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LONDON (126, High Holborn), FRIDAY, NOVEMBER, 24, 1854.

[PRICE SIXPENCE. THIS Publication is intended to be the organ of communication between the Book-buying and Reading public, and the Booksellers of the whole kingdom. It is more especially designed to be the means of procuring for Authors, Scholars, &c. the rarest and most valuable books; and as each number will be strictly confined to literary subjects, no Advertisements can be admitted, except those which have reference to matters of analogous character. The literary portion will present unusual attractions from its sterling merit, original information, and news.

Advertisements for rare and scarce Works, odd Volumes, or Numbers, to complete Sets, inserted in this Advertiser free of expense.


Seven Lines and under, 5s.: Each Line after, 6d; Quarter of a Column, 15s. Half ditto, 11. 5s.; Three Quarters ditto, 21.: A Column, 21. 5s.

It will confer a Favour on the Publisher, if the Parties to whom this Circular is addressed, will give it as much Publicity as possible. Should any difficulty arise in procuring Books, &c. from this Advertiser, a Direct Application made to E. LUMLEY, 126, High Holborn, London, will be immediately attended to. Books cannot be sent to those who do not settle their accounts promptly.

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A Set of the BRITISH CRITIC from Commencement; also New Series, with Index, 1793 to 1818, in all 52 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. lettered, uniform, 11. 128. A set of the GERMAN CONVERSATIONS LEXICON, best edition, 15 vols. complete, and new, in parts, 21. Leipzic, 1833-43 Ditto, Conversations Lexicon fur Gebildete aus Allen Stauden, Von Wolff, 5 vols. small folio, cf. very nt. ports. 14s. Leips. 1843 Ditto, of UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL, Wars by Land and Sea, from commencement, 39 vols. good copy, hf. russ. num. plts. &c. 21. 88. 1829-1842 ABERCROMBY, Martial Atchievements of SCOTS NATION, Lives, Characters, Memorable Actions of Eminent Military Scotsmen, Military Transactions of Scotland, &c. "marvellous but accurate," 2 vols. folio,cf.nt. (Roxburgh copy sold for 51.78.6d.)


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ACKERMAN, Ornaments for Sculptors, Painters, Carvers, and Modellers, Part 2, 4to. 40 fine plates, 4s. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1818 ÆLIAN, Tactics, Military System of Grecians, translated, Preliminary Discourse, by Dillon, 4to. 39 plates, 108. pub. 1814 AIKIN, Dictionary of CHEMISTRY and MINER ALOGY, complete with Supplement, "invaluable condensation of Chemical and Mineralogical Science best in the language, including most valuable information not to be found elsewhere," 2 vols. 4to, hf. russia, plates, 25s. pub. 41. 10s. 1807-14 AINSWORTH, Latin Dictionary, best edition, by Morell and Carey, thk. 4to. cf. nt. 158. pub. 31. 108. 1816 AIRY, Astronomical Observations, at Cambridge Observatory, 5 vols. in 1, 4to. hf. morocco, 188. cost about 41. 1828-33 ALBERTI, French-Italian and Italian-French Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf. 11s. Genes, 1811 Another edition, 2 vols. folio, hf. russia, nt. 18s. cost 21. 5s. Bassano, 1840 ALBERTI, Architecture, Statuary, (Italian and English) by Bartoli and Leoni, 3 vols. in 1, cf. gilt, many fine plates, 168. 1726 ALBERTUS MAGNUS, Sermones de Tempore ac Sanctis per totius anni circuli, extremely early production, and very fine clean Specimen of early printing, thick folio, monastic binding, with clasps, 148. (worth 21.) N.D. 14Alexander, Service for first nights of Passover, as


4to. 48.


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used in all Israelite Families (Hebrew and English) with Commentary, 4to, cf. plates, 38. A.D. 5566 ALLEN, History of Lincoln, earliest to present Time, 2 vols. in 1, thick 4to. embossed morocco, gilt leaves, fine plates and map, 138. pub. 3gs, Ambroise (St.) Vie, par Hermant, 4to. cf. nt. 6s. Paris, 1678 ANALYTICAL Society, Memoirs, exceedingly valuable work by BABBAGE and HERSCHEL, remarkably fine specimen of Typography, 4to. 48. cost 15s. 1813 ANGUS, Seats of Nobility, Gentry, in Gt. Britain and Wales, after Eminent Artists, with Descriptions, 63 plates, copies have sold 31. 158. to 51. 12s. Lowndes, 1787 Anthems, 8, in Score, by Webbe, large 4to. hf. cf. 48. Anthologia Græca, Obs. et Notæ in, De Bosch, thick Utraject, 1810 Anti-Jacobin, Poetry of, best edit. 4to. 2s. 6d. pub. 1801 ANWARI SOHEELEE, the Light of Canopus, by Cashefee, a PERSIAN MS. beautifully written on Bombyx Paper, fol. hf. cf. (276 pages) 13s. Apuleius-Opera, Oudendorp, vol. 2 only, 4to. 28.1823 ARCHEOLOGIA, a Series of 12 vols. (16 to 27) 4to. uncut, very fine plates, 31. pub. 301. 1809 to 1837 Architecture and Building, Treatises of, by Hosking, 4to. 26 plates, 78. pub. 15s. ARETEUS, Causis et Signis Acutorum et Diuturnorum Morborum, Gr. et Lat. Boerhaave, large fol. calf, gilt, 148. Lugd. 1735 Aretin, Historia fol. 38. Argent,1610 ARISTOPHANES, Gr. et Lat. Burmann, correct text," with very excellent Animad. by Duker, contributing much to elucidating the Text, also very good Notes by Bergler, 2 vols. in 1 thick 4to. very fine copy, rus. glt. leaves, 16s. cost 21. 28. Lugd. 1760 ARNALD, Apocrypha, Crit. Comment. on, edited by Pitman, 4to. hf. cf. nt. 88. pub. 2 gs. 1822 ARNOLD, Chronicle or Customs of London, also celebrated Poem of Nut Brown Maid, 4to. cloth, 9s. pub. 36s. 1811 ARTISAN, Monthly Journal of Operative Arts, both series, 4 vols. 4to. cloth, numerous plates and cuts, 15s. pub. 21. 128. 1844-6 ART UNION Journal, Vols. 7, 8, 9, 10, 4 vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. numerous beautiful plates, 21. 158. cost 61. 1845-48

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Ditto, 1851, includes Catalogue of the Exhibition, complete in 7 Nos. original impressions, 15s. cost 11. 128. 6d.

Athanase (St.) Vie, par Hermant, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. fine portrait, 108. Paris, 1671 ATHENIAN LETTERS (by Hon. W. Yorke, Lord Hardwicke, Dr. Borel, &c.) 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. ports, and plates, 78. 1798



Atlas, ARROWSMITH, General, 4to. half bnd. 54 maps, 5s. pub. 11. 16s. Atlas, CHAMBERS, complete, 4to. 6s. 6d. pub. 1853 Atlas, EDINBURGH, School, 4to. cloth, 36 coloured maps, 58. 6d. pub. 258.


Atlas, GAIL, pour Etude de L'Histoire Ancienne et Intelligence des Auteurs, Grecs et Latins, 4to. 52 maps and plates, 48. Paris, 1815 Atlas, KIEPPERT, von Hellas, und den Hellenischen Colonien, folio, cloth, 24 fine coloured maps, 118. Berlin, 1846 Atlas, LOWRY, with Table, from most recent Authorities, and Index, 4to. hf. bnd. 100 coloured maps, 108. cost 20s. 1850

Atlas of PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, by Petermann and Milner, large 4to. cloth, 15 finely coloured maps and numerous cuts, 138. pub. 21s. 1850 Atlas, SPRUNER, Antiquus, folio, cloth, 27 fine coloured maps, 128. pub. Gotha, 1850 Atlas, TALLIS, Illustrated by Wallis, Allen, &c. Descriptions, &c. by Montgomery Martin, 39 first parts, folio, about 70 col. maps, 14s. pub. 17. 19s.

Atlas, THOMSON, new GENERAL, on Various Projections,of Form, and Compound Parts of Globe, Empires, Kingdoms, States of World; with Memoir on Progress of Geography, Summary of Physical ditto, Consulting Index, very large royal folio, cf. very nt. 74 fine coloured maps, 21. 58. pub. 11gs. Edinb. 1817 Atlas, AMERICAN, Historical, Chronological, Geographical, of N. & S. America and West Indies, according to Plan of Le Sage, large folio, hf. cf. nt. 53 coloured maps, 78. Philadelphia, 1823 Atti, della Accademia di Scienze, Lettere di Palermo (vol. 1.) 4to. plates, 28. Palermo, 1845 BAILY, New Tables for facilitating Computation of Precession, Aberration, Nutation of 2,881 fixed Stars, 4to. hf. morocco, 158. pub. 258. 1827 Barber of Seville, Music, from Orchestral Score, by Rockstro, English Words, 4to. cloth, 8s. pub. 168. BARCLAY, English Dictionary, most useful Work, late edition, thick 4to. hf. cf. nt. 11s. pub. 308. Baron (Dr. J.) Origin and Progress of Changes of Structure in Man and Inferior Animals, 4to. fine cold. plates, 38. pub. 188. BARONAGE of Scotland, Hist. and General Account of Gentry of, collected from best Authorities, "original edition of Douglas, not published," 2 vols. folio, hf. cf. cuts, 9s. Edin. 1798 BARROW (Dr. Isaac) Works, edited by Archbp. Tillotson, 3 vols. in 2, folio, cf. nt. fine old port. 11. 1715


BARRY, Wines of Ancients, Observations on Hist.

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3 98.

very nt. 11.

Crit. Med. 4to. cf. very nt. plate, 78. 1775 Writing, sm. folio, cf. numerous fine cuts, 88. 1748 lic Buildings, History of, by Ackermann, 2 large BASILE (St.) et S. GREGOIRE de NAZIANZE, BILLING, Antiquities of DURHAM, Architectural, vols. 4to. cloth, finely colourell plates, 21. 58. pub. Vies, par Hermant, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. port. Ils. Ecclesiastical, Castellated, Domestic, 4to. many

1815 Paris, 1679 very beautiful plts. 11. 128. pub.5gs. Durham, 1846 Ditto, Antiquarian Society Publications, 9 first parts, Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Gloucester, displayed, series Birth and Triumph of Cupid, a Series of Plates 4to. plates, 158. cost ll. 148.

Camb. 1840 of Views, from original Drawings, by Shepherd, after Designs by Lady Dashwood, elegantly en- CAMDEN, Britannia, Chorographical Description of Hist. and Descript. Illustrations by Britton, 4to. graved by Tomkins, large oblong 4to. hf. cf. 25 Gr. Britain and Ireland, translated, edited by Gib. hf. bnd. 50 fine Views, 88.

plates, 48. 6d.

1795 son, 2 large vols. folio, calf gilt, portrait and maps, Batman, Uppon Bartholeme, His Booke de Blank Books, with neat writing paper (9 by 7) 3s. 11. 58.

1722 Proprietatibus Rerum, taken foorth of the most Ditto, (9 by 7) ruled with blue lines, Is. 6d.

Camden, History of England, Commercial Inter. Approved Authors, the like not heretofore trans. BOFFRAND, Description of the founding in Bronze course, Alliances, Parliamentary Hist. &c. from lated into English, folio, original calf binding, very of the Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV. Paris, De- Cæsar to George 3rd, 2 vols. folio, hf. cf. nt. nu. fine copy, Black Letter, 21. 103.

scriptions (Latin and French), folio, cf. 18 plates, merous plates, 128.

1810 BATTY, Campaign of Left Wing of Allied Army in 48.

Paris, 1743 Camper, Connexion between Science of Anatomy and Western Pyrennees and South of France, in 1813 BONAVENTURA (S.) in 4 librorum sententiarum, Arts of Drawing, Painting, Statuary, &c. translated and 14, 4to. plates, stained, 108. pub. 298. 1823 2 very thick vols. folio, calf, clasps, very early pro- from Dutch, by Cogan, 4to. 17 large plates, 48.1821

, Scenery of FRANCE, with descriptions, Eng- duction and fine specimen, 248. Nuremberg, 1491 Camus, Art of Singing, New Plan of Vocalization, lish, French, complete, 12 parts, 4to. large paper, Book of Illustrious, Portraits of Melbourne, Peel, Explanations, French and English, hf. cf. u. 82. proof impressions, 11. pub. 101. 1822 Wellington, Wilberforce, O'Connor, &c. with Lives, cost 308.

1832 Welsh Scenery, with descriptions, sm. folio, 4to. cloth, 13 portraits, 38. pub. 12s. 1845 CARLISLE, Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, cloth, 35 very fine plates, 108. pub. 498. 1825 | BOYER, French and English, and English and French, and Islands in British Seas, 2 thick vols. 4to. ciotk, BAXTER, Summe of Practical Theology and Cases Dictionary, par Mitand, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, 8s. pub.

108. pub. 5 gs.

1813 of Conscience, thick folio, cf. first few leaves 31. 8s.

1816 CARPENTRY, Joinery, Cabinet Making, New Comdamaged, 88.

1673 BOYLE, State Papers, Correspondence, Letters, Life, plete System of Lines, Application to Roofs, Stairs, BEATTIE, Scotland, Illustrated, 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf.

large folio, cf. very nt. 108.

1742 Furniture, &c. 4to. hf. cf. nt. 90 plates, 13s. eusi beautiful plates by Allom and Bartlett, 11. 68. pub. BRABANT, Delices de la Noblesse, Description de 338.

1839 1838 toutes les Maisons, Monasteres, &c. oblong 4to. CARTES a JOUER, et cartes Nunerales da QuaDitto, Waldenses, or Protestant Piedmont, Dau- cf. nt. 202 plates, 188.

Amst. 1706 torzieme et Dix Huitieme Siecles, avec Precis liisphiny, and Ban de la Roche, 4to. cf. beautiful plates Britton, Chronological History and Graphic torique, roy. 4to. 100 fine plates, some in colour, by Bartlett and Brockedon, 173. pub. 2 98. 1838 Illustrations of Christian Architecture in England, 11. 58.

Paris, 1914 BEAUFOY, Nautical and Hydraulic Experiments Use, Progress, Perfection, thick 4to. hf. morocco, CARTWRIGHT, Confutation of Rhemists, Transand Scientific Miscellanies, roy. 4to. (688 pages) 86 fine plates, &c. 11. 68. pub. 6 98.

1835 lation, Glosses, Annotations, of New Test, folio, cf. cloth, plates, 78. Priv. Print. 1831 Union of Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, de

1613 BEAURAIN, Histoire Militaire de FLANDRE, scriptive account of Soane Museum, large 4to.Cary, New English Atlas, divided into Counties, from 1690-4; Marches, Batailles, Sieges, etc. 2 vols. beautiful plates, 12s. pub. 31. 38.

1827 Actual Survey, 4to. hf. cf. 57 coloured maps, 4.. folio, cf. gt. fine copy, full of fine maps and plates, Architectural Antiquities of Gt. Britain, with pub. 2 ys.

18uy some coloured, military plans, (40 fr. Brunet) 108. Descriptions, Vol. 1 and Pts, 9 to 25 (except 16 CASSERII, Collationes S. Patrum, Edit. Princeza,

Paris, 1755 and 17) large paper, many plates, 188. 1807 fine specimen of early typography, folio, monastic Bell, Engravings explaining Course of NERVES, Brookes (M.) Hlistory of Man's Redemption, folio, cf. binding with clasps, 10s.

Basil, 1453 with Address to Physicians, 9 plates ; Ditto, on 48.

1657 CATHEDRAL, Canterbury, Graphic Description of, Bones, numerous plates, 2 vols. 4to. 58. pub. BROUGHTON, Dictionary of all Religions, from with Histor. Notices, &c. by Woolnoth and Hastings, 21. 128. 6d. 1816 Creation, 2 vols, in 1 very thick folio, cf. 118. 1745 4to, beautiful plates, 128. pub. 3 gs.

1816 Bellamy, Concordance to Bible, Geographical Index, BROWN, Self Interpreting Bible, 2 thick vols. 4to. Ditto, Salisbury, by Dodsworth, 4to. half morocco,

Calendar, Table of Lessons, 4to. cf. ni. 38. 1818 russia, good copy, 138. pub. 21. 10s. Longman, 1806 beautiful plates, 10s. pub. 31. 13s. 6d. ISIA BENSON (Dr. G.) History of First Planting of Ditto, another edition, large folio, cf. gilt, 40 plates, CAUSSIN, Holy Court, Practice of Communion, Christian Religion, 3 vols. in 1 thick 4to. cf. nt. 16.

Bungay, 1814 Piety, &c. Prelate, Soldier, Lady, Anger, Love, 128. 1756 BRUCE, Annals of EAST INDIA COMPANY,

&c. 4 vols. in 1 thick folio, hf. cf. nt. engrared Ditto, on Epistles, Paraphrase, Notes, 2 thick vols. from establishment 1600 to Union 1707, 3 vols. titles and plates, 10..

1634 4to. cf. nt. 148. 1752 ni. 108. pub. 41. 10s.

1810 CAVE, Historia Literaria, 2 vols. fol. calf, rery neat, BENTHAM, History and Antiquities of ELY CA. ERUNONES (S.) Expositio in Psalterium, most 16s.

1695 THEDRAL, complete, with Supplement, 2 large beautifully printed, black and red, thick folio, calf

, Charnock, Works, 2 vols. folio, hf. cf. part

. vols. 4to. plates, 32s. pub. 6 98. 1817 monastic binding, very rare, 138.


1699 Bentivolio and Urania, an old Romance, sm. folio,

N. D. Noriberg Coburger, 1494 Chedworth (Lord) Letters to Crompton, 1780 to hf. cf. nt. 3s.

1660 BUCKINGHAM Palace, Decoration of Garden Pa. 1795, 4to. cloth, 38. pub. 258. Norwich, 1810 BEVERIDGE (Bp.) Works, 2 vols. folio. cf. nt.

vilion in, by GRUNER, with Introduction by CHINA, Illustrated, by Allom, Historical, Descrip 11. 12s.

1720 Bibies, Holy.

Mrs. Jameson, folio, 51 beautiful subjects on 15 tive Notices by Wright, 4 vols. (complete in 22 plates, 18s. pub. ll. lls. 6d.

1846 parts), 128 fine plates, ll. 108. pub. 31. 43. 18. Bible, Large Type Edition, thick 4to. calf, 11s. BUCKLAND, Reliquse Diluvianæ, Observations on CHINA, Costumes and Punishments, English and

Oxforil, 1812 Organic Remains, &c. 4to. 27 plates, very scarce, French, Explanations by Mason, large 4to. rviss. Bible, BAXTER'S, Notes, Critical, Explanatorv, by 11. pub. 11. lls. 6d.

1824 60 fine coloured plates, 118. pub. 9 gs.

IN STYLES, 2 vols. 4to.cfint. numerous plts. 158. 1811 BURKITT, on New Test: thick folio, cf. nt. fine Christian in Palestine, or Scenes of Sacred History, Bible, BURDER’S, Expositor and Commentary, portrait, Is.

1729 Critical and Practical, 2 thiek vols. 4to. cf. gilt BÚRNET, Own Time, (Charles 2nd to Peace of

illustrated, by Sketches on the Spot, by Bartlets,

Descriptions by Stebbing, 4to. Subscriber's copy, : back, 6 98.

1809 Bible, D'OYLY and MANT, Notes, Explan. and Ditto, on 39 Articles, folio, cf. nt. 48.

Utrecht,) also Life, 2 vols. folio, cf. nt. 10s. 1724 20 parts, very fine plates, 16s. 6d. cost 21.

1705 CHRONICON Divinum, plane opus Eruditis. Autorem Practical, 3 vols. 4to. good copy, wellhnil. plls. 2 gs. Burney, Account of Musical Performances in West- ab Mundo Initio ad annum 1512, ( Vatth. Another, fine copy, russia, very nt. 21. 10s.

minster Abbey and Pantheon, in commemoration Palmer) Basil, 1529, Egesippus de Excidio Hiern Bible, MATTHEW HENRY, Family Devotional, of Handel, nt. plates, 3s.

1785 solylmitanæ, Colon, S.A. thick folio, calf, monestis Copious Notes, 2 very thick vols. 4to. cf. very ni. BUTTERFLIES, British, and their Transformations, binding, with clasps, 88. numerous fine plates, 25s, cost 31. Tollis, 155.

by Westwood, complete in 14 parts, beautiful plts. CHURCH, Cabinet of QUADRUPEDS, Histor. and Bible, MATTHEW HENRY, Notes, Explan. Pr2c- original colouring, 11. 2s. pub. 11. 158. 1840 Scientific Descriptions, 2 vols. roy. 4to. rery beata

tical, edited by Blomfield, 2 vols. 4to. cf. very ni. Caties, of Cape of Good Hope and Interior of tiful plates, proof impressions, 138. pub. 968. 1&ui fine plates, 258. pub. 21. 158.

Virtue, 185. Southern Africa, various Classes and Tribes, with CICERONIS, Opera Omnia, Adnot. Nobbe, in 1 Bible, WESTALL, with Apocrypha, finely illustrated, Descriptions of Manners and Customs of each, 4to. large thick vol. imperial 8vo. 158. Lips, 1930 3 vols. sm. folio, red morocco extra, fine plates by cloth, Al plates, 78. pub. 2 gs.

1851 CLARKE (SAM.) Bible, with Annotations, this Heath, 11. 58. cost 3 98. 1815 Caicotta, and its Environs, a Splendid Work, folio, calf, portrait, 98.

1720 Bible, R. CATHOLIC, Family, from Vulgate, with displaying the Scenery of this great Emporium of Clement, Bibliotheque, Curieuse, Historique, Cr

Crit. Ilist. Controversial Notes by Haydock, Tables Eastern Grandeur, by SIR CHARLES D’OYLY, of Theol. Hist. Points of Faith and Doctrine, &c.

tique, ou Catalogue Raisonnee de Livres Difficiles large folio, 27 very fine engravings, a trouver, 5 first vols. 4to. (A. B.)48 Gottingen, 1731 complete in Nos. numerous fine plates, ll. 10s. Calmet, Dictionary of Bible, 5 vols. 4to. half | CLIFFORD, Topographical, Historical Description pub, 31.

morocco, numerous plates, 31. 108. pub. 10 gs. 1823 of Tixal, 4to. plate, 1817; Ditto, Collectanea Clif Bible Maps, Histor. and Descript. of Script. Geo. CALVERT, Picturesque Views and Descriptions of fordiana, 8vo. Paris, 1817, 2 Works, 108.

graphy, by Hughes, cloth, 12 cold. maps, 3s. 1841 BICKHAM, British Monarchy, or Chorographical

Towns, Castles, Mansions, in Staffordshire, Shrop-Clive, Sketches, between Persian Gulf and Bl:-)

shire, Hist. Topog. illustrations, by West, 2 vols. Sea (Palmyra, Sculptures at Nimroud, Moku Description of all Dominions subject to King of in 1, 4to. 70 fine plates, 78. pub. 21. 28. 1830 Ararat, Moosul Hut, Arab Encampment, Baghdad, Gt. Britain, all engraved, and fine specimens of CAMBRIDGE University, its Colleges, Halls, Pub., Roman Ruins, Nestorian Patriarch, Armenia, De

mascus, Camels' Heads, Koordish Chief's House, | DAUBUZ, Commentary on Revelations, thick folio, | Encyclopedie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonne des Kerbela, &c.) large folio, 24 very fine plates, 11. cf. very nt. 188.

1720 Sciences, Arts, et Metiers, par une Societe des pub. 57. 58.

1852 | DAVILA, History of Civil Wars of France, trans- Gens de Lettres, mis en ordre par DIDEROT et Cloquet, Muscles, engraved by Mitchell, 4to. 24 lated by Farneworth, 2 vols. 4to. of. nt. 188. 1758 DALEMBERT, complete, with Table et Suppleplates, 58. 6d.

1832 Dean, Farm Buildings and Labourers' Cottages, ment, 35 thick vols. folio, cf. nt. (12 alone being Coals, Inequality, Oppression, Impolicy of Taxes Essay on Construction of, 4to. cloth, 16 plates, 88. plates) 6 g8.

Paris, 1751. on; also Substitute for Grant of One Shilling per pub. ll. lls. 6d.

1849 ENGINEERS, Civil, Transactions of Institution of, Chaldron to Duke of Richmond by Charles 2nd. DECRETALES, Divini Gregorii Pape, Libri Quatuor, first 3 vols. in 7 parts, 4to. cloth, many fine plates, 4to. 1793; Report and Parliamentary Evidence on beautiful specimen of red and black printing, thick 21. 58. pub. 51. 108. 60.

1836-42 Coal Trade, folio, 1838, 2 roorks, 38. folio, monastic binding, clasp, 108.

England, Views in, by BIRCH, a Series of Views, COBBIN, Commentary and Family Exposition of

Nurenberg, 1482 with Descriptions, oblong 4to. cf. nt. fine plates, Bible, with Practical Reflections, Marginal Refer- De Ligny (R. Catholic) Life of Christ, from Incarna- little stained, 88.

1791, ences, Chronology, Indexes, &c. very thick 4to. tion to Ascension, also History of Apostles, trans- England and Wales, very large Map of, large imperial blue mor. extra, gilt leaves, map, plates, 258. 1837 lated by Sadlier, impl. 8vo. cloth, fine plates, 78. folio, hf. bnd. 58.

Stockdale, 1809 COLLIER, Historical Dictionary, with Appendix,

New York, 1851 Episcopal and Capitular Revenues, Commission, Par"most useful work," 4 large vols. folio, calf, 118. DEMOSTHENES, first Aldine Edition, extremely liamentary Report on, with Evidence, &c. 28. 1850

1701.1721 scarce, see Note, small folio, hf. bnd. MSS. Notes ERASMUS, Annotatio, in Nov. Testamentum, folio, COLLINS, Proceedings, Precedents, Arguments, on by Dobree or Porson, very imperfect, 128.

cf. nt. 6s.

1519 Claims and Controversies, ou Baronioo by Writ, | DICTIONNAIRE de l'Academie Francoise, 2 thick Erasmus, Life, by Jortin, best edition, 2vols. 4to. hf. and other Honours, large folio, cf. very nt. 6s. 1734 vols. 4to. new, 98.

Paris, 1825 vellum, uncut, fine old port. 158. 6d.

1758 Colston (Marianne) Tour in France, Switzerland, Dictionnaire Universel, Historique, Critique, Biblio- Erechtheion at Athens, Fragments of Athenian Archi

Italy, Illustrations to, roy. solio, 50 fine plates, 78. graphique, des Hommes, de toutes Nations 20 vols. tecture, Remains in Attica, Megaria, and Epirus, pub. 218. 1823 8vo. hf. russia, 11.

Paris, 1810 by Inwood, large folio, hf. morocco, 39 fine plates, Common Prayer, Offices, Ordination, Psalms, New DIODORUS SICULUS, Bibliothecæ Historicæ,

118. pub. 4 98.

1827 Version, &c. 4to. calf, beautiful large type, 108. Gr. et Lat. Rhodomanni, very thick folio. cf. nt. Euripides, Tragedies, translated by Potter, with Oxford, 1841-6 correct and respectable edit." - Dibdin, 78.

Notes, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. plates, 58.

1781 Concordia Fratri Gradi de Allemaia, splendid

Hanov. 1604 EUSEBIUS, Socrates, Evagrius, History of Church, specimen of early Typography, very thick large DIONYSIUS, AREOPAGIT. Opera (cælestis hie. Translated, with Notes, thick folio, cf. very nt. 138. folio, calf, brass bosses, 158. Argent Meutelii, 1475 rarchiæ Eeclesiast. Hierarch. Diuna nomina Mys.

Camb. 1683 Concordantia, Lat. Test, Stephani, fol. 2s.60.1600 tica theologia, Epistola Diuni hymni Anima, &c.) PABYAN, Chronicles of England and France, PynCONEY, Continental Architecture, Beauties of, An- full of metaphysical remarks," folio, monastic son's edition of 1516, reprinted, with Biog. Lit. cient Cathedrals, Public Buildings, in France, Ne. binding wilh clasps, 88.

Paris, 1515 Preface by Ellis, thick large 4to. hf. morocco, 108. therlands, Germany, with Hist. and Descriptive Dissertations on Philosophy and Science, from Ency. pub, 31. 38.

1811 Illustrations, large 4to. half morocco, gilt leaves, Britt. (Stewart on Metaphysical History, Playfair FALCONER, Remarks on Influence of Climate,

28 plates and 56 vignettes, 258. pub. 4 gs. 1843 on Physics, Arithmetic, Fine Arts, Beauty, Vegetable Situation, Population, Food, &c. on Disposition, CONSTANTINI, Lexicon, Gr. et Lat. cura Portus, Anatomy, Acoustics, Ant, Bee, Physical Astronomy, Religion, Temper, &c. of Mankind, excellent work, EDITIO OPTIMA, work of first reputation, 2 Atomic Theory, Achromatic Glasses, &c.) 4to. cf. 4to. cf. nt. 48.

1781 vols. folio, russia, gilt leaves, formerly worth 8

very nt. 58.


Family Herald, 3 vols. (5, 6, 7) 4to. cf. very nt. 108. and 9 gs. " usual price 3 gs." 18s. Geneva, 1592 DODD (Rev. Dr.) Commentary on Bible, a Com- cost 11.

1847-1849 Cordiner (Rev. C.) Remarkable Ruins, Romantic pilation, with Original Notes, by Locke, Cudworth, Ditto

, 4 vols. (8, 9, 10, 11), cl. i 18. pub. 188. 1850-53 Prospects of North Britain, Ancient Monuments, Waterland, Calinet, Doddridge, &c. the best in Female Saints of all the Orders, sm. 4to. hf. bnd. 89 Singular Subjects of Natural History, 4to. cf. nt. the language"-Dr. Ad. Clarke, 3 vols. in 4 large very fine old Portraits, 128.

Paris, 1639 57 fine plates, 78. 1788 folio vols. calf, 17. 58.

1770 FINDEN, Tableaux of Character, Beauty, Costume, COTMAN, Architectural Antiquities of Norfolk, 7 DODDRIDGE, Family Expositor, 6 vols. 4to. cf.nt. 2 vols. in 1, imperial 4to. morocco extra, gilt large folio parts, 42 plates (wants plate 36) 18s. 188. 6d.

1739 leaves, 61 splendid plates, 30s. pub, 51. 1812 DODWELL, Views in GREECE, large folio, nf. Views of Ports, Harbours, Coast Scenery, WaDitto, Norfolk and Suffolk Brasses, with letterpress morocoo, 30 plates, coloured equal to Drawings, tering Places of Gt. Britain, descriptions by Beattie, and Index, but only 143 plates, 11. 158, 1816 358. pub. 18 gs.

1821 2 vols. hf. cf. very nt. 100 fine plates, ll. 58. pub. Cottage Gardener, a Practical Guide in every Depart- DON, Gardener's Dictionary, 4 thick 4to. vols. cloth, 31. 38.

1839 ment of Horticulture, conducted by G. W. Johnson, 11. pub. 141.

1832 FISHER, Gallery of Scripture Engravings, Histori1818, Dec. 1851, first vol. cloth, rest in parts, DON QUIXOTE, a Set of very clever Illustrations cal and Descriptive, 3 vols. complete in parts, 192 168. cost. 21. to, by Picart, Coypell, &c. avec Explications, 4to. fine plates, Il. 98. pub. 21. 88.

185COWPER, Anatomical Treatises on MUSCLES of fine copy, calf, 31 fine plates, 128. Haie, 1746 Historic Illustrations of Bible, principally after

HUMAN BODY, with Introduction on Muscular Douay and Rheims Family Bible, translated from Old Masters, 4 vols. complete in parts, clean copy, Motion, this used to be considered the maynum the Latin Vulgate, thick 4to. fine plates, 6s.

120 fine pits.good impressions, 11. 158. pub. 41. 185. opus, of a Medical Library, very large thick folio,

New York, 1852 Flavel (J.) Works, vol. I only, folio, cf. port. 58. 1731 cf. nt. 66 fine large plates, 158.

1724 DOUGLAS (Bp.) Works, with Life by M'Donald, FLEETWOOD, Life of Christ, 4to. cf.nt. plates, 88. COYNE, Ireland, Scenery and Antiquities, 2 vols. thick large 4to.fine port, and facsimile of writing, pub. 11. 68.

Kelly, 1838 4to. half morocco, numerous very beautiful plates

98. cost 3 ys.

1820 | Ditto, by Stebbing, in Nos. thk. 4to.plts. 88. pub. 288. by Bartlett, 24s. pub. 31. 38.

183- Dublin University, and Trinity Coll. Parliamentary FLETCHER, Guide to Family Devotions, 4to. cf. COXE, Memoirs of Pelham Administration, collected Report on State, Discipline, Studies, Revenues, nt. fine plates, 138. pub. 268.

1834 from Family Papers and Authentic Documents, Evidence, Suggestions, Correspondence, 28.6d.1853 Fletcher, Emblematical Devices, with Appropriate 2 vols. 4to. 148. pub. 51. 58.

1829 Dufresne, Glossarium, Vol. 5 (P to R), thick folio, Mottoes and Alphabets, 4to. 64 plates, 58. 1810 CRABB, Historical Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 4to. 188. uncut, 48.

1734 FLUD, Historia Majoris et Minoris, Metaphysica, pub. 51. 83.

1825 DUGDALE, Monasticon Anglicanum, History of Physica Technica, “supposed originator of Animal Ditto, Universal Technological Dictionary, 2 thick Abbies, Monasteries, in England and Wales, also Magnetism," 2 vols in 1, thick folio, cf. nt. numevols. 4to. ll. pub. 51. 88. 1823 French, Irish, Scotch, formerly relating to England, rous cuts by De Bry, 108.

1618 Cramer, Asia Minor and Ancient and Modern abridged, 3 vols. in 1, folio, cf. nt. many plates of FORMICARIUM, juxta edificationem fratris Johis Greece, with the Islands, 2 large maps on canvas various Habits, 188.

1693 Nyder, Basil, (S. A.) DYALOG. super libertate on stretcher, 58. pub. 108.

Oxford, 1827 DUNCAN, CÆSAR, translated, with Discourse on ecclesiastica inter Hugonem (decanum) et Oliuerium Crosby Place, Architectural Antiquities and Present War, thick large folio, cf. very nt. fine plates, in. (burgimagistrum) et catonem, (secretarius), RyStale, by Hammon, with Hist. and Descript. cluding the Bull, 188.

1753 chenstem, 1477, extremely early specimens, folio, Account, royal. 4to. cloth, 15 fine plates, 3s. 1844 Dunsford, History of Tiverton, 4to. cloth, maps, monastic binding with clasps, 88. CRUDEN, Concordance, thick 4to. cf. very nt. port. 28. 6d.

Exeter, 1790 FORTIFICATION et Attaque et Defense des Places, 108. pub. 2 gs.

1805 DUPIN, Ecclesiastical History, (includes 16th Cen- explique pour toute le Monde, par M. de Bous. Concordance to Old and N. Test. in i Alphabet, tury) 15 vols. in 7, folio, cf. 21. 108. 1696-1706 mard, 3 vols. and Atlas of plates, hf. cf. 58. Bagster's finely printed edition, 4to. 38. 1833 Complete History of Canon and Writers of Old Fortifications Reguliers, Essai d'une nouvelle meCrystal Palace, History and Description, 4to. hf. cf. and New Test. 2 vols, in 1, folio, cf. nt. 83. 1699 thode pour defense des Grandes Places de Guerre,

new, fine plates by Mayall, 48. 6d. Tallis, 185- | DURER (ALBERT) Designs to Lord's Prayer, also par Prince D'Arenberg, 4to. hf. cf. large plates, 28. CYPRIAN (St.) Opera, Gr. et Lat. very thick folio, Prayer in 43 Languages, edited by Stoeger, folio, Fothergill (Dr.) Works, Weather Diseases, Mag. cf. very ni. 188.

Amst, 1691
portrait, 138.

netical Machine, Disorders of Painters, Coffee, DAMMIT, Lexicon, Homericum et Pindaricum, Gr. Ecclesiastical Gazette, Vol. 1, 4to. cl. scarce, 3s. 1839 Diseases of London, etc. thick 4to. hf. cf. por. et Lat. Duncan, thick 4to. cf. very nt. 108. pub. Edinburgh and Surrounding Country, 4 Panoramic traits, &c. 48.

1784 31. 38. Glasgow, 1824 Views of, oblong 4to. 48.

1822 FOX, History of Martyrs, 2 vols. in 1, thick 4to. cf. Darwin, Temple of Nature, or Origin of Society, with ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, 3rd Edition, plates, 8s.

1807 Notes, 4to. If. cf. nt. plates, 48.

1803 good copy, 22 vols. 4to. hf, russia, plates, 31. 1797 | GAGE, History and Antiquities of Hengrave, in

pub. 41.




Basse Allemagne, thick folio, 60 maps and plans,
Anvers, 1582
IIAKEWILL, Apologie, or Declaration of Power and
Providence of God in Government of World, both
parts, thick folio, cf. nt. 6s.
HALE, Primitive Origin of Mankind, considered and
examined, according to Light of Nature, folio, cf.
very nt. fine old port. 4s. 6d.
Hamilton, Greek, Roman, Etruscan VASES, Outlines
from, with Engraved Borders, by Kirk, 4to. 62 fine
plates, 8s. pub. 21. 28.
HAMMOND, Paraphrase and Annotations on New
Testament, thick folio, hf. cf. nt. 10s. 1659
Handel Concerto, Dead March in Saul, Neil Gow,
Scots Songs, Gyrowetz Notturno, and Various,
folio, hf. russia, 38.
HARDING, Elementary Art, Use of Chalk and Lead
Pencil advocated and explained, large 4to. cloth,
fine plates, 11. 58. pub. 31. 38.
HASTINGS, British Archer, or Tracts, &c. on Ar-
chery, collected, 4to. cloth, plates, 4s. pub. 148.1831
HAWKINS, English Silver Coins, large paper, hf.
morocco, 48 plates, 21. Not Published, 1841
Heath, New Gallery of British Engravings, 12 parts,
imperial 8vo. very fine plates, 5s. pub. 18s. 1845
HEBER (Bp.) Life, Correspondence, Poems, Private
Papers, Travels in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Hun-
gary, Germany, &c. 2 thick vols. 4to. cloth, port.
and plates, 11s. pub. 31. 13s. 6d.
HEBREW, Easy Introd. Principles of Pestalozzi (3
parts), Teacher's Assistant, Heb. Grammar, Tables
of Hebrew Roots, large folio, 10s. pub. 21. 2s. 1831

Suffolk, "valuable not only for ornamental and | GUICCIARDINI, Description de tous les Pais Bas useful illustrations, but for very curious details of private history and biography and ancient customs and characters," large 4to. fine plates, 18s. pub. 31. 13s. 6d. Gall et Spurzheim, Anatomie et Physiologie du Systeme Nerveux en general et Cerveau en particulier, 4 vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. wants plts. 58. 6d. Paris, 1810 Gallery of Nature and Art, Tour through Creation and Science, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Mines, Rivers, &c. 2 vols. red morocco, extra, gilt leaves, 93 plates, 138. 6d. 1823 Gardener's Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette, 2 vols. in 1, very thk. folio, cl. hundreds of cuts, 4s. 1846 Gebelin, Monde Primitif, Analyse et Compare, avec Monde Moderne (" very valuable and curious work, especially to Philologist, contains Etymological Dictionaries of Latin, Greek, French, Celtic, American. &c., origin of Languages, Writers, Calendar, Almanac," &c.) ou Recherches, sur les Antiquites du Monde, 9 thick vols. 4to. uncut, 288. 1773 GEDDES, Pentateuch, newly translated, Readings, Notes, Crit. Remarks, &c. "most intelligent version; few passages which this version will not illuminate with astonishing mass of biblical erudition, fruit of 20 years' labour"-Dr. Mason Good, all three vols. complete in 1 thick vol. 4to. cf. nt. 1800 GESNER, Thesaurus, Linguæ LATINE, Eruditionis Romanæ, an improved edition of Stephens' Thesaurus and very valuable; Foreign Scholars prefer this to Facciolati, as it omits many Scientific Terins in this," 4 vols. in 2 large thick folios, cf. nt. fine port. (used to sell from 81. to 101.) 18s. Lips. 1749



GIBBONS (Miss) Illustrated Charades, royal 4to. cloth, elegant, 12 beautiful plates, on India paper,



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GILL, Body of Divinity, Doctrinal and Practical,
4to. 8s. pub. 17. 158.
GIRDLESTONE (Rev. C.) Commentary on New
Testament, thk. 4to. cl. 12s. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1836
GODWIN, de Præsulibus Angliae Comment, thick
folio, cf. nt. 18s.
Gothic Ornaments illustrative of Prior Birde's Ora-
tory and Abbey Church, Bath, by Davis, 4 parts,
imperial folio, 20 very fine plates, 8s. 1834
GRAVESON, Historia Ecclesiastica Variis Colloquis
Digesta, 9 vols in 2, folio, cf. nt. 11s. August, 1738
Gray, Poems, Designs by Bentley, very large 4to. cf.
nt. plates, 38.
Grotii (Hugo) Opera Omnia, Theologica, Gr. et
Lat. 4 vols. folio, cf. nt. 248.
Amst. 1679
Annot. in Novum Test. Gr. et Lat. 2 vols. folio,
vellum, 8s.
Amst. 1641
Grove (Hon. Mrs.) Calendar of Nature, or Sea-
sons of England, correct representations, with fuli
accurate Catalogues, of Birds, Butterflies, Wild
Flowers of England, in each succeeding Month,
useful Botanical Directions of British Flowering
Plants, edited, with preface, by Lord John Russell,
thk. roy. 4to. 24 fine plates, 308. pub. 51.
Another Copy, cloth, plates, beautifully coloured,
21. 58. pub. 8gs.
Guarini, Il Pastor Fido, 4to. cf. nt. plates, very clear
type, 28.
ours, Usages des TURCS, Religion, Go-
Militaire, Politique, et Histoire
Ottomane, 2 volso to. cf. nt. plates, 5s. 6d. 1747
Guernsey, a Series of Views in, after Shepherd, ob-
Tong 4to. hf. c. 26 plates, 58.
QUICCIARDINI, Istoria d'Italia, large paper, 2
royal folio vols. cf. nt. Ils.
Venet. 1738

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Fabre D'Olivet, Langue Hebraique Restituee, et Veritable Sens des Mots Hebreux, retablie et, prove, par leur Analyse Radicale, Origine de la Parole, Grammaire Hebraique, sur nouveaux principes, Racines Hebraiques, Sepher, Hebrew Text, Literal Translations, French and English, and Notes, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. hf. cf. 5s. 6d. Paris, 1816 HEDERICI Lexicon, Gr. et Lat. Patricii, Ernesti, Morell, Larcheri, thk. 4to. 3s. pub. 11. 148. 1825 Henry (Matthew) Bible and Miscellaneous Works, 7 vols. 4to. very fine copy, cf. gill, 41. 1811 Heraldi, Quæstiones Quotidian, Obser, ad Jus Atticum et Romanum, et Defens, Salmasii, thick folio, ef. Paris, 1650 Hierologia, Anglica, hoc est Clarissimorum et Doctissimorum Anglorum qui floruerunt ab anno 1500 ad 1620; Vitae, Effigiis et Elogia, by Holland, 2 vols. in 1, folio, vellum, very fine impressions of the Portraits by Pass, and others, 6 gs. 1620 Historie Ecclesiasticæ, Scriptores Græci, Eusebius, Socrates, Theodoriti, Sozomeni, Enagrii, Latine, Cristoforsono, Notis Curteo, Indice Locupletissimo, thick folio, cf. 68. 1571 Hitopadesa, Sanskrit Text of First Book, or MitraLabha, with Grammatical Analysis, Alphabetically arranged, by Johnson, 4to. cl. 4s. 6d. pub. 15s. 1840 HODGE, Expansive Steam Engine, Analytical Principles, Pract. Application, 4to. hf. mor. large plts. 58. 6d. pub. 16s. 1849 Hogarth, Analysis of Beauty, with Plates, 2 books,

4to. 48.


Oxon. 1798

Holmes, Greek Septuagint, Odd Parts, Genesis, Es-
dras, Nehemiah, Esther, Ecclesiasticus, 3 parts,
folio, 4s.
Home Companion, Vol. 1, 4to. cloth, numerous cuts,
38. pub. 68.
Homer, Bryant (Jacob)
Obs. on Chevalier, on Plan
of Troy, Eton, 1705; Ditto, Expost. with British
Critic, 1799, 2 4tos. 28.
Homilie, portille venerabilium Doctorum Gre-
gorii, Augustini, Ambrosii, Hieronym. Bede, Leonis,
etc. super Evangelia, per estatem et de Sanctis (Es-
tivalis Pars et Pars Hyemalis) 2 very thick vols. folio,
old monastic binding, with clasps, 12s. (N.D. 14-)
HOMILIES, time of Q. Elizabeth, folio, cf. 48. 1726
Ditto, with Articles of Religion and Constitutions,
and Canons Ecclesiastical, large folio, 5s.
HORSBURGH, India Directory, Directions for Sail-
ing to and from E. Indies, China, Australia, Ame-
rica, 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. 188. pub. 41. 6s. 1836
HOUBRAKEN and VERTUE, Heads of Illustrious


Persons of Gr. Britain, Lives, &c. by Birch, large
folio, hf. russia, 108 fine ports. 188. pub. 31.3s. 1813

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Howell, French and English Dictionary, with Grammar and Dialogues by Cotgrave, indispensible in reading Rabelais and older French Authors," thick folio, cf. nt. 88. 1683 HUNTER (JOHN) Works, complete, with Life and Notes, by Palmer, 4 vols. 8vo. and 4to. Allas of plates, 188. pub. 31. 10s. 1837 Ditto, on Blood, Inflammation, Gun-shot Wounds, Life by Home, 4to. hf. cf. t. port. and plates, 58. 1794 HURD, Universal History of all RELIGIONS, Rites, Ceremonies, Customs, of World, all Religions, with History of Reformed Churches, thick 4to. cf. nt. plates, 8s. pub. 2 gs. 1813 HUTTON, Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to. numerous cuts, 15s. 1796 Illustrated Record of Events, a Series of Views of Places, Battles, &c. with History, 1811-1815, large folio, hf. cf fine coloured plates, 98. pub. 15 gs. 1817 INDIA and Euct India Company, Law relating to, Collected, with Notes and Appendix, thick 4to. cloth, 78. pub. 31. 38.




Ireland, Picturesque Views on RIVER THAMES,
from Source to Nore, Obs. on Public Buildings,
Antiquities, &c. 2 vols. in 1 thick 4to. hf. ind. nt.
53 fine plates, (sold for 4 gs.) 78.
Jackson and Andrews, Illustrations of Bp. West's
Chapel at Putney, with Notice of Founder, 4to. 12
fine plates, 4s. pub. 14s.
James, Naval History, Tables to Vols. 3, 4, 5, 4to. ls.
JAMIESON (Dr.) Dictionary of Mechanical Sci-
ence, Arts, Manufactures, Miscellaneous Know-
ledge, 2 vols. 4to. half calf, many hundred en-
gravings, 11. pub. 21. 18s.
Jamieson, Scottish Dictionary, complete, with
Supplement, 4 vols. in 2, half calf, very neat, cloth
sides, 41. pub. 8 gs.
Edin. 1841
Jarmusiewicz, Newes System, der MUSIK, oder newe
aufbisher, unbekannten Grundsazen beruhende Lehre
Melodie, Harmonie,musikalischenComposition, Ger-
man and Polish, 4to. cloth, 68.
Wien, 1843
Jerusalem, Chypre, Armenie, Egypte, Histoire de,

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Croisades, et faits de l'Empire Ottoman, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nl. fine ports. and maps, 6s. Leide, 1785 Johnson, Catalogue of 606 Principal Fixed Stars in Southern Hemisphere, 4to. 8s. 1835 JOHNSON (Dr.) English Dictionary, with full Au2 thick vols. 4to. 18s. 1785 Jones, Persian Grammar, edited by Lee, 4to. cloth, plates, 5s. pub. 11. 58. JOSEPHI, Opera, Gr. et Lat. Roverianus, thick fol. (1002 pages), VELLUM, 5s. Gener. 1611 Juridical Society of Edinburgh, complete System of Conveyancing, adapted to present practice of Scotland, vol. 1 (Hereditable Rights), 4to. 48. cort 21. 12s. 6d. 1826 JUVENAL et PERSIUS, most beautiful privately printed edition, 4to. half morocco, elegant large type, with engraved borders in red, 10s.

Whittingham, 1845 Kelly, Universal CAMBIST, and Commercial Instructor, Exchanges, Monies, Weights, Measures, of all Trading Nations, 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, neat, 78. pub. 41. 48. 1821



-Universal Geography, 2 vols. 4to. calf, neat, many maps and plates, 12s. pub. 3 gs. Kennett, Madras Commercial Ready Asssistant, correct Tables of Exchange, &c. folio, calf, neat, 35. Madras, 1818 KIDDER, Demonstration of Messias, in which the Truth of Christian Religion is proved, folio, calf, neat, 7s. King, General Treatise on Music, particularly Harmony, or Thorough Bass, and application in Composition, folio, hf. cf. 4s. pub. 17. 1s. KIRCHER, La Chine, Illustree des Monuments, Sacres et Profanes et quantite de recherches de la Nature et Art, traduit par Dalquie, folio, ef. st. fine old plates and cuts, 78. Amst. 1760 Turris Babel, sive Archontologia, Priscorum post Diluvium Hominum Vita, Mores, Rerumque Gestarum Magnitudo, folio, vellum, 6s. Kleiner, Delineations of Buildings, Country Sests. Gardens, in Vienna and Suburbs, by Pfeffel, oblong folio, cf. nt. 130 most interesting plates of earthly magnificence, external, internal Decorations, &e. rare, 11, 5s. 1724



KNIGHT, Family Bible and Apocrypha, Notes, Annot. from Henry, Brown, Doddridge, Poole, &c. thick folio, calf, very neat, plates, 168. 1815 Kollmann, Essay on Practical Musical Composition (67 pp. of music) folio, hf. russia, 48. 1799

Musical Harmony, New Theory of, according to Complete and Natural System, folio, hf. cf. 48. 1806 Lakes of Westmorland, Durham, Cumberland, Northumberland, Illustrated, from Drawings by Allom, Descriptions by Rose, 3 vols. 4to. complete, fine plates, 11. 10s. publ. 31. 6s. Fisher, 1833 LANCASHIRE Illustrated, with Descriptions, 4to. 52 fine plates by Pyne, Austin, &c. 58. pub. 21s.1831 LANDSCAPE Architecture of Great Painters of Italy, by G. M. L. 4to. cloth, 55 fine plates, 16s. pub. 4 gs. 1828 Langley, History, Antiquities of DESBOROUGH, and Deanery of Wycomb, in Buckinghamshire, 4to. cf. nt. maps, 48. 1797 LAPLACE, Exposition du Systeme du Monde, 4to. hf. cf. nt. port. 78. Paris, 1813 LATOMI (Theol. Profess. Erasmus' Friend) Opera, Advers Hæreses, folio, cf. nt. 58. Lovani, 1550 LEDOUX, Architecture Consideree sous Rapport de l'Art, Mœurs, Legislation, very large thick imperial folio, hf. cf. 124 fine plates, 18s. 6d. Paris, 1804 LELAND, History of Ireland, from Accession of Hen. 2nd, with Discourse on Ancient State, 3 vols. 4to. fine copy, cf. nt. 12s. 1773 LEMPRIERE, Universal Biography, Critical and Historical, "most comprehensive in language," thick 4to. calf, very nt. 78. pub. 3 gs. 1808 LEVAILLANT, OISEAU D'AFRIQUE, Hist. Naturelle des, 3 first vols. royal 4to. 132 beautifully coloured plates, ll. 15s. Paris, 1799 LEWIS, Historical Inquiries on Forests and Forest Laws, with Topographical Remarks on Ancient and Modern State of New Forest, 4to. cf. nt. plate, 68. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1811 LEWIS, Picturesque Scenery of RIVER DART, Devon, 40 most exquisite tinted plates, 13s. pub. 21. 4s. 1821 Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, Ireland, Wales, Parliamentary History, large paper, 11 vols. 4to. cloth, maps, 31. pub. 12 gs. 1835 Ditto, England and Wales only, 6 vols. cloth, 21. 12s. 6d. pub. 9 gs. 1840 Light, POMPEII, a Series of fine Views, with Descriptions, folio, cloth, 25 fine plates, India paper proofs, 148. pub. 41. 108. 1828 LINNÆI, Plantarum, Systema, Genera, Species, sive Codex, Botanicus Linneanus, edit. Richter, thick sm. folio, 148. Lips. 1840 LITTLETON (Dr.) 61 Sermons on Public Occasions, see Southey's praise, thk. folio, cf.nt.5s. 1680 LIVY, Historia, Annot. Beroaldi, &c. very thick folio, cf. no title, 48. Francof. 1568 History, with Supplement by Friensheim, Translated, thick folio, "most accurate," cf. nt. no title, 48. 1686 Locke (John) Works, 3 vols. folio, good copy cf.

nt. 18s.

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-, on Human Understanding, desirable edit. see preface, folio, hf. russia nt. port. 3s. 1695 LOCKINGTON, Cyphers, New complete Set, also Charlemagne's Crown, oblong 4to. hf. cf. nt. 24 plates, 68. 1777 London in 19th Century, also Metropolitan Improvements, illustrated by Shepherd, with Hist. Topog. Crit. Descriptions by Elmes; ditto, Views in EDINBURGH, illustrated by Shepherd; Hist. Crit. Topog. Descriptions, 3 vols. 4to. beautiful copies, russia extra, uniform, numerous fine plates, good impression, 358. cost 71. 1827-29 London Journal, first 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. cuts, 68. 6d. cost 148. 1845-6

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Ditto, 2 vols. (5, 6, 7, 8) hf. cf. very nt. many cuts,


1847-9 Longfellow, Golden Legend, illustrated, a Series of 18 exquisite designs by V. H. D. folio, 18 most beautiful plates, India paper, proofs, 68. 1852 LORENZO, La Practica di Prospettiva, folio, bnd. 64 plates, rare, 58. Venet. 1596 LOVAT (Fraser of) Hist. Acct. of Family, Manners, Customs, Correspondence of Simon, Lord Lovat,

by Anderson, 4to. plts. of Seals, 10s. pub. 17, 58. 1825 | LOWTH on Isaiah, new translation, Dissert. Notes, best edit. "invaluable, most critical," 4to. 48. 1779 Madden, Hist. Remarks on Introduction of Chess into Europe, and Ancient Chess in Isle of Lewis, 4to. plates, 38. MADOX, Firma Burgi, or Hist. Essay concerning Cities, Towns, and Boroughs of England, folio, cf. 78. 1726




Magdeburgenses Centuriatores sive His-
toria Ecclesiastica Centuria, I. ad XIII. ex Op-
timis Historicis Patribus, &c. congesta, "a Store-
house for Protestant Divines, immortal work, the
parent of Ecclesiastical History, restoring the light
of evidence and truth from thick darkness and in-
numerable fables, Baronius Annals were directed
against this," 3 thick large vols. very fine copy,
vellum, 21. cost 41. 14s. 6d.
Basil, 1624
Makerstoun, in Scotland, in 1845 and 46, edited by
Broun, 4to. plates, 3s.
Edinb. 1849
MAITLAND, History and Antiquities of SCOT-
LAND, from Earliest Period to 1603, 2 vols. folio,
uncut, cuts, 10s.
Maitland (Sir R. of Lèthingtoun) POEMS,
with Poems of Sir J. Maitland, Lord Thirlstane,
Thomas Maitland (edited by Bain for Maitland
Club) 4to. 98. Edinburgh Priv. Print. 1830
MALCOLM (Sir John) History of PERSIA, from
Earliest Period, Religion, Government, Manners,
Customs, &c. 2 vols. 4to. cf. very nt. many plates,
and maps, 268. pub. 81. 88.
Malham, Hist. of England, Civil, Ecclesiastical; also
Hist. of Europe, &c. large thick folio, full of plates
and portraits, 98.
MALIPHANT, Designs for Sepulchral Monuments,
Mural Tablets, &c. 4to. 31 plates, 58. pub. 11. 184-
MALKIN, History of GREECE, from Earliest Times
to Final Subjection to Rome, large paper, private
impression, 4to. cloth, 48.
Malta, Series of 20 fine Views in, by Capt. and
Mrs. Gardner (Dockyard, Creek, Valetta, Church
of Giovanni, Protestant College, Phænician Ruins,
Grand Harbour, St. Paul's Church, ditto Bay,
St. Julian's Tower, Quarantine Harbour, General's
House, &c.) oblong 4to. cloth, 20 beautiful plates,
88. pub. 2 gs.
Manchester and Birmingham Railway, with Adjacent
Country, very fine large coloured MAP, on 2
SHEETS (5 ft. 10 by 4 ft. 4) on CANVAS, in
CASE, 68.
MANGETI, Bibliotheca Scriptorum Medicorum,
Veterum et Recentiorum, 4 vols. in 2 very thick
vols. folio, cf. nt. portrait, 8s. Geneva, 1731
MANILII, Astronomicon, Notis Bentleii, "very pure
language, valuable edition, excellent notes," 4to.
cf. nt. port. 58.
MAP of World, on Mercator's Projection (Teesdale's)
2 very large sheets, each (42 by 37) coloured and
mounted on canvas, in morocco case, 7s. . 1845
Map, Railway, of England and Scotland, Teesdale's
very large sheet (50 by 38) coloured and mounted
on canvas, in morocco case, 58.
Medical Times, Journal of English and Foreign Me-
dicine, Medical Affairs, &c. 4 vols. (8, 9, 10, 11,
12, 13) 4to. cloth, 98.
MAMMATT, Collection of Geological Facts,
&c. Ashby Coal Field and Neighbouring District
(result of 40 years' experience and research),
sumptuous privately printed Work, royal 4to. large
map, sections of strata to 1011 feet below the surface
of earth, also 102 plates, with 300 figures of vege-
table fossils, elegantly and accurately coloured, 16s.
pub. 4 gs.
MANSIONS of England, CHESTER, vol. 2 (Nant-
wich, Bucklow, Macclesfield) royal 4to. hf. green
morocco, 65 beautiful plates, 12s.
rare early Black Letter edition, folio, mo-
nastic binding, 18s.

Colon. Johez Koelhoff, 1450 (but 1480)
See Dibdin's Bibliotheca Spencer, for notice of exces-
sive rarity of this printer's productions.
familiarly explained, with Variety of Tables, 4to.
cf. nt. 48.


Mason (F. Chaplain to K. James 1, Archdn. of Norfolk) Vind. of CH. of ENGLAND, and LAW. FUL MINISTRY, of Success. Elect. Confirm. Consec. of Bishops, Ordn. of Priests and Deacons, Defend. agt. Bellarmine, Saunders, Bristow, Hardinge, and other Romanists, also Index, full Series of Succession of our Bishops and Writers on the Controversy, on both sides, by J. Lindsay, folio, cf. nt. rare, 188. 1728 MATTHÆI, WESTMONASTERIENSIS, Flores, Historiarum, "particularly curious for AngloSaxon and earlier Norman Kings, published by Arch. Parker, thick folio, cf. very nt. 188. 1570 Matthioli, Comment. in Dioscoridem, thick folio, cf. very nt. hundreds of cuts, 48. Venet. 1558 Maurice, Obs. connected with Astronomy and Ancient History, Ruins of Babylon, Persepolis, 4to. plates, 3s. pub. 11. 58. Mausoleum UNGARIÆ, a Series of very fine old full length Portraits of Kings and Eminent Men of HUNGARY, with Latin and German Verses, folio, vellum, 109 portraits, 78. Norimberg, 1664 Maximilian, Prince of Wied, TRAVELS in Interior of North America, translated by Lloyd, thick royal 4to. hf. cf: very nt. numerous fine wood engravings, but no map, 12s. pub. 21. 12s. 6d. 1843 Ditto, also the large folio Atlas, both elegantly hf. bnd. 81 plates exquisitely coloured, 121. pub. 251. Mechanic and Engineers Practical Magazine, vol. 4, 4to. hf. cf. nt. many cuts, 48. MELODIEN zu dem Mildheinischen Luderbache (music, with words for piano) 4to. 3s. Gotha, 18Metropolis Improvement, most effectual, by providing increased Facilities of Communication within, Embankment of Thames, and Various Schemes by Page, French, Martin, Rendel, Walker, Burgess, multitude of plans, 1844; former ditto, plans, 1840, 58.


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Middleton (Dr. Conyers) Free Inquiry into Miraculous Powers supposed to have subsisted in Christian Church, from Earliest Ages, 4to. cf. 48. 1749 Miles, on HORSE'S FOOT, and how to Keep it Sound, also on Shoeing in general, and Hunters in Particular, sm. fol. cloth, 10 plts. 3s. pub. 108.1847. Milner, on Modern Style of Altering Ancient Cathedrals, as exemplified in Salisbury Cathedral, 4to. 1798 plate, 28. Milton, Works, Prose and Poetical, with Life, best Library edition, 5 vols. 4to. calf, very neat, 1752 fine plates, by Hayman, 11. 158. Missal, an exquisitely beautiful MANUSCRIPT on VELLUM, of the first class, with Seventeen large, most beautiful Miniatures, and Forty-six Initial Letters, in original binding, 9l. MISSALE Romanum, ex decreto Sacrosanti Concilii Tridentini Restitutum, thick folio, calf, very neat, fine plates, 98. Antwerp, 1720 Montanus, HEBREW BIBLE, with LATIN Interlinear Translation, also GREEK Apocrypha and New Test. Greek, with Latin Interlinear, "more useful than any other,"-Bp. Gleig, thick 1609 folio, good copy, calf, 158. MORGAGNI, Seats and Causes of Diseases investigated, by Anatomy, translated by Alexander, 3 1769 vols. 4to. calf, neat, 10s. Morice (W.) The Common Right to the LORD'S SUPPER asserted, wherein that Question is fully 1660 stated, folio, calf neat, 5s. MORRIS, on Past Growth and Present State of London, complete Table of Christenings and Burials within City, 1601 to 1750, folio, 38. 1751 Mortmain, Report of Committee on Law of, Evidence and Index, containing extraordinary evi1844 dence by R. Catholics, folio, 2s. MOSHEIM, Ecclesiastical History, translated, with Notes and Chronological Tables, by Maclaine, genuine edition, 2 thick vols. 4to. calf, neat, 98. 1765 Ditto, Supplement, with Defence of First Reformers,

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