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J. WRIGHT, Printer, St. John's Square,


MADAM, I BELIEVE you are persuaded that I never entertained a thought of appearing in public, when the desire of being useful to one dear child, in whom I take the tenderest interest, induced me to write the following Letters :-perhaps it was the partiality of friendship, which so far biassed your judgment as to make you think them capable of being more extensively useful, and warmly to recommend the publication of them. Though this partiality could alone prevent your judgment from being considered as decisive in favour of the work, it is more flattering to the writer than any literary fame ; if, however, you will allow me to add, that some strokes of your elegant pen have corrected these Letters, I may hope,

may hope, they will be received with an attention, which will en

sure a candid judgment from the reader, and perhaps will enable them to make some useful impressions on those, to whom they are now particularly offered. They only, who know how

your hours are employed, and of what important value they are to the good and happiness of individuals, as well as to the delight and improvement of the public, can justly estimate my obligation to you for the time and consideration you have bestowed on this little work. As you have drawn it forth, I may claim a sort of right to the ornament and protection of your name, and to the privilege of publicly professing myself, with the highest esteem,

Your much obliged friend
And most obedient

Humble servant,

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