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Holmgren, 546 Area of the Land and Depths of the Oceans in Former Periods, i

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other Mammals of, 82 Argentine Ornithology, P. L. Sclater, F.R.S., and W. H.

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the Desert of, 108

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Atlantic, Waterspont in, 470

pendence of the Force of Winds upon Surface over which

Atlantic, North, Pilot Chart of, February 1890, 401

they blow, 372

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Atlas, Facsimile, to the Early History of Cartography, by A. E. various Species of Citrus, 527
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Physical Peculiarities engendered by different Occupations,

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Iron and Steel, 369


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and Marine station at Kiel, 397

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ticularly in, John Cleland, 392

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Relations to Mesozoic Rocks in Lepontine Alps, 333; a Geo- Brandis (Sir D., F.R.S.), a Manual of Forestry, William
logical Map of the Alpine Chain, 483

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land, 348

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Borneo (British North), Gold Exploration in, 182

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Bort (Teisserenc de), Barometric Gradients, 161

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Bosnia : Earthquakes in, 136 ; Bears and Wolves in, 325 | Aynsley, 441
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17; European Weeds in America, 18; Sea-water Cure for der Meteoreisen erläutert durch photographische Abbildungen
the Banana Disease, 19; some Provençal Tree Hybrids, G. geätzter Schnittflächen, 127
de Saporta, 23 ; Retarded Germination, 31; the African Brick Buildings, Magnetism in, R. W. Wilson, 405
Oil Palm in Labuan, 42; Street Plants in Manchester, 42; Bridge across the Bosphorus, Proposed, 568
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86; Herr Kny, on Trees Growing in an Inverted Position, Semites, 569
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Existence, Prof. Walter Gardiner, 90 ; the Botanical Gazette, ing Chemistry, 160

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White, 202

and Eggs, 593

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, 311 ; Formation of Nitrates Clouds : Prof. von Bezold on the Production of, 95; Luminous
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and Phosphuretted Hydrogen with Dichloride and Di 372
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Results of the Exploring Voyage of H.M.S. Challenger,

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