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leaves, clasps, in morocco case, 3s.



2905 Bible and Prayer, 2 vols. blue morocco, gilt leaves, in case, 88. 1842 2906 Church Service, by Hon. Charlotte Grimston (Morning Prayer only), blue morocco, gilt leaves, 28. 2907 Sunday Prayer Book, also that part used in Sunday Service, arranged in regular order, morocco, gilt leaves, 25. Ed. 1842 2908 Churchill and Stephenson, MEDICAL BOTANY, Illustrations, Descriptions, also Popular Scientific description of Poisonous Plants, 4 large vols. 8vo. cf. gilt, very nt. 195 highly coloured plates, 31. pub. 8gs. 2909 Churchill (C.) Works, Poems, Sermons, &c. "full of gall, wormwood, and sulphur, sharp and toothed withall;" a satirist immediately after Pope and Dryden, includes the savage and ferocious attack on the Scotch, 4 vols. cf. nt. 5s. 1774 2910 Poems, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. 1769 2911 Churchman Armed against Errors of the Time, a reprint of scarce pieces in defence of the Church, by Wake, Synge, Bull, Warburton, Ellys, Burgess, Swift, Brett, Leslie, &c. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 68. pub. 11. 5s. 1814 2912 Churton (Ralph) 8 Bampton Lectures, Prophecy of Destruction of Jerusalem, "ingenious, learned, accurate, piety," ef. nt. 38. 1785 2913

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Life of A. Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's, compiled from Registers, Letters and Authentic Evidences, 8vo. uncut, fine portraits and plates, 48. 6d. pub. ll. 1809 2914 Cibber (Colley) Apology for Life, and Histor. View of the Stage during his Time, also Dialogue on old Plays and Players, "most amusing, full of anecdote and observation," 8vo. cf. nt. port.3s.1750 2915 Ciceroniana, Palæstra, Materialien zu lateinischen Stiluburgen fur die oberste Bildungstufe der Gymnasien, von Dr. Seyffert, 8vo. 28. Brandenburg, 1841 Cicero. 2916 OPERA, Lambini, 8 vols. sm. 8vo. calf, gilt leaves, 11s. Paris, 1572 2917 OPERA OMNIA, Gruteri, et Variorum Notis, accurante Schrevelio, complete in 1 vol. thick sm. 4to. cf. nt. 8s. Elziver, 1661 2918 OPERA OMNIA, cum Asconio et Scholiaste Vet. Notis Integris, Victorii, Camerarii, Ursini, et Selectis Variorum, Verbergius, "great learning and critical industry, with judicious, crit., and explan. Notes and excellent Index," 11 vols. cr. 8vo. cf. 158. Amst. 1724 2919 OPERA, Notis Variorum, Davis, and other editions, highly valuable set, 22 thick vols. 8vo. cf. 1765, 1786, &c. 2920 OPERA, Tauchnitz, neat edition, 13 vols. in 6 thick vols. hf. ef. nt. 18s. Lips. 1820 2921 ACADEMICA, Finibus, Tusc. Disput. Tanchnitz, stereotype edition, 1s. 6d. 1828 2922 DIVINATIONE et FATO, Davisius, Notis Varior. 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. Cantab. 1721 2923 EPÍST. ad FAMIL. Ross, “very valuable edit. notes, rich fund of judicious criticism, on Cicero's Correspondence and History, and Situation of Himself and Friends," 2 vols. 8vo. cals, 48. 6d. Cantab. 1740 2924 Epistolæ ad Divinos, Notis, Ernesti, 8vo. 28. pub. 88. 1819 2925 FINIBUS et Paradoxon, Notis Bentleii, "very good edit." see Ernesti, 8vo. cf. 2s 1718 2926 FINIBUS, Davisii, Notis Variorum, 8vo. calf, 28. Cantab. 1741 2927 Ditto, Clarendon Press Reprint, 8vo. brds. 3s. pub. 78. 1802 2928 NATURA DEORUM, Notis Variorum Davisius, 8vo. calf, 38. Cantab. 1744 2929 Ditto, Clarendon Press Reprint, 8vo. brds. 3s cost 78. 1807



2930 OFFICIIS, Amicitia Senectute Paradoxa, Com. ment Marsi et Badii, Black Letter, sm. 4to. calf, neat, quaint title, 48. 2931 OFFICIIS, Heusinger Notis, 1s. 2932 Officiis, Notis Pearce, 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. 1745 2933 Officiis, Notis Variorum Grævii, 2 very thick vols. large 8vo. 48. Neapoli, 1777 2934 Officiis, Ernesti, 8vo. 18. 1819

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2935 ORATIONES Selectæ, DELPHINI, Vita, | 2970 ORATOR, 3 Dialogues, on Character and Senectute, Amicitia, 8vo. calf, neat, 28. 1750 Qualifications of, translated, with Histor. and Ex. 2936 Ditto, edited by Carey, 8vo. 38. pub. 108. 1821 plan. Notes and Preface, by Guthrie, 8vo. cf. 2937 Orationes, Select, Orellius' Text, Crit. Explan. 28. 6d. English Notes by M'Kay, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 108. 2971 Ditto, translated, with Notes and Illustrations, Dublin, 1833 by Barnes, 8vo. cf, nt. 38. 1762 2938 Orationes Selectæ XII. Orellius' Text, English 2972 POLITICAL WORKS, Commonwealth and Notes, cloth, 1s. 6d. pub. 4s. 6d. Eton, 1846 LAWS, translated, with Dissertations, Illustrations, 2939 Orationes, pro Fonteio, Cucina, &c. Tauchnitz, Notes from other Authors, Divine, Canonical, Civil, pocket edition (604 pages) 1s. 6d. Lips. 1849 &c. by BARHAM. Although most important and 2940 Ditto, pro Quinctio, Roscio, Verr. &c. edidit interesting of all Cicero's Works, only now first Nobbe, Tauchnitz edit. 18. 6d. translated, a text book of grand principles and ele ments of law, and next to the Bible, no volume better entitled to our esteem. Its influence over minds of great JURISCONSULTS has been immense. Nor will our admiration of these resplendent fragments of eternal truth be lessened by finding them connected with remnants of Gentile superstition, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s. pub. 11. 1842 2973 Tusculan Disputations, translated by Main, 8vo. cf. 28.


2941 Orat. pro Milone, English Notes, by Hickie, cf. interleaved, 18. 6d.



2942 Orationes Fragmenta, "precious_relics,”. Dibdin, cum Comment. Mai (edited by Bp. of London) 8vo. facsimiles of ancient MSS. 1s. pub. 1816 2943 ORATORE, " delightful treatise, see magnificent description of qualifications requisite to constitute perfect orator, 46 Chap. Book I." Notis Variorum, Ernesti, 8vo. 3s. Clarendon Press, 1809 2944 ORATORE, curante Stewart, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 108.

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2949 Tusc. Disput. Wolfi, Notis Kuhner, 8vo. ctoth, Jenæ, 1829 2950 Tusc. Disput. German Notes by Tischer, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. Leipzic, 1850 2951 Verrinarum Orat Zumpts Text, Comment of A. Pedianus, 8vo. hf. cf. 2s. pub. 10s. Rugby, 1840 CICERO (Translations). 2952 BRUTUS, Hist. of Famous Orators, also his Orator, translated by Jones, 8vo. cf. 2s. 6d. 1776 2953 CATOR MAJOR, with Double Translation, on Hamiltonian System, 1s. 6d. pub. 4s. 1827 2954 FINIBUS, Last Object of Desire and Aversion, translated by Parker, preface by Jer. Collier, Evo. Oxf. 1812 2955 LÆLIUS, or Amicitia, translated, on Hamiltonian System, 8vo. 1s. 6d. pub. 48. 1827 2956 LETTERS, translated by Melmoth, equals the force and beauty of originals even better," Warton, 3 vols. 8vo. 58. pub. 268. 1814 2957 Lettres a ses Amis traduites avec Avertissemens sur chaque Livre, Sommaires, et Notes, 4 vols. 12mo. cf. nt. 48. 6d. Paris, 1725 2958 LOIX, Traite des, traduit avec des Notes par Morabin (and Latin Text.) 12mo. cf. nt. 2s. 1777 2959 NATURE of GOD, done into English, with Notes, &c. setting forth (from All Antiquity) What Perceptions Man by the Only Light of Reason may Entertain concerning a Deity, cf. nt. scarce, 2s. 6d. 1683

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2960 Nature of God, with Crit. Philos. Explan. Notes, also Inquiry into Astronomy and Anatomy of Antients by Dr. Francklin, 8vo. cf. 3s. 1741 2961 Nature de Dieux, Entretiens de, sur, traduit par Olivet, avec Remarques, par Bouchier, 2 thick vols. cf. 38. 1732 2962 Nature of Gods, with Crit. Philos. Explan. Notes, cloth, 18. 6d. 1844 2963 OFFICES, translated by L'Estrange, 8vo. cf. 18. 1699 2964 Offices, by Cockman, &c. cloth, 1s. pub. 4s. 6d. Valpy, 1833 2965 Offices, translated into Italian, con Note, 8vo. 18. Milan, 1815 2966 ORATIONS, translated, with Notes, Histor. and Crit. and Arguments, by Guthrie, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt 58. 6d. 1788 2967 ORATIONS, literally translated, by Yonge, 2 vols. cloth, 78. pub. 108. Bohn, 1851 2968 ORATIONS, by Duncan; Offices, by Cockman; Cato and Lælius, by Melmoth, 3 vols. cloth, 58. pub. 138. 6d. Valpy, 1833 2969 ORATIONS, Select, LATIN and ENGLISH, on Opposite Pages, with Notes, by Duncan, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

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2975 Ditto, Reprint, 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. pub. 18s. 1823 2976 Ditto, Moxon's neat reprint, 1 large vol. 8vo. cloth, 3s. 1839 2977 Cincinnati in 1851, Sketches and Statistics of, by C. Cist, 8vo. cloth, plts. and ports. 2s. 6d. 1851 2978 Circle of Seasons, Perpetual Key to Calendar, Almanack, Circle of Hours, History of Days of Week, Illustration of History, Antiquities, Natural Phenomena of each Day in Year, hf. cf. 38. pub. 108. 1828

2979 Citizen of the World, Letters from a Chinese Philosopher in London to his friends, by Goldsmith, 2 vols. 16mo. cf. plates, 18. 6d. Cooke, 1799 2980 Claggett, Arianism Anatomized, Animad. on Chubb, a Reply to his 8 Arguments, 8vo. cf. 18. 1718 2981 Claims of Labour, Duties of Employers to Employed, 12mo. cloth 2s. 6d. pub. 68. Pickering, 1844 2982 Clairmont, Selection of Fables and other Pieces of English Prose, with German Interlinear Translations, 8vo. (427 pages) 28. 1833 2983 Clan and House, MACKAY, History of, with account of other Scottish Families and Historical Notices of the Northern Divisions of Scotland by Mackay, "privately printed and very interesting,” see Croker's Boswell, thick 4to. 7s. Edinb. 1829 2984 Clanricarde (Marquis, Lord Lieut.) Memorials and Letters during Great Rebellion in Ireland, large paper, thick folio, calf, gilt, 98. 1757 2985 Clarence, that noble Steamer, Leaving Blackwall, departing for Leith; also the COLUMBINE Steamer, with Her Majesty's Mail, arriving from Rotterdam, fine View of (23 by 144) 28. 2985* Another copy, highly coloured, 4s. 2986 Clarendon (T.) on Powers of Horse, Exam. of true seat and extent of, with view to most advantageous application in Draught and Burden, Improved System of Training, Driving, Horsemanship, 8vo. cloth, 28. Dublin, 1843


2987 History of the REBELLION, with Original Papers, one of noblest works of the English Nation, no historical work with which it can be so necessary for an Englishman to be so thoroughly ac quainted. If it had been put in my hands in youth it would have preserved me from all the political errors I have outgrown"-Southey, 6 vols. 8vo. good library copy, calf, very clean, 11. 1705


LIFE, by Himself, with Continuation of Grand Rebellion, Restoration to Banishment in 1667, "full of a thousand curious anecdotes"— Warburton, 3 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 68. 1759 2989 Clarendon and Whitlock, History of Rebellions compared with other Histories, 8vo. cf. nt. 38. 1727 2990 Ellis, (Lord Dover) Histor. Enquir. into Character of Clarendon, 28. pub. 68. 6d. 1827 2991 Clarissa Harlowe, or History of Young Lady, showing Distresses that attend the Misconduct of Parents and Children in Relation to Marriage, by Richardson, 8 vols. 12mo. hf. morocco, 88. 1764 2992 Clark (Dr. James) Influence of Climate, in prevention and Cure of Chronic Diseases, particu

Sermons on, one of best reasoned works in the language, conclusive and powerful arguments against Hobbs, Spinoza, and others," will furnish answers to objections to religion, natural and revealed, and display the vigour of a powerful and resources of a full mind, and force of reasoning to great precision," 8vo. cf. nt. 28. 6d. 3014 Exposition of Church Catechism, 8vo. cf. nt. 18. 6d. 1730

Editions, Commentaries, Crit. Illust. TRANSLATIONS, English, French, Italian, &c. of CLASSICS, by Moss, "most useful for Bookseller," 2 vols. 78. pub. 17. 16s. 1837

larly Chest, and Digestive, account of prin cipal places | 3013 Attributes and Being of God, Boyle, Lecture, | 3032 CLASSICAL BIBLIOGRAPHY, Manual of resorted to, by Invalids, in England & ad South of Europe, comparative Estimates of respective Merits in particular Diseases, general Directions to Invalids, 8vo. 38. pub. 128. 1829 2993 Clarke (Mrs. Mary Anne) Life, authentic, impartial, Numerous Original Letters, portrait, 1809; Abduction of Miss Turner, Bold Stroke for Wife exemplifyed in Wakefield's "New Art of Love;" Life of Lady Lennox, Miss P aton, ditto, Miss Thatcher, Deaf and Dumb, Dee th Bed Confessions of Countess of Guernsey, Pub lic and Private Life of Madame Vestris, ditto of Coutts and Malibran, &c. 8vo. half calf, 48.

2994 Clarke (S. R.) New LAN.CASHIRE Gazetteer, Topographical Dictionary, an accurate description of several Hundred Boroughs, Market Towns, Parishes, Townships, Hav alets, in County Palatine, 8vo. 28. 1830 2995 Ditto, YORKSHIRE, the three Ridings in one Alphabet, 8vo. 2s. 6d. 1828 2996 Clarke (Cowden) Tales from CHAUCER, in Prose, for Young, 12mo. cloth, plates, scarce, 38. pub. 7s. 6d. 1833 2997 Clarke (Dr. E. D.) Travels, "most instructive and engaging travels, second only to Humboldt," 2 first vols. (Russia, Tartary, Greece, Egypt, Holy Land) thick 4to. calf, very neat, fine plates, 98. pub. 81. 1810-12 2998 Clarke (Rev. E.) Letters from Madrid concerning the Spanish Nation, Literature, MSS. &c. 4to. half russia, neat, 2s. 1763 2999 Clarke, Homer, Iliad, Greek and Latin (at end) 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 38. pub. 188. (6 for 168.) 1815 3000 Ditto, ODYSSEA, Græc. et Lat. 2 vols. in 1, 12mo. half bound, 38. 1806 3001 Clark, " singularly faithful" Introduction to HERALDY, Use of Arms, Rales of Blazon, Marshalling, Coats of Armour, Dictionary of Terms, &c. 2 pts. in 1, port. 40 plates with 1000 examples, 3s. pub. 98. 3002

History of KNIGHTHOOD, all Orders, Religious and Military, of Europe, Descriptions of their Mantles, Caps, Collars, Stars, Ribbons, Mottoes, Lists; also Ancient Ceremonies at Duels, Justs, Tournaments, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 82 plates, 48. 1784

3003 Clarke (Rev. W. B.) Geological Structure, Phenomena of Suffolk and Physical Relations with Norfolk and Essex (25 pages) large cold. plate of sections, 28.

Clarke (Dr. Adam). 3005 Commentary, Crit. Notes, Parallel Texts, Margin. References, &c. complete, 8 vols. 4to. rough calf, very clean, 31. 10s. pub. 147. 1825 3006 New Test. only, 3 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, no title, 158. pub. 31.

3015 Paraphrase on IV Evangelists, wherein for clearer understanding of Sacred History the whole Text and Paraphrase are printed in separate columns over against each other, with Critical notes on more difficult passages, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 48. 3016 Pyle, Paraphrase on Acts and Epistle, also Index (continuation to Clarke) 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 1765 3017 Ditto, Reprint, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 48. 6d. pub. 11. 78. 1817 3018 Clarke (Fr.) Praxis, tam jus dicentibus quam aliis omnibus quo in FORO ECCLESIASTICO versantur, apprime utilis, edit. per BLADEM, sm. 4to. calf, very neat, rare. MSS. Notes, Index, &c. by Sayer, 48. 1684


3019 Clarke (C. M.) Observations on Diseases of Females, attended by Discharges, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. plates, 58. pub. 11. 16s. 1814-21 3020 CLARKE (Dr. John) Commentaries on most important Diseases of CHILDREN, royal 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 10s.

1815 3021 Clarkson (Rev. D.) Primitive Episcopacy evinced from Scripture and Ancient Records, that Bishop in Apostles' Times and for first three Centuries no more than Pastor to one single Church Congregation, 8vo. calf, 28. 6d. 1689 3022 Clarkson, Researches, Antediluvian, Patriarchal, Historical, on Way in which Men first acquired Knowledge of God and Religion, and what were Doctrines of Churches of Adam and Noah; Account of long night of Idolatry which followed and darkened the Earth, &c. 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 7s. 1836 3023 Classical Dictionary, copious Account of all proper Names in Ancient Authors, Value of Coins, Weights, Measures, of Greeks and Romans, and Chronological Table, by LEMPRIERE, 8vo. 48. pub. 108.

3024 Collection of Supplements to all Editions;

Sillig, Dictionary of Artists of Antiquity; Payne Knight, Symbolic Language of Ancient Art and Mythology; Barker's Chronol. and other Tables, Weights, Monies, Apocrypha, Geography, &c. thick 8vo. cloth, 48. 6d. pub. ll.


3025 Classical and Archæological Dictionary, of Manners, Customs, Laws, Institutions, of celebrated Nations of Antiquity and of Middle Ages, by Dr. Nuttall, thick 8vo. cloth, 5s. pub. 16s. 1840 184-3026 Classical Journal, “ Valpy's," including most valuable Articles, Original Criticisms, Reprints, Biblical, Classical, Oriental, &c. Etymological, Grammar, Researches, Collations, Greek and Latin Original Poetry, Vols. 1, 3, 4, 2s. each; Odd Nos. 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 18, 21, 23, 24, 28 to 32, 34, 39 to 48, 49, 52, 53 to 59, 61, 65 to 68, 71, 72, 73, 78, 6d. to 18. 6d. each.

3007 Gospel Harmonized, with Notes, Explan. Experimental, Practical, by Dr. Adam Clarke, from best Authorities, for Ministers and Students, by S. Dunn, 8vo. half calf, neat, 3s. pub. 8s. 1836 3008 Life and Labours, cloth, portrait, 3s. pub. 168.


3009 Clarke (Rev. G. S.) Hebrew Criticism and Poetry, Patriarchal Blessings of Isaac and Jacob Metrically Analysed and Translated, with Appendixes, also Catena of Prophecies of Balaam, Habakuk, Deborah, &c. &c. Metrically translated, 8vo. calf extra, 38. 1810

3010 Clarke (S.) Mirrour, or Looking Glass for SAINTS and SINNERS, held forth in some Thousands of Examples; also, Geographical Descriptions, 2 thick vols. folio, calf, neat, plates, 128. 1657 3011 Holy Oyle for the Lampes of the Sanctuarie, or Scripture Phrases, Alphebetically Disposed, sm. 4to. bright ef. back, 48. 6d. 1630

Clarke (Rev. Dr. Samuel).

3027 Ditto, 1 to 11, 13 to 15, 18, 21, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 41 to 59, 61, 62, 67, 68, 71, 73, 78, 49 parts, 1810 to 1829, 17.

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3028 Classical Museum, vol. 1 in 3 Nos. 48. cost 128. 1843 3029 Classical Student's Manual, Index to every page, section, note in Matthiæ Gr. Grammar; Viger, Bos, Ellipses; Hoogeveen, Kuster, explain. Thucid. Herod. Pindar, Æschylus, Sophoc. Eurip. by Smithers, 1827; also Classical Manual, Mythological, Historical, Geographical, Commentary on Pope's Homer, and Dryden's Eneid of Virgil, thick 8vo. 1833, 2 books, 58. pub. 11. 98. 3030 Classics, Gr. et Lat. Introd. to Knowledge of, rare and valuable EDITIONS, Polyglot Bibles, Gr. and Lat. Septuagints, Testaments, Script. Re Rustica, Gr. Romances, Lexicons, Grammars, by DIBDIN, interleaved, in 2 thick vols, er. 8-9. half calf, neat, MSS. Additions, 58. pub. 188. 1808 Ditto, last edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 6s. pub. 2gs. 1827

3012 SERMONS, edited by Dean Clarke, Life, by
Bp. Hoadley, "best sermons in language"--Dr.
Johnson; "in very first rank of excellence, best
models, always plain, clear, accurate, full"-Bp.
Warburton; "most perspicuous and convincing,
unusual elegance and great plainness of style, 73031
vols. 8vo. ef. very nt. 11. pub. 3gs.


3033 Classiques Francais, a very choice selection, edited by PROFESSOR VENTOUILLAC (Elizabeth, Numa Pompilius, Buffon, Voltaire, Charles XII. Pierre le Grand, Paul et Virginie, Chaumiere Indienne, Belisaire, Contes Moraux, Telemaque, Pascal, Pensees, Moliere, &c.) 24 vols. 12mo. beautifully printed, 17s. cost 31. 12s. 1825 3034 Claude, SUN RISING and SETTING. The SUNRISE represents Italian Seaport, Vessels, Lighthouse, Fort, Trees, Figures, engraved by Canot; SUNSET, Cattle, Drinking, with Trees, Woman, Child, and other Figures. "The Correggio of Landscape Painters. The English have a strong predilection for this charming painter, perhaps because the sunny, classical, ideal beauty of his Scenery presents so strong a contrast to their own land. His peculiar style of Composition, however varied, has something almost cloying in its perpetual and delicious Beauty. His Landscapes, lovely ideal creations, may truly be said to lap us in Elysium'"-Mrs. Jamieson. "His Pictures are brilliant in a high degree; all is splendour, repose, sweetest harmony"-Price. Engraved by MASON, 2 large prints (18 by 15) 48.


3035 On Composition of a Sermon, translated, with Life, Dissert. and Notes on Public Preaching, by Rev. R. Robinson, 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. 6d. 1805 3036 Ditto, best edition, with full Notes, by ditto, 2 vols. thick 8vo. calf, very neat, 78. 1788 3037 Ditto, Reprint, cloth, 2s. 6d. 3038 Sermons, 10, sur divers Textes, avec Vie, "profound divinity, great sublimity, eloquence, solidity," 8vo. Amst. 1713; ditto, Response a Arnauld, Tradition de l'Eglise touchant l'Eucharistie, recueillie des S. Peres, &c. Charenton, 1665, 2 books, 28.

3039 Claudiani, Opera, Burmann, Regent's pocket edition, new, 1s. pub. 58. 6d. 1819 3040 Clavis Calendaria, Analysis of the Calendar, Ecclesiast. Hist. Classical Anecdotes, by Brady, 2 vols. 8vo. 48. pub. 25s. 1812

3041 Clavis PENTATEUCHI, Notis Criticis et Philologicis, et Dissert. Robertson, recens. Kinghorn, 8vo. 168. pub. 11. 8s. 1824 3042 Clayton (Bp.) Essay on Spirit, "produced an amazing controversy, by 20 or 30 writers," 8vo. old red morocco, extra, gilt leaves, 58. 1750 3043 Clayton, Memoirs of House of Medeci, from Origin to Death of Francesco 2nd Duke of Tuscany, also Great Men of Tuscany, by Tenhove, translated, with Notes,&c. 2 vols. 4to. port. 6s.1797 3044 Clement Lorimer, or the Book with the Iron Clasps, a ROMANCE, by Angus Reach, cloth, Cruikshank's Illustrations, 3s. pub. 78. 1849 3045 Clement of Rome, Polycarp, Ignatius, Epistles, also Apologies of Justin Martyr and Tertullian, shewing more of the heart of Primitive Christianity, more of Feelings and Notions of Primitive Christians, than from any formal history whatever, translated, with Introduction and most valuable Notes, Illustrative of Ecclesiastical History of First Two Centuries, by Rev. T. Chevalier, 8vo. cloth, 78. pub. 12s. 1851 3046 Clement (Abbe) avis a une Personne, engagee dans le Monde, Ouvrage Ascetique, 18mo. cf. 15. Paris, 1759 3047 Clementis XI. Pont. Max. Opera Omnia, Orationes Consistoriales, Homiliæ, Epistolæ, Brevia Selectoria, Bullarium, Vita, et Indexes, 2 vols. in 1 very thick folio (3706 pages), stained, 7s. Francofurti, 1729


3048 Clergy, SUFFERINGS and Destitution of, during the GREAT REBELLION, principally "Walker's Sufferings of Clergy," with much additional matter; also, History of Rise, Progress of Rebellion, Conduct of Puritans, &c. by Rev. G. WYATT, cloth, new, 28. pub. 58. 6d. 1844 3049 Clergy List, 1847, cloth, 18. 6d. cost 9s. 3050 Clergyman's Companion in Visiting the SICK,


cially in Regeneration and Salvation of Mankind, | 3094 RURAL RIDES, in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, 28. pub. 58. 3072 Clyde, in a Hurricane, correct Representation of awful Position of this VESSEL, off Point Natal, Nov. 1846, in Gale from S. W. shifting momentarily to N. E. (19 by 15) after Owen, by Duncan, India paper proof, 28.

Manner, chiefly from Bp. Taylor, Order, out of
Prayer Book, Prayers, Forms, from eminent Di-
vines, sm. Evo. cf. 1s.
3051 Clergyman's INSTRUCTOR, most valuable
Tracts on Ministerial Duties, reprinted (Geo. Her-
bert, Priest to the Temple, Jeremy Taylor, Rules
and Advice; Burnet, Past. Care, Sprat. to his
Clergy; Bp. Bull, Compan. to Candid. for H. Or-3073 Another copy, highly coloured, 48.
ders; Bp. Gibson, Direct. Archbp. Hart, Instruct.
Stearne de Visit. Infirm) 8vo. 2s. 6d. cost 78.
Clarend. Press
3052 Clergyman's Vade-Mecum, account of Ancient
and Present Ch. of England, Duties, Rights, Pri-
vileges, Hardships, of Clergy, full directions on Or-
dination, Institution, Induction, and most difficul-
ties commonly met, in discharge of their duties, by
Johnson, 28.
3053 Ditto, with the CANONICAL CODES, of Pri-
mitive and Universal Church, translated at large
from original Greek; ditto, of Eastern and West-
ern Church, to DCCLLXXXVII. with Notes,
2 vols. cf. scarce, 58.

3074 Coaching Incidents, a most amus-
ing series, Alarming Reason, Repose in the Mail,
Indiscreet Artists, Practical Lesson, Passing Re-
mark, Frost, Signal of Distress, Gallantry at a Dis-
count, Flood Tide, &c. by Newhouse and Reeve,
18 plates (15 by 10) 3s. pub. 11.



3075 COAL TRADE, Guide to, or Factors, Lighter.
men, Coal Dealer's Assistant, TABLES for
VALUE, &c. by West, cf. 18.
3076 Coal Districts of Connaught and Leinster, in
Ireland, Geological and Mining Report on, by
Griffith, Inspector Gen. of Mines, 2 Works, 8vo.
coloured plates, 3s. 6d.

Hampshire, Gloucesters. &c. with Econ. and Polit. Obs. thick vol. cloth, new, 38. pub. 78. 6d. 1853 3095 TULLS, Horse-Hoeing Husbandry, or Tillage and Vegetation, to Increase Product and Diminish Expense, reprinted, with Introduction, &c. 8vo. 5s. pub. 13s. 6d. 1829 3096 WOODLANDS, Treatise on Planting, &c. Forest Trees and Underwoods, with list of Trees of America and En gland, 8vo. 3s. pub. 148. 1825 3097 Ditto, American Gardener, Situation, Soil, Laying Out Garden, Hot Beds, &c. 1821; Rapin, Latin Poem, on Gara'ens, translated by Gardiner, plates, 1718; Forsyth, Fruit Trees, with his Cure, 1806; Salisbury, on Orchards and Fruit Growers, and Nat. Hist. of Destruct. Insects, 1816; Whately, Obs. on Modern Gardening, with Description, 1777, 5 worka, 5s.

3098 COCALII, Merlini, Poetae Mantuani, Ma-
caronicorum Poemata, greatly admired, style of
Rabelais, pocket vol. vellumı, nt. quaint old cuts,
4s. 6d.
Venet. 1561


d'ITALIE ou Receuil de Notes sur les Ouvrages de Peinture et Sculpture qu'on voit dans les Villes d'Italie, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. cf. nt. 38. Paris, 1758 3100 Cochin, Instructions in Prayers and Ceremonies of the MASS, translated, by Walter, 2 vols. in 1 sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 3101 Cochrane (A. B.) Florence, the Beautiful, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 18s. 3102 Cock (E.) Practical Anatomy of NERVES and VESSELS, supplying the Head, Neck, and Chest, 28. pub. 78. 1835

3077 Mammat, Geological Facts, &c. in For-3099 Cochin (Acad. Royale de Peinture) Voyage
mation of Ashby Coal-Field and Neighbouring Dis-
trict, the result of 40 years' experience and research,
sumptuous, most costly volume, royal 4to. cloth,
large map, sections of strata to 1,011 feet below
surface of the earth, 102 plates, with 300 most ac-
curately coloured figures, by Ironmonger, of Vege-
table Fossils, 16s. pub. 4l. 14s. 6d.
3078 Pattison, Fossil Botany, Introduction
to Preliminary Botany, Superficial Deposits, Flora
of Tertiary and Secondary Rocks, Coal Forma-
tions, ditto Measures, Botany of Paleozoic Rocks,
Statistics of Fossil Botany, Connexion with other
Studies, also Morris, "Elaborate" Catalogues of
British Fossils, &c. cloth, 28.

For numerous others, see Geological Society
Transactions, sold by Ed. Lumley, in DETACHED


Coates, History and Antiquities of Read-
ing, thick 4to. large map, 6s. pub. 21. 1802
3081 Coatham, a Watering Place, North of York.
shire, Trip to, by Hutton, 8vo. hf. cf. map and
plates, 38. pub. 10s.

3082 Cobb (Mrs. Mary, of St. Peters, Kent) Diary
and Letters of (very excellent Evangelical Lady)
Privately Printed, 1805

8vo. 28.


3054 Clerical Guide and Ecclesiastical Directory, a
complete Register of Dignities and Benefices of the
Church and Patronage, their Possessors, Patrons,
&c. roy. 8vo. 18. 6d. pub. 228.
3055 Cope and Stretton, Visitatio Infirmorum,
Offices for Clergy on Praying, with Directing and
Comforting Sick, Infirm, Afflicted, with Introduc-
tion, morocco, clasp, 11s. pub. 11.
3056 TAYLER (C. B.) Facts in a Clergyman's Life,
12mo. cloth, new, 38. 6d. pub. 7s. Seeley, 1849
3057 Clerk (J.) Essay on NAVAL TACTICS, Sys-
tematical, Historical, with Explan. Plates, best
edition, Notes by Lord Rodney, and Introduction
by Naval Officer, "plain,simple, incontrovertable,"
8vo. hf. cf. nt. stained, 5s. pub. 11. 58. 1827
3058 Clery, Journal de ce qui s'est passe en la Tour
du Temple pendant la Captivite de Louis XVI.
"most interesting," large 8vo. cf. nt. plt. 2s. 1798
3059 Clias (Professor) Elementary Course of GYM-3080
NASTIC EXERCISES, to develope and improve
Physical Powers of Man, 8vo. plates, 2s. pub.
78. 6d.
3060 Clifford (Professor) Arithmetic, Frac-
tional, Practically Exemplified, for Schools and Pri-
vate Tuition, "Perspicuous, numerous well selected
examples in this most difficult branch,”—Firmin-
ger. "Correct, useful,”—Profess. Cape. "I have
examined and think well calculated, from full ex-
amples,"-De Morgan. "Very serviceable to
teachers and students,"-Lewis, 8vo. 1s. pub. 7s.
(or 6 for 4s. 6d.)
3061 Climate of Gr. Britain, Remarks on Changes it
has Undergone for last 50 Years, accounting for
Increasing Humidity, Cloudiness, Coldness, with
Effects; also Numerous Physiological Facts by J.
Williams, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. pub. 88. 1806
3062 Clinique Medicale, Choix d'Observations, re-
cueillies a l'Hopital de la Charite, par Andral, 5
vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 10s.
Paris, 1829
2063 CLINTON, Fasti Hellenici, Civil, Literary
Chronology of Greece, 55th to 124th Olympiad,
"learned and most useful," 4to. hf. cf. 10s. pub.
11. 8s. 6d.
Oxford, 1824
3064 Clio and Euterpe, or British Harmony, Collec-
tion of celebrated Ancient Songs and Cantatas,
curiously engraven, with the Music and Bass, nearly
100 Pieces, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. very nt. plts. 48.6d.1762 | 3088 GEOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, of Eng-
3065 CLOCK and WATCH MAKING, Theoretical land, Wales, &c. most useful, thick 8vo. cloth, 48.
and Practical, by Reid, 2 vols. cf. nt. plates, much
pub. 128.
MSS. addition, 1826; also Grafton, Horology 3089 George IV., History of Regency and Reign of,
and Watch Making, 1846, 3 books, 10s. pub. 2 vols. hf. cf. scarce, 48. pub. 10s.
17. 12s. 6d.
3090 Letters to Lord Hawkesbury and Addington,
on Peace with Buonaparte, also Collection of all
the Treatises, &c. on the Subject, 8vo. 2s. pub.

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3066 Clockmaker, Sayings and Doings of Sam Slick,
1st Series, cr. 8vo. cloth, 28. pub. 8s. 6d. 1848
3067 Ditto, 3rd Series, cloth, 28. 6d.
3068 Cloquet, ANATOMY, System of, translated
and enlarged, by Knox, very thick 8vo. 38. pub.
17. 18.
3069 CLOSE (of Cheltenham) 28 Miscellaneous Ser-
mons, in Parish Church, 8vo. 38. pub. 128. 1829
3070 Course of 9 Sermons, to illustrate Lead-
ing Truths in Liturgy, 28. cost 58.
3071 Clowes (Rev. J." Swedenborgian,") on Me-
diums, their Divine Origin, Important Uses, espe-

3083 Complete Abridgment of the Political Writings
of, in 100 vols. with Notes, Historical and Expla-
natory, by his SONS, the great object being to
preserve a Series of Cobbett's best Papers, and to
render them easily referred to, by General Analy-
tical Index, "purest English since Jeremy Taylor,'

- Southey, 6 vols. in 3, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 12s. 6d.
pub. 21. 10s.

3084 Cottage Economy, Beer, Bread, Cows, Pigs,
Bees, Goats, Poultry, Grass, Grain, Huts, Ice
Houses, Economical Cookery, by a Lady, for Young
Housekeepers, Palatable Dishes, from Experience,
Pickling, Preserving, other Receipts, 2s.
3085 English Grammar, 18. 6d.
3086 FRENCH and ENGLISH, English and French,
DICTIONARY, "making the matter as clear as
possible," thick 8vo. cloth, 48. pub. 10s. 6d. 1833
3087 French Grammar, Plain Instructions, 2s. 6d.
pub. 5s.


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3091 MARTEN'S Compendium of LAW of NA-
TIONS, with List of all Treaties, Conventions, &c.
1731-88, translated and continued by Cobbett, last
edition, 8vo. cloth, new, 6s. pub. 178.

3092 Protestant Reformation in England and Ire-
land, History of, large paper, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. 98.
pub. 11. 11s. 6d.
3093 Ditto, in French, complete, 3 vols. 8vo. 3s.
Louvain, 1826



3103 Cocks, Amputations, Disloca-
Surgical Illustrations of, (for Cooper's Dict.) "of
greatest assistance to Surgical Students," 8vo. 69
plates, 6s. pub. 17. 168. 6d.
3104 Ditto,Amputations only, 24 plates, 3s. pub. 138.
3105 Cocker, English Dictionary, with Derivations
of Hard Words, edited by J. Hawkins, calf, rare,
3106 Cod Liver Oil, comparatively considered, with
reference to Chemical and Therapeutic Properties,
by Dr. De Jongh, translated from German, with
Cases, by Carey, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. pub.
68. 6d.


3107 Codes de l'Empire Français, Notes, Ta-
bles, &c. thick 8vo. (965 pages) half calf, neat, 28.
Paris, 1813
3108 Codes, les Vingt, Tarif des Frais et Depens,
pour Cour Royale et Departemens, Bankueroutes,
&c. thick pocket vol. calf, 28.
Paris, 1839
3109 Code Civil, d'apres l'Edition Officielle, cf. nt.
1s. 6d.
Paris, 1811
3110 Code Napoleon, Clef du, Analyse et Resume
des Doctrines, emises par les Professeurs des Fa-
cultes de Droit, par des Avocats, avec Constitu-
tion du Jan. 1852, et Decrets relatifs au retablisse-
ment de l'Empire, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. 48. pub.

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3113 Coffin (Dr.) Botanic Guide to Health, Natural
Pathology of Disease, 12mo. cloth, port. 2s. 6d.
pub. 58.
Botanical Journal and Medical Reformer,
vol. 1, roy. 8vo. cloth, 28.
Cogan (Dr.).
3115 Characteristic Excellencies of Christianity, Su-
perior Assistance and Motives to Practice of Vir-
tue, 8vo. 2s. pub. 98.

3116 Passions, Philosophical Treatise on, 8vo. hf. cf.
very nt. 2s. pub. 98.

Bath, 1802

3117 RHINE, a Journey from Utrecht to Franc-
fort and Mentz to Bonn, "includes learned dis-
quisition on Origin of Printing," 2 vols. 8vo. 24
plates, 28. 6d.
3118 Coglan, Artificial Memory, improved System of,
Dictionary of Words used as Signs, &c. 8vo. plts.


and additions, 1s. pub. 98.
3119 Cogswell, Theological Class Book, System of
Divinity, Question and Answer, for Higher Class es
in Sabbath Schools, with Essay, russia, with mu. ch
blank paper for additions, 28. Glasgow, 18: 4


"The coinage of a country is the key to its history
3120 SILVER COINS of ENGLAND, Arrange 1
and Described, with Remarks on British Mone: 7
previous to Saxon Dynasties, by E. Hawkin
(Keeper of Coins and Antiquities in British Mu. ·
seum) 8vo. hf. bnd. 308 pages and 48 plates, with
558 Coins, 17.

"The great authority on English money; indispen
sable to the Collector or Dealer."

"It should accompany every History of England, to
which it forms so important an addition, and few means
could be suggested so useful, for impressing on the me-
mory the leading events of English History, either for
the adult or young. It is admirably adapted for a present.
The plates are beautifully engraved, from coins actually
in existence."

93 Ditto, Coins of WILL I. & II. Chronological Ar-
rangement of, also Descript. of large Collect. of
Will. Conqueror, discovered Braworth, Hamps. 4to.
plate of coins of Will I. & II. 23.



SAXON Pennies, &c. found at Sevington,
N. Wilts. Described, 4to. fine plates, Saxon Pen-
nies, Spoon, Fork, Fragments, Silver, Brass, 28.1837
95 Ditto, COINS, lately discovered in River Dove,
Tutbury, Staffords. 2s.

86 ADAMSON, Descriptive Accounts (both articles)
of ANGLO-SAXON STYCAS, discovered at He
ham, Northumberland, 4to. woodcuts, and 30 very
fine plates, with 941 Coins, 6s.

85 Combe, Acct. of Anglo-Saxon Pennies, fo' and
Dorking, fine plates of 26 Coins, 28.
1 818
92 Ditto, Descript. of large Collection of Henry II.
Pennies, found at Tealby, Lincolnsh, 18. 1:814
324 Ditto, Drawings and Descriptions of Silver Fen-
nies of Hen.I. and K. Stephen, Dr. Milner, Instru-
ment of Torture of Pagan persecutors agst. Primitive
Christians, plate of scourge armed with plumme ts;
very fine SEAL of Jordan, Abbot of Cistertian 1 o.
nastery of Dore, Herefords. and various others, ito.
plates, 28.
1820 -45
3121 Folkes, English SILVER COINS, a Set
of, representing Hundreds of Coins, from William
the Conqueror to George 2nd, including Siege Pieces
of Charles 1st, and Coinage during Commonwea Ith,
very elegantly and correctly Drawn and Engraved,
4to. 42 plates, 48.

3122 Gray (J.) Lectures on Nature and Use of 1 Mo-
ney, delivered at Edinb. Philos. Instit. " offering
100 guineas to refuter of its contents," 8vo. cloth,
48. pub. 78. 6d.
Edinb. 1848
3123 Leake, English Money, Histor. Account of,
Conquest to Present Time, including Scotland,
from Access, of James I. to Union, BEST EDI-
TION, 8vo. cf. nt. plates, and tables of gold, silver
money, scarce, 98.
1793 |
3124 Magnan, Miscellanea Numismatica, Populorum
Virorum Numismata Omnia, in Classes Distributa
(Antinoi Thuriorum) 2 vols. large 8vo. hf. bnd.
118 plates, with numerous coins, 68.
90 Noble (Mark) Descript. of unpublished Gold Coir
of Charles I. 4to. facsimile, 18.
179 6
91 Ditto, of Gold Medal, struck on Birth of Char les
II. 4to. facsimile, Is.

1 796






Kens, 11

94 Norris, Acct. of British COINS, found near
Wycombe, 4to. facsimile of 5 Coins, 1s.
84 Poole, Account of Moulds for casting
Coins, found at Edington, Somerset, 4to. 18.
3125 Pye, Provincial Copper Coins or To
parts 8vo. cont. 33 plates, 5s. pub. ll. 78. . 6d. 1795
3126 Ruding, Annals of the Coinage of Britain
and its Dependencies, from Earliest Feriod to 15
Geo. III. best edition, 4 vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. mul-
titude of plates, 11. 13s. pub. 18 gs.
96 Ditto, Memoir on office of Cuneator, 1813; ditto,
Account of Trial of the Pix, 18. Gd

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and Roman History, Religions, Customs, Arts, &c.
12mo. cf. nt. 2s.

3129 Walsh (Rev. Dr.) on Ancient Coins, Medals,
Gems, as illustrating Progress of Christianity in
Early Ages, best edit. greatly enlarged, cr. 8vo.
cloth, 38 plates, 3s. pub. 6s.

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of any in our language,"—Ryland, with Preface by
Romaine, Owen, Godwin, 12mo.
3152 Coley (Dr.) Pract. Treatise of Diseases of
Children, a Comprehensive Work for Phy-
sician, Surgeon, General Practitioner, from expe-
rience of 40 years, 8vo. cl. new, 3s. pub. 14s. 1846
3453 Remittant Fever of Infants, Pract. Trea-
tise on, also on Water in Brain, and other Dis-
eases, Cases, &c. and Cure, 1s. pub. 7s.
3154 Collard, Praxis of Logic,12mo.scarce, 18.6d.1799
Collectanea Græca Majora, ad usum
Acad. Juventutis, cum Notis Philologicis, partim
Scripsit, Dalzel, 3 vols. not uniform, 4s. 6d. pub.

89 WESTON, Acct. of inedit. Greek Coin of Alex.
Great, 1809, plate; ditto, of 3 unpub. Greek ditto,
of Sala, in Phrygia, of Altusii, on River Cape, of
Heraclea, 1806, plate; of Anc. ditto of Atusa, 1806,
of Emp. Vitalian, 1815, facsimile of ditto, of Cy-3155
parissa, 1818; of unpub. Phoenician, 1801; of Cer-
manicopolis, 1811, facsimile; Howe's Greek ditto,
of Lybia, 1806; T. Combe, of Basilis, in Arcadia,
1816, facsimile; Payne Knight, large Silver Coins
of Syracuse, 1821, 4to. 38.

3130 COKE (ROGER) Detection of Court and State
of England, during Reigns of James 1, James 2,
"sort of Secret History, engaging to an English-
man, Greedy of Scandal," 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf,
3131 Coke and More, Life of John Wesley, including
Great Revival of Religion in Europe and America,
8vo. portraits, 3s. pub. 12s. 6d.

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Cold Water Cure.
3132 Gibbs, Letters from Græfenberg, 1843-46, with
Report and Correspondence of Enniscorthy Hy-
dropathic Society, 1s. 6d.
3133 Gully (Dr.) Cold Water Cure, Exposition of
Causes, Progress, Termination of Chronic Dis-
eases of Digestive Organs, Lungs, Nerves, Limbs,
Skin, their Treatment by Water and other Hygienic
Means, very thick 8vo. cloth, 4s.
3034 Johnson (Dr. E.) Hydropathy, Theory, Prin-
ciples, Practices, Water Cure, in strict accordance
with most recent Discoveries of Science as relating
to both Healthy and Morbid Animal Life, Illus
trated with many important Cases, 8vo. cl. 2s. 1846
3135 Cole (J.) Hist. and Antiq. of Welling-
borough, County of Northampton,hf. cf.nt.28.1837
3136 Cole (Rev. C. of Peterhead) 17 Sermons, on
Essential Doctrines and Duties of Christianity (de-
dicated to Bp. Skinner) 28. pub. 5s. 6d. cloth1840
3137 Coleman (Rev. J. M. of Ventnor) Sermons to
establish and elucidate Intermediate State, Mutual
Knowledge, World to Come, Doctrine of Trinity,
Sovereignty of God, Power of Devil in World, &c.
8vo. cloth, (356 pages) 38. Priv. Print. 1846
3138 Coleman, on Foot of Horse, Structure of Eco-
nomy, Diseases of, and Principles and Practice of
Shoeing, vol. 2 only, 4to. 15 coloured plts. scarce,
38. pub. 41.


3139 Colenso, Elements of Algebra, 38. pub. 6s.
3140 Coleridge (Bp.) Practical Advice to Young
Parish Priest, 1s. pub. 38.
3141 Coleridge (Rev. Derwent) Scriptural Character
of the English Church, a Series of Sermons, with
Notes and Illustrations, 8vo. cl. 4s. pub. 12s.1839
Coleridge (S. T.)

242 POEMS, 1st edition, including Charles Lamb's,
Southey's, and Favell's, hf. cf. nt. nt. 2s. 6d. 1796
3143 Poems, Pickering's genuine Author's edition,
cloth, 48. pub. 68.


3144 Poetical and Dramatical Works (Chidley's
edit.) 12mo. cloth, plate, 38.
3145 Constitution of Church and State, with Aids
towards right judgment on Catholic Bill, cr. 8vo.
38. pub. 108.
3146 The Friend, a series of Essays, 1st edition, very
scarce, 8vo. hf. russia, neat, Ss.
3147 Method, Principles, Illustration, Application,
cloth, 18. 6d.
Coleridge, Hartley.
3148 Lives of Distinguished Northerns, "lively,
well-stored narratives, interwoven with literary,
philosophical, criticisms, truth, delicacy, beauty,"
-Quarterly Review, 2 parts, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub.



3149 Poems, Songs, Sonnets, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 28.
Leeds, 1833
3150 Coleridge (H. N.) Introduction to Study of
GREEK CLASSIC POETS, for Schools and Col-
leges, Introduction, and Homer, "vast mass of
useful information," 48. pub. 78. 6d.
3151 Coles' Discourse of God's Sovereignty," most
useful, best known to all experimental Christians,

17. 178.


3156 Ditto, vol. 2, thick 8vo. 1s. pub. 12s.
3157 Analecta Græca Minora, a Dalzel, 8vo. bd. 18.
3158 Collections and Recollections, Historical, Bio-
graphical, Miscellaneous, Anecdotes, Notices,
Sketches, from various sources, with Remarks, by
J. Stewart, 8vo. cf. extra, 2s. 6d. pub. 8s. 6d. 1823
3159 Collects, Comments on, by James, Pre-
bendary of Peterborough, 2s. 6d. pub. 5s.
3160 Collegians, a very powerful Novel, 3 vols. cr.
8vo. hf. cf. 4s. 6d. pub. 17. 118. 6d.
3161 Collegiat Suffrages of Divines of Gr. Britaine,
concerning Five Articles, Controverted in the Low
Countries, delivered in Synod of Dort, 1619 (Carle-
ton, Davenant, Ward, Goad, Balcanquall) sm. 4to.
vellum, rare, 5s.

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2 Douay Bible, Rheimish Testament, thick 8vo.
bnd. 4s.
Dublin, 1846
3 New Testament, Rhemish, with Annotations, bnd.
18. 6d.
4 Another, cf. nt. 2s. 6d.

5 Another, red morocco, extra, gilt leaves, 4s.
6 Algerie Chretienne par Egron, Lille, 1847; De
Preo, Les Youlofi, Histoire d'un Pretre et Militaire
Francais chez les Negres d'Afrique, Lille, 1846;
Voyage et Retour des Pyrenees, 2 vols. Lille,
1842, 4 books, 4s.

7 Amis de College ou Vice et Virtu, par Farrenc,
Lille, 1849; Beautes des Lecons de Nature ou
Histoire Naturelle, Lille, 1843; Visnelda ou
Christianisme dans les Gaules, Lille, 1845, 3 books,


8 Antoine et Joseph ou les Deux Educations, etc.
par Farrenc, Dille, 1845; Eugenie de Revel,
Souvenirs du 18eme Siecle, Lille, 1850; Olavides
Retour a la Fir, traduit de l'Espagnol, Lille, 1846,
3 books, 38.

9 Benoit (G.) Vie de, Paris, 1857; Vitt. Accoram-
buoni Notice sur Sixte V. Paris, 1835; A. De
Buelon, Histoire d'Abulcher Bisciarah, Paris, 1842;
Eloge Funebre de Graziosi de Latrin, par Ventura
traduit, Paris, 1848, 4 books, 2s. 6d.

10 Bossuet, Expos. of Doctrine of Cath. Church on
Matters of Controversy, translated, 1790; H.
Howard, on Erroneous Opinions on Cath. Reli-
gion, Evening Devotions as performed at Moor-
fields, 1802; Ceremony of Reception of Sisters of
Mercy, 1837; Account of Mechitaristican Society
founded, Island of St. Lazaro, Venice, 1835;
Blessed Sacrament, drawn from Writings of the
Saints, 1848; Method of Hearing Mass for be-
nefit of Faithful Souls, 1783, 7 works, 3s.
11 Boudon, Devotion aux Saints Anges, Tourna
1845; ejusd Opuscules, Dieu Seul, Dieu Inconnu

Dieu Present Partout, &c. Avignon, 1835; Saint
Jure Connaisance et Amour de Jesus, Marseille, |
1827, 3 books, 38.

12 Bruno imite de l'Allemand, Lille, 1847; Dia-
logues Moraux par Cure de Thonarce, Paris, 1834;
ditto, sur les Premieres Verites de la Religion,
Paris, 1835; Soirees Villageoises, 1835, 4 books, 28. |
13 Catholic Christian instructed in Sacraments, Sa-
crifice, Ceremonies, &c. by Challoner, 1835; also
The Church Manual, all Sung or Said, in Churches,
Guide to Mass, Vespers, Compline, Benediction,
Prayers, Litanies, Hymns, Latin, English, &c. bnd.
1852, 2 books, 3s.

14 Catholic Hierarchy, a Copious Series of Important
Documents of Permanent Historical Interest on Re-

establishment of, 1850-1; Bp. Gillis, Mission,|
Influence of the Popes, 1850; Lingard, Laws of
Foreign States on Religious Concerns, 1851; Card.
Wiseman, Sermons at St. George, on Final Ap-
peal, Papal and Royal Supremacy, Catholic Hie-
rarchy, &c. 1850, &c. thick 8vo. hf. cf. 3s. 6d.
15 Correspondence de Famille sur choix des amis et
danger des mauvais liasons, Lille, 1847; Triomphe
de la Piete Filiale, extrait de Rinsiccini Vie du
Comte Georges de Lesly en 1650; aussi Famille
Descamps, Lille, 1846; Epreuves de la Piete Fi-
liale, Lille, 1847, and 1 other, 38.

16 Coudrin, Vie de l'Abbe Coudrin, Fondateur de la
Congregation de S. Cœurs de Jesus et Marie, et
Adoration Perpetuelle du tres S. S. de l'Autel, 8vo.
28. 6d.
Paris, 1846
17 D'Argnies (Abbe) Memoires sur D'Orleans de la
Motte, Eveque d'Amiens, 3 vols. 3s. cost 4s. 6d.
Paris, 1836
18 De L'Estoille, Gabrielle Claire ou Liss parmi les
Ronces, 2 vols. 28.
Paris, 1842
19 De Ligny, Life of Christ and his Apostles, a Para-
phrastic Harmony, translated from French by Sad-
leir, thick roy. 8vo. morocco extra, gilt leaves,

[blocks in formation]


Notre Dame de Consolation, 2 vols. Besan-
con, 1845; ditto, Vengeance ou une Scene au
Desert, 2 vols. ibid. 1847, 4 books, 38. 6d. cost 8s.
22 Dispositions pour bien Mourir, 1699; Recueil des

Morts Edificantes; ou Consolations du Chretien,
a sa Derniere Heure, ef. nt. Paris, 1829, 2 books, 2s.
23 Duncan, Supremacy of Bishop of Rome Demon-
strated from Ancient Fathers, Canons, Usages of
Church, Sydney, 1843; B. K. Sconce, Testimony
of Antiquity to Supremacy of Holy See, View of
Script. Proof of St. Peter's Pre-eminence, and List
of Anglican Misrepresentations, Sydney, 1848,
2 books, 48.

24 England's Conversion and Reformation Com-
pared, or Young Gentleman Directed in Choice of
his Religion, bnd. 2s.
Antwerp, 1753
25 Exercises de Devotion au S. Coeurs de Jesus et
Marie, Avignon, 1775; Corona de Sette Dolori di
Maria Vergine, Fermi, 1794, red morocco; Ste.
Philomene Vierge et Martyre, Paris, 1835; Me-
thode pour discerner la Veritable Religion Chre-
tienne d'avec les Fausses, Paris, 1766, 4 books, 28.
26 Garden of the Soul, by Challoner, bnd. 1808;
also Office of Holy Week, explan. of its Ceremo-
nies and Observances, cloth, 185-, 2 books, 1s. 6d.
27 Gobinet, Instruction of Youth in Christian Piety,
taken out of S. Scriptures, Holy Fathers, with Pro-
fitable Instruction for Meditation or Mental Prayer,
translated, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 6d.
28 Guido, del Buon Cristiano, tutto per Ben Vivere
e Morire, morocco, 18. 6d.
Milano, 1843
29 Histoires Edificantes et Curieuses des Meilleurs
Auteurs, avec Reflexions, par Abbe Baudrand,
Paris, 1829; Abbe Petit, Histoire de St. Mo-
nique, Mere de St. Augustin, Lille, 1847, 2 books, 28.
30 Horstius, Paradise of Christian Soul, delightful
for its choicest pleasures of Piety of every kind,

Oraciones, many cuts, Paris, 1832, 3 books, 3s.
32 Ditto, in GERMAN; large cf. 38. Munster, 1851
33 Lancelle et Anatole, ou Soirees Artesiennes,
Lille, 1842; C. Farrences Jules, ou Vertu dans
l'Indigence, Lille, 1845; Gilbert et Mathilde,
Episode des Croisades, Lille, 1844, 3 books, 2s.
34 Louis (S. de Gonzaque) Vie Pratique de, par
Gillet, Lille, 1846; Abbe Michaud, Vie de S.
Filibert, Fondateur des Monasteres de Jumiege et
Novimoutier, Nantes, 1846, 2 books, 28.

35 MacCabe, Catholic History of England, vol. 1 (to
Death of Egbert) cloth, 6s. pub. 188.


[blocks in formation]


also Abbe Bourgade, Dialogues entre Pretre Muphti
et Cadi, Paris, 1847, 2 books, 2s. 6d.
57 Pious Christian Instructed in Nature and Prac-
tice of Exercises of Piety, used in Catholic Church
(512 pages) bound, 28.
Dublin, 1804

58 Pious Communicant, or Devotions to Christ, in
Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, Pious Exer-
cises, by Rev. F. Morel, Order of St. Benedict,
large calf, 28.
Dublin, 1812
59 REEVE (Rev. J.) History of the Bible, most
Remarkable Events in Old and New Testament,
interspersed with Moral and Instructive Reflec-
tions, chiefly from HOLY FATHERS, 3 vols. cf.
very nt. 4s. 6d.


60 Ditto, Dublin Reprint, bound, 28. pub. 48. 1839
61 Practical Discourses upon Perfections and
Wonderful Works of God, 2 vols. cf. nt. 38. 1793
62 Registry (Battersby's) for Catholic World, with
complete Catholic Directory, cloth, Dublin, 1853;
Ordo Officii Divini, 1853, 2 books, 18.
63 Renvoise (Paul) ou Entretiens Familiers en forme
de Controverse sur les Visites Fondamentales de
Religion, 2 vols. Paris, 1834; D'Exauvillez, Nou-
velles Morales, Paris, 1834; Loisson, de Guinau-
mont Viellees Instructives, Paris, 1833; Sara
Hereux, Effets d'une Education Chritienne, Paris,
1842, 5 books, 3s.

64 Rome (S. Pierre de) et le Vatican, par De Ra
vensberg, Lille, 1847; Histoire du Pontificat et
Captivite de Pie VI. et sur l'Eglise Catholique,
Lille, 1840; Souvenirs d'Italie, Lille, 1845, 3
books, 3s..

38 Manning," celebrated" Answer to Leslie's
"Case Stated against Church of Rome," refuti ag
it, Sentence by Sentence, neat reprint, 38. 18:50
39 Martinet, Religion in Society, or Solution of Great
Problems placed within reach of every Mind, trans 1-
lated from French, with Introduction by Dr.
Hughes, Bp. of New York, 2 vols. sm, 8vo. cloth,
New York, 1851
40 MASON (Catholic Pastor of Stourbridge) the
Nullity of a Symbolical Eucharist, and-Verity of
Corporeal Presence in Divine Sacrament, proved
True Doctrine of the Christian Religion, as revealed
by Christ, 3d.
41 Missions d'Amerique, d'Oceanic et d'Afrique,
Lettres, Fragments, par Mont Rond, Lille, 1846;
Decouvertes plus Utiles et plus Celebres, Lille,
1849; Naufrages au Spitzberg, ou Salutaires Effets
de la Confiance en Dieu, Tours, 1850, 3 books, 38.
42 Missions du Levant et Chine, Extraits avec In-66
troduction, par Mont Rond, Lille, 1846; Abbe
Rousseau, Notice sur les 70 Serviteurs de Dieu mis
a mort, en Chine, Paris, 1845, 2 books, 2s.
43 Morale du Christianisme, Lille, 1850; Je Veux
etre Heureux, entretiens familiers, Paris, 1843;
Dom Leo, ou le Pouvoir de l'Amitie, Lille, 1849,
3 books, 28.

44 Mumford, Question of Questions, which Rightly
Resolved Resolves All, revised by Gordon, bnd.
gilt leaves, 18. 6d.
Glasgow, 1841
45 Muratori, Relation of the Missions of Paraguay,
translated, sm. 8vo. bnd. scarce, 38.
46 Nickel de Prudentia Justorum, Melitationes et
Adspirationes ex D. Script. depromptæ, cum quoti-
dianis Precibus, 3 vols. 38.
Francof. 1844
47 Notre Dame de la Garde, Capitaine, au Long-
Cours, Histoires Amusantes et Morales, Bo, uffones
et Serieuses, 4 books, 1s. 6d.
48 Officium Mariæ, bnd. Is.
Venet. 765
49 Ditto, Parvum, a Purificatione ad Adventum,
Catalogus Fratrum Ordinis B. V. Mariæ Carmel.
Flandre Belgica, Gaud. 1742; Necrologium Mor
tuorum Fratrum, ab anno 1723, sm. vol. morocco,
48. 6d.

50 Office, or Primer, of the B. Virgin, in English,
with Version of Church Hymns throughout the
Year, also other Hymns of Rom. Breviary, thick
12mo. calf, rare, 38.



Office Divin a l'usage de Rome, pour Dimanches
et Festes de l'Annee en faveur des Laigues qui
frequentent leurs Paroisses Hiver et Ete, 4 vols.
old red morocco, 48.
Paris, 1769
52 Ordinary of the Mass, with Masses of All Saints'
Days throughout the Year (Latin and English)
8vo. old red morocco, 28.

53 Ordo Perpetuus Divini Officii juxta Ritum Brev.
ae Missales, calf. 28.

Paris, 1834
54 PARSONS (FATHER) Evidences, Proofs of
Christianity and Divinity of Christ, powerful in-
vincible evidence of Divine Essence of Redeemer,
and Existence of Divinely revealed Religion, 12mo.
6d. (or 6 Is.
1583, Reprint 1832

new translation, thick pocket vol. cl. 38. Burns, 185-55
31 Imitacion de Christ (in Spanish) Burdeos, 1839;
also Feligres Instruido, Spanish Book of Prayer,

with plates, thick pocket vol. calf, plates; also
Ejercicio Espiritual Cotidiano muy completo de


Peach (Rev. E.) Practical Reflections, for Every
Day throughout the Year, by Rev. R. Lane (Bowes),
hf. cf. 2s.

Perboyre, Pretre de la Mission de S. Lazare, Mar-

tyrise en Chine en 1840, Portrait, Paris, 1842;

65 Saints, Vies des, racontees aux Enfans et His
toire des Fetes de l'Eglises, Paris, 1838; Tableau
des Persecutions de l'Eglise pendant trois pre-
miers Siecles, Paris, 1833; Vauge, traite de l'Es
perance Chretienne contre le Pusillanimite et De-
fiance, Nancy, 1846, and 1 other, 4 books, 2s. 6d.
Scupoli il Combattimento Spirituale Sentiero del
Paradiso, Modo di Consolare, &c. Besanzone, 1839;
Raccolta delle piu ricercate Novene, Benevento,
1846; Imitazione di Cristo tradotti da Cesario,
cloth, Besanzone, 1848, 3 books, 28.
67 Seraphine, ou le Catholicisme dans l'Amerique
Septentrionale, Lille, 1849; Hebrard, Soirees de
S. Francois Xavier, Poesies Populaires, Paris, 1847;
Rosario, Histoire Espagnole, Lille, 1849,3 books,28.
Spa Wife, or Queen's Secret, a R. Catholic Story
of Times of Queen Elizabeth, by Paul Peppergrass,
2 vols. 12mo. cloth, plates, 2s. Ballimore, 1853
Therese (Ste.) Vie de, avec Paraphrase sur Orai.
son Dominicale, Lille, 1846; Vie de Mere De
Blonay de l'Ordre de Visitation, par De Sales,
Nancy, 1848; Vie de Mlle. de Galard, decedea a
Paris, en odeur de Saintete, 1836, Paris, 1843, 3
books, 3s.



70 Thomas of Jesus, Sufferings of Son of God, ma
nifest in the Flesh, translated from the Portugueze,
by Dr. Welton, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, not uniform,

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71 Thompson (E. H.) Unity of the Episcopate con-
sidered, in Reply to Allies, cr. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d.
pub. 4s. 6d.


72 Vie de Boric, Eveque du Tong King, Martyr,
1833, Paris, 1844; Vie de Malberte, Cure de Ste.
Elizabeth, par Abbe Frappay, Paris, 1845; Vie
le N. Brabart De Sillery, Chevalier de Malte,
Paris, 1843, 3 books, 2s. 6d.



73 Vie de Bienheureuse Lidwine Vierge, par
Bru chman, Besancon, 1841; Foi, Esperance,
Charite, Lille, 1845; Gerson, ou le Manuscrit aux
Enlur nineurs, par E. Fouinet, plates, Tours, 1849;
D'Exa villez le Docteur de Village, ou Infortunes
d'un Philosophe, Paris, 1830, 4 books, 2s. 6d.
74 Vies des Saints, racontee aux Enfans, par de Fon-
taine de a ux Resbecq, Paris, 1837; Vies des Saints
Monarques, traduit de l'Allemand, Paris, 18586;
Vie de S. Ruliarde, Imperatrice d'Allemagne,
Reine de France, Paris, 1833; L'Enfant Reli
gieux et Histoire de l'Eglise, Paris, 1836; and 1
5 38.
75 Weekly Catholic Instructor, Miscellany of Reli-
gious, Instructive, Entertaining Knowledge, 2 vols.
1844-5 1
76 Wiseman (Card.,) Lectures on Doctrines and
Practices of Catholic Church, 2 vols. hf. cf. 48, 1856


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