSS. in Library der, 1820; Hone's reprint of Macdaniel, Berry, Burn; also of Scotland, Ireland, the Indies, Disof Queen's Coll. Oxf, with Appendix in Illustra. &c. the Thief Takers, in 1756 ; Blood, Conspiracy senters, the Fieet, &c. 8vo. scarce and curious, tion from other MSS., 2 vols. 8vo. fine copy, clf. of, with Notes, 1816, port. First and Second 68.

1829 48.

Clarend. Press, 1766 Books for Students in King's College, 1828, sa- 9542 Parker's Translation of St. Athanasius' IV 9490 Specimen of Dr. J. Fell's

Types given to tirical, with Seymour's plates; Sir Herbert Taylor's Orations against the Arians, and his Oration the University. Oxford, 1695 ; Ecclesiæ Chris. Narrative of Duke of York's Illness, 1827 ; against the Gentiles, translated by Parker, 2 vols. tianæ Primordia, 1814; Freeman's Method of Brougham's Speech on the Law, 1828 ; Trial of 8vo. clf. scarce, 98.

1713 Teaching Adults, with Table of the Elementary Gibbon Wakefield for Abduction, 1827, &c. 8vo. 9543 Parkin's Exposure of Religious and Civil Des. Sounds of the English Language, 1813, and 9 hlf. russia, 38.

potism, 8vo. 28.

1828 others Tracts, 8vo. 28. 6d.

9521 Pancirollus' History of Many Memorable Things 9544 Parliamentary Intelligencer, comprising the Sum 9491 Translations of the Oxford Latin Prize lost which were in Use among the Ancients, trans- of Forraign Intelligence, 1600 ; Mercurius PubPoems, by N. Lee Torre, cr. 8vo. 18. 6d. 1831 lated, 2 vols. in 1, scarce, 38. 6d.

1715 licus, 1600; Kingdoms Intelligencer, 1661, small 9492 - University and City of Oxford Displayed, 9522 Pancratia, or History of Pugilism, a full Ac- thick 4to. curious early newspapers, 68.

with a Dialogue by Rowley Lascelles, 8vo. hif. clf. count of every Battle of Note from Broughton and 9545 Parrhasiana, or Thoughts upon Several Subneat, 72 Views, 88. 6d. pub.

1821 Slack, with Anecdotes of all celebrated Pugilists jects, as criticism, History, Morality and Politics, 9493 University, City, Blenheim and Nuneham of this Country, 8vn. 28. 6d.

1812 by Le Clerk, 8vo. clf. 28.

1700 Guide, cr. 8vo. plates and map, 18.

9523 Panegyrici Veteres, cum notis el animau. Viiv- 1616 raisons (Rev. J. of York) Sermons, 8vo. clf. 9494 Page (T. of Norwich) Art of Shooting Flying, rum Eruditorum Arntzenius, 4to. vol. 1 only, large extra, gilt leaves, 78. 6d. pub. 128.

1830 with Directions for Choice of Guns, Training paper, (the best edition, with very copious col-9547 Parsons (Dr.) Remains of Japhet, being HisDogs, &c. 8vo. clf. neat, 28.

1784 lection of explanatory notes,"') 38.6d. Traject,1790 torical Enquiries into the Affinity and Origin of 9495 Paine's Miscellaneous Works : Letter to the 9524 Papendiek's Synopsis of Architecture for the the European Languages, 4to. clf. neat, fine copy, Addressers, Letter to Washington, The Citizens of Information of the Student and Amateur, 8vo. 16 98.

1767 the United States, Miscellaneous Letters and plates, 38. pub. 108.

1826 9548 Parthenon, a Magazine of Art and Literature, Essays, 8vo. 38.

1819 9524* Papist Mis-represented and Represented, or a containing a considerable quantity of information 9496 Rights of Man, both parts, 8vo. hif. clf

. Two-fold Character of Popery, 1685 ; the Doc- on the Arts of Design and Music, complete, all 28. 6d.

1791 trines and Practices of the Church of Rome truly published, thick 8vo. hlf. clf. neat, many cuts and PAINTING, FINE ARTS, &c. See next no. for represented, in Answer, 1686; Reflections upon musical tunes, 128. 6d.

1825 most singular Collection.

the Answer to the Papist Mis-represented, &c., 9549 Pascal, les Pensees de, 2 vols. 12mo. 2s.Par. 1803 9498 Palearii (A. Verulani) Orationes ad Senatum directed to the Answerer. A Papist not Mis- 9550 Provinciales, 12mo. bnd. 28. Cologne, 1738 Populumque Lucensem, de Concordia Civium, Pru

represented by Protestants, in Reply to the Re. 9551 Provinciales, ou Lettres, 8vo. beautifully dentia, Justitia, Temperantia, Felicitate et de flections, &c. 1686; Papists Protesting against printed, 38. 6d.

Paris, 1829 Republica, small 4to. hlf. morocco, 28. 1551 Protestant-popery ; a Vindication of the Papist 9553 · Thoughts on Religion, &c. translated by 9499 Palestine. Travels of Bertrandon de la Broc. Mis-represented, &c. 1686; Answer to Papists Basil Kennet, 8vo. clf. 38.

1704 quiere, Counsellor, and First Esquire-Carver to Protesting, &c. 1686; Remarks upon the Reflec- 9554 Pasley (Capt.) Essay on the Military, Policy Philippe le Bon, Duke of Burgundy, to Palestine, tions of the Author of Popery Mis-represented, and Institutions of the British Empire, 8vo. hif. and his Return from Jerusalem overland to France, &c. 1686, small 4to. clf. 6s.

clf. 38.

1813 in 1432 & 3, translated by Johnes, from a MSS., 9525 Papyro-Plastics, or the Art of Modelling in 9555 Pasley (Col.) on Expediency and Practicability 8vo. hif. clf. uncut, map and plates, 78. pub. 158. Paper, with Ample Directions, translated from the of Simplifying and Improving our Measures, Hafod Press, 1807 German, square 12mo. plates, 28. 6d. 1824 Weights and Money, 8vo. 38.

1834 9500 Paley's Works, with Life, &c. by Rev.Wayland, 9526 Parian Chronicle, Vindication of the Authen- 9556 Pastoral Tracts : The Clergyman's Instructor,

5 vols. 8vo. new and nt. in clo. 11. 128. 1837 ticity of, by Rev. J. Hewlett, 8vo. 28. 1789 or a Collection of Tracts on the Ministerial Duties, 9501 Works, with Life, 5 pocket vols. 68. pub. 9527 Paris (Rev.J.) Miscellanea Practico-Theoretica, containing papers by Geo. Herbert, and Bps. Taylor, 208.


or a Miscellany chiefly concerning Faith and Man- Burnet, Sprat, Bull, Gibson, &c. Clarendon Press, 9502 Works, complete in 1 vol. 8vo. a very ners, in Lectures on the Creed, Lord's Prayer, 1807; Campbell's Lectures on the Pastoral Cure, readable edition, 58. pub. 108. 6d.

1829 Commandments, and Faith ; Meditations in Latin, edited by Fraser, 1811, thick 8vo: hif.clf.nt. 68. 6d.

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, 6 vols

. 8vo. clean Lowodes (The of Dover) Tracts in Prose and Verse,

Edin. 1836

** Most valua.



Burchell's Travels in Southern Africa, 2 vols. 410. La Rochefoucauld Reflexions, ou Maximes, royal
cf. extra, col. plates, 5 g8. pub.9 98.
1824 8vo. green clf. extra, 68.

Paris, A tion is desirous or disposing or his Duplicate Auto: Burke's Peerage and Baronetage, thick 8vo. cloth, Latrobe's Visit to South Africa, 4to. clf. extra, col. graph Signatures of Eminent English Statesmen, Peers, 158. pub. ll. 16s.


1837 plates, ll. 48. pub. 2 98. Kaval and Military Heroes, Churchmen, Philosophers, Au- Burnet's Practical Treatise on Painting, Composi- Lavater Essai sur la Physiognomie, 3 vols. imperial thors, Artists, Extraordinary Personages, &c., of the last 200

tion, Chiaroscuro, and Colouring, 4to. elegantly 4to. clf. neat, multitude of fine plates, 21. 8s. Years. Most useful for the Illustration of Granger, or any other Biographical or Historical Work, or of County His. bound, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, finely-co.

Haye, 1786 tory.-Letters (pre-paid) to “ Autographicus," care of

loured plates, 21. 128. 6d. cost 41.

1828 Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, best edition, by Mr. LUMLEY, 56, Chancery Lane.

Butler's Hudibras, the best edition, with Dr. Grey's Barker and Anthon, clf.nt. 118. pub. 178. 6d. 1838 ANGLO-SAXON LITERATURE.

Annotations, a subscriber's copy, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 28. Leyden and Erskine's Memoirs of Baber, Emperor Just published, price 58. pub. 21. 148. 1819 of Hindastan, 4to. clf. extra, ll.


1828 TERATURE IN ENGLAND, giving a Connected Account 21. 108. pub. 31. 128.

2 vols. 8vo. clf. very neat, portrait, 108. of the various Works which have been published in the Clarke and M'Arthur's Life of Lord Nelson, 2 vols.

Priv. printed, 1825 Language, and relating to the Subject, with an Analysis of imperial 4to. clf. elegant, 21. 68. pub. 91. 98. 1809 Macculloch's Highlands and Western Isles of Scot. those of most importance.-By Joun ÞETHERAM, Esq. London: E. LUMLEY, 56, Chancery Lane.

Collingwood (Lord) Memoirs and Correspondence, land, 4 vols. 8vo. clf. extra, 2 gs. pub. 3 g8. 1824 best edition, in 2 vols. 8vo. 118. pub. 168. 1828 Malcolm's History of Persia, 2 vols. 4to. clf. extra,

21. 158. pub. 81. 88.

1815 BLAKEY CR.) History of MORAL SCIENCE, includ. Collins (Arthur) Peerage of England, 8 vols. 8vo.

, very fine copy, bright clf. 11.

1779 Marsden's Description of Ancient and Modern Cudworth, Locke, Abp: King, Bp: Cumberland, Wollaston, Cressy's Church History of Brittany, from the be- Oriental Coins, 2 vols. 4to. fine copy, clf, extra, Sam. Clarke, Mandeville, Pope, Bolingbroke, Shaftesbury: ginning of Christianity to the Conquest, folio, clf. fine plates, 21. 148.

1823 Hutcheson, Rutherford, Butler, Humne, Hartley, Priestley,

11. 48. Paley, Fergusson, Kames, Smith, Price, Godwin, Gisborne,

1668 Mill's History pf British India, 6 vols. 8vo. clf. nt. Cogan, Stewart, Brown, and Dewar, with Brier Notice of Davy's Interior of Ceylon, 4to. clf. extra, plates, 21. 108. pub. 31. 108.

1820 Foreign Authors, 2 vols. 8vo. 7s. 6d. pub. 12s.

188. pub. 31. 138. 6d.

1821 Morrison's Chinese Dictionary and Grammar, 7 vols. Valuable."-- Athenæum. “Of great utility:"-Lit. Gaz. • Useful guide-book to ethical science."--Leeds Mer: De Stael (Madame) Euvres Completes, 3 vols. royal 4to, elegantly bound, clf. extra, 111. 118. pub.

161. 78. 6d.

1823 conceived and cadmirably executed." --Eclectic Review: Denham and” : Clapham's Pravels in Africa, 4to. cif

. Ouseley (Sir Wm.) Travels in Persia, 3 vols. 4to. cif

. * Deserves a place among our permanent and standard literature. "-Edinb. Christ. Instructor. elegantly bound, 17. 58. pub. 31. 138. 6d. 1826 extra, 41. 108. pub. 1ll.

1819 ble for students at college and others, for an accurate Drinkwater's History of the Siege of Gibraltar, 4to. Parry (Capt.) Voyages, complete, 5 vols. 4to. clf. and idea of the various systems, from the peripatetic school

clf. neat, 16s. 6d.

1786| the last voyage, boards, 101. pub. 141. 188. 1821-8 downwards."-Bvangelical Magazine. Blakey (R.) Essay on the connexion between our Notions Duhalde, Description de la Chine, 4 vols. 4to. clf. Percival's Account of Ceylon, 4to. clf. extra, 98. of Moral Good and Evil, and our Conceptions of the Free- neat, maps and plates, ll. 168. Haye, 1736 pub. 11. 118. 6d.

1803 dom of the Divine and Human Wills, Svo: 36. pub. 78. 1834 East-India Military Calendar, containing the Services Petrarca le Rime, con tavole ed Illustrazione, 2 vols. “ An admirable work."-World. lent."-Cobbett. “ Elaborate, manly, honest, and en. of General and Field Officers of the Indian Army, 3 royal 8vo. clf. extra, 158.

Firenze, 1821 ergetic.”-Pulpit.

vols. 4to. elegantly bnd. clf. 11. 58. pub. 71. 108. 1823 Racine, Euvres Completes de, avec les Notes de tous BLAKEY (R.) Essay towards an Easy and Useful SYSTEM Elphinstone's Account of the Kingdom of Caubul, les Commentaires, par Aimé-Martin, 6 vols. 8vo. of LOGIC, cr. 8vo. ls. pub. 4s. 6d. London : E. Lumley, 56, Chancery Lane. 4to. clf. very nt. best edit. 188. 6d. pub. 21. 28. 1815 clf. very neat, ll. 118. 6d.

1822 Fitzclarence (Lieut.-Col.) Journal of a Route over Raffles (Sir Stamford) History of Java, large paper E. Lumley has just received, price 128. a few copies from land through Egypt to England, 4to. clf. extra, (?) 2 vols. 4to. clf. extra, map and coloured plates, America, of Vol. 2, of coloured plates, 11. 68. pub. 21. 188. 1819 41. 148. 6d. pub. 8 gs.

1817 FRANNIES , designed chiefly for the use of Colleges and MANUAL of POLITICAL Gazetteer, The London General, or Geographical Ralfe's Naval Biography of Great Britain, 4 vols

. Students at Law, being “* Polítical Ethics Proper.

Dictionary, 3 thick vols. 8vo. 26 maps, 168. 6d. complete in parts, 11. 88. pub. at 61. 58. 1828 “ A Profound 'Work, full of deep reflection, and solid pub. 21. 28.

1825 Rennel (Major) Works, Geography of Herodotus, principle."--Hon. Chancellor Kent.— " One of the best theo- Gentleman's Magazine, Selections from, by Walker, Xenophon, and Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan, retical treatises on the true nature and objects of government in modern times."-Judge Story.

4 vols. 8vo. hlf. clf. neat, 11. 28. pub. 21. 128. 6d. 3 vols. 4to. clf. neat, and folio maps, fire copies, 1814 scarce, 31. 138. 6d.

1793 Gil Blas, Histoire de, par Le Sage, 3 vols. 8vo. cif. Scott's Life of Napoleon, 9 vols: cr. 8vo. 11. 88, jud. Books at LUMLEY’S, 56, Chancery Lane.

very neat, 158.
Paris, 1819 41. 148. 6d.

1827 Anderson (Rev.J.) The Constitutions of the Ancient Gleig's Life of Major Munro, 2 vols. 8vo. 158. pub. Shakespeare's Plays and Poems, with Life, Glossaria! and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted 11. 128.

1830 Index, &c. by Valpy, complete in 15 vols. cloth, Masons, containing their History, Charges, Regula- Goldoni, Comedie Scelte di, 12 vols. 8vo. green clf. 170 illustrations from Boydell's plates, 21. 58. puh. tions, &c. continued and enlarged by Rev. John En.

extra, 21. 10s.
Pardova, 1811 31. 158.

1832 tick, 4to. elegantly bound, red morocco extra, em- Guarini Il Pastor Fido, con Annotazioni, 8vo. clf. Simpson (Rev. David) Sacred Literature, showing blematic tooling, 1767, Appendix to do. 1775,118.6d. extra, 68.

Milano, 1807 the Holy Scriptures superior to the most celebrated Annual Biography and Obituary, 16 vols. 8vo. hlf. Hall (Bp.) Contemplations, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, Writings of Antiquity, by the testimony of 500 Witclf. neat, and clean, 21. 108. pub. 121. 1817-32


1825 Association, British, for the Advancement of Science, Hall Capt.) Voyage to Loo Choo, stv. cis. extra

, Stewart's Original Persian Letters, and other Docufirst 5 Reports, 4 vols. 8vo. 17. 108. pub. 21. 14..

15o. Gu. puở. 26. 28.

1818 ments, compiled and translated, with fac-similes, 1835-6 Hamilton's East India Gazetteer, best edition, in 4to. clf. extra, 188.

1825 Bacon (Lord) Works, best edition, edited by Basil 2 vols. 8vo. 188. pub. ll. 128.

1828 Taraboschi Storia della Letterature Italiana, 20 vols. Montague, clean, in boards, 16 vols. 8vo. 57.158. 6d. Hamilton (Walter) Geographical, Statistical, and 8vo. clf. extra, 41. 48.

Firenze, 1805 pub. 81. 188. 6d.

Historical Description of Hindostan and the Adja. Titsingh's Illustrations of Japan, 4to. clf. extra, fine Barrow's Travels in Southern Africa, 4to. clf. extra, cent Countries, 2 vols. 4to. clf. very neat, map, coloured plates, ll. pub. 21. 188.

1822 118. pub. 31. 38. 1801 11. 118. 6d. pub. 41. 148. 6d.

1820 Transactions of the Bombay Literary Society, 3 vols. Biblia Sacra, 2 vols. 4to. cf. neat, elegantly printed Henry (Rev. Robert) History of Great Britain, 10 4to. clf. very neat, 31. 58. pub. 91. 98.

1820 by Didot, 11. Paris, 1785 vols. 8vo. clf. neat, 138. 6d.

1788 Tuckey's Maritime Geography, 4 vols. 8vo. clf. ex. Boccaccio 'll Decamerone, 4 vols. royal 8vo. clf. ex- Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 1s. tra, 128. pub. 21. 168.

1815 tra, II. 68. Firenze, 1825

Clarendon Press, 1820 Transactions of the Madras Literary Society, 4to. Brenton's Naval History of Great Britain, 5 vols. Homeri Ilias et Odyssea, Græce et Latine Clarkii, 4 98. 6d. pub. ll. 18.

1827 8vo. clf. very neat, ll. 16s. cost 31. 108. 1825

vols. 8vo. clf. neat, maps, 178. pub. 1l. 128. 1815 Waverley Novels, new edition, first 23 vols. also 28, Breton's Costume, Arts, Manufactures, &c. of China, Hope's Origin, Progress, and Prospects of Man, 3 and 32 to 35 inclusive (being 29 vols.) 41. pub. 61. 45. from the Original by Bertin, with Observations by vols. 8vo. suppressed, 11. 168.

Whiston's Josephus, best edition, 4 vols. 8vo. clf. Breton, 4 vols. in 1, thick 8vo. clf. extra, multi. Horsefield (Dr.) Zoological Researches in Java, royal neat, 11. 58.

1806 tude of plates, 118. pub. 2 98.

1812 4to. clean, in parts, 4 gs. pub. 8 gs. 182— Wilks (Lieut.-Col.) South of India, 3 vols. 4to. clf. Brewster (Dr.) and Professor Jameson's Edinburgh Horsefield (Dr.) Descriptive Catalogue of Lepidop- very neat, maps, 21. 108. pub. 6 g8.

1810 Philosophical Journal, 14 vols. 8vo. hif.clf. neat, a terous Insects, 2 parts, 4to. fine col. plates, 11. 18. Worlidge's Select Collection of Drawings from Cu. highly-valuable work, with many plates, 338. 1819 pub. 3 gs.

1828 rious Antique Gems, most of them in the possession Bruce's Annals of the East-India Company from Horne's (Thomas Hartwell) Introduction to the of the Nobility and Gentry of this Kingdom, 4to. their Establishment by Elizabeth's Charter, 1600, Scriptures, 4 vols. 8vo. 11. 98. pub. 21. 128. 6d. 1822 hlf. morocco, gilt top, 180 plates in Rembrandt's to the Union of the London and English East-India Irving's Life and Voyage of Columbus, 4 vols. 8vo. style, 11. 58.

1768 Companies, 3 vols. royal 4to. clf. very neat, 11. clean, in boards, 11. 58. pub. 2 gs.

1828 1810 Kelly's Universal Cambist, 2 vols. 4to. clf. extra, London :-Printed by WILLIAM STEVENS, 37, Bell Yard, Buchanan's Journey through Mysore, 3 vols. royal 11. 103. pub. 3 gs.

1821 Temple Bar, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, 4to. clf. extra, 11. pub. 61. 68.

1807 King (Capt.) Survey of the Intertropical and Western in the County of Middlesex; and Published by EDWARD Buckingham's Travels in Palestine, 4to. clf. extra, Coasts of Australia, 2 vols. 8vo. fine copy, clf. neat,

LUMLEY, 56, Chancery Lane, in the Parish of St. Andrew

Holborn, in the County of Middlesex, aforesaid. Wede 11. 48, 1821 1l. pub. 11. 168.

1826 nesday, April 29, 1840.


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No. 11.)


Price Six Pence.

This Publication is intended to be the organ of communication between the Book-buying and Reading public, and the Booksellers of the whole kingdom. It is m

re especially designed to be the means of procuring for Authors, Scholars, &c. the rarest and most valuable books ; and as each Number will be strictly confined to literary subjects, no Advertisements can be admitted, except those which have reference to matters of analogous character. The literary portion will present unusual attractions from its sterling merit, original information, and news.

Advertisements for rare and scarce Works, odd Volumes, or Numbers, to complete Sets, inserted in this Advertiser, free of expense,

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and ingenious.'

Print, Manuscript Notes, and Books, Wanted.

Now ready, in Nine Volumes, 8ro. price 51. 8s, neatly


of the Lord Clerk Register of Scotland, as displayed THE WHOLE WORKS of the REV. JOSEPH BING.

Campbell, or in any other engraving of this great Officer of quities of the Christian Church, carefully corrected; with
State: (for this Print, One Pound Sterling will be given.) the Quotations in the Original Languages at Length, instead

A COMPLETE and FULL SET of MANUSCRIPT of merely the References as formerly given; a New Set of
Annals of Fine Arts, (vol. 5, 1820.) Beaumont NOTES of LECTURES on SCOT'S CONVEYANCING, Maps of ecclesiastical History, and life of the Author.
and Fletcher's Works, (vols. 2 to 7, inclusive.) Registration of Deeds, &c., and the various Offices relative as possible, as but few of some of the volumes remain.

Subscribers are requested to complete their sets as early
Tonson, 1711, with Autograph of the Duchess of thereto: (for these Manuscript Notes, Four Pounds Sterling London :- WILLIAM STRAKER, 443, West Strand.
Marlborough. Ben Jonson, by Whalley, (vols. I will be given.)
SIR Å ARRIS NICOLAS on the Offices of SECRE.

Reprint of a Scarce Poem.
Brewster's Edinburgh Philosophical Journal, (vol. 13, printed ocor his book, One Pound Sterling Silvesterine TE RICHARD ZOVE, Civilian ur earphollege, on:
for 1825.) Buffon's Natural History, (vol. 1, 1793.) A STATEMENT of FACTS, showing the Injustice ford, aiterwards Regius Professor of Civil Law, Principal
Bunyan's Works, (vol. 2, folio.) Charnock's Works, done to Ireland, and Scotland during the last Ten Years' of St. Alban Hall, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty,
(vol. 2, folio.) Clarke's Sermons, (vols. 8, 9, 10, Management of the Board of Excise, London, ly the en- &c. Temp. Chas. 1. and II.

Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1613; with the 850, 1732.) Critical Review, 1815. Delany's Life to those of Ireland and Scotland, in the Serrice of the Re- Memvir and Notes, collected and arranged by RICHARD of David, (vol. 3, 1740-2.) English Review, (vols.

This Tract was printed in 1836, and a few copies Walker, B.D. a descendant, Fellow of Magdalene College,

were distributed then and in 1839; it was noticed in the Oxfordd. 8vo. with an engraved Sketch of Dr. Zouche, 3s. Ed. 12, 18, 25, 1788-91-95.) Flavel's Works, (vol. 2, Dublin Evening Post of 15th and 221 June, 1839 : (for this Printed for the Editor. Sold by Parker, Talboys, Graham, folio, 1716 or 1740.) Fox's Martyrs, (vol. 3, 1632.) Tract. One Pound Sterling will be given.)

and other Oxford Booksellers, and by T. Rodd, 2, Great Gentleman's Magazine, (vols. 45, 47, 48, 54 ; 1775

Address, G., care of Mr. James Braidwood, Book- Newport Street, London, and by E. Lumler, 56, Chancery

Lane. 7-8-84.) Huntingdon Lamentation of Satan, Part 2. seller, 26, George Street, Edinburgh. April 1840.

“A deserved mark of respect to the memory of a disDitto Coalheaver's Comments on Zion, &c. Part 5.

tinguished ornamentof this University-Dr. Richard Zouche Keach's Metaphors, (folio, vol. 2, 1682.) Lardner

Publishing by Subscription, in Nine Volumes, 8ro. - has just been paid by his descendant, Mr. Walker, of
uniform with Bingham's Works.

Magdalene, in republishing Dr. 2.'s very scarce and curious
Mede, (vol. 1, 1663.) TE ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY OF GREAT BRI- poem of the Dove, or Passages of Cosinography. Mr.
Mid Lothian's Agriculture, by Robertson," (795.) TTAK, from the First Planting of christiating to the

Walker has been at great pains to collect many scattered
Owen's Sermons, (vol. 2, 8vo. 1721.) Phillip's Coll. Reign of Charles the Second; with a brief Account of the particulars illustrative of Dr. Zouche's life and times, and
Voyages, (vol. 10, 8vo. 1805.10.) Political State of A New Edition, with a Life of the Author, the Controver-old poetry-of which, in "The Dove,' there are some
Great Britain, (vol. 1, 1711.) Reeve's Apologies, sial Tracts connected with the History, Notes, and an en- vigorous and elegant specimens--and no less to the lover
(tol. 2, 1716.) Scott's Ivanhoe, (rol. 3.) Society of the present Month, and the succeeding Volumes will portrait of Dr.z., indicating a characier lively, amiable,
of Arts’ Transactions, (vol. 43.) Wakefield (Gilbert) follow at intervals of about a Month each. Subscribers are
Memoirs, (rol. 2, 1804.)

most respectfully requested to forward their names imme- OXFORD in 1888: a Fragmentary Dream. By RICHARD
diately, either direct to William Straker, 413, West Walker, B.D. Fellow of Mayd. Coll. Oxford, 8vo. 28.
Strand, or through their respective booksellers.

JAMES BURNS, 17, Portman Street.
A DICTIONARY OF THE VALUABLE Editions or GREEK AND LATIN plant.--Venice, Aldus P. Manut. 1495–98. Vol. V. (also VI.) fol. A

handsome edition.
PRINTING; WITH BRIEF CRITICAL NOTICES OF THEIR RESPECTIVE 3. Opp. Græce.-Basle, J. Bebel. and Mich. Isingrin. 1550. Vol. II. (I.)
MERITS. By Dr. W. HEBENSTREIT, of Vienna. Re-edited by fol. An improved edition.
E. H. BARKER, of Thetford; with English Translations of the 4. Opp. Græce, cura J. B. Camotii.—Venice, Aldus. 1551–53. Vol. VI.
Latin Criticisms. Now first published. [Continued from No. 9.]

8vo. The first critical edition, distinguished also by its neatness. ARISTOPHANES—continued.

5. Opp. Græc. studio Fr. Sylburgi.-Frankfort, Wechel. 1584—1587.

Vol. XI. in V. 4to. A correct and classical edition, with three indices. 8. Com. XI. ex optim. exempl. emend. cum fragm. ed. R. F. Ph. Brunck,

6. Opp. Græce, Lat. rec. Jac. Casaubon.-Lyons, Laemarius, 1590. Vol.
Græce, Lat.-Strasburg, Treuttel. 1781-1783. Vol. IV. 4to. and VI.

II. fol. An excellent edition, with a revised text.
This edition presents a new, but not an excellent, revision of the

7. Opp. omnia Græc. Lat. cum interpr. et Not. cura Du Vallii.- Paris.
text; and it contains also the best Latin version.

N. B. 1619-29. Vol. II. fol. 9. Com. XI. Græce, emend. a Ph. Invernizio, cum schol. not. observatt.

This edition is usually considered the - Leipsic, Weidmann, 1791. seqq. Vol. I.—XI. 8vo. The most copious

best; it forms a reprint of that of Casaubon. edition, but inconvenient for use.

8. Opp. ad optim. exempl. fid. recensuit, adnot. crit., libr. argum. et nov. 10. Com. XI. cum brevi annotat. crit.—Leipsic, Teubner, 1825. Vol. II.

vers. Lat. adj. I. Th. Buhle.- Deuxponts, and Strasburg, 1791–1800.

Vol. V. 8vo. The best critical edition.
8vo. An accurate manual edition.
Aves, Græce, perpet. comment. instr. Ch. D. Beck.—Leipsic, Vogel. II. 1. Ed. Pr. Libri de Animalib. Lat. interp. Th. Gaza.—Venice, J. de Co-

lonia, 1476. fol. A very beautiful edition.
1782. 8vo. A critical edition.
IV. 1. Nubes, Græce, c. schol. recens. et annotat. J. A. Ernesti,

2. De Animalium Historia, libr. X. Græc. Lat. edd. J. C. Scaliyer, et P.

G. Hermann.-Leipsic, Hahn, 1799. 8vo. This edition presents the

J. Maussacus.—Toulouse, 1619. fol. A classical edition.
best tert.

3. Id. Græca ad fid libr. script. recens. J. G. Schneider, cum Lat. (recog2. Nubes, Græce, integr. edit. et auct. a C. Reisig.–Leipsic, Weidmann.

nita) interpr. Jo. Scaligeri.--Leipsic, Habn, 1811. Vol. IV. 8vo. A cri. 1820. 8vo. A classical edition.

tical edition, decidedly superior to every other, and containing a very V. Plutus, Græce, cum schol. var. lect. et Not. T. Hemsterhusii.-Harlin.

learned commentary.

III. gen. 1744. 8vo. A very accurate and critical edition. (It was reprinted,

De Auscultatione Mirabil. Græce, ed. J. Beckmann. et Heync.--Göt. with additions, under the care of G. H. Schäfer, at Leipsic, by Fleischer, iv. 1. Ethica, Græce Lat. ed. Will. Wilkinson.-Oxford. (1716, 1803, 1809.)

tingen, Vandenlioeck. 1786. 4to. The best edition. 1811. 8vo.) ARISTOTELES.

1818. 8vo. An excellent edition, commonly considered the liest. I. 1. Ed. Pr. Opera, Latine.-Augsburg, Ambros. Keller. 1479. Vol. IV. fol. 2. Ethica, Græc. Lat. recogn. illustr. C. Zell.--Heidelberg, Winter. 1820.

Vol. II. 8vo. 2. Ed. Pr. Opera, (sine Poetic. et Rhetor.) Græce, cum Theophr. histor.

The best critical edition.

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CATALOGUE-continued from No. 10—of a portion of EDWARD LUMLEY'S EXTENSIVE ASSEMBLAGE of BOOKS—selected and

partially classified from upwards of 40,000 volumes in all languages-highly interesting to the SCHOLAR, STUDENT, THEOLOGIAN, and Reader of every description. It must be self-evident, from the low price at which these books are marked, that they can be had for CASH ONLY; and may be obtained through any Bookseller in the Three Kingdoms, the Colonies, or the United States.

Country Booksellers will find it to their interest," to send their orders direct, for inclosure, with orders for payment, by their agents.


9557 Paine (Thomas) Life of, with Defence of his Painting, Engraving, &c.

Painting, Engraving, &c. Writings, by Oldys (Alex. Chalmers,) 1791, scarce : lorii, oblong 4to. vellum, 83 plates, fine impres. 9595 De Piles Art of Painting, with Lives and Nares' Principles of Government,1792, &c. 8vo.28. sions, 188.

1693 Characters of 300 Painters, containing a Treatise Painting, Engraving, Perspec- 9576 Bosio (eleve de David) Traite Elemen- on Painting, Designing, and Use of Prints, trans

tive, &c. See back likewise for Drawing, taire des Regles du Dessin, 1804,88 plates ; Mon- lated from the French, 8vo. clf.scarce, 38. 6d. 1744 Engraving, &c. (No8. 4084-98)

tamy Traite des Couleurs pour la Peinture en 9596 Description de la Galerie Royale de 9559 Nicholson (Peter) RUDI. Email et sur la Porcelaine, avec l'Art, 1765, thick Florence, 12mo. (pp. 319,) 18. 6d. Arezzo, 1792 MENTS OF PRACTICAL PERSPECTIVE 12mo. hlf. clf. neat, 48.

9597 Description des Peintures et Sculpture described by easy Methods, entirely free from the 9577 Bridgman's Historical and Topographical en Anvers, 1774 ; Explanation of Glass-Work at usual Complication of Lines, and Difficulties of Sketch of Knole of Kent, with Description of the Gonda. Country Conversations an account of Remote Vanishing Points, 8vo. 38 plates, 78. 6d. Paintings,

&c. 8vo. plates, 3s.

1817 Discourses on the Modern Comedies, Drinking, 1835 9578 Britton's Address to the Society of Ar- Painting and Painters, &c. 1694 ; Tourist's Com. 9560 Abcedario Pittorico, nel quale sono de- chitects and Antiquaries, 1821 ; Object, &c. of panion through Ripon, &c. 1818; &c. thick 12mo.

scritte le Vite degli Antichissimi Pittori, Scultori, ditto, 1820 ; Autograph Letter of Britton inserted. 28, 6d. Architetti, le loro Patrie, Scuole e Tempi, small 4to. Peter Coxe's Lines on Sir John Soane, 1832; Buo. (9598 Description of Sir Robert Walpole's

hlf.clf plates of their Marks, 48. Napoli, 1763 narotti on J. G. Lough's Statues, 1828, 8vo. 38. Collection of Pictures at Houghton Hall, Norfolk, 9561 Abrege de la Vie des plus celebres Pein- 9579 Britton's Catalogue Raisonne of the Mar. with a Sermon on Painting and Journey to Hough. tres, avec la Maniere de connoitre leurs Desseins quis of Stafford's Pictures in Cleveland House, 8vo. ton, small 4to. clf. plates, 38. 6d.

1752 et Tableaux, (par D'Argenville) 4 vols. 8vo. clf. 38. pub. 78.

1808 9599 De Witte, Description des Antiquites et no portraits, 58. .

Paris, 1762 9580 Brook Taylor's Perspective, by Kirby, objets d'Art qui composent le Cabinet de feu 9562 Account of a New Process in Painting, small 4to. clf. 50 plates, including Hogarth's cele- Chev. Durand, large paper, thick vol. royal 8vo. with Remarks on the Venetian School, and Arts of brated one, 6s. 6d.

1754 fine plates of elegantly formed Vases, &c. 38. the 16th Century, 8vo. 28. 6d. pub. 8s. 1821 9581 Buchotte les Regles du Dessein et du

Paris, 1836 9563 Algarotti (Count) Essay on Painting, Lavis pour les Plans particuliers des Ouvrages et 9600 Dictionnaire Portatif des Beaux-Arts, 12mo. clf. neat, 28. 1764 des Batimens, 8vo. calf neat, 24 plates, 28.

Architecture, Sculpture, Peinture, Gravure, Poesie 9564 Alston's Hints to Young Practitioners

Paris, 1754 et Musique, avec Vies des Personnes, thick cr. on Landscape Painting, 8vo. 5 plates, 2s. 6d. pub. 9582 Burgess's Practical Essay on the Art of 8vo. fine copy, clf. 38.

Paris, 1752 108. 6d.

1804 Flower Painting, Drawing, Colouring, Composi- 9601 Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Ar9565 Anecdotes of Painting in England, with tion, Finishing, &c. with Account of Works and chitects, and Engravers, cr. 8vo. hif. clf. neat, Notes on other Arts, collected by Vertue, now Lives of Flower Painters, 8vo. 38. pub.88. 1811 48. 6d.

1810 published by Horace Walpole, 5 vols. cr. 8vo.clf. 9582* Caracci, Annibal, Ornaments, &c. to the 9602 Dolce l'Aretin, Dialogue sur la Peinture, 118. 6d.

1782 Duke of Parma's Palace at Rome, 13 plates by dans lequel on traitte de l'excellence de la Pein. 9566

ANTICHITA di ERCOLANO, 5 vols. Aquila ; Caracci's Enea Vagante, 17 plates by Mi. ture et qualites du bon Peintre, 8vo. hlf. clf. 4to. multitude of Plates of Bronzes, Paintings, telli. folio, 88.

Italian and French, 38.

Florence, 1735 Statues, &c. &c. 188.

Roma, 1794 9583 Catalogue of Boydell's Collection of 9602*- Aretin, a Dialogue on Painting from the 9567 A Proper Treatise, wherein is briefly set Pictures, with the names of the purchasers and Italian of Dolce, cr. 8vo. 28. 6d.

1770 forth the Art of Limming, which teacheth the or- prices, small 4to. 28.

18059603 · Droz (Joseph) Etudes sur les Arts, 8vo. der in drawing and cing of Letters, Vinets, 9584 Cawse (Prof.) Introduction to the Art of 28.

Paris, 1815 Flowers, &c., with diuers other things verie meete Painting in Oil Colours, with plates explanatory 9604 - Du Fresnoy, Art of Painting, translated and necessarie to be knowne, small 4to. hif. clf. of the different Pallets used in the progress of by Dryden, with Remarks and Parallel between Black Letter, 38.

1605 painting a Portrait or Landscape, royal 8vo. 38. Painting and Poetry, and Accounts of Ancient and 9568 Art of Painting in Miniature, without a pub. 58.

Ackermann, 1822 Modern Painters, cr. 8vo. clf. 38.

1716 Master, translated from the French, with Italian 9585 Caylus et Majault Memoire sur la Pein- 9605 Du Fresnoy, Art of Painting, translated by Secrets, &c. 12mo. clf. 38.

1739 ture, a l'Encaustique, et sur la Peinture a la Cire, Mason, with Sir Joshua Reynolds' Annotations, 9569 Art of Painting in Miniature on Ivory; 8vo. clf, neat, 38.

Geneve, 1780 1783; Bardwell's Practice of Painting and Pers. also Instructions for Crayons ; also Burnishing, 9586 Collection de Sculptures Antiques, Grec. pective made Easy, with the Art of Painting in Gilding on Glass, by Payne, 1812 ; Årt of Paint- ques et Romaines trouvees a Rome, small 4to. clf. Oil, 1756, small 4to. clf. neat, 78. ing in Water Colours, also on Glass and Crayons, neat, 62 plates of Bas Reliefs, Statues, Bustes, 9606 Edwards' Anecdotes of Painters resi. 1811; Palmer's Theorie de la Lumiere applicable 68.

Paris, 1755 dent or born in England, with Critical Remarks aux Arts et Peinture, 1786; Fulhame's Essay on 9587 Compendious Treatise of Anatomy, on their Productions, small 4to. 48. 6d. pub. Il. 18. Combustion, with a View to new Art of Dyeing and adopted to Painting and Sculpture, with the names

1808 Painting, 1794, 8vo. hlf.clf. 48. 6d.

of the Parts, their uses, &c. 12mo. a MS. very 9607 Elgin Marbles ; Canova's Letter upon ; 9570 Artist's Assistant in Drawing, Perspec- neatly written, with original drawings, 38. 1835 Visconti's 2 Memoirs to the Royal Institute of

tive, Etching, with the easiest rules, 1772 ; Histo- 9588 Coypel Dialogue sur la Connoissance de France; and Report of the Committee of the rical Description of Westminster Abbey, its Mo. la Peinture, 1754; Recueil Secret, 17— Lettres House of Commons, with Evidence, Appendis, &c. numents, &c. 1797, &c. cr. 8vo. 2s. Secrettes de Voltaire. Geneve, 1765 ; Voyages thick 8vo. 38. 6d. pub. 168.

1816 9571 Artist's Assistant in the Study and Prac. d'un Philosophe en Afrique, Asie, et Amerique, 9608 Elsum's Art of Painting after the Italian tice of the Mechanical Sciences, cr. 8vo. plates, 28. 1769 ; &c. 12mo. 2s.

Manner, with Observations on Principal Colours, 9572 Artist's Repository and Drawing Maga- 9589 Craig's Course of Lectures on Drawing, 8vo. clf. neat, 38.

1704 zine, exhibiting the Principles of the Polite Arts Painting and Engraving, 8vo. col. plates, 4s. pub. 9609

Ferrand l'Art du Feu ou de Peindre en in all their branches, 4 vols. 8vo. clf. very neat, 148.

1821 Email, dans lequel ou decouvre les plus beaux numerous plates, scarce, 138. 1788 9590 Cumberland's Anecdotes of Eminent secrets, 12mo, clf. 28.

Paris, 1721 9572* Bardi's Collection Bassorilievos at Flo Painters in Spain, during the 16th and 17th Cen- 9610 Freart's Idea of the Perfection of Paintrence, by Benevenuto Cellini, Michel Angelo, &c. turies, 2 vols. 12mo, clf. neat, 58.

1782 ing; from Principles of Art, and Examples, oblong 4to. Il plates, 88.

Firenze, 17819591 Cumberland's Anecdotes of Julio Bona- translated by Evelyn, cr. 8vo. clf. 28. 1668 9573 Bardwell's Practice of Painting made soni, a Bolognese Artist, with Catalogue of bis 9611 Gessner on Landscape Painting, 4to. 28. Easy, and Art of Painting in Oil, 1782 ; Complete Works and Remarks, on the character of his rare,

1796 Aquatinter, being the whole Practice of Etching and exquisite performances, 12mo. neat, scarce, 9612 Gilpin on the Coasts of Hampshire, and Engraving in Aquatinta, 1804 ; La Certosa di 28.

1793 Sussex and Kent, chiefly relative to Picturesque Bologna descritta, nella sue Pitture, 1772; Gentle. (9592 Cumberland's Catalogue of the Paint- Beauty, 8vo. clf. plates, 48.

1804 man's Tutor for the Small Sword, in 13 Lessons, ings in the King's Palace at Madrid and in the 9613 · Gilpin on the River Wye, and several 1730, small 4to. 58.

Buen-Retiro, 12mo. 28.

1787 parts of South Wales, relative chiefly to Pictu9574 BARTHOLUS Picturæ Antiquæ Cryp- 9593 Dandre Bardon traite de Peinture, avec resque Beauty, 8vo. plates, 48. 6d.

1800 taum Romanarum et Sepulcri Nassonum, deli. un essai sur la Sculpture, et Catalogue des Artistes, 9614 Green's Figures from Salvator Rosa, neatae et apreux à Bellorio et Causseo, royal fo- les plus fameux de l'Ecole Francaise, 2 vols. in 1, oblong 4to. 24 plates, 48.

1789 lio, half vellum, numerous plates, 188. Rome, 1750 thick 12mo. 38.

1765 9615

Guicciardini's Account of the Ancient 9375 - Bartoli, Admiranda Romanarum Anti- 9594 De Piles elemens de Peinture Pratique, Flemish School of Painting, translated 4to. 2s. 1795 quitatuni ac Veteris Sculpturæ Vestigia, Notis Bel. Augmentee par Jombert, 12mo.clf. 28. Amst. 1766 9616 Handmaid to the Arts, Painting, Tracing,

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