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sula of Sinai, 8vo. cloth, map, and other illustrations, 4s. pub. 12s. 1852 LONGELLOW, Prose Works, Hyperion, Kavanagh, beautifully printed, sq. 12mo. cl. 48. pub. 6s. 1832 Ditto, Kavanagh, a Tale, 12mo. cl. 18. pub. 3s. 185Mardi, or a Voyage thither, by H. Melville, Author of Typee, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 4s. pub.1l.11s. 6d. 1849 Marsh, Protestant Reformation in France, or History of Hugonots, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, ports. and numerous illustrations, 6s. pub. 11. 10s. 1847 Montgomery (Rev. R.) God in Man, being Outlines of Religious and Moral Truth, 8vo. cth, 28. 6d. pub. 12s. Murray (Hon. R. Dundas) Cities and Wilds of Andalusia, sm. 8vo. cloth, plates, 4s. pub. 10s. 6d. 1853 My Youthful Life, and Pictures of Travel, being Autobiography of Madame Schopenhauer, translated from German, 2 vols, 12mo. fancy bds. 3s. pub. 1847 Nasology, or Hints towards a Classification of Noses, by Eden Warwick, sm. 8vo. cloth, cuts, 2s. 6d. pub. 88. 6d. O'Connell (John) Recollections and Experiences during Parliamentary Career, 1833 to 1848, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 11. 18. Old Manor House, or Monimia and Orlando, by Charlotte Smith, 8vo. cloth, new, cuts, 2s. 1854 Packman, History of Conspiracy of Pontiar, and War of N. American Tribes, against English Colonies, after Conquest of Canada, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. pub. 21s. 1851 Richardson, Travels in Great Desert of Sahara, Description of Oases, and Cities of Ghat, Ghadames, Moorzuk, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, port. plates and maps, 68. pub. 11. 10s. Roberts (W. author of Life of Hannah More) Life, Letters, Opinions, edited by his Son, sm. 8vo. cl. port. 2s. 6d. pub. 7s. 6d. Sadler (M. T. Polit. Economist) Memoirs of Life and Writings, thick Seeley, 1842 Savonarola, Facts and Figures from Italy, addressed to C. Dickens, by Father Prout, sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d.

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pub. 10s. 6d. 1847 Sleigh (Lt. Col.) Pine Forests and Hacmatac Clearings, or Travel, Life, and Adventure in B. N. America, 8vo. cloth, 38. 6d. pub. 12s. 1853 Smith (Admiral Sir Sidney) Life, Correspondence, by Barrow, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, 78. pub. 11. 8s. Smyth (Rev. J. W.) Exposition of Passages of Holy Scripture, for Family Use for every Day in Year, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. pub. 11. 118. 6d. 1841 Stamboul, or Pictures of Constantinople, the Sea of Gems, by Author of Bridal and the Bridle, sm. 8vo, cloth, 28. 6d. pub. 10s. 6d. 1852

Tenison (Louisa) Castile and Andalusia, large 8vo. cloth, 24 fine plates and 20 cuts, 188. pub. 21. 12s. 6d. 1853 Tupper (Martin) Heart, a Social Novel, sm. 8vo. cloth, 28. pub. 88. 1844 Ditto, The Twins, a Domestic ditto, uniform, cloth, 28. pub. 88.




Uncle Tom's Cabin, 8vo. new, cloth, gilt leaves, plts. by Cruickshank, 28. pub. 38. 6d. Ditto, Key, by Mrs. Stowe, thick roy. 8vo, cloth, 48. pub. 128.



Walpole (Lieut.) Ansayri, or Assassins, with Travels in Further East, including Visit to Nineveh, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 9s. pub. 21. 2s. 1851 Warburton, Conquest of Canada, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 68. pub. 11. 88. 1850 Wells, Picturesque Antiquities of SPAIN, described, roy. 8vo. cloth, fine Illustrations, Cathedrals, Moorish Palaces, &c. 8s. pub. 21s. AD Wern, Expedition to White Nile, 1840 and 41, translated from German by O'Reilly, 2 vols. in 1, thick 8vo. cloth, maps, 3s. pub. 11. 18. 1849 Wise Saws and Modern Instances, or Tales of Travellers (by Cooper, the Chartist) 2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. cloth, 38 Wright, England under House of Hanover, its History and Condition during Reigns of Three Georges, vols. 8vo. cloth, illustrated by 300 Caricatures, Satires, and Burlesques of the day, 158. pub.

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blissement de la Monarchie, 1838, thick 12m bnd. 18. 6d. pub. 78. 1837

2448 Carstairs, National System of PENMAN SHIP, sm. 4to, cloth, port. 27 plates, with m ples, 48. pub. 128.





2449 Cartari, Imagini de i DEI ANTICHI, let Riti, Ceremonie et altre Cose appartenent Religione de gli Antichi, "of considerable repu tion, recommended by Bp. Watson," sm. 4to. lum, numerous plates, 3s. 6d. Padova, 1615 2450 Carte, Collection of Original Letters and Papers on Affairs of England, 1641-60, from the Duke of Ormonde's Papers, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 7. 1739) 2451 Carter, Analysis of Honor and Armory, with Titles of the Nobility, &c. 12mo. hf. ef. front. graved title and cuts, 48. 2452 Carter (R. B.) Hysteria, Pathology, Treatment, cloth, 28. pub. 48. 6d. 1853 2453 Cartwright (Major) Life and Correspondence, valuable from the view of Shares, at different riods, by Shelburne, Rockingham, Portland, Rich mond, Pitt, Fox, &c. during American, French, Revolutions, &c. with Mass of Correspondence, ? vols. Evo. 4s. 6d. pub. 288. 2454 Cartwright (E.) Annot. in Exodum et Trip lici Thargum, Rabbinic. scarce, and rana high,"-Orme, sm. 8vo. cf. 38. 2455 CARTWRIGHT, Confutation of Rhemists Translation, Glosses, Annotations, of New Test "elaborate work, undertaken at instigation of 1618 Elizab. and Whitgift," folio, cf. 158. 2456 Carus (Dr.) System der PHYSIOLOGIE,: vols. 8vo. 6s. Dresden, 1838, &. 2457 Comparative Anatomy of Animals, translated by Gore, 2 vols. 8vo. no plts. 58. pub. 311837 68 CARVING on Ivory, very curious, of 13th Cent Account of, by Lysons, 4to. fine plate, 1s. 1809 2458 Cary, Book of Roads, Direct and Cross. in England, Wales, Scotland, by command of Post master-General, for Official Purposes (very valua for Cross Roads) thick vol. (1087 pages) may 21. pub. 188.




2459 Cary, Lexicon, Greek, English, to HERODO TUS, Text of Gaisford and Baehr, 8vo. cloth, S. Oron. 1843 pub. 88.

2460 Casanova, Jacques de Seingalt, Memoires, sur les 50 derniers Annees du XVIII Siecle, 2 vols. 8vo. 38. Paris, 1830 2461 Casaubon (M.) Treatise on Enthusiasme, as an Effect of Nature, but mistaken by many for either Divine Inspiration or Diabolical Profession, 12m 1656 cf. nt. scarce, 38. 2462 Case of Erroneous Conscience represented it New Light, against Non Jurors, 1719; Vind. of Ch. Service on Charles Martyrdom, 1718; Dr Dawson, Vind. of Ch. of Eng. against Non Jurers Charge of Schism, 1716: Danger of ditto, fro New Sett of Separatists, 1715; Vind. of Sachers rell, 1711; Bugg, Quakerism a grand Imposture, part 4, 1717, &c. thick 8vo. hf. cf. from Atter bury's Library, 38. 2463 Case of the Learned represented, giving an et tire new System of Arts and Sciences, chiefly Ph losophy, Cause of Gravity and Attraction, Was Nature is, and Effect, How Vice may be pressed, Virtue exercised, &c. by J. C. F. Hatzfeld, 18mo. cf. nt. scarce, 28. 2464 Casimiri Sarbevi, Lyric. Epondon, Epig

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His most celebrated picture, Our Saviour taken 2467 CASTELLANA, Lingua, Diccionario de, por
Nunez de Taboada, 2 very thick vols. Bro. 5s. 6d.

down from the Cross, extended in the lap of the Virgin,
who is fainting, Mary Magdalen deploring Death of her
Divine Master, Mary of Cleophas, &c.

Paris, 182

Casti. 2468 Animali Parlanti, Poema Epico, "his best pr

duction, endowing animals with human passi lively, pleasant, satirizing selfishness, intolerance "edition de luxe," large type, 3 large vols.





2427 Carpenter (W.) Scripture Natural His-
tory, Descriptive Account of Zoology, Botany,
Geology, of Bible, 8 engravings, 4s. pub. 148. 1829
2428 Ditto, reprint, 12mo.cloth,36engravings, 28.1836
2429 Carpenter (Dr. Lant) Unitarian Preacher, Life
and Correspondence, by his Son, 8vo. cloth, por-
trait, Bristol, 1842; also his Review of Life, La-
bours, Opinions, Character, of Ramn. Roy. 1833,
2 books, 4s. pub. 15s. 6d.

2430 Ditto, EDUCATION, Intellectual, Moral,
Physical, Principles of, 1822 (Isaac Taylor) Home
Education, 1838, 2 books, 48. pub. 198.
2431 Carpenter (Mary) Reformatory Schools for
Children of Perishing and Dangerous Classes, and
Juvenile Offenders, sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub.

Carpenter (W. B.).



2432 Alcoholic Liquors in Health and Disease, Use
and Abuse of, "Prize Essay," 8vo. cloth, 28. 1850
2433 Animal Physiology, Forms of Animal Struc-
ture, 8vo. cloth, cuts, 6s. pub. 10s. 6d.
2434 Physiology and Physiological Anatomy, Manual
of, Interleaved, in 2 thick vols. hf. morocco, neat,
180 Plates and Cuts, 88. cost 11.
2435 Physiology, General and Comparative, 8vo. hf.
cf. plates, 68. pub. 15s.
2436 Vegetable Physiology, excellent Introduction,
simple, clear Explanations, Systematic Arrange.
ment, Scientific Value, Copious Illustrative Facts,
Collateral Information, for Gardener, Domestic
Economist, &c. 8vo. cloth, many cuts, 28. 6d. pub.
2437 Ditto, and Botany, Structure, Organs of Plants,
Characters, Uses, Geographical Distribution, Clas-
sification, on Natural System, cloth, numerous cuts,
63. pub. 10s.
2438 Carpenter, Spelling Assistant, cloth, 18. 1852
2439 Carpentry, Elementary Principles of, by TRED-
GOLD, edited, with Appendix, containing Speci-
mens of Ancient and Modern Roofs, by Barlow,
thick 4to. hf. morocco, 50 fine large plates, 28s.
2440 Carpentry, Joinery, Cabinet Making, the Prac-
tical, New System of Lines on Geomet. and Me-
chanical Principles, 4to. hf. cf. 90 plates, 108. pub.
11. 48.
Kelly, 1840
2441 Carr, Dialect of Craven, in West
Riding of York, "Chaste, nervous language of un-
lettered natives," with copious GLOSSARY, illus.
trated by Authorities from Ancient Writers, Eng-
lish, Scottish, and Exemplified by Familiar Dia-
logues, best edition much enlarged, 2 vols. 8vo.
cloth, 9s. pub. 11. (6 for 11. 168.)

"Highly creditable to zeal and industry, furnishes
fullest view of this branch of Anglican dialect, ought to
be consulted by every one investigating general analo-
gies of our tongue. We would particularly recommend
it to our dramatists and novelists. They have now the
means of studying the purest form of West Riding Dia-
lect synthetically as well as analytically. We can vouch
for the general accuracy of the dialect and idiom."-
Quarterly Review. "Öf great value."-Archdeacon

2442 Carr (Rev. G. of Edinburgh) SERMONS,
"plainness, perspicuity, always eloquent, excel-
lent,"-Lord Mansfield, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt.


2443 CARR, History of Greece, for Schools and
Colleges, cloth, 28. 6d. pub. 7s. 6d.
2444 Classical Pronunciation of Proper Names, esta-
blished by Citations, with Terminational Synopsis
of Analogy, Etymology, &c. and Scripture Names,
carefully accented, cloth, 28.


2445 Latin Homonyms, Words similar in Sound,
different in Sense, cloth, 18.

2246 Caracci, Annibal, DEAD CHRIST, with
the THREE MARYS, beautifully engraved by
SAY (13 by 7) 48.


"Of the beauties of this admirable production any

description is ineffectual; it must be seen to be felt; its

awful manner fills the mind with the most affecting

67 Carriages in England, on Early Use of,
and on Modes of Travelling by our Ancestors, by
Markland, plates, from old MSS. &c. 28. 1821
2447 Carrieres, Histoire de France, Abrege, Eta-

5s. 6d.

2469 NOVELLE, best edition, elegantly print





2496 Stanley, Alchorne, Tooke, Willett, Edwards, Hunter, Porson, Sales, with Prices and Names of Buyers attached, hf. cf. nt. 5s. 6d. 2497 White Knights, North, Perry, Taylor, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. 1819, &c. 2498 Percy Anecdotes, Catechism of Phrenology, illustrative of Principles, 1831; of Science, 1822; Memoirs of Kemble and Critique by Williams, 1817; Isaac Watts, Doctrine of the Passions, explained and improved, 1813; Cobbett, Life of Gen. Lafayette, 1830, hf. cf. 2s.

see Medwin's Shelley, for notice as to Byron's admiration of these novels, 3 thick vols. 8vo. calf, very neat (no title page) 9s. pub. 11. 58. 2470 Beasts, Court and Parliament of, freely translated, by W. S. Rose, 28. pub. 68. 6d. Murray, 1819 2471 Castilian, The, a Novel, by Treuba y Cosio, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 48. pub. 11. 118. 6d. 2472 Castle of Otranto, by Walpole; Lewis, Bravo of Venice; and Beckford's Vathek, hf. cf. 38. cost 78. 6d. 2473 Castlereagh (Viscount) Journey to Danascus, Egypt, Nubia, Arabia, Petræa, Palestine, Syria, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, 48. pub. 248. 1847 2474 Caswall (Rev. E.) 26 Sermons, On the Seen and Unseen, Teaching the influence of the Unseen upon the Christian. (The Two Advents, Mysteries of Incarnation, Two Adams, Christ's Eternity, Faith and Sight, Christmas Day, Angelic Ministrations, Sin a Searcher Out, Disappointments, Kneeling at Public Prayer, Conversa-2502 tion in Heaven) 8vo. cl. 48. pub. 10s. Burns, 1846


Lyra Catholica, all Breviary, and Missal Hymns with various others, translated, cl. 28. 1849 2476 Catalogue of Army Medical Preparations, Morbid, Natural, Comparative Anatomy, at Chatham, 8vo. 28. Priv. Print. 1833 2477 Catalogue of 50 Pictures in National Gallery, with Descriptions, Explan. and Critical, by John Landseer, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 128.

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Catalogues (Libraries). 2478 London Corporation Library, best edition, interleaved, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 4s. Priv.Print.1840 2479 London, INSTITUTION, 1813; also Corporation of ditto, 1828, thick 8vo. hf.russia,uncut, 3s. 2480 Ditto, last edition, most valuable Classification, with Historical and Bibliographical Accounts, vol. 1, thick large 8vo. (669 pages) cloth, 4s. Priv. Print. 1835

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2481 Ditto, Vol. 3, cloth, 6s. 2482 LAW Society of United Kingdom, Chancery Lane. Library, cloth, 3s. Priv. Print. 1851 2483 Medical and Chirurgical Society of London Library, complete, with Supplement, thick 8vo. cloth, &c. 38. Priv. Print. 1844-6 2484 ROYAL SOCIETY, Scientific Books, thick 8vo. cloth, 5s. 1839 2485 TEMPLE, Inner, Printed Books, in Classes, 8vo. hf. bound, interleaved, 28. 2486 NEW YORK, State Library, royal 8vo. half morocco, gilt top, 4s. Albany, 1846 2487 LOGANIAN Library, with Act of Institution, Laws, Regulations, &c. roy. 8vo. portrait, 3s. Philad. 1837 2488 Bibliographical and other Collections of Eminent Men, a Series of sale and Privately Printed Catalogues, Commencement of Last Century to 1830, collected by Sotheby with greatest difficulty, sold July, 1831, 8vo. 2s.

2489 Sales of Books, collected chiefly in divers Parts beyond Sea, sold, Exeter Exchange, by Varenne, 1702-3; ditto, 1714; ditto, Hubbart's sale; ditto, Bullard; Catalogue of Hon. D. Daly, Library sold, Dublin, extraordinary prices, 1792, 2 books, 8vo. hf. russia, 2s. 6d. 2490 Gardiner, Antient, Modern, many rare and valuable, curious, from the singular Notes and celebrated attack on Dr. Dibdin, both parts, uncut,



2491 Heber's EARLY ENGLISH POETRY, Drama, Ancient Ballads, Broadsides, Rare English, Scottish, Irish History, French Romances, Portion of which Heber was most proud-the produce of 40 Years' Labour, with Notices, (byJ. Payne Collier), also PRICES and PURCHASERS' NAMES, 58. nominal price, 12s. 2492 Ditto, Library, Parts 6, 9, 18. each. 2493 London Catalogue, 1810-1831, cloth, 38. 2494 London Catalogue Classified Index to, 184146, forms a Key to Literature of Gr. Britain for 30 Years, cloth, Ss. pub. 148.


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2501 Hammond, Practical Catechism, 8vo. cf. 2s. Hole (Dr. Matthew) Practical Exposition of Catechism, in several Discourses, on all the Parts, "good sense, sober piety," 2 vols. in 1, thick sm, 4to. cf. nt. 4s. 1708

2503 Nowell (Dean of St. Paul's) Catechism. Introduction, Law, and Obedience, Gospel and Faith, Prayer and Thanksgiving, Sacraments, a complete Body of Divinity, correctly defined as in the ARTICLES; simply described as in our HOMILIES; so beautifully exhibited in Experimental Worship of our LITURGY, 12mo. (175 pages) 18. pub. 2s. 6d. (or 6 for 3s.) 1839

Comprehends K. Edward's admirable Catechism, and gives a more enlarged View and more finished Representation of Gospel Faith and most finished Summary of Doctrines of our own Church as well as of Churches of Reformation in those days when our Church might be considered most perfect; days confessedly of rich and deep Experimental Piety.

The Authorised Summary, publicly received, allowed and with express sanction of Convocation.

No man too much learned to read this. Whitgift. See also Strype.

No Catechism better in any Reformed Church in Europe.-Bp. Cowper.

2504 Secker, "admirable" Lectures on Catechism, with Discourse on Confirmation, 28.

2505 Catechism of Christian Doctrine, Question and Answer, by Donlevy (Irish and English) thick 8vo. 2506 Catechisme, Methode Pratique pour faire, adapte hf. cf. nt. (518 pages) 3s. 6d. Paris, 1742 de Belley, Lyon, 1842, cf. nt.; Manuel des Ceremonies Romanes, tires des Livres plus Authentiques et plus Recens, 2 vols. cf. nt. Avignon, 1840; vol. 3, 1846, 3 vols. 4s.

2507 Catechismus CONCILII TRIDENTINI et integris, "editio sincerus," thick pocket edition, 2508 Catena, Chronological, of Ancient Fathers and (769 pages). 28. Paris, 1830 Councils, Teaching of Reformers, and recent Divines, of our Church, on Spiritual Regeneration in Holy Baptism, 8vo. cloth, 38.



2509 Cathedral, Catholic and Apostolic Church of England, by Isaac Williams, 12mo. cloth, fine plates, 4s. 6d. pub. 10s. 6d. 2510 Cathedral Service, An Apology for," delightful Oxf. 1838 work, with defence of Chanting," 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 1839 2511 Cathedral Trusts and their Fulfilment, by 2512 Cathedrals of CANTERBURY, Graphical Whiston, 18. pub. 3s. 6d. Illustrations of, History and Description, by Woolnoth and Hastings; also Lives of Archbishops and Deans, and History of Convent of Christchurch, hf. morocco, fine plates, 11s. pub. 1816

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2516 Caunter, Holy Bible, with Notes, 2 vols. 8vo morocco, gilt leaves, neat (wants plates) 4s. 1840 2517 Posthumous Records of a London Clergyman, 12mo. 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1835 2518 CAUSSIN, Holy Court, or Motives to Excite to Christian Perfection, for Prelates, Souldiers, Statesmen, Ladies, &c. with Lives of most Famous and Illustrious Courtiers, Maxims of Christianity against Profanenesse, and Command of Reason over Passions, translated, folio, cf. nt. portraits, &c. 108. 1678

2519 Cavallo, Natural, Experimental Philosophy, Elements of," valuable work, copies have sold for 3gs." 1803; ditto, Medical Electricity, Theory, Practice, plate, 1781, 4 vols. 8vo. cf.very nt. scarce, 8s. pub. 2 gs.

2520 Cavalry, Yeomanry, Act, Precedents of Proceedings before Justices of Peace, &c. 8vo. 28. pub. 58.

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2524 Ditto, with Lives of Justin Martyr and St. Cyprian, Essay, Notes by Rev. W. Trollope, 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, plates, 48. 6d. pub. 9s. 1834 2525 CAVELER, Gothic Architecture, Specimens of the Finest and most approved Authentic Examples in England, from earliest to latest date, forming a Chronology, Anglo-Norman, Early Decorative, Perpendicular, Tudor, English, complete, all IV. parts in 1, large 4to. cloth, 80 beautiful plates, some by Le Keux, plans, sections, elaborate details, 288. pub. 3gs.

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Well to dye, Black Letter, sm.fol.10s. 1480 An exact Facsimile of the singular BLACK LETTER TYPES of this FATHER of ENGLISH PRINTING, so admirably executed, on ANCIENT WIRY PAPER, as to have deceived several Old Book Collectors.

Few persons have ever seen, much less possessed, one of Original Copy of the present Work might be worth 601. Caxton's Works; indeed, their rarity is proverbial. An

To increase the Attraction of this Volume, it has been SALISBURY MISSAL, including the quaint Old English done up in a VELLUM COVER, on which is a facsimile of the "In Sponsalibus," or Marriage Service of the OLD Form (with the words boner and buxom) Printed in RED and BLACK LETTER, also the large WOOD CUT of the CRUCIFIXION, from the Canon of Masse, so rare from Mascall's almost unique copy of first edition, Winkin de its general destruction at the Reformation, Copied from

Worde's, 1498.


fader (and moche byloued) We recommaunde the soule of
Into the handes of thy mercy inestymable holy fader Juste
the gretnes of the louve by the which ryght holy soule of
thy seruaunt N. our brother In prayenge the humbly after
thy Sone recommended hym to the on the crosse, &c.
2528 Caylus (Comte de) (Euvres Badines, Com-
pletes, 10 vols. 8vo. cf. very nt. beautiful plates,
by Marillier (in Booksellers' Catalogues, 41.148.6d.)
Amst. 1787

2529 Cazenave, Human Hair, Diseases of, with De-
scription of Apparatus for Fumigating Scalp, by
Dr. Burgess, 12mo. cloth, 28.

2530 WORKS, "style of preaching, original, stri-
Cecil (Rev. R.)
king, acutely scrutinizing, richly embodied with
evangelical statement," edited, with Life, Charac-
ter, by Pratt, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 128. pub.

21. 28.


Remains, collected, with Life by Pratt, 28. 6d. pub. 58. 1837

2532 Cecil (Sir R.) Secret Correspondence with James VI. King of Scotland, now first published (by Dalrymple) 12mo. calf, scarce, see Robertson's Scotland, 38.


2533 Celibacy Imposed on Clergy of R. Cath. Ch. and observed in all Religious Orders abroad,

Rise, Progress, Impropriety, &c. also Origin of Monastic Life, Prejudices, &c. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 28. Worcester. 2534 Cellini (Benvenuto, the Florentine Artist) Memoirs by Himself, "most interesting and amusing from his own wild eccentricity and picture of his age;" also Hist. of 16th Cent. by Carpani, translated by Roscoe, hf. cf. new, port. 38. Bohn, 1847 Celsus, de MEDICINA, "unrivalled for elegance, terseness, learning, complete specimen of professional knowledge, sound judgment, adorned with philosophy, nowhere else," &c. 2536 MEDICINA, "editio optima," Targas Text, Notes, Crit. Medical Tables of Characters, Weights, most COPIOUS INDEXES of SUBJECT and of every WORD, Life, &c. by Dr. Milligan, thick 8vo. cloth (639 pages) plate (1007. was offered for any error) 6s. pub. 168.

Edinb. 1831

2537 Latin Text, cura Futvoye, 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. 1837 2538 Latin Text, cura Steggall, 2s. 6d. pub. 8s. 1837 2539 Medicine, best English Translation, “ executed with much learning and ability," by Dr. Grieve, edit. with Notes, by Futvoye, thick vol. (468 pages) 3s. pub. 78. (6 for 138.) 1838 2540 Latin and English (in order of construction) Life, Tables, Explan. Notes, by Lee, 2 vols. 8vo. 6s. pub. 228. 1831 6 70 Celtic Monuments at Locmariaker, in Britany, by Deane, 4to. 3 very fine plates, plan of Celtic Remains, Great Cromlech, Obelisk, 28. 1833 71 Ditto, at Sawston, Obs. on, by Dr. Clarke, plates, bronze vessels, iron sword, massy bronze ring, &c. 18. 6d. 1817 72 CELT, Obs. on ancient one found Boston, Lincolnshire, by Sir J. Banks, plate of Celts, mounted as are, adze, chisel, 1818; Payne Knight, Conject. on Celts, 2 fine plates of Celts, from N. of Italy, Jamaica, Hampshire, 1811, 1s. od.

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which it abounds, but still more for the picture of the true Christian gentleman, teaching us that this is a world of Action, not Fancy, our Duties around and within us." Most amusing of all Books, most fitting as a present for Young of either Sex. Edited, with Life, cloth, handsome, very clever cuts, 4s. 2551 Ditto, Inglis, Rambles in Footsteps of Don Quixote, 8vo. cloth, cuts, by G. Cruikshank, 38. pub. 98. 1837

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2552 Cesarotti, Poesi di Ossian, tradotte, et Saggi sulla Filosofia delle Lingue e del Gusto, &c. 4 vols. 8vo. cf. very nt. 6s. Milano, 1820 2553 Ceylon, History of, from Earliest Period to Present, with Account of its Present Condition, by W. KNIGHTON, 8vo. cl. new, 3s. pub. 98.1845 2554 Ceylon Pearl Fisheries, Stewart, Account of, 4to. large chart, 1828-1837, 38. Ceylon, 1843 2555 Chalcographimania, Portrait Collector and Printseller's Chronicle, a Humorous Poem, 8vo. facsimile port. of Will Somers, 3s. pub. 15s. 1814 74 CHALK Church, Kent, Attempt to illustrate the Figures carved on the Porch of, by Rev. S. Denne, 4to. plate of the Figures, 1s. 6d. 1794 2556 Challenger, Three Short Morning Services, as Sung at St. Matthew's, Spring Gardens, composed and arranged, with Accompaniment, for Piano, royal 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d.

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2557 Challoner (Bp.) Meditations for Every Day in the Year, Ed. by Husenbeth, 8vo. cloth, 4s. 1839 2558 Memoirs of Missionary Priests and Catholics of Both Sexes who suffered Martyrdom, 1577-1684, from MSS. and Eye Witnesses, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. bnd. scarce, 5s. Manchester, 1803 2559 Chalmers (Alex.) OXFORD, History of, Colleges, Halls, Public Buildings attached to the University, with Lives of the Founders, 2 vols. 8vo. fine plates, 78. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1810 Chalmers.

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2560 Discourses, Christian Revelation, in connection with Modern Astronomy, 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. pub. 88. 1817 2561 Moral and Mental Philosophy, their Connexion and Bearings, cloth, 28. pub. Es. 2562 National Churches, Establishment and Extension, Lectures on, 8vo. cloth, 1s. 6d. pub. 63. 1838 2563 Natural Theology, its Defects and Uses, Awakening Power, &c. in 2 vols. cloth, 5s. cost 1836


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2564 Scripture References, for Use of Parents, of Sabbath School Teachers, &c. 16mo. (378 pages) hf. cf. 28. 1825 2565 Christian and Civic Economy of Large Towns, 2 vols. 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 16s. Glasgow, 1821 2566 Ditto, 3 vols. in 1, cloth, 4s. 6d. pub. 11. 68. 2567 Mitchell (Rev. W.) Prospects of Union to Divided Children of Zion, considered, in relation to Present State of the Church of the Redeemer, with Address on Death of Chalmers, portrait of Calvin, 3d. Edinb. 1847 2568 Chalybaus Historische Entwichelung speculativen Philosophie von Kant bis Hegel, Dresden, 1843; HEGEL, Vorlesungen uber die Philosophie der Religion, Berlin, 1840; Gladish, die Religion und die Philosophie, Breslau, 1852; Schelling, Vorlesungen in Berlin von Dr. Frauenstadt, 4 books, Berlin, 1842

73 CELTS, Deane on Ornaments of Gold found near
Quentin, in Britany, 4to. 2 plates, elegant gold orna-
ments of 10851. value, 1s. 6d.
2541 Celtic Researches, Origin, Traditions, Lan-
guage of Anc. Britons, &c. by Davies, 8vo. calf,
little wormd, 4s. 6d. pub. 18s.
2542 Celts, or Gauls, Memoirs of by Ritson, “pro-
four research and varied learning," 8vo. 68. pub.




2543 Cennick (Rev. J.) Village Discourses, particu-
larly adapted to Domestic Worship, "great sim-
plicity and zeal," vol. 2 only (20 Sermons) cf. nt.
2544 Cennini, on Painting, Strictly Prac-
tical Directions, for Fresco, Secco, Oil, Distemper,
Gilding, Illuminating Manuscripts, adopted by Old
Italian Masters, written in 1437, first published,
with Introduction and Notes, by Signor Tambroni,
now translated, with copious Notes, Preface, &c.
by Mrs. MERRIFIELD, "the most complete
Treatise ever written on the modes of Painting,
either by Masters of those Times, or those who
succeeded them"-Tambroni, royal 8vo. elegantly
bnd. cloth, extra, very beautifully illuminated title
and dedication, in rich colours and gold, also illus-
trative Plates, after Old Masters, 88.
2545 Censura Literaria, Titles, Abstracts, Opinions
of Old English Books; also Memoirs of Deceased
Authors, by Sir Egerton Brydges, 6 vols. 8vo. hf.
cf. nt. vol. 7 brds. 13s.
2546 Cerioni, Rev. G. and Rev. L. D. MOSCARDI,
Conversions from Popery, Narrative of, with Let-
ters, &c. cloth, 28.


Cervantes. 2547 Don Quixote, in SPANISH, with Life, excellent Madrid edition, 4 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, plates,


1777 2548 Quixote, in SPANISH, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 5s. Paris, 1845 2549 Don Quixote, in English, 4 vols. sm. 8vo. Westall plates, fine original impressions, disco- | loured, 48. 6d. pub. 2 gs. 1820

2550 Don Quixote, History of, Motteux's excellent translation of this "immortal work," retains all the point, humour, and pathos, without the prolixities and improprieties, "Book above all others to be read and studied, both for its amusement, with


2569 Chalybaus (Professor at Kiel) Histor. De-
velopment of Speculative Philosophy, Kant to
Hegel, translated from German by Edersheim, 8vo.
cloth, 68. pub. 10s. 6d.
Edinb. 1854
2570 Chambaud, French and English DIC
TIONARY, best, very full and most useful edi-
tion, by DES CARRIERES, 4 thick 8vos. 15s.
pub. 3 gs.

2571 Ditto, by Des Carrieres, 2 thick vols. 4to. cf.
nt. 10s. pub. 5 gs.

1805 2572 Ditto, French Grammar, with Essay on Proper Method of Teaching and Learning, by Des Carrieres, bnd. 28. pub. 5s. 6d.

2573 Chamberlain (Rev. T.) Letters, a selection of, by those whose Lives and Conversations form profitable subjects of Contemplation, such as Jeremy Taylor, Hooker, Nelson, Ken, Isaak Walton, Jones of Nayland, Nich. Farrar, Collingwood, Mrs. Bowdler, &c. singularly fitted for Young of either sex, cloth, neat cuts, 2s. pub.

48. (6 for 108.)


1861 2574 Ditto, Religious Help to Knowledge, from beg Writers, Systemat. Arranged, hf. morocco, gl leaves, 2s. 2575 Chambers (Sir W.) CIVIL ARCHI TECTURE, Treatise on Decorative Part & les edition, with Copious Notes, and Essay on Pris. ciples of Design, by PAPWORTH, “only text. book in the language:" "most sensible, and mat exempt from prejudice ever written,"—Walp very large thick roy. 4to. cloth, 62 fine plates, 3. pub. 3 gs.


2576 Chambers and Tattersall, Laws Relating t Buildings, including Metropolitan Beldings Act, Fixtures, Insurance against Fire, Actions on Builders' Bills, DILAPIDATIONS, and Cop GLOSSARY of Technical TERMS Peculiar to Building, thick vol. numerous engravings, 88. 19 2577 Ditto, Metropolitan Buildings Ac Notes, Cases, Explan. of its Law and Practice, and Glossary of Technical Terms, cloth, cuts, 3s. 6d. Chambers,

2578 Cyclopædia of English Literature, Series d SPECIMENS of British Writers, Prose and Ver connected with Critical, Historical, Critical N tive, History, Criticisms, Biography of Brüt Authors, Earliest to Present Times, 2 large ras hf. cf. nt. 148.

2579 INFORMATION for the People, 2 large thick vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 11 2580 Ditto, vol. 1 only, 38. 2581 GAZETTEER of SCOTLAND, Historica Statistical, Topographical, all latest Improvement in Railroads, Cities, Harbours, &c. very thick large 8vo. cloth, numerous plates and maps, 21. pub. 11. 12s.


2582 Ditto, vol. 2 only, bnd. map, 18. 6d. 2583 Edinburgh JOURNAL, General Information, Romances, Poetry, Natural History, &c. New St. ries, 10 vols. in 5, roy.8vo. hf. cf.very nt. 11. 18468 2584 Ditto, 6 first vols. cloth, 128. 2585 Vols. 7 to 14 (1847-1850) 8 vols. (in parts 13s. cost 25s. 6d.

2586 Vols. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 (2 cloth, 3 in Nor) 85. 2587 Ditto, 2 vols. (13 and 14) in 1, clotă, 4s. 1853 2588 Vols. 19, 20 (in parts) 48. 2589 TRACTS, Miscellany of, Useful and Entertaining, vol. 3 to 20 inclusive, 10s. pub. 178. 2590 SCOTTISH BIOGRAPHICAL DICTION ARY of Eminent Scotsmen, from Earliest Period to Present Time, in 4 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, p traits, 138. pub. 21. 12s.




2591 Ditto, Vol. 4 only, cloth, 58. 2592 Traditions of Edinburgh, “most amusing,” vm. 8vo. cloth, new, 28. pub. 5s. 2593 History of English Language and Literature, 1836; Graham, Principles of Elocution, with Slection of Pieces in Various Styles, thick sm. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s.

2594 Mathematics, Practical Treatise, also Key, by Bell, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, cuts, 48. 6d. pub.11s. 1847 2595 Chamier (Dan. Apostle and Martyr of Prote tant Church in France), Memoir of, with Nots of his Descendants, Privately printed work, eds by W. Courthope, 8vo. cloth, cuts, 3s. 191 2596 Champin, Landscape Drawing, Practical G:2 French and English, oblong 4to. hf. cf. 40 pe plates, 48. Paris, 142597 Champion, Memoir Autographe de De B:tin, Chancelier et Garde des Sceaux, sur les de niers conseils de Louis XVI. avec Notes, Faces Justificatives, 8vo. 2s. Paris, 1

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Chaptal. 2604 CHIMIE, applique aux Arts, "has the reputation of having disclosed the Secrets of Artists," &c. 4 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. plates, 48. Paris, 1807 2605 Chemistry, applied to the Arts and Manufactures, translated, 4 vols. 8vo. 2606 Industrie Francoise, Commerce Industrie, Agricole, Manufacturiere, 2 vols. in 1 thick 8vo. hf. cf. table, 3s. Paris, 1819 2607 Charades, Illustrated, by MISS GIBBONS, roy. 4to. cloth elegant, 12 beautiful plates, on India Paper, 68. 1853 2608 Charge to Diocese of Salisbury, by Bp. Burgess, Justif. by Faith, &c. Instructions on Ordination, &c. List of Books, 1828; ditto, of Bp. of Tasmania to his Diocese, Hobart Town, 1846, 2 books, 23.

2609 Charitable Abuses, Vindication of Enquiry into, with Exposure of Misrepresentations in Quarterly Review (by Brougham) 8vo. 18. 1819 2610 Charities, Public, in and near London, History, Design, Present State of (984 pages) 1814; ditto, 1810, by Highmore, 2 vols. cf. nt. 58. pub. 17. 148. 75 Charity Boxes, Ancient, Obs. on, by REP. TON, fine Specimens, from Wickmere, Loddon, Cawston Churches, with singular inverted cup, to prevent abstraction, 28. 1821

611 Charles (Rev. T. of Bala) Essays, Letters, Interesting Papers, by Rev. E. Morgan, hf. cf. neat, 28. pub. 78. Seeley, 1836 612 Charles, History of Transactions in Scotland, 1715-6, 1745-6, Impartial Account of, with Detail of Dangers of Prince Charles, Life, Anecdotes, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Stirling, 1817

11. 18.

Charles I.

6 Relation of miraculous Victory over first Army of Irish, soon after Rebellion, Oct. 1641; 6 original Letters from Persons high in the State, to Hammond, Gov. of Isle of Wight, on intended escape of Charles, edited by Taylor Coombe, 1818; Warrant of Ch. to Adm. Pennington to deliver Fleet under his command, to the French, edited by Duckett, 1810; Letters from Henrietta Maria, 1642, and from Q. of Bohemia, 1655, to Lord Finch, of Fordwich, edit. by Sir H. Nicholas, 1826, 4to. 2s. 6d. 613 Ashburnam, narrative of his Attendance on Charles, from Oxford to Scotch Army, and from Hampton Court to Isle of Wight, also Vind. of his Conduct, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, 48. pub. 1830 614 Charles the Martyr, Vind. of, proving him the Author of the Eikon, against Earl of Anglesey, Dr. Walker. 3rd edit. with Unpub. Letters of Charles, sm. 4to. cf. nt. 38. 1711 615 Charles, Martyrdome of, on his Conformity with Christ, in his Sufferings, a Sermon at Bredale, by Bp. of Downe, sm. 4to. 28. Haye, 1649 616 CIVIL WARS, Historical Tracts on, REPRINTED (May's Long Parliament, Lilly, Life of Charles, Memoirs of Lord Hollis, Walker's Two Juntos, Berkeley Memoirs, Dean Fell, Fairfax Memorials, Milton's Reflections, &c.) each edited by BARON MASERES, 2 large vols. 8vo. 10s. pub. 30s. 1815 617 Cook (J. of Grayes Inn) Union of Hearts between King and Parliament, 16-; ditto, Case or Appeal concern. Charles' Tryal (defending it) 1714, 2 4to. pamphlets, 28.

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2618 Lloyd, Lives, Sufferings, Deaths of 260 Sufferers for Protestant Religion in our late Intestine Wars, 1637-1666; Life and Martyrdom of Chas. I. "as many errors as lines"-Wood, folio, calf, gilt leaves, fine frontispiece of portraits, of Charles and others, 10s. 1668 2619 Trials of the Regicides, Exact and most impartial Accompt of, with summaries of Dark Horrid Decrees of those Caballists preparatory to that Hellish Fact, 8vo. calf, very neat, 2s. 6d.


77 Charles II. Letters, illust. of, to Morice, at Warrington, Devon, from Gewen, on Cromwell, from Du Moulin, asserting Jesuits laboured to bring the King to Death; from Duke of Courland, with offer of 10,000 florins for good offices with Ch. II. edited by Sir H. Ellis, 1831; Sir E. Atkyns to his Brother, during Fire of London, 1666, edited by S. Weston, 1818; Ch. II. to Col. Veel, and Blank Commissions, to raise Troops, with Obs. edited by W Veel, 1801; Acc. of Reception of Ch. II. at Cambridge, 1641; Appointment of Sir R. Hare, of Norfolk, as Hostage to Scotland in 1646, edited by Sir G. Nayler, 1814, 4to. 2s. 6d. 2620 Ditto, Court and Reign, Secret History of, by Member of his Privy Council, with Introductory Sketches of preceding period, from Accession of James I.; also Notes and Continuation to Revolution, 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. 6d. 1792 2621 Charles II. also Will, and Mary, State Tracts, Treatises, Relating to Government of, "little need be said of usefulness of these" 2 vols. folio, calf, 68. 1689-92

Charnock (Stephen).


2622 WORKS, substantial divinity and of right sort. Mather, metaphysical sublimity, and evangelical simplicity, immense learning, irrefragible reasoning"-Toplady, 2 large vols. folio, half calf. portrait, 30s. 1699



2623 Works, Vol. 2, Discourses on Grace, Regeneration, Unbelief, Lord's Supper, &c. folio, cf. nt. 1684 2624 Existence and Attributes of God, "one of the most inestimable productions that ever did honour to sanctified judgment and genius; Chaste and Easy Style," thick 8vo. half calf, neat, 53. 6d. 1838 2625 On Divine Providence ("masterpiece, unequalled for depth of learning, perspicuity of reasoning, elevation of piety") 12mo. hf. cf. neat, 1808 2626 CHARRON, de la Sagesse, “not far inferior to Montaigne, quite as philosophical"—Barbier, ELZEVIR pocket EDITION, desirable book, scarce, (Didot's copy sold for 170 francs) 38. 1662 2627 Chartism a New Organization of the People, written in Warwick Gael, by Lovett and Collins, 1840; Lectures on New State of Society, Objects of National Polit. Union, 1831; Equitable Labour Exchange Report, 1832; Rewards of Industry, England Equal. of Property and formation of Communities Co-operation, 1828, and many others on similar subjects, calf, very neat, 4s. Chateaubriand. 2628 Atala (Rene) Aventures du Dernier Abencerage, ls. Paris, 1834

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"a model of editorship, what exquisite learning and taste had the editor of this incomparable work," roy. 8vo. cloth, portrait, 11s. pub. 168. Moxon, 1843 2640 Chaucer, Life of, with Sketches of Manners, Opinions, Arts, Literature, of England, in 14th Century, by GoDWIN, “entertaining and instructive, 2 vols. 4to. half bnd. uncut, portrait, 11s. pub. 31. 13s. 6d. 1803 2641 Chavignaud, Nouvelle Grammaire Francais, Mise en VERS, 8me. edit. Lyon, 1848; ditto, Nouvelle Arithmetique applique au Commerce et Marine, en VERS, 1848, 2 books, 28.

Cheever (Dr. G. B.).

2642 Pilgrim Fathers, or Journal at Plymouth, New England, in 1620, reprinted, wtth Historical and Local illustrations of Providences, Principles, and Persons, cloth, 28.


2643 Another copy, green mor. extra, gilt leaves, 58. 2644 Pilgrim's Progress, and Life and Times of Bunyan, Lectures on, 12mo. cloth, port. 18.6d. 1846 2645 Windings of River of Water of Life, in Developement, Discipline, Fruits of Faith, cloth,28. 1849 2646 Youthful Christian, Life and Trials,as developed in Dr. N. Cheever, his Brother, 12mo. cl. 2s. 1852 2647 Chelsea Pensioners, Series of Tales, "vivid delineations, picturesque description, soldier-like spirit," by Gleig, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 63. pub. 11. 11s. 6d. 1829

2648 Ditto, reprint, hf. cf. nt. 3s. cost 7s. 6d. 1841 2649 Country Curate, by author of ditto, hf. cf. neat, 3s. cost 78. 6d. 1834

2650 Chelsea and Environs, Histor. Topog. Description of, by Faulkner, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. many plates, 48. pub. 2g8. 1829

2651 CHELTENHAM and Environs, History of, also on Nature, Properties of Mineral Waters, and View of County of Glocester, by Dibdin, large paper, roy. 8vo. cloth, 38.

1803 2652 Cheltenham Waters and Bilious Diseases, Treatise of, by Dr. Jameson, hf. cf. nt. plan, 18. 6d. pub. 88. 6d. 1809


2653 Accum, Chemical Amusement, a series of curious and instructive Experiments easily performed, plates, 1818; ditto, CHEMICAL TESTS, Pract. Treatise on Use and Application, Directions for Analysing Metallic Ores, Metals, Soils, Manures, Mineral Waters, Illustrated by Experiments, plates, 1818, 2 books, 4s. cost 188.

2654 Berthollet on Chemical Statics, with Copious Explan. Notes, and on Vegetable and Animal Substances, translated by Lambert, 2 vols. 1804; ditto, Elements of Art of DYEING, translated by Dr. Hamilton, 2 vols. 1791, 4 books, 4s. cost 288.

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2630 Itineraire de Paris, a Jerusalem, Abrege, bnd. 18. 6d. cost 6s. 1823 2631 Chatfield, MEASURING, Systems of, as established for tonnage of Ships, and cubical contents of timber and spars, with illustrative Diagrams, and Series of Tables of various useful Calculations, 8vo. 2s. pub. 88. 1829

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2632 Chatham, also DREADNOUGHT HOSPITAL SHIP, Boats, &c. fine VIEW, by STAN. FIELD, displaying very fine effects of the clouds; ditto, Companion, Portsmouth, fine View of, from Spithead, by ditto, ls. each. 2633 Chatham, Sheridan, Erskine, and Burke, Speeches of, Collected and Reprinted, with Lives, thick 8vo. cloth, 11s. pub. 21s. Fox, Speeches, thick large 8vo. cloth, 10s. 1853

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2634pub. 21s. 2635 Chatham, Letters to his Nephew, Thomas Pitt, at Cambridge, 28.


2636 Chatterton Poems, supposed written at Bristol, by Rowley and others, also Obs. on Language of these Poems, with Glossary, 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. 1778 Chaucer.

2637 WORKES of, edited by Speght, antient and learned English Poet, folio, calf, black letter, 1598

17. 10s.

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2638 Canterbury Tales, Poems, Glossary, 2 pocket 183

vols. 5s.

2639 Poetical Works, Notes, Glossary, by Tyrwhitt,

Chevreul (Professeur, Directeur des Teintures des Manufactures Royales) Lecons de Chimie, appliquee a la TINTURE, 2 very thick vols. 8vo. scarce (cost 11. 48.) 10s. Paris, 1830 2656 Daniel (Professor) Introduction to Study of Chemical Philosophy, Preparatory View of Forces which concur to Production of Chemical Phenomena, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 8s. pub. 188. 1839

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2657 Davy (Sir Humphry) Elements of Chemical Philosophy, 8vo. hf. cf. Presentation Copy, with Autograph, 48. pub. 188. 1812 2658 Donovan, Chemistry, Treatise on, "best existing Compendium, excellent and useful,” cloth, cuts, 28. pub. 68. 1832 2659 Dumas et Boussingault, Statique Chimique des Etres Organises, Paris, 1844; Kuhlmann, Experiences Chimiques et Agronomiques, Paris, 1847, 2 books, 3s. 2660 Faraday, Chemical Manipulation, Instructions to Students in Chemistry on Performing Experiments, or Research with Accuracy and Success, 8vo. few leaves damaged by acid, 6s. pub. 18s. 1842 2661 FRESENIUS (Professor), Instruction in Chemical Analysis, (Qualitative) Instruction, with Preface, by Liebig, edited by Bullock, 8vo. 3. pub. 98. 1846 2662 Graham (Profess. T.) collection of Chemical Reports and Memoirs, cloth, scarce, 68. Cavendish Soc. 1848 2663 Gmelin (Profess.) Hand Book of Chemistry, translated by Watts, vol. 1 (Cohesion, Adhesion, Affinity, Light, Heat, Electricity), 8vo. cloth,

scarce, 68.


Cavendish Soc. 1848 2664 Gregory (Profess. Dr. W.) Outlines, or Compact Text Book of Chemistry for Students (INORGANIC, ORGANIC), complete, “beyond comparison, best introduction,"-Lancet, thick vol. cloth, engravings, 3s. 6d. pub. 128. 1847 2665 Griffin, Blow Pipe, Chemical and Mineral Analysis, Practical Treatise, Systemat. Arrangement of Simple Minerals, 2s. 6d. pub. 48. 1827 2666 Henry (Dr. W.) Experimental Chemistry, Elements of, 2 thick vols. 8vo. 48. pub. ll. 14s. 1826 2667 Lassaigne (Profess. a l'Ecole Royale Veterinaire) CHIMIE, consideree, comme Science accessoire a l'Etude de la Medicine Pharmacie et Histoire Naturelle, 2 vols. 8vo. 58. Paris, 1842 2668 LIEBIG, Animal Chemistry, in its Application to Physiology and Pathology, Part I. (Respiration, Nutrition, Metamorph. of Animal Tissues, Method in Investig.) 8vo. 48. pub. 9s. 6d. 2669 Ditto, Organic Chemistry, in its Applications to Agriculture and Physiology, edited by Dr. Lyon Playfair, 8vo. cioth, 5s. pub. 128. 1840 2670- Letters, Familiar, on Chemistry and its Relation to Commerce, Physiology, Agriculture, also Philos. Principles and General Laws, BOTH SERIES, edited by Dr. Gardner, 2 vols. cloth, 48. 1844 pub. 98. 6d. 2671 Liebig and Kopp, Annual Report of Chemistry and Applied Sciences, by Hofmann, Bence, Jones, and De La Rue, 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 148. pub. 31. 148. 1847-50 2672 Mitchell, Dictionary of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Geology, in accordance with their Present State, sm. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. puh. 12s. 6d. 1823 2673 Mitscherlich (Professor, Berlin), Lehrbuch der Chemie, thick 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. Berlin, 1837 2674 Chemistry, Practical and Experimental, adapted to Arts and Manufactures, translated by Hammich, cloth, 28. pub. 10s. 1838 2675 Noad, Chemical Manipulation; also, Analysis Qualitative and Quantitative) Principles of Chemical Nomenclature, Formulæ (Construction and Use) Equivalent Proportions (Doctrine of), Gases, &c. (Preparation and Management) LAST EDITION, with Analytical Tables and Copious Index, 8vo. numerous cuts, 28. 6d. pub. 108. 6d. | (or 6 for 128.)

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2676 Paris (Dr.) MEDICAL CHEMISTRY, Elements of, embracing branches of Chemical Science calculated to Illustrate or Explain different Objects of Medicine, thick 8vo. numerous engravings, 3s. pub. 168. 1825 2677 Parkes, Elementary Treatise, or Chemical Catechism, with Illustrations, Experiments, &c. cloth, engravings, 28.


2678 Parnell, Chemical Analysis, Elements of (Qualitative and Quantitative), 8vo. cl. 58. pub. 148.1845 2679 Plattner (Professor) Use of Blowpipe in examination of Minerals, Öres, Furnace Products, and other Metallic Combinations, translated with Notes by Dr. Muspratt, Preface by Liebig, cloth, 6s. pub. 10s. 6d. 1845 2680 SCHUBARTH (Dr.) Handbuch der technischen Chemie, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 38. Berlin, 1839 2681 Solly (Professor E.) Rural Chemistry, or Elementary Introduction to Study of Science, in its relation to Agriculture and Arts of Life, cloth, 38. pub. 58. 6d. 1850 2682 Thenard, on Chemical Analysis, translated, with all latest Discoveries and Improvements, Gases, Metals, Alloys, Oxides, Mineral Acids, Mineral Waters, Vegetable, Animal Substances, &c. by Children, thick 8vo. 38. pub. 168. 2683 Thomson (Dr. T.) Chemistry of Inorganic Bodies, System of, very thick vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 5s. pub. 2gs, 1831 2684 MINERALOGY, Geology, Mineral Analyses, Outlines of, result of 10 Years' labour to ascertain chemical constitution of different Minerals on surface of globe, with analysis of several hundred specimens, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, cuts, 48. 6d. pub. 11. 12s. 1836

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2685 Turner (Dr.) Elements of Chemistry, edited by Liebig and Gregory, thick 8vo. half calf, 98. pub. 288. 1840 2686 Ure (Dr.) Dictionary of CHEMISTRY, Prin

on Coloured Diagrams, translated, with Notes, by Lewis, 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. 6d. pub. 8s. 1819 2711 Stratagems of Chess, Critical, Remarkable Situations, collected from Eminent Masters, also from celebrated French Work, with Introd to Game, 2s. 6d. pub. 78. 1917 2712 Walker, New Treatise on Chess, cloth, 21. 42. pub. 8s. 1841 2713 Ditto, Selection of Games actually played by M. Donnell, best English Player, with Appendix, &c. 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 58. 1836

ciples, Investigated, Application to Nature, Medicine, Agriculture, Manufactures, with Dissertation, 8vo. scarce, 88. pub. 11. 1823 2687 Violette (Commissaire des Poudres) Nouvelles Manipulations Chimiques, Simplifiees, Description d'Appareils entierement Nouveaux, Construction Simple et Facile, et Cours, 8vo. (426 pages), many cuts, 38. Bruxelles, 1840 2688 Wilson (Dr. G.) Chemistry, a Text Book, 12mo. cloth, 1s. 6d. pub. 3s. Chambers, 1851 2689 Chenevix, on National Character, Inquiry into Principal Causes which contribute to form and mo-2714 CHEST DISEASES, Pathology, Diagnosis, dify Characters of Nations, "labour of life of profound investigation, immense knowledge"-Lit. Gaz. 2 vols. 8vo. 58. pub. 11. 88.

1832 2690 Cherifs en Afrique, Histoire de, Description Geographique, Historique, Relation de la Prise d'Oran, Vie de Santa Cruz, Ambassadeur en France, &c. cf. nt. maps, 28. Paris, 1733

2691 Cherpillond, Book of, Versions (French) bnd.

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Cheshire WORDS, GLOSSARY of, by Roger Wilbraham, "most useful for reading old English Authors, especially as Local Manners, Customs, Language, have changed less here than elsewhere, &c." 4to. 18. 6d.

illustrated, especially by rational exposition of Physical Signs, with New Researches on Sound of the Heart, by Dr. Williams, 8vo. 38. pub 88. 6d.

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2717 Chesterfield (Earl of) Letters to ha Son, "Admirable letters, best precepts of mora lity, also literary, political knowledge,"—Ward, * Singular ease, familiarity, graceful_neatness of style, vivacity of sentiment, scope of observation," good original edition, 1 vol. sm. 8vo. cf. 58. 6d. 2718 Ditto, "Philosophy of flattery and dissimulation," Whittingham's Reprint, 3 small vols. 48. 6d. pub. 13s. 1827

Miscellaneous Works, Letters to his Friends, also Life and Notes by Maty, tending to illestrate the History, Civil, Literary, Political, of his Time, 3 vols. 8vo. uncut, 48. 6d. 1777

1817 2694 Chesney (Col.) on FIRE ARMS, Past and Pre-2719 sent State, Effects of New Musket, Proposition for re-organizing Artillery into Garrison, Field, and Horse, 8vo. cloth, 5s. pub. 12s. 6d. 1852 Chess.

2695 Chess Board, Economic, for Carriages and out of Doors, Board and Men, by Dr. Roget, cloth, 1845


2696 Allgaier, theoretisch praktische Anweisung zum Schachspiele, 8vo. cf. large tables, 38. Wien, 1811 2697 Automaton Chess Player, Attempt to Analyse, by De Kempelen, also Copious Collection of Knights' Moves, 8vo. plis. 18. 6d. pub. 3s. 6d. 1821 2698 Bristol Chess Club, Souvenir of 100 Original Games by best Players, with Copious Notes, 28. pub. 58.


2699 Damiano, Ruy-Lopez and Salvio, Works on Chess, translated, Copious Notes, by Sarratt, 8vo. 38. pub. 128. 1813 82 Douce, Remarks on the European Names of CHESSMEN, 4to. 1s. 1793 2701 Gianutio and Gustavus Selenus, translated and arranged, by Sarratt, 2 vols. 8vo. 38. pub. 17. 1817 2702 Kenny, Chess Grammar, Introduction, 4to. 9 plates and cuts, 28. pub. 7s. 1817

2703 Lewis, Chess for Beginners, a Series of Progressive Lessons, Situations, Chessmates, cloth, numerous Diagrams, in Colours, 2s. 6d. pub. 58. 6d. 1837 81 Madden (Sir F.) Hist. Remarks on Introduction of CHESS into Europe, and Ancient Chessmen discovered in Isle of Lewis, shown to have been from Iceland, in 12th Century, 4to. 4 very fine plts. and many curious woodcuts, 3s. 1832 2705 PHILIDOR, Analyze des Echecs, nouvelle Methode pour apprendre ce Noble Jeu, 8vo. cf. 1s. 6d. 1749 2706 Ditto, Chess rendered familiar, by Tabular Demonstrations of various Positions and Movements, with Introduction to Game, by Pohlman, roy. 8vo. hf. morocco, plate, 48. 6d. pub. 11. 1819 Chess, Systematic Introduction, or Studies of, also Analysis, translated, with Original Comments and Diagrams, 2708 SARRATT, Treatise on Chess, Numerous Rules, Examples, &c. Critical, Remarkable Situations, edited, with Notes, by Lewis, 8vo. 38. pub. 128. 1822


2709 Shastree, Chess, adapted to European Play, principally Positions or Crit. Situations, to practise manoeuvres, translated from SANSCRIT, 8vo. Bombay, 1814 2710 Stamma, on CHESS, numerous Openings of Games, and 100 Critical Situations, Illustrated

very scarce, 28.

2720 Chetham (H. of Clayton, Lancastar) Last Will,
dated 1651, founding Hospital and Library in Man-
chester; also K. Charles's Charter, 1665, sm. 4t.
hf. bnd. 23.
Manchester, Harrop. li-
2721 Chetham (Rev. J.) Book of Psalmody, Tues,
Chanting Tunes for Venite, &c. 15 Anthems. år.
for Country Churches, sm. 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. 1714
2722 Chevalier (C.) MICROSCOPES, et leurs
Usages, Manuel Complet, roy. 8vo. 5 large plates,
Paris, 1839
2723 Chevalier (M.) Organisation du Travail, on
Etudes sur les Principales Causes de la Misere, et
Moyens proposer pour y remedier, cr. 8vo. 21.
Bruxelles, 1848
2724 Cheyne (Dr.) Essay of Health and Long Life,
"learned, philosophical, pious"-Dr. Johnson, sm.


8vo. 1s.


2725 Child (Mrs.) The FAMILY NURSE, ar Companion of the Frugal Housewife, edited, with many valuable suggestions, by an eminent Eng inb Physician, "a household friend, and perfectly safe to consult on common occasions and sudden emer. gencies," 18. pub. 38. 6a. 1837


2726 Ditto, Biographies of Good Wives, 12mo. me-
rocco, gilt leaves, 28. pub. 3s. 6d.
2727 Childhood Illustrated, a Selection from the
English Poets, (Barry Cornwall to Wordsworth
by H. M. Rathbone, 12mo. cloth, 2s. pub. 58. 184.

Children's Books. 6d. each.
exquisite WOOD CUTS, gay covers, gilt leavet.


WHITE CAT, 6d. each (pub. 1s. 6d. and 28.6d, each.)
2729 Book of OLD NURSERY TALES, exquisite
woodcuts, 3 SERIES, cloth, elegantly done up.
38. 6d. each,
Library, cloth, very

2730 Children's (Cabinet)

neat, 2s. each.


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