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As W. Mudford's Tale is intended to reach beyond situs Numbers, we must of course reject it. His petulant letter, in which he announces to us the superior merit of his own performances, only served to excite a smile of contempt. W. Templeton's haste also to chastise this consequential gentleman, has produced an angry note, because his Animadversions^ which caffle too late for insertion, did not appear last month. We now leave these too gentlemen to settle this important dispute between themselves, and here drop the subject.

The Triumph of Truth, a Tale, shall have a place in the next Number; but we recommend conciseness and brevity. We should wish to know something about Muly before we take any extracts from the letters; at present the passages have an appearance of incoherency. The piece, signed Petrarch, shall receive due attention. The IVar Hoop, and the Song of Tychicus, shall have admission; but the other effort is too imperfect for insertion. With the Descriptive Sketch we are much pleased; there is a neatness in the sentiment and a force in the language, by which the reader of taste and discernment will be gratisied. The Panegyric on a Goldfinch shall appear in our Miscellany; but we are sorry that the Sketch of the Wolverhampton Theatre came too late for this Month's insertion. We are, however, obliged to Civis for his attention.

We close the Year by observing, that we wish our Correspondents to be more correct and spirited in their Communications. To write less, and with greater accuracy, would be more creditable to themselves and more acceptable to their readers. Could also the juvenile writer lay aside that vanity which too often accompanies his imperfect productions, it would prove a great advantage to him; for our own part we arc free to declare that, in the prosecution of our labours, we have frequent occasion to remark, that modesty and merit are almost inseparably united. To such of our correspondents we pay an unremitting attention, persuaded that their communications will impart a permanent value to our Miscellany.



7*e Letter P. signifies that the Piece, to which it is annexed, it to be
sound in the Poetry; and the Letter R. intimates that it is an Article
in our Review*


Archbishop Becket 11

Astronomy, by Mrs. Bryan. R. 93
Abercrombie, General, Me-
moirs of 109

Apiarian,General R. z10

Anderson's Poems R. 113

Alpine Excursion z56

Altar of Peace, by M. T. Rees z47

Autumn, Lines on P. z9z

Annual Register, New R. 301

Annual Anthology, Vol. I. R. 3z1

Age and Youth ib.

Andover z4

Anecdote of Sanguin 343

Attention to Business . 345

Asles os Egypt 360

Boileau 9

Biography 36

Buck's Anecdotes R. 108

Bacon Lord 118

Butler's Chronological Table,R.3f3
Bifliop of London's Charge R. 3z0

Brentford described 19

Bagfliot z3

Basingstoke ib.

Blandford , z5

Bridport , z6


Blessings of Early Rising 39z

Bridgewarer 370

Britain, Great, Sketch of. 391

Characters, Publie, of 1799-

1800 R. 4^9

Company and Books 1 r

Copernicus 46

Calendar of Nature 54, 159, 161,36;

Covent Garden Theatre 13,179, z871


Curious Epitaph 1z0

Charity, Address to P. 181

Calf shut up, Lines on P. 185

Charmouth z7

Cathedral described z68

Culloden,Plain os...% 376

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English Style 10

Evans's Excursion into rheWeft

of England, Letter i 18

Letter II 140

. . Letter III iftJ

-Letter IV. 368

Education 40

Execution at Vienna. 48

Epigram 1*9

Earl of Pembroke ib.

F-gham Xi

Executions at Lymc z9

Kxeter described z6i

Expedition rewarded 345

I-.iuys, Historical and Familiar,
on the Old and New Terta-
Btcnt H. 419


French Deputies deported, R. 107

. .. Escape of them 1x8

Friend, Lines to a P. 186

Friendship, Lines to, P. 187

French, Character of 2z6

Favourite Cat, on the Death of

P. 294

Filbert, Lines on 3z i

Futurity, Insight into 350

Fine Morning 369

Fight of Sedgemoor * 37z

Frome 380


General Review ofLiterature 31

Guclpho and Erminia P. 8z

Gibbon, Mr in)

Garth and Darwin.........\... 1z0
Gentleman to his Sister .... P. 191

Golledge on Necessity R. z15

Gtay, .Three Original Letters z53

Grand Cairo, Account ot. 257

Goithmu^d P. taly

Gray's, Robert, Epitaph 343

Glastonbury , «*

German Tongue, Grammar on

the R. 419


History Jt

Hay-market Theatre .. 69

Horace.s Epodes 113

Hogs, Management of 157

Hope or Fruition, Oration on 17z

Honour, Lines on P. ilp

Herbert,George ,... z:7

Husbandman P. 296

Hounslow Heath id

Happy Country Life... US

Honiton z69

Hayley, William, Memoirs of... JzS
Hardwicke, Lady, Anecdotes of 344

I and J.

Jesteries, Judge, Life of ,. .... z80

. '— Death in the Tower :!ii

Inscription at Taunton x^4

Invitation to Mr. Gibbon 3l9

Island of Athelney 37*

Insanity 379


King of Poland, Anecdote of 344


Locke: 10

Liberty, Progress of P. 7J

Linnet, Epitaph on P. 188

Libraries 177

Lycidas of Milton 111

Lady playing on a Piano ForteP.300

Love described 15

Lyme l7

Letter from Coluinbus 356

Life of Milton $;s

Ladv, a, Lines on her Bnh Dav,

P. 401
Lines from a Husband to his

Wife P. 4P4

1 Memoirs


Memoirs of the Duke of York;

Mumbo Jumbo

Medicine -. 33

Magical Incantations 43

Marriage, Essay on 1z3

Mathifon's Letiers R. in

More, Miss Hannah, Memoirs ofai7

Miltoa John z30

Mackarel 150

Maxim by Rofcoe z86

Milton delineated 318

Milton ditto. 3}3

Moon, Sonnet to the ...P.407


Novels ?8

Neglect, by Mrs. Robinson, P. 80

National Institute at Paris 1zz

Narrative of Mr. Johnson .... 16a

New Title of Lord Orford zl9

Nunny V)


Otaheitans, Amusements of.... 6%

Oak, Sonnet to P. 83

Orford, Lord, Letter to Rofcoe 1z0

. to Dr.Berkenhout z50

Oliver Cromwell, panegyrised z74
Objections to the Eslay on Mar-
riage 351

Old Maids, History of 335


Pope; 9

Politics 14

Poetry 37

Pindar, sketch of 57

Park's Travels into Africa, R. ico

Palermo, Light at ;... 1z1

Proclamation, Curious 34 J

Petrarch's Idea of Books 346

Pleasures of Benevolence .... 3z^
Philosopher, the, addressing tho
Sun ,.i.P. 40

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Stoneing among the Jews 68

Spring, Lines on P. 79

Summer's Eve P. 81

Sonnet P. 8*

Sea Bear 175

Soiuiini's Travels into Egypr,R. 191
Sermon and Oration ou Dr.

Towers R. z14

Solitude zz6

Sublime Poetry zz8

Slinging 1»8

Slave Tiade ibid.

Summer's Evening ,P. z98

Sidmouth desciibed 141

Sea, Reflections on 14$

Sensibility described" zz2

Saunders, Sir Edward, Life of z83

Serpent Charmers 347

Salilbury 386

Stockbr.dge....' 390

Summer, farewell to.. P. 400

stanza's written in a Shrubbery

.P. 40J

Shower of Gossamers ;u


Page s Page

Shakespeare delineated 3z7 Virtue and Beauty 111)

Stonehenge 381 Virtue, an Address to P. 408


Theocritus' Pastoral Poetry ..: 13

Theology ' }»

Travels and Voyages 3S

Thomson, Anecdote of 67

Tooke's View of the Russian

Empire &. 85

Torbay, Prospect of 153

Taunton »73

Thomson's Poem to the Memory

of Newton 336

Trial* of Temper 333

U.and V.

Voltaire described 118

Vernal Beauties P. 107

Vanity of Life P. 198

Valenciennes, Siege of. 6

Views around Sidmouth 150

Voyage of King William 154


Wraxall's Memoirs, Extraets 41

Wesrcott, . Captain, on his

Death P. 8z

Wild Brook, to the P. 100

Wifli, the P. z95

Worrhington's Sermon .... R. 31z

Weyhill ii

"Women's true Province z19

War delineated zz1

Wisdom in a Monarch and Sub-
;ect 344

Whipping among the Ancient

Jews 3«

Winter described 365

Wiche, George, his Death ..1. 370

War, Reflections on 374

Wells 37«

White Horse 380

Wicke, Mr. George, Lines on
the Death of P. 399



His Royal Highness the Duke of York 3

Lieut. Geneial Sir Ralph Abercrombie 109

Miss Hannah Moore z17

William Hayley, Esq 3z5

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