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James, Systems of Fortification, Tactics, French
Phrases, &c. thick 8vo. calfnt. 58. pub. 11.58. 1805
Military Works.

9601 Midwifery. Dr. Davis's Principles and | 9621 Military Dictionary, New and Enlarged, by
Practice of OBSTETRIC MEDICINE, in a Series
of Systematic Dissertations, and on Diseases of Wo-
men and Children, "presents a mass of important
facts from a long series of years."-Lancet, 2 vols.
4to. cloth, num. fine plates, 21. 2s. pub. 4 gs.
Clough (Dr.) unpublished Lectures on
Theoretical and Practical MIDWIFERY, most
legibly written in 16 Books, with Rules for For-
ceps, &c. 98. 6d.
Another copy of these lectures was purchased at a sale
for 71.




9622 Abbot (Ld. Colchester) Speeches, in communi-
cating Thanks of House of Commons, to Military
Commanders, 1807-1816, with Biographical Me-
moir and Appendix, thick 12mo. pp. 295, 3s. 6d.
Not published, 1829

9623 Act for Punishing Mutiny and Desertion and for
better Payment of Army and their Quarters; also
Rules and Articles for Government of all the
Forces, cr. 8vo. 18.


9624 Adye (Capt.) Bombardier, and Pocket Gunner,
18mo, bnd. 28.


9625 Army Lists (14 various) between 1800 and 1839,3s.
9626 Baucher (Professeur) Dictionnaire Raisonne
d'Equitation, 8vo. 2s. 6d.
Rouen, 1833
9627 Bismark (Count) Lectures on Tactics of Cavalry,
translated from German, by Johnston, 12mo. (pre-
sentation copy to Sir Hrbt. Taylor,) 28. pub.5s. 1827
9628 Brett's Anatomical Description of the Foot of the
Horse, with Treatise on the Corns of Horses, fol. hf.
bd. col. plates from dissections, 7s. pub. 11. 6s. 1827
9629 Campaigns of the British Army at Washington
and New Orleans in 1814-5, by author of the Sub-
altern (Gleig), new, 28. pub. 78. 6d.

9630 Cannon's Historical Records of the Second Re-
giment of Foot or Queen's Royal, 8vo. col. plates,
48. pub. 88.

Blundell (Dr.) Principles and Practice of Midwifery, edited by Lee and Dr. Rogers, thick 8vo. cloth, 178. pub. 11. 48. 1840 9604 Denman's Introduction to the Practice of Midwifery, last edition, by Dr. Waller, with all Modern Information, 8vo. 78. 6d. pub. 16s. 1832 London Practice of Midwifery, with most important Diseases of Women and Children, chiefly for Students and Early Practitioners, last edition, by Dr. Jewel, cr. 8vo. new, 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. 1833 9606 Lettres sur le Pouvoir de l'Imagination des Femmes Enceintes d'imprimer sur le Corps des Enfans, 12mo. cf. nt. scarce, 28. Paris, 1745 9607- Levret, Observations sur les Causes et les Accidens de Plusieurs Accouchemens Laborieux, avec Nouveaux Moyens, plate,2s. Paris, 1748 9608 Morton (Dr.) on the Healthy and Diseased Condition of Breast Milk, Disorders of Mothers produced by Suckling, 8vo. 28. pub. 5s. 9609 Severn's First Lines of the Practice of Mid-9631 Congreve (Sir W.) Description of the Sights or wifery, with Remarks on the Forensic Evidence requisite in Cases of Foeticide and Infanticide, 8vo. plates, 28. pub. 78. 9610 MIERS'S Travels in Chile and La Plata, including the Geography, Geology, Statistics, Government, Finances, Agriculture, Customs, and Mining Operations in Chile, collected during several Years' Residence, "exceedingly valuable information," 2 thick vols. 8vo.maps and plates, 6s. 6d. pub.21.1826 9611 Mignan (Capt.) Travels in Chaldæa, including a Journey from Bussorah to Bagdad, Hillah, and Babylon, with Observations on Sites and Remains of Babel, Seleucia and Ctesiphon, "full of curious matter and most valuable confirmation of Scripture Prophecy, best account of relics of Babylon," 8vo. map and plts. 4s. pub. 148. 9612 Mignet, Histoire de la REVOLUTION FRANCAISE, 1789-1814, avec l'Histoire de la Restauration jusqu'a Louis Philippe, par Emile de Bonnechose, thick 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 98.





"A chef d'œuvre, superior to every thing for last 50 years." "Characterised by profound thought and clear illustration, and by singular impartiality and candour."' "A philosophical history free from all exaggeration." The only edition with continuation, rendered peculiarly interesting, from recent Parisian Calamity. 9613 Mignet's History of the French Revolution, 1789 to 1814, cr. 8vo. 38. pub. 78. 6d. 9614 Miguel (Don) ses Aventures scandaleuses, ses Crimes et son Usurpation, par un Portugais, 8vo. 1s. 6d. Paris, 1833 9615 MILBURN'S Oriental Commerce; Geographical Description of East Indies, China, and Japan, their Produce, Manufactures and Trade, with Rise and Progress of European Nations, especially East India Company's Trade with Eastern World, 2 vols. royal 4to. cf. nt. 11. 6s. pub. 5 gs. 1813 9616 Oriental Commerce, or East India Trader's Complete Guide, by Thornton, royal 8vo. 118. pub.

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Instruments for Pointing Guns for Navy, or Heavy
Ordnance in Battery, with Instructions, &c. 4to.
plates, 2s.

9632 Decker (Capt.) Art of Penwork to Lay Down
the Ground on Military Plans, 8vo. 16 plts. 28.
pub. 88.

9633 Diccionario Militar, por Don Sanz, Capitan de
Artilleria, sqr. 12mo. clf. 2s. Madrid, 1794
9634 Dillon (Col.) Commentary on the Military Es-
tablishments and Defence of the British Empire
and Nations, 2 vols.
9635 Drinkwater's History of the Siege of Gibraltar,
best edit. 4to. hf. cf. nt. maps and plts. 15s. 1786
9636 Dupaty De Clam, la Science et l'Art de l'Equita-
tion demontres d'apres la Nature ou Theorique et
Pratique de l'Equitation fondres sur l'Anatomie, la
Mechanique, la Geometrie, et la Physique, 4to.
cloth neat, plates, 4s. 6d.
Paris, 1776
9637 FIELD of MARS; being an Alphabetical De-
scription of the principal Naval and Military Engage-
ments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, parti-
cularly of Gr. Brit. and her Allies, with Essay on
the Art of War, Military and Naval Discipline, 2
thick vols. 4to. clf. neat, maps, charts, and plates,
11s. pub. 31. 13s. 6d.

8vo, 18.

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9638 Florio, Blasco, la Scienza e l'Arte della Scherma,
Catania, 1831
9639 Grimoard (General) Traite sur le Service de l'E-
tat Major General des Armees, son Objet, Organisa-
tion, Fonctions, &c. 8vo. plates, 38. Paris, 1809
9640 Gueriniere Ecole de Cavalerie, contenant la Con-
noissance, Instruction et Conservation, du Cheval, 2
vols. 8vo. calf neat, numerous interesting plates, 38.
Paris, 1754
9641 Hints to Young Officers, on Principles of Mili-
tary Law and Practice of Courts Martial (by Lieut.
Vernon), 1829; Observations on Practice and Forms
of District Courts Martial, and Existing Regula-
tions, by a Field Officer, Dublin, 1833; Abstract
of Laws against Military Training, Seizure of Arms,
&c. Act, 1820, 3s. 6d.

9642 Hodgson's Art of Preserving and Defending the
Foot of the Horse, deduced Mathematically, with
the Different States of Feet underArtificial Defences,
8vo. 8 plates, 28.
9643 Instructie voor de Officieren der Militaire Ver-
kennings-Brigade, Waarnemingen met der Baro-

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9649 LaFosse's Observationsand Discoverieson Horses,
with New Method of Shoeing, 8vo. plates, 18. 1759
9650 Lake's Journals of the Sieges of the
Madras Army, 8vo. and 4to. Atlas of plates, 48.
pub. 11. 68.
A work of high character, and peculiarly interesting at
present period, from its views of the Hill Forts, Warfare, &c.
9651 Landmann (Prof.) Principles of Artillery, reduc-
ed intoQuestions and Answers, for Military Academy,
Woolwich, 8vo. plans, 28. pub.
9652-Treatise on Mines, for use of Military Aca-
demy, Woolwich, 8vo. 16 plates, 4s. pub. 15s. 1815
9653 Le Parfait Marechal Expert, ou l'Art de Con-
naitre les Chevaux, Manuel-Classique, d'apres les
Ouvrages de l'Ecole Royale Veterinaire, &c. &c.
12mo. plates, 28.
Paris, 1822
9654 Lespinasse (Gen.) Traite du Lavis des Plans, ap-
plique principalement, aux Reconnoissances Mili.
taires, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plates, 28. Paris, 1818
sur l'Organisation de l'Arme de l'Artille-
rie, 1808, plates; Capt. Poumet, sur l'Art de Pointer
toute Espece d'Arme a Feu, 1816, plts. 2vols.2s. 6d.
9656 Marshall on the Enlisting, Discharging, and
Pensioning of Soldiers, with Official Documents,
8vo. 3s. pub. 88.
9657 Martemont (Chev.) Instructions for Officers on
Military Plan-Drawing, oblong 4to, large plates,
38. 6d. pub. 158.
9658 Meyer (Moritz, Capitaine d'Artillerie) Pyrotech-
nie Raisonnee, ouApplication de la Chimie aux Arti-
fices de Guerre, traduite de l'Allemand, par Lieut.
Hippert, 8vo. hf. cf. new, 3s. pub. Bruxelles, 1836
9659 Military Character of the Different European Ar-
mies engaged in the Late War, with Parallel of Policy,
Power, and Means of the Ancient Romans and Mo-
dern French, 1804; Lieut. Wilson on Present State
of British Military Force, with View to its Reorgan-
ization, 1804; Letter in Reply, 1804, 8vo. half mo-
rocco, 2s. 6d.
9660 Military Memoirs and Maxims of Marshall Tu-
renne, and others, by Major-General Williamson,
cr. 8vo. bnd. 28.
9661 Miller, Von (Col. d'Etat Major) Lecons sur la



Tactique, appliquee aux Trois Armes, traduites de
l'Allemand, par Huybrecht, 2 vols. 12mo. and large
9662 Molyneux's History of Expeditions carried on
folio Atlas of plans, hf. cf. nt. 78.6d. Bruxelles, 1835
jointly by the Fleet and Army, from Cæsar to 1758;
with Commentary on Littoral War,,28.
9663 MONTALEMBERT (Le Marquis de) Fortifi-
cation Pependiculaire, ou Essai sur plusieurs mani-
eres de Fortifier la Ligne droit,le Triangle,le Quare,
4 vols. 4to. numerous very large and beautiful
9664 Moore (Wm.)Treatise on the Motion of Rockets;
plts. 138.
Paris, 1778
with Essay on Naval Gunnery, in Theory and Prac-
tice, 8vo. 28. pub. 108.

9665 My Cousin in the Army, or, Johnny Newcome
on the Peace Establishment, royal 8vo. 20 col. hu-
morous plts. 4s. 6d. pub. 11.
9666 Ney (Marshal) Military Studies for his Officers,
translated by Caunter, with Introduction and Dia-
grams, by Major James, 8vo. 38. pub. 68. 6d. 1833
9667 Orders and Regulations for Army in Ireland,
1835; Regimental Orders for Grenadier Guards,
9668 Pasley (Capt.) Essay on the Military Policy and
Institutions of the British Empire, thick 8vo. 3s.
pub. 10s. 6d.
Exercise of the New Decked Pontoons,
or Double Canoes and Bridge of Casks, 8vo. red
morocco extra, gilt leaves, 48.




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Military Works. Commissariat Contracts, as compared with Regimental Purchases, with recommendation that it be abolished, 8vo. 38. Chatham, privately printed, 1825 9671 Pembroke (Earl of) Military Equitation, or Method of Breaking Horses and Teaching Soldiers to Ride, small 4to, 17 plts. 2s. 6d. 9672 - PRINSEP'S History of the Political and 1778 Military Transactions in India, during the Administration of the Marquess of Hastings, "best edition of this highly valuable work,"2 vols. 8vo. new, fire maps and plates, 48. 6d. pub. 17. 128. 9673 Regulations for Junior Department of the Royal 1825 Military College and for Formation of the Collegiate Board, with the Authorities, small 4to. fine copy, red morocco extra, gilt leaves, 28. 9674 Reide (Capt.) Treatise on the Duty of Infantry 1802 Officers, and the Present System of British Military Discipline, 12mo. bnd. 1s. 9675 Rochefort, l'Equitation a l'usage des Gens du 1795 Monde, suivie d'un Cours d'Hippiatrique a l'usage des Officiers de Cavalrie, 12mo. 28. Bruxelles, 1827 9676 Rules forTracing and Executing the Parallels and Approaches in a Siege, 8vo. 28.

Privat. Lithographed at Chatham, 1826 9677 Samuel's Historical Account of the British Army, and of Military Law, as declared by Ancient and Modern Statutes, andArticles of War for its Government; with Free Commentary on the Mutiny Act, and Rules & Articles of War, illustrated by various Decisions of Courts Martial, 9678 (Sherer, Capt.) Tales of the Wars of Our Times, 8vo. new,morocco backs, 9679 Shipp's MILITARY Bijou, or the Contents of a Soldier's Knapsack, being Gleanings of 33 Years Active Service, 2 vols. inl, cr.8vo. new, 9680 Silva (Marq. de) sur la Tactique, et Strategique; ou Vrais Principes de Science Militaire; avec Considerations sur la Guerre de 1769, entre les Russes et les Turcs, thick 4to. 30 maps and plans, 28. 6d. 9681 Sinnott(Colour-Serjeant) Military Catechism for Turin, 1778 Non-Commissioned Officers, &c. of Infantry, adapted, &c.1834; Cherry on the Carrying of Baggage on Backs of Horses and Mules, with Description of Officer's Complete Equipment, 1835, 2s. 9682 The Soldier's Library, by the authorof "Military Memoirs of an Infantry Officer," Retiring Fund, Reward Fund, Military Punishment, Anecdotes, Maxims, Stratagems, Ambition, &c., cr. 8vo. new cloth, 38. 6d. pub. 88. 9683 THORN(Major) Memoir of the War in INDIA, Blackwood, 1838 under Lord Lake and Duke of Wellington, fromcommencement 1803 to 1806, with Historical Sketches, Topographical Descriptions, and Statistical Observations, 4to. new, mor.back, maps and plans of Operations, 58. pub. 21. 12s. 6d. 9684 Traite de l'Intonation des Commandements sur 1818 l'Exercice et les Manoeuvres de l'Infanterie, par un Officier Superieur, Belge, 12mo. hf. cf. 2s. 6d. 9685 Turpin (Count) Essay on the Art of War, transBruxelles, 1837 lated by Captain Otway, 2 vols. 4to. very fine copy, cf. 78. 6d. 9686 Tytler's Essay on Military Law, and the Practice 1761 of Courts Martial, 8vo. hf. bnd. 3s. pub. 9s. 9687 Wellington's General Orders in Peninsular Campaigns, with Parallel Orders of George II., Duke of Cumberland, Marlborough, Albemarle, Stair, Wolfe, &c.exhibiting Principles of War, 1815

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9688 Milizia Dizionario delle Belle Arti, del Di.
segno, Memorie degli Architetti, Antichi e Moderni,
4 vols. 8vo. 98.
Lives of Celebrated Architects, Ancient
Bologni, 1827
& Modern, with Historical and Critical Observations
on their Works, and on Principles of the Art, trans-
lated from Italian, with additional Notes and Lives
by Cresy, 2 vols. 8vo, new, cloth, 58. 6d. pub.

11. 8s.
Celebrated work with much historical research, criti-
cisms, and accurate descriptions of buildings of cele-
brity in Greece and Italy, with excellent index.
9690 MILL (James) Analysis of the Human Mind,
2 vols. 8vo. scarce, 118. pub. 168.
Elements of Political Economy, 8vo. 3s.
pub. 88.

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9692 MILL (James) ESSAYS, on Government, Ju-
risprudence, Liberty of the Press, and Law of
Nations, &c. (privately printed from the Supple-
ment to the Encyclopædia Britannica,) 8vo. 38. 9692
Fragment on Mackintosh; being Strictures
on his Dissertation prefixed to Encyclopædia Bri-
9694 Mill (N.) History of Mexico from the Spanish
tannica, 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. 98.
Conquest to Present Time, with the Manners, Re-
ligion, Method of Working the Mines, &c. 8vo.
hlf. clf. neat, col. map, 2s. 6d. pub. 10s. 6d. 1824
9695 Millar (Dr. J.) Elements of Chemistry, with its
Application to Explain the Phenomena of Nature,
and the Processes of Arts and Manufactures, thick
8vo. new, mor. back, plates, 3s. 6d. pub. 128.
9696 MILLAR (Professor) Origin of the Distinction
Edinb. 1820
of Ranks, or Inquiry into Circumstances which give
Rise to Influence and Authority in different Mem-
bers of Society, "highly esteemed," 8vo. 3s. 1781
Historical View ("very excellent.”—Dr.
Parr,) of the English Government from Saxons to
Accession of House of Stewart, (edition, recom-
9697 Millar (Rev. R.) History of Propagation of
mended by Bythewood,) thick 4to. clf. nt. 78. 1787
Christianity and Overthrow of Paganism, with pre-
sent State of Heathen, and Methods for their Con-
9698 Millenium. Abdiel's Essays on the Ad-
version, 2 vols. 8vo. clf. neat, best edition, 8s. 1731
vent and Kingdom of Christ, and Events connected
therewith, 1834; The Second Advent of Jesus, with
Appendix on Antichrist, 1835, 2 vols. 12mo. 38. 6d.
pub. 78. 6d.
Apology for Millenarianism, Nisbet, 1836;
Thoughts on Scriptural Expectations of the Chris-
tian Church, 1828, 2 vols. 8vo. 3s. 6d. pub. 98. 6d.
Bayford's Inquiry concerning what is re-
vealed in Scripture relative to the Fact, Time, Signs
and Circumstances of Second Advent, 8vo. 38. pub.
Begg's Connected View of Scriptural Evi-
dence of Redeemer's Speedy Personal Return, &c.
12mo. scarce, 28.





Detail, 5s. 6d. pub. 148.

9713 Miller (Tutor of St. John's) Elements of Hydro1807 statics and Hydronamics, 8vo. 28. 6d. pub. 58. 6d. 9714 Miller's Latter Struggles in the Journey of Life, Cambridge, 1831 or Afternoon of my Days, from Retrospections of a Sexagenarian, with Incidents and every-day Occurrence and most unfortunate Part of the real 9715 Miller (Rev. George) Lectures on the Philosophy Life of a Country Bookseller, of Modern History, 6 vols. 8vo. 19s. 6d. pub. 31.128.



9716 Miller (Rev. James) The Progress of the Human Mind, its Objects, Conditions, and Issue, with the Relation which the Progress of Religion bears to General Growth of Mind, cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 58. 9717 Millingen (Dr.) Curiosities of Medical ExpeEdinb. 1823 rience, "fund of amusing matter," from old and new sources, with Authorities, 2 vols. 8vo. best edit. 971878. 6d. pub. 11. 48. History of Duelling, Narratives of most 1837 9719 Millington (Professor) Elementary Principles of Remarkable Personal Encounters, from Earliest Period, 2 vols. 8vo. 118. 6d. pub. ll. 88. Natural and Experimental Philosophy, Mechanics, 9720 Millot, Elemens de l'Histoire de France, depuis Pneumatics, Acoustics, Hydrostatics, Hydraulics, Steam Engine, &c. 8vo. 14 plts. 38. pub. 14s. 1823 Clovis jusqu'a LouisXV.“ universally esteemed.”9721 Ventouillac, 3vols. cr.8vo. cf. nt. 38.6d. Paris, 1788 another copy, best edition, par Abbe Dubos, Mably, et Thouret, avec Continuation par 9722 Buret de Longchamps, 5 Paris, 1823 Memoires Politiques et Militaires, pour l'Histoire de Louis XIV. et Louis XV. (" the glorious age of France,") compiled from despatches, &c. contain much information."—Lord Russell, 6 vols. 12mo. 58. 9723 MILLS (CHARLES) Works; History of ChiParis, 1777 valry, of the Crusades, and of Muhammedanism, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. neat, 11. 58. 6d. pub. 31. 1822,&c. 9724 Travels of Theodore Ducas in Italy, at the Revival of Letters and Art, (“ a voyage imaginaire, by Mills, written with considerable spirit, and affording much information on Italion Litvature, Scholars, Poets, Painters, &c. of Period,") 9725 Mills's Essay on the Management of Bees, and 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. ll. 48. 1822 Method of Rearing them, and Saving their Lives 9726 MILMAN'S History of Christianity from Birth when Honey is taken, 8vo. scarce, 28. of Christ to Abolition of Paganism, 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 58. pub. 11. 16s. 1840 History of the Jews, 1st edition, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, maps & cuts, 7s. 6d. pub. 158. 1829



Begg's Letters on the Interpretations of
our Saviour's Predictions of his Return, Matt. 23,
24, 25, with Evidence that his Coming is Personal,
and near at hand, 12mo. very sc. 38. 6d. Pais. 1831
BOGUE (David) XX Discourses, at Gos-
port, on the Millenium, ("entirely practical and de-
Burgh's Lectures on the Second Advent
and connected Events, and Use of Unfulfilled Pro-
phecy, &c. cr. 8vo. very scarce, 3s. 6d. pub.
9705 Hamilton's (Rev. W.) Defence of Scripture
Dublin, 1832
Doctrine of Second Advent, from Misrepresentations
of modern Millenarians, cr. 8vo. 28. pub. 5s. 1828
Millenial Church, or Christ's Personal
Reign during the Thousand Years of Satan's Bind-
ing, by Clericus Dorcestrensis, 12mo. 18.6d. pub.
9707-- Millennial Harbinger and Voluntary Church
Nisbet, 1829 9729
Advocate, conducted by Rev. W. Jones, 2 vols. cr. 9730
88. 6d.
9708 MILLER (Dr.) History and Antiquities of Don-
8vo. 4s. pub. 98.
1836 9731
caster, with Anecdotes of Eminent Men,8vo. (map of
9709 Miller (Princeps Hortulanorum) Garden-
Environs and views,) 4s. pub. 11.18. Doncaster, 1804
er's and Botanist's Dictionary; Best Methods of
cultivating and improving the Kitchen, Fruit,
Flower Garden, and Nursery, Agriculture, all Sorts
of Trees, Enumeration and Description of all Plants,
with Martyn's Plates and Principles of Botany,
9710 MILLER (John) on the Unsettled Condition
4 vols. fol. clf. neat, plts. 11. 11s. pub. 14 gs. 1807
and Inadequacy of the Law and its Administration,
Debtor and Creditor, Oaths, Criminal, Ecclesiasti-
cal and Common Law, Real Property, Poor, County
Courts, Consolidation of Statute Law, Superior
Courts, High Court of Admiralty and Ecclesiastical
Courts, Common Law, Queen's Bench, Common
Pleas, Equity, House of Lords, &c. 8vo. 1s. pub.
9712 Miller (John) Description of the Cathedral
Church of Ely, with Account of the Conventional
Buildings, royal 8vo. fine plates of Architectural


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9727 9728 Eight Bampton Lecture Sermons-The Character and Conduct of the Apostles considered as Evidence of Christianity, 8vo. 58.6d. pub.108.6d. Poems, Anne Boleyn, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 1827 1827 Belshazzar, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 8s. 6d. 1822 Fall of Jerusalem, 8vo. 3s. pub. 88. 6d. 1820 Life and Correspondence of Gibbon, 8vo. 9733 Milne (Actuary to Sun) Treatise on Valuation cloth, portrait, 58. 6d. pub. 98. 1839 of Annuities and Assurances on Lives, &c., on Construction of Tables of Mortality, Probabilities, &c. of Life, with New Tables, 2 vols. 8vo. 17s. 6d. 9734 Milne's Botanical Dictionary, Elements of pub. 11. 108. 1815 9735 MILNER'S History, Civil and Ecclesiatical, and Systematical and Philosophic Botany, thick 8vo. clf. 25 coloured plts. 10s. 6d. pub. ll. 158. 1805 Survey of the Antiquities of WINCHESTER,2rols. 4to. bds. fine plts. 1809; Sturges's Reflections on Popery, in Reply to ditto, 1799; Milner's Answer, 1800, 4to. clf. nt.; Ashe's Reply to Milner, 8vo. 11. 38. 6d. (in other Catal. 21. 10s.)


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End of Religious Controversy, in Friendly Correspondence between Religious Society of Protestants and Roman Catholic Divines, (all the parts.) large paper, royal 8vo. 6s. pub. 12s. Brief Summary of the History and Doc1819 trines of the Holy Scriptures, 8vo. 3s. pub. 18—


9738 MILNER'S Letters to a Prebendary,in Answer to Sturges' Reflections on Popery, with Remarks on Hoadlyism of the Church, thick 8vo. 3s. 6d. 1801 9739 Supplementary Memoirs of the English Catholics, Addressed to Charles Butler, 8vo. 4s. pub. 10s. 1820 9740 -Treatise on the Ecclesiastical Architecture of England, during the Middle Ages, large paper, royal 8vo. 10 fine plts. 4s. pub. 15s. 1811 9741 MILNER (Rev. Joseph) History of the Church of Christ, edited, with additions, by Rev. Isaac Milner, 5 vols. 8vo. 11. 5s. 6d. pub. 21.128.6d. 1824 9742-Answer to Gibbon's Account of Christianity, with Strictures on Hume's Natural Religion, 8vo. scarce, 2s. 6d. pub. 78. 1808 9743 Sermons, with Life, 3 vols. 8vo. scarce, 178. 6d. pub. 17. 168. 1821-3 Another Copy, 3 vols. 8vo. very nt. in cf. 1821, &c. 9745 MILNER (Isaac, Dean of Carlisle) Sermons, 2 vols. 8vo. scarce, 11s. 6d. pub. 11. 1s. 1820 9746 Milnes (R. Monckton) Poems, vol. 2 only, containing Memorials of a Residence on the Continent, cr. 8vo. 1s. 6d. 1838 9747 Milton (H.) Letters from Paris, in 1815 (chiefly remarks on the Statues and Pictures at that time so wonderfully rich in the Louvre) 1816 9748 Milton's WORKS, Prose and Verse, admirably edited, by Dr. Birch and Bp. Newton, best edit. in 5 vols. 4to. russia and cf. nt. (Dent's copy sold for 161. 16s.) 4l. 10s. 1749-53 9749


17. 4s.

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Poetical Works, Paradise Lost and Regained, with Notes of various Authors, edited by Bp. Newton, "best edition, English Classic.”Dibdin, 4 vols. 8vo. clf. nt. plts. 138. 6d. 1773-8 9750 Poetical Works, from Newton's Text, with Critical Essay, by Aikin, 4 vols. 12mo. many plts. 58. pub. ll. 18.



1801 Poetical Works, Newton's Text, with Life and Cirtique by Addison, 4 vols. 18mo., Bell's edition, clf. very nt. 4s. 6d. 1777 9752- Poems, with Life,&c. pocket edition, 18.6d. pub. 38. 6d. 9753 -Paradise Lost, thick 8vo. clf. fine portrait and plts. 2s. 6d. Tonson, 1705 9754 Paradise Lost, edited, with Notes, by Dr. Bentley, 4to. cf. nt. very fine Portrait of Vertue, 68. 1732 9755 Paradise Lost, with Notes by various Authors, edited by Rice, 28.6d. Tonson, 1766 | 9756 Paradise Lost, with Life, and Johnson's Critique, roy.8vo. cf. nt. fine plates,(cost originally 17. 11s. 6d.) 10s. Heptinstall, 1799 9757 Paradise Regained, and Samson Agonistes, 1st edition, small 8vo. cf. rare, 4s. 6d. 1671 9758 Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes, Comus, Minor and Latin Poems, and Tractate on Education, beautifully printed, 12mo. cf. neat, 2s. Tonson, 1742

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Paradise Regained, with Select Notes, and Complete Collection of his Poems, English and Latin, 8vo. morocco back, 3s. pub. 12s. 1817 9760 Minor Poems, English and Latin, with Notes and Illustrations, by Warton, 1st and best edition, thick 8vo. cf. 38. 1785 9761 Comus, with Notes and Illustrations, by Todd, 8vo. cloth lettered, 2s. pub. 78. 9762

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Latin and Italian Poems, translated into English Verse, Fragment of Commentary on Paradise Lost, by Cowper; with Notes, &c. of various Authors, by Hayley, 4to. frontispiece by Flaxman, 48. 6d. pub. 2gs. 1808 9763 Paterson's Complete Commentary, with Notes, Etymological, Explanatory, Critical, and Classical, on Paradise Lost, 12mo. cf. 28. 1744 9764 Richardson's Explanatory Notes and Remarks on Paradise Lost, with Life, and Discourse on the Poems, "see Bishop Newton's Recommendation," thick 8vo. cf. 3s. . 1734


Epistolæ Familiares, cum Prolusionibus Oratoriis, 1674; Ravisii Epistolæ, 1672; Posselii Familiares Colloquii, Gr. et Lat. 1671; smll. 8vo. cf. 28.

9766 Salmasius Defensio Regia, pro Carolo I. 1649; Milton pro Populo Anglicano Defensio,1652; 12mo. cf. 2s. 6d.

9767 Milton's WORKS. Eikonoclastes, in An- | swer to Eikon Basilike, edited by Rev. R. Baron, "a noble effort of manly reason, uncanonizing that fictitious saint," 8vo. 2s. 1770 9768- History of Britain to Norman Conquest, with Phillips' Life,(“contains the suppressed digression on Long Parliament,") royal 8vo. half. cf. neat, 48. pub. 128. .

1818 9769 The Secrets of Government, and Mysteries of State, Plainly laid Open in all the Forms of Governments in the Christian World, 12mo. cf. 28. 1697


9770 Prose Writings, containing the Whole of his Writings on the CHURCH QUESTION, or Reform, now just published separately,, 2s. pub. 48. Edinb. 1836 Treatise on Christian Doctrine, "the mind of Milton is stamped on every page,”—Quart. Rev. translated, with Valuable Notes, by Bp. Sumner, 4to. 11. 48. pub. 21. 10s. 1825 Select Prose Works, with Discourse and Notes by St. John, vol. 1, (Studies, Early Life, Writings, on Education, Areopagitica, Tenure of Kings,) 12mo. cloth, 38. pub. 48. 6d. 1836




Poetry of Milton's Prose, Selected from his various Writings, with Notes and Introductory Essay, 12mo. scarce, 2s. 6d. pub. 58. 6d. 1827 Godwin's Lives of Edward and John Philips, Nephews and Pupils of Milton, with Literary and Political History of their Times; also Aubrey's Collections for Life of Milton, and Philips' ditto, 4to. 5s. 6d. pub. 2gs. 1815

9775 Hayley's Life of Milton, with Conjectures on the Origin of Paradise Lost,4to. (Sir Mark Sykes' sold for 11. 118.) 48. pub. ll. 1796 9776 PECK, (Rev.F.) New Memoirs of the Life and Poetical Works of Milton, with Examination of his Style, and Explanatory and Critical Notes on Passages of Milton and Shakespeare, and Pieces of Milton, with Prefaces, Notes, &c. thick 4to. cf. portraits, &c. 98. 1740 9777- Symmons' Life of Milton, 8vo. cf. neat, portrait and fac-simile, 4s. pub. 15s. 1810 9778 Toland's Life of Milton, History of his Works, Extraordinary Characters of Men and Books, Sects, Opinions, &c. best edition, with Amyntor, or Defence of Milton, 8vo. cf. neat, 38. 1761 9779 Samson Agonistes et Comus, Græce, a Greswell, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. Oxon. 1832

9780 - Lauder on Milton's Use and Imitation of the Moderns; (with Dr. Johnson's Preface and Postscript,) 8vo. clf. neat, (this infamous tract is scarce,) 3s. 6d. 1750

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Channing (Dr.) on the Character and Writings of Milton, 1828; Chalmers' Funeral Sermon on Princess Charlotte, 1817; Rev. T. Aitchisons' Sermon on the Sabbath, 1822; Lunardi's account of first Aerial Voyage in England, 1784; Dr. Lorimer on Variation of Magnetic Needle, 1794; Dr. Priestley's Experiments on Generation of Air from Water, 1793; Junius proved Burke with his Biography, 1826, and others, very thick, 8vo. 38. 9783 MIMPRISS' Continuous History of the Holy Gospel on Gresswell's Arrangement, 12mo. bnd. 1s. 6d. pub. 38. 1838

9784 Series of Charts delineating the Rise and Progress of the Evangelical or Christian Dispensation, large 4to. 2s. pub. 3s. 6d. 1834 9785 Mina (Gen.) Life and Campaigns of, by himself, in Spanish and English, 8vo. 18. 6d. pub. 5s. 1825 Mineralogy.

9786 Mineralogy, Bakewell's Introduction to, with tabular Arrangement, series of Conversations, and Elements of Crystallography, 8vo. hlf. clf. plates, 4s. 6d. pub. 11. 1819 9787 Bendant, Traite Elementaire de Mineralogie, very thick 8vo. numerous figures, 4s. Paris, 1824 9788 Brongniart, Traite Elementaire de Mineralogie, avec des Applications aux Arts, 2 vols. 8vo. hlf. clf. many plates, 58. Paris, 1807 9789 Clarke (Dr. E. D.) Syllabus of Lectures on Mineralogy, with attention to the Methodical Distribution of Minerals, royal 8vo. 18. pub. 6s 6d. 1807



9790 Conversations on Mineralogy, 2 vols. 12mo. plates, 78. pub. 148. 1826 9791 Essai sur la Mineralogie des Monts Pyrenees, avec Catalogue de ses Plantes, 4to. plates and 38. Paris, 1781 9792 Giesecke (Sir C. L., Professor) Descriptive Catalogue of a new collection of Minerals in the Museum of the Royal Dublin Society, with an Irish Mineralogy, cr. 8vo. 3s. Dublin (privately printed), 1832 9793 Jameson (Professor) System of Mineralogy, 3 vols. 8vo. 78. pub. 2l. 12s. 6d. Edinb. 1804 9794 Joyce's Chemical Mineralogy, Practical, or Concise and Easy Methods, illustrated by Experiment, for readily ascertaining the Nature and Value of different Metallic Ores, and other Metallic Substances, in Assay, Analysis, Reduction, &c. with Description of Apparatus, Tests and Processes, cr. 8vo. new, mor, back, 38. pub. 78, 6d. 1825 9795 Kidd (Professor) Outlines of Mineralogy, 2 vols. 8vo. 48. pub. 188. 1809

9796 Mawe's Familar Lessons on Mineralogy and Geology, explaining the easiest methods of discriminating Minerals and Rocks; Description of Lapidary's Apparatus, &c. cr. 8vo. coloured plates 28. pub. 58. 9797 Mawe's New Descriptive Catalogue of Minerals, with Diagrams of their Simple Forms for Classification and Arrangement of Collections, 12mo. neat, 28. 6d. pub. 6s. 1821

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9798 MOHS (Professor at Mining Academy of Freiberg) Treatise on Mineralogy, translated with considerable additions by Haidinger, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 11s. pub. 11. 168. 1825 9799 Parkinson's Introduction to the Study of Fossil Organic Remains, especially of British Strata, cr. 8vo. plates, 78. pub. 12s. 1833 9800 Phillips' Introduction to Mineralogy, best edit. cr. 8vo. 400 wood cuts, 98. pub. 168. 1823 9801 Phillips, another copy, last edition, by Allan, 88. 6d. pub. 128. 1837 9802 Pinnock's Catechism of Mineralogy, interleaved with many MS. notes, 28. 1821 9803 Reuss Lexicon Mineralogicum, a most useful Dictionary of Mineralogical Terms in German, Latin, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Russian and Hungarian Languages, 8vo. 38. 6d. Hof. 1798 9804 Venning's Rudiments of Mineralogy, for Young, with Introduction to Study of Fossils, 12mo. plts. 2s. 6d. pub. 48. 6d. 1830 9805 Zappe's Mineralogical Dictionary; an Alphabetical Arrangement and Description of all Known Fossils, &c. (in German) 3 vols. 8vo. 58. Wien. 1817

9806 MINERAL WATERS. Alexander (Dr.) Di. rections for Harrogate Waters, 1787; Maxfield, on Medicinal Virtues of Beulah Saline Spa, Norwood, 1832; Dr. A. Middleton,Chemical Analysis of Leamington Waters, Medical Effects, with Instructions for Bathing, 1808, 3 pamphlets, 28. 9807 Alibert Precis Historique sur les Eaux Mi. nerales en France, avec des Renseignmens sur les Eaux Minerales Exotiques, Paris, 1826 9808 Kreysig (Dr.) Treatise on Internal Use of Natural and Factitious Waters of Carlsbad, Marienbad, Ems, &c. translated by Dr. Thomson, 8vo. 28. pub. 10s. 1824 9809 Saunders (Dr.) Treatise on the Chemical History and Medical Powers of most Celebrated Mineral Waters, with Practical Remarks on Aqueous Regimen, and on Warm and Cold Bathing, thick 8vo. 2s. pub. 98. 6d.

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1800 9810 MINING. Collection of Scarce and Valuable Treatises on Metals, Mines, and Minerals, viz. Barba on Metals; Platte's Discovery of all sorts of Mines; and Houghton's Complete Miner, 12mo. cf.38.1738 9811-Hardy's Miner's Guide, or Complete Miner, with Appendix of Tables, Birmingham, 1762; Letter on the Mineral Customs of Derbyshire, by a Derbyshire Working Miner, 1766, curious and rare work, with broadsides inserted, 8vo. cf. 3s. 6d. 9812 Taylor (John) Records of Mining, sm.4to. 17 very fine plates, 148. pub. 30s. 9813 - (Waller's) Familiar Discourse of the Mine Adventure (of Bwlchyr- Eskir-Hyr),8vo. cf. has the


rare folio leaves, Abstract of Present State and Proceedings, and List of the Adventurers, 38.

Privat. print. 1700 9814 MINERVE, le Cabinet de, auquel sont Plusieurs Singularitez, Figures, Tableaux, Antiques, Recherches Saintes, Observations Amoureuses, Subtilitez agreables, Rencontres joyeuses, &c. de Beroalde de Veruille, 12mo. morocco extra, gilt leaves, rare, 48. Rouen, 1601 9815 Minister's Family (The), by a Country Minister, 12mo. 28. pub. 58. Edinb. 1838 9816 Ministers (Young), Brief Directions for, in Visitation of the Sick, 12mo. cf. 18. 6d. 1687 9817 Ministry (TheChristian), with InquiryintoCauses of its Inefficiency, with especial Reference to Ministry of the Establishment, by Rev. Ch. Bridges, thick cr. 8vo. 5s. 6d. pub. 98. 1830 9818 Minnesingers (orGermanTroubadours of the 12th and 13th Centuries), Lays of, with Specimens of Cotemporary Lyric Poetry, (" a beautiful and interesting volume, by Edgar Taylor,") cr. 8vo. facsimile plates, 58. pub. 148. 1825 9819 Minor Morals, Introduction to the Winter Family, with Aunt Eleanor's Stories interspersed, (good book for the Young), 12mo. front. 18.6d. pub. 58. 6d.

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9820 Mins (Capt.) Narrative of the Naval Expedition to Portugal, under Dom Pedro, cr.8vo.cloth, plates, 1833 28. pub. 108. 9821 Minstrel Love, by Author of "Undine," translated from German, by Soane, 2vols. cr.8vo. scarce, 48. 6d. pub. 12s. 1821 9822 Minucius Felix Octavius, Notis Variorum, Ouzelii, Meursii, &c. et Julii Firmici Materni de Errore Profanarum Religionum, 8vo. cf. 38. Lugd. 1672 9823 Minucius Felix's Octavius and Tertullian's Apology for the Christians, (" excellent monuments of ancient learning and piety,") translated, 8vo. cf. nt. 1708 9824 Minutoli(Baroness) Recollectionsof Egypt, ("her personal adventures give an air of romance and great interest,")8vo. col.portrait of Ali Pacha, 28. pub.98. 1827


9825 MIRABEAU'S Nature and her Laws as applicable to the Happiness of Man, Living in Society, contrasted with Superstition and Imaginary Systems, translated, 2 very thick vols. royal Svo. 8s. 1816 pub. 11. 168.

9826 Mirabeau des Lettres de Cachet et des Prisons d'Etat, ouvrage posthume, (written in prison, on the margins and between the lines of printed books,) both parts, 8vo. 28. 6d. Hambourg, 1782 9827 Mirabeau's Letters during his Residence in England, with Anecdotes, Maxims, &c., translated from original MSS., with Life, Conduct, and Character, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. new, morocco back, port. ll.

1832 9828 Miracles (de Conversion) opere's a l' intercessions de M. De Paris et autres Appellans,demontree contre l'Archeveque de Sens par Carre de Montgeron, 12mo. hf. cf. very nt. 2s. 6d. 1739 9829 MIRACLES. Campbell (Rev. G.) "most masterly, profound, and highly original" Dissertation on Miracles, against Hume, with Sermons on Spirit of Gospel, Propagating Christian Knowledge, at Assize, Influence of Religion on Civil Society, Alarms on Popery, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 58. 1797 9830 18. 9831 Douglas (Bp.) The Criterion, or Rules by which the true Miracles of N.Test. are distinguished from spurious Miracles of Pagans and Papists, an invaluable work.”—Bp. Van Mildert,

- Adams'sEssay on,in Answer to Hume,8vo.

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in Reign of Edward II.,now first pub. with Translation and Notes, by Halliwell, 8vo. 2s. 1840 9836 Morice (Emile) Essai sur la Mise en Scene, depuis les Mysteres, les Representations Theatrales au Moyen Age, les Miracles, jusqu'au Cid, 12mo. 28. pub. Paris, 1836 9837 MIRACULOUS PROPHECIES & PREDICTIONS of Eminent Men, from the Earliest Records, Relating to Revolutions of Empires and Kingdoms, 12mo. 1s. 6d. pub. 58. 1821 9838 Miriam, or the Power of Truth, a Jewish Tale, by Author of 'Influence,' 9839 Mirror (Limbard's) of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction,6 vols. (17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24,) 8vo. hf. cf. numerous woodcuts, 10s. pub. 1831-4 9840"Miserrimus." On a Gravestone in Worcester Cathedral is this emphatic inscription, with neither name, date, comment, nor text, (the impassioned work of a man of talent-abounds in subtle and piercing views of the darker and more tragic passions, more like a wild ode than a romance,) cr. 8vo. 28. pub. 68. 1833 9841 Missal, Roman, with the Masses throughout the Year, 18mo. bnd. plates, 2s. 6d. Dublin, 9842 Breviarium Sacri Ordinis Prædicatorum, Auctoritate Apostolica, Approbatum Ven. Th. Turchii, Commune Sanctorum, very thick 8vo. old morocco with clasps, 68. Paris, 1650 9843. Diurnale Cluniacense, pocket volume, very fine copy, French and morocco extra, gilt leaves, 48. Paris, 1784 9844 Diurnal du Breviare Romain, conformement a la Reformation du saint Concile de Trente, Paris, 1675; Offices Propres des Saints, des Trois Ordres du Seraphique Pere S. Francois, Paris, 1675, with very numerous additions, printed and MSS. thick 8vo. clasp, 3s. 6d.


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Hore Divinæ Breviarii Romani, ex decreto Sacro-sanctiConcilii Tridentini, with many MS. addits. very thick 8vo. with clasps, 3s. 6d. Antv. 1682 9846 Office de la Sainte Vierge, Latin et François, avec des Instructions pour passer Chretiennement la journee et pour faire saintement toutes ses actions pendant le cours de l'Annee, thick 12mo. plates, 28. Paris, 1724 9847 Officia Nova in Breviario Romano, Antv. 1714; Officia Propria Sanctorum Trium Ordinum Francisci, Antv. 1763, with numerous additions, thick 8vo. old morocco, 3s. 6d. 9848 - Officia Propria S.S. Patronorum Ecclesiæ Cathedralis S. Bavonis, Gandavensis, 8vo. morocco, gilt leaves, 38. Antverp. 1661 Officium Hebdomadæ Sanctæ, secundum Missale et Breviarum Romanum, Pii V Pont. Clementis VIII. et Urbani VIII auctoritate, thick 12mo. clf. beautifully printed at Antwerp, red and black, 3s. 6d. 1638 - Officium Hebdomadæ Sanctæ, Secundum Missale et Breviarium Romanum, Einsidlæ, 1741, (96 pages of music and words, most beautifully written,) 12mo. clf. with brass clasps, 3s.





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Psalterium Cisterciense cum Canticis, Hymnis Antiphonis, Responsoriis et Orationibus, small 4to. clf. brass corners and clasps, 68. Antverp. 1686 Rituale Romanum, Pauli V Pont. Max. Jussu, cr. 8vo. vellum, red and Latin type, with much music, 3s. Antverp, 1635 9853 Missionary Societies, History and Origin of, with the Voyage, Labours and Successes of the various Missionaries, 2 thick vols. 8vo. hlf. clf. neat, plates, 9s. pub. 17. 118. 6d. 1824 9854 Bardwell's Memoirs of Rev. Gordon Hall, one of first American Missionaries at Bombay, 12mo. 28. pub. 38. 6d. 1834

Beatty (Rev. C.) Journal of Tour among the Pensylvanian Frontier Inhabitants, and Aleghgeny Indians, 1798; Jonathan Edwards's "most interesting" Life of David Brainerd, 1798, thick 8vo. wants title, 2s. 6d.

9832 Farmer (H.) Dissertation on Miracles, designed to shew them Arguments of a Divine Inter-9855 position, &c. 8vo. fine copy, cf. nt. 5s. Edinb. 1798 9833 Le Bas (Rev. Ch. Webb) Consideration on Miracles, "valuable." - Quarterly Review, cr. 8vo. new, 28. pub. 68. 1828 9834 Weston (Rev. W.) Enquiry into the Rejection of the Christian Miracles by the Heathens, wherein the low Opinion they had of Miracles in general is accounted for, "a book of learning," thick 8vo. cf. nt. 28. 6d. Cambridge, 1756 9835 Miracle Play, or The Harrowing of Hell, written


Beecham's Ashantee and the Gold Coast, a Sketch of the History, Social State, and Superstitions of the Inhabitants, small 8vo. cloth, 48. pub. 68. 1841 Buchanan (Rev. Claudius) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of, by Rev. Hugh Pearson, 2 vols.


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9861- Dwight (Rev. Dr.) Travels in New England and New York, (" of greater value than his System of Theology."-Quart.Rev.) 4 vols. 8vo. new, mor. backs, 11s. 6d. pub. 2 gs. 1823 9862 Ellis's History of Madagascar, and Progress of Christian Missions, Account of Recent Martyrdom and Persecution of Native Christians, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, map and fine plates, 10s. pub.25s. 1838 9863 Ellis's Narrative of a Tour throughOwhyhee, with Remarks on History,Traditions, Manners, Customs, and Language of Sandwich Islands, 8vo. map and plates, 48. pub. 12s. 1826 9864- - Ellis's Polynesian Researches, during nearly Eight Years in the Society and Sandwich Islands, 4 vols. 12mo. 12s. pub. ll. 48. 1831 9865 Greenland Missions, with Biographical Sketches of some of the Principal Converts, 12mo. 28. pub. 38. 6d. Dublin, 1831 9866 Henderson (Prof.) Biblical Researches and Travels in Russia, including Tour in Crimea and Passage of Caucasus, and State of Rabbinical and Karaite Jews, and Mohammedan and Pagan Tribes, 8vo. maps and plates, 58. 6d. pub. 168. 1826 Holmes (Rev. J.) Historical Sketches of Missions of United Brethren (Moravians) among the Heathen, from their Commencement in 1732 to 1817, 8vo. 48. pub. 10s. 1827



Johnstone's Travels in Prince Edward Island, Gulf of St. Lawrence, N. America 1820-1, to establish Sabbath Schools, with Descriptive Letters of Agricultural State, 12mo. cf. neat, 2s. 6d. pub. Edinb. 1824 9869- Jowett (Rev. W.) Christian Researches in Syria and Holy Land, in furtherance of Church Missionary Society, with Greaves'sVisit to Regency of Tunis, 8vo. map and plans, 5s. pub. 10s.: 1826 9870 Judson's "entertaining and impressive” Account of the American Baptist Mission to Burman Empire, 28. pub. 5s. 6d. 1827 9871 - -Kendall (J., a Quaker,) Memoirs of his Life Religious Experience, with his Letters and other Pieces, thick cr. 8vo. 28. pub. 48.

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Park (Mungo) Travels in Africa, best edit. 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. map, 12s. pub. li. 4s. 1817 9874- -Parker (Rev. S.) Journal of Exploring Missionary Tour beyond the Rocky Mountains, 1835-7, to ascertain, by personal observation, the condition and character of Indian Tribes andNations, and their fitness for the Gospel, 12mo. cloth, map, 3s. Ithaca, N. Y. 1838 9875--Phillips (Catherine, Quakeress) Memoirs and Epistles, 8vo. cf. nt. 38.

9876 9877


Story (Thomas, Quaker) Life of, (16861742,) by Kendall, 8vo. hf. cf. very neat, 38. 1786 -Tyerman and Bennet's Journal of Voyages and Travels in the South Sea Islands, China, India, &c. 1821-9, 2 thick vols. 8vo. fine plts. 12s. 6d. pub. 11. 16s. 1831 9878- West-African Sketches, compiled from Sir G. R. Collier, Sir C. Maccarthy, and other Official Sources," delightful little book, detailing all authentic information on this interesting subject, amelioration, &c. of Africans, 12mo. new, 1s. pub. 4s. 6d. Seeley, 1824 9879 Williams's Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands, roy. 8vo. port. and cuts,28. 1840 Wilson's Greek Mission, or 16 Years in Malta and Greece, with Tours in Peloponnesus, Egæan and Ionian Isles, thick 8vo. cuts and front. 78. pub. 128. 1839 9881 Wolfe (Rev. Joseph) Journal of his Missionary Labours, 1827 to 1831, and 1835 to 1838,


in Holland, Germany, Malta, Greek Islands, Egypt, Jerusalem, Cyprus, Rhodes, &c. 9882 Missionaries. Wolfe (Rev. Joseph) Missionary to Palestine and Persia, Sketch of the Life and Journal of,12mo. 18.6d. pub. 3s. Norwich, 1827 9883 Hamilton (Rev. R. W.) "Prize Essay" Missions: their Authority, Scope, and Encouragement, 8vo. cloth, new, 58. pub. 88. 6d. 1842 9884 Waring (Major) on the E. India Company's compelling Natives to embrace Christianity, 1808; Rev. J. Owen on Bible Society in India, 1807; Waring's Answer, 1808; Ditto, Remarks on Barrow and Nares' Sermons, and Pearson and Cunningham's Dissertations, 1808; Ditto, Letter to Christian Observer on Baptist Missionaries, 1809; and others, thick 8vo. hf. russia, 38. 9885 Missions Orientales, (de la Compagnie de Jesus en Chine) Nouvelles des, "relations infiniment interessantes," recues a Paris, 1782-91-92, cr. 8vo. Liege, 1794 9886 - Nouvelles de Chine, &c. recues a Londres, 1793-6, cr. 8vo. 1s. 6d. Londres, 1797 9887 Mitchell (Dr. J.) New Exposition of the Revelation, "a new translation," both parts, (Sealed Book and Little Book Prophecy,) 8vo. clf. neat, marbled leaves, 48. 6d. pub. Stockport, 1800-1 9888 Mitchell (Rev. P.) Presbyterian Letters to Bp. Skinner, on his Vindication of Primitive Truth and Order, with Discourse on State of Controversy on Ecclesiastical Government, 1809 9889 Mitchell's First Lines of Science, a comprehen


sive and progressive view of Modern Scientific Discovery and Invention, 12mo. plts. 9890 Mitchell (Lieut.-Col.) Life of Wallenstein, 8vo. cloth, 68. pub. 12s. 1837

9891- -Thoughts on Tactics and MilitaryOrganization, with Inquiry into Power and Position of Russia, cr. 8vo. cloth, 48. 6d. pub. 10s. 6d. 1838 9892 MITFORD'S History of GREECE, best edition, with numerous additions and Memoir, by Lord Redesdale, 8 vols. 8vo. 17. 16s. pub. 4 gs. 1829 9893 ditto, first 6 vols. 8vo. 68. 1795 9894 Mitford's Greece, Questions to, with Chronological Synopsis of Events, Miscellaneous Questions at Cambridge Examinations, Table of Battles, &c. by Major, 8vo. 48. pub. 98. 1827 9895

On History and Doctrine of Christianityand Primeval, Judaic, Heathen, Public, Mystical, and Philosophical Religions, "a continuation of his history," 12mo. 3s. pub. 98. 9896 Essay upon the Harmony of Languages, principally Illustrating the English, 8vo. scarce, 28. 1774



Principles of Design in Architecture, traced in Observations on Primeval, Egyptian, Phenician, Syrian, Roman, Grecian, Chinese, Indian, &c. Buildings, 8vo. 38. pub. 7s. 1809

9898 Mitford (G. N.) Chronicles of a Traveller; or
History of the Afghan Wars with Persia, to Acces-
sion of Sultan Ashruf, translated from the Latin of
Prof. Clodius, 8vo. 38. 6d. pub. 88.
9899 MITFORD (Miss) Dramatic Scenes, Sonnets,
and other Poems, cr. 8vo. 28. pub. 10s. 6d. 1827
9900 Foscari and Julian, Tragedies, cr. 8vo. 28.
pub. 88.
9901 Poems,, 6d. 1811
9902 Our Village, 1st Series, 38. pub. 108.1824;
ditto, 4th Series, 28. pub. 10s. 6d. 1830
9903 Stories of American Life, by American
Writers, 3 vols. 8vo. 6s. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1830
9904 Mitre and Crown, or Great Britain's True Inte-
rest, Church and State Explained and Defended;
Abstract of the Publick Papers, &c., Account of
Valuable Books, Original Pieces, and Law Cases;
"I should guess some Nonjuring Divine."-Mid-
dleton's Letters, thick 8vo. plates, 48. 1748-9
9905 Moat's Short Hand Standard, Attempted, by an
Analysis of the Circle, as a Foundation of a New
System, in one third less Time than any other Sys-
tem, 8vo. cloth, 28.6d. pub. 8s.
9906 Modeles d'une Tendre et Solide Devotion a la
Mere de Dieu, dans le Premier Age de la Vie, par
Abbe Carron,(" tableau de 18 Jeunes Gens, les plus
aimables en vie et leurs morts la plus touchant,")


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9907 Modern Monitor, or Flyn's Speculations, (a 56, Chancery Lane.]


form, 38.

9931 MONK (General) " Vindicatory" Life of, from Skinner's Original MS. with Preface by Webster, 8vo. clf. 28.

1724 9932-Life of ditto, with Remarks upon his Actions, by Gumble, "see Retrospective Review for notice of this Royalist life," 8vo. fine portrait by White, 2s. 6d. 1671 9933 Monmouth and its Neighbourhood, Historical and Descriptive Accounts of Ancient and Present State, by Heath, large paper, small 4to. 2s. 6d. 1804 9934 Monmouthshire and Wales, Tour through, in June and July, 12mo. front. 1s. 1797 9935 Monothelitarum Historia atque Honorii Controversia Scrutiniis Octo a Dezallier, (Eutychian Heresy,) 8vo. clf. (wants title page, if it ever had one,) 28. Paris, 1678

9936 Monro (Dr. A.) on Structure and Functions of the Nervous System, royal folio, many curious plates, (Willet's copy sold for 17.) 11s. Edin. 1783 9937 (Dr. A.) Morbid Anatomy of the Brain, vol.1, Hydrocephalus, 8vo. coloured plates,3s. pub.

Series of Essays reprinted from Hibernian Chro- | 9930 Mongolian. Do. Four Gospels, uninicle,) 12mo. cf. scarce, 28. Cork, 1771 9908 Modern Traveller, (a most judicious and interesting abridgment, by Conder,) Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Mexico, and Guatimala, 58. pub. 17. 1824 9909 Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia, Persia, China, and North America, 5 vols. 12mo. cloth, maps and plates, 11s. pub. 11. 58. 1827-30 9910 Modest Defence of the Clergy and Religious, in a Discourse directed to R. C. about his History of DOWAY COLLEGE, and Matters of Fact misrepresented in said History, (contains full vindicacation, &c. of Robert Parsons,) 8vo. rare, 4s. 6d. Priv. print. 1714 9911 MOERIDIS Atticista LEXICON ATTICUM, cum Notis Variorum, Hudsoni, Bergleri, Sallierii, Aliorumque, cum Animad. Piersoni et Ælii Herodiani Philetaerus e MS., nunc primum, et cum Fragment. e MSS. emend. thick 8vo. new, 2s. 6d. Lugduni, 1751 9912 Moeurs, Les, (" the cause of much uneasiness, rigidly suppressed for making too free with the Court of Paris,") 12mo. cf. 28. 1750 Manners, translated from the French, 12mo. cf. 2s. 1752 9914 Moir's most Curious and Interesting Subjects of History, Antiquity, and Science, with Appendix on most RemarkableCities, 9915 Mois, Le, de Marie des Communautes Religieuses, avec Prieres du Matin et Soir, et Exercice pour la Sainte Messe, par Abbe L. S. S., thick 18mo. Paris, 1835 9916 MOLANUS de Historia SS. Imaginum et Picturarum, pro vero earum Usu, contra Abusus, ejusdem Oratio de Agnis Dei et Alia Quædam illustravit Natalis, thick 4to. 88. Lovanii, 1771 9917 MOLIERE, Œuvres de, avec Vie, et Remarques Historiques et Critiques, par Voltaire, very clean copy, uncut, in bds. 6vols. 12mo.plts.7s. Amst. 1765 9918- Œuvres de, avec Vie, &c. par Petitot, ("excellent edition."-Ventouillac,)6 vols. 8vo. 168.6d. pub. 21. 88. Paris, 1812 9943 9919 Moliere, Œuvres de, Paris, 1831; Racine, Eu-9944 vres de, Paris, 1831; 12 vols. 8vo. portraits, fine clear print, 11. 48. pub. 21. 148.




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Ventouillac, Choix des Comedies de Moliere, avec Notes et Vie, 2 vols. in 1, gilt leaves, 2s. 6d. pub. 68.

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9921 Molina (Abbe) Geographical, Natural, and Civil
History of Chili, translated, with the Notes from
the Spanish and French Versions, and Appendixes,
“excellent and full of information," 2 vols. 8vo.
bnd. map, 4s. pub. 188.

9922 Molinæus, Orationes in Acad. Oxoniensi, 1648-
52; Sam. Gardiner de Efficacia Gratiæ Convertentis
ejusque agendi modo Determinatio, Cantab. 1660;
Parson's Guide, or Law of Tithes, by W. S., 1654;
Rev. Sam. Clark, Minister's Dues and People's
Duty, or Bill of Accounts between, 1661; Discourse
on Papists' Charge of Novelty in the Church of
England, 1683; Case of Mixt Communion, 1684;
State Mysteries of the Jesuites, by way of Questions
and Answers, faithfully extracted, with Catalogue
of Authors, 1623; small 4to. cf. 48. 6d.
9923 Molise, Viaggio per lo Contado di, ovvero De-
scrizione Fisica, Economica e Politica, 8vo. fine copy,
cf. extra, by Kalthoeber, from Fonthill,map, 28. 6d.
Napoli, 1786
9924 Moller's Swedish and German, and German and
Swedish Dictionary, 3 thick vols. royal 8vo. scarce,
(in cont. cat. 37.) 118.
Upsala, 1801
9925 Molleri Isagoge ad Hist. Ducat. Slesuicensis et
Holsatici, Episcopat. item, Provinciarum, Monas-
teriorum, &c. (III et IV Pars.)12mo. 18. Franc. 1691
9926 Moncreiff (Rev. Sir H. Wellwood) Discourses on

the Evidence of the Jewish & Christian Revelations,
with Notes and Illustrations, (" practical discus-
sions of no common-place kind, purity, and correct,
good sense and piety,")8vo.3s. pub.12s. Edinb.1815
9927 Moncreiff (W. T., the Dramatic Writer) Poems,
12mo. green cf. extra, 38.

Printed at Author's priv. press, 1829
9928 Monge, Geometrie Descriptive, avec Theorie
des Ombres et de la Perspective, par Brisson, 4to.
mor. back, 53 plates, 10s.
Paris, 1820
9929 Mongolian Language, Acts of the
Apostles, in small folio, cf. very curious, 38.


1827 9938 Monro (Rev. V.) Summer Ramble in Syria, with Tartar Trip from Aleppo to Stamboul, ("will be read with great pleasure for the principal localities in Biblical History, very interesting, particularly account of Baptism in Jordan,") 2 vols. 8vo. plates, 48. 6d. pub. 11. 48.

1835 9939 Monson's Journal (of Tour in Istria and Dalmatia, 1817; Sicily, Malta, and Calabria, 1819, &c.) 8vo. plates, 3s. pub. 1820 9940 MONTAGU (Basil) Opinions of different Authors upon the Punishment of Death, 3 vols. 8vo. 68. pub. ll. 1809-13 9941 Thoughts on the Punishment of Death for Forgery, 12mo. 28. pub. 38. 6d. 1830

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9942 Enquiries into the Effects of Fermented Liquors, by a Water Drinker, 8vo. plates, 38. pub.



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9947 Montagu (E. W.) Reflections on the Rise and Fall of Ancient Republics, adapted to present State of Great Britain, 8vo. clf. fine copy, 2s. 6d. 1778 9948 Montagu (Lady MaryWortley, "the English Sevigne,") Letters and Works, edited, with Memoir, Anecdotes, and Life, by Lord Wharncliffe, the only complete and authentic edition, (" Their great vivacity, ease, and conciseness, still remain unrivalled by any epistolary compositions in our language,") 3 vols. 8vo. new in cloth, with beautiful portraits, 15s. pub. 21. 28. 1837 9949 Works, Correspondence, Poems, and Essays, with Life, edited by Dallaway, "invaluable for traits of manners of her times;' ""agreeable type, agreeable size, agreeable matter," 5 vols. cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. pub. 21.

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9950 Letters during her 'Travels, and Poems,
2 vols. 12mo. clf. neat, 28.
9951 MONTAGU (MRS.) Essay on the Writings
and Genius of SHAKESPEARE compared with
the Greek and French Dramatic Poets, 8vo. 2s. 6d.
pub. 88.
Most elegant and judicious piece of criticism this
9952 MONTAIGNE, Essais de (Didot's very cor-
age has produced."-T. Warton."
rect reprint of originai text,) 4 vols. 8vo. 9s. 1833
9953 Euvres, avec Notice Bio- et Bibliographi-
que par Buchon, royal 8vo. uncut, 68. Paris, 1837
9954 Essais de, ("most delightful, one reads him
as one listens to a friend."-Edinb. Rev.) 6 vols.
Paris, 1818
12mo. 78. 6d.
Essays, with Notes and Life, translated
'admirably" by Cotton, 3 vols.
Selection of Montaigne's most Religious,
Moral, and Entertaining Essays, with Life, 12mo.
cf. nt. 2s. pub, 58.



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