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942t Travels, &c. Hargrove (Surgeon) Account of the Islands of Walcheren and South Beverland, and Description of the British Expedition against, in 1809, also Character, &c. of the Inhabitants, and Description of the Disease in the Army, 4to. plan, scarce, 48. pub. 158. Dublin, 1812 943t Harris (Capt.) Narrative of an Expedition into Southern Africa in 1836-7, from the Cape through the Territories of the Chief Moselekatse to the Tropic of Capricorn, and a Zoological Appendix, 8vo. map and plts. 58. 6d. Bombay, 1838 5616 Harvard's Narrative of the Establishment and Progress of the Mission to Ceylon and India, with Notices of Bombay, and the various Sects, and Natural, Civil, and Religious History of Ceylon, 8vo. plates, 38. 6d. pub. 98. 1823 944t Hawkins (Dr. Bisset) Germany, the Spirit of her History, Literature, Social Condition, and National Economy, illustrated by Reference to her Physical, Moral, and Political Statistics, 8vo. cloth, ("an admirable work,") 68. pub. 10s. 6d. 1838 945t

Head's Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau, cr. 8vo. cloth, plates, 48. 6d. pub. 128. 1834 946t Head (Capt.) Rough Notes during Journeys across the Pampas and among the Andes, cr. 8vo. 48. 6d. pub. 9s. 6d. 1828 947t Head (Sir Francis B.) Narrative of Canada Affairs, thick 8vo. new, cloth, 48. pub. 128. 1839 948t Heath's Natural and Historical Account of the Islands of Scilly, with their Laws, &c. also a general Account of Cornwall, 8vo. clf. nt. maps and plts. (" honest detail of facts,") 38. 1740 949t Heath's Descriptive Account of Tintern Abbey, with Observations on the Monastic Order, and Correct Translation of the Charters of Earls of Pembroke and Norfolk, thick 8vo. clf. nt.48.1799 950t Heath's Excursion down the Wye, 1815; Ditto, Descriptive Accounts of Chepstow and Persfield, 1821, thick 8vo. 48.


962t Travels, &c. (Hoare, Sir R. Colt) Tour in
quest of Genealogy through Wales, Somersetshire,
and Wiltshire, with Descriptions of Stourhead and
Stonehenge, and curious fragments attributed to
Shakespeare, 8vo. 3s. pub. 128.



Wilson's Natural History, small 8vo. map and en- | 983t Travels, &c. HUMBOLDT, Essai Po-
gravings, 38. 6d. pub. 58.
litique sur la Nouvelle Espagne, 5 vols. 8vo. half
clf. nt. ("To write upon Mexico, without referring
to Humboldt at almost every page, is nearly impos-
sible."-Ward,) 15s.
Paris, 1811
India (East) Pamphlets, Curious Collec-
tion of. Series of Letters on Public Service on Co-
romandel Coast, 1779; Regulation for Adminis-
tration of Justice in Courts of Dewannee Adaulut,
Calcutta, 1787; Ditto, ditto, in Criminal Courts in
Bengal, &c. 1787; Ditto, Amended Code, 1792;
General Regulations for Revenue, 1787: Dr. Ander-
son's 7th to 14th Letter to Sir J. Banks on
Cochineal, Madras, 1787; J. G. Enquiry into Na-
ture of Zemindary Tenures in Bengal,1791; Cock-
burn's Prize Essay on the best Means of civilizing
the Subjects of British Empire in India, 1805;
Vindication of the Justice, &c. of late Wars in the
Hindostan and the Deckan, by Wellesley, 1806,
charts; Considerations upon the Trade with India,
1807; Bentinck (Lord W.) Memorial to Court of
Directors on his Dismissal, 1809, 2 vols. 4to. neatly
bound, 78. 6d.

Hodgskin's Travels in the North of Ger-
many, describing the present State of its Social
and Political Institutions, Agriculture, Manufac-
tures, Education, Arts, and Manners, 2 vols. 8vo.
"much information, teeming with abuse of kings,”
48. 6d. pub. 11. 48.
Edinb. 1820
Hodgson's Letters from North America
during a Tour in the United States and Canada,
2 vols. 8vo. maps, 48. pub. 17. 48.
965t - Holman's Journey in France, Italy, Savoy,
Switzerland, &c. 8vo. 38. pub. 138.




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Holman's Travels through Russia, Sibe-
ria, Poland, Austria, Prussia, Hanover, in 1822-34,
and State Prisoner from Siberia, 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. 6d.
pub. 11. 48.
Holman's Travels in China, New Zealand,
New South Wales, Van Diemen's Land, Cape Horn,
&c. &c. 8vo. clth. map and plts. 58. pub. 148. 1840
Holman's Travels in Madeira, Sierra Le-
one, Teneriffe, St. Jago, Cape Coast, Fernando Po,
Princess Island, &c. &c. 8vo. cloth, new, 4s.
pub. 148.
969t Holman's Travels in Madras, Ceylon,
Mauritius, Cormoro Island, Zanzibar, Calcutta,
&c. &c. thick 8vo. new, clth. 48. 6d. pub. 14s. 1840
1805 Home's Select Views in Mysore, the
Country of Tippoo Sultan, with Historical De-
scriptions, royal 4to. fine plates by Fitler, Byrne,
&c. 48.
970t Hooker's Journal of a Tour in Iceland in
1809, 8vo. plates, 38. pub. 148.

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India, Inquiry into the Expediency of applying the Principles of Colonial Policy to the Government of India, and effecting an essential Change in its Landed Tenures and Character of its Inhabitants, 8vo. fine copy, clf. 3s. 6d. pub. 108. 987t Indian Army, Inquiry into the State of, with Suggestions for its Improvement and Establishment of Military Police in India, by Capt. Badenach, 8vo. clf. very neat, 38. pub. 8s. 6d. 1826 992t Maps, Charts, &c. of India, &c. late the Property of a Governor of the India House, containing HORSBURGH'S General Map of INDIA, with Index, on 20 sheets, 1825-7; BLACKER'SNew Map of Hindostan, 6sheets, 1824; Col. Lambton's Plan of Trigonometrical Survey of Peninsula of India, 1802 to 1814, 8 sheets; Ditto, ditto, in Nizam's Dominions, 1 sheet, 1827; Lambton and Everest, Sketch of Triangles in ditto, 1 sheet, 1827; Ravenshaw's Plan of Madras, 2 sheets, 1822; Horsburgh's Plan of Bombay Harbour, 1 sheet, 1806; Ditto, China Sea, 2 sheets, 1806; Ditto, ditto, 2 sheets, 1821; Ditto, Mallacca, 2 sheets, 1806; Ditto, from Pulo Aor, 1 sheet,1806; Ditto, Strait of Sanda, 1 sheet, 1818; Ditto, of Mathurin Bay, 1 sheet, 1810; Ditto, Directions for Navigating to and from East Indies, 1 sheet; Tod's Map of Rajast' Han, 1 sheet; Ashman's (W.) Coast of Sumatra, 1 sheet, 1821; Newell and Auber's Canton River, 1818; Maxfield's of Ship Nearchus' Track, 1821; Capt. Ross, Hainan, 1sheet, 1822; Ditto, Ki-San-Seu Harbour, 1 sheet, 1816; Ditto, Appo Shoal, 1 sheet, 1816; Ditto, Yellow Sea, 1 sheet, 1816; Ditto, China Coast, 1 sheet, 1816; Crawford's Oie-Hai-Oie Harbour, 1 sheet, 1816; Plan of Chittagong, 1 sheet; Yeate's Variation of Magnetic Needle, 1 sheet, 1817; 6 gs. published at very high price.



Hoppus (Professor) Sketches in Belgium,
Germany, Switzerland, Savoy, and France, with
Historical Notices, &c. on State of Protestant Reli-
gion there, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 58. pub. 11. 18. 1836
971t Horrebow's Natural History of Iceland,
with Meteorological Tables, translated from the
Danish, folio, remarkably clean copy, clf. nt. map,
("sometimes dull and ludicrous, plain matter of
fact enough to atone for greater faults,") 6s. 1758
972t Horsburgh's Memoirs, comprising the
Navigation to and from China, by the China Sea,
and through the various Straits and Channels in
the Indian Archipelago, also Navigation of Bom-
bay Harbour, 4to. 4s.

951t Heath's Historical and Descriptive Ac-
counts of the Ancient and Present State of Mon-
mouth and its Neighbourhood, 8vo. 48. 1804
952t- Hebreux, La Republique des, ou l'on voit
l'Origine de ce Peuple, ses Lois, sa Religion, son
Gouvernement, tant Ecclesiastique que Politique,
ses Ceremonies, &c. &c. 3 vols. cr. 8vo. clf. neat,
numerous fine pits. (from Fonthill Library,) 58.6d.
Amsterdam, 1705
Henderson (Capt.) Account of the Bri-
tish Settlement of Honduras, with Manners and
Customs of the Mosquito Indians, cr. 8vo. map,
2s. 6d. pub. 78.
Henry's Travels and Adventures in Ca-
nada and Indian Territories, 1760-76, (Adventures,
Geography, Natural History, Society and Manners
of the Indians,) 8vo. bnd. 3s. 6d. New York, 1809
955t Herbert (Sir Thomas) Relation of some
Years' Travaile, begunne 1626, into Africa and
Asia, folio, clf. 1st edit. numerous cuts, 78. 6d. 1634
956t Herrera, Description des Indes Occiden-
tales, ou Le Nouveau Monde, translatee d'Espagnol,
avec la Navigation du vaillant Capitaine Jaques
le Maire, et plusieurs autres, folio, maps and cu-
rious plates, 78. 6d.
Amsterdam, 1622
957t Heude (Lieut.) Voyage up the Persian
Gulf, and a Journey overland from India to Eng-977t Howitt's Rural Life of England, 2 vols.
land, in 1817, containing Notices of Arabia, Persia,
Mesopotamia, Eden, Babylon, &c. &c. 4to. fine
copy, clf. plates, 78. pub. 11. 58.



Heywood (Capt. Peter) Memoirs, Diaries, and Correspondence, edited by Taggart, (" a most interesting narrative of the Mutiny of the Bounty,") | 8vo. new, cloth, 2s. pub. 98. 959t




Hindoos, Essays relative to the Habits, Character, and Moral Improvement of the, 8vo. clf. very neat, 38. 6d. pub. 10s. 6d. 959t* Hindostan, Tour through the Upper Provinces of, during 1804-14, with Remarks and Authentic Anecdotes, also a Guide up the Ganges, by A. D., 8vo. clf. very neat, map of the Ganges, 4s. pub. 10s. 1823 960t Hinton's History and Topography of the United States, 2 vols. 4to. fine plates, 1l. 18. pub. 6 gs. 1834 961t Historical View of the Progress of Discovery on the more Northern Coasts, by Tytler, with


973t HORSEFIELD (Dr.) Zoological Re-
searches in Java, royal 4to. clean, in parts, beauti-
ful plates, 4 gs. pub. 8 gs.
HORSEFIELD (Dr.) Descriptive Cata-
logue of Lepidopterous Insects, 2 parts, 4to. fine
coloured plates, 11. 18. pub. 3 gs.
Hough's Letters on the Climate, Inha-
bitants, Productions, &c. &c. of the Neilgherries,
or Blue Mountains of Corinbatoor, South India,
8vo. 38. pub. 68.
Howison's Foreign Scenes and Travelling
Recreations, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. half clf. very neat,
48. 6d. pub. 15s.




cr. 8vo. cloth, 12s. pub. 11. 4s.
978t Huddart (Capt. Jos.) Memoir, small 4to.
portrait and plate, (“the names of Watt, Rennie,
and Huddart have been long known to Europe,") 58.
Priv. print. 1821
979t— Huet, Histoire du Commerce et de la Na-
vigation des Anciens, 12mo. clf. nt. 28. Par. 1727
980t Hughes (Rev. John) Itinerary of Provence
and the Rhone in 1819, 8vo. 13 etchings by the
author, ("useful, and some parts very interest-
ing,") 38. 6d. pub. 128.
Hughes (Rev. T. S., Christian Advocate)
Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania, best edit.
2 vols. 4to. bds. maps, plates, &c. (“ highly in-
teresting, to scholar invaluable,") 12s. 6d. pub.
5 gs.



Humboldt, Researches on the Institutions and Monuments of the Ancient Inhabitants | of America, translated by Williams, 2 vols. 8vo. hif. clf. nt. curious plts. 12s. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1814



ARROWSMITH'S ATLAS of SOUTH INDIA, from Cape Comorin to the River Kistnah, on Scale of 4 English Miles to 1 Inch, on 18 Sheets, 17. 188. pub. 107. ? 1822 994t Maps illustrative of the European Connection with India, and of the British Administration in its several Departments, (Commercial, Political, Military, Revenue, and Judicial Maps,) folio, 38. printed by order of the Directors 1833


Inglis' Journey throughout Ireland during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of 1834, cr. 8vo. map, 88. pub. 128. 1836 996t- Inglis' Spain in 1830, 2 vols. 8vo. presentation copy from author, plt. 10s. 6d. pub. 17. 6s. 1831 997t Ireland's Picturesque Views on the River Medway, from the Nore to its Source, royal 8vo. fine copy, russia, original impressions, 9s. 1793 IRELAND, Guide through, descriptive of its Scenery, Towns, Seats, Antiquities, &c. with various Statistical Tables, Mineral Structure and Botany, by J. Fraser, thick 12mo. cloth, map and plates, 5s. 6d. pub. 12s. Dublin, 1838


999t Travels, &c. Ireland, Sketches in, descriptive of Interesting Portions of Donegal, Cork, and Kerry, small 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 7s. 6d. Dublin, 1839 1000t- Ireland, Tour in Connaught, comprising Sketches of Clonmacnoise, Joyce Country, and Achill, small 8vo. cloth, wood cuts, 4s. pub. 78. 6d. Dublin, 1839 1001t Letters from the Irish Highlands of Cunnemarra, cr. 8vo. half clf. neat, 3s. pub. 10s. 1825 1002t Irving (Washington) Life and Voyage of Columbus, 4 vols. 8vo. clean, in bds. with the map, 11. 58. pub. 2 gs. 1828 1003t Irving (Washington) Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey, cr. 8vo. 3s. 6d. pub. 9s. 6d. 1835 1004t Irwin's Series of Adventures in a Voyage up the Red Sea, on the Coasts of Arabia and Egypt, and Route through the Desarts of Thebais, also from Venice to Latichea, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. fine copy, calf, maps and plts. (“ valuable for his information on the Arabians,") 68. 1787 1005t Italy, Journal of a Tour in, with Description of Gibraltar, by an American, royal 8vo. interesting engravings,2s. 6d. pub.128. New York, 1824 1006t- Jackson's Account of the Empire of Mo- | rocco, and the District of Suze, from a long Residence and various Journies through, with interesting Account of Timbuctoo, 4to. hlf. clf. neat, maps and many plates, those of serpents coloured, "valuable and interesting work," 8s. pub.27.128.6d. 1809 1007t Jackson's account of Timbuctoo and Housa, by El Hage Abd Salam Shabeeny, translated from the Arabic, with Notes, &c. 8vo. (“among the very best works on this subject,") 38. pub. 12s.


1008t Jacob's Travels in the South of Spain, 4to. fine plates, fine copy, half calf, very neat, ("interesting volume, very valuable for Agricultural Information,") 7s. 6d. pub. 11. 158. 1811 1009t

Jacquemont (Victor) Letters from India, describing a Journey in British India, Tibet, Lahore, and Cashmeer, in 1828-31, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 48. pub. 128. 1834 1010t James (Edwin) Account of an Expedition to the Rocky Mountains from Pittsburgh, in 1819-20, 3 vols. 8vo. new, in cloth, maps and plts. ("tolerable description of an important portion of N. America," see Quart. Rev.) 9s. pub. 17.16s. 1823 1011t James (Bp. of Calcutta) Journal of a Tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, and Poland, in 1813-4, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, (" entertaining, with much useful and important matter,'') 48. 6d. pub. 308. 1817 1012t

Jameson's Mineralogical Description of the County of Dumfries, 8vo. calf neat, map, scarce, 38. 1805 1013t

Jameson's Outline of the Mineralogy of the Shetland Islands, and of the Island of Arran, with Appendix on Peat, Kelp, and Coal, large paper, royal 8vo. half clf. neat, maps, 4s. 6d. Edinb. 1798 1014t

- Jameson (Professor) J. Wilson and Hugh Murray's History of, Discovery and Adventure in, Africa, from earliest ages to the present time, with illustrations of the Geology, Mineralogy, and Zoology, thick 12mo. cloth, map and cuts, 3s. pub. 5s. 1830


Janson, The Stranger in America, 4to. calf neat, plates, 4s. 6d. pub. 2 gs. 1807 1016t Japonia, Nova Relatio Historica de Statu Rei Christianæ in, a Aloysio, e Soc. Jesu, Mogunt. 1598; Historica Relatio de Regno, et Statu Magni Regis Mogor, ex variis Epistolis inde acceptis,anno 1582-95, a J. P. Peruscho, Mogunt. 1598; and others, from " India Orientali," "Regni Chinensis," "Regis Mogor," Regis Japoniæ. Mogunt. 1601-1602, thick 12mo. rare, 3s. 1017t Jervis (Lieut.) Narrative of a Journey to the Falls of the Cavery, with Historical and Descriptive Account of the Neilgherry Hills, 8vo. plates, 4s. pub. 12s. 1018t JOHNSON'S LIFE and Correspondence of NATHANAEL GREENE, Major General of the Armies of the United States, in the War of the Revolution, chiefly from Original Materials, 2 vols. 4to. 68. pub. 3 gs. Charleston, 1822 1019t Johnson (Dr. Samuel) Diary of his Jour



1020t Travels, &c. Johnson (Dr. Samuel) Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland, 8vo. fine copy, calf, 38. 1785 1021t M'Nicol (Rev. Donald) Remarks on Dr. Johnson's Journey to Hebrides, 8vo. calf neat, fine copy, 38. 6d. 1779 Johnson, (Lieut. Col.) Journey from India to England, through Persia, Georgia, Russia, Poland, and Prussia, in 1817, 4to. calf, very neat, numerous plates, some col. 11s. pub. 21. 2s. 1818 1023t Journal of a Tour and Residence in Great Britain, by a French Traveller, with Remarks on the Country, its Arts, Literature, Politics, Manners, &c. 8vo. vol. 1, all published, 28. New York, 1815 | 1023t* Journey from Aleppo to Damascus, with Description of those Two Capital Cities, and Parts of Syria, and Account of the Maronites on Mount Libanus, &c. 8vo. calf, map, scarce, 38. 1736 1024t Joutel's Journal of his Voyage to Mexico, his Travels 800 Leagues through 40 Nations of Indians, Account of the Missisippi, cr. 8vo. no map, 2s. 6d. 1719

21. 28.

ney into N. Wales, edited with Notes, by Duppa, | 1038t Travels, &c. Kircheri Mundus Subcr. 8vo. 28. 6d. pub. 98. 1816 terraneus, 2 vols. in 1, folio, clf. neat, multitude of cuts, (cost 3 gs.) 78. Amsterd. 1665 943 - Klaproth, Memoires relatifs à l'Asie, contenant les Recherches Historiques, Geographiques, et Philologiques sur les Peuples de l'Orient, thick 8vo. wants title page, 38. Paris, 1824 1039t Klaproth's Travels in the Caucasus and Georgia in 1807-8, by order of the Russian Government, translated by Shoberl, 4to. 58. pub. 1814 1040t Knolles' Generall Historie of the Turkes from the first Beginning, with the Lives of the Ottoman Kings and Emperors, very thick folio, fine copy, clf. numerous portraits, 98. 1621 Knox's Historical Relation of the Island of Ceylon, with Account of his Detention near 20 Years, and Escape, folio, clf. neat, map and plates, ("still retains its character as fullest and most interesting on Ceylon,") 6s. 1681 1042t Knox's History of Ceylon, with Phila lethes' History to 1815, thick 4to. fine copy, clf. maps and plates, 18s. 6d. pub. 2l. 12s. 6d. 1817 1043t Kolben's Account of the Cape of Good Hope, and particular Account of the Nations of the Hottentots, their Religion, Manners, &c. translated from the High German by Medley, 2 vols. 8vo. clf. numerous plates, (" of considerable value."-Leyden,) 3s. 6d.



Jowett (Rev. W.) Christian Researches in the Mediterranean in furtherance of the Objects of the Church Missionary Society, with Journal of Rev. J. Connor in Syria and Palestine, 8vo. map, 58. pub. 108. 1822 Juan Goncales de Mendoce, Histoire du Grand Royaume de la Chine, des Voyages en 1577-81,ensemble un Itineraire duNouveau Monde, traduite en Francois, par Dr. De la Porte, Paris, 1600; Advertissemens Nouveav des Roiaumes de la Chine, et du Giapon, Lion, 1581, thick vol. cr. 8vo. rare, (cost Heber 88. 6d.) 48. 1027t Judkin (Rev. C.) Account of a Mission undertaken with a View to a Propagation of Christian Knowledge, and the Distribution of Holy Scriptures in Arabia, in 1824-5, 1028t Kay (Stephen) Travels and Researches in Caffraria, describing the Character, Customs, and Moral Condition of the Southern Africans, cr. 8vo. cloth, map and plates, 48. pub. 6s. 1833


Keate's Account of the Pelew Islands, composed from the Journals of Capt. Wilson and his Officers, shipwrecked in 1783, (includes the very interesting account of Prince Lee Boo,) 4to. clf. neat, map and many plates, (“written with great elegance and care,'') 5s. 6d.



Kelsall (Charles) Classical Excursion from Rome to Arpino, royal 8vo. plates, (Hibbert's copy sold for 178., Drury's for 18s.) 4s. 6d. Geneva, printed for Author, 1820 1031t Kelsall's Letter from Athens to a Friend in England, 4to. 2 very fine plates by Anker Smith, and plate of Ravenna Medal, (“acceptable to persons visiting Athens, in refreshing their memories with leading historical events, and brief exposition of Athenian Schools of Philosophy,") 3s. pub.

Jl. 18.



Kemper, Histoire Naturelle, Civile, et Ecclesiastique de l'Empire du Japon, 3 vols. 12mo. clf. neat, maps, ("very curious and much esteemed,") 38. 1732 1033t Keppel (Hon. Capt.) Personal Narrative of a Journey from India to England, by Bussorah, Bagdad, Ruins of Babylon, Persia, Moscow, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. hlf. clf. neat, coloured plates, 88. pub. ll. 18. 1827 Keppel's Narrative of a Journey across the Balcan by the two Passes of Selimno and Pravadi, also Visit to Azani and other newly discovered Ruins in Asia Minor, 2 vols. 8vo. hlf. clf. neat, coloured plates, 88. pub. 11. 128. 1831



Kerr's Voyages and Travels, vols. 17 and 18, (the 2 last, includes Stevenson's Sketch) 98. 1816 1036t Kinneir (Capt.) Journey through Asia Minor, Armenia, and Koordistan, in 1813-4, thick 8vo. hlf. clf. very neat, very large map, (particularly interesting, tracing the Marches of Alexander and Retreat of 10,000,) 78. 6d. pub. 188.1818 1037t Kinneir's Geographical Memoir on the Persian Empire, royal 4to. clf. very neat, with the map (so generally wanting) to accompany ditto, on canvas, in case, 188, pub. 21. 2s. 1813



1044t Kolff (Lieut.) Voyages of a Dutch Brig through the Southern and little known Parts of the Moluccan Archipelago, and along the unknown S. Coast of New Guinea, in 1825-6, translated by Earl, 8vo. cloth, 78. 6d. pub. 148. 1840 1045t Kotzebue (Capt.) Narrative of a Journey into Persia in the Suite of the Imperial Russian Embassy, in 1817, 8vo. clf. very neat, (“interesting and valuable."-Stevenson,) 4s. pub. 12s. 1819 Kotzebue's Travels through Italy, 4 vols, 12mo.clf. (Drury's sold for 11. 38.) 4s. pub.17.1806 1047t Lady's Travels into Spain, or Genuine Relation of the Religion, Laws, Manners, &c. translated from the Countess of Danois, 2 vols. 12mo. fine copy, clf. ("most authentic and pleasing,") 38. 1774 1048t


Lande (De La) Voyage en Italie, Histoire, Description, Usages, Gouvernement, Jugemens sur les Peintures, Sculpture, et Architecture, 7 vols. 8vo. good copy, clf. neat, (“ vast variety of subjects treated in a masterly manner, his narrative of the building of St. Peter's is very full, curious, and interesting,") 10s. Geneve, 1790 Lamartine's Travels in the Holy Land, or Visit to Scenes of our Saviour's Life, translated by Huish, thick 8vo. plates, 88. pub. 14s. 1837 1050t Lambert's Travels in Canada and the United States, 1806-8, 2 vols. 8vo. map and many coloured plates, 5s. pub. 11. 10s. 1816

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Lane's Fugitives, or a Trip to Canada, an interesting Tale, with Observations on the Manners, Customs, &c. of the Colonists and Indians, cr. 8vo. 2s. pub. 98. 1830 1054t - Lang (Rev. J. B.) Historical and Statistical Account of New South Wales, both as a Penal Settlement and as a British Colony, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, 98. pub. 11. 1s. 1837 1055t - Lang (Rev. J.D.) Religion and Education in America, with Notices of the State and Prospects of American Unitarianism, Popery, and African Colonization, thick 12mo. cloth, 48. pub. 78. 1840 1056t Lang (Rev. J. D.) View of the Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation, demonstrating their Ancient Discovery and progressive Settlement of the Continent of America, 8vo. 38. pub. 78. 6d. 1834

or 11. 31. 128.





complete, large paper, 8 vols. 8vo. (invaluable to bookseller | Howlett (Rev. J. H.) Instructions for Reading the Liturgy, 1806, &c. 8vo. 6d. pub. Clark's (Rev. F. F.) Plain Sermons preached to Country Jamieson (Rev. J.) Vindication of the Doctrine of ScripCongregations, 12mo. cloth, 48. pub. 1840 ture and Primitive Faith concerning the Deity of Christ, Collingwood (Lord) Life and Correspondence, 8vo. clean, in Reply to Priestley, 2 thick vols. 8vo. scarce, 9s, pub. in bds. portrait, 9s. pub. 168. Edinb. 1794 Commentary from Henry and Scott, 5 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, Jebb (Bishop) Practical Theology, in Discourses, Tracts, 13s. 6d. pub. 11. 58. &c. 2 vols. 8vo. neat in cloth, 13s. 6d. pub. 11. 4s. 1837 Conversations on Botany, er. 8vo, col. plts. 5s. pub. 12s. 1825 Josephus' Works, by Whiston, last trade edition, 4 vol. Coronation of George IV. by Sir George Naylor, with 67 por- 8vo. very neat in clf. scarce, 17. Is. pub. 11. 12ɛ. 1820 traits exquisitely finished in colours like miniatures, fol. Junius' Letters, 2 vols. 8vo, desirable copy, clf. very neat, half morocco, remarkably fine picked copy, 81. 18s. pub. portraits, 88. pub. 1. 1s. Bensley, 1801 521. 10s. 1837 Knowles' Pronouncing and Explanatory Dictionary, with Cottingham's Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details of the Vocabulary of Greek, Latin, and Scripture Proper Names, Interior of Henry VII. Chapel at Westminster, (an incom- with their correct Pronunciations, royal 8vo. 12s. pub. parable piece of the latest of the third class of pointed ar11. 48. Gd. 1833 chitecture, an inexhaustible magazine of the rectilineal style. For domestic architecture it possesses the greatest advantage,) royal folio, (in sheets,) 27 splendid plates, 14s. pub. 3 gs.




Crombie's Gymnasium, 2 vols. 8vo. 9s, pub. 11, 4s. 1821 Crosthwaite (Rev. J. C.) Sermons on Practical Subjects, chiefly at Christ Church, Dublin,cr. 8vo. 5s. pub. 78.6d. 1840 Dammil Lexicon Homericum, cura Duncan, large paper, 2 thick vols, royal 8vo. new in boards, 17s. pub. 4 gs. 1833 Dehon (Bp.) Sermons on Public Means of Grace, Fasts and Festivals, Scrip. Characters, 2 vols. 8vo. 10s. pub. 11. 1823 Diccionario de la Lengua Castellana por la Academia Espabinding, 16s. Madrid, 1832 Doddridge (Dr.) Sermons, 4 vols. 8vo. 8s. 6d. pub, 14.168. 1826 Dodd's Church History, new edition, 2 vols. 8vo. clean, in cloth, 14s. pub. 11. 4s. Don Quixote, translated by Motteux, best edition, with copious Notes by Lockhart, 5 vols. er. 8vo. Dupin's Compleat History of the Canon and Writers of the Books of the Old and New Testaments, with useful Remarks, translated, 2 vols. in 1, folio, clf. fine copy,98, 1699 Elliott's (Capt.) Views in the East, comprising India, Canton, and the Shores of the Red Sea, large paper, complete in 20 parts, roy. 4to. plts. on India paper, 21.28. pub. 101, 1832 Estius Commentaria Absolutissima in Omnes Beati Pauli et Septem Catholicas Apostolorum Epistolas, very thick folio, clf. (pp. 1314,) fine portrait, 11s. Colon. 1631 Facciolati Lexicon, by Bailey, 2 vols. royal 4to. 31. 13s. 6d. 61. 16s. 6d. Fulke (Rev. Dr.) New Testament, translated out of the Vulgate by the Papists of the traiterous Seminarie at Rhemes, with Confutation and Defense of the Sincere Translation, thick folio, poor copy, damaged and imperfect in title, (embodies the whole Popish Controversy,)118.1617 Faraday's Experimental Researches in Electricity, thick 8vo. cloth, 12s. 6d. pub. 18s. 1839 Giles (Dr.) Greek-English, English-Greek Lexicon, cloth, 11s. 6d. pub. 1. 1s. Gilpin (Rev. J.) Sermons for Country Congregations, 3 vols. 8vo. clf, neat, 98. pub. 11. 78. Girdlestone (Rev.) Commentary on the New Testament, Gladwin's Dictionary, Persian, Ilindoostance, and English, 2 thick vols. 8vo, cloth, 11. 1s. pub. 11. 1Cs. 2 vols. 8vo. half clf. stained as usual, 11s, pub. 11. 163. Calcutta, 1809 Gould's Biographical Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, and Architects, with Original Anecdotes, last edition, by Nieuwenhuys, 2 vols. royal 18mo, new, cloth, 6s. pub. 14s. Gray (John Edward) İllustrations of Indian Zoology, from Gen. Hardwick's Collection, folio, 10 beautifully coloured plates of beasts, birds, reptiles, and fish, 6s, pub 11. 1s. 1829 Gresley (Rev. W.) Portrait of an English Churchman, cloth, 7s. Haldane's Exposition of the Romans, 3 vols. 12mo, cloth, new, 12s. 6d. pub. 11. Hammond's Works, Vol. 1, containing his Discourses, chiefly Practical, thick folio, good copy, cf. title ruled with red lines, 18s.









Harding's Portfolio, folio, half green morocco, 24 beautiful plates, 15s. 6d, pub, 3 gs.? Hardyng (John) Chronicle of Public Transactions from earliest Period of English History, with Grafton's Continuation to Henry VIII. admirably edited, with Biographical and Literary Preface, by Sir II. Ellis, thick 4to. 11s. pub, 3 gs. 1812 Harford's Life of Burgess, Bp. of Salisbury, thick 8vo. cloth, fine portrait, 9s. pub. 168. Heber 98. Cd. 1829 He's Sect Omfices of Private Devotion, ovo, scarce, tis. pub. 10s. 6d.

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Kuinoel, Commentarius in Libros Novi Testamenti, 4 thick vols. 8vo. best edit, with portrait, 148. cost 368. Lips. 1816 Lamarck, Animaux sans Vertebres, 8 vols. 8vo. (invaluable to Naturalist,) 1. 13s. Paris, 1819 Landseer's Antiquities of Dacca on the Banks of the Ganges, in 4 parts, all published, beautiful plates by Landseer, India paper proofs, presentation copy to a late Governor of the India House, Il. 15s. pub. 12gs. Las Casas, Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of Napoleon at Saint Helena, 4 thick vols. 8vo. 13s. 6d. pub. 21. 2s. 1824


Livii Opera Drakenborchii, cum Notis Crevierii, et Glossarium, curante Ernesti et Schaefer, 4 vols. 8vo. 11. 8. pub. 21. 28. 1825 Lyell's Geology, 4 vols, cr. 8vo. new, in bds. 15s. 6d. pub.11.8s. M'All (Rev. R.) Discourses on Special Occasions, edited, with Life and Character, by Rev. Ralph Wardlaw, 2 very thick vols. 8vo, cloth, 15s. pub. 24s.



Meek (Rev. R.) The Church of England a Faithful Witness against the Errors and Corruptions of Church of Rome, 8vo. 5s. pub. 128.



Miller (Rev. J. C. of Bexley) XX Sermons, 8vo. (esteemed Evangelical Sermons,) 5s, pub. 10s. 6d. Milner (Dean Isaac) Sermons, 2 vols. 8vo. 8. pub. 11. 18. 189 Milton's Poems, Paradise Lost, Regained, &c. edited by Bp. Newton, 4 vols. 8vo. clf, nt. 18s. 6d, cost 2 gs. 1750 Morell's Lexicon Græco-Prosodiacum, a Maltby, (“elaborate and accurate edition,") 4to. new in cloth, 14s. pub. 31.35. 1824 Mores Cathololici, Vols. IV to IX, inclusive, 6 vols. 1. 4. pub. Morrison (Rev. Robert) Memoirs of the Life and Labours of, by his Widow, with Critical Notices of his Chinese Works, by Kidd, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, fine portrait, 14s, pub. 17. 4s.

[blocks in formation]

dence before the Commissioners on the Universities of Scotland, Edinburgh, Glasgow, St. Andrews, and Aberdeen, 4 vols, fol a body of most interesting matter, 12. 1837 Parnell (Sir H.) Treatise on Roads, wherein the Principles on which Roads should be made are explained and illustrated by Telford's Plans, &c. 8vo. cloth, last edition, 98. 6d. pub. 1. 18. 1838

Patrick, Lowth, and Whitby's Commentary, 6 vols. royal folio, very fine copy, clf. neat, 61. 6s, 1760 Pegge's Anecdotes of Old Times and of the English Lan Pilkington's Dictionary of Painters, thick 4to. clf. scarce, guage, 2 8vo. bds. 12s, 17.4s. 1814-8

[blocks in formation]

Potter (Archbishop) Theological Works, Sermons, Charges, Church Government, and Divinity Lectures, large paper, 3 vols. royal 8vo. bds. rare, 158. 6d. Orford, 1753 Preacher, The, containing Sermons by Eminent Living Divines, 8 vols. 8vo. cloth, (containing 438 Sermons) QUAKERS. Arery rare Collection of 24 old Tracts in a 17. 68. 6d. pub. 31. Volume, by Dewsbery, Crooke, Green, Whitehead, Parker, Pennington, Harris, W. Smith, W. Gibson, T. Taylor, S. Cater, J. Naylor, J. Audland, R. Travers, W. Baily, small thick 4to. Il. Barclay's Apology for the Quakers, most beautifully Quarterly Review, complete to 1839, with all the Indexes, 4to. clean 11s. 1765 vols. 8vo. very neatly and newly hlf, bnd, clf. 11. 11s. 1809-39 Ribadeneira (Rev. Father) Lives of the Saints, with other Feasts of the Year, according to the Roman Calendar, translated from the Spanish, 2 vols. in 1, thick folio, rare, 14s. 6d. Robertson's History of Scotland and Charles V. 6 vols. 8vo. good copy, in russia extra, 14s. 6d. Rogers' Antipopopriestian, or Attempt to Liberate and Purify Christianity from Popery, Politikirkality and Priestrule, er. 8vo. cloth, 5s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1839 Roxburgh, Plants of the Coast of Coromandel, vol. 3 (in 4 Routh, Reliquiæ Sacræ, vols. 1, 2, and 3, 8vo. clean, bds. 1814 large folio parts,) elegantly coloured plates, 21. 2s. pub 10 gs. ? 1819 Russell's Indian Serpents, vol. 2, parts 3 and 4, royal folio, 18 beautiful plates, elegantly coloured, portrail, &c. ll. pub. 5 gs.

Just published, price 12s., in a thick Volume, 12mo, 2nd Edit.

containing Precedents of all the Ordinary Forms of Assu-
rances, and other Instruments; with Practical Instructions
for drawing Deeds, Wills, and Abstracts of Titles; also,
NOTARIAL FORMS, with an Analysis of the Act enabling
Attorneys and Proctors to be admitted to practise as Public
Notaries, likewise an Abstract of the Recent Real Property
Statutes, and the late Act relating to Wills; with numerous
Notes, Cases, &c. adapted for the Offices of Attorneys, So-
licitors, Notaries, and Conveyancers, in Town and Country,
by RICHARD SHIPMAN, Esq., revised, with considerable
Alterations and Additions, by EWEN HENRY CAME-
RON, Esq., of the Middle Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

11. 1s.

London: E. LUMLEY, 56, Chancery Lane.


BOOKS AT LUMLEY'S. Abbott (Lieut.) Views of the Forts of Bhurtpoore and Weire, folio, fine lithographic plates, by Gauci, Harding, Lynch, Mackenzie, and Templeton, India paper proofs, 8s. pub. 1830 Account, Illustrative, of Capt. Coles' splendid Achievement in the Capture of the Island of Banda, folio, fine coloured View by Daniell, Plans, and Descriptions, 4s. A complete Series, with Descriptions, of the combined Operations of the British Forces in the Birman Empire, 1824-5, folio, all the 4 parts, large folio in portfolio, 24 finely coloured plts. 2 gs. pub. 101. Eschylus, Grace, recensuit Scholefield, 8vo. beautifully printed, 6s, 6d, pub. 10s. Cantab. 1828 Andrews (Bishop) Morall Law Expounded, in Sermons on the 10 Commandments, &c. folio, calf, 158. 1642 A rare Collection of 14 Popish and Anti-Popish Tracts, by Gother, Stillingfleet, Clagett, Stratford, Whitby, &c. also of 18 on the Convocation, Allegiance, &c. singularly clean, in original state, small 4tos. 15s. Association (British) for the Advancement of Science, first 3 Reports, 10s. pub. 11. 5s.; also Sixth Report, 6s. pub. 12s. and Seventh, 9s. pub. 16s. 6d. Bancroft on Permanent Colours, 2 thick vols. 8vo. 17. 18. pub. 11. 168.


Bardwell's Ancient and Modern Temples, or Notes on Church Architecture, royal 8vo, cloth, numerous fine plates and illustrations, 13s. pub. 1. 18.






Barrow (Isaac) Works, 3 vols. in 2, folio, very good
clf. neat, 21. 58.
Bennett's Lectures on the History of Jesus Christ, 3 vols.
8vo. clf. neat, 11. 2s. cost 21. 2s.
Benson's Hulsean Lectures for 1820, 8vo. clf. neat, 6s. pub.
Benson's Hulsean Lectures in 1822, on Scripture Difficulties,
8vo. bds. 6s. pub. 128.
Bernardi, Sancti, Opera Omnia ("dernier des Peres de
l'Eglise, instigateur de la Guerre des Croisades."
Nodier,) thick folio, clf. 17.
Berthollet's Elements of the Art of Dyeing, translated with
Notes by Dr. Ure, 2 vols. 8vo. scarce, 18s. 6d. pub.11.48.1824
Besse's Collection of the Sufferings of the Quakers for the
Testimony of a Good Conscience, from 1650 till 1689, 2
vels. folio, elf, good copy, scarce, 11. 4s.
Bible, Holy, with Marginal Notes, cr. 8vo. very suitably
bound, plain maroon coloured morocco, with gilt leares, a
very desirable edition, 10s,

Amst. 1616



Billing's Architectural Illustrations and Account of the
Temple Church, 4to, neatly hlf, bnd. fine plates, 15s. pub.

21. 2s.



Bolingbroke (Lord) Works, best edition, edited by David Mallet, 5 vols. 4to. neat in c'f. 21. 4s. 1754 Bonaventura Opera, 2 vols. in 1, thick folio, fine copy, clf. Paris, 1647 Brande's History of Newcastle, 2 thick vols. 4to. clean, in clf. many plates, 11. 18. 1789 British Critic and Quarterly Theological Review, complete from commencement, in Dec. 1824, to July 1838, (wants No. 43,) clean, in 54 nos, 21. 10s. pub. 161. 4s. 1824-38 Broughton (Rev. T.) Historical Dictionary of all Religions from the Creation, 2 vols. in 1, thick folio, good copy, clf.



Burkitt's Expository Notes on the New Testament, folio, fine copy, clf. neat, portrait, 10s.





Burnet (Bishop) History of the Reformation of the Church
of England, best edition, with the Supplement of Records,
&c. 3 thick vols. folio, fine copy, elf. portraits, 21.
Burnet's History of his Own Times, with Notes, 4 vols.
8vo. clf, neat, 11. pub. 21. 2s.
Buttman's Larger Greek Grammar, translated from German,
by Boileau, with Notes by Barker, 8vo. 9s, pub, 13s. 6d. 1833
Buttmann's Lexilogus, or Critical Examination of nume-
rous Greek Words and Passages, translated with Notes
by Fishlake, 8vo. 13s. 6d. pub. 188.
Buxton's African Slave Trade and its Remedy, thick 8vo.
cloth, map, 5s. Ed, pub.
Byron's Works and Life, Murray's new edition, complete
in 2 thick vols. royal 8vo. cloth, 11. 4s. pub. 21. 2s. 1837-8
Canes' Diccionario Espanol, Latino, Arabigo, 3 vols. folio,
clf. nt, very fine clean copy, 11. 15s. (usual price, 41. 14s. 6d.)
Madrid, 1787
CAVE'S LIVES of CHRIST and his APOSTLES, also of
the FATHERS, 2 vols. folio, clf. 1. 9s.
Christian and Civic
of Large Towns,
complete; Ditto, Political Economy. 4 vols. 8vo, 17s. pub.
Charnock (Rev. Stephen) Works, 2 vols. folio, half clf.
21. 12s. 6d.
Chaucer's Poetical Works, with Glossary from Urry and
Tyrwhitt's editions, 14 pocket vols. very neat in old clf.
(a most desirable book,) 15s. 6d.
Edinburgh, 1782
Childe (Rev. C. F.) Sermons at St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel,
Walsall, 8vo, cloth, 4s. 6d. pub. 10s.
Churton (Rev. E.) The Early English Church, 12mo. cloth,
front, and map, 38. 6d. pub. 4s. 6d.
Ciceronis Opera, 10 vols. large 4to. 11. 18s. Oxford, 1783
Clarke (Dr.) Bibliographical Dictionary, with Supplement,

11. 188.





Hemans (Mrs.) Life and Works, 7 vols. 12mo. neat in cloth,
11. 38. 6d. pub. 11. 15s.
Hodgson's Account of the Augmentation of Small Livings
by Queen Anne's Bounty, Charters, Rules, &c. and Prac-
tical Instructions, royal 8vo. 68. pub. 12s.
Hodgson's Instructions for Candidates for Holy Orders and
Parochial Clergy, 8vo. last edition, 48. pub. 9s. 1829
Homeri Ilias, curante Heyne, thick 8vo. 6s. pub. 15s. 1834
Hood's Comic Annuals for 1830, 1832, 1833, 1834, half bnd.
new, numerous humorous cuts, 128, 6d. pub. 21. 88.
Hooke's Roman History, last trade edition, in 6 vols. 8vo.
new in bds. 11. 4s. pub.
Cadell, 1830
Hooker's Ecclesiastical Polity, best edition, 3 vols. 8vo.
rery clean, bds. 18s.
Collinson's Analysis of Hooker's Polity, 8vo. 4s. pub. 10s. 6d.
Smith (Rev. J. B.) Digest of Hooker's Polity, 12mo. 5s.
pub. 98.
Horatii Opera, cum Scholiis, Baxteri, Gesneri, et Zeunii,
cum Indice copios, thick 8vo. 5s. 6d. pub. 15s. 1826
Horsley (Bishop) Sermons, best edition, in 3 vols. 8vo. clf.
neat, 9s. pub. 11. 78.
Horsley (Bp.) Translation of the Psalms, with Notes, 2
vols. 8vo, clean in bds. 10s. pub. 18s.
Hough (Rev. James) History of Christianity in India from
the Commencement of the Christian Era, 2 thick vols.
8vo. cloth, 14s, pub. 11. 4s.





21. 28.



London:-Printed by WILLIAM STEVENS, 37, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, in the Parish of St. Dunstan in the West, in the County of Middlesex; and Published by EDWARD LUMLEY, 56, Chancery Lane, in the Parish of St. Andrew Holborn, in the County of Middlesex, aforesaid, Monday, Nov. 23, 1840.

No. 17.]




THIS Publication is intended to be the organ of communication between the Book-buying and Reading public, and the Booksellers of the whole kingdom. It is more especially designed to be the means of procuring for Authors, Scholars, &c. the rarest and most valuable books; and as each Number will be strictly confined to literary subjects, no Advertisements can be admitted, except those which have reference to matters of analogous character. The literary portion will present unusual attractions from its sterling merit, original information, and news.

Advertisements for rare and scarce Works, odd Volumes, or Numbers, to complete Sets, inserted in this Advertiser, free of expense.

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Ancient Christmas Carol.

Carol singing at Christmas is a custom of great antiquity. Jeremy Taylor says, that the song of the Angels on the birth of the Saviour, was the first Christmas Carol. Without going back to so distant a period, we may instance the Anglo-Norman Carol, from a MS. in the British Museum, translated by Douce, and printed in Brand's "Popular Antiquities." Other specimens of a later date will be found in Sandy's work on Carols, and many more exist among the MSS. of our public libraries. A passage in Leland's Collectanea (vol. iv. p. 237) proves that they occasionally gladdened the festivities of royalty. He relates that Henry VII., in the third year of his reign, kept his Christmas at Greenwich: on the twelfth night, after high mass, the king went to the Hall, and kept his estate at the table; in the middle sat the dean, and those of the king's chapel, who, immediately after the king's first course, sang a carall. The earliest printed collection of Carols was published by Wynkyn de Worde in the year 1521. Only one leaf of this book is known to exist, and that was picked up by Hearne, the Antiquary; Dr. Rawlinson purchased it at his decease, and bequeathed it to the Bodleian library. There are two Carols upon it: one, "a caroll of huntynge," is reprinted in the last edition of Juliana Berners' "Boke of St. Alban's ;" the other, a caroll bringing in the bore's head," is in Dr. Dibdin's "Ames," with a copy of it as it is now sung in Queen's College, Oxford, every Christmas-day.

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The following Carol is, we believe, now printed for the first time. It occurs among the Harleian MSS. in the British Museum, and was written during the reign of Henry VI. It is more remarkable for the whimsical termination of each stanza, than for its poetic merit. Probably the author thought, (as one of Ben Jonson's character's did, at a later day, of a similar composition) that "it cried 'tink' at the close, divinely!"

Now ys crystemas y cu',
Ffadyr and Son to gedyr in oon,
Holy Goste us be oon,

In fer-a,
God send us a good new yer-a.
I wolde yow synge, for and I myghzt,
Off a chylde ys fayr in syghzt,
Hys modyr hym bar' thys yulyis nyghzt,
So styll-a,
And as yt was hys wyll-a.

Ther ca' iij kyngs fro galylee,
In to bethleem that fayr cytee,
To seke hym that e'r shulde be,

By ryghzt-a
Lorde and kynge and knyghzt-a.
As they cam forth wt ther offrynge,
They met wt herode that mody kynge,
Thys tyde-a;
And thys to them he sayde-a.

Off wens be ye, yow kyngs iij ;
Off the este, as ye may see,
To worshyp hym that e'r shulde be

By ryghzt-a,
Lorde, and kynge, and knyghzt-a.

When yow at thys chylde have be,
Cu' home azeyne by me,

Tell me the syghzt that yow have see;
I p'y yow,
Go yow non odyr way-a.
They toke her leve both olde and yonge
Off herode that mody kynge,
They went forth w' ther offrynge,

By lyghth-a,
The sterre that shone so bryghzt-a.
Tyll they ca' in to the place
Ther Jh'u and hys modyr was,
Offryd they up w grete solace

In fer-a, Golde, and sence, and myrre-a. The fadyr of hevyn an awngyll down sent, To thyse iij kyngs that made p'sente, Thys tyde-a, And thys to them he sayd-a. My lorde have warnyd yow ev'y chone, By herode kynge yow go not home, Ffor and yow do he wyll yow slone,

And strye-a,
And hurte yow wondyrly-a.

Fforth then wente thys kyngs iij,
Tyll they ca' home to ther' contre,
Glade and blyth they wer' all iij,
Off the syghzt that they had see,

By dene-a,
The cu'pany was clene-a.

Knele we now her' a down,
Pray wee in good devocion,
To the kynge of grete renown,

Of grace-a,
In hevyn to have a place-a.

NEW TEST.-Tyndale, 1548, 4to.
Title in Red and Black, within an architectural
woodcut border.

The newe Testament of the last Translacion. By Wylliam Tyndall with the Prologes and annotacions in the mergent, declaryng many harde places conteyned in the texte. Also in the later ende foloweth the Epistles of the olde Testament. Imprynted in the yere of oure Lorde God MDxlix And in the thyrd yere of the reigne of our moost dreade Souerayne Lorde Kynge Edwarde the Syxte. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.

On the reverse of the title is an almanack for 22 years beginning 1549. A Calender 3 leaves-at the foot of each month are four verses comparing each month to the different stages of human life. . . . . Tyndale's prologue beginning "Here hast thou most dere reader" 6 pages. The sum, or contents of the 4 Gospels and the Acts.... 6 pages. . . . The gospel of S. Matthew begins on Bi..... The contents of the chapters are not prefixed. The running titles to the gospels read, Mathew, Mark &c. . . not S. Mathew.. S. Mark . . . . it has the prologue to S. Mathew.. to the Romans (20 leaves).. and to all the other epistles; but those to S. Mark, S. Luke and S. John are omitted. There are marginal notes which as well as the prologues are printed in a smaller type than the text. After the Revelations, follow " The Epistles taken out of the Old Testament after the use of Salisbury . . . . 20 Leaves. . . . at the foot of the


last is "Imprinted at London wythin Aldrichgate in the parisshe of Sayncte Anne & Agnes by Wyllyam Tylle in the yere of oure Lorde God 1548. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum.".... After this are two leaves of Table of" Epistles & Gospels usuallye reade in the churche, accordynge unto the booke of Common prayer" ending on the 3rd page. ... These have evidently never belonged to the volume, although the only other copy able to be traced, has them also. The first page bears the signature Ii and at the foot of the last is "Imprynted at London by Thomas Petet. . . . . . The whole volume is in Black Letter .... no folios. . . . . The type much battered. ... the composition very confused and bad, the words frequently run together without spaces. . . . . The chapters are very incorrectly numbered. . . . too often to enumerate . . . . . The whole book is filled with errors.... additions & omissions of the most serious description . . . . . The following as a specimen, out of very many


Matt. 5 A Blessed are they that mourn, † for they shall enherit the earth.

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15 E It is sown in corruption and riseth in corruption (incorruption)

And a multitude of others equally gross and extraordinary. It can only be accounted for by supposing that the book must have been printed abroad by one who knew not a word of English.

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The signatures are B-Z.. AA Nn in 8's. There are no wood cuts... a full page generally contains 35 Lines.

"Be assured that the magnanimity of uprightness, and all the elevating and all the attractive qualities of the human mind, are the best protection of nations, as well as individuals; that the path of honour is the path of true policy; and that the great Governor of the world, in public, as well as in private life, has indissolubly connected, even on this side the grave, the happiness of his creatures, with the exercise of their virtues, and the fulfilment of their duties."— Professor Smyth on the French Revolution.

Just published, price 3s.
CRIPTURAL GEOLOGY, or an Essay on the High
Antiquity ascribed to the Organic Remains imbedded
in Stratified Rocks; communicated, in abstracts, to the
Geological Section of the British Association, at the Annual.
Meeting held in Newcastle.-SECOND EDITION, with an
J. Pye Smith's Geological Lectures, particularly his Theory
Appendix, containing Strictures on some Passages in Dr.
of a Local Creation and Local Deluge. By the Rev. G.
YOUNG, D.D., Author of "A Geological Survey of the
Yorkshire Coast," "The Life of Capt. Cook," &c.
London: Simpkin and Co.; Edinburgh, Oliphant & Son,
and M. Paterson; Glasgow, M'Leod.

The Appendix may be had separately, price 18.
(No. printed, 3000.)

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1074t Travels, &c. Ludolph's New History, or full and accurate Description of Ethiopia, folio, plates, ("full of recondite and important information,") 58. 6d. 1682


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Lumisden's Classical and Topographical Survey of the Antiquities of Rome and its Environs, 4to. plates, 78. 6d. pub. 21. 1076t Lumsden (Lieut.) Journey from Merut in India to London, through Arabia, Persia, Armenia, Georgia, Russia, Austria, &c. 8vo. clf. very neat, large coloured map, 4s. pub. 10s. 6d. 1822 1077t-Lyall (Dr.) Travels in Russia, the Krimea, the Caucasus, and Georgia, 2 vols. 8vo. hlf. bnd. wood-cuts, ("a great deal of curious reading for curious readers, and very beautiful plates."Edinb. Review,) 68. 6d. pub. 11. 10s. 1825 1078t Lyon (Capt.) Journal of a Residence and Tour in the Republic of Mexico in 1826, with Account of the Mines in that Country, with Glossary, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 5s. pub. 16s. 1828


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Lyon (Capt.) Private Journal during Capt. Parry's Voyage, 8vo. hlf. clf. very neat, 7 plts. and map, ("replete with interesting matter,") 78. pub. 168. 1824 1080t Lyon (Capt.) Narrative of an unsuccessful Attempt to reach Repulse Bay in 1824, 8vo. map and plates, 2s. pub. 10s. 1825 1081t Macasar, in the East Indies, Historical Description of, Manners, Customs, Idolatry, Circumcision of Women, Batavian Cruelty, &c. 8vo. elf. extra, by Kalthoeber, from Fonthill, 38.6d.1701 1082t Macaulay (Rev. Mr.) History of St. Kilda, with very curious Particulars,, (Dr. Heath's copy sold for 1l. 48.) 38. 1083t MACCULLOCH (Dr.) Description of the WESTERN ISLANDS of Scotland, including the Isle of Man, their Geological Structure, Agriculture, Scenery, and Antiquities, 2 vols. 8vo. and 4to. Atlas of plts. fine copy, clf. 21. pub. 3 gs. 1819 1084t (Brown's) Critical Examination of Dr. Macculloch's Highlands, &c. of Scotland, cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. pub. 88. 6d. Edinb. 1825 1085t Mackenzie (Alex.) Voyage from Montreal, through the Continent of North America, to Frozen and Pacific Oceans, with History of the Fur Trade, 4to. maps, very interesting and important," 6s. pub. 11. 11s. 6d.





Mackenzie (Sir G. S.) Travels in the Island of Iceland in 1810, 4to. many plates, some beautifully coloured, (" treats of every topic, all evidently the result of much knowledge, sense, and information,") 88. pub. 3 gs. 1811

1087t- Mackenzie's Notes on Haiti during a Consular Residence in that Republic, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. 11. 1830 1088t Mackinnon's Account of the Falkland Islands, from a Six Month's Residence in 1838-9, 8vo. map, 2s. 6d. pub. 1840 1089t Macmichael (Dr.) Journey from Moscow to Constantinople in 1817-8, 4to. plates, (Drury's 1819 copy sold for 21. 14s.) 4s. pub. 11. 11s. 6d.




-- Macpherson's History of the European Commerce with India, with Review of Arguments for and against the Trade with India, and Appendix of Authentic Accounts, 4to. map, (" an elaborate work,") 3s. pub. 11. 16s. 1812 Mactaggart's Three Years in Canada, an Account of the Actual State of the Country, Society, &c. with Advice to Emigrants, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. ("most valuable work to politician, merchant, man of science, &c.") 4s. 6d. pub. 18s. 1829 Madeira, Historical Account of the Discovery of the Island of, from the Portuguese Original, with Account of the Present State, 8vo. fine copy, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, (from Fonthill, sold there for 11.) 48. 6d. 1750 1093t MAFFEI Historia della Citta di VERONA, Notizia de Scrittori Veronesi et delle Cose


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in questa Citta et Trattato degli Anfiteatri, thick royal folio, vellum, numerous cuts, (fine and valu able work,) 108. 1731 1094t Travels, &c. Magrath's Authentic Letters from Upper Canada, with Account of Canadian Field Sports, edited by Rev. T. Radcliff, small 8vo. cloth, plates by Lover, 3s. 6d. pub. 68. Dublin, 1833 Malavolti (Sig. Orlando) Historia de Fatti e Guerre de Sanesi, Cosi Esterne, come Ciuili; doue Cose Notabili nell Asia e nell Africa, small thick 4to. vellum, 38. Venetia, 1599 109ct MALCOLM (Sir John) Observations on the Geography, Soil, Climate, and Productions of Malwa, &c. thick 4to. hlf. clf. (pp. 679,) wants title and map, 4s. Privately printed, Calcutta, 1821 1097t Malcolm's Political History of India from Pitt's Bill in 1784, large paper, royal 8vo. clf. neat, ("valuable manual of modern Indian diplo macy,") 58. 6d. pub. 188. 1811 1098t Malcolm's Sketch of the Sikhs, a Singular Nation inhabiting the Provinces of the Penjab between the Rivers Jumna and Indus, royal 8vo. clf. neat, 48. pub. 88. 6d.



(Malcolm's) Sketches of Persia, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. pub. 18s.



Malcolm (Rev. H.) Travels in South Eastern Asia, embracing Hindustan, Malayan Siam, and China, with Notices of numerous Missionary Stations, and full Account of Burman Empire, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, map and many cuts, 98. pub. 168.

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1839 1101t Malkin's Scenery, Antiquities, and Biography of South Wales, 4to. hif. clf. map and many plates, ("interesting notices of history, an tiquities and manners, most elaborate and satisfactory,") 13s. 6d. pub. 21. 12s. 6d.


1102t- Malling, Great and Good Deeds of Danes, Norwegians, and Holsteinans, translated (by Bp. Percy), 4to. 2s. 6d. pub. 158.

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1807 Mann's Six Years' Residence in the Australian Provinces, with Account of New Zealand, small 8vo. cloth, map, 58. pub. 128. 1839 1104t-Manstein's Memoirs of Russia, Historical, Political, and Military, from 1727 to 1744; comprehending the Wars of Russia with Turkey and Sweden, translated, 4to. hlf. clf. many maps, ("great deal of valuable and correct information,' a work of authority, with recommendatory address by David Hume,) 4s. 6d. 1779 1105t Marchais (Chevalier) Voyages en Guinee, Isles Voisines, et a Cayenne, en 1725-6-7, par. Pere Labat, 4 vols. 12mo. clf. neat, numerous maps and plates, 5s. 6d.

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1107t Maritime and Inland Discovery, History of, complete in 3 vols. small 8vo. cloth, 10s. pub. Lardner's Encyclop. 1831 1108t Marshall (W. B.) Personal Narrative of Two Visits to New Zealand in 1834, cr. 8vo. new, in cloth, 3s. pub. 78. 6d. Nisbet, 1836 1109t Marsden's History of Sumatra, containing an Account of the Government, Laws, Customs, and Manners, Natural Productions, and Ancient Political State, 4to. clf. neat, ("most excellent in plan and execution."-Stevenson,) 48.


CATALOGUE-continued from No. 16-of a portion of EDWARD LUMLEY'S EXTENSIVE ASSEMBLAGE of BOOKS-selected and partially classified, from upwards of 40,000 volumes in all languages-highly interesting to the SCHOLAR, STUDENT, THEOLOGIAN, and Reader of every description. It must be self-evident, from the low price at which these books are marked, that they can be had, for CASH ONLY; and may be obtained through any Bookseller in the Three Kingdoms, the Colonies, or the United States.


Country Booksellers will find it "to their interest," to send their "orders direct," for inclosure, with orders for payment, on their agents.


1057t Travels, &c. Lassel's Compleat Journey
through Italy, with Instructions concerning Travel,
2 vols. in 1, thick 12mo. (best edition, scarce, see
Dodd's Church History,) 3s.
Paris, 1670
1058t Latrobe's Journal of a Visit to South
Africa in 1815-6; with Account of the Moravian
Missionary Settlements at the Cape of Good Hope,
4to. map and coloured plates, ("most interesting of
the African Voyages,") 10s. pub. 21. 28.
1059t- Le Blanc, Les Voyages Fameux du, qu'il
a faits depuis l'aage de douze ans iusques a soixante
aux quatre parties du Monde, recueilly par Covlon,
small 4to. scarce, 58.
Paris, 1648
1060t Le Comte's Memoirs, &c. in a Journey
through China, ("best account of China after
Duhalde, but extremely partial,'') 8vo. clf. plates,
1061tLeslie (Sir John), Professor Jameson, and
Hugh Murray, Narrative of Discovery and Ad-
venture in the Polar Seas and Regions, with Illus-
trations of their Climate, Geology, and Natural
History, also History of the Whale Fishery, 12mo.
cloth, map and engraving, 38. pub. 58.
1062t Lesseps (Consul de France) Journal His-
torique du Voyage de, du Kamtschatka, en France,
avec Vocabulaire des Langues Kamtschadale, Kori-
aque, Tchouktchi et Lamonte, 2 vols. 8vo. clf.
very neat, ("ouvrage estime et peu commun."-
Brunet,) 48. 6d.
Paris, 1790




Letters from Italy, describing the Manners, Customs, Antiquities, Paintings, &c. in 1770-1, (by Lady Miller, of Bath,) 2 vols. 8vo. clf. neat, (Fonthill copy sold for 11. 98.) 3s. 6d. 1777 1064t

Lettres Edifiantes et Curieuses ecrites des Missions etrangeres, "edifying and curious epistles, truly so," 15odd vols. 12mo.clf.108.1724,&c. 1065t-Lewis and Clarke's Voyages and Travels from the Mouth of the River Missouri through the Interior of North America to Pacific Ocean in 1804-6, by P. Gass, 8vo. hlf. clf. neat, 38. 6d. pub. 1808

98. 1066t


Light (Capt.) Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, Mount Libanon, and Cyprus, in 1814, 4to. many plates, views, and inscriptions, (" valu able,") 6s. 6d. pub. 21. 58. 1067t Limbourg (Dr.) Amusemens de Spa, 2 vols. 12mo. clf. neat, map and plates, (from Fonthill,) 38. Amst. 1782 1068t



Lisiansky (Capt.) Voyage round the World between 1803-6, performed by order of the Emperor of Russia, 4to. map and finely coloured plates, 98. pub. 3 gs. 6336 Lloyd (Dr.) Letters from the West Indies in 1836-7, cr. 8vo. cloth, map and plates, 4s. pub. 68. 1838 1069t Lobo "curious and valuable" Voyage to Abyssinia, with Le Grand's 15 "instructive" Dissertations, translated by Dr. Johnson, 8vo. clf. 38. 1735 1070t Long's Voyages and Travels of an Indian Interpreter and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of N. American Indians, with Vocabulary of Chippeway Language, Names of Furs and Skins, Words in Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux Tongues, &c. 4to. ("most faithful picture."-Volney,) 38. 6d. 1791 1071t Loskiel's History of the Moravian Mis sion among the Indians in North America, translated from the German by La Trobe, thick 8vo. map, 58. 6d. 1794 1079


NEWSTosiane, Histoire de, et de la Cession
Colonie par la France, aux Etats-Unis, par
Marbois, 8vo. 48. 6d.
Paris, 1829
1073 Bucas (Paul), Voyage du, en Turquie,
Sourie, Palestine, Haute et Basse Egypte,
chiaredit and veracity have been since fully
confirmed 3 vols. 12mo. hif. clf. numerous plts.
of Antiquities, &c. 38. 6d.
Rouen, 1724


1110t MARSDEN'S SUMATRA, last edition, complete, with the large folio Atlas, 15s. 6d. pub.

31. 13s. 6d.



1111t Marsden's Sumatra, another copy, 4to.
has maps, but wants large plates, 58.
1112t Martin, Montgomery, History of the
[56, Chancery Lane.

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